X-Files: The Alien Perils Of Agency Scully Part 2 (mm/f,ncon,best,lact)
by Andrew ([email protected])

The story so far: After Fox had asked Scully to lend a hand in one of his 'X'
File investigations, after breaking into a top-secret Government Facility,
Dana had been abducted and raped by a Alien-Plant cross-breed. At first light
she was found in the forest by members of the facility and Fox....

As the Officer and Fox headed back to the facility, the two guards carried
Sully back on the stretcher. As they walked, Dana's pendulous breasts jogged
under the blanket, and her head rocked from side to side. The guard that was
carrying her at the rear soon had a raging hard-on looking at the swaying
mounds under the blanket. "She's given me a raging horn", he said to the
other guard, "and with the fucking the Plant gave her, no one will know we've
had a piece of the action."

"Good idea" replied the other guard, "I'll radio in and say we'll be a bit
late because the stretcher broke and we needed to stop to mend it."

Taking Scully off the main path, they found a small clearing that had large
branches covering it, and vines hung from the periphery to shield them from
any prying eyes. Putting her stretcher down, one of the guards radioed in,
whilst the other checked out Dana. Pulling the blanket away, he examined her
ravaged body. Her red hair was still mated with the dried spunk that the
Plant had ejaculated over her, whilst the rest of her body was covered in a
myriad number of small cuts, and dried semen stains. Surprisingly, she still
wore her white stockings and suspenders, as well as her high heel shoes.

Kneeling down beside her, the guard reached forward and began to squeeze her
massive tits, the flesh pushing out through the gaps in his fingers. Dana
moaned in her faint as he went to work on her breasts, finally pulling and
tweaking her nipples until milk dribbled out onto his fingers. "Right,
we've got at most half an hour." One guard tied a couple of vines to Scully's
ankles, whilst the other tied a couple of vines around the bases of her
breasts, making sure they were tight and secured well. Throwing the vines
that were tied to her tits over a branch, they hoisted Dana's limp body from
the ground until her hips were level with theirs. Tying off the vines, they
then pulled open her legs with the vines that were attached to her ankles,
and tied these off as well. Pulling out their erections they gave them a few
good strokes whilst they looked over their handiwork. "What do you want
first, cunt or arse."

"I think I'll try her arse." So saying, the guard walked behind Dana, opened
her buttocks, and drove his tool deep into her bowels. "Well the Plant did
one good job of loosening her up, I'm hardly experiencing any resistance." He
said as he pounded away up Dana's anal passage. The other guard, meanwhile,
had walked around to the front of her jerking body. Kneeling down, he opened
her cunt lips with a few of his fingers, and began to insert them into her
yielding vagina. After a few minutes, he'd got his fist sliding in and out of
her lose cunt, whilst he wanked himself with his free hand. Moans of pleasure
were escaping Dana's lips as she was again savagely raped. The guard fucking
her arse quickened his pace and with one more violent thrust, shot his load
into Dana's body.

"You're right about her being well loose, we could probably both fuck her
cunt at the same time."

"You're full of bright ideas today.." the other guard replied as he pulled
his dick out of her arse hole, lifted her hips slightly, and inserted his
tool into her cunt. Once fully inserted, the other guard pushed his dick
into her cunt, and began thrusting into her supine body. Dana's body jerked
up and down on the vines tied around her tits, which caused a milking motion
on them. Soon, with each thrust, milk spurted into the face of the guard.
After a few minutes, both the guards ejaculated into Scully, and pulled their
now limp dicks from her body. "What a fuck! We'll need to do her while
she's awake next time."

"Better be getting back to the facility, they'll be sending a search party
for us soon!!" Cutting Scully down, they put her back on the stretcher and
quickly carried her back to the facility.

Doctor Kidman, a petite curly-red headed woman, pale skin, wore glasses,
tight lycra mini-skirt, patent leather black high heels, and spoke with a
slight Australian accent, and had at least a pair of 'DD' bouncing in her
top, and her female nursing staff ( who were also very well endowed, and
wore short nursing outfits), placed Scully carefully in a bed in an isolation
room. "She'll be well looked after here, Agent Mulder.", said Doctor Kidman,
"She'll need a lot of rest, and we do have the best medical facilities in the
area. If you leave her in our capable hands we'll contact you when she's
ready to resume work." Fox, already knew he'd pushed his luck with the
Government so far by breaking into the facility in the first place, and he'd
found no evidence of alien artefacts in the out-buildings he'd searched.
"Okay, I've got another case in a city near here, I'll be back at the end of
the week to see how she's fairing." "I'm sure Dana will be as right as rain
when you get back..", the Doctor reassured him as she lead him from the

