X-Files: The Alien Perils Of Agency Scully Part 5 (worm/f,f/f)
by Andrew ([email protected])

The continuing "Perils of Agent Scully" story. The story so far... Dana
Scully has been chosen as an experimental subject for a joint
Alien-Government project that involves making all red-headed women into a
huge herd of large breasted human cows. Well, she's been raped several times
by men, beasts, aliens, machines etc. Let's see what perils Dana will be
encountering in this instalment....

Waking again in her cell, Dana checks her abused body. Again, the alien cream
had healed all the previous days injuries, apart from the mental scars that
would remain with her forever. The lights slowly increase in brightness until
it's nearly like daylight. Her arms were fastened behind her back in a
leather glove, while a chain lead from a collar around her neck and was held
fast to the wall by a metal ring. She couldn't scream even if she wanted to,
as her mouth was filled by a large ball gag that spread her jaw wide. Apart
from these fitting's she wore a pair of 6 inch high heeled shoes, black
stockings and a garter belt to hold them up.

Doctor Kidman entered the room, and Nurse Parton pushed in a large glass tank
which looked liked it held a large mutated slug. "Good morning Dana" said
Doctor Kidman, "You'll be glad to here that we will be releasing you soon,
but first we must introduce you to your new companion." Reaching into the
tank, she pulled out a 2 foot long snake like creature. Half of it's body
looked exactly like a very thick human penis, except it was covered in huge
blue veins. In the middle of the body was what looked like a scrotum, while
the last half of the creature looked like the segments of a worm, but were
covered in hairs. "This creature will be your guide." Continued Kidman, "As
it has no eyes, it communicates with you telepathically, and also uses this
telepathy to enable it to utilise your senses." Calling in the two guards,
she tells them to open Scully's legs. She then begins to insert the worm
segmented half of the creature into Dana's tight cunt. Scully could feel the
creatures body inch it's way deep into her, the hairs on it's body causing
erotic sensations to seep through her tight cunt. Once fully inserted, it
looked like she had foot long penis, and a pair of balls. In fact she looked
like a she-male. "The creature will react like any other male to sexual
stimulation, which will then pass these sensations to you via the part of it
that sits inside you body by twisting, as well as thrusting in and out." So
saying, Kidman began to masturbate the creature, it's foreskin pulling back
to reveal a huge purple head, and the veins increasing in firmness and
protrusion. With every stroke, the creature inside Dana either moved or
rotated ending waves of pleasure through her body. The creature now stood
fully erect in front of Scully's body.

Letting the creature grow limp again, Kidman continued to explain what the
creature could do. "The skin of the creature allows urine to pass, by
osmosis, into it's body, which means you will be required to go to the toilet
like a male. It will also react to visual stimulation. Nurse Parton, will you
please open your dress to reveal your udders." Nurse Parton stood in front of
Scully, and slowly began to unbutton the front of her nurses uniform. The
creature almost reacted instantly, slowly becoming more erect. By the time
Nurse Parton had pulled out her FF-cup tits and began playing with them, the
creature was a raging hard on. "Obviously, the scrotum holds sperm, which it
regenerates once a load has been shot. It will only cum when you yourself
have an orgasm. Nurse Parton, use your tits to wank off Dana." Parton knelt
in front of Scully and placed the vein twisted piece of flesh between her
orbs. Pushing them together, she began to jiggle them up and down,
masturbating the organ. Scully breath grew short, as the creature transferred
the masturbation, her body slowly growing to a climax. When the orgasm came,
spunk flew from the end of the creature onto the top of Parton's tits. While
the orgasm continued, the spunk kept flowing, running down Parton's hands and
down her nurses uniform. Once Scully had finished, Parton stood up and pushed
her cum soaked tits back into her wet uniform. The creature still stood
erect, as Scully's eyes fell onto Nurse Parton's hard nipples poking through
the wet material of the uniform.

Once the nurse had left, the penis grew flaccid. "Come with me bovine."
Kidman said, as she lead Scully through the facility to a room with a video,
computer, and a screen. Switching on the video, she said, "We have released
the chemical into the water supply. Obviously, the main herd will come from
Celtic stock, as they have a large predominance of red haired animals. The
following subject came to us from a local hospital. They believe we are a
specialist clinic for sufferers of Macromastia, a disease that causes breasts
to swell in size over a very short period in time." Beside the video image,
there also appeared a computer readout. The main video image showed a nun,
who had a large pair of tits concealed by her habit, and a pair of glasses.

The computer readout read "Name: Sister Jane, Age:26, Height: 5 ft 5 inches".

Sound became audible, as the camera pulled back to reveal an office, as well
as Doctor Kidman sitting behind the desk. "I will ask you a few questions
which I want you to answer truthfully...

Kidman: Original breast size? Jane: I wore a D-cup bra.

Computer: Predicted Growth Increase To GG-cup.

Kidman: How quickly did this occur? Jane: I went to sleep one night,
an the next morning my breasts had increased to their current size.

Computer: Growth Period Approx. 8 hrs.

Kidman: Who else knows about the growth?

Jane: The hospital, and the convent.

Computer: Requires Story For Disappearance.

Kidman: Has anything else occurred that is strange?

Jane: No.

Computer: Lactic Check Required.

Kidman: How long ago did this occur?

Jane: This morning.

Computer: Current Time 13.00 - Predicted Lactic Production To Commence 14.00.

Kidman: Have you ever had sex of any kind?

Jane: No!

Computer: Requires Sexual Breaking In (Anal, Oral, Vaginal).

Kidman: Have you ever worn high heels?
Jane: No.

Computer: High Heel Balance Training required.

