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Description: Ten angry and sadistic black rapists violate and kill Kitty Pryde on Magneto's orders.

Content Codes - Part 1: Mf, oral, ncon, first, teen, viol, inter, racist, pwp,

X-Men Evolution: Black Death Part 1
by JD ([email protected])

"Police! Freeze!"

Tyrone 'T-Dog' Dawson knew immediately that he'd fucked up. The bitch cop had the drop on him. A few weeks out of prison and they still wouldn't leave him alone. Okay, so as soon as he'd got out he'd gone right back to his gangsta lifestyle, but there wasn't a whole lot else for a barely educated black man in America. He wondered if he had been caught on camera when he raped a Goth bitch over a drug debt the previous morning, as there wasn't anybody else who'd dare grass him to the cops. Perhaps not, though, maybe the freckled lady pig just wanted to bust his balls because he was big and black and she was a cop.

NYPD officer Jean DeWolff was an attractive strawberry blonde who had the skills and ability to make it all the way to police captain in the right universe. Though a solid foot shorter than the ex-con T-Dog, she had a gun, safety off, aimed at his head. The radio had fritzed out when she'd tried to call in back up, but Officer Dewolff was confident her partner had her covered from the corner twenty feet back. Neither she nor the man she was apprehending had noticed her partner knocked unconscious and pulled around the corner, nor the white haired man who now appraised the scene from his position. If T-Dog had, he would have assumed him to be a gawker like those probably looking down from the tenements that lined the street.

"Assume the position against the wall!"

"God Damn! Can't a nigga walk down the street in this city?" Tyrone cursed as he pressed his palms against the stone.

"Suspect Tyrone Dawson! I -"

Officer Dewolff broke off as her gun fired. She knew she hadn't pulled the trigger; it had somehow pulled itself. Her sudden confusion turned to pain. Faster than her eye could follow, the bullet turned in the air and tore through her tight uniform from the left. Her bulletproof vest was bypassed entirely in the gap between armpit and protection as the hot slug passed through both of her breast without even flattening. Mammary gland and fat tore along the bullet's passage before it lodged in the exact center of her right breast, slowed to a burning halt when it should have continued onwards. Jean screamed in shocked pain, as blood seeped out visibly under her sweaty shaven pit, and unseen beneath her vest.

T-Dog heard the gunshot and assumed it was the end for him. He'd become just another black man dying in the gutter at the hands of a racist cop. When the bullet failed to tear into his ass, and the cop screamed instead, he risked a look round. The cop was barely holding onto her gun's butt, barely even standing. He could see pain and confusion in her expression but couldn't work out where she had been shot. His eyes widened as she managed to raise her gun back towards him, before the trigger again pulled itself.

It didn't make sense. The competent young officer knew there was nothing that could have pulled the trigger, but her gun had fired. The same force as the first time gripped the second misfired slug. It arced down and around, sped up. Officer Jean Dewolff had unwillingly shot herself in the cunt through the thin fabric of her uniform pants and silken panties. The bullet shredded her pussy before losing speed and stopping hotly in her uterus. The wounded cop screamed again, the pain close to unbearable, and tried to drop her gun. Instead, the pistol levitated and revolved in the air to point between her eyes. Twisting her head quickly back, Officer DeWolff saw her partner was gone, replaced by a bystander.

"Shit! Help me!" she begged T-Dog, "Call 911! We'll drop any charges..."

"Fuck you, pig!"

T-Dog laughed, muscled arms crossed across his chest as the bitch cop slumped against the wall. She trailed blood from her crotch like the mother of all periods. The barrel of the cop's own gun moved gently to the back of her skull. He locked his eyes on hers. T-Dog realized he had yet to see anything so entertaining as a cop shot with her own gun. He laughed cruelly again as she pushed away from the wall, and tried to run. The gun's third report signaled the end of her attempt as the bullet severed her brainstem and dropped her like a rag doll.

The lights went out for Jean Dewolff as soon as the bullet entered the back of her brain, cutting off her final, desperate thought, 'I don't want to die' She slumped to her knees at T-Dog's feet with her head lolling backwards, and blood draining slowly out from the fresh hole in her strawberry blonde hair. The unseen force controlling the bullet bounced it around inside her skull until blood dripped as freely from her nose, eyes and ears as it did from the back of her head.

