This fictional story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age
or easily offended. Stop reading.

X-Files: The Nikki Files Part 2 - Monday (M/FF,ncon,creature)
by Wonder Mike ([email protected])

Cordelia: AAUUGH, my God.

Winifred: What is it Cordy? A vision?

Cordy: No Fred, I just felt like screaming.

Fred: Ok, go ahead.

Cordy: Of course it's was a vision Fred.

Fred: I'm sorry, I'll go get Angel, we need him, I'll find him and bring him

Cordy: I don't need Angel, this wasn't a bad vision, it was a good one.

Fred: No, you don't have good visions, it was bad, I'm going to get Angel.

Cordy: Trust me on this one, something's coming, I think it'll be fun.

Fred: what do you mean fun, I don't understand, is there something wrong with

Cordy: I think it's big foot, but it's not coming to hurt us, I think it's
coming to give you what you need.

Fred: What I need? What do I need?

Cordy: Look at you, a miniskirt, everybody here know what your trying to do,
it won't work, Angel is protecting you, he isn't going to fuck you.

Fred: I don't know what you mean.

Cordelia: Of course not. Maybe if you would have comshucked with the Grusalog
you wouldn't be feeling like this.

Fred: You didn't, did you?

Cordelia: That's none of your business.

Cordelia had seen the Hulk in her vision, and she was riding his giant cock
while Fred cheered her own, Fred was taking her turn when the vision stopped,
she couldn't wait.

She didn't have to wait long, she had seen the clock in the hotel in her
vision, she knew Big foot would be here within minutes.

The Hulk had escaped the FBI in Vegas, he knew they would be on his trail, he
knew he could hide out in Los Angeles, he came upon an empty hotel, it was
the perfect place to hide out and find more women to mate with.

Cordy and Fred saw the door of the hotel slowly opening, the diminutive Hulk
creeped through.

Cordy: I'm sorry, this hotel is closed.

Fred: Is this who you saw in your vision?

Cordy: No Fred, I saw a hairy Bigfoot, I think this guy is a scientist.

Hulk: I need a room, I will stay here.

Cordy: He needs a room Fred, he will stay here.

Fred: That's a great idea, he should stay here.

Cordelia had changed into a tight black leather miniskirt, she was
embarrassed to be wearing it in front of this little guy.

Hulk: You are blushing, your clothes are making you uncomfortable, you should
remove them.

Cordy: This skirt is tight, I should take it off.

Fred: I wouldn't want you to be in your underwear alone, I should take off my

The two girls stood in their bra and panties, they looked each other over.

Fred moved away from Cordelia, she looked down at her breast, then at
Cordelia's, she wished she had bigger breast, she couldn't hide her frown.

Hulk: Don't be ashamed, you both are magnificent.

Fred: Thank you sir.

It was perfectly natural for the two friends to be naked in front of this
stranger, so they each slipped out of their underwear.

The Hulk took off his pants, his eight inch cock hung down between his legs,
Cordy looked at it and smiled.

Hulk: I think you should touch it.

Fred: You should touch his cock, I bet it feels nice.

Cordelia began to rub her hands over the cock, it was ten inches now, she was
stroking it now, it was rock hard.

Hulk: Put it in your mouth.

Fred: Yes, suck that cock bitch, who said that?

Cordelia wrapped her luscious lips around the cock, it quickly grew to 12
inches, Fred began to sway from side to side.

Cordelia had eight inches of cock stuffed down her throat, she was
subconsciously rubbing her fingers across her clit.

Fred watched silently as Cordy stuffed two fingers inside her pussy, Fred
couldn't help but notice Cordelia's perfectly shaped ass, she was really
jealous of her.

Fred: Fuck her Hulk, fuck that bitch hard, make her scream. Who said that?

Cordelia: Yes fuck me with that big cock, it has been so long since I had a
stiff one. Cordelia held the 14 inch cock with both hands and stroked it, she
mad circles with her hands.

Fred: I thought they only had cocks that size in Pilea, it was the only good
part of being a cow.

Cordelia: I knew that innocent librarian act was fake, come here and suck
this cock. Fred dropped to her knees and joined Cordy, she began licking up
and down the shaft of the cock as Cordy sucked it, Cordy stuffed the cock
down Fred's throat.

