X-Files: The Alien Perils Of Agent Scully Part 9 (f/f,best)
by Andrew ([email protected])

The continuing "Perils of Agent Scully" story. The story so far... Dana
Scully has been chosen as an experimental subject for a joint
Alien-Government project that involves making all red-headed women into a
huge herd of large breasted human cows. She's been joined by a few more
well endowed women, as well as one more well known female Kay Howard (that's
the Detective from Homicide: Life on the street). They've now found out about
what their mission is going to be, being spared the treatment of standard
herd animals. Let's see what perils Dana and the rest of the team will be
encountering in this instalment of "The Perils of Agent Scully"....

After meeting their maids in the house, Kidman then took the two women to
see what treatment standard herd animals would be receiving once they'd
caught them and processed them correctly. Driving along the outside of the
forest, the van drove into a gate which had the sign 'Milk Ranch'. Two
guards stood at the gate, and the ranch was surrounded by a 10 foot high,
barb wire fence. "The security is necessary to keep prying eyes from the
herd, you won't believe how many people want pictures of large breasted
women!" laughed Kidman, as the van drove along a dusty road. About half a
mile down the road , the actual ranch was in a valley and at the edge of the
valley, a number of SAM batteries stood guard over it.

As they drove up to the main building, they could see a field that was full
of large breasted women. All of their 'udders' varied from EE to HH, and they
were all wearing extremely high heels. They were also bent forward, as their
wrists were tied to their legs just above their knees. "They're made to walk
like that to preserve their udders shape, making them hang allows them to
fulfil their full milk potential." Getting out of the van, Kidman was greeted
by a farmer, who was totally naked. "I've brought some bovines to see the
treatment they'd be receiving if they didn't co-operate. Lets go to the
milking shed." The farmer walked up to Dana, and pulled open her jacket.
"Nice size.." and then grabbed as much of the flesh as he could in his hand
and squeezed, "and very firm. She'd make a nice breeder." Moving to Kay he
said, "Open your shirt and lean forward. " Kay complied, and the experienced
milk farmer examined the hang and firmness of her udders. "Both fine
specimens. If you get bored of them, I've got a use for them both here. Let's
go take a look at where you'd be living." As they drew closer to the field,
Dana and Kay could see that the herd animals couldn't sit down, as their
knees were not allowed to bend by a pair of hard leather straps.

Entering the shed, a row of women had their heads pushed through cages. They
were all eating a white slurry that was flowing from one end of the shed.
Attached to their breasts were vacuum pumps, sucking the milk from their
engorged udders. Behind some of the herd animals were men who were seen to
be fucking them. "We allow the farm workers to choose which bovine they want
to fuck, as this is pretty boring work," Said the farmer, as they walked the
length of the pens. "And if any of the bovines become pregnant, their milk
production doubles after the birth!" he said smiling. "The milk is stored in
tanks until the aliens come to collect it. After an inspection, some of the
herd is taken to the alien home world for breeding purposes." Turning back to
Dana and Kay he added, "Would either of you want to try the milking process?"
laughing. "Once they've been milked dry, or they've grown too old, the
animals are released into the town."

Going through a door, another set of stables held stallions. The horses also
had vacuum tubes attached to their pricks, milking the cum from their bodies.
The horse cum was then pumped into the trough that the herd animals were
mating next door. "These genetically engineered horses provide the protein
for the herd.." Leaving the shed behind, they headed back to the van. Saying
goodbye to Kidman, the farmer turned to Kay and Dana, "Hope to see you both
soon." He said, rubbing his huge prick with his hand. Both Dana and Kay
quickly got back inside the van.

As they drove from the ranch, Kidman said "Obviously, you still have to be
milked, and we've installed a milking machine in your house." Driving back
to the house, Kidman received a call. After she'd finished, she turned to
Dana and Kay. "We have a mission for you. The aliens have expressed an
interest in a specific woman. Her names Caroline, she lives in New York, and
is a cartoonist. Unfortunately, she doesn't drink tap water, so we need you
both to kidnap her, get her to our safe house where you'd administer the
drug to her and condition her for the herd." The van turned around and drove
to the military bases airport.