"Damn! That was some crazy shit!"

"A small token of my power, T-Dog..."

The white man T-Dog had taken for a bystander had spoken. As he did so, a police squad car rolled silently around the corner. As T-Dog watched, Dewolff's unconscious partner was dragged by the metal in his belt and holster and levitated into the rear of the car. As the squad car rolled closer, slugs still inside Jean Dewolf shifted under the influence on her own belt and handcuffs as her limp corpse was dragged across the front seats of the squad car.

"...and here is a somewhat larger one."

Putting greater effort in, the older man concentrated on the squad car. Dewolff's partner regained consciousness as his vehicle was crushed to a cube around him. He was another fine NYPD officer murdered by the mutant terrorist Magneto. As the metal cage in the rear of the car pressed into his chest, it cut off his own terrified cry of pain and agony. When Magneto was finished the roughly cubed car seemed impossibly small in its pool of blood, gasoline and miscellaneous other fluids. A fistful of Jean's distinctive hair poked bloodstained from the side.

"T-Dog, do you know who I am? I am sure you watch Television?"

"Yeah, you that Magneto, right? 'the fuck do you know who I am?"

"Your mutation was documented during your last prison stay, and the records found their way to me. Even though you're clearly superior to these fearful primitive fools they treated you second class, and.."

"Shit, I'm a nigga in America, dawg, the man always treated us second class!" T-Dog wisely didn't add that he would normally rob any white guy stupid enough to stroll into his 'hood. He didn't want a bullet in his own crotch.

"I want to help you, T-Dog. I've seen your prison files and I think you would be a valuable asset to the cause of mutant liberation. I realize such high ideals may not be a sufficient motivator for you, so I can also guarantee you money, sex and violence."

"You talking my language, cracker! 'specially if we get to kill some more cops like those two fuckers!"

Magneto started to walk down the street, completely at ease in the company of the 6'10" 350 pound black man. The crushed cop cube was left to drain behind them. He felt physically in control, because he could use three metal balls floating unnoticed above to kill T-Dog instantly if he had too, and mentally in control because he was used to manipulating the angry and disenfranchised to his cause. He told T-Dog of his group of mutants, their freedoms and successes against the normal humans. He didn't argue when T-Dog angrily declared his own homies as good people he relied on, but did plant a seed of doubt by asking whether T-Dog had made his mutation common knowledge to them. T-Dog hadn't, but decided he would.

Then, Magneto explained that despite their successes they had also had problems. The students and older mutants working for and learning from Professor Charles Xavier had become a great thorn in his side. Magneto suggested that Xavier and his ilk were collaborators, acting superior but keeping mutants down. Over education rankled with the willfully ignorant T-Dog, and he shared Magneto's anger when the older mutant explained that one privileged little braniac in particular had prevented numerous significant victories for his organization.

Kitty Pryde.

"She needs to be dealt with in a permanent fashion, and in such a way that Xavier's other helpers think twice before standing against me, while the rest of the world views it as an anti-mutant crime."

He showed T-Dog a photo of Kitty standing in a celebratory pose with a couple of cops.

"We can do that, shit, we can teach this stuck up bitch a real fucking lesson! Bitch is a little skinny for me, I like some meat on my sluts, but that ain't no thing..."

"I'm glad I can count on you, my new friend. As mutants together we will foster a new world order."

Magneto knew that T-Dog's propensity for sexualized violence, shared by his gang of similarly brutal ex-cons would be an apt punishment for the sexually naive Kitty, and that a photo or two of her fate distributed amongst her young friends would surely terrify them and ruin their effectiveness in opposing him. He continued explaining how T-Dog's gang could kidnap the mutant girl and prevent her using her power to simply phase out and run away. T-Dog wasn't the world's greatest strategist, but Magneto wasn't far off and with the change in tactics from the Brotherhood's usual schemes, Kitty's fate was sealed.

