Warning: anyone who thinks his sensitive and romantic spirit will be offended
by descriptions of agent Dana Scully being fucked senseless, then he should
not read further. This story contains mainly descriptions of Scully being
raped by monsters, in every possible way. If you don't like that, or have
anything against it, shut down this document NOW! I do not own the
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The XXX Files - Episode 2: Computer Hell (mast,ncon,undead,creature)
by Mr. Stibbens

Dana Scully slowly opened one of her large, blue eyes, and looked at the
alarm clock near her bed. It was 7:00, and Dana had to get ready for yet
another day at work...In fact it was Monday, and on Monday morning, Scully
always had the feeling that the new week would never end, and she would be
stuck for eternity in that basement while Mulder came up with one crazy
theory after another!!

Rubbing her eyes, Dana pushed the sheets off her body and climbed out of the
warmth of her bed. She was wearing only a pair of black satin panties, that
clung tightly to her large ass, and her cone shaped tities, which were fairly
large, hung limply on her chest. Grabbing her discarded white robe from the
floor, she covered her almost naked body, and headed for the bathroom. A
nice, cold shower was just the thing she needed to wake up!

As she entered the bathroom, she closed the door behind her, and made sure
that no one was watching her through the small window in the wall opposite
her. Content with the thought of having some privacy, she started undressing.
In a matter of seconds, her robe and panties lay on a neat pile about her
feet. For a moment Scully looked down at her naked body. She was not very
tall, but her short legs were beautifully formed into erotic curves...that
was one of the reasons she enjoyed wearing a skirt when at work! Between
those magnificent legs of her, lay a thick, hairy bush of reddish brown pubic
hair, which concealed the snatch leading to the interior of the young agent's
fuck hole. More than one time, she had thought to shave her bush, for hygiene
reasons of course, but had never done it. Finally, Dana looked at her wide
hips, which were the only flaw in her perfect body. In the past she had tried
several diets, but none of them worked, so after a while she had stopped
trying...After all, her hips were not that wide!

After inspecting her lower body, Scully stepped into the shower and turned it
on. A wave of chilling water hit her warm flesh, and she shivered. Her pink
nipples started to harden at the cool touch of water, and soon they were
standing out, long and hard. Scully closed her eyes and opened her mouth half
an inch, responding to the pleasure signals she was getting from her
hardening nipples.

Slowly, her delicate hands run down her chest, caressing the fleshy mounds of
her breasts, cupping her warm and full mammaries, as she opened her mouth
wide in a soundless moan. She knew that what she did was not right, and that
she should stop, but her cunt felt as if it was on fire, spreading a relaxing
warmth all over her body...In other words, the FBI agent needed to cum...
Really hard!

The sexual tension she was feeling was more than she could take, and before
Dana knew what she was doing, she found her small hands sliding down her
flat tummy and caressing her thick bush of pubic hair. After a moment's
hesitation, she parted slightly her pussy lips, and roughly inserted her
middle finger inside her throbbing, wet cunt ! A cry of ecstasy escaped her
throat as she started fucking herself on it with an increasing speed...
Pleasure waves assaulted her brain and turned her spine into jelly as she
continued masturbating, nearing a massive orgasm...With yet another loud
scream of pre orgasmic pleasure, the little red head stuffed another two
fingers inside her tight slit, stretching it painfully to its limits, and
slowly sank to her knees, as her legs were by now too weak from pleasure to
support her. Scully continued fucking her tight, little cunt furiously, until
after a few minutes, she drove herself over the edge. Scully felt a tidal
wave of erotic ecstasy hit her, and she started screaming loudly in a sexual
daze, as a river of her hot, thick love juices flowed from her tight cunt,
mingling with her pussy hair, and dripping down to form a pool around her
plump buttocks.

"Oh yeah! Ooooooh! That's it! That's the spot!! Fuck me Mulder! Fuck me!
Aaaaaah!! Fuck me!" she yelled, and she continued fucking herself furiously
throughout her orgasmic spasms.

In the haze of her orgasm, she did not realize immediately what she was
saying, but when her vagina stopped spurting forth her thick honey, she just
lay there, with her eyes closed, her mouth agape. Cold water from the shower
splashed all over her naked form...

"Oh my God...I just came, screaming Mulder's name!!!" she told herself
shocked, unable to believe it still. Never before had she had any fantasies
about her partner, but now, the thought of having sex with him was strangely

However, she did not have as much time as she would have wanted to dwell on
the subject, so she finished her shower quickly, and left her bathroom,
hoping that none of her neighbors had heard her scream like a bitch in


Mulder was sitting behind his desk and was trying his best to look like he
was working. In reality he was carefully studying a sleazy, porn magazine he
had found stuffed in one of his drawers, under a report. The picture which he
was currently looking at showed a red headed teen being fucked up the ass...
Mulder could not help thinking of Scully when he saw the little red head...
How would it be like to fuck her ass? The girl in the picture seemed to enjoy
every inch of the cock inside her, but Mulder was pretty sure Scully would
scream a lot if he tried anything like that on her... After all she was a
good, Catholic girl, and he suspected she could still be a virgin!!... Well
at least he was sure her ass was virgin!

Suddenly the door to the basement office opened, bringing Mulder back to the
real world.

"Hello Mulder! What's new today? Any mutants running loose?" said Scully
smiling warmly as she stepped inside and put down her brief case.

Mulder noticed she was wearing a dark blue skirt, a matching suit, and a gray
T-shirt under that. For a brief second he glimpsed her perfectly shaped legs,
admiring them, and then returned her smile, as he casually dumped the
magazine he was reading on the trash bin.

"As a matter of fact, I have something to show you!"

"You always do...It's just not what I want to see!" murmured Scully under her
breath, but Mulder didn't hear it. He was too busy setting up his projection

In a matter of minutes, the machine was ready, the lights were lowered, and
the slide show begun. The first image showed Pamela Anderson naked on the

"Mulder? What the hell is this?" asked Dana, troubled.

"Umm...nothing!" said Mulder blushing visibly even in the dark, as he hurried
to retrieve the wrongly placed image. "I know what you're thinking Scully,
but it's not mine!" he added with a weak smile.

"Of course...Just put it along with the other stuff that are not yours!" Dana
said smiling charmingly.

"Yeah, right! Now, on to work!"

There was a clicking sound from the machine as it turned to the next picture.
On the wall before the two agents appeared the school photo of a young girl,
with pale skin, long black hair that covered most of her delicate featured
face, and a bright smile, like those seen on tooth paste advertisements!

"This is -or should I say, was- Amanda Smith, 14 years old, resident of
Cleveland. Two weeks ago, her parents found her in her own room, naked as a
baby, with multiple wounds all over her body..." The machine shifted to the
next photo, which showed the same girl, laying on the floor of her little
room, before her computer in a pool of blood. The bloody scars all over her
small body could be clearly seen, and Scully was sure that they had been made
by sharp and pointy objects, knifes perhaps. There were also many deep bite
marks, especially on Amanda's thick nether lips and on her tiny breasts. The
machine made another clicking sound, and in the wall appeared a close up shot
of the girl's hairless pussy. Amanda's cunt lips were ripped apart by
something really big, and coated with dry blood.

"Mulder, this girl must have been raped before or after she was killed..."
said Scully, feeling sorry for little Amanda.

"There's more!" said her partner grimly, and the picture on the wall changed
again. This time it was a close up of Amanda's back side. The teen's firm ass
cheeks had bruises all over them, as if someone had hit her very hard. There
was also a trail of dried blood and brown slime coming out of the valley of
her buttocks.

"Yeew! What is that?" asked Scully making a disgusted face.

"Obviously the girl has had her anal orifice violated too...It really must
have hurt!" commented Mulder, and the turned the machine to the next photo.
In this one there was another teenage girl, a blond one this time, in a
condition similar to Amanda's. Her little pussy was torn open so wide, that
it had become one with her ass hole. In this case also, the victim's body was
covered with wounds of the same nature as in the previous picture. Mulder
went on to the next photo. Yet another teenager, younger than the two
previous ones. This girl, a sexy redhead, was violently beaten to death and
raped savagely, like the others. "All these murder-rape cases have occurred
during the last year. All the girls have been found in their rooms, in front
of their computers, shortly after the logged on to the internet to play a
multi player game with their cyber friends...And there's no connection
between them, except one: They all played the same game!!" Mulder was now
using that special voice that said "I've got a pretty fucking crazy theory
coming up!"

"What are you suggesting Mulder? Some serial killer who picks his victims
through multi player games?" asked Scully with a frown, not knowing where he
was taking this.

"No. No signs of forced entry have been found at the crime scenes, nor any
weapons. Plus, these girls were raped Scully. How come no one ever found
semen or saliva or even hair samples of the rapist? I have come to believe,
and that is after serious thought, that these girls were somehow sucked into
their computers while playing, and were raped and killed by the bad guys of
the computer games!! After that they were transported back to the real world,
leaving us to wander what happened to them!"

"Mulder just listen to yourself!! You sounded like relating a story from a
trashy tabloid! What you're saying is totally outrageous! It has not even a
paranormal basis to back it up!! And for the sake of sanity, how come you
know so much?" screamed Scully at her partner trying to put some scene into

"Hey don't ask me. It wasn't my idea! Ask that Mr.Stibons fellow...After all
it's his story, and I have to say whatever he likes!" protested Mulder.
"Damned sick writers!" he added under his breath.

"At least you don't have to get fucked in every story, just to please the
sick fantasies of a disturbed guy!" growled Scully.

"Anyway, pack your things and I'll come to pick you up from your house in an
hour. We're leaving for Cleveland to shed some light on this case! After all,
that's what the script says and we're going to follow it!" Mulder smiled
cheerfully, and escorted his partner to the door, all the while, his eyes
locked on her ass, monitoring every single movement her buttocks made...

"Let's make the world a better place, so kiddies can play multi-player games
without fear!" exclaimed Scully bitterly with a warm smile, and was on her


The trip to Cleveland was a long and tiring one, and Scully slept throughout
most of it, curled in the car's uncomfortable seat. This position however,
made her skirt lift about five inches above the usual knee height, and as you
can imagine Mulder was devouring every micro centimeter of her exposed flesh
with his eyes, fantasizing about Scully milking his cock with her little feet
(he had seen it once in a movie and knew it worked!) a fact which led to five
almost accidents. Two of them included truck drivers that said such nasty
things to Mulder that he could not help blushing!

A lot of hours and cups of coffee later, the two FBI agents found themselves
at last on the porch of the Smith estate. Mulder knocked on the door, putting
on his "bad-ass cop" mask and trying his best to look menacing. It wasn't
much of a success...

His knock was answered almost immediately, by a middle aged woman, whose thin
face was lined with sadness. "That must be Amanda's mom. She sure looks like
her daughter!" he thought, and could not help noticing that the woman was
wearing a baggy shirt, two sizes bigger than her own, and had forgotten to
button it up, thus giving him a nice view of her full tits being squeezed in
her black bra. Scully caught Mulder's stare and looked hurriedly away, in
disgust. "All he thinks about is sex!" she said to herself, but for some
reason the image of herself masturbating in her bathroom and screaming her
partner's name as she came appeared in her mind, bringing a faint blush on
her pale cheeks.

"I'm Fox Mulder, this is Dana Scully, we're with the FBI. Do you mind
answering a few questions?"

"I have told everything I know to the police...I don't think there's much
else you can do." Mrs. Smith's voice was sorrowful, and her eyes downcast.
She really did not hope that these two could find out something new about
what happened to her little girl.

"You might be wrong there...I think that there is evidence in Amanda's room
that the police oversaw!" Said Mulder and smiled encouragingly at the woman.
For a second he thought he glimpsed one of Mrs. Smith's large, red nipples
peeking out of her bra. His eyes were trained to catch such details, after
watching so many porn movies!

"Could you lead us to Amanda's room then?" Asked Scully politely. The older
woman noted and allowed them into her house.