Meanwhile, back at the house. Malgosia and Jane were recovering from the
earlier torture. Sitting in the living room, they were discussing their
predicament, and lamenting the fact that they'd never be able to escape.
"Lets go and have a look at the garden," suggested Jane, "I always liked
gardening back at the convent." They both went to look outside. As they
wandered around the outer fence, looking into the forest, Jane spotted some
strange flora. As they looked, the plants seemed to move in the darkness,
seeming to pulse with life. Heading back into the house, they made food, and
continued chatting.

Driving to Caroline's apartment building, Kay and Dana discussed how they
would kidnap her. The safe house was in the mountains far from any prying
eyes. "We could use the same line that you used on me." suggested Kay.

"No, from the report of the observers, it was found that she was rarely
alone, either with he co-workers, friends or boy friend. We'll need some
other method." After reading the report again, Dana added, "Well, it seems
the only time she's alone is when she visits her gynaecologist, we could
replace her doctor and staff with ourselves. It seems she's booked an
appointment tomorrow afternoon. We'll need to move fast." Stopping the car
outside her building, they observed her leaving. She was wearing a tight
lycra mini-skirt and top, black stockings and high heels. As Dana and Kay
watched her sway down the street with her boy friend, Kay rubbed her penis
through her trouser leg, looking forward to what they would be doing with
her in a few hours time.

As both Malgosia and Jane were about to go to sleep, both had to be milked.
In the barn outside was installed one of the standard large breasted bovine
milking units as seen earlier by Dana and Kay. Jane had worked on the convent
farm and suggested that Malgosia went first and learn how to attach the teat
cups to her tits. Malgosia leant forward so her pendulous tits hung below
her and her neck was over the edge of the pen. Jane explained to Malgosia
that the bar that she put behind her head was to stop her from standing up
and hurting herself, as well as keeping her tits in the right position for
the teat cups to be attached. Next Jane attached the jar marked Malgosia to
the milker, and started the pulsator. She then came back to Malgosia, and
picking up one of the glass teat cups, placed it on one of Malgosia's
engorged nipples, and opened the valve. Jane could see the effect of the
vacuum as it sucked Malgosia's nipple, and quite a lot of her tit into the
teat cup before the liner in the cup had enough flesh in it to start
squeezing. Jane attached the other cup, and after a couple of seconds, milk
began to spray into the jar. 10 minutes of milking and no more milk was being
sucked from Malgosia. Jane pulled off the teat cups by switching off the
valve at the base of the cup, and then turned off the machine.

Outside the barn window, a number of luminous stalks that had eyes on the
ends of them were looking at the two maids milking themselves. They watched
as Jane and Malgosia's huge, pendulous udders wobbled as they moved about,
and grew highly agitated at the size of them.

Jane released Malgosia and helped to set up the machine for her own milking.
Malgosia followed the same routine, and quickly had the machine pumping away
on Janes tits. Malgosia had rummaged through the kitchen earlier and had
found a cucumber which she was going to use herself tonight to masturbate
with. As she watched the milk being sucked from Janes young tits, and her
young arse poked in the air, she went to the room, found the cucumber and
came back into the room. Without warning, she pushed the vegetable into Janes
cunt, and began to pump it in and out. At first Jane tried to stop her, but
her neck was held tight in the pen. The motion of the cucumber soon had Jane
approaching orgasm, and, as the machine finished milking her, she began to
cum. Her entire body shivered, making the teat cups bounce around on her
hanging udders. Malgosia removed the teat cups, and released Jane from the
pen. As she stood up, the cucumber slid from her loose cunt, and dropped to
the floor. "I'll need to wash that now." Malgosia said, as they headed back
to the house. As they slept in their new home, they didn't know that an alien
presence was planning a visit.

Caroline arrived at her gynaecologists wearing a black lycra mini-skirt, high
heels, a translucent white shirt that showed she was wearing a black wonder
bra to enhance her B-cup breasts and a pair of dark glasses. "Hello, " she
thought, as she looked at Kay sitting at the reception desk, "new nurse." As
Kay stood up to show her to the doctor, she revealed her huge tits squeezed
into the nurses uniform, and the extremely high heels she wore, she thought
"Wow, I can see why he hired her!". Kay turned to Caroline, nearly knocking
her over with her massive breasts. "Your Doctor phoned in sick yesterday, so
Doctor Scully from the local hospital will look after you.