When she got back to the room, the nurses had changed the bed for a wooden
table, which had a number of interesting features. At the head of the table
were two manacles, which now held the wrists of Agent Scully firmly in place.
At the foot of the table were a pair of gynaecological stirrups which now
held Scully's ankles firmly in place as well as opening her cunt and arse
wide open for the coming ordeal. Coming over to the side of Scully's prone
body, she gathered up one of her pendulous breasts. "Did anyone remember to
measure the bovines udders?" "Yes Doctor, it has a pair of 38FF's.", replied
a nurse. "Hum, the alien report said that she was left with a pair of D-cup
breasts after the last milking. No matter, attach the milking clamps and
wires, and make sure that the wires are pulling her breasts to the limit."
The nurse's fastened the clamps tightly to her nipples, and then attached the
clamps to two cables which ran to 2 sets of pulleys on the roof which then
ran down to an area where the cables could be tensioned with heavy weights.
From the top of the clamps, two tubes ran to a standard milking machine. The
wires were also attached to a black box, which had a dial and a button on it,
and was attached to the power supply. Moving to her cunt, Doctor Kidman
coaxed out Dana's clit from under it's protective covering, and another clamp
was attached to her exposed clit, and also attached to a wire. Finally, a
ball gag was inserted into her mouth and securely fastened.

Checking to see she was properly secured, a shot was administered that soon
brought Dana back to the land of the living. "Good morning, Dana. You have
been chosen by our alien friends for a range of experiments. You've already
experienced the first, which was a genetically engineered milking unit."
Kidman then pushed a large robot, which had 2 arms, and various types and
sizes of dildo's which could be attached on the ends of the arms, between
Dana's legs. "This next experiment is more technological." So saying, Doctor
Kidman switched on the robot. The two arms chose 2 dildo's and snaked out to
Dana's cunt and arse. With no pause, the robot pushed in the 2 dildo's
alternating the stroke's. Dana's body arched to the new intrusion into her
body. "The alien's have noted that the milking proceeds much quicker if the
bovine, that's you, is stimulated." Switching on the milking machine, the
pulsator and vacuum soon started their work, drawing milk from Dana's tightly
stretched mammeries. "You see, you're udders are already producing milk. But
what's pleasure without pain..." she said as she flipped the switch to the
electric shock unit. At random, either breast, or her clit would have an
electric shock sent to it. After a few seconds, Dana's body shook as a bolt
of electricity passed through her clit. Tears were rolling down her cheeks
as the machines went about their work. After 10 minutes, no more milk was
flowing, so the Doctor switched off the machines, and unfastened and removed
her clit and tit clamps.

"As you've been such a good milker, I've got a present for you." As the
Doctor left the room to get her 'present', she ordered that all the equipment
be moved from the room. Dana, for the first time, looked around the room she
was imprisoned in. In each corner was a video camera, and in one corner was a
toilet, whilst in the other was a bed. The room itself was white, with
recessed lighting even though there was no control for the lights. The door
out, which was at least as high as the roof and about 2 meters wide, was
controlled by an electronic lock, that could only be opened from the outside,
and the floor was made of concrete that had a very rough coating on it that
made sure people didn't slip if it became wet. "Shit, where's Mulder when you
need him" she thought, when the door opened. In tottered Doctor Kidman on her
high heels, her breasts bouncing like 2 playfully puppies in her tight black
dress, followed in by a huge crate. Walking to beside Scully with 2 male
guards, she ordered that Dana's wrists be freed and tied behind her back, and
her ankles freed from the stirrups. As Scully sat, Doctor Kidman tweaked
Dana's nipples and fondled her own nipples through the material of her dress.
A guard handed her a rope which she used to bind Dana's tits, making them
both look like 2 melons, standing proud of her chest. "I wish I was receiving
this sort of treatment, but you were chosen as the most suitable bovine. Ah
well.." she said as she walked from the room, her buttocks moving seductively
with each step, "Release the animal..." The guards opened the front of the
crate, and a gorilla knuckled it's way out.

