X-Files: Unseen (M/F,ncon)
by Anonymous

The bath was hot. Nice. She stepped out into the steam filled bathroom. It
had been a long day at work, and they had gotten nowhere. The case was an
absolute bust. But, it was Friday. The weekend would start in 4 more hours.
Work could wait till Monday.

Dana went to grab a towel off the rack. There were none. She stood there
puzzled. Naked and puzzled.

"I'm certain I had towels."

She looked around confused. She bent over to check the cupboard under the
basin. Again, there were no towels. Now, Scully was at a loss. She HAD towels
in this apartment.

Then, a breeze hit the room. It sent a shiver down her spine. There was
something odd about it ... It only hit her arse. It was almost like someone
blowing air through their mouth on to her. It sent a shiver down her back.
She stood up.

Something caught her eye. Written on the mirror through the steam were some
words. She looked closer ...


She walked into her bedroom. She looked around.



Walking over to her dresser, something caught her eye again. A note, stuck to
her dresser mirror ...


Dana thought. Either someone had been in here, or someone is STILL in here.
Either way, she hadn't noticed until she got out of the shower. Unless, of
course ... that's what they wanted.

Scully decided to set the record straight, “I’m a federal agent. I’m

She looked down at her body and realized how very naked she was. She looked
over at her dresser ... where her underwear was. She looked over at her
wardrobe ... where her clothes were. She looked over at her bed side
table ... where her gun was. Dana thought fast ... the gun!

She ran over to her bed and pulled her Glock from its holster. Instinctively,
she checked the clip. There was none. She checked the chamber. No bullet.
Her gun was empty.

Dana made her way over to her wardrobe. She stopped halfway. She remembered
the message in the bathroom.


Someone's in the room. It has to be that. Don’t be paranoid. Call Mulder just
in case.

She ran back to the bed side table for her cell phone. It wasn’t there.

Dana knew what she had to do. She grabbed a sheet off her bed. She wrapped it
around her wet body. She ran out of her bedroom and into her lounge room and
grabbed the cordless phone. She made it to her front door. She made it to the
hall just outside her apartment.

She was breathing fast. Scared and excited. She got her wits about her. Dana
speed dialed Mulders’ home phone.

"Come on Mulder, pick up."

She got the machine. She hung up. Then, some how, something grabbed her
sheet. It was pulled from her body. It happened in the blink of an eye. It
was pulled back into the apartment, with the door shutting behind it. The
door locked.

Now, Dana was on the outside of her apartment, naked with only her phone.

She felt her cheeks burning with embarrassment. She dropped the phone and
covered herself with her hands. Time stood still. Then, Dana heard voices.
She heard footsteps. They were coming from the elevator. It was her landlord
and his wife.

“Oh, Christ!”

She looked to the other end of the hall ... to the emergency stairwell. She
bolted. She hit the door. She opened it and shut it behind her. Dana caught
her breath. She looked up the staircase. There was no one. She ran.

Dana hit the rooftop. It was dark and just starting to rain. She ran to the
edge of the building ... to the fire escape. She looked down on the street.
Dana paced her breathing; she would have to do this quickly.

The street was empty ... no cars or pedestrians. She climbed over onto the
ladder and started climbing down. Making it to the first catwalk, she ducked
under the window of the adjacent apartment. She hit the other ladder. She
started climbing. So far so good.

Dana hit another catwalk. She heard a TV inside the adjacent apartment. She
hit the other ladder .... one more catwalk, one more ladder and she was home

She started climbing down. Then, she heard a noise up the street. It was a

“Oh fuck me.”

The bus speeded along. She paused, like a rabbit caught in the high beams.
It slowed down to a stop, right outside her building. A group of teenagers
got off. The bus sped away.

Don’t look up. Don’t look up. Don’t look up. Don’t look…

One of the boys looked up. He pointed. His friends looked up with him. They
laughed. They clapped. They wolf-whistled.

Dana moved faster, descending down the ladder. She hit the other catwalk. She
didn’t care if anyone inside saw her. She raced to the last ladder.

A kid called out. “Watch those titties bounce!”

Dana began climbing fast. One of the boys yelled out; “Move that cute little
ass, red.”

Half way down the ladder, the street light hit her body. Now they had a good
look at her ass.

Another kid yelled; “Wow, you really are a red head, aren’t you?”

Dana finally made it to her catwalk. She cranked the window. She lifted one
leg up and over the windowsill inside.

Another kid yelled; “Oh God, that’s beautiful!”

Dana shut the window behind her. She closed the blinds. She had never been so
embarrassed in her life.

She sat on her bed, still naked. She had to catch her breath.

She stood up. She walked slowly towards her wardrobe.

Then, a phone started ringing from somewhere ... in her bedroom. Dana looked
around. Where is that coming from? Her bed side table.

Dana walked around to it. It was probably Mulder returning her call. Her cell
phone wasn’t there. Then she remembered. It was missing.

She pinpointed where it came from. Dana got down onto her knees and bent
over. She lifted the sheet from her bed up to get a look underneath. In the
small space between the floor and the bed was her phone.

She reached under with her left arm. Her breasts were against the floor, her
head craned to look underneath. The phone was just out of reach.

She bent down as low as she could get. Her ass was in the air. This really
was a bad night.

Her fingers touched the phone. Dana scraped it towards her. It came closer
and closer. The number was flashing on the screen. She didn’t recognize it at

She got a good look at it. It wasn’t Mulders’ number at all. It was HER home
phone number.

A chill ran down her spine. The message in the bathroom ...


“Oh no…”

Then, she heard a voice ...

“Nice ass, Red.”

A set of hands grabbed her hips. A cock was pushed into her ass.

Dana cried out in pain, “OH GOD!”

She moved back instinctively, but that just drove the cock deeper into her
ass. The man began to fuck her.

Dana tried to sit upright, but a hand pushed her back down to the floor. She
felt one hand on her rear, the other pushing down on her back.

The man spoke, “Someone has to show you just how much of a tight-ass you are,

She recognized the mans’ voice. The man – Alex Krycek.

“... And God, am I glad that it had to be me.”

She craned her neck around behind her. There was no one there.

“Krycek, what the hell are you doing!?”

A voice came from nowhere, “Fucking your poor little ass, Red. What do you

Scully moaned in discomfort. “Let me go, you son-of-a-bitch!”

“All in good time.”

She kicked with all her might. She pushed herself up off the floor.

Kryceks’ cock disappeared from her ass.

She stood up sore and naked. She looked around. There was nobody in the room.

Then, Krycek spoke; “You think we’re done here?”

Hands pushed her from behind. Scully landed on her bed. Hands gripped her
ankles and pulled her back. The hands released her and grabbed onto her
thighs. They pulled her back more. She was pulled back right onto his cock.

“Have you ever seen your ass get fucked by nothing, Scully?”

Dana only moaned.

Krycek pushed all the way into her. Dana squealed.

“No?” He said, “You really should. It looks amazing.”

Dana breathed deeper and deeper. “If you’re going to fuck me Krycek, then
just fuck me…”

Krycek began thrusting faster and faster.

“... But don’t... oh Christ... bore me with your... oh...”

She felt him deep inside of her. In and out ... it made her moan, “...with

And with that, Scully swung around a fist. It collided with something in
mid-air. Krycek hit the floor. She looked to where the thump came from. There
was no one there. Krycek was invisible.

Dana regained her senses. She ran for the bedroom door. Something grabbed her
ankle. She tripped. She hit the floor. Hands moved over her body. Handcuffs
snapped around her right wrist.

Krycek dragged her to the bed. He lifted her up and threw her front first.

She landed on the bed. Dana tried to move, but she was pinned down on her
stomach. Her wrists were brought up over her head.