Entering the exam room, she saw an as impressively stacked red headed woman
as the nurse examining some notes. Looking over the top of her glasses, Dana
addressed Caroline "Ah Caroline, nice to meet you. If you'd just remove your
clothes, put on the smock and lie on the exam table I'll be with you in a
moment." Kay closed the door and walked over to Dana, and, while Caroline
changed, said "The building is secure. The lift is held on this floor and our
van is waiting in the garage. Are you going to inject her here or at the
cabin?" "I'll do it here. It means we'll not have to hang around the cabin
for too long!" Dana replied, filling two syringes with the breast enhancing
chemical, and another with a knockout drug.

When Dana entered the exam room, Caroline was laying on the table with her
legs in the stirrups. Dana sat down in the chair, pulled on a pair of plastic
gloves, and began to examine her. "Hum, it seems you've caught some form of
disease here. I'll just give you a penicillin injection to clear it up." As
Dana injected the knockout drug into Caroline, Caroline's mind tried to think
of an explanation to her boy friend about this 'disease', as she slowly
drifted off to sleep.

"Kay, come in and check out this cunt and arse." Said Dana as she inserted
her fingers into Caroline's tight arse hole, and used her other hand to
spread her cunt lips. Kay walked over, and immediately pulled out her prick
and started masturbating. "We've got a bit of time for some fun now, what
do you want, cunt or arse?" asked Kay. "You seem to enjoy fucking arses,
so I'll take her cunt." Replied Dana. Pushing the trolley to the side, Dana
and Kay unplugged some of the cables from the various medical instruments in
the room, and tied them around Caroline's ankles and wrists. They threw the
cable attached to her wrists over the light fittings in the roof, and hauled
her supine body upright, so that she was hanging like a piece of meat.
Caroline's head lolled back as the finished fastening her ankles to a couple
of tables, so that her feet weren't touching the ground.

Dana gave Caroline a push to see how firmly she was fastened, and to make
sure she didn't move too much.. Kay quickly got out of her clothes, and
soon had her penis rock hard in anticipation of raping a fine piece of
female flesh as Caroline. Being that Caroline's arse looked tight, Kay
lubricated her penis, and, placing her hands on Caroline's hips, began to
push the huge purple headed alien against Caroline's protesting sphincter
muscles. With Kay pushing hard and relentlessly, Caroline's puckered anus
slowly began to widen until the head popped inside. Stretched to the limits
by the intrusion of such a large object, Caroline's anal muscles rebelled
and began to spasm. To Kay this added an extra level of sensation as she
pushed her tool deep into Caroline's bowels, "I think this is the first
anal fucking she's had, she's so tight." Moaned Kay, as she had finally
inserted the entire length of her prick. Dana had by now undressed, and
examined the level of lubrication issuing from Caroline's cunt. With each
thrust of Kay's prick up her arse Caroline's cunt opened and closed, and
she moaned as the pain lanced through her body. Opening her cunt lips wide,
Dana began to insert her prick into Caroline's ravaged body. As Dana
inserted her tool, Kay could feel it's progress through Caroline's vaginal
and anal passage. Caroline was now moaning continuously, and, as Dana
reached the entrance to her womb, she had an orgasm. Kay's face turned to a
grimace as Caroline's anal passage clenched hard on her prick, and had to
concentrate on not cuming then and there. Dana began pushing against
Caroline's cervix, and after a few thrusts, Dana's penis head thrust into
Caroline's womb. Another orgasm swept through Caroline's body, as both Kay
and Dana slowly pulled out of their respective holes, leaving just their
penis heads inserted. Dana nodded and they both thrust their pricks savagely
into Caroline's pliant body. Finding their rhythm the agents thrust their
huge tools relentlessly into Caroline's bucking body. After a few minutes
Kay said "I can't hold it any longer!" and had an orgasm herself, spraying
her alien seed deep into Caroline's bowels. Dana kept thrusting for a while
longer, until she too began to cum deep into Caroline's womb. "Boy, are we
going to have some fun with her." Said Kay cleaning herself up and dressing
in her suit. Dana pulled her prick from Caroline's limp body, and began to
examine her breasts. "Fairly regular size," she said, pulling on the nipple
and stretching the boob flesh to it's maximum. Injecting the breast growth
chemical into each of Caroline's tit's, they released Caroline. Spunk
bubbled from her now cavernous cunt and anus, running down her bum cleft
and down the inside of her legs. Dressing her in her street clothes, they
cleaned the office and left via the service elevator to their waiting van.

