X-Files: The Alien Perils Of Agent Scully Part 10 (f/f,best)
by Andrew ([email protected])

The continuing "Perils of Agent Scully" story. The story so far...
Dana Scully has been chosen as an experimental subject for a joint
Alien-Government project that involves making all red-headed women
into a huge herd of large breasted human cows. She's been joined
by a few more well endowed women, as well as one more well known
female Kay Howard (that's the Detective from Homicide: Life on the
street). They've now found out about what their mission is going to
be, being spared the treatment of standard herd animals. Let's see
what perils Dana and the rest of the team will be encountering in
this instalment of "The Perils of Agent Scully"....

After their excitement of the previous night, they all wanted a break
from anything. Jane was preparing Scully's breakfast when Doctor
Kidman entered the kitchen. "Ah, Dana. I hear you killed the Alien
Plant creature last night. We actually believe that there are more
then one of these creatures loose in the forest, so be on the look
out." Kidman sat down, and admired the motion of Jane's backside,
enhanced as it was by the pair of 6 inch high heels, as Jane busied
her self at the cooker. "We have a specific task for you and Kay.
We need you to test a mind control device, as well as bringing the
subject back here for further testing. The subject is a Liz
McDonald, a feisty, red-blonde curly haired, thirty seven year old
who's fit, 37B-23-33 slim, well built body could still carry off
wearing mini-skirts, lycra tops, and high heels. For the aliens
report her only problem was that she wasn't what you would call top
heavy - in fact she only carried a B-cup, even though they were still
very firm and stood proud of her body. She lives in Manchester,
England, and works in a pub. You'll be able to observe her there,
field test the device and kidnap her on her way home." standing
up, she added, "While you go and dress, I'll brief Kay on the devices
control. Oh by the way, she'll be kept in the dungeon below the
house, and you will do the experiments on her." Dana pushed the stray
hairs from her grey eyes and stood up, sighing.

Kay was in her room, doing a bit of weight lifting. Kay was lying on a
bench press whilst Malgosia had Kay's prick embedded deep within her
womb. Malgosia's wrists were tied to her knees to stop her from
helping Kay lift her off the ground. Two steel ropes were wound
tightly around each of Malgosia's huge, pendulous breasts, passed
vertically upwards to a set ofpulleys and down to a cross bar that
was held in Kay's outstretched arms. As Kay pulled down on the bar,
the wire tightened and pulled on Malgosia's tits. Slowly, Malgosia
slid up the length of Kay's prick. She moaned as the wire cut into
her tit flesh. Reaching the bottom of the stroke, Kay reversed
the direction of the bar, skewering Malgosia back onto her prick.

Kidman walked into Kay's room just at the moment Kay began to cum
deep into Malgosia's well fucked cunt. Releasing Malgosia from her
ropes, Kay got into the shower. "Kay, I've briefed Dana about your
mission, but we need to field test a new mind control device. The
receiver needs to be attached to the skin. We have an exact copy
of the targets watch which you will switch with the receiver. To
get her to do what you want, you press the button on this device,"
Kidman showed a small plastic container, that looked like a remote
alarm controller, "and suggest something to the subject. She will
proceed to do that task as if it was nothing out of the ordinary,
and then continue with whatever she was doing before." "I'll give
it a good run through." replied Kay, taking an extremely long time
drying her now erect penis, "Oh, and could you take a couple of
the guard dogs with you from the base in England, and let them fuck
a couple of bitches. They're getting a bit restless." As she
finished speaking, Kay started cuming, spraying wad after wad of
alien spunk all over the front of Kidmans tight black lycra
dress. "Sorry," said Kay, sheepishly, as Kidman wiped the globs of
spunk from her dress.

The flight over, and the drive to their hotel were uneventful. Getting
over their jet lag, Kay and Dana went over to the back street pub
about mid day to check on the target. Entering the bar, there were
people standing chatting, and behind the bar stood Liz. They
recognised her from the alien surveillance photos straight away.
Her curly red blonde hair, hung around her face and down to her
shoulders. She was wearing a tight red lycra top, black mini-skirt,
black stockings, and a pair of black 5 inch high heeled shoes.
"What can I get you?" Liz asked. "Hi. I'll have 2 glasses of white
wine. By the way, my names Kay McDonald, I'm looking for Liz McDonald,
she's a distant relative of the family, and we're trying to compile a
family tree." replied Kay. "I'm Liz. I can't talk to you today but,
I can see you tomorrow." she said, turning around and bending over to
pick up some glasses, her skirt ridding slightly up over her buttocks,

showing the tops of her stockings, as well as revealing a small thatch
of red blonde hair, peeking out of her white panties. Both Dana and
Kay's pricks twitched at the sight of such a nice firm pair of
As Liz returned with the wine Kay asked to see her watch. "That's
really nice. Can I have a look." Liz undid the strap, and handed it
to Kay, who promptly switched it with the mind-control receiver.
Kay handed the watch back, and the two agents went to sit in a

