X-Files: The Alien Perils Of Agent Scully Part 1 (plant/f,ncon)
by Andrew ([email protected])

As Agent Scully entered her apartment, the red head's grey eyes noticed the
light blinking on her answer phone. It was well past midnight, and she had
been working late on one of Mulder's X-files trying to create a report that
would be believed by her superiors.

Putting her briefcase and laptop down on the table, she sighed, brushed a
stray hair from her eyes, removed her black high heels, and pressed the
message button on the machine. As the tape rewound, she stretched her arms
above her head and yawned, forcing the material of her white shirt to stretch
tightly over her 38D breasts. Even though her tits were encased in a bra, the
motion of the shirt over her nipples made them react and become hard. Her
hand moved unconsciously up her torso and began to slowly tease her nipple
through the material. The tape had rewound, and Fox's voice was issuing from
the machine...

"Dana, it's Fox. I've just had a tip off about a company that has been
experimenting in splicing alien genes into plants trying to make them
resistant to predators...." The rest of the message went on to describe the
location of the labs and his need for assistance in breaking in so he could
prove the existence of alien life. "By the way, I think the Government may be
involved so be very careful. I'll be waiting at the rear gate about 1 o'clock
tonight." Jotting down the directions, she noticed that it would be past 2 in
the morning before she'd be able to get to the labs location. "Well, there
goes another nights sleep..."

Driving through the woods, she was just about to give up her search for
Mulder when she spotted his car parked off the country lane by a 8 foot high
wire fence. Parking her car behind Mulder's she checked the time on her
watch. 2.30 am. He'd probably gone in without her. Sighing she got out of her
car, and walked to Mulder's. A note addressed to her was pinned under the
wiper, so she took it and read..

"Couldn't wait longer. I've made a hole in the fence, and there's a path that
leads through the woods to the lab to the north. I'll meet you inside - Fox".
Scrunching the paper up, she put the note in her jacket pocket, and headed
back to her car for her torch. After locking her car she headed to the fence,
looking for the hole that Mulder had made. As Dana's torch scanned the fence,
a sign was illuminated * 'DANGER - Biohazardous area'. Just under the sign
she spotted the break in the fence. Pushing the wire back, she crawled under
the wire, and then made sure that the hole was well concealed. I wonder what
these scientists have been up to, she thought, as she made her way along the
twisting path through the woods. The torch light began picking out strange
flora that was not natural. As she walked past the plants, they slowly
rotated their heads homing in on her pheromones, signifying that a woman was
within easy reach. The plant-mind that controlled the entire woods registered
her presence and slowly changed the direction of her travel away from the
main path towards the heart of the forest.

Dana walked on, unaware of the alien life force that permeated the forest.
Suddenly she came to a dead end. Sweeping the torch from left to right, all
she could see were red and green vines, some of which looked strangely
phallic, but extremely enlarged, while the 'flower bulbs' looked like they
had teeth. Shrugging her shoulders, she turned around to head back the way
she had come, only to find that the path was blocked by the same type of
vines that were behind her. Not wanting to believe her eyes, she put on her
glasses, and examined the now blocked path to see if there were any other
exits from the small glade. As she came closer to the vines the bulbs began
to stir, and the vines began to move towards her. Suddenly a number of vines
shot out, and wrapped themselves around her ankles and wrists, forcing Dana
off her feet and onto the ground. Scully struggled, trying to pull her arms
that had been stretched above her head, loose from the plants. Two vines
wound their way down her jacket sleeves slowly splitting the material as they
went. Another two vines forced their way up her trouser legs, again splitting
the material as they progressed towards her pelvis. A few of the phallic
shaped vines began bashing themselves against Dana's writhing body, against
her heaving breasts, and her face. One of the vines began to force itself
into her mouth, so she turned her head away. After the vine tried in vain to
insert itself into her mouth, a couple of other, smaller vines wrapped
themselves around her forehead and over her chin holding her head firmly in
place, as well as forcing her mouth open. As the red vine now had easy access
to Scully's throat, it didn't hesitate to thrust in as deeply as it could,
and began to slowly push in and out. Even as her throat was being violated,
she noticed that the vine tasted very much like a humans penis.