Arriving at the cabin, Caroline was now awake, but her ankles were attached
to a spreader bar, and her wrists are handcuffed together, plus she is now
wearing a pair of black 6 inch high heels, and she felt that her breasts were
straining at her bra cups, threatening to overflow them. She knew that she
had been violently raped as both her arse hole and cunt were saw and she
also remembered going to the gynaecologist for a check up. The doctor and
the nurse that were there in the office were the ones that were now opening
the door to the van, but they were wearing business suits. Kay leaned in, and
grabbing the spreader bar, pulled Caroline's legs outside so that she could
stand, and then pulled on her handcuffs to get her upright. "Why are you
doing this" Caroline pleaded, as she was lead into a wooden cabin. Kay turned
and just smiled, as she fastened a chain to her hand cuffs and attached two
more chains to the spreader bar. Turning to the table, she pressed a button,
and the chain holding the 'cuffs began to retract into the roof. Once
Caroline's arms were held firmly above her head, Kay left the room. "I'll
tell you why we're doing this," replied Dana, "being a red head has made you
an ideal specimen for becoming a human milk supply for an alien life form.
Our Government has made a deal to supply them with human milk, and red-heads
are an easily spotted character trait."

"You're joking right." Said Caroline. Kay now reappeared wearing a leather
bra, and thigh length leather boots with 6 inch heels. Caroline's eye's
goggled at the size of Kay's tit's and the size of the penis that hung
between her legs. "Nope, we're here to prepare you for the herd. We've
already injected your tit's with a chemical that will increase their size
and start them lactating. They'll just be like a pair of cow's udders!" Kay
said, heading towards the table and picking up a cat-o-nine tails. "I'll get
her undressed while you go and put on something more comfortable. When we
raped you, you were unconscious. Now at least we'll hear you scream!" Kay
said, swinging the whip at Caroline's back. The tails of the whip bit into
her back shredding her shirt, and making her scream in pain. From front to
back Kay whipped Caroline, stripping her bare. The lycra skirt dropped
shredded to the floor followed by her blood soaked shirt. Now Kay
concentrated on her black wonder-bra, shredding the cups. Her breasts bled,
and as Kay concentrated on her cunt and arse to remove her panties, Caroline
fainted from the pain.

Walking back into the room, Dana noticed that Kay had finished removing
Caroline's clothes. She also noticed that Kay had a raging hard-on. "I think
they chose the right people for this job." She thought, as her own penis
hardened at the sight of Caroline's whipped body. Kay started to apply the
healing cream to Caroline's bleeding body. Dana walked around to examine
her breasts. "Udders growing at the predicted rate," she said, pulling on the
nipple and hefting the swelling flesh in her hand. "Could you hand me the
nipple expanders, Kay. The staff back at the ranch want to use the standard
cow teat-cups, which mean the nipples on this bovines udders need to be at
least 4 inches long, with a diameter of at least 1 inch." Piercing Caroline's
nipples, Dana put rings in them, and then placed the nipple expander
around the base of the nipple, attaching the ring to the cross bar. The
springs in the expander started to pull and stretch the growing breast flesh
into the ring trying to form the perfect nipple that would look like a cows
teat. "Now, let's get her in the swing. We don't want to compromise the
udder shape, now do we."

The 'swing' mentioned by Dana was beam that was attached to an electric
motor that allowed it to swing backwards and forwards. This allowed the
torturer to either use penises in the cunt or arse at one end, and the
subjects mouth at the other or use dildo's etc. if no one wanted to have a
go, or were tired. Strapping Caroline to the beam, her ankles were strapped
to her thighs, then strapped her thighs to the cross bar that extended
across the bottom end of the beam, keeping her cunt wide open. Caroline's
head was strapped back, and a mouth spreader was inserted so that they'd
have free access to her throat. Caroline's udders were slowly expanding to
their full size, and would soon need to be milked. The nipple expanders were
doing their job, and her nipples would easily fit the teat cups. Caroline
woke with a start, and realised that what she was experiencing was not a
dream. "Ah, she's awake. Time for some more fun." Stated Kay, "I've never
throat fucked anyone yet, so I think I'll use your mouth this time."
Pushing a button, the beam moved to the end of its stroke. Dana nodded in
agreement, and slid her monstrous penis into Caroline's cavernous arse hole.
"That slipped in easily, They'll be able to use your anus for warming up the
stallions." Said Dana sliding her tool as far as it would go. Once the swing
started it would pull Caroline off her prick and force her onto Kay's penis
that would be inserted orally. "Those red lips look inviting." Said Kay,
pushing the end of her penis into Caroline's mouth. Caroline's nostrils
flared, as the musky smell of the penis floated up to her nose. Her entire
mouth was filled with the taste of cum. Kay enjoyed the sensations of
Caroline's tongue on her penis head, but knew more was to come, so she
pressed the button to start the machine. Slowly the machine drove Caroline
onto Kay's huge prick. Her eyes bulged and she gagged as the monstrous head
of Kay's penis slid slowly down her throat, stretching it. Caroline couldn't
breath as her throat bulged to accommodate the invading monster. Kay sighed
with pleasure at the tightness and friction. When Kay's balls bounced on
Caroline's chin, the machine reversed, ramming her back onto Dana's waiting
tool. The speed increased, Caroline's udders swinging freely as she was
anally and orally raped. Orgasm after orgasm ripped through Caroline's body
as the ordeal continued, until , with a groan, Kay and Dana began to pump
their alien sperm into her ravaged body. Wad after wad of spunk slid down
Caroline's throat, and spurted deep into her bowels, filling her stomach with
alien seed from both ends. As the machine didn't stop swinging, Kay's prick
once more entered Caroline's mouth, and the shear volume of cum that Kay was
producing forced some up Caroline's nasal passages, and began to spurt from
her nose, as well as escaping from her red lips down her chin. "I never knew
why men liked women to give them blow jobs. Now I do!" said Kay, pulling her
still hard penis from Caroline's cum filled mouth. Dana pulled her prick
from Caroline's spunk filled anal passage, "Now that's what I call an enema!"
she said, stopping the machine. Caroline's now massive breasts swung freely
until Dana came to examine them.

"Better get the milking machine, these feel full," said Dana, removing the
nipple expanders and the ring in the end of her nipple, and squeezing hard
on the pair of GG-cup breasts. Starting the pulsator, Dana attached one of
the teat-cups to the expanded nipple. The cup fit perfectly, and began to
extract the milk that had built up during the growth phase. The other teat
cup was attached, and Caroline was left to be milked for the first, but not
the last, time. "I'll call the ranch for them to send out a helicopter for
us and our new bovine." Said Kay," We'll be back home in a few hours to get
ourselves milked. My tits feel like they're going to explode."

Back at the house, the two maids had busied themselves the next day by
masturbating, eating and talking about their past lives. It started to get
dark again, and their master's hadn't returned again, so they would have to
go down to the barn and milk themselves. As they both headed to the barn,
their massive breasts bouncing in the moonlight, a large number of tentacles
leapt from the forest and attached themselves to anything that was prominent;
around their tit's legs and arms. "What the hell.." was all that Malgosia
could say before another tentacle forced it's way past her red lips and into
her mouth. The same befell Jane, as they were yanked off their feet onto
their stomachs. Luckily for both of them that their breasts were so big that
it cushioned their fall. The vines then began to pull the two helpless women
along the ground into the forest, Twigs, roots, stones, brambles all bashed
and cut their breasts and nipples as they were dragged along the forest
floor. After a few minutes they were dragged into another barn, that was
filled with writhing vines. As they were pulled upright by their tits, the
women could see that the barn also contained a pig pen full of piglets, and
a stallion that stood surprisingly docilely with the amount of activity
going on. In one corner was a huge bio-mass that heaved and glowed, and from
which hundreds of tentacles emerged.