The dim light of the late afternoon outside, was not enough to illuminate the
interior of the house. For some reason, Mrs. Smith did not turn the lights
on, but guided the two agents at the bottom of a staircase, leading to the
house's upper floor.

"Amanda's room is the first you'll find at the top of the stairs...I haven't
been able to go near that room since it happened, so I'll be in the kitchen
mourning. If you need anything or find something, please tell me at once!"
With that, the woman disappeared in the inner reassesses of her dimly lit

After going up the stairs, Amanda's room was not hard to spot. The door
leading to it, was covered with band posters, strange sigils and all that
shit teens like to stick in their doors. Dana gently pushed the door open,
and the FBI agents stepped in. There was a bed with pink seats in one
corner, a desk with a computer on it, a half eaten pizza on top of the
computer's monitor along with many tin cans of soda, a closet with stickers
all over it, a pair of black satin panties on the floor, and many, many
magazines lay scattered everywhere! Mulder noticed that inside one of them
was another tiny pair of pink panties, that must have barely covered the
girl's pussy and left her ass totally bare!

"She had good taste in ligerine!" he said smiling to Scully as he lifted the
panties up. His redheaded partner regarded him with a murderous glance. She
had never worn panties like that, because she had no one to show them too.
Mulder put the panties down.

"I see nothing out of the ordinary here... No signs of struggle, that's for
sure!" remarked Dana as she looked closer on the computer. The CPU was
working, although the screen was dark. "Check this out Mulder...The computer
is still on!"

"Good! I'm sure we'll find in there her last game before she died!" Exclaimed
Mulder, using his "Now my theory will be proven" voice. Then he put on a
rubber glove (so as not to leave fingerprints in the crime scene) and
switched on the monitor.

At first the screen was dark, but slowly colors became more vivid...The
start-up screen of a game called "DIABLO" by Blizzard entertainment,
appeared. There was a nice 3D graphic of a huge, malevolent looking, horned
beast on the one side of the screen, and on the other were the game options,
outlined by small pentagrams.

"Nice game! The girl's taste did was not limited in ligerine only!" said
Mulder smiling in a sleazy kind of way "I think we should choose the multi
player game option, and see where Amanda was when she died...It might tell us
what kind of creature she raped and killed her so brutally...I hope it was
not this guy, because then it must have hurt like Hell!" He added pointing at
the graphic on the screen. Dana smiled faintly at the pun, but her face
became stern in a matter of seconds.

"I can't believe that you are still stuck with your crazy theory!" Sighed

She still had her doubts about Mulder's crazy theory, but for a brief
instant, she thought how it would be if one moment she was playing with her
friend a game on the Net, and the other she was in the game herself, facing
all the monstrosities that came out of the programer's twisted brains! She
knew only one thing for sure: If any monster or man ever tried to rape her,
she would pass out from the intence pain in the first five minutes, because
her pussy was as tight as a virgin's due to the fact that in the past two
years not a single cock had entered it, to work its tender, pink flesh! Dana
had always relied to masturbation, and never used dildos, because she was
ashamed to go and buy one!!

Mulder pushed some buttons, did some clicking with the computer's mouse, and
Amanda's last game on Battle Net, the company's online server for Diablo, was
loaded. On the screen appeared an almost perfect 3D image of a dark, gothic
town square, with a big fountain in the middle, near which stood an old man
dressed in blue robes. "I didn't know these game had fags as characters!"
thought Mulder. Around the square, the only buildings visible were a tavern,
with its sign waving in the wind, a blacksmith's workshop, a healer's cottage
and another house were a stupid looking maiden dwelled. In a few words, there
were all the buildings and characters that you'd expect a game like that to

"So how about your theory Mulder? Aren't we going to be transported into the
game?" mocked Dana smiling triumphantly at him. "There's no daemon in there
snatching teenage girls from their rooms and raping them in his hellish
computer domain! You see how paranoid you can get sometimes? You and your
no-life friend Mr. Stibons, who thought this crazy thing up! These thing just
don't happen!!" She added, and to reinforce her point she gently tapped the
screen's glass in defiance.

She gasped in shock, her full red lips parting wide open as she felt the
sharp sting of electricity bite the tender flesh of her hand. For an instant
she thought it was static electricity, but she found out it was far worse.
Suddenly, her knees could no longer support her, and she fell on the floor...
only it was not a floor. It was the blackness of oblivion. Then she realized
that her sourunding had faded to nothing, and she had the sensation of
falling down an endless pit. Her head was swinging, her hear pounded like mad
and her vision was obscured by her red hair that fell in her eyes... And then
her plump butt hit hard the solid ground.


Dana brushed her hair out of her eyes, and looked around her wildly. She was
laying on a dirt covered ground (with the occasional patches of grass here
and there), her short legs spread wide apart, revealing her athletic, white
cotton panties. One of her low heeled shoes was missing, leaving her delicate
foot exposed. Her toe nails were painted bright red...

A pale sun was shining in the sky, birds sang their songs in the distance and
a hot breeze caressed the FBI agent's face, making her aware that she was no
longer in Amanda's room. Her bright blue eyes, now adjusted to the light,
scanned the terrain around her. She was in the middle of a dark, gothic town
square. An old man in blue robes was looking down on her with a smile on his
face. Buildings, like medieval workshops, brooded around the square, their
owners sitting near them, doing nothing.

"This is weird...Very weird...Where am I? What happened?...My God! I'm in
the game! The computer trapped me inside the game!" Dana's mind screamed
as realization hit her. She knew that something like that was not possible,
yet here she was: Inside that Diablogame, seeing its artificial world
like it was real. "This is not possible!...This whole thing is just
im-fucking-possible!!". Her panicked mind, shouted as she needed an
explanation of how could something like that happen. Looking things from a
scientific point of view, Dana concluded that this was more outrageous than
admitting the existence of UFO's!! It defied all laws of physics, chemistry,
time, space...Everything!

"If you don't mind my saying so lassie, your underwear is showing!" said the
old man with a kindly voice and pointed at Dana's outspread legs. The FBI
agent blushed deeply, closed her legs and rose to her feet. Wearing only one
shoe, she found it difficult to stand, so she kicked it away, and was left
standing on her bare feet. The old man was much taller than her, but then
everyone she met was taller than her!!

"What is going on here? Where am I?" She asked, noticing that the man was
staring at her pointy tits.

"You are in the town of Tristram young lady...Once a beautiful place to a place for horrors to dwell!" The old man's voice was sad, and

"How did I get here?" asked Dana more urgently this time, yearning for an
answer to her present bizarre situation.

"Oh...There was a hole in the sky, and you fell from it!" The old man's voice
was not mocking. It was just stating facts! "You are one of the new ones that
come from the other world to fight the evil here, no? Well, if I were you,
I'd go visit Adria, the witch who lives North West of here in a small
cottage...She'll tell you all you need to know!"

"Thank you...I guess!" Scully was now more confused than ever. She knew that
she was inside a computer game, like all the other girls that had been raped
and murdered, yet she had no clue as to how could that have happened. She
hoped that this witch, Adria, could help her.

As Dana made her way to the witch's cottage, her small, delicate feet were
more than once torn by thorns and rough rocks that lay on her path. Soon, her
feet were bleeding like mad, and the young woman was staggering when she
reached the door of the witch's house. After a moment's hesitation, she
knocked lightly on the piece of wood that might serve as a door.

"Go away! No more blow jobs until you bring me the black mushroom!" said a
voice from behind the door.

"Umm...My name is Dana Scully...I...I was told that you could help me!"
answered Dana with a shaky voice.

There was a momentary pause, and the door was opened by a woman in her middle
forties, with long, straight, black hair that covered her shapely ass. She
was dressed in a long, black dress decorated with silver runes, and wore a
couple of magical looking talismans around her slender, white neck. Dana
noticed that the woman's face was also deathly white, and her eye lids were
covered by a thick layer of make up. Her long, pointy, finger nails were
painted black...In other words, Adria looked more like a hooker than a witch!

"What have we here? Another one! Come in dear...I'm sure there's lots of
things in your mind!" said the witch with a warm smile, and helped the little
red head inside her home. Then she locked the door behind her. She didn't
want to be disturbed!


Adria's house was rather coasy on the inside. There was a big fire place in
one corner, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The scent of herbs and
dried rose petals filled the room, as there were many jars all over the place
containing these spell ingredients. In front of the fireplace, was a large
chair (almost like a throne) covered in a thick bear skin, and a little
further away, half hidden in the shadows, a large bed. The seats of the bed
were undone, and Scully was sure she noticed lots of dark stains all over
them...guesses anyone?

"Your feet are bleeding child!" said Adria after a long, admiring look on
Dana's body "Let me take care of that! Sit there on that chair...Make
yourself comfortable!"

Dana did as she was told, planting her large ass into the softness of the
bear skin that covered the chair. The witch had her back turned on her, and
was mixing some things she could not see in a bowl. Scully knew that now was
the right time for questions!

"Can you tell me why or how I got here?" she ventured first.

"That's the first thing they all want to know!" said Adria to herself with a
smile, and walked near Scully, carrying a bowl that contained some kind
aromatic creme. "Raise your foot dear! This will heal the wounds and ease the

Scully raised one of her legs to the level of Adria's face, aware that by
doing so, she gave the witch a great view of her panties. Adria stared for a
while into the recesses of the FBI agent's skirt, smiled to herself and
started coating Dana's hurt feet with her cream. "You were brought here by
the evil creature that haunts our town...Diablo! The foul daemon has found a
way of bringing persons from your world to this one, in order to satisfy his
sick impulses for murder and rape! He dwells in the bowels of the earth,
under the defiled church at the edge of town!!"

Dana could feel the pain leaving her feet as Adria's creme worked its magic,
and in that relief she found it easier to believe what the woman was telling
her. When she was done with the one foot, the witch turned her attention to
the other, lifting it a bit slighter than she needed, just to enjoy a better
view of Dana's panties.

"When we first met, you said that I was another one. How many others have
come here?" Asked Dana again, feeling once again the reliving effects of the
magical creme on her foot.

"Many others...all of them little girls! You are the only first adult woman
brought here by Diablo...He must really yearn to fuck you and then kill you!"

"That's a happy thought!...How can I get out of here? Is there a way back to
the real world?"

"Of course. The previous girls knew it, too! You have to kill Diablo, at
least in his physical form if you ever want to get out of here! The girls
that fought their way to his cursed adobe, before you came had reached the
ancient caves 'neath the church's catacombs. From there you must continue the
quest they left unfinished..."

Now Adria had finished her work on Dana's foot, but did not put it back down.
Instead, she moved her lips closer to her small toes, and slowly put two of
them in her mouth! She started sucking them, moaning loudly, while other hand
that was not supporting the agent's leg, trailed it's way up inside her
skirt, caressing Dana's inner thighs. The young FBI agent was taken totally
aback by that sudden demonstration of lesbian love, but did not try to fight

Adria's worm tongue felt good as it stroked her toes, and a moisture was
gathering in the folds of her labia as she felt the other woman's hand caress
her inner thighs, touching her flesh just a few inches away from her pussy
lips. Her nipples also were hardening rapidly, and her tits standing out,
straining against her soft, cotton T-shirt.

"You like this don't you?" asked the witch, taking her toes out of her mouth
and looking straight at her blue eyes.

Dana blushed deeply, looking more cute than ever, but had to admit that she
was very horny now and did not care if she was inside a computer game or had
to kill an evil creature to get out. The only thing that mattered now was to
have passionate, hot sex, with a middle aged woman she hardly knew!

"Oh yes! I love it! Please, eat my pussy! Please!" Scully almost whispered,
drowned in her lesbian lust. Only once before in her life she had slept with
a woman, and that was during her wild college days, when a day didn't pass by
without Dana having hard, nasty sex. It had been a nice experience, although
she always preferred to have a nice, juicy cock inside her. Now she found
herself remembering every little detail, as her room mate (and best friend)
fucked her pussy raw with an electrical dildo! She could almost see their
sweating, feminine bodies locked in a loving embrace, their tits banging from
their violent movements, and she could remember that her pussy was on fire...

