X-Files: The Alien Perils Of Agent Scully Part 8 (f/f)
by Andrew ([email protected])

The continuing "Perils of Agent Scully" story. The story so far...
Dana Scully has been chosen as an experimental subject for a joint
Alien-Government project that involves making all red-headed women
into a huge herd of large breasted human cows. Well, she's been raped
several times by men, beasts, aliens, machines etc. She's been joined
by a few more well endowed women, as well as one more well known
female Kay Howard (that's the Detective from Homicide: Life on the
street). Let's see what perils Dana and the rest of the herd will be
encountering in this instalment of "The Perils of Agent Scully"....

Kidman entered Kay's cell and began undoing the various bonds that
held her in place. Cum dribbled from Kay's cunt and arse, and large
strings of cum hung from her chin and in her hair. Making Kay sit down
on the chair, Kidman reached over to a medical trolley that she'd
pushed in, and lifted a cover on a glass tank. Reaching into the tank,
she pulled out a snake like alien creature that looked like a human
penis. Inserting the creature in Kay's gaping cunt, Kidman pushed it
until it's balls touched Kay's cunt lips. Pulling back the aliens
foreskin, Kidman began to masturbate Kay's new tool. She began to moan
as the sensations flooded her battered and bruised body. Kay's hand's
moved involuntarily, one to her arse hole the other to her swollen
nipple. Pushing three fingers into her gaping hole, she began anally
fucking herself, and with her fingers squeezing her nipples, she
forced a steady stream of milk from her engorged nipples. Kay's breath
grew shorter and shorter as her orgasm grew closer and closer. As
Kidman's hand stroked faster and faster, Kay flung her head back, and
shouted as the orgasm ripped through her body. Spunk sprayed from the
end of her penis onto Kidman's tit's and face, and as Kidman didn't
stop pumping, Kay's body bucked under this new level of orgasm.

Scully's own penis had grown hard as she watched Kidman wanking off
Kay. After Kidman had finished she stood up, and, wiping some of the
cum from her face, she licked her fingers clean. "Dana, I think you've
been enjoying yourself far too much, and your milking is due. Let's
give Kay's new present a good work out! Follow me please."

Kay had recovered enough to stand uneasily on her high heels. She'd
never worn heels this high, and with the added weight of a huge pair
of tit's on her upper body, made them difficult to get used to. Her
arse hole was also extremely sore, which made her walk slightly bow
legged, trying to stop her buttocks chaffing it. Following Scully and
Kidman, she wondered what experience was awaiting her next. It was a
surprise to Kay that the ordeal she'd just lived through was what
she'd always fantasised about whilst at work - that is being gang
raped by a group of prisoners. Big tits were never part of those
fantasies, and from the look of her surroundings, she'd have to get
used to them. Walking through another door down the corridor, they
entered a room that had a large table in the centre of the room.

One end of the table was attached to a large hydraulic ram, whilst at
the other was a wooden post. The post was covered in leather bindings
at various heights (ankles, knees, waist, shoulders etc.) The table
itself had bindings on it, and it seemed that the person that was
strapped to the table would be forced to kneel on the table. A section
of the table top was missing, and under the table a large slab was
fixed to the bottom of the table at one side of the hole. On the floor
below the table, towards the wooden post, was another large slab, a
metal tray below the slab, under the hole.

"Dana, kneel on the table, and put your udders in the hole." Dana
complied, by now knowing that resistance was useless. One of the
guards began to strap her ankles at the back of the table. More straps
attached to her thighs forced her buttocks to perch invitingly over
the edge of the table, as her pendulous breasts hung in the hole. A
few more straps fastened to her shoulders held her immobile on the
table. Kay, meanwhile was fastened to the wooden post, her penis
pointing at Dana's arse hole. The huge purple helmet dwarfed the tight
puckered opening of Dana's rectum. "That will never fit in there." Kay
thought, as Nurse Parton lubed both Scully's arse hole, by putting her
fingers in it, and Kay's prick. Dana's face overlooked her breasts
that were sandwiched between the two boards. As the table slowly began
to move, Kay's prick, aimed by Nurse Parton, began to stretch Scully's
sphincter. Dana moaned as the huge monster penis plopped inside, and
her anal muscles spasamed at it's intrusion. Her breasts now touched
both boards. Setting the limit of retraction on the table, Kidman put
the table into automatic mode.

With no warning, the table forced Scully's tight arse hole along Kay's
lubricated penis, at the same time crushing her udders in between the
pieces of wood. Dana screamed at the double pain, and tears
automatically sprang to her eyes. The table then retracted, pulling
Dana nearly all the way off of Kay's throbbing member. Again the table
thrust, repeating the first cycle. After the initial warm up strokes,
milk spurted from Dana's squashed breasts. Kay's orgasm again began to
build from the friction of Dana's spasaming rectal passage. The speed
of the table increased, slamming Dana's tight anus all the way onto
Kay's prick. With a cry, Kay began to cum, shooting load after load
deep into Scully's bowels. But the pounding didn't stop, Kay going
through orgasm after orgasm, as she loosened Dana's arse hole. Once
the milk had stopped being produced, Kidman stopped the machine and
released both women.