As the vines twisted and squeezed the pliant fleshy mounds of Malgosia and
Jane's udders, milk began to spray from their nipples. The eye stalks that
were observing this, began to writhe, as two huge bulbs slithered forward.
Malgosia was again flipped on her stomach, landing once more on her bruised
and bloody tits. The vines then lifted her from the ground and she was
carried to a bale of hay that was resting on a raised platform near the
stallion. Her mauled breasts hung over the edge of the hay bale, but still
at least 4 feet from the ground. The two bulbs moved under each hanging tit,
and opened. A toothed stalks shot upwards and buried their teeth deep into
Malgosia's tit flesh. Over the pain of the teeth biting firmly she felt a
needle pass into her nipple and deep into her flesh. A heat spread from the
needle, as the rest of the bulb surrounded the already expanding boobs.

At the same time Jane was lifted from the floor, and the vines spread her
ankles. A huge tentacle sprung forward and drove violently up her vagina,
spearing straight into her womb. Tears ran down Janes face, as over and
over the vine slammed into her young body. She too was flipped onto her
stomach and carried to the pig pen. As her breasts dangled down, and the
vines squeezed them violently, milk spurted out and hit one of the piglets,
which looked half starved. Another of the piglets licked the fluid from it
and at once started to chew and suck on one of Janes nipples. As the other
piglets noticed this, they too tried to suck on her nipples. Each piglet
jostled and pulled on her nipples as they tried to get some food. Some of
the piglets chewed on the flesh trying to get even more milk from her teats.
With the violent thrusting of the vine in her cunt, her tits swung violently
as well, throwing some of the piglets from the end of her nipple. Blood
welled from the many bites that the breasts received as they swung past
hungry mouths.

Malgosia watched in horror as her breasts increased in size. She then heard
the sound of hooves climbing the ramp of the raised platform. More vines
snaked forward, wrapping themselves around her thighs and ankles holding
her legs fast. A huge weight now stood above her, and she could see the
front legs, and head of the horse above her. Fear filled her eyes as she felt
the horses penis pressing on the entrance to her anus. With one thrust the
animals phallus entered deep into Malgosia's bowels stretching her sphincter
muscles to the limit. As her tits grew the horse began to pound it's huge
meat in and out of her protesting anal passage. The hole was rubbed raw
with the friction of the tool, pounding on relentlessly. After a few minutes,
an orgasm swept through Malgosia's body, tightening her anal muscles. The
horse stood frozen, as it shivered, it's own orgasm coming. Horse sperm
began to shoot into her bowels, and the heat and force of the spunk from the
horse sent her into another orgasm.

The bulbs around Malgosia's tits now opened revealing tits 3 foot in
diameter. Milk dribbled from the enlarged nipple as the horse left her, and
her cunt was filled by a vine. The huge bio-mass now began to slide towards
her hanging breast. As it slid underneath, tentacles whipped up to around
the base. A huge maw opened in the top of the bio-mass, and with a heave,
the creature retracted it's tentacles, lifting it's bloated body from the
ground. The mouth sucked in one of the huge breast. Malgosia felt it's jaws
close on her tit meat, forcing a huge spray of milk from her engorged
breasts. The milking continued, sucking huge amounts of milk into it's
bloated body. As it released the first breast, it had returned to the
original size. The creature lowered itself to the floor again, and began
the operation on the other tit.

As Agent Scully and Howard entered the house, they noticed that the back
door was open. Taking their guns from their holsters, and finding some
torches in the kitchen, the two women worked their way outside. Dana
noticed the trail of debris that was strewn from the forest. "Shit, I
think the Plant Mind's got them. Lets go!" said Dana, leading Kay into the
forest. Dana followed the twin drag trails of their two maids breasts, to a
barn that was glowing. Looking for a window they went to see what was
happening inside.

By now, Malgosia was hanging by her tits from the roof, with each of her
orifices being filled by a tentacle. Jane was in the middle of the room, her
ankles strapped to a thick tentacle that was inserted in her cunt, as well as
wrapping around her stomach and shoulders, holding her stiff. Beneath her
now enlarged breasts sat a mass of green plant-like life. A maw was open,
and the tentacle holding Jane smashed her down squashing her tits and
forcing the milk into the creatures mouth. "That's the target. Keep shooting
it until it dies." Stated Dana. "I'll take the front you take the back."
Dana kicked open the door and rolled in letting off a few rounds from her 45
automatic, straight at the creature. Vines snaked out grabbing Scully's
wrists and ankles, and the gun fell on the floor. "Not again." screamed Dana,
as the vines snaked up her arms, and legs ripping the clothes from her body.
Yet more barbed vines wrapped around her breasts, lifting her struggling
body from the floor. The creature then swung her entire body into the wall,
smashing her tits hard into the splintered wood. Pounding relentlessly, Dana
was soon knocked unconscious. Kay opened the back door and entered a dark
corridor, as she went towards the barn, a tentacle streaked and hit her on
the head, knocking her over. Tentacles wrapped around her ankles and pulled
her prone body into the main barn. Scully was lying in a heap in one corner,
as Jane was still being milked, and Malgosia was still being fucked.

