X-Files: The Alien Perils Of Agent Scully Part 6 (m/f,ncon,best)
by Andrew ([email protected])

Well, I'm expanding the story line to include a few side characters which may
or may not be used throughout the continuing story. I thought it was about
time that Scully dished out some punishment to some other females, who I
actually know (names etc have been changed). Of course, I still need ideas,
as well as someone to draw my Manga for me.

After Scully had finished fucking the once virgin Sister Jane, Doctor Kidman
pushed a pair of large funnels under each of her firm breasts. From the
funnels, two tubes lead to two separate standard milking machines, which were
attached to two large milk jars. "Need to check how much milk we can get out
of each of your udders now," said Kidman, as she reached into a large glass
tank. As she pulled out her arm, a snake was wrapped around it. Putting her
arm near to Janes swollen udder, the snake unwound itself from Kidmans arm,
and wound itself firmly around Janes tit. As the body of the snake tightened
on her huge mammery, Jane screamed as the hugely bloated udder was squeezed.
The snake's tongue flicked out at Janes enflamed brown nipple, as milk
dribbled from the end. Sensing that milk was soon to be released, the snake
opened it's jaw wide and bit down hard on either side of her nipple. As the
snakes fangs pierced Janes firm breasts, she screamed again, and tears ran
down her face. Milk spurted from the end of her nipple, as the snake's body
seemed to ripple and created a milking motion. Kidman reached back into the
tank and pulled out another snake, putting this one on Jane's other breast.
Soon, milk was spurting from both udder's, and the two jars were being filled
by the herds latest recruit.

Kidman left Sister Jane to be milked, and led Scully into another corridor
that was made of rough hewn stone blocks. Down one side of the corridor were
a number cells that had metal bars about 5 inches apart holding back a group
of half starved and dishevelled looking men. In front of the cell's ran 2
rails, and at the far end of the corridor, on the rails, a small cart with a
motor, that had a 3 foot metal pole attached with a large dildo on the end
attached to a piston, and a metal chain with a pair of manacles on the end
lay on it, and two other manacles on chains sat on either side of the pole.
Kidman made Scully walk on the opposite side of the wall as she walked down
the entire corridor to a metal door. As the walked, the men tried to grab at
them both, some even through their bodies at the bars trying to reach them,
and Scully definitely heard the cry of "Milk, milk", through the maddened
screams. "This next bovine is called Malgosia, about 38 years old and about
5ft 8inches tall. She is a housewife with 3 kids, and of Polish origin. She
has very short red hair, and a fairly athletic body, as she plays lots of
sport, which is a surprise as she did have a pair of D-cup breasts." Kidman
opened the door on a older woman who now had breasts of at least HHH. These
huge tits were supported in a huge, highly strengthened half cup bra that
made them protrude well in front of her body. The obligatory ball gag was in
her jaw, and a pair of black high heels (at least 6 inches high) making her
balance on the tips of her toes. "Surprisingly, it seems that the older the
bovine, the larger the udders become as well as what the original size of
them were, and we have found that women over the age of 40 aren't affected."

Malgosia stared defiantly at Kidman, as one of the two guards used an
electric cattle prod to make her totter through the door. Making her stand
on the trolley with her breasts pushed hard against the wall and the dildo
under her cunt. The two manacles were fastened to her ankles, and the
manacles on her wrists were fastened to a chain that hung from another rail
in the roof, while a third chain was attached to the base of Malgosia's bra,
making sure she couldn't lean backwards. The dildo was switched on and the
piston activated, forcing it deep into her cavernous cunt. Malgosia lifted
her heel's (no mean feet in the shoes she was wearing) as the dildo
penetrated deep into her. Kidman recorded the position, and then made the
piston retract until only the tip of the dildo spread her labia slightly.
The stroke defined, Kidman stood back. Pressing a button on the wall
activated the electric motor on the trolley, and the dildo began to slam
into Malgosia's cunt. Above each of the barred cells was a light. As the
nearest of the half starved men spotted that the trolley was active, the
light came on above his cell, and the trolley moved to in front of his bars.
As the trolley moved, Malgosia's its and nipple's rubbed against the stone
wall, and then bounced across each of the bars in the cell. Once in front
of the man, he grabbed hold of one of the breasts and pulled it through the
bars, making Malgosia lean forward. Pulling fiercely on her nipple, he made
a dribble of milk issue forth, then, bringing his teeth down on her huge
nipple began to suck milk into his hungry mouth, chewing all the time. After
about a minute, the light went on over the cell at the far end of the
corridor. Malgosia's nipple was torn from the mans mouth, and her breast
wrenched from between the bars as the trolley moved to the other cell. On
each bar, her tits bounced, sending waves of pain through her massive udders,
and as she passed in front of each cell, men reached out and groped her tits
hopping that they would be fed next. All the while, the dildo pounded her
body, bringing her closer to an orgasm. Backwards and forwards the trolley
moved, as Malgosia's huge mam's were squeezed, chewed, bitten, groped, bashed
about ,until bruises and welts could be seen all over them. Finally, all the
men were satiated, and Malgosia was released from the trolley.


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