X Raided: An X-files/Tomb Raider Crossover - Part 3
by Arthur Dent ([email protected])

WARNING! This story contains material of an adult nature,
including scenes of sexual situations. If this offends you,
please read no further. 'The X-Files' and it's characters are trademarks
and copyright of 'Fox Studios'. 'Lara Croft' and 'Tomb Raider' are
trademarks of and copyright 'Eidos Interactive Limited 1999' and
'Core Design 1999'. This story is meant solely for individual
entertainment and not for written for purposes of financial profit.
No copyright infringement is intended.

(For those that want to be specific this story has; nc, anal, mast, lac,
preg, rape.....and I think that pretty much covers it)

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*********<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Author's Commentary >>>>>>>>>>>>>************

This story's pretty focused on the whole breast milk draining/heroine
humiliation, since the majority people who responded to the message in
the previous chapter liked those themes, and wanted to see more of it.
If you don't like this chapter, e-mail me at [email protected] and
tell me what you WOULD like to see, and I'll try and incorporate it into
the next chapter. Well, enough from me, onto the story!

***************<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Chapter 3 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>****************

"Officer Kleek!"
The alien captain yelled out for her trusted second-in-command.
"The two females will be of use to us for further studies, but the male
has fulfilled his purpose. Send him back to his habitat, and wipe his
memory of everything after his abduction......and erase the two females'
memories of everything we performed on them" Her second-in-command nodded
"Yes mistress" He scurried off quickly to comply with her wishes. "Yes...
I think I'll have some fun with them before I REALLY return them"

Mulder's "bedroom" shimmered slowly, the walls wobbling, slowly fading
to a polished metal finish. The bed in which Fox Mulder, Dana Scully and
Lara Croft had been sleeping naked in together dissolved as well, taking
Mulder with it. The holographic environment had been a complete success,
fooling all of them into thinking that they had actually been in Mulder's
apartment, instead of in the holodeck of an alien spacecraft. A bright
flash filled the room, which had a dual purpose of waking the two
exhausted women, and clearing their memories of the past few hours events
(see X-Raided 2) "Dana? Where are we?" Lara asked, sleepily. "I don't
know, but I think that alien woman is going to tell us" Dana replied as
she lifted her head. The alien woman Scully was referring to was in fact
the captain of the ship, a beautiful woman by earth-standards, but a
supermodel by her home planet's standards. Lara examined the alien captain
carefully. She looked human, except for having light blue skin ("So much
for the green alien theory", Lara thought to herself), with darker blue
hair, three large perky breasts, and was wearing nothing except what
appeared to be a high tech, and rather nasty strap on dildo. "
favourite two test subjects. I have a special treat in store for you"
She said, soothingly. "I don't like the sound of this" Dana and Lara
said quietly, in unison. As if to confirm their suspicions, they both
suddenly found themselves unable to move their arms and legs, and their
pussies started to moisten involuntarily. "Ah...Kleek does his work
quickly" the captain said to herself as she slowly advanced on the
helpless women.

"Hmmmmmm........I always liked the big breasted earthlings. To make this
a little more personal, you can call me June." She said, advancing on
Lara. Dana could do nothing but watch, powerless, as she knew something
awful was going to happen to Lara, and then her. "Please! No!!!! I'm
begging you!!" Lara started, she knew those pleas never worked, but it
was always worth a shot to try. June, the alien captain, grabbed Lara
by the globes of her ass, positioned the dildo, and shoved in as hard as
She cried out, as the 2-foot dildo was rammed into her defenceless cunt
almost up to the hilt in one savage thrust. "GET IT OUT!!!! OH PLEAASSEE!
GET IT OUUUUT!!! NNNNGgghhHHHH!!!" It felt as though she was being torn
apart inside, the numerous bumps and ridges on the dildo were scraping
against her sensitive vaginal walls, and she was being humiliatingly
turned on by the experience. To her shame, she found she was clenching
her vaginal muscles tightly, trying to get as much sensation as possible.
"AAAAhhhh!!!! OOOOohhhhh.......these earth females have the nicest love
holes!" June exclaimed to herself. "But I MUST test this female to her
full reproductive capacity!!" Lara's eyes snapped wide open, as she knew
the horrors that were awaiting her.