Her trousers had now been shredded by the vines, revealing her white
stockings and suspenders as well as revealing that she didn't have on any
panties . The green vines that had been banging their heads against Dana's
writhing body, began to ooze a green liquid. As the liquid touched the
material of her shirt, the shirt began to dissolve. After a few more seconds,
the green vines were ejaculating all over her breasts. Dana could feel the
material slowly begin to disappear, revealing her nipples and cream breasts.
As her nipples felt the cool night air they began to react and slowly became
hard. The green vines kept on bashing themselves on her breasts, now sliding
on the ooze that issued from their heads. Another couple of smaller vines
that were covered in small thorns wrapped themselves around her now free
breasts, and began squeezing them until they both stood proud of her body. As
they tightened, the thorns pierced her white skin, and blood began to be
mixed with the green ooze.

Scully's ankles were slowly pulled apart, and more vines, which had what
looked like eyes the size of tennis balls at the ends of the stalks, came
forward. As her legs were spread as far as possible, four smaller vines,
again covered with small thorns, grew from the sides of the eye stalk which
hovered over Dana's cunt. The smaller vines thrust themselves into her vagina
and began to open her up. As the thorns bit into her sensitive labia, tears
sprang to her eyes.

Scully's breath quickened as she felt this new intrusion, and her body began
to react to the intimate inspection of her vagina. Once her cunt was fully
dilated, the eye stalk began to force its way into her. Even though she was
by now well lubricated the stalk had to pound it's way up her tight cunt,
each thrust being followed by a slight retraction so that it would have a
slightly looser cunt to push into.

As Scully's throat contracted with her screams of pain, the vine in her
throat began to pull out. As it's head reached her mouth, it began to
ejaculate into her. Again Dana was surprised that the stuff that was issuing
from the plant tasted like human sperm. She tried to swallow as much of the
jism as possible, but the volume that the vine was producing was far too much
and she began to cough and gag. As her mouth was blocked, the spunk was
forced out through her nose and dribbled down the sides of her face. The vine
then pulled out of her mouth and continued spraying spunk over her glasses,
face and hair.

At last Dana was free to observe what was happening around her. As the waves
of pain of the tennis ball sized eye stalk entering her tight cunt washed
over her, and the added pain of the thorn vines wrapped around the bases of
each of her breasts cutting into her skin with each thrust of the eye stalk
into her ravaged body. Her torch, which had fallen from her grasp when the
vines first wrapped themselves around her limbs, was nowhere to be seen, and
a pale green light issued from the various vines and flowers that writhed all
around the clearing that surrounded her body. Then a new wave of pain coursed
up from her well reamed cunt as the eye stalk began to push against the
entrance to her womb. Dana's body bucked with the reaction to this new
onslaught, her pelvis twisting trying to pull away from the intrusion, and
in turn the thorn vines tore into her pendulous breasts. Through all this the
eye stalk continued pounding at her cervix slowly widening it, and with each
thrust, Scully's screams grew louder and her writhing more violent. With one
final push, it entered into Dana's womb, and began to prod and inspect her.
Once satisfied that a seed would flourish in such an environment, the eye
stalk pulled out of her now gaping vagina.

The vines that had wrapped themselves around her tits and her ankles now
forced her to roll over onto her chest before she was dragged by the vines
wrapped around her tits and arms along the thorn covered ground towards a
thick, horizontal branch about 3 feet from the ground. Dana was then lifted
up and bent over the branch, as more vines whipped out and pulled her feet
apart, and the vines holding her arms pulled her firmly onto the branch. By
now her nipples and breasts throbbed painfully, as they were covered in a
myriad number of small cuts inflicted on them by being dragged along the
ground as well as hundreds of large and small thorns which were pushed into,
and under, the skin of the dirt covered orbs. One of the smaller green vines
began to push it's way into Dana's puckered arse hole, and she could feel
the warmth of a liquid being pumped into her bowels. As the vine kept
pumping, it slowly pulled out, lubricating the entrance to her very tight
anus. Another eye stalk began to prod at the opening of her anal canal, and
began to force it's way in against her protesting sphincter muscles. After a
few minutes of trying to open the anus enough for it to enter, the stalk
retracts and one of the phallic red vines began to enter her anal passage.
This vine had relatively small diameter, and easily entered into Dana's well
lubricated passage. The vine began to thrust in and out, and soon shot a load
of spunk into her bowels. As it pulled out, it had loosened her muscles
slightly, and the spunk dribbled down the backs of her legs. As this vine
pulled out another larger vine pushed it's way in to her tortured anus.