"As you wish dear...just let me take off these panties of yours!" said the
witch with a huge smile, and reached inside her skirt to grab the sides of
her large, athletic panties. Dana helped her, by lifting her skirt up to her
waist. The witch smiled again, as she pulled down her panties, exposing her
hairy cunt. "Looks yummy!" she said, and buried her face inside the young
woman's crotch.

Dana moaned loudly and pinched one of her erect nipples above the fabric of
her clothes, as she felt Adria's tongue touch her thick nether lips, and
cover them with warm saliva. Now her hands were furiously undoing her silk
blouse...she needed to touch her breasts that felt very sensitive...Her tight
bra gave her a hard time, but in the end she managed to slip out one of her
milky tits.

Adria now had stuck her long tongue past the lips of Scully's vagina and was
licking away furiously at the juicy interior of her wet pussy. Dana was
moaning loudly and pulling at her naked breast, so hard that it had turned
all red! Then, she was a little shocked to find Adria's middle finger probing
the entrance of her anus. However, the juices leaking from the folds of her
cunt were enough to lubricate her tiny ass hole, and as she pushed her finger
inside her most private hole, she did not feel much pain...

Scully's face had turned all red, her nipples were hard as rocks, and her
pussy was flowing with her put it more simply, she was on the
verge of cumming! As the witch tongue fucked her tight pussy, and shoved her
finger inside her brown ass hole, she felt a wave of pleasure rise from her
genitals, and engulf her whole body. Dana closed her eyes, tilted her head
backwards and screamed at the top of her loungs as she felt her searing
orgasm explode. Adria's waiting tongue was just at the right spot to collect
all of her thick honey that started gushing from her cunt hole, and she
licked it up eagerly. However, a lot of that delicious juice splashed on her
face, making it sticky and wet...When Scully's orgasm had subsided, she
stopped screaming, opened her eyes and looked around her. There was a Adria's
face between her outspread legs, covered in her cum. She was also smiling at

"Now, did you like that?" asked the witch as she stood up, and started

"Yes...It was great!" said Dana, a little shaky as she watched Adria pull her
black dress over her head and stand completely naked in front of her. The
witch's tits in her youth must have been very impressive, but now they were
two large, shaggy bags of flesh, with huge dark pink nipples. Her pussy was
covered with a bush of black hairs, thicker even than Scully's. The rest of
her body was quite shapely, but had the marks of age all over it. Especially
on her ass!

"Will you do something for me now, Dana?" asked Adria in a seductive tone as
she walked near the red headed FBI agent. "Will you fist fuck my cunt and

"Umm...I have never done anything like that before to a woman, but I suppose
I can always try!" said Scully, blushing brightly upon hearing the woman's

"It'll be fun! Trust me!" said Adria with a big, warm smile, and gently
lifted the little woman off her chair. Then she sat down, and spread her legs
wide apart, revealing her already wet slit, and her tight ass hole. Then she
lifted her long legs upwards, until her knees touched her shoulders!
"Apparently she works out more than her body suggests!" thought Scully, and
kneeled before her gaping open pussy, and her puckered pink ass hole.

"Ok Dana! First you'll put one of your arms inside my cunt, and then the
other up my ass...Come on! Start!" said the witch impatiently. Scully could
see that her face was red with anticipation, and her large nipples as erect
as they would ever be! Slowly she inserted her middle finger inside the warm
folds of Adria's fuck channel. The witch moaned loudly, feeling the young
woman's finger inside her, her cunt juices dripping all over it...

Then Dana pushed in a second finger, and then a third and a fourth. She was
surprised to see that now almost all of her palm had disappeared into Adria's
soaping wet pussy. Her cunt lips were stretched, but as she could see they
could be stretched even more! With a little effort, Dana pushed in her fifth
finger, and shoved her fist inside the older woman's cunt. Her juices were
now flowing rapidly down her inner thighs, giving them a slimy, milky white
color... Adria shouted loud in ecstasy and pain, and through her clenched
teeth she said:

"My ass! Don't forget to do my ass!"

Scully had a few objections about shoving her hand in that orifice of the
human anatomy, but she remembered how good she had felt when Adria ate her
pussy, and she could not now deny pleasuring her! When she inserted the first
finger inside Adria's anus, she was surprised to feel the tightness of her
muscles squeeze her digit. Taking care not to hurt Adria, she slowly shoved
in a second finger, and after a few seconds a third one. Adria's ass hole was
so elastic, Dana could hardly believe it!! If someone had shoved three
fingers up her ass, she would be crying from the pain right now, and begging
him to take them out! But Adria only moaned in pleasure, feeling the little
red head's fist inside her cunt, moving very slowly her crotch in rocking

With one final push, Scully inserted her last two fingers inside the witch's
ass, and thrust her fist as deep inside her as she could. Adria moaned again,
this time louder than before, in a mixture of pain and ecstatic pleasure.

"Push them in deeper! Fuck me deeper!!" said under her breath the old slut,
and Dana was happy to obey. She was really interested in finding Adria's

Smiling up at Adria, she started pushing both of her arms deeper and deeper
into her orifices. The witch screamed and moaned and asked for more! Dana
came to an alarming stop when she realized that both of her delicate arms had
gone half way inside!! "Oh my God!" she thought "This must really hurt!!".
But Adria, was far from hurt. She was having the time of her life! With her
screams, and moans she urged her cute sex partner, to start fucking her cunt
and ass hard. Scully, did as she was told,her arms making loud, wet sounds
each time they plunged into the woman's wet holes... In a few seconds of hard
fist fucking, Adria started cumming her brains out, while screaming Scully's
name. Hot, thick pussy juice run out in streams from the hairy folds of the
witch's cunt, and coated the FBI agent's little arm. Even the muscles of her
ass clenched tightly at the probe inside her anus while her orgasm lasted.

When Adria's lesbian lust was finally sated, Dana took out her arms, covered
with the other woman's cum and pussy fluids, and licked them clean with her
small, pink tongue.

"That was the most marvelous fist fuck I had gotten in years...These little
hands of yours can work miracles!!" she said as she put her legs down, and
kissed Dana deeply in the mouth.

"It was nice...But I still have to get out of here!" said Scully, breaking
the kiss. She stood up and fixed her disarranged clothes. Her pussy and ass
hole felt quite itchy, but she did not have time to clean them thoroughly, as
she usualy did!

"Do not worry about that Dana. In fact, I'm going to lead you to the entrance
of the caves myself, and even come down with you!!"

"That would be great!" a smile of hope flashed across Dana's cute face.

"I couldn't let you go there alone...not with all these monsters, hungry for
pussy!...Here wear these boots. They are good for walking, and you have to do
lots of it if you ever want to get out!" Adria handed her a pair of knee
high, leather boots. As Dana put them on, she found that they were a few
sizes bigger than her own, but it was better than wearing no shoes at all!

"So, when do we leave?" she asked, her fingers resting on the hilt of her

"Right now!" said Adria merrily and led the way to the door.

"Don't you think you should get dressed first?"

Adria looked down on her naked body.

"No...I won't give the pleasure to these monsters down there ripping my new

"Oh, I see..."


And so, the naked witch and the young FBI agent, made their way through the
town of Tristram, to the outskirts of town, where Scully's exit to the real
world lay. The few inhabitants of the town, turned to watch the two women
just out of habit, but they quickly focused on the naked body of Adria, and
her tender ass that swung back and forth as she walked on her long, shapely
legs. As a matter of fact, the innkeeper shouted at her some rather vulgar
comments that had to do with anal sex...Adria only smiled back, and slapped
one of her tight ass cheeks teasingly.

The sunlight had dimmed now, and the first shadows of afternoon crewed from
their boughs. Scully and Adria by now had left the town far behind them,
arriving to a rocky area, barren as a waste land. Scully was happy she had on
those boots, because the ground was littered with rough and nastily sharp
rocks. Her little pussy throbbed and felt itchy like hell after the
attentions of Adria's tongue, and she wished she could wash her vagina with
some nice, cold water!

The rocky terrain which they were crossing, did not have anything special to
present, except dead trees, and little mammals hiding under the stones...
However, there was a huge mound of solid rock, just a few yards away from
Scully and Adria. It looked more like a gateway, shaped by humans. When the
two women went close to it, Scully saw that a narrow tunel, led steadily
downwards, straight into the bowels of the earth...

"Are you sure this is the way to the caves?" she asked her naked companion.

"Yes dear! It is a very long way to reach them, but the only sure one...
However I must warn you! When we enter the infernal caves, I won't be able to
protect you much...Use your own weapons and depend on yourself!" said Adria,
and absent mindedly ran her hand over her black pubic fur, caressing her
thick cunt lips.

"If you are not going to help, then why are you coming?" Scully asked
suddenly feeling very, very alone...

"Oh, I just love going there! know, the monsters down there rape me
really hard and I just love that!!...I really do! They have these huge,
bloated cocks...Mmmm!! They also taste yummy!!! Much different than a
human's!! And when they fuck you...Oooohhh! You just feel like cumming a
bucket!!" Adria's look was that of a whore. Her eyes were glazed, and she
had a huge smile on.

"Oh, I see...I understand that you enjoy huge probes being forced into you...
Well, I'm not that type of girl!! I'm sure I'll manage to keep these
monsters off!" added Scully cocking her brow, and stepped through the
entrance of the tunnel, with a determined look on her face.

The tunnel was wide enough to allow her standing up with Adria next to her.
The walls were made of rough rock, with many sharp edges, and strangely
enough they glowed with an eerie, inner light...a sickly green inner light,
which was enough for the two women to see where they were going. Adria was
on the lead, and Scully followed behind her, her large gun held ready to
fire. With a faint flush on her face, she watched the witch's buttocks move
as she walked, and wandered how her already plump ass would be when she
reached Adria's age...Trying to focus on the present situation, she cleared
her mind from that thought, but made a small mental note to double the time
she worked out...By no means was she to become an old, fat assed bitch!

The tunnel went on and on, seemingly without end deeper and deeper into
earth's core. As they descended, the walls became more slimy, and wet, and
the temperature was steadily rising, until Dana was sweating like a horse,
and she could see Adria's naked form in the dim, green light glistering with

"We are getting closer!" the witch told her, as she increased her walking
pace...She could not wait to meet the monsters down below to tear her hungry
pussy apart!

Scully did not say anything, as she was too preoccupied with the
uncomfortable heat, which seemed to increase with every step she made...Sweat
run in streams from her body, her underwear was damp, and it's salty nature
made the hole of her sex (as well as her ass hole) itch madly... As they
slowly progressed deeper within the tunnel, the heat became more stable,
until it reached a bearable, yet uncomfortable level. Scully had removed her
jacket and tossed it away long ago, and now her silk blouse clung tightly on
her sweaty tits, which were almost painfully squeezed in her extra tight bra.
Scully always wore those extra tight bras, because they covered up her
generous bosom, and thus she was not provocative, and did not allow them to
bounce around like a cow's when she ran...

Suddenly, a turn of the passage, revealed a faint, orange light at the far
end of the tunnel. Adria explained eagerly to Scully, that what they were now
seeing, was the light from the lava pools that filled most of the underground
caves. Soon they would also meet the first fiends that dwelled there...Scully
could see moisture on Adria's pussy as she spoke, and that her nipples were
rock hard and erect.

It was a matter of minutes to reach the end of the tunnel, and when they did,
both women were amazed at the cave in which they stepped in. It was huge,
enough to fit two large houses, one on top of the other, and many small
rivers of lava run across the floor...Steams from those rivers, as well as
intensive heat, filled the room with a thick cloud of volcanic mist, making
difficult to see much else...However, in a small distance from where the
women stood, the outlines of two other tunnels that led deeper inside the
cave complex, could be seen.

"Don't look, but I think we have company..." said Adria softly, her long
fingers barely touching her wet pussy lips. Scully was sure she heard
excitement in her voice.

