X-Files: The Declassified Cases Of Agent Scully - Lady Ripper Part 2
by Star Gazer ([email protected]) (Ff,F-mast,oral,viol)

The woman showed Dana her ID, she was Susan Wright, dectetive. Susan was
working on the killings, so Dana said, "What do you have?"

Susan took off her coat. Dana noticed her pert nipples, and her own needed
much attention. Dana`s nipples were rubbing against her satin bra, as she
moved to pick up the file. Dana tried to remain cool, they looked over each
one of files.

Dana said, "Can I get a look at the bodies?"

"Sure," Susan said.

Dana thought she'd like to look at Susan`s body, but Susan had to go.

"I`ll get with you tomorrow then."

"Fine," Dana said.

Susan left Dana, locked the door and ripped her blouse open. Dana ran her
hands over her breasts and she pulled each one out. Dana pulled on them.
Dana pulled her skirt off. Her panties was soaking wet. She pushed her
finger into her waiting hole. Dana laid on the couch and fingered her pussy
til she came twice. Dana slept well after she came.

* * *

Meanwhile a figure was walking behind what looked like a woman. The figure
was just a few paces away and then struck. A long slender blade sliced
through the air a it hit it`s victim. Blood splatters as the victim grabs
it's throat, and falls to the ground choking on it`s own blood.

The figure raised her dress and pulled down her panties and saw a cock. The
figure holds it`s with a rubber gloved hand and begans to stroke it, cupping
the balls. A hand is raised and comes down swiftly cutting off the cock right
at the base. The figure opened her mouth and inserted the cock into her

* * *

Dana arrived at the Fourth District Police Station, she meet Susan. "We have
another victim."

"When? Dana asked.

"About 1AM."

Dana thought she was cumming about that time with a bottle in her pussy.
Her and Susan went to the morgue. With Dana being a doctor, she had some
expertise. "Another man?" Dana asked.

"Yes," Susan said something different this time though.

"What?" Dana asked.

Susan just pulled the sheet back. Dana saw a cock in the victim's mouth down
his throat. Dana asked if she could examine the body. "Sure you can change in

Dana put on a set of scrubs, she probed the body. Susan watched her work, her
hand went to her mouth as Dana pulled the cock out. Dana said, "A male cock
about seven inches long, two inches in diameter."

"Fairly hung," Susan said.

Dana thought to herself, 'Average for a cock that had raped her huge.'

Dana finished her exam. "I can't find anything. Whatever cut him was very
sharp and thin."

"Like a surgeon`s knife?"

"No," Dana said, "Something much different. Kinda cruved. Almost like a

Susan said, "Can't be that many around. Right?"

Dana said, "I dont know, I`ll have to do some work."

"How about some coffee," Susan said.

"Sure," Dana said changing back into her clothes.

Susan looked at Dana`s breasts, for she wore no bra. Pulling her sweater
down, Dana looked at Susan. Dana just smiled.

They walked along and talked about each other's career.

"I want to take you to a club tonight if you like, it`s a club for men who
dress up. They do a good act of famous women too."

"Well, I have to check in with my boss," Dana said.

"Okay," Susan said, "I`ll see you about 7PM."

Dana went back to her hotel. On the way she picked up a young girl and took
her to her room. "How much?" Dana asked.

"One hundred," the girl said.

Dana pulled out a bill. "What do I get?" Dana asked.

"What ever you like," the girl said.

Dana said, "I just need to cum."

The girl took off her shirt she barely had any breasts, but her nipples were
large, and it turned Dana on. The girl dropped her pants. Dana saw a Raven's
tattoo right above her pussy.

"Very nice," Dana said.

Dana pulled off her sweater, she ran her hands across her nipples, down her
body and took her pants off. Dana wore black lace, she pulled her panties
into her pussy, which was so wet now. Dana stood with her legs spread. "Get
them out," she told the girl. "Just use your mouth."

The girl knelt down and stuck her tongue into Dana`s wet pussy. Licked it
very slow going in circles, she was sucking on her clit, too. Dana shook, she
was pulling on her own nipples. The girl pulling on her panties, Dana moaned
out loud. As she came, her body jerked with each orgasm. The girl pulled out
Dana`s panties as her juices ran out of Dana`s pussy, she drank it.

To be continued...


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