As the pub was busy, it was easy to observe Liz as swept cleared
glasses. They watched as Liz's firm buttocks move, as she trotted
around on her stilettos. Kay reached over to one of the other tables
in the bar and picked up an empty pint glass. "Lets see if this
device is any good," said Kay, pulling out her prick under the table,
and began to masturbate. She imagined ramming her piece of hot meat
into Liz's un-lubed arse, making Liz squeal in pain. With a sigh she
began to cum, milking her spunk into the pint glass. Once she'd
finished cuming, the pint glass was almost full of gooey white
alien sperm. Placing the near full glass of spunk on the table, Kay
pressed the button on the device, and said "Come and clear our
table." After a few seconds they saw Liz's curly hair bobbing
towards their table. As Liz picked up the spunk filled glass, her
nose wrinkled in distaste, "Who the fuck put that there?" she said.
In response Kay again pressed the button and said "Sit down, and
drink it." Liz shrugged her shoulders and sat down. She then
brought the glass to her red lips, tipped her head back, and began
to drink the thick, white liquid. Whilst they had been waiting, the
spunk in the glass had started to coagulate, and both Kay and Dana
could see that Liz was swallowing large globs of spunk. Liz couldn't
drink it all down in one go, and each time she lowered the glass,
the spunk slowly slid down the walls of the glass, collecting at the
bottom. Bit by bit, wad by wad, the thick alien cum slid down Liz's
throat into her stomach. Once Liz had finished, she licked her lips
clean of spunk, and went back to work as if nothing untoward had
happened. "This is one excellent toy. Let's go and get the dogs.
We'll wait for her to go home and get her tonight."

Dana and Kay remained parked on the street waiting for Liz to leave
work. It was past midnight when she said goodnight to the manager,
and she turned to walk towards their car. On top of her top Liz now
wore a black jacket, and she had a handbag hanging on her shoulder.
Their car was parked next to an alley that lead down to the back of
some shops, it was well lit, but nobody seemed to go down it. As
she reached the car, Kay pressed the button, and said "Remove your
panties." Liz stopped, looked around and leant against a lamp post.
Hitching up her skirt, revealing her black garter belt and suspenders,

she began to pull down her panties, using the lamppost to balance
when she had to take them off of each of her legs. They had the
perfect opportunity to see her cunt and arse. Liz's cunt had a massive
pair of labia, and she also had a large gapping arse hole. "What
have you had up your arse Liz?" said Dana, as Liz pulled down her
skirt, and straightened it. Kay pressed the button again and said
"Go down the alley." As she went down the alley, both Dana and Kay
got out of the car, and Dana fetched the dogs from the back of the
vehicle. Following Liz down the alley way, they came to the spot
which they'd chosen for a bit more fun. This part of the alley was
littered with packing cases. Again, Kay activated the device. "Pull
up your dress, and lay down, face up, on a packing case." As Liz
complied, Dana released the dogs. They'd been well trained, and were
fitted with the same mind control devices as Liz. Kay told Liz to
"Stay." whilst Dana sorted out the commands to the dogs.

One trotted to Liz's cunt, whilst the other went round to her face.
Dana told both the dogs to lick the hole in front of them. Kay
ordered Liz to open her mouth, and to spread her labia wide with her
fingers. After Liz spread her cunt wide, the inside was already
lubricating with wind playing on her cunt and clitoris. As the dogs
started to lap at each opening, Liz's tongue snaked out and
intertwined with that of the dog, After a while, Dana ordered both
dogs to jump so their fore legs were on the packing case, while one
penis pointed at Liz's mouth and the other pointed at her cunt. Kay
then ordered Liz to let the two dogs fuck her mouth and cunt. Liz
licked the tip of the dogs prick. It need no further encouragement
and thrust it's huge, alien enhanced penis into Liz's mouth. The
violent thrusting bashed the back of Liz's throat, until she opened
it, allowing the dogs penis head to thrust into her tight throat.
The other dog soon got the idea, and pushed it's prick deep
into Liz's well fucked channel. The huge dog penis filled her
completely, as it's knot bashed her clit with each of it's thrusts.

During the dogs sex session, both Dana and Kay had their own pricks
out, and were masturbating. Liz's throat bulged with each thrust of
the dogs penis travelling deep into her body. She'd given deep throat
before, but this was ridiculous. With each thrust, the knot at the
base of the dogs penis threatened to spread open Liz's mouth and
lodge itself there. With one great thrust, both dogs began to cum,
sending their sperm deep into Liz's body. Dana picked up a dustbin
lid and placed it in front of herself and Kay. As soon as the dogs
pulled their pricks from Liz's body, both women began to cum into
the dustbin lid. Wad after wad of spunk began to fill the lid. Kay
ordered Liz to turn over, and stay on her hands and knees. Liz's pert
buttocks and gaping arse hole pointed at the sky, while the dog spunk
ran from between her thighs down her legs. Dana pored the cum from the
dustbin lid into a bag that had a long tube from the base of it.
Approaching Liz, she began to insert the other end of the tube up
Liz's wide arse hole. Lifting the bag, the spunk began to flow down
the tube and up Liz's arse. After a couple of seconds, the spunk
flow stopped, so Dana began to wind the top of the bag, forcing the
cum into Liz's bowels like a spunk enema. Once the entire bag was
pumped into Liz's bowels, Kay ordered Liz to crouch , and Dana
placed the dustbin lid under Liz's buttocks. Pulling the tube from
Liz's arse, the mix of spunk and shit began to spurt from her loose
hole. After a while the flow slowed to dribble, and Dana bent down
and picked up the dustbin lid with the spunk/shit soup. "Now, this
is one hell of a test for a mind control device," said Dana, "make
her drink this mixture!" Pressing the button Kay said "Okay Liz!
Your doing well at the moment. Now drink down the contents of this
dustbin lid." Liz sat on the edge of the packing case, her face
still glistening from the dog cum that had escaped her eager mouth.
Holding the dustbin lid, she again opened her red lips, and
tipped the contents of the dustbin lid into her mouth. Slowly but
surely the mixture flowed over the lip of the lid and ran down Liz's
throat and into her stomach. Liz found the flow was difficult to
control, and a couple of times, more spunk got over the lip of the
lid than she could drink, allowing the mixture to run down her chin
and onto her tits, soaking her lycra top. Liz's nipples poked
through the soaked material like a pair of bullets, straining to
be released from their prison.


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