"What is it?" she asked worried, as she could not see nothing at all.

"Zombies I think...Three of them!"

"Zombies?!...But, that's so-Aaaah!" Scully sentence was cut off, as she felt
a pair of monstrously strong hand grab her own, and squeeze them like a vice.

She shouted loudly with pain and surprise, and was aware that her gun fell
from her now numb hand, and hit the stone floor with a loud clatter. The
thing that was holding her, reeked of decaying flesh, and to her horror she
saw that the arms that held her were purple, and full of old wounds, from
which terrible liquids oozed...Then she realized that she was being held by
a zombie! A zombie, like the ones she saw on Mulder's crappy movies...only
this one was real! It was so real, that she even could feel his erect, fat
cock pressing against her back...

"Adria! Help me!" she shouted at her companion. The witch was nowhere to be
seen, but from somewhere within the fog, Scully could clearly hear her
moaning in pleasure and mumble something that sounded like: "Put that rotting
cock up my ass...Ooooh! That's it! Yeees!! Aaaaah!".

Before she knew it, the zombie that was holding her, threw her little form
with great force on the ground. Scully hit her forehead on the rough ground,
and a trail of dark red blood started running down her cute face. She felt
dizzy from the blow, and had lost all sense of direction...As she lay there,
face down, helpless on the ground, the zombie moved over her, and pinned her
arms on the hard earth, bruising them badly. Scully shouted weakly in pain,
as she realized that now she was at the total mercy of the undead on her
back...If Mulder's movies were true, this guy would eat her flesh and drink
her blood in order to regain his own life...As it turned out, Mulder's movies
were full of shit!

Her large, lovely eyes flung wide open with terror, when she felt the
zombie's rotting hand reach for her skirt and tear it away from her body,
with a surprising strength. When he tore away her panties also, and her
gorgeous, large ass was exposed, Dana knew she would soon be raped...Tears
run down her eyes, but she didn't make a sound. She didn't have the strength
for that. And then she felt the zombie positioning his knees between her
legs, spreading them apart, enough to have access to the tiny hole of her
tender sex. Scully's fingernail scratched deeply the ground near them,
as she could now feel the tip of the zombie's purple cock being positioned at
her cunt entrance, parting her hairy pussy lips. As the undead pushed it's
decomposing hips forward and stabbed Dana's warm flesh with his deathly cold
prick, the little FBI agent screamed loudly in pain and disgust...She could
only begin to imagine how the monster's cock would look like: Long, fat,
filled with wounds made by worms...

The sensation of that huge cock shaft being forced into her tiny cunt was
too painful for her...She felt like she would burst in two as the zombie
gradually pushed in more of his cock, stretching her nether lips to a
bleeding point...Hot, intense waves of pain hit her brain as that undead dong
filled her belly, and stabbed hard inside her stomach. Her clitoris was
hidden well beneath it's fleshy hood, and so there was no way that Dana could
get any pleasure out of this!

After a long, agonizing moment of hard penetration, she felt all of that huge
cock had been successfully stuffed into her. Its purple cock head, buried
deeply into her womb, was throbbing, and Dana could feel the zombie's balls
touch her ass...They were full of foul seed, ready to be unloaded inside the
cute redhead. Then the undead monster was pulling quickly it's cold prick out
of her pussy, and the young woman beneath him grunted in relief. When it was
all out, and only his cock head was touching the stretched tunnel that led
into Scully's womb, he pushed it hard back in, all the way until his balls
hit her ass with a loud sound. Dana screamed in pain, and closed her eyes
tight. The zobie pulled back out again, and then rammed his tool inside her
stomach once more. Dana screamed again, louder this time.

After a few more thrusts, the zombie had an increaingly rapid tempo of
thrusts, that drove his cock deeper and deeper into Scully, each time making
her scream and wail loudly. As the undead fiend humped in and out of her
pussy, so hard and fast that no man could have rivaled him, Scully was crying
and screaming freely. Tears mixed with blood and run down her face, covering
her cute, freckle spattered features. The zombie rapist made gurgling sounds
with it's long dead throat as he neared orgasm...The feel of his ice cold
cock, enfolded inside Scully's warm and tender, pink pussy flesh was the best
sensation he had ever had in both mortal and undead life! With a loud, blood
chilling groan, he drove himself over the edge of orgasm, buried his cock
deeply into Scully, and started shooting his foul, dead semen into her gaping

Scully shouted wildly and started thrashing about as she felt the cold prick
inside her start to spasm, and shoot fiery, thick jets of zombie cum inside
her empty belly. She felt like her pussy was on fire, while an ice pole was
buried inside it! She groaned and screamed and made miserable sounds, but
that did not help her...One more thing that Mulder's zombie movies did not
show, was that zombie cum about a gallon of semen! The undead, after half a
minute of cumming inside Scully, he pulled out his still spasming and semen
shooting cock, and continued to unload his seed on her adorable twin
buttocks. Much of that, thick, fiery semen sliped between her ass crack, and
fell on her pukered brown ass hole...After two minutes of spunk shooting on
the redhead's ass, the zombie's orgasmic menace was sated.

Scully groned again in relief, happy it was over...And then it was that she
first noticed her gun. It lay within her arm reach, just a few intched away
from a lava river...Hoping to God that the zombie was not watching her, she
reached for it.The zombie did not try to stop her, because it didn't know
what a gun could do...It was such a great relief to feel the cold metal
between her little fingers!!!

"Now it's just you and me fucker!" She growled as she turned around to face
the deformed face of the zombie. "You, me and my big, big gun!" she shouted
angrily at the rotting creature, and pulled the triger. A loud shot went off,
and half of the zombie's head was blown to kingdom come! Blue, sticky blood
and gore splattered on Dana's face, adding to the mess of fluids, already on
it. The zombie's almost headless body, fell limply on the ground, never to
move again.

Scully, angrily kicked the dead body off her, and slowly rose to her feet,
gripping her gun tightly. Zombie cum leaked out of her ravaged cunt hole, and
slid down her inner thighs. Right infront of her, only a few yards away, was
Adria. She was in a kneeling position, being fucked by the two other zombies.
One of them was pumping his rotting cock meat violently in and out of her
elastic ass hole, while the other was fucking her face roughly, his large,
bloated prick going down her throat, almost choking her! Strings of saliva
run from the corners of Adria's mouth, and she drank hungrily every drop of
pre cum that escaped that wonderfull undead penis.

Dana was disgusted at the scene, and most of all from Adria's slutty
expression, which seemed to scream: "Fuck my ass hard! Harder!". What kind of
woman would enjoy being fucked like that by a zombie?! She slowly raised her
gun, aimed for the zombies heads, and fired twice. With loud screams of pain
and terror, both of the creatures collapsed on Adria, their filthy blood
flowing on her naked flesh, from their half blown heads.

"That should teach them!" said Scully with a smile, as she blew the smoke
coming out from her gun.

"Why in the name of the Gods did you do this?" demanded Adria while trying to
take out of her ass, the large zombie cock.

"Excuse me for spoiling your fun, but we haven't got all eternity! I really
want to go back, and you must help me!"

"Oh, allright! I suppose we'll find something better on the way than these
zombies!" said Adria and stood up again, looking longingly at the two dead
zombies. "By the way Dana, you look sexy as Hell this way!" she added, as she
started massaging her ass hole gently, with her hand.

"What?..." Scully started to ask, but then she was aware that she was naked
from the waist down, since her undead rapist had torn off both her skirt and
panties. She was only wearing her boots, her sweat soaked T-shirt and her
extra tight, conservative bra. After a brief consideration, she took off her
T-shirt, threw it away over her head, and then did the same thing with her
bra. Her sweaty tits sprang free at once from their satin prison, and bounced
lightly on her chest. Her sensitive nipples started to harden at once, until
they were nice and thick, and sticking out one intch from her pointy breasts.

"That's a lot better!" Adria said with a smile "More practical too!"

With that, the witch set off to one of the smaller tunels that led out of
this major cavern. Scully followed close by, her gun once again ready for
action. A little bit annoyed, she noticed that with every step she took, her
tits bounced and danced on her chest, making her feel akward...What would
Mulder have said if he was here, and saw her like this? Probably nothing...He
would just grab her and stick that thick, juicy cock of his between those
milky tits and fuck them untill they turned red!!

This current tunell they crossed, was much smaller than the first one, and
in some points the women had to duck their heads to avoid hitting them on
the rough rock ceiling. The intence heat had not decreased in the least, and
sweat was purring down Scully's body...That helped clean her face from the
major part of the blood, but still her visage was smeared with dirt, and
streaked with tears.

After walking for no less than twenty minutes, the tunel opened to another
large cave. As both females stood at the mouth of the tunel to inspect the
area beyond, they saw that this room was similar to the one before, yet this
time, in the centre of the room, there was a narrow staircase, leading in a
straight downward direction. However, around that staircase, stood four
sentinels...Four beasty sentinels.

They were muscular hulks who stood over seven feet tall, with green, scaly
skin, like that of a serpent's. Their faces resembled those of a monstusly
deformed pig with razor sharp teeth, while a massive, pointy horn came out of
their foreheads. Their arms were huge and so filled with muscles, that you'd
expect them to burst! Last, but not least they had gargantuan green, scaly
cocks, with fat, purple cockheads. Small, needle like horns poped up here and
there along the length of their penises, something, without doubt, that was
there to bring more sexual stimulation to their mates...The size of these
cocks raged from 29-35 intches, no hard on included, and they were thick as
a bottle!

"Oh, just look at those pricks! I can't wait to get them to fuck me...Ooooh!
I think I'm going to cum, just by looking at them!" stated Adria, and walked
forward to meet the four monsters.

Scully was left watching, as the four beasts closed around the naked mature
woman, massaging their rapidly hardening cock with their massive arms. Very
soon, she could hear Adria moan and scream and pant in a mixture of pain and
pleasure, as the first monster shoved its cock inside her cunt hole.

"This is my chance! While they are busy fucking the brains out of Adria, I
can sneak past them, down to that staircase!" thought Scully, and she slowly
advanced forward, trying to make as little noise as possible.

At first, the behemoths did not seem to see her, since they had their back
turned...Very, very slowly, the cute FBI agent made her way towards the dark
staircase. It was not that far...Only a few more steps and she would be
there...Just a few more steps to get away from the hulks and their gigantic

And then it was that for Scully's bad luck, one of the monsters did turn
around, and did see her. The creature's huge eyes widened as he inspected the
sexy, small built redhead... That instant Scully was paralyzed. She froze on
her tracks and found that she could not move any part of her body. The
monster licked its dry lips slowly, and advanced towards her, his eyes fixed
on her redish blond patch of cunt hairs. Scully took a few steps backwards,
only to find that her cute butt soon hit against the hard rock of the cavern

"Oh my God..." she whispered in awe, as her eyes stared with fasination and
fear at the rapidly hardening penis of the monster. It was now a full of 40
thick intches of pulsing dong meat, ready to be stuffed into Scully's tiny
sex tunel . "Stay away from me!" she shriek frantically, and tried to raise
her gun.

The behemoth was far too quick for her. With a quick movement of his huge
fist, he punched her in the belly so hard, that she fell on the floor,
doubled in two, moaning and crying with pain. She had droped her gun, and her
flat stomach bore the red imprint of the monster's fist!!

It took the young woman a few minutes to recover. Before she could even try
to stand up, the beast's muscular hands reached down for her, grabbed her by
the buttocks, and lifted her high in the air, spreading them wide and
revealing her tiny, pukered ass hole. Scully kicked and screamed wildly with
her elegant little feet, but managed to do nothing to her captor, save making
him laugh loudly at her miserable attempt.

"You horned bastard! Let me go! Let me go!" she screamed, her full, pointy
tits banging against each other from her frantic motions to break free. With
the corner of her eye, she could clearly see Adria screaming in pain and
moaning in pleasure, as one of the behemoth's stuffed its huge member
into her elastic pussy hole, fucking her deep and hard, while her juices
gushed out in milky white sprays!!

