X-Files: Perils of Agent Scully Part 11
by Andrew ([email protected])

The story so far... Dana Scully has been chosen as an experimental subject
for a joint Alien-Government project that involves making all red-headed
women into a huge herd of large breasted human cows. She's been joined by
a few more well endowed women, as well as one more well known female Kay
Howard (that's the Detective from Homicide: Life on the street). They've
now found out about what their mission is going to be, being spared the
treatment of standard herd animals. Let's see what perils Dana and the
rest of the team will be encountering in this installment of "The Perils
of Agent Scully"....

Driving back to the airforce base to catch a flight back to the US, Dana
borrows the mind control device from Kay. Climbing into the back of the car
next to Liz, Dana presses the button and says "Take off your bra and top."
Liz immediately obeyed, her nipples becoming hard as the air in the car hit
her, small, but well formed, breasts. Still pressing the button, Dana said,
"Pull your nipples in your fingers until they become fully enlarged."
Liz began to kneed and pull on her slowly swelling buds until they stood
proud of her body. Dana then reached into her bag and pulled out a
hypodermic needle. Placing the tip of it at the top of Liz's nipple, she
forced the inch long needle into it. When fully inserted, Dana injected
half of the chemical into Liz's breast. Dana repeated the operation on the
other breast, and, pressing the button again said, "Put on your lycra top."
Turning back to Kay, she added, "By the time we're back home she should be
ripe for milking!"

The flight back was uneventful, as Liz's new breasts expanded, stretching
the material of her top to the limits, her new cleavage was enormous, and
her engorged nipples pressed hard from the material. Liz was fully enlarged
(about a G-cup) when they were driving along the country roads back to the
base to enroll Liz in the bondage programme. The car suddenly began to
stutter and then died. No matter what Kay tried to start the car, it didn't
work. Dana tried her mobile phone but that too was dead. "Shit, " said Kay,
"if I didn't know better, I'd say we were in for an alien encounter."
"Yeah," replied Scully, "I was expecting Mulder to come rushing to the
scene!!" Sitting in the car, they see some lights approaching their car
along the road. As it drives closer to them, they noticed it was another
car, and it too began to stutter, and it's lights cut out when it drew
closer. Dana and Kay both climbed out of the car, and go to see whose in
the other car. Pulling out their identification, the two women went to the
car. Driving the vehicle was a nun. The most striking feature of the nun
was the size of her breasts, which were pressing hard on the steering wheel.
As the nun turned to face the two agents, one of her breasts swung free
to rest on her stomach, and what surprised Dana and Kay so much was that
she had black hair. "That's the first naturally large titted woman I've
seen!" muttered Dana to Kay, "Yeah, no need for an air bag with tits like
those!", replied Kay, as the nun greeted them. "Hi, I'm Sister Asumpta, and
I was taking this girl, and one of the teachers, to a local clinic for
macromastia. They've all suddenly sprouted huge breasts - nearly as big as
mine." The two agents surveyed the potential of the other passengers in
the car for addition to the herd. The teacher wore her long red hair in
a bun on the top of her head, a pair of glasses perched on her nose, and
now huge breasts were squeezed into a white shirt, encased in a tweed jacket.
She wore a tweed skirt and sensible shoes. The girl wore a school uniform,
her huge tits forced into the white shirt. Dana's prick quickly became erect,
and Kay licked her lips at the prospect of new milkers. Suddenly, a bright
light illuminated the area, and in the bright light everyone could see 6
humanoid shapes begin to form, as well as a couple of large metallic objects,
and a few smaller dog-like creatures. When the light faded, and their eyes
had adjusted to the glare, they saw 6 huge frog-like creatures. They wore
no clothing, and their huge penises hung between their bent legs. In their
arms they carried what looked like rifles, and on their belts they carried
ropes, chains, manacles and a huge knife. The two metallic objects turned
out to be large robots that hovered above the ground, and the dog-like
creatures turned out to be crabs.

Kay saw Liz begin to get out of the car and try to run down the road away
from the creatures. As Liz tottered on her high heels, one of the creatures
pulled a whip from his belt. It flicked it's wrist, and the end of the whip
wrapped around her ankle, bringing her down heavily onto her huge chest.
It then pulled Liz towards them, her tits rubbing along the tarmac. One of
the creatures picked her up like a rag doll. Holding her by her arms,
another of the creatures pulled out a knife and sliced open the front
of Liz's top. Hefting each of Liz's huge breasts in it's webbed hand,
it nodded, pointing to one of the robots.

The creatures then turned their attention to the others by the car. "Right,
everyone out of the vehicle." All of the women left the car and lined up.
"Excellent, we seem to have hit the jackpot this time." Said the tallest
of the creatures, as it walked up the line. Standing in front of Sister
Asumpta, it reached forward and fondled her breast through her habit. "A
prodigious amount of breast meat. The feast will go down a storm with so
many fresh large tits to eat." It said licking its grotesque lips, and
laughed. "My God" exclaimed Dana, "They're going to cut our tits off to eat!"
The teacher hearing this decided to try and make a run for it. When the girl
heard what the creature said she fainted. This gave the teacher the diversion
she required, and she sprinted off down the road. One of the guards
levelled its rifle on the fleeing woman, whilst another signalled for the
crabs to chase after her. A bolt of light shot from the end of it, just
missing her. The crabs sprinted after the teacher, quickly catching her,
and knocked her to the ground with their claws. Flipping her over, the crabs
began to rip the clothes from her body. Clamping her ankles in it's claws,
they dragged the unconscious teacher back to the others. "If any more of
you try to escape your deaths will come quickly." The guard went over to
the body and picked it up, slinging her over it's shoulder and walked back.
Again, the leader examined the size and weight of each tit, and, satisfied
by their size, signalled for the processing to continue. Lifting her body
from the ground, a robot glided up. Leaning her over, her breasts hung into
a cavity in the top of the robot. Another of the robots was processing Liz
at the same time, who had her arms now tied behind her back, and a pair
of manacles attached to her ankles, chaining them together. Over to the
other side of the road, a metal stand was erected, with a long bar running
between the uprights, about 7 feet from the ground. On the bar were several
electrically powered winches, with hooks hanging from them. By the stand,
the aliens were heating a brazier of coals, that had a number of branding
irons inserted into the now glowing coals. Liz was stood up and walked
to the stand. Ropes were fastened around the bases of her tits to form a
loop, and a hook was lowered. Looping the rope over the hook, Liz was
hoisted from the ground. Her tits formed two large balls as her entire body
weight was applied to the bases of her tits. "Grade A" the robot said to the
guard, who then went over to the brazier and pulled out one of the branding
irons, which he then applied to each of Liz's breasts. Liz screamed as the
smell, and sound, of burning flesh reached the rest of the group. One of
the aliens fastened two loops at the base of each of the teachers tits, and
she joined Liz. "Grade B" the robot intoned, as her breasts were branded.
One by one, their tops were stripped from them, and their huge tits revealed.
After a cursory squeeze by the leader, each of the women's breasts were
weighed and measured by one of the robots, and a grade marking was branded
onto the flesh based on the size and weight of the tits. As Dana and Kay
were winched up and branded Grade A tit flesh, Sister Asumpta was being
processed. As she was stripped of her habit, the aliens had noticed
the size of her pendulous tits. When the robot said "Grade A++" the group
of aliens cheered. Now that they were all hanging from the stand, they were
all teleported to the ship hovering above them, cloaked from earth radar.

Thanks to all those who sent suggestions. Keep on sending them so I can
incorporate them into the "The Perils of Agent Scully".


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