X-Files: The Alien Perils Of Agency Scully Part 3 (mm/f,ncon,best,ponygirl)
by Andrew ([email protected])

The story so far: ...the facility to which Agent Scully was taken is a
Experimental station for Alien-Government joint research. After being raped
by a pair of guards, and forcibly milked, and raped by a gorilla, as well as
being attacked by the Plant again, Scully awaits the next morning with

The arrival of morning was signalled with another increase in the light
levels in the room. The lights had been left on to frighten off the Plant
creature from trying to get at Dana while she slept. As her eyes were again
adjusting to the brightness of the room, the metal door that imprisoned her
opened, and in walked Dr Kidman. "Good morning, how's our little bovine
today?" she inquired. Kidman had changed from the white coat and tight lycra
dress she was wearing the day before to a black leather corset which
accentuated the size of her bust while her pierced nipples were forced
through holes in the tips of the cups. She wore a pair of leather crotchless
panties which had rows of hooks sown into the edge of the hole. These were
strategically placed to keep her cunt wide open by attaching the rings that
pierced her lips to them. The ensemble was finished by a pair of thigh
length, leather high heel boots. 2 guards followed her in, and immediately
grabbed Dana and as one guard held her, the other began to dress her.

"As today is your first full day at the facility, we must attire you
correctly," began Dr Kidman, as Dana's remaining clothes were taken off, and
a pair of thigh length leather boots were fitted, "I'm sure you must be
hungry after our little session yesterday," she added, as a leather halter
was fastened to her hips and two leather straps that had various hooks were
passed either side of her cunt and attached to the front and back of the
halter, and a tight leather corset that had two half cups, was placed under
her tits, lifting them from her body, leaving her nipples well exposed. Sets
of small, barbed spikes were attached to the bases of the half cups, so that
whenever her tits bounced when she moved, the spikes were pushed into them.
To further extend her chest, her arms were pulled behind her back and forced
into a single leather glove, which was then fastened to the top of the
corset. A chain, which was lowered from the roof of the cell, was attached
to the end of the glove. A nurse, similarly dressed to the Doctor pushed in
a trolley, upon which were a large selection of dildos, vibrators, clamps,
pegs and other bondage devices. Dana's eyes grew wide as she saw the size
of the implements, some of which wouldn't be out of place at a baseball game.

"First, we'd better get the rings in place." Doctor Kidman went over to the
table and picked up a can of aerosol. Pointing the aerosol at the steel
table, she sprayed a fine mist, which quickly formed a layer of ice. Moving
back to in front of Scully, the Doctor began to tweak and pull on Dana's
nipples. Dana moaned as her nipples were twisted and manipulated, until they
began to react to the Doctors ministrations. Once they were erect, she
sprayed the freeze spray directly onto the nipple. The sudden pain of the
spray hitting her erect nipples caused Scully to scream, but her nipples
became even more engorged, reacting to the cold of the spray. Kidman then
reached over to the table and picked up a hammer and a 4 inch nail. Making
Scully kneel down in front of the table, she adjusted the height of it so
that her tits were resting on the table top. Pushing a small wooden block
against Dana's tit flesh, she forced the erect nipple to lie on the top of
the block. Scully saw what Kidman was about to do and began to plead with
her, but her protestations were ignored. To stop further interruptions, she
forced a ball gag into Dana's lips, and fastened it behind her head. Spraying
her nipple again with the freeze spray, Kidman placed the nail at the base
of Dana's engorged nipple. With one swift strike, the nail went through her
nipple into the wooden block. To remove the nail, Kidman twisted it until she
was able to pull the nail clear. A large hole remained in Dana's nipple,
which was soon filled by a large golden ring. The operation was repeated on
Dana's other breast.