Slowly, returning her attention at her present situation, Scully became
aware that she was naked as a baby, exept for her discreet ear rings, her
golden cross, and her wrist watch. The horny monster had positioned her
plump, red cunt lips just half an inch above his bloated prick. The fat,
mushroom like cock head barely brushed against her sensitive flesh, sending
shivers up her spine. Her whole body was glistering with sweat, and her face
was flushed bright red...After a moment's hesitation, the monster made a
happy groan inside its throat, and started lowering the sexy redhead
upon his massive prick, taking his time, enjoying every second of it!

At first, Scully was aware that the bloated cock head pushed apart her thick
nether lips and started stabing madly at her pussy, desperately trying to
find her vaginal opening. In a matter of a few futile stabs, the monster
found its way, and the FBI agent felt the pulsing cock head stretch open wide
her love tunel, and then the rest of the shaft followed in, sliding like a
snake into its nest. The beast's cock was so big and thick, that there was no
way in hell he could fit it all inside Scully without damaging her insides
bad!! However, he kept on pushing in, and Scully's tender cunt walls kept on
stretching and stretching...

Dana's flushed face, covered with freckles that made her even cuter, was a
mask of pain, expressing discomfort at its prime! Her teeth were clentched
to keep herself from screaming loudly. She only let little moans escape her
stiff lips. This was the most painfull penetration of her whole life,
including the zombie! She had never imagined that there could be a penis this
big, and even if it did exist, she would have never guessed that one day it
would end up shoved in her small uterus!

Things however, got even worse for her, when the needle like horns along the
monster's fuck rod started entering Dana, cuting deep into her cunt walls,
sending thick streams of hot blood out of her hairy pussy and down her inner
thighs. The pain from her violated cunt hole was excruciating, and Scully
finally started sobbing loudly, like a little girl. Fresh tears run down her
face, staining her wondefull features. This excited the monster even more,
and was happy to force more of it huge, spiked meat into the woman's empty
womb, making fresh blood gush from Scully's ravaged pussy, to paint his cock

For another two or more minutes, that huge, fat green cock, covered in spikes
of sharp bone, was pushed into Dana's stomach, untill she was so filled up
that she was feeling 9 months pregnant! When finally it was all the way in,
and the monster's gigantic balls touched her bloody pussy lips, Dana was
surprised to see how far her stiff little cunt had been stretched. Her hairy
lips were so far apart, that the lovely FBI agent did not think it was
possible to close again fully! Of course, the lubrication from the zombie's
cum earlier and the rescent blood had made that possible, but still it was

Her tears had almost dried by now, and she was starting to get used to that
cock inside her, or at least that's what she tried to convience herself of,
when the muscular, scaly beast started fucking her so rapidly and so hard,
that she started crying and shouting again!! With rapid, violent thrusts of
his musculed hips, the great monster started pumping his iron hard fuck tool
in and out of Scully's warm cunt tunnel, bruising, cuting, and stretching
her sensitive flesh. Blood run freely out of the redhead's vagina, splashed
on his inner thighs, and painted the woman's nether regions bright red...
Scully looked helplesly between her legs as her once tight, hairy pussy, was
fucked into a loose mass of soft flesh, like that of a cheap whore who got
ten cocks a day! Tears run down her swollen eyes, and she shouted out wildly
with every new insertion of the huge pole of scaly muscle inside her belly.

The gigantic behemoth kept pumping his organ inside the small agent for
another whole minute, before he showed the first signs of nearing a massive
orgasm. Scully was by that time dizzy from the loss of blood, her limbs felt
weak, and she had surrendered herself to the affections of the bloated cock
shaft inside her warm and tight interior. The beast, suddenly took his long
cock out of her bleeding pussy, and casualy placed it on the entrance of
Dana's anus. The young redhead, realizing even through the haze of her pain
what was going to happen, started screaming louldy, and pounding the hulk
with her small fists. With a terrible laughter, the green monster pushed his
cock forward, inserting the head of his penis inside Scully's bowels. As the
fat piece of meat plunged inside her anus, her tight ring of muscles spread
wide open, and the delicate skin was torn off her splintcher. Fresh blood
started flowing from her ravaged shit hole, as the monster shoved more of his
organ inside her, while he kept her plump butt cheeks spread with his clawed

"Oh shit! This hurts so much! Please stop! Aaaaaa! Oooooh! Gnnnn! Don't go
any deeper...Aaaa!" Scully pleaded, but the monster did not seem to hear her.
As a matter of fact, he did exactly the opossite of what she said to him!

After a few seconds of hard pushing, the beast had stuffed half of his cock
inside Dana's tiny butt hole. The spiked part of his member was still out,
much to the relief of the young FBI agent. However, after a momentary pose,
the green scaled hulk continued inserting his giant tool inside the small,
tight shit hole. When Scully felt the first spikes enter the opening of her
anus, tearing at her soft inner flesh, she started screaming louder than ever
before, swearing and pleading her rapist between her tears, that once again
run down to stain her cheeks. The monster only lauged at her cruely, and
finished shoving his prick up her ass, untill it was all in. Not half an
inch of that fat rod was left exposed.

"Fuck! I'm going to burst! Please, please take it out! I beg you...I...I will
suck your cock if you want to, but please take it out of my ass!" she cried
out to him, but as you can imagine, in vain.

The hulking beast only nodded its monsterous head, as if to say "Oh, you will
suck my cock! Only not right now!", and started butt fucking the redheaded
FBI agent. Dana, had never had anal sex before in her life. Only a few of the
men she had slept with asked her that, but she never let them. In her opinion
it was far too painfull to be enjoyable! But now, she found her ass cheeks
spread wide apart, and her ass hole stretched to a bleeding point, by a fat,
juicy green cock covered in spikes of bone, that was almost tearing a hole in
her bowels! Every time the monster pulled its cock out, she felt like shiting
a log, only it came back inside with terrible force! The spikes along the
meaty shaft tore at her tender flesh, blood gushed out of her shit hole,
splashing on the inside of her fat, white buttocks.

The ass fucking went on for another five minutes or so, all the while the
monster fucking Dana's ass hard, pumping in and out of her most private hole,
pulverizing the shit in her boels in a brown slime... Each time he pulled
out, some of that slime leaked out of her ravaged, bleeding tunnel, and run
down in the valley of her buttocks. The tempo of his thrust was rapidly
increasing, showing that he neared a bursting orgasm.

Soon he started groaning loudly, his head stretched upwards, like a wolf
howling to the gibbus moon. His groans and moans became more and more
frantic, untill they were an ear piercing sound of craving and joy, entwined
togeather. And then, spunk shot out in thick strings and ropes from the slit
of his fat cock head, straight into Scully's bowels, to fill her anal

Dana opened her mouth in a silent gasp, as she felt the thick, hot liquid
explode inside her anus. Her ring of ass muscles was so tightly clentched
around the beast's cock saft, that not even a drop leaked out! After the
first two shoking shots of spunk deep into her bowels, Scully was aware that
this semen was not burning like that of the zombie. It felt nice and hot,
like a human's. The feeling of cum splashing on the inner walls of her ass
passage, was a new thing to Scully, and strangely enough, under other
circumstances, she might have enjoied it! However, when the monster's spunk
splashed on the ravaged and bleeding walls of her shit tunel, she felt
strangely itchy and irritated!

The monter's orgasmic roars, and spurts of seed did not stop for over five
minutes, as his cock was still pouring with force his thick, strings of semen
inside the sexy FBI agen't butt hole. Dana could feel it flooding her, and
was sure that by now, some of it should be leaking out of her! Near the end
of his orgasm, and while his groans were subciding, the scaly beasts pulled
his member out of the young woman's hole, and while he shot his last strings
of gooey cum on her flat stomach, Scully saw that his spunk was a deep green
colour! Briefly, the image of her small, brown ass hole filled with that
green cum flashed before her eyes, but she quickly dissmised it...

When his long orgasm was finally gone, the monster laid the exausted woman on
the stone floor of the cave, and leaned above her, crushing her small body
with his own huge one. Reaching out with a clawed, gnarled hand, he cupped
one of her large, pointy breasts, and squeazed it hard. Scully moaned loudly,
as she felt blood and milk rush to her nipple... Then the beast lowered his
head near the wonderfull breast, and bit down on the cone shaped nipple with
his razor sharp teeth! Scully yelled out in pain, as she felt the sharp teeth
tear her flesh, and plunge into the milk pouches of her tits. Sucking loudly,
the monster started drinking her blood combined with her sweet milk... This
was also a new sensation for Dana, who felt a little like breast feeding a
baby. On;y this baby had just fucked her cunt and ass, and was now violating
her tits also! The monster continued sucking on her nipple for a while, until
it releashed its bite grip, and removed his head from Dana's chest. Two small
hole were visible on the redhead's swollen nipple, and a mixture of blood and
milk came out of them, and run down her cleavage.

The monster, obviously happy with its work, raised to his huge legs, and
looked down at her with a crooked smile on his face.

"Now, you suck my cock whore! Swallow it all the way down to your slutty
throat!" he ordered, speking for the first time.

Dana's blood froze in her temples. If she sucked his cock, she would choke on
it. That was for sure! Aside that, his prick was covered with the brown slime
of her own shit, and his green semen... No way she was putting that in her
mouth! Slowly, as she pondered her options, it dawned on her that the beast
no longer held her, and that she was free to move... The staircase leading
downwards was so close to her... So very close! But her legs felt weak, her
pussy was itching like mad, and her ass felt as if it had been torn in two
(well, that was nearly the case)!!

"What is it whore? You don't want to taste my cock? Perhaps if I fuck your
ass again, this time with my horn, you'll be willing to!" growled the
monster, and started moving towards her again.

Scully's fear overcame her physical weaknesses. In half a second, she was on
her feet, runing for the stairs, adrenaline giving her speed beyond the
normal limits!! This caught the behemoth totaly by surprise, and he was
stunned for a while, giving her all the time she needed to put some distance
between her reproductive organs and his monstrus penis!! As the redhead run
down the ancinet stairs, her milky tits dancing on her chest and her plump
ass swaying from one side to the other, she was aware that the monster did
not chase her. It was as if he was afraid of going down in the darkness...
Pushing such disquieting thoughts from her mind, Dana run down the stairs,
her heart pounding. She could still hear Adria's ecstatic moans as the three
beasts took turns in fucking her wet holes.


It was a long way untill Scully finally reached the bottom of the stairs,
breathing hard, her chest rising and falling rapidly. Sweat was runnin in
river's from the open pores of her flesh, washing away the dried blood from
her pussy and ass, leaving only a deep crimson stain on the soft flesh of her
nether parts. Looking around, with her big blue eyes, she saw that she no
longer was in a subteranean cave. She was in a far worse place!

The walls around her were made of the darkess obsidian, yet they had an inner
red glow, that cast malformed shadows on the stone floor. Dead bodies of
naked humans, both men and women, were impaled on large spikes of stone, that
seemed to grow from the floor! Their dark blood had pulled at the root of the
spikes, and was giving out a sickening odour of decay. Dana put her hand over
her mouth to keep herself from screaming at the grusome site. If it was not
for her FBI training, she would now be running upstairs, back to the
monster's waiting dong!

"What is this place?" She asked herself loudly. Her sexy voise echoed through
the empty halls.

Slowly, she started walking along the wide hallway that stretched before her
in a straight line, taking one step at a time, listening for even the
slightest sound. Nothing, but the sound of her own footsteps... A brooding
silense reigned over the halls of black stone. As she walked on and on, she
found the place to be very, very creepy... The strange red glow from the
walls bathed her slender form in crimson, making her hair look as red as
blood. The black walls also, were somewhat disturbing to the young agent.
They seemed to be watching her every move! She could have sworn that there
were eyes on the walls behind her, but when she turned, there was nothing

"Get a grip Dana! Soon you'll be out of here, and all this craziness will
end!" she told herself, and dragged her steps forward.

As she steadily advanced along the hall, more dead bodies appeared here and
there, and very soon she found herself pushing her way through a thick forest
of impaled corpses! The stentch of death and decomposition filled her
nosetrills, making her physically sick. Her full red lips were tinted with a
shade of green and her head was spinning... Sometimes, when a body was
impaled high enough to be in the level of her face, she found that the rough
pubic hairs of a man or a woman (depending on the sex of the corpse that is!)
brushed against her face!

There seemed to be no end in this forest of death and decay, and Scully was
starting to suspect that she might spend the rest of eternity in there!
Suddenly, as she was staggering on, she tripped on a small rock, and started
falling face first to the ground. However, she did not make it that far,
because there was a male corpse in her way, and the redhead ended up with her
warm lips pressed against his cold, hard penis. His pubic hairs tickled her
chin, and invaded her nose... Giving a shriek of disgust, Scully withdrew her
face from the dead man's crotch and started wipping her mouth frantically
with her hands. Being in that minor state of panic, she did not see two very,
very important things: First, the hallway in which she was in finally came to
what seemed to be a dead end. Just a few feet away from the young agent,
there was a smooth wall of black rock, with only a small wooden door leading
to the other side... The second thing, was that there were four small, blue
skinned creatures, with a strong resemblance to the common frog species that
any good Dungeons and Dragons freak could identify as Goblins, guarding it.
Three of the creatures were dressed in the same dirty leather clothes and
carried crude iron swords, and small wooden shields. The fourth Goblin, and
obviusly the leader, was a head taller than the rest, was dressed in almost
clean clothes, fit for a nobleman, and wielded a great battle axe, made of
the finest steel. It's huge blade flashed in the dim light of the hallway.
The one thing these four creatures had in common, was the hungry look on
their red eyes, as they gazed upon Scully's naked young body.

It took Scully only a few seconds to recover from her fit of panic, and was
absolutely dump struck as she turned her gaze upon these two minor details
she had overlooked. From one point of view she was happy, because the corpse
forest had ended and whatever lay beyond that door, sure looked important!
However, there was also the matter of the Goblins, who looked at her with
eyes gleaming in the half darkness brighter than a wolf's, as they inspected
the cones of her tits, and her educated hairy pussy. It was covered with
dried blood and monster spunk, but it still looked cute enough to fuck!!
Slowly, the four guardians took a cautius step towards her, smiling
malevolently at the woman, and at each other. Already, beneath their tight
pants their rapidly hardening cocks were forming big bulges.

"Umm...Could we possibly talk this over guys? You look like reasonable
monsters!" Started Dana as she was retreating back to the relevat safety of
the dead bodies. Cold sweat run down her temples, and she desperately
tried to come up with an escape plan. None came to her mind. Not that there
could be one...

As usual, her retreat was not quick enough. The Goblins, seeing their prize
walking away, her tits heaving up and down on her chest as she breathed,
dashed towards her with amazing speed, screaming and cursing with shrill
voices. Scully, was taken off gurd by such a sudden reaction, but did not
have time to dwell and brood on it! In the blink of an eye, the four blue
creatures had formed a circle around the helpless woman, and were pointing at
her naked and unprotected body with their weapons. Dana looked wildly around
like a trapped animal, but this time there was no place to run or hide. The
chief of the Goblins smiled triumphantly, and raising his battle axe
threateningly at the redhead, said in a deep voice:

"Get down on all fours, like the good bitch you are! Get down now, or I'll
cut yer knees to bring you down!"

Seeing that this was not an idle threat, Dana thought it best to comply.
After all, in the past few hours, she had been raped so hard and brutaly that
having her pussy probbed once more did not seem too bad... After all, these
Goblins were bound to have smaller cocks than the rest of the monsters that
had feasted on her tight cunt tunnel, not to mention her virgin ass hole!
Moving very slowly, as not to offend her captors, Dana got down on the stone
floor on all fours, thrusting her ass upwards just a little, showing her
submission. The Goblin leader seemed pleased and smiled to himself. Then he
turned to his men and growled:

"You fuckers stay and guard her! If she tries to get up, cut her head off!
It'll make a nice ornament for my bed!"

With that, the three smaller Goblins moved around Dana's head, keeping their
blades on the ready. Their chief however, moved behind the young agent,
leaving his battle axe, just beyond Scully's arm reach. Dana, who was always
on the look out for a way to escape, saw that, but could do nothing...yet!

As the Goblin looked down on Scully's large, white ass, her puffy pussy lips
peeking just below her blood covered ass hole, smiled to himself. It had been
a long time since he had fucked a woman (not since that raid in the town when
he got to ravage the pussy and ass of a 16 year old beauty) and this one
looked exactly what he needed to relieve himself! He would have prefered if
she was a virgin though... Virgins always screamed more than the others, and
cried so nicely! He could remember that 16 year old girl in town, crying and
screaming as he unloaded jet after jet of cum inside her bowels...Ah! Those
were the days! Now, the Master had orderd him and what was left of his men to
guard this door, and since then they had not seen any action!

Running his gnarled had over the soft flesh of the agent's rear, he felt her
shiver with disgust... His smile broadened, as he slowly lowered his blue
face to the level of the agent's hairy pussy. Sticking out his slimy, yellow
tongue, he ran it over the surface of her nether lips, feeling her tremble
with repulsion. His stinking saliva was all over Scully's cunt, making it
nice and slippery for the oncoming penetration.

"I'm gonna fuck you deep and hard, and when I cum inside you I'm gonna knock
you up for good bitch!" He whispered into her ear as he stood back on his
feet, and casualy started removing his pants.

Dana, turning around with a look of helpless hatred on her cute, freckled
face said in a whisper:

"You bastard... I'm going to kill you slowly!"

The Goblin chuckled at this, and reached into his undone pants, bringing out
his erect cock. As Dana's eyes inspected it carefully, she saw that it was
five intches long and about two thick. Veins run all over it, ending up in a
fat, sickly yellow cock head, dripping with blue pre cum. At the end of his
shaft, hang his balls, in a sack of blue flesh, containing his impotent
sperm. Of course the Goblin did not know that he was uncapable of knocking up
women, but none had told him otherwise, so he was happy with himself.

"Watch it as it enters your filthy fuck hole!" He said with evil amusment at
the rehead. Already her face was flushed, as she felt the thick cock head
part the folds of her cunt, and enter into her tunel very slowly. "Ooooh!
You're deep in there bitch! Deep and tight! Just the way I like it!" mumbled
the Goblin, lost in his ecstasy.

Scully gritted her teeth, as the cock slid deeper and deeper inside her
belly, scratching her bruised and bleeding walls. Occasionaly she would gasp
in pain, and the Goblins would cheer, but she tried not to give them that
pleasure too often!! Once all of the leader's penis was lodged deeply into
her warm interior, pulsing and throbbing inside Scully's utterus, he pulled
it out in one smooth movement, and rammed it back in.

"Aaaah! That hurt! You bastard! Oooh! Aaaah! Haaan!" Dana screamed as the
cock started pumping in and out of her tummy, like a well oiled machine,
filling her tight cunt tunel with blue meat.

Dana's hanging tits bounced wildly with every thrust inside her womb, and she
could only stare at the floor and wish that it was over soon. She wanted to
wake up, and remember all this like it was a bad dream... However, the
feeling of that pulsing, fat cock stabbing into her over and over again was
more than real. It was painfully real!

Five minutes of wild hammering into the young agent's cunt passed, when the
Goblin started groaning and thrusting his hips more frantically forward.
Scully's tits danced maddly on the air, from the vibrations of the Goblin's
thrusts. The Goblin started howling and groaning as his orgasm approached and
ecstasy enveloped his mind. With one final, extra hard thrust of his member
into Scully's fuck hole, he was driven over the edge shouting in glee.

Dana closed her eyes tightly and grimaced in disgust, as she felt the
throbing cock inside her sex spasm two or three times. Seconds later, she
felt hot jets of spunk splash into her gaping womb, coating the walls of her
already slippery and wet vagina. Unlike the other monsters, whose orgasm
lasted for many minutes, the Goblin was satisfied after a few seconds, and
reluctantly withdrew his slimy cock from Dana's tight hole. The young woman
exhaled in relief.

"Ok, boys! Now you can have your fun with her!" said the Goblin leader, in a
benevolent kind of voice to his men. Dana's eyes opened wide in terror.

"Noooo! You can't do this!...Hey! Stop at once!" She yelled angrily.

The Goblins only laughed as a reply. Scully knew that she had to endure two
more cocks inside her... And then, the small door in the end of the tunnel,
opened. At first, Scully only saw a bright red light coming out of the room
that lay beyond that door, but when her eyes had adjusted to the light's
briliance, she noted a feminine shilouete, standing outlined against it. The
Goblins upon seeing the newly arrived woman, started mumbling to themselves
dissapointed, and backing away hurriedly.

The woman stood there for a brief second, then moved away from the light.
Scully could now see that she was a tall, young, naked woman with raven black
hair and the firmest set of tits she had ever seen! Her body was lean and
perfect in every detail: She had a creamy white skin, legs that could make a
man cum just by staring at them too long, shapely buttocks, and her pussy was
shaved clean, revealing two pink, puffy lips that looked tight and juicy
beyond belief. The woman moved towards her, and looked at her smiling
crookedly in amusment. Dana's cheeks burned bright red as she realized how
humiliating was her current position, and how shaggy and imperfect her body
in comparison to hers... The Goblins were no longer guarding her (they were
sulking in the nearby corner), so the young agent quickly got on her feet,
and stared back at the woman, as defiantly as posible.

"So, you are the one Master wants for his own pleasure, eh?" Asked the woman
in a husky voice.

"No, I'm the one who wants to get out of here!" Snapped Scully. She was
gratefull she had been saved by the raping frenzy of the Goblins, but she
already did not like her saviour very much.

"Only the Master can let you out, so I suggest that you go inside and meet
him... Don't worry, he won't be too rough on you. I hope!" Replied the woman,
and pointed invitingly at the door.

Scully hesitated. She did not know what terrors lay beyond that door. Plus,
there was a bright red light coming out from it, and that was not a good

"Are you going in, or would you prefer staying here? I can summon all the
monsters of this world to fuck your cunt so hard you'll think a stampade of
bulls just screwed you! Now, what will it be honey?" Said the woman in the
same husky voice, yet this time there was a murderus tone to it.

Seeing that she didn't have much alternatives, Dana walked past the woman
with a scornfull glance, and crossed the threshold of the small door. Once
inside, she could see nothing but absolute darkness... A vile stench invaded
her nostrils, making her dizzy. Dana just stood there, trying to adjust her
eyes to the dark, when a loud BANG! starled her. It was the door. It had shut
behind her, and there was no handle from the inside...

Scully's brain stared conjuring up images of herself trapped into this dark
room forever... Her large, blue eyes had widened in an effort to see inside
the fathomless night, and panic started crawling in cold waves up her spine.
In that moment, a brilliant -yet sickly- yellow light lit the room,
illuminating its interior. Dana realized that she was in another huge cave,
with stalagmites rising from the ground like jagged teeth. In the very centre
of the room stood a huge throne, made out of what seemed to be human bones.
Metal blades, covered in dried blood were intagled here and there... The
throne was positioned in a way, that the cute FBI agent could only see its
back. Her heart begun to pound crazily. What was this place? Was there anyone
sitting on the throne, or was it empty?

"This is way too creepy for me..." She whispered, glad to hear the sound of
her own voice.

Although she had no intention of walking towards the throne, she found that
her shapely legs were guiding her there. Her eyes narrowed even more as she
aproatched the accursed seat, and her heart felt like it would leap out of
her mouth...There was someone sitting on the throne and n a few brief
seconds, she would be able to see him...Scully tried to close her eyes, but
found that she couldn't. Her curiosity was far greater. After all you only
get to meet the Lord of Hell once in your life!