Krycek cuffed her hands to the bed railing. Then, she couldn’t feel him at
all. She looked around. She craned her neck behind her ... towards her
dresser. She saw her reflection in the dresser mirror. She saw her ass.
Then, she saw a video camera move through the air. It came to rest on the
top of the dresser. It faced her. It caught her ass.

She looked to her left. She saw another video camera. It moved through the
air and came to rest on the windowsill. It caught the entire left side of
her naked body on the bed.

She looked to her right. She saw another video camera. It hovered down in
front of her face momentarily. Then it moved over to her bedside table. It
caught the front-right side of her. She got the gist of it.


“Fun and games, Scully.” Came his voice from nowhere.

“Krycek, what are you…”

Krycek cut her off, “Mulder, Skinner, Kirche, the Cancer Man, the Syndicate,
the entire male staff of the FBI...”

Dana let out a whisper, “Oh God…”

Krycek continued, “...The list is endless, Dana.”

She understood. She knew. “Krycek… don’t do this. Please…”

He continued. “I mean... the amount of people who would die to see YOU get
fucked up your tight little ass is staggering. Do you have any idea how many
men have wanted to do this to YOU?”

Scully tried to talk; “I don’t… I…”

Krycek cut her off, “The best ass in the FBI. The virgin ass of Dana
Katherine Scully. As tight as an ass could be.”

Dana begged, “Please, don’t… don’t do it Krycek. Please...”

Krycek ignored her, “Virgin ass. Not any more, that is.”

She screamed out in protest.

Dana felt him get onto the mattress. He lifted her up onto her knees. She
rested on her forearms. She felt his hands garb her pale white cheeks.

“Camera one. Camera two. Camera three.”

She felt his cock touch her tiny pink opening.


Dana gasped out loud as Krycek thrust his cock all the way into her ass
slowly. He pushed and pushed into her forbidden entrance. She bit her lip in

“Oh God, my ass! Oh, my ass... not in my ass... Krycek you bastard!”

Kryceks’ hips pivoted like a piston. Long hard continual thrusts into Dana’s
poor ass.

“You pervert!” She cried out. “Oh my GOD! No! Stop!”

Krycek didn’t say a word. He rubbed her breasts with both his hands. He
grabbed her left cheek and squeezed. He rubbed his hands up and down her

Dana’s face remained in an expression of shock for ten minutes.

Half an hour went by before she finally got over the pain of the violating
rhythm. She closed her eyes. She breathed through her mouth. She felt every
thrust. Now, Dana was building close to orgasm.

He fucked her good. He made her feel it. He thrust. He spoke, “This is so
fitting for you, Dana.”

“Krycek! Please stop...”

“Getting close, are we?”

She looked behind to where he would be if she could see him.

“Don’t worry, Red. So am I.”

She said in a near-orgasmic moan, “Goddamn you, Alex. You son of a...”

He thrust harder.

“Oh GOD...”

Dana came. It sent shivers though her body. She moaned out loud, “Oh my
God... oh, oh Christ… oh, ooh… ooooh, Christ…”

“My turn.” He said.

Dana snapped her head around over her shoulders. She started to buck her


“Fun and games, Red.”

She begged and pleaded, “DON’T KRYCEK! Please don’t cum in my ass!”

“You never know.” He said, “I might be nice...”

His thrusts sped up rapidly. She caught sight of the mirror behind her. She
saw her own ass. She saw herself opened wide. Dana breathed deeper and
deeper. Her moans came out one on top of another.

“Oh God, don’t ... please… no... I’m begging you. Not you! Not in my ass.”

Krycek continued, “But then again...”

He pivoted violently into her.

“...This is a once in a life time thing.”

Dana pulled on her handcuffs. It was no use. He gave his final thrust into

She cried out, “NO! NO! PULL OUT. PULL OUT. PULL OUT, PLEASE...”

He drove himself in and held it. His cock was all the way deep inside
Scully’s ass. He wrapped his arms and hands around her waist from behind.
She felt his entire cock bulge inside her violated cavity ... holding
itself there for one uncomfortable, humiliating moment.

He hugged her from behind. She thrashed wildly. Her legs were spread on
either side of his. Her thighs were pushed up against his legs. Her pale
cheeks were pushed and spread against his crotch. She bucked and wiggled
her ass. It was no good. Krycek was balls-deep and holding. Nothing worked.


He came. Dana felt a single pulse of cum shoot up into her. Time stood still
for a single moment. It sent a shiver down her spine. She spasmed. She
couldn’t stop it.

Another shot squirted deep into her ass. She jolted. She gasped. She moaned.
Then ... the rest came. Her thrashing made Krycek blow the biggest load into
her. It erupted in a geyser-jet of cum. It pumped deep inside her. She
wiggled and moved more ... but it just made Krycek cum more.

“OH GOD!” She cried out. “STOP! PLEASE!”

He pumped and pumped and pumped. He began thrusting more ... fucking her ass.
She felt the cum build up inside her. Dana came again. Krycek’s cum kept
filling her ass.

“Oh my God... Krycek... you bastard.”

He pumped all he had. Dana felt his thrusts slow down to a halt.

Dana moaned and whined, “Oh... my ass, you bastard... my ass.. you fucked my

Krycek slapped her ass, “See, Scully, it wasn’t all that bad, now was it?”

She slumped down onto her mattress, exhausted and humiliated.

“As a matter of fact, I think you could get used to this.”

He pulled out of her. Dana gave one final gasp as she felt his cock leave
her widened opening ... her entrance hugging at it’s tip.

“Well...” he said, “...A once in a life time opportunity, Dana. Thanks for
the ride.”

She looked around. She saw the cameras move from their positions and
disappear from sight.

“Now, it’s just a matter of cut and editing. Shouldn’t take too long.”

The keys to her cuffs came from nowhere. Krycek tossed them her way ... they
landed just out of her reach - deliberately. Then, she saw her cell phone
hover into the bathroom. The door shut behind it. Dana heard Krycek talking
to someone. He had to be on the phone. He was in there for a few minutes.

She looked behind her into the mirror. Kryceks’ cum started to flow out of
her sore opening. She couldn’t keep it inside her any longer.

The bathroom door opened again.

A video camera hovered out - focused on the back of her legs. He was filming
her ass and the cum leaking from it. He caught a shot of Dana's face in an
exhausted pose.

He spoke, “Some ‘concerned neighbors’ have just called the police. They’re
on their way here right now.”

“Krycek! You son of a bitch! You bastard! Uncuff me NOW!”

“Don’t worry, Red. I’ll have this tape of ours ready by Monday morning.”

She moved her legs up and sat on them. She moved closer to the handcuff keys.
They were still out of reach.

Kryceks’ cum ran down the back of her thigh. It soaked her bed sheets.

She gave up, “Oh God, this is not happening…”

Her bedroom door opened seemingly by itself. Dana reached desperately for
the keys to the cuffs again. She still couldn’t reach them.

Krycek bid her one last goodbye, “I’ll leave the front door open for you.
I’ll be in touch.”

Dana sat down on her bed, naked.

She sat in the damp patch of Kryceks’ warm cum. Her satin sheets stuck to
the back of her thighs.

She started sobbing. Dana cursed his name. His cum still trickled out of her
poor, innocent, entrance. How could this happen to me?

“Goddamn you Krycek.”

Dana’s ass stung. Her ass lost its virginity tonight to a man she hated. The
man who killed her sister had now managed to do this to her. The police were
going to find her naked and hand cuffed to a bed ... fucked up the ass.
People were going to know. People will see the tape.

Why me?

She couldn’t hide this.

She was ruined.

Monday was going to be hell.


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