Lara's savage dildo rape went on for only 4 more minutes, when June
shuddered and ejaculated into her womb. "NOOOO!!!!!!!! I'M NOT ON THE
PILL!!!! GOD NOT AGAIN!!!!" Lara sobbed, as she felt a familiar burning
inside her stomach as the alien child inside her grew at an incredible
rate. June removed the empty cum cartridge from the synthetic strap-on
cock, and replaced it in preparation for Dana, later. She then removed it
and busied herself off in the corner with some familiar looking milking
devices. "SSSHIIIIIITTT!!! IT HURTS!!!!" Lara cried out over and over, as
the baby inside her grew larger by the minute. Her belly had swollen to
almost sickening proportions, and her huge breasts were giving forth milk
as if a faucet had been turned on inside them. "Oh! Good, it's time for
your milking! I have watched you at work on your native planet Lara, and
I know that your mammaries are very valuable to you, in distracting men,
as well as attracting partners. But I know that losing them is your
worst nightmare......and I plan to make your nightmare come true. I've
turned all of your breast tissue into milk. Now, I'm going to suck it all
out, leaving you with the empty mammary meat. What do you think of that,
Tomb Raider?" June had a wicked smile, and attached the suction cups on
Lara's milk gushing breasts after turning on the equipment. "NOT THIS
TIME!!!! MMMMfffffhhhh!!! NOOooooo!!!!!" Lara struggled to keep her milk,
and along with it, her glorious cleavage, but the effort was futile, and
no amount of teeth clenching, or struggling could stop the inevitable.
NOOOOooOOOOO!!!!" She wailed, completely powerless to stop her brutal
ordeal. Her nipples stretched into the suction cups at first, giving
forth only a small dribble of her precious milk, but then they suddenly
burst forth in a fountain of lactation, the maching greedily sucking
down her milk, and with it, her cup sizes. "NOOOOOOOO!!!! PLEASE!!!!!
MY TITS!!!!!! I'LL BE RUINED!!!!!" Her breasts had lost a lot of milk
with no apparent change, but Lara could see long purple veins forming
under the skin, and more of her breast milk was being sucked out. June
was watching Lara's humiliating milking, and was getting incredibly
turned on by it. "I still think it's a little too slow" She said,
cruelly turning suction onto full power. "UUUUUAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!! MY MILK!!!
DON'T FUCK UP MY TITS!!!!!! NOOoo!!" Lara sobbed pitifully, the formerly
strongly independant Tomb Raider's spirit was being broken in large,
humiliating chunks. Her formely firm, full and ripe 34DDs had been slowly
and surely shrinking during her ordeal. As more milk streamed steadily
from her nearly empty tits, they hung by her waist, swinging in utter
defeat, covered in horrible long purple veins. "AAAAAAUUUUUUUuuuuhhhh!!
hysterical. Her beautiful body had been raped, impregnated and milked, and
it had terrible consquences on her appearance. Her tits weren't even a
shadow of their former glory, and her usually flat, trim and taut stomach
was swollen grossly, covered in stretch marks. Lara could see herself in
the reflection of the shiny metal floor, and she truly felt defeated for
the first time in her life. Before she could feel any worse about her
condition, her water broke, and the had no choice except to try and expel
the alien child inside her abused womb. "AAAAAGGGGGHHH!!! NOT ANOTHER
BASTARD CHILD!!!! uuuuuuAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Her dry tits flopped
uselessly on her swollen stomach, as she lay on her back with her legs
apart trying to get the alien out.