As Scully stood up, it felt like she'd had a spunk enema, as cum
flowed freely from her cavernous anal passage. "Dana, "said Kidman,
"I'd like you to meet your partner, Kay. You've both been cleared to
join our Government Task Force called the 'Milk Police'. Your job will
be to hunt down and apprehend any bovines that have escaped capture,
and teach them a lesson. You will be based in town, where you'll have
a slave each, who will do anything you order them to do. Dana, you've
met the two 'maids' we've chosen for you. They are called Malgosia and
Jane. We're off now to settle you both in your new house, but you must
be ready for the call to action at any time."

The house was situated at the edge of town, and the garden backed onto
the forest that surrounded the Facility. This meant that the team were
close to the Facility for transportation and equipment. Walking into
the large house, Kay and Scully were both wearing trouser suits,
loosely cut so as to hide their male appendages, as well as to reduce
the size of their udders. Standing in the hallway dressed in short
black mini-skirts, black high heels, shear black nylon stockings that
were held up by suspenders were Jane and Malgosia. Their breasts hung
in front of them, their nipples pierced and fitted with nipple rings,
and they both wore collars that would cause great pain or pleasure
depending on whether they behaved or misbehaved.

"Choose your maid", said Kidman to Kay and Dana. "Nah, you go first,"
Said Kay, "from what I've just heard in the van drive down here,
you've fucked them both." "I'll have Jane, " Dana replied. "Better
teach them whose boss!" laughed Kay, as she led Malgosia into the
Kitchen. Placing a couple of hoops in the cupboard above the cooker.
Making Malgosia kneel in front of the cooker, she asked one of the
guards to fetch four lengths of steel wire, and two heavy weights.
Placing the weights on the floor either side of Malgosia, she said,
"Hold your hands in the air." Fastening them together with a pair of
handcuffs, she attached two of the wires to the cuffs pushed them
through the hoops and down to the weights. She asked Malgosia to lift
the weights. Seeing that she could just lift them, picked up each of
Malgosia's huge tits by the nipple ring and placed them on the top of
the cooker. Attaching two more wires to the nipple rings, she fed them
through the hoops and attached these to the 'cuffs as well. "Pull!"
Kay ordered, and Malgosia pulled on her arms. She lifted the weights
as well as lifting her tits from the top of the cooker. "I like my
beef-burgers well done." Kay said, as she placed 2 frying pans on the
hobs, 1 for each tit. Pouring in oil, she turned on the heat.

Unzipping the fly on her suit, she pulled out her penis, and, kneeling
down behind Malgosia, pulled up her skirt revealing her anus. Kay
pushed her engorged prick up Malgosia's arse hole. "Tight, but not too
tight. I'd rest my arms for now, 'cause those pans are gonna get
mighty hot soon!" and, placing her hands on Malgosia's hips began
fucking. Malgosia listened to Kay, and lowered her tits into the
frying pans.

Watching this made Dana's prick become hard, and she had to pull it
from her trousers as well. Noticing Jane standing, staring at what was
happening to Malgosia, Dana told her to lean over the kitchen table,
and to pull up her skirt. As soon as Jane had done that, Dana began to
push her huge prick into Jane's cunt. As the member entered her, Jane
rocked on her high heels, her huge nipples rubbing roughly on the
wooden table.

The frying pan was getting hotter, and oil was starting to spit. Soon
the pain was too much and Malgosia had to pull her tits out of the
fat. With the weight of her huge udders, and the weights attached to
her wrists, she couldn't hold them out long, and after a few minutes
she had to drop them back in to the fat. Malgosia screamed as the hot
fat splashed around her tits, which made Kay's thrusts up her anal
passage become even more brutal. Malgosia again pulled at the huge
weight on her wrists, but this time couldn't hold them out for long
and dropped them back in. Again she screamed. The smell of frying
flesh could be smelt in the kitchen. Dana and Kay both began to feel
orgasms coming so they both pulled out. Dana spunked all over Janes
back, while Kay began to cum all over Malgosia's frying tits. "Would
you like Mayonnaise with your burgers!" she smirked, turning off the
cooker. Luckily, there was a large supply of alien healing cream that
would cure the physical injury, but would never cure the memory.

Thanks to all those who sent suggestions. Keep on sending them so I
can incorporate them into the "The Perils of Agent Scully". If anyone
is a cartoonist, could they draw some of the scenes that have been
described above, or what about someone illustrating the story and
publishing it?? We could always change the names of the protagonists
but keep the way they look and act etc.


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