Scully jumped off the table onto her high heels. With not standing for so
long, she stumbled and fell onto her knees, which gave the gorilla time to
come closer. The gorilla had a huge penis, at least a foot long with a
diameter of 3 inches at least. As she looked up, she saw that the gorilla had
bunched one of it's hands into a fist and struck Scully on her jaw. She was
sent sprawling on the floor, her vision blurred with the shock of the force
of the blow. The next thing she felt were two leathery hands turning her over
onto her tits, her nipples pressing hard on the rough concrete floor. Her
breasts acted like 2 small cushions lifting her head and shoulders from the
floor. The hands then moved to her hips, which were raised, until she rested
on her knees, the side of her face resting on the ground. She then felt the
huge head of the gorilla's penis begin to probe her cunt. Even with all the
fucking she'd already had, the gorilla's member stretched Dana's cunt to the
limit. With each thrust she was pushed along the ground, her huge nipples and
breasts and knees rubbed on the non-slip surface causing pain and friction
burns. After a few thrusts, Dana's head pressed against one of the walls,
which provided enough resistance for the gorilla to push his dick all the way
inside her womb. Now that Scully's body didn't move with each thrust, the
gorilla began to pick up the speed of his pumping. With the increase in
speed, the length of it's strokes also increased, with the head of the penis
coming out of her cunt and then being pushed all the way back inside. During
one of the cycles, Dana slipped slightly, and when the gorilla thrust, the
head of the penis went into her arse hole. The gorilla grunted, not expecting
the resistance it now experienced. Pushing hard, the gorilla forced open the
rectal muscles, and the gorilla's penis head was sucked eagerly inside Dana's
puckered and well reamed anal passage. Grunting all the time, the gorilla
forced his length up her arse. By now, tears ran freely down her cheeks, and
the howl's of pain were stifled by her gag. With each thrust, her head banged
the wall, and her nipples rubbed back and forth on the rough floor, milk
seeping out of the engorged teats, slightly helping by lubricating the floor.
Once fully inserted into Dana's arse the gorilla howled and jerked,
ejaculating it's hot jism deep into her bowels. Pulling out of her arse with
a pop, the gorilla knuckled it's way back over to it's crate.

Doctor Kidman walked back into the room, and the gorilla was taken back to
it's cage to recover. "A most excellent show, we'll leave you to recover and
get back to you tomorrow." With that, Doctor Kidman walked out of the room.
Scully struggled to her knees, and then to her feet. Stumbling on her high
heels, she got to the bed, and fainted on the bed. When she next awoke, the
room was dark, apart from a faint light from the lighting. Her arms had been
freed, and she felt that most of her wounds had been healed. "I remember the
aliens using some sort of 'cure-all' lotion previously, even by cunt and arse
aren't as dilated as before." Standing, she slipped her shoes on and walked
to the toilet. As she sat there, she wondered how she was going to escape
from this dungeon. She was startled by a gurgling noise coming from the
toilet. Taking no notice, she continued relieving herself.

Suddenly, 2 thorn vines shot out from the bowl and wrapped themselves around
her still pendulous FF-cup tits, and as they squeezed tight, milk squirted
from her engorged nipples. "Help.." Dana shouted as she felt a couple of the
penis vines start to push their way into her now tight cunt and arsehole, and
another vine cut off her screams for help by pushing into her mouth. Finally
the two milking tubes appeared surrounding her nipples, sucking the buds deep
into the tubes, their teeth biting deep into her boob flesh, and began
sucking and chewing on them. The thorn vines wrapped around her massive
mammeries began pulsing, pulling and squeezing her tits with the same rhythm
as the milking tubes, their thorns pushing into deep into her tit flesh that
was forced between the tight wrapping of the vines.

The lights in Scully's cell flared to full power, and the vines quickly
disappeared back down the toilet. The doors opened, and Doctor Kidman, who
was totally naked apart from a vibrator in her cunt and one in her arse that
were held in by a pair of ropes that passed over the vibrators up to a pair
of nipple rings, over her shoulders, down her back, and between her
arse-cheeks, jogged in, her breasts bouncing up and down, forcing the
vibrators deeper into the Doctors sopping cunt and arse, as she came over to
Scully. "Need to make sure the Plant can't get back inside, it'll ruin the
experiments. For now we'll leave the lights on to make sure it doesn't come
back." With that, Doctor Kidman left the room, and left Scully pondering
about what was going to happen next.

Thanks to all those who sent suggestions. Keep on sending them so I can
incorporate them into the "The Alien Perils of Agent Scully". If anyone is a
cartoonist, could they draw some of the scenes that have been described
above, and in the previous story "Scully vs Alien Plant Monster."


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