Tears streamed from Dana's grey eyes, as she was lead to the central table,
and was forced to sit on it. Her legs were forced open and placed in a pair
of gynaecological stirrups, exposing her cunt for inspection. Kidman leant
forward, and began to lick Dana's clit. Her fingers opened her lips, exposing
the red inside of her vagina. With the expert ministrations of the Doctor,
Dana was soon beginning to warm to the experience, and her breath grew
sharper with each touch of Kidman's probing fingers and tongue. Another
effect of the Alien's experimentation on Dana, was the increased size of her
clitoris and the increased size of her cunt lips, with increased sensitivity.
Once Dana's clit was fully exposed from it's protective hood, Kidman examined
it. Pulling the hood all the way back, she again reached over to the table
and picked up a standard piercing gun. Placing it just above Dana's exposed
clit, and making sure that the needle would pierce the skin of her hood, to
make sure that her clit was always left exposed. With a press of the trigger,
the needle struck home, and another ring was placed through the hole. Pulling
one side of Dana's cunt lips open , she pierced them 3 times, and repeated
the operation on the other side, each time placing smaller golden rings in
the pierced holes. Once all the rings were in place in Dana's cunt, Kidman
pulled each ring and hooked it over one of the hooks that were on the leather
strap that passed either side of her cunt. Once she'd finished, Dana's vagina
was fully exposed, and held open by the cunt rings.

Heading back to the table, Kidman rummaged through the various toys that were
on the table, until she found a baseball bat. "I'm sure you recognise what
this is. Once I've loosened you up with this we'll carry on with your
training." Kidman lubricated the bat, and placed it at the entrance to her
cunt. Kidman began to strain as she forced the massive implement into Dana's
already ravaged cunt. Even with all the fucking she'd received in the last
two days, the bat was stretching her cunt to the limits. Tears sprang from
Dana's screwed up eyes, as the pain of her stretched cunt hit her. Slowly the
bat inched it's way into her. Once fully inserted, Kidman began to pull it
out again, again pulling hard as Dana's cunt had closed in tight around the
head of the bat. She'd nearly pulled it all the way out, when Kidman again
forced it violently back inside. Slowly but surely, the bat's speed increased
until with each stroke Kidman was hitting the entrance to Dana's womb.
Pausing for a rest, she ordered that a set of weights be added to each of
Dana's new nipple rings, so that her tit's would be pulled onto the barbed
spikes, and the motion of her juddering body move the spikes around. Now with
each thrust, Dana's breasts bounced and the weights pulled the huge orbs of
flesh down onto the barbs. With one more push, the bat pushed it's way
through Dana's cervix, into her womb. The sudden pain sent Dana straight into
an orgasm, her body shuddering to the ecstasy of the pain, her breasts moving
like 2 bowls of Jell-O (jelly). Pulling the bat out, she left Dana to recover
for a while.

After an hour, Kidman came to see her "patient". Making Dana stand up again
on her 6 inch high heels, she tightened the chain on her glove, so that Dana
was forced to lean forward, her globular breasts hanging straight down,
pulled tight by the weights that were hanging from them. Again moving to the
table, she picked up large butt plug that had a plume of horse hair hanging
from it. Firstly, Kidman inserted 2 fingers into Dana's once more tight
rectum. The muscles resisted the insertion, which seemed to please Kidman.
"The healing creams that the aliens have provided are excellent, your arse
hole's as tight as a virgins!" So saying she began to force the large butt
plug into Scully's tight anal passage. With great effort the first ring of
the butt plug popped inside her tight rectum, the sphincter muscle fastening
tightly around the ring. With more effort, the second, and finally the third
ring of the butt plug were swallowed by Scully's eager arse hole.