As Kay came too, she noticed that her clothes had been removed and she was
held with her legs open on a bale of hay, and her head hanging back over edge
of the bale, with her jaw held wide open. No matter what had happened to her
this week, what she saw coming towards her face scared her shitless. A horses
penis, dripping pre-cum hung in front of her open red lips of her mouth.
Without warning the tip of the horses penis entered her mouth. It leaned
forward, trying to push itself farther within her, feeling the head of its
penis grind against the back of her throat. Kay gagged, her nostrils flaring
as she tried to breathe through the horse hair in her eyes and nose. Slowly
but surely the penis slowly worked its way down into her protesting throat.
Kay's throat bulged outwards as the animals tool drove deeper and deeper. Kay
couldn't breath causing her throat to contract on the huge penis. Retracting
the horse allowed Kay to gulp down a few breaths of penis smelling air, and
then thrust it back deep down, grinding her throat. Each thrust, brought the
horse closer and closer to cuming. With one final thrust the horse began
cuming. The horses seed fired deep into Kay's throat. She gagged and gargled
as the salty discharge seeped down her throat, into her stomach. As the horse
pulled it's member from Kay's tortured throat, the spunk began filling her
mouth. Soon, the cum began oozing from her lips around the horses penis. Kay
made strange gurgling sounds, then swallowed heavily, gulping down the
discharge. But the horses didn't stop cuming. All that Kay could do to stop
from drowning was to slurp it down, but the cum still oozed out slowly around
her lips, down into her eyes and into her nose. She could feel the horses cum
sliding down her throat into her stomach which made her feel even more
revolted, but she could only gulp down more as it continued to shoot into
her mouth and throat.

Scully woke slowly. As she opened her eyes the scene was the same as when
she came in except Kay was giving a horse a throat fuck, whilst Jane's
breasts were back to their original post-chemical size. The gun lay next to
her hand. Again, her hand wrapped around the hilt of her gun. Aiming the
gun at the heart of the creature, she emptied the entire magazine into it.
Green gouts of goo spurted everywhere the bullets tore into the creature. As
the last bullet entered the creature, It began to shiver, and released both
Jane and Malgosia, who collapsed in tiredness on the floor. Looking around,

Dana saw a pitchfork, which she picked up and charged the creature. The
maw focused on Dana for the first time. Kay, still stunned from her oral
lesson, looked for her own gun, as tentacles swept out and wrapped themselves
around Dana. Kay crawled to her gun, as Dana stumbled towards the creatures
open jaw. Vines stretched out and began to wrap around Dana's tits. The
creature began to squeeze, the milk spraying directly into it's mouth. Kay
aimed her own .45 at the heart of the creature. An fired the entire clip into
it. The green goo seeped around it, as chunks flew off in all directions. The
creature began to squeal as it released Dana in it's pain. Staring into the
very heart of the creature, she could see what looked like a brain. Picking
up the pitchfork, she aimed at the brain, and thrust with all her might. The
maw slammed shut on the pitchfork, and then fell open. All the vines and
tentacles began to rot, and the creature itself began to decompose in front
of their eyes. Within a few minutes, no one would know that an alien creature
ever existed.

Coughing up horse spunk, Kay wobbled her way over to Dana on her 6 inch
heels. "We'll need to report this, "said Dana, "lets get back home. By the
way," she added to Kay, "I think you're a bit overdue for milking. Your tits
are starting to show their veins!"

Thanks to all those who sent suggestions. Keep on sending them so I can
incorporate them into the "The Perils of Agent Scully". If anyone is a
cartoonist, could they draw some of the scenes that have been described
above, or what about someone illustrating the story and publishing it?? We
could always change the names of the protagonists but keep the way they
look and act etc.


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