Cordelia jammed ten inches of cock down Fred's throat, she could see the
bulge going up and down her throat.

Cordy: You must have come from a family of sword swallowers.

Fred kept pumping away at the cock, it had grown to eighteen inches long,
Fred had worked another two inches down her throat.

The Hulk grabbed Fred by her ponytail, he began pumping his cock in and out
of her mouth as he held her head still.

Cordelia: Fuck her face hulk, make her suck that cock.

The Hulk stuffed another inch down Fred's throat, she began to gag as he
continued to fuck her face.

Hulk: I am ready to penetrate you.

Cordelia: Me first. Please fuck me first.

The Hulk pulled his cock out of Fred's throat, he laid on his back, his giant
rod sticking straight up, Cordelia licked her lips and climbed on top.

Cordelia began to slowly lower herself onto the cock, Fred grabbed her by the
hair and pulled her down until the entire cock was buried inside of her.

Cordelia: AUUUUUUGHH, it's too big, it's too big, it hurts.

Hulk: It is not too big, it feels good, it is the best you have ever had.

Cordelia: God, this cock feels good, it is the best that I have ever had.

Cordelia began to bounce up and down on the cock, she screamed with each
stroke, Fred was still pulling her hair.

Cordy's tits bounced up and down, they where bouncing off her face, Fred
pinched Cordy's nipples.

Hulk: you have nice tits, suck them Fred.

Fred stuffed one of Cordy's nipples into her mouth, she began to lick at it,
Fred had jammed three fingers into her own pussy without realizing it.

The Hulk began to thrust up into Cordelia, he held her around the waist as he
rammed his cock into her with blinding speed, Cordelia couldn't even scream

Fred couldn't take it anymore, she yanked Cordy off the cock and jumped on
top of it.

Cordelia: You can take this cock, oh wait, you are a demon fucker.

There was no slowing down Fred, she had been forced to fuck demon, Horses and
the Monks in Pilea, eighteen inches was no problem for her.

Fred slammed her cunt down on the cock, she wiggled from side to side, The
Hulk began to groan, this skinny little human was wearing him out.

Cordelia looked over at them, she didn't remember the Hulk being covered in
fur, it didn't matter.

Lila looked in the monitor Wolfram and hart had set up to spy on Angel, she
couldn't believe what she was watching.

Lila: I think we have a new player in town, I suspected Fred was a demon
fucker, but Cordelia is surprising me, I to call the senior partners.

Fred felt her pussy begin to stretch, she now had two feet of cock stuffed
inside of her, she was still bouncing up and down on it.

The cock began to thicken, it was bigger than Fred's leg, she was still
trying to ride it though.

Cordelia ran her hair through his fur.

The cock was too big for her too ride anymore, it was the biggest one she had
ever seen, The Hulk began to thrust his cock up into her.

The Hulk was pumping away, Fred was riding along with his thrusts, his cock
was wedged inside of her.

Fred couldn't move anymore, she was helpless, the Hulk began to slam her up
and down on his cock.


The Hulk slammed his cock into even harder, Fred fell silent, then limp.

The Hulk pushed Fred off his cock, Fred curled up into the fetal position, he
grabbed Cordelia and put her on her hands and knees.

The Hulk aimed his cock at Cordelia's pussy, his cock was too big to fit in
it though, Cordy rocked back as the Hulk grabbed her around the waist, he
forced his two feet of cock inside of her.

Cordelia: God it feels so good, please fuck me.

The Hulk began to work his cock in and out of her. Cordeliabegan to rock
back onto it. The Hulk began to slowly work his cock into her.

It got easier with each stroke he took, Cordelia began to rock back onto him
harder and harder with each stroke.

The Hulk began to slap her ass as he rammed his cock into her, he then began
to lightly choke her.

Hulk: Fred, come her, next to Cordelia, get on your hands and knees.

Fred didn't want to be next to Cordy it just mad it more obvious that Cordy
had better tits and a better ass then she did. Fred decided that she would
work harder.

The Hulk pulled out of Cordelia, he was behind Fred now, Fred reached between
her legs and grabbed the mammoth cock. She began to work it into her pussy.

The Hulk slammed his cock into her pussy on he worked it in and out of her as
she screamed.

Fred was spread eagle face down as the Hulk worked his two foot long cock in
and out.