Another eye stalk hovered around her tits, directing the examination of them.
A small, grey tentacle, very long, thin and sharp, approached Dana's nipple,
and slowly began to push at a tiny hole that it found in the end of the
engorged bud. Tears ran down Dana's face as the needle vine pushed it's way
in. As it pulled out, a small dribble of milk dripped from the end of her
punctured nipple. Seeming satisfied, the eye stalk directed 2 large flower
bulbs to just beneath the hanging mammeries, which swung back and forth with
each thrust of the vine inside her arse. As the bulbs opened, Scully noticed
that they were filled with thousands of inch long thorns, and each thorn
dripped a clear fluid. The petals of the flowers were of a memborous material
which was akin to lycra, which allowed the flower to contract and grow to any
size. Each of the flowers also had a hollow stalk in the middle, with what
looked like teeth inside them. The stalks slowly extended until they
surrounded her nipples. Dana could feel her nipples being sucked inside the
stalks, and once fully inside the stalk, she felt the teeth bite into her
nipples holding them firmly in place. The stalks then pulled down hard on
her pendulous tits stretching them as far as they would go. The bulbs then,
slowly began to close around each of Dana's tits until she began to feel the
thorns begin to enter her tit flesh. All over her breasts the thorns pierced
her skin and were thrust deep into her yielding flesh. Again, Scully screamed
from the pain that was being inflicted on her. Once the bulbs had fully
surrounded each of her boobs, she felt an incredible heat issuing from all
the thousands of thorns puncturing her skin. Whilst the vine anally fucked
her, she noticed that the bulbs on her tits were slowly getting larger and

By now, a vine at least 3 inches in diameter was sliding easily in and out
of Scully's anus, and once it had ejaculated inside her and pulled out, the
spunk dribbled out freely, mixing with the juices that flowed out of her
cunt. The eye stalk tried again to enter her now cavernous anal canal and
was easily swallowed by the stretched sphincter muscles. After a few inches
it saw that it would be impossible to plant a seed in this area and
retracted. Whilst waiting for her breasts to become fully grown, the plant
mind decided to give Dana's throat another good reaming, and forced one of
the phallic vines into her throat. Another was inserted into her cunt, whilst
a third was inserted up her arse. Rhythmically they began abusing Scully's
body, and as a counter point, the thorny vines began to whip the white,
tightly stretched skin of her buttocks, and across the small of her back.

After a few minutes, all the vines inside her began ejaculating, and all the
phallic vines that surrounded her spunked all over her body, face and hair.
Again she tried to swallow the large quantities of alien sperm that was
issuing into her throat, but a lot of the stuff escaped out of her mouth and
through her nose. She'd now had gallons of alien spunk inside her body -
"Thank God I've kept taking the pill" she thought, as the vines pulled out
of her now well fucked body. The bulbs surrounding her breasts opened up
revealing tits that now had a diameter of 3 feet. Two more tentacles
slithered across the ground to her pendulous boobs. These looked like fire
hose, apart from the fact that the open end had rows of serrated teeth all
around the inside. Opening wide, the hoses shot forward and clamped
themselves hard onto her tits surrounding her puffed nipples. The hoses then
bit into her flesh, which renewed her screams of pain. She could feel the
hoses sucking, and she could feel something leaking from her nipples. "My
God, I'm lactating!!" she thought, as thorn vines wrapped themselves around
her huge orbs, and began to squeeze them, trying to force more milk into the
2 hoses. Slowly, as she was milked, her breasts slowly reduced in size. Her
arse and cunt were repeatedly shafted, each time the vine getting bigger and
bigger. As first light filtered through her spunk encrusted glasses, Scully's
tits were back to about the same size, maybe a cup size bigger. As the first
rays of light touched the feeding plants, they automatically retracted into
the dark depths of the forest.

As she lay in the forest, spunk dribbling from her orifices in a large pool
by her buttocks, she could here someone shouting her name. Fox appeared from
the forest, leading a group of men in combat gear. "Scully, what happened!!"
Dana's throat was rubbed raw with the repeated penetration of the vines into
it, and she whispered "Raped..." With that she fainted. An officer looking at
Scully's ravaged body, turned to Mulder and said "We'd better get her to the
facility to have her checked out. I told you that a group of criminals were
loose in the woods. They caught Scully and raped her." A couple of the guards
brought forward a stretcher, put her on it, and covered her naked body with
blankets. As Fox made his way back to the facility with the officer, one of
the guards said to the other,

"Look's like the Plant had a good feed last night. Look at the size of those
tits." So saying he picked up one of Scully's tits and gave it a squeeze.
Milk spurted from the nipple, which the guard licked.

"Better get her to safety" he said laughing, as they took Dana to the


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