Dana watched Lara's whole ordeal with a horrified expression. If a tough,
determined woman like Lara could be defeated, what would happen to her?
June could sense Dana's horror, and turned to her, attaching the dildo
once more. "Our friend Lara will be in childbirth for some time. I imagine
it will be quite painful. Still, that just leaves more time for us."
Dana felt a strong terror creeping up her spine, she still couldn't move,
and the alien captain who had so easily broken Lara Croft's spirit.
"PLEASE!! I BEG YOU!!! I--" June cut Dana off quickly. "Yes, yes. I've
heard it all before. You don't have a chance of negotiating. Let's get
on with it, shall we?" Dana's pussy was spared from the horrendous dildo
being shoved up her pussy. Instead, June chose to roughly ram it up her
tight ass, spreading her firm butt cheeks, and raping her tight anal
HURTS SO MUCH!!!! GET IT OOOOOUUUUUTTTT!!!" Dana knew her cries would only
encourage June, but she couldn't help herself. It felt as though her
internal organs were being torn apart. "AAAAhhhhh!! Oooooohh.....Human!!
That is GOOOOOD!!" June exclaimed, loving ramming the high-tech cock in
and out of Dana's once tight ass. Dana tried to wiggle her way free, but
even though she could move her arms and legs again, all she could do was
flail them helplessly as she was being ass-fucked by June. The alien's
grip on her shoulders was simply too strong, and she was too tired to
even try and escape. "UUUHhhhhhhnnnnn!! Hhhhhhhhhuuuuaaaahhhh!!! Oooooh
YEAAAHH!!!" June sounded like a pornstar with her moaning as she raped
Scully's tortured rectum, but Dana couldn't care less, as she was busy
with her own problems, with the huge dildo spurting what seemed like
gallons of cum into her bowels. "OH SICK!!! GET IT OUT!!!!" She cried,
as June slowly removed the cum-slicked cock, allowing the alien cum to
leak out of her ass. "Hmmmm.....I think I'll milk you too, Dana. You have
awfully nice breasts." June said, as she slowly fondled Dana's endowments.
She removed the suction cups from Lara, who had managed to get the head of
the alien child out, but was struggling still to get the entire thing,
and attached them to Dana's large, perfect tits. "NO!!! You CAN'T!!! Not
my BREASTS!!!!!!" Dana panicked, her petite frame, although nicely
proportioned, wouldn't be the same if her ample cleavage wasn't there.

As the cups attached themselves, she could feel little pricks on the skin
of her tits, followed by an intense fire inside her breasts. "Ahhh..the
burning you must be feeling.....That's your precious breast tissue being
converted into milk, which I can then suck out. But seeing as you gave
such a nice ride, I'm going to fill your mammaries up a bit more" June
said, noticing Dana's pained expression. Dana looked down, and see that
her breasts had swollen to almost beachball size. They were brimming with
milk, and from the pain from her now gigantic endowments, felt like they
were going to burst. Dana sobbed to herself. If she wasn't milked, her
breasts could explode, but if she was milked, her breasts would be gone.
Either way, she lost. She lifted her tear stained face. "Milk me!! I'm
BEGGING you!! They're going to EXPLODE if you don't!!!!" June smiled,
she had made the FBI agent beg to be milked like a cow. "As you wish"
Dana's tits gave forth a plentiful supply of milk as soon as June
flipped the control switch on the wall. "AAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGHH!!!!!
She cried out in anguish, as she could see her tits starting to deflate
a little already, realising what she had just asked to be performed on
her. Dana's expression was one of total defeat, she couldn't
do a thing to stop her humiliating ordeal, and she knew her spirit would
STOP IT!!!" She had felt her breasts getting lighter by the second,
and knew that Lara's humiliation would be hers soon. "MY....UUUHHHHH!!!...
BREASTS!!!....GGGGHHAAAUUUGGHhhhh" She cried out. The numerous stretch
marks on her swollen mammaries were soon joined by long purple veins,
similar to the ones on Lara's lost cleavage. "NOO!! STOP!!! PLEASSE!!!
ME!!!!" Dana's once beautiful breasts were soon just empty sacks, hanging
off her chest. She fell to her knees and just sobbed into the palms of
her hands. Feeling more powerless than ever before.

the final push which expelled the alien hybrid from her stretched pussy.
Her once tight vagina had been pulled apart by the alien child so far
that it looked as wide as a bucket. She looked down on her ravaged body
and hung her head in a complete surrender. June looked down on the two
women. "I've had my fun with you two earthlings for now. I'll be back in
a few days. Perhaps I'll let my crew have their way with you as well!"
With that, she simply walked out a door, locking it behind her.
Dana and Lara hugged each other tight, and sobbed into each other's
shoulders, Their perfect bodies ruined by the cruel alien captain.


The End.....for now.

I'll leave the story at this for a while. If I feel like it, I may
finish the story off in a fourth chapter, and give it a HAPPY ending.
E-mail me at [email protected], and tell me what you thought of
this chapter, and I'll see if I have the time for a fourth chapter
for this series, or just leave it hanging as it is. Remember to tell me
what you liked about the X-raider series (or the Womb Raider series)
and I'll put some more in, if enough people request it.


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