Fred tried to raise up under the relentless pounding, put it was no use, Fred
managed to look up, she saw the FBI agent standing in the doorway.

Dana Scully, began to remove her suit, she had been tracking the Hulk for a
week, she stripped completely and laid on her back.

The Hulk stood up, Fred was still impaled on his cock, his body was
completely covered in fur, he was over eight feet tall now.

The Hulk began to slam Fred back and forth on his cock, she held her arms out
in front of her, she was stuffed with three feet of cock now.

The beast pushed Fred off his cock, she fell to the floor once again, Scully
was flat on her back with her ankles wrapped behind her head, her red bush

Scully: I can't believe it, that cock is even bigger than I remember it.

The Hulk climbed on top of her and shoved his entire cock into her.

Scully; AAAUUUGH, it's too big, it won't fit AAAAUUUUGH.

The Hulk began to pump his cock in and out of her slowly, it only took a
couple of strokes before Scully was filled with three feet of cock.

The cock slid in and out of Scully easily since she had already been
stretched wide open. Scully wrapped her legs around the Hulk, they began to
rock from side to side as the Hulk began pumping faster and faster.

Scully wrapped her arms around the Hulks neck, he stood up and wrapped his
arms around her.


The Hulk began to bounce Scully up and down on his cock, Scully wiggled from
side to side as she was being hammered.

Cordelia was back on her feet, she worked two fingers into Scully's ass as
she was being fucked.

Scully was riding the three foot cock along with Cordelia's fingers, Fred was
also back on her feet. The Hulk dropped Scully to her knees, he ordered Cordy
and Fred to kneel next to her.

Hulk: I am going to shoot me load down your throats and impregnate all of

Cordy: You can impregnate us by

Scully: Shut up, I have to taste that sweet cum. Fred opened her mouth as
wide as she could, The Hulk began working his cock in and out of her mouth,
he then moved to Cordelia. Cordy could only lick the head of the cock, it was
too thick to fit in her mouth, the Hulk then moved to Scully.

Scully took six inches of cock down her throat, the Hulk then moved back to

Fred stuffed eight inches of cock down her throat, the first stream of the
thick white cum knocked her backwards and filled her mouth.

The Hulk moved on to Cordelia, the next stream completely filled her mouth,
she was prepared for it and managed to stay on her knees, she sucked until
she began to choke on cum.

The Hulk moved on to Scully, she opened wide and laid the cock on her tongue,
she stroked the cock with both hands, she was determined to drain him. The
cum came dripping out of Scully's mouth, she couldn't drink anymore, she
began to gag.

The Hulk began to spray his cum like a water hose, he Covered all three girls
from head to toe with his seed.

Hulk: That should impregnate you.

The door burst open, all three girls turned to see what was going on.

Angel: What' s going on here.

Fred: It's not what you think.

She choked on the words as more cum came dripping out of her mouth.

Angel, Charles Gunn and Wesley couldn't believe what they were seeing, Cordy,
Fred and some red head woman covered in cum from a giant hairy beast.

Hulk: You may leave.

Wesley, and Gunn turned to leave, Angel just looked at them, he didn't
understand what was going on.

He charged across the room.

Angel tackled the Hulk, they both fell to the ground, Scully, Fred and
Cordelia jumped up to help.

The girls grabbed Angel and pulled him off the hairy beast, Angel threw them
to the floor, the Hulk had him by the throat.

The Hulk was trying to choke the life out of Angel, two knives appeared from
Angel's sleeves, he buried them both into the Hulk's stomach.

Angel: I hate it when people try to strangle me.

The Hulk began to shrink back to normal size, Angel realized that he was

Fred: Oh my God, what did we do?

I'm so embarrassed.

Cordelia: Whatever, let's do it again.

Wesley: Calm down Cordy we need to find out just what he is.

Gunn: I felt him in my head, what's up with that?

Angel: I think he was using some kind of Mind control on you, it didn't work
on me though. We need to bind and gag him.

Scully: Who are you people?

Cordelia: Who are you?

Scully: I'm a federal agent, this man is coming with me.

Lila: Hold on everybody, this man is going nowhere without someone reading
his right, Wolfram and Hart will be defending him.

Two Navy officers burst through the hotel, seeing the bleeding little man.

Harmon Rand: Nobody move.

Sarah Mackenzie: This is now a military operation.

Angel: That's just great.


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