And then she saw him. He was not a huge horned beast looking like a daemon
from a medival book, nor a tall dark man with wolf fangs. He was a rather
familiar figure. He was Mulder! Upon the throne of human bones, sat special
agent Mulder, naked to the bone, with a pleasant smile on his face.

"Hi Scully! I've been expecting you!" He said cheerfully.

Scully was too awe struck to say anything.

"What's the matter Scully? The cat got your tongue? That would be too bad,
because I have planned many good usages for it... Not the cat, your tongue
that is!" Said Mulder, as he got up. Scully could see that between his
muscular legs, hang a dick twenty intched long and fat as a beer bottle, with
veins running along its length. Its bloated cock heat was visible, beneath a
hood of soft meat.

"Oh God! You...You can't be Mulder!" Dana stutered.

"Please do not start with God! He's not so fond of me you know!" Mulder
smiled wickedly. "And you are right. I'm not Mulder! Your partner hasn't got
such a big cock, no matter how much he'd like that! Do you know that he is
just dying to fuck your tight little cunt? But hey! I don't blame him! As for
me, I'm the one people call The Devil, but I prefer if you called me Bond.
James Bond! Bwahahahaha!" Mulder roared in hideous laughter, and approached
the redhead.

"Why are you doing this to me? What do you want from me?" Scully's voice was
helpless and pleading, but her eyes cunningly scanned the room for a way out.
There was none.

"I don't think one needs much imagination to think what I would want from a
naked woman with your qualities... But if you do not have that kind of
imagination baby, I'll be more than happy to show you!"

Mulder walked even closer to her. Scully could not move, eventhough she
wanted to run away screaming! The man's half erect cock barely brushed
against the entrance of her ravaged and hanging pussy lips. He run his hand
over her face, stroking her hair.

'You have a beautiful face... I want to cover it with my cum!' He said.

Dana looked at him in shock, but Mulder smiled and put a reasuring finger on
her lips.

'But of course you also have a very nice mouth! So why don't you give me a
blowjob, and I'll give you a facial! You know, male spunk is the best facial
cream you'll ever get!'

"Go fuck your own mouth!" Dana spat at him in defiance.

Mulder made a sad face.

''That is no way for a lady to talk! Tststs! You must be taught a lesson I

Before he had even finished his sentence, Mulder's cock started twitching and
writhing like a live animal. Slowly it changed colour and texture... It
became a silvery, scaly thing with a head - A snake! He had changed his cock
into a fat, ugly snake! Scully opened her mouth to scream but no sound came
out. When she tried to run, she found that her legs were routed to the spot.

"Oh my God!" Scully gasped in awe.

"Not Him again!" Mulder sighed. "Now, little one I'm going to do your ass
with my new cock untill you start begging to suck a normal penis with your
lovely mouth!"

"I'll never put in my mouth your filthy cock!" Dana spat again, not sure this
time how much she meant it.

"Things can change!" Muler reasured her, and waved his hand idly on the air,
forming a secret sign.

At once, Scully's slender form was seized by an invisible force, and was
hurled down to the cold floor violently, face down. The young woman yellped
in pain and surprise, but when she tried to get up, it felt like there were
tons of steel tied to her back. Moaning helplessly, she just lay there,
tasting blood from her cut lip, and aware that there was a nasty scratch on
her chin. She could hear the man walk behind her, and kneel above her. Then
she felt strong hand clasping her plump buttocks and prying them far apart,
untill she thought they would be separated! Her pukered ass hole, still
leaking gooey cum, was exposed to the cold air, and she shivered.

"I see my servants made good use of you!" Said Mulder with a pleasant voice.

"You... Bastard!" Scully shouted between clentched teeth.

"Oh good friends and neigbours! The lady is in a serious need for a lesson!"

The next instant, the sexy redhead felt the hard head of the slimy snaked
crawling on her exposed butt cheeks, and porbing the entrance to her tight,
young ass. She closed her eyes and whimpered pathetically. And then the snake
begun to slide down inside her bowels. Scully's eyes remained tightly closed
as she felt the whole, huge lenght of the reptile slide inside her most
privated hole with wet sounds. Her cum filled anal passaged, was very well
lubricated, but feeling a fat, live, writhing snake inside her made her
squirm uncomfortably, although there was not much pain. For another half
minute or so the snaked continued sliding deeper and deeper into her anus,
filling her so tightly that she thought she might burst. Then it stoped. She
heard Mulder speak a word of comand, and the sof, slippery snaked turned iron
hard. She gave a gasp of pain, as she had never before in her life had
something that hard shoved up her ass!

"Now, as I start fucking your pukered ass, I want you to chant over and over
again "I'll be a nice cock sucking girl!" Ok? Do that, and it'll be over
soon! Do it not, and I'll fuck you for the rest of eternity!" Snarled Mulder
behind her, as he started pulling his reptilian cock out.

Scully sighed with relief when it was all out, and yelled loudly in pain when
it was tuffed back into her, all the way in!

"Ooooh! I'll be a nice cock...Aaaaaah!... sucking girl! Haaaaan! Not so
deep!! Please!"

Despite her pleas, Mulder continued fucking her tight ass hole deep and hard,
making sure she felt every intch of him inside her. He was very pleased to
hear her say her chand between thrust and gasp from the pain that he was
inflicting on her. As he violently ass fucked the young agent, his dark eyes
fell on her puffy pussy lips, covered in cacked blood, and oozing cum. Drool
escaped from a corner of his mouth, and fell on her white ass cheeks.
Special agent Dana Scully was definetely the best fuck meat he had gotten in

Long minutes of relentless butt fucking passed, untill Mulder decided that
she had had enough. Stopping his quick thrusts, he spoke another strange
word, and the rigid snake that was his cock became soft and slimy again. As
he pulled out of her stretched ass hole, the young woman turned her head
around and looked at him with abysmal hate in her eyes.

"Will you suck my cock now?" He asked her casually.

"Screw you!" She spat, but her voice was ragged, and her breath came out in

"Ok then! You leave me no option!"

Before Dana's terrified blue eyes, Mulder's cock started to shift and change
again. This time it grew even longer, and aquired a deep green colour. Tiny,
sharp thorns sprung all over the length of his cock shaft. He had transformed
his organ into a cactus!

"I'll ask you once again. Will you suck my cock or will I have to do you up
the butt with this?" Mulder's voice was stern, but mild.

Dana closed her eyes and pondered her options. There weren't many! With tears
ready to slide down her cheeks, she nodded agreement.

"Allright! I'll suck your damn cock!" She cried.

Mulder smiled, and made a slight gesture with his right hand. The invisible
weight that was holding the redhead down lifted, and she was able again to
stand up. Her ass hurt like hell however, and her knees felt weak. Before
she knew it, she was kneeling before Mulder, her cute, upturned nose barely
touching the tip of his cock head. She noted that his cock had changed back
to normal... If anyone could call a dong that big normal!

"Start swallowing cunt!" Mulder gorwled, and grabbed a handfull of her red
hair to pull her closer to his shaft.

The fat, meaty cock was now pressed firmy on Scully's mouth. A smell of pre
cum and sulfur traveled up her nose, but she ignored it. The sooner she
started, the sooner it would be over!

Closing her eyes, Dana opened her sensous mouth and gulped down the pink cock
head. It tasted awfull! She wondered how women could do that on their own
free will. She had never been into oral sex much, although in her college
years she had given a few blowjobs here and there! Before she could take her
time to adjust to that taste, Mulder pushed her head violently forward,
shoving his prick all the way down her small throat. Scully begun to choke,
and cough violently.

"Shut up and start sucking!" He said, threateningly.

Barely able to keep back her tears, Scully started sucking the pulsing cock
meat inside her mouth, coating it with her warm saliva, rubing it gently with
the tip of her front teeth. Even under rape conditions, she wanted to give
this man the best blowjob possible! Very soon, she could feel it hardening,
and swelling inside her oral orifice, and she had to pull out some of it, or
it would end up down her stomach! As Mulder's penis slowly grew erect and
hard as an iron bar, she gradually pulled out more and more, untill she was
left sucking only his bloated cock head, like a baby would suck its mother's
breast. Strings of thick saliva mingled with pre cum run down her chin, and
hung there, like the threads of a spider web. Mulder, obviusly anoyed by
that, pushed her head forward again, impaling her face on his shaft. Dana
started to choke again, but he didn't care. He started pumping his member
rythmically in and out of her gaping mouth, while the young woman turned her
large eyes, gleaming with tears, to look at him in surprise.

"Very good... You have such a nice mouth!" He murmured, and stroked her hair

Scully kept on sucking and licking, aware that more and more pre cum had
started oozing from his piss slit. He was very near to orgasm! Dana had never
before let a man cum inside her mouth. She thought it was utterly disgusting.
Even in her college years, she had always insisted that her partners came on
her belly or -in special occasions- on her face. Never in her mouth! Mulder
had started groaning and the tempo of his thrusts had increased... His face
was flushed red, and he had tilted his head backwards. Yep. He was going to
cum. Scully could feel the semen boiling within his balls, longing to be

"Ooooh! I'm cumming! Ooooh! Yeeees! Swallow my cum bitch! Ooooh!"

Before Dana's mind could register what was going on, a flood of hot, thick
liquid spurted forth from the pulsing cock inside her mouth, the moment it
was deep down her throat. She did not taste the first squirts, because they
went right down her stomach, but as Mulder pulled his softening cock out
gradualy, her mouth was filled with hot, jelly like cum cream. Swallowing
hard, she managed to gulp down every single drop! Then the man pulled his
massive organ out of her small mouth completely, and finished cumming on her
face. Cum splattered on her forehead, strings fell on her hair, entangling
it and making it matted and sticky. More spunk landed on the lower part of
her nose, coating her nostrils, and a rich smell of potent seed invaed her
nose. Even more cream splashed on her chin, and finally, a thick ball of the
stuff landed on one of her open eyes. Her vision was blured, but she could
still see behind that gooey veil. When the man was finished, he had her to
clean his shaft with her pink tongue, and then smiled down at her.

"If you could only see your face now! You look so very sexy!"

Scully did not say antyhing. She felt humiliated and incredibly wet. She was
not sure why or how, but her ravaged cunt had started to burn and itch with
the desire to be fucked. Her juices were visibly flowing down her thighs, and
her clitoris was sticking out of it hood like a sore thumb! Without saying a
word, Mulder pushed her gently to the floor where she lay on her back, legs
slighlty spread. Her mind was telling her to run away and hide, but her cunt
insisted on staying for desert! Mulder smiled at her again, more broadly this
time, and sudden;y his face begun to change! Scully was alarmed by this, but
did not make any effort to move. This time, it wasn't only Mulder's face that
was changing, but his body as well. He grew taller, and his skin turn dark
bown. A light greying beard covered his chin, and his cock turned into a
long, callused black piece of muscle. It was longer and thicker than the one
he had before... And hard as steel. Once the evolution was compleate, the man
who stood above her was no longer her partner, but his mysterius infomator,
the one called 'X'. The black man smiled again, and his white teeth gleamed
bright. Without speaking, he kneeled down, and grabbed Dana's white legs.
Spreading them gently apart, he revealed the dripping wet folds of her labia.
Her sex hole was hanging open and loose, from the previus violation of the
monsters. Sticky cum still ozzed out of it in small streams.

Still smiling enigmatically, X placed his black fuck rod on her pink sex
entrance, and started pushing his way in. Dana opened her cum covered mouth
in a sensus moan, as she felt the long dong plunge into her, brushing gently
against her erect clitoris. Very soon, X was all the way into her warm and
tight vagina. The fat cock inside the red head's pussy was pulsing with life,
as it started pulling out. Dana moaned in disappointment. She wanted it back
in, to fill her up! Then, with a more quick stroke, X rammed his dong back
in, impaling her for good. She bit down on her lower lip. Her blood engorged
clitoris was sending waves of pleasure that turned her spine into jelly, and
made her moan out loud. It had been a very long time since any man had fucked
her that way... It was sensus, yet deep and hard. Just the way she liked it!
The constant rubbing of the rough penis flesh against her sensitive clitoris
drove her crazy, and her hands found their way to her nipples, and started
caressing them slowly, pintching them hard from time to time, untill they
were swollen and hard as pebbles. The tempo of the thrusts inside her well
lubricated cunt had increased by now, and she could feel the man's black
crotch hit against hers. Her tits giggled on her chest with every blow, her
nipples escaping her grasp.