Releasing the chain from her glove, Kidman attached another chain to her clit
ring which she used to pull Dana from the room. Leading Dana down the
corridor she entered a large horse ring, the floor being covered with saw
dust. In the ring stood a stallion which was chained to the wall, and had a
hood covering it's head. As well as the stallion, the ring also contained a
wooden horse and a light horse buggy. Scully was lead to the horse buggy and
was told to stand over the pole. Kidman leant down and picked up to leather
straps that were attached to the pole. Getting one of the guards to hold the
pole, Kidman passed the straps through her clit ring up to her nipple rings,
one strap to each nipple, and another strap was attached to the glove, so
that all the weight was not on her tits. Adjusting the straps, so that they
rubbed Scully's clit and passed through her cunt, she told the guard to leave
the pole. The weight of the buggy yanked her nipple rings down hard, pulling
the huge globes of flesh hard onto the barbs, and stretching the flesh to the
maximum. The cunt rings were released from the hooks, and one rein was
attached to one set of cunt rings, while the other rings was attached to the
other rein. Sitting in the buggy, Kidman picked up the riding whip and struck
her sharply on her buttocks. "Trot on, bovine" to punctuate her command
Kidman again struck Scully on her buttocks with the whip. She began to pull
the buggy, the barbs in the corset pushed hard into her tit flesh, and the
leather strap rubbed against her exposed clit. Slowly the buggy began to
move, and with each step Scully was in agony. As she picked up pace, she felt
one of the reins in her cunt lips pull sharply, which she took as a command
to turn. As Scully trotted around the outside of the ring, the continual
rubbing of the straps on her clit, and the motion of the butt plug moving
because of her buttocks moving continually up and down because of her high
heels, she felt an orgasm rising in her. After a few more minutes, the orgasm
hit, and Scully fell on her face. The forward motion of the buggy pushed her
along the ground her nipples and face grinding in the saw dust, and her
massive tits being crushed under her body and into the barbs. Scully writhed
in ecstasy, until Kidman walked over.

"Naughty bovine, you shouldn't have done that" So saying, Kidman brought the
horse whip down hard on Scully's exposed backside. After 10 lashes, she
rolled Dana over, and whipped each of her breasts 10 times. Seeing that
Scully had passed out, she ordered the guards to release her from the
buggy, strap her into the wooden horse, and to call her when they'd

As the guards removed the straps, they saw another opportunity to rape Agent
Scully. "I want to tit-fuck the bitch this time" said the first guard, as he
groped the huge mammeries. It had been at least 12 hours since Dana was last
milked, and her breasts were firm to the touch as they were so full of milk.
"Well I want her red lips to give me a blow job, but as she's unconscious,
I'll just have to fuck her throat. You go first, it'll give me a chance to
warm my dick up." So that he didn't accidentally cut himself while tit
fucking Scully he removed her corset. Getting some fishing line from one of
his pouches, and cuts it in half. He loops the line through one nipple ring,
and then the other nipple ring, tying both the nipples together. Pulling his
dick out, he gives it a few strokes, and pushes it between Scully's bound
tits. Luckily, Scully had been sweating hard whilst she was jogging around
the ring, so her sweat lubricated his penis. Because of the size of her
tit's, the only way he got any friction was to force her tits together with
his hands. Unsatisfied, he took the end of the fishing line that tied her
nipples together, and, leaving his prick embedded in her folds of flesh, he
began to tie both of her tit's together, just above his penis. Scully's tits
were now bound about half way up each mammary, so that the guard could fuck
either the top or bottom of her tits. He began to thrust his tool between her
tits, and each time he pushed his dick in, a small amount of milk dribbled
from her pierced nipples. After a few minutes the top half of her tits were
covered in milk, so he decided to fuck the top half of her breasts. The milk
lubricated his passage, and even more milk squirted from her engorged tits
as the guard shot his load all over Scully's face.