Thank you Sister Jane. Okay, could you please remove your habit." At this
point the video image changes and is split into 4 views. As Jane stripped,
her huge udders dangled, revealing their size and weight. "Jane, could you
lean over this bar, and lean forward until you are parallel to the floor.
You can grab hold of the two rails on either side of you to help you
balance." As Jane got into position, Kidman placed another bar behind her
ankles, and adjusted the side rails until Janes arms were stretched as far
apart as they would go. Kidman then passed what looked like a tennis racquet
with no strings over each hanging mammary. As she did this, a computer image
each breast formed in separate screens, providing size (GG-cup as predicted),
and volume information, as well as the circumference at the root of both
breasts. Doctor Kidman again addressed Sister Jane, "I'm now going to
restrain your breasts so that we will be able to assess the current growth
rate." Placing a collar around each breast, Kidman then fits a metal pole
between Jane's udders, fastening it to the floor, as well as the two collars.
"Now we'll just take a blood sample..." Kidman reached over to a table and
picked up a syringe. Pushing the needle into Jane's left tit, Jane screamed
from the pain, and tears welled in her eyes. "That hurt" Jane said, to which
Kidman replied, "You ain't seen or felt nothing yet!!" plunging another
needle into her right tit. Jane at this moment tries to escape, but her hands
can't let go of the rails, and her feet are trapped by the bar. "Why are you
doing this to me?" Jane cried, as an infra-red image of each breast overlaid
the computer size data - showing the current heat levels within each udder.
"We're going to make you into a milk producing bovine to pay off our
commitment to the aliens. You're going to join the herd." Inserting the
dental spreader into Jane's mouth, Kidman opens Jane's jaw to the maximum.
"As you've never had oral sex, we'll need you to get used to the taste of
semen, as this will be your main diet as a bovine." She then put a message
out over the intercom, that a new bovine required spunk training, all guards
will have full access to cum in her mouth. The clock in the computer readout
read 14.00 hrs.

All the time these images were being transmitted, Scully's new penis had
become hard. The organ telepathically inserted a sub-conscious message into
her brain for her to masturbate, which she dually did, running her hand over
the veined creature. Kidman turned to face Dana, which made her stop playing
with herself. "That was 36 hours ago. We wanted to see how much larger her
udders would become, and what level of pain she would be able to withstand.
We'll now go live to her cell." The images all suddenly updated, with a very
dishevelled Sister Jane. Dried spunk now covered her face and hair, and a
pool of dried spunk lay on the floor. The infra-red images of her udders
showed extremely high levels of temperature, and veins now stood clearly on
the surface of them. As they watched, a guard walked in, pulled out his dick,
and after a few strokes got it hard. Pushing the head of the penis into Janes
mouth, he quickly pushed his entire length into her throat. Holding onto her
hair, he begins to fuck her spasaming throat, until he groans and ejaculates
into her stomach. As he cums he pulls his dick out of her mouth and sends the
last few spurts into her face. Laughing, he puts his prick away, and leaves
Jane licking the cum from her lips. "Shall we examine Sister Jane's
progress?" said Kidman, leading Scully by pulling on her erect penis. As soon
as Kidman entered the room, she removed the dental spreader from Janes aching
jaw. Tears ran down Sister Jane's spunk covered face, "Please stop it. My
breasts feel like they're going to explode, stop the pain." she pleaded. Her
words fell on deaf ears as Kidman again used the measuring device to record
the current size and volume of Janes pendulous udders. Examining the computer
readout, she said "Hum, only an increase of 1 inch in diameter across the
main part of the udder."

Reaching under Jane with both hands, Kidman pressed each tit checking their
firmness like a pair of melons. With each press, Jane let out a wail of pain.
"Extremely firm." Moving around behind Jane, she pulled down Jane's panties,
and opened up her buttocks to examine her anus. "What are you going to do
now!" Jane blubbed, as Kidman turned to Scully and said "Let's see you use
that new appendage on Jane's virgin cunt and arse." Scully's penis reacted
immediately, becoming erect, blue veins bulging all over the shaft. As Dana
pulled back the foreskin, she felt an immediate need to plunge it into Jane's
tight virgin cunt. As the head of the penis began to part Jane's cunt lips,
Dana placed her hands on either side of Janes hips to gain extra leverage. As
the huge purple head began inching into her tight hole, Scully grimaced with
the effort of forcing her tool into such a confined space. Jane squealed as
she was slowly speared on Dana's huge phallus. "I just can't get it inside
her, she's too tight!" she said as she pulled her prick from Jane's cunt
lips, "I need some lubrication." Kidman handed Dana a tube of KY Jelly,
which she used to grease up the end of her penis, and most of the shaft.
Trying again, Scully began to push her huge helmet into Jane. Jane screamed
as the huge tool tore her hymen, and it proceeded further into her untouched
vagina. As soon as the tip touched Jane's cervix, Dana pulled out, Jane's
blood mixing with the lubricant, running down the inside of Janes thighs.
Sweat ran down Scully's face as she tried to control her own orgasm, as the
sensations rippled through her own vagina. With greater pace, Scully thrust
her new appendage repeatedly into Jane's vulnerable body, her own orgasm
building with each thrust. With one mighty push, she forced the head of the
penis through the protesting cervix muscles. The sudden orgasm that ripped
through Jane caused her vagina to contract onto Scully's tool, sending her
over the edge. The creature began to cum directly into Jane's unprotected
womb, and as Scully pulled the organ out, she coated the inside of Janes
cunt with spunk. As the head plopped from Janes cunt, spunk shot over her
arse cheeks and onto the small of her back. Spunk dribbled from her gapping
cunt, down her legs mingling with the blood and lubricant.


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