X continued fucking her rythmically, relishing in the sensation of her tight
warm cunt hole, each time pushing in his whole black cock, untill his hairy
balls bounced on her stretched nether lips. Dana knew this was wrong and it
should be considered as rape, but her body had a different oppinion. As X's
huge penis pumped in and out of her well oiled pussy, she felt a massive
orgasm buiding inside her belly... She could feel the pulsing cock meat
penetrate her, and invade her womb, caressing her bruised and bleeding inner
walls with a sothing touch. Her breath came out in ragged gasps, and she bit
harder on her lower lip, drawing blood. With every thrust she got one step
closer to orgasm. She was moaning almost frantically. She longed for release!
Closing her eyes, she continued pintching her nipples, harder and more
furiously than before. She tried to convience herself that this was not X
making love to her. This was some fould daemon, raping her. But try telling
that to yourself when you're about to cum your brains out!

Suddenly, Scully's eyes flung open and she gave a high pitched scream of
pleasure as she was driven over the edge. Her tight little cunt begun to
spasm wildly, crushing the cock inside it and thick honey started dripping
out of her pink fold, driping down her wide thighs. Dana started massaging
her cunt franticlly as if she could make the pleasure last longer, but in a
few moments her sexual hunger was sated. her lust dissapeared, and she could
again think straight. X continued fucking her all the way through her orgasm,
penetrating her deep, untill he too could not hold back any longer the jizz
boiling inside his balls.

From the bloated cock head inside her tummy, thick gooey strings of cum shot
forward into her gaping womb as X started grunting and pulling his massive
organ intch by intch out of her vaginal orifice. Cum continued shooting from
his piss slit, coating her already slimy cunt walls, adding his sperm to that
of the others. By the time he had pulled his organ out, his orgasm had
subcided. Still, his cock gave one final spasm, and a long string of spunk
shot on Dana's slightly curved tummy, making a little pond inside her
belly button. When he was completely done, he opened his eyes and looked down
on the young woman. She looked back at him, dazed as if trying to realize
what had just happened. He smiled malevolently at her, and stroked one of her
red, puffy cheeks. Cum smeared on his hand, but his wiped it clean on her

"You are such a little whore after all!" X told her, lauging to himself.

"Will you let me go now that you had your fun?"

X did not answer, but his body started shifting and turning again before
Dana's astounded eyes, untill it had changed completely. The man above her
was no longer X. Hell, he wasn't even black! He was A.D Skinner, naked in
all his glory! Dana could only stare, her lower jaw agape. His cock was
rather small, but deliciously fat!

Skinner laughed loudly, throwing his bald head back, at the young agent's
expression. Scully felt his dark gaze penetrate her, reach down to her very
soul, awakening her darkest desires... Once again, the young agent felt horny
and wet, yearning to be fucked harder and faster than the last time. she
couldn't figure out why she felt that way, but she was sure it had to do with
the man's gaze. With a little sigh of submission, she gave herself to the
fiery pleasure that was consuming and her, burning beneath her ivory skin,
and spread her legs a litle wider, as Skinner kneeled down, above her.
Wasting no time, the smiling Skinner started probing the ravaged entrance of
her anus with his rock hard erection. At first Dana felt the familiar burning
pain, and then as the first intched gradualy slid inside her the pain got
even worse. Her bowels were bruised and bleeding from the horned behemoth's
cock, and even the smallest intruder could give her a world of pain! For some
strange reason, she did not try to stop Skinner from doing her up the butt.
In fact, she relished in the sensation of the pain, the folds of her pussy
growing moist, and dripping with her girl juices.

However, as more and more dong meat got forced into her tiny shit hole, the
pain slowly went away, and she started feeling pleasure instead. She was not
sure how this was happening, but once again she got that feeling on the pit
of her stomach that an orgasm had started building inside her. Skinner was
pushing his rod very slowly inside her, making sure she felt every micro-inch
of it, untill his heavy balls hit the stretched entrance of her ass. His
rough hair tickled her inner thighs, and she could not hold back a sexy
giggle. Then he pulled his organ all the way out, and reinserted it back
again, more rapidly this time starting to fuck her pukered hole rythmically
and deep. His hairy crotch slaped hard against hers, and the redhead's tits
bounced every time.

It was a strange and new feeling for Dana to have such a fat cock pulled out
of her ass and then slammed back in again, but it was not unpleasant as it
was when the monsters did it! This time, she was sure she had another orgasm
coming, although she knew that anal orgasms were impossible!! throwing her
head back, she moaned loudly, like a cheap slut, revealing in the site of
that penis fucking her most private hole relentlesly.

Skinner kept pumping his tool like in a well oiled machine, fucking Dana's
ass without the faintest trace of emotion, except his huge, plastical smile.
However, his dark eyes devoured every movement her large tits mad as they
went up and down on her chest by the force of his thrusts. Scully cheeks had
turned a bright red and her serius face had an expression of guilty pleasure
as her ass hole was being fucked deep and hard. Her eyes had squinted, like
she was looking at the sun.

Moments passed, and Dana continued moaning loudly. Before she knew it, both
her hands had slipped down to her unoqupied cunt, and she started fingering
herself maddly. At first she shoved in one finger, but soon it was not
enough. She inserted a second and then a third. Then she craved for more and
pushed in a fourth... Before long she was fist fucking herself (a thing she
had never before done, fearing it would hurt too much) and having a great
time! Skinner chuckled at the sight of the red head fisting herself, and
gradually made his thrusts into her tight ass more violent and deep than

Dana was now almost crying from pleasure, her fist glistering with her honey,
and she knew that in any moment she would burst into another, more powerfull
orgasm. Suddenly Skinner drove his cock twice more deep into her shit tunel,
and then pulled it out. Groaning like a wild boar, he crawled all the way to
her soft tits, grabed them in his powerfull hands and squeazed them untill
Scully screamed in protest. Then, he inserted his slimy cock inside their
velvet soft valley, and started puming his thighs like well oiled pistons.
Dana was surprised to find herself viciously tit fucked, but she soon found
out that it felt kind of nice! Skinner continued groaning, and a fter a few
more thrusts, he could not hold back his spunk. Still thrusting his member
between Dana's perfect breasts, the man started cumming. Still fist fucking
her stretched cunt deeply, Dana felt the first squirts of hot, man juice
slash against her elegant chin, coating in gooey, white semen. More froathy
jizz was smeared on her slightly sagged tits, making her fleshy globes stiky
and wet. However, the feeling of her own orgasm approaching, turned her mind
from the cum all over her body, to her small fist, buried inside her sex.

Her cheeks flushed with colour, and as she continued fisting herself untill
she was brought to a smashing orgasm. Bitting her cum covered lower lip,
tasting salty spooge, and closing her eyes, she started moaning and thrashing
about in ecstasy, as pleasure washed in waves through her. Her mind became
hazy, and all she could think of was her fleshy cunt, spasming and spurting
forth hot, girl honey. She could feel it running down her hands, as she
violently continued fist fucking herself, oblivius that Skinner had gotten
up by now, and was watching her intently. Giving one final push with her
delicate fist, she almost managed to enter her womb with her fingers! Then
her orgasm was gone, and she was left with a sore cunt, trying to figure out
how she had stuffed her whole arm in there, and most importantly, how to get
it out!

"I'm glad to see that you enjoyed it as much as I did..." Said a low,
pleasant voice behind her. Turning her head, Dana saw that the creature did
not have Skinner's form any longer. He was now a tall man, with long dark
hair that covered his whole face. Beneath, two blood red eyes burned like
embers as he gazed upon her.

The young agent felt uncomfortable and frightened by that look... Then she
realized that her fist was still in her juicy cunt. Grimacing in embarcement,
she pulled it out with a wet sound, and more of her cunt juices leaked out,
following the trail to her violated ass hole. Sitting up, she eyed the man

"You brought me all the way here, let all these monsters fuck my brains out
just to screw my cunt?!" She almost yelled at him, forgetting where she was.

"I did you ass too!" The man reminded her with an amused voice.

"Oh, to Hell with you! Enough is enough mister! I want out! Now!... And as
for you Mr. Stibons, don't you think I got enough cock for this story? I want
an end god dammit, and I want it now!" She shouted furiously pointing at the
man, and then turning towards the screen of my computer.

"Your wish will be granted, cute one!" The man said chukling to himself. "But
we can't let you leave without a souvenir..."

Before Dana had enough time to even think something, the man pointed at one
of her white buttcheeks. She yellped out in amazed pain, as she felt
something burning hot press against her buttock. turning around, she saw that
imprinted on her skin, was a bright red inverted pentagram. Beneath it, in
small letters was a frase. I am the bitch of Hell. I screwed Diablo.

"You think this is fucking funny, you sick bastard?!" She growled at him,
rubbing her bottom.

"Very... But now you can go! I have others waiting! It was a great pleasure
screwing you! Bye! Oh, and keep safe! Don't let any monsters steal your
chasity... BWAHAHAHAHA!" The man burst into hideous laughter, and after a
brief second, he vanished in a brilliant flash of red lightning.

Dana was left alone in the dark. Her buttock throbed and ached from the burn,
but she had been through worse! Suddenly the sound of huming electricity
filled the room, and a huge neon light sign appeared, just a few yards from
where she stood. It said "EXIT". The outline of a door, appeared beneath it.

"They can't be serius!" She murmured to herself, as she walked over the EXIT

She could not see where this door was leading, but she knew it was out of
here. And that was good. Strolling purposefully, she plunged into the
darkness beyond the threshold... Her head started spinning and turning, and
darkness descented before her vision. She felt like she was being sucked into
the endless void...


"Are you alright Scully? For a moment you looked far away..."

It was the familiar voice of Mulder. Not the Mulder that had just fucked her,
but the one who kept fantasising about her, and mastrurbating furiously with
a pair of panties he had stolen once from her appartment.

Looking around her in surprise, Scully realized that she was in the basement
office, of the FBI headquarters. Mulder was as usual behind his desk, looking
at her with worry.

"Are you Ok?" He repeated.

"Yes. I'm... I'm Fine!" Scully answered, trying not to destroy her cool
exterior. "I just need to go to the lady's room!"

"Sure!" Mulder turned his attention back to a file he had been studying. And
of course, the sleazy porn magazine beneath that!

With shaky legs, Scully walked to the bathroom. What was going on? Had she
imagined all of the things that had happened to her? Certainly she did not
feel her body aching from violation. For all she knew, her pussy and ass had
never felt better!

Entering the rest room, she shut herself in a toilet compartment, and lifted
her skirt upwards. She was shocked to see that she wore no panties, and her
hairy cunt was exposed. How the hell was that possible? She was sure she had
wore panties before she left home that morning! Runing a finger over her
thick nether lips, she felt them dry and silky soft. No male organ had
violated them. Lowering her finger between her legs, she touched her pukered
ass hole. It was tight as ever. Perhpas noone of that had ever happened!
Perhaps all this was a fantasy, due to her represed feelings towards her
partner! Yes... That sounded reasonable! No live computer games or other

Smiling reasuringly to herself, she lowered her skirt. She was ready to
leave, when she remembered something. Lifting her skirt hurriedly again, she
looked at her right buttock.

There was an inverted pentagram imprinted on it.


I hope you enjoyed it, cause it took me a lot of time to write! If you have
any comments please send 'em in! I'll be glad to answer! By the way, if any
of you is a cartoonist, I'd be very interested in seeing some of my stories
turned into cartoon strips!


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