The second guard now approached Scully. Removing the ball gag, the guard
caressed Scully's beautiful face with the back of his hand, and he too
released his belt, pushing down his pants, allowing his penis to pop out. He
put his hand under Dana's neck and jerked upward, tilting her head up and
back. His other hand wrapped around her jaw, forcing her mouth open, her red
lips parting invitingly. The guard put his rigid penis as the tip of her
lips. Then, his face contorted by anger, he drove it into her mouth, up to
the hilt, his balls curling around her nose. Scully's throat bulged as his
cock drove deep within her. The back of her head clunked against the floor
of the ring, as her mouth helplessly engulfed him. Her face disappeared in
his groin as her hair curled down onto the floor. The guards face twisted
with erotic pleasure as he started moving into Dana's face with hard, driving
thrusts. His testicles slapped against her chin as her throat bulged with
each forward movement of his hips. As Dana gagged on his member, he groaned
in reaction, jerking her head forward by her red hair. He suddenly stiffened.
His face became still, as he felt the liquid passion rising up within him.
One last time, he drove himself deep within Scully's mouth and held himself
there. Dana's flushed, bright red lips wrapped around the hilt of the guards
penis as the first burst of semen soiled her throat, as gurgling sounds came
from her distended throat. A malicious smile crossed the guards face as he
heard Scully gag on his first shot of cum. A loud groan of release sounded
from him as he began to pump into her mouth again, letting her drain him
completely. "She's one excellent fuck!" he said as they cleaned her up, and
put her back into her corset.

When Doctor Kidman returned, Scully was awake. She was strapped into the
wooden horse, her legs and arms strapped to the legs of the horse and her
arse replacing that of the horse. Her breasts hung beneath her body, like
the udders of the bovine she now was. Placing a milking stool beside her,
she placed a bucket under Dana's "udders". Kidman gave one breast a squeeze,
and milk squirted into the bucket. Signalling to the nurse who was standing
by the stallion to bring the horse over to the wooden horse. The nurse
removed the hood, and as soon as the horse saw Dana's cunt and arse in the
wooden horse, it got a huge erection. The nurse knelt down, and licked the
horses penis, until pre-cum dribbled from the end of it. "You need to be
milked, so I've arranged another bit of bestiality, as you enjoyed the
gorilla so much". The nurse brought the horse over, and signalled for it
to mount Dana. The huge stallion penis entered Scully's loosened cunt, and
the horse began to pound his huge penis into her. Kidman, grabbed hold of
one udder in each hand, and began to milk Scully. The horse soon began to
cum, and the bucket was only half full. No sooner had the horse finished
with her, when another stallion was lead in, but with a much bigger penis.
This horses dick pounded at the entrance to her womb, finally entering her
fully. Orgasm after orgasm ripped through Scully's body, as this horse
reacted to the constriction of Dana's vaginal passage by shooting his load
deep into her body. By now, hardly any milk was being produced, no matter
how hard Kidman pulled and squeezed.

After about an hours rest, Scully was taken back to her cell and the butt
plug removed. "Nurse Parton, could you show our guest how she'll get her
food." Said Dr Kidman. The nurse approached one of the walls, and pressed a
button on the wall. After a few minutes, a guard led in a horse. "This horse
and several others have been genetically altered so that their semen is
very nutritious to humans. If you want something to eat you'll need to give
the horse a blow job." The nurse placed a tray under the horses penis, and
began to suck and lick it. Scully noticed that after a while the horses eyes
glazed over, and it began to cum. The first shot of spunk surprised Nurse
Parton and it splattered across her face and down her huge breasts. After
that, the spunk landed in the tray. As the horse was lead away, the tray was
placed in front of Scully on the floor. "Now eat it up like a good little
bovine." Said Kidman. Noticing that Scully was reticent, she pegged closed
her nose, and with the help of Nurse Parton, forced her face into the spunk.
"Now eat it!" Kidman order, as smacked her on the buttocks with a paddle.
After a few more strokes, Scully began to lap up the cum like a dog.

Thanks to all those who sent suggestions. Keep on sending them so I can
incorporate them into the "The Perils of Agent Scully". If anyone is a
cartoonist, could they draw some of the scenes that have been described
above, and in the previous story "Scully Vs Alien Plant Monster."


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