* * *

One week later, as the unsolved brutal murders of Officer Jean Dewolff and her partner were still big news throughout New York and further afield, Kitty Pryde set out to meet her teen crush Lance Alvers. Her planned meeting was for sodas and ice cream as a Sweet Sixteen birthday treat. Kitty's close high school friends couldn't understand why Kitty didn't want to celebrate with them on the day of her birthday, but Kitty knew some of them didn't approve of Lance. He was in close with the Brotherhood, the delinquents influenced by the likes of Magneto Even so; Kitty believed Lance was a good guy inside. She knew that he loved her, and she really liked him.

She didn't even notice the beat-up white van parked down the road from the ice cream place as she almost skipped towards it. Turning 16 had felt like a big milestone for Kitty. She'd worn her think pink top over a slightly more revealing undershirt than she would have only the day before. There wasn't a whole lot for Kitty to reveal, for as T-Dog had noted, she was on the skinny side of petite. Putting her brunette hair into a high ponytail actually added height to the young mutant. Though she wasn't totally lacking in cleavage and had developed hips, there was very little excess fat on Kitty. She didn't have much jewelry, but wore a gold Star of David around her neck as a symbol of her Jewish heritage amongst the other students.

Riker, the black driver of the white van, pulled it up alongside Kitty as she stopped and looked for Lance through the window. Her happiest smile formed beneath her sparkling blue eyes as she recognized him sitting with his back to her in one of the side booths. Butterflies danced in Kitty's stomach as she admired Lance's broad shoulders and imagined holding hands and maybe making out a little with him on her birthday.

It was the last time Kitty Pryde would ever know happiness. T-Dog's huge hand covered both her nose and mouth at once. He dragged Kitty's frantically kicking body through the side door of the white van. Riker accelerated away from the curb even before Kitty's feet were inside. Kitty was surprised to be grabbed, but assumed it was an attack from unknown members of the Brotherhood. She intended to phase through the man holding her and summon further help, but found that her powers no longer worked. Kitty started to panic.

It didn't make sense! She'd phased only minutes before to cut a big corner off her walk, but now no matter how she tried Kitty found herself staying resolutely solid. She had one last view of Lance's back as the van door was slammed shut by the third man in the van, Pops. He got his name from being the oldest guy who worked with T-Dog. Kitty's eyes were wide with fear as she tried to bite at T-Dog's rough black fingers. Her perfectly straight white teeth - another sign of Kitty's privileged upbringing - had little effect on T-Dog beyond causing irritation.

"You want to bite me, cracker? Why don't you bite this?"

T-Dog snarled as he slammed Kitty's head into the side of the van. Stars exploded behind her eyes a second before the sharp pain hit. She squealed into T-Dog's fingers as blood trickled from her temple. As she tried to clear her head, Kitty realized the black man in front of her was tugging her shoes off. She struggled more, only to again have her head slammed into the hard unyielding metal. The impact rung around the confined space and took Kitty Pryde close to blacking out. T-Dog covered Kitty's mouth with his hand again. The abduction and momentary violence had left him with a raging lust he would soon satisfy.

Once again, Kitty tried to shake out her head. She hoped the pain would clear soon. It seemed clear to Kitty that she had no choice but to stop struggling and allow her kidnap to continue. Her skull throbbed painfully. Kitty's tear filled left eye began to sting as the blood from her temple trickled down into it. She blinked and groaned, and hoped the wound would clot quickly. The man who'd taken her shoes off gripped her ankles together with his hands, and so Kitty came to the conclusion that he'd simply wanted to stop her kicking out.

"Hey, T-Dog! Thought you said this little white bitch could float away like Casper the cracker ghost?"

"Guess she ain't so fucking special!" T-Dog replied, and both men laughed.

Kitty's mouth was blocked by T-Dog's hand so she couldn't speak out. She looked around the small interior of the van again, finally noticing the new, clean, hi-tech equipment that didn't look like something ordinary kidnappers would have. Being very intelligent, Kitty deduced that it was stopping her power working, and also that it had to be using up a lot of power. If only it's power source died befor...

"We're here!"

The white van screeched to a halt inside an abandoned warehouse in a bad neighborhood. Another of T-Dog's gang, Giant, had stