This is an adult story, based on characters by Chris Carter from his
television series The X-files.

X-Files: Part 1 - The Dream Comes True (no sex,peeing)
By Flyboy

FBI Agents Dana Sully and Fox Mulder were stopping on a deserted highway in
the middle of nowhere. Dana said, "You know why we were given this
assignment. Because you were always bringing up the ideas that there were
aliens and a military/government cover up. The director wanted you out of
his hair for awhile. We were to go to this town in a Far East corner of this
state and wait if certain bank robber comes home. From the information we
received at the briefing, he hadn't shone his face since he left at
eighteen." Fox cocked his one side and gave Sully a small smile that made his
face like angelic child. "Don't start that! I know all about the obsession
about finding your sister Samantha. And those aliens abducted her, and that
the government is covering it up. Why do you always try so hard to convert
the nonbelievers into believers?"

"Now if you're through bitching at me I'm going to take a nap, I been up all
day and still about 12 hours of driving to be done."

"A NAP! In the middle of nowhere," she yelled at Fox.

"Sure! We haven't seen a car or a living soul for the last eight hours. All
I need is about half-hour and I will be ready to go. So if you have business
that needs to taken care of before I take my nap I suggest you go now."

Dana sighed, she opened the door and walked to a large stand of trees and
pulled her panties down and Fox told himself he should be a gentleman, but
had to sneak a peek. Dana's panties were down to her knees and the back of
dress was showing off her great butt. He though, 'Was she really a redhead,
maybe one of these days I'll find out.' Fox turned his head to and glazing
out the window, while Dana peed a big stream and she took a towelette from
her purse and wiped herself and feeling cooling sensation that towel to her
hot pussy.

After five or six stokes with towel, she though, 'My god I better stop this
or I'll come right here right now.' She pulled her panties back up and
straighten her dress and walked back to car. As she was getting in, "don't
worry you have your gun and I'm a light sleeper."

As Mulder closed his eyes, he thought, "I bet you she is a redhead and was
asleep almost immediately.'

Dana was watching Fox as he sleeps with almost angelic smile on his face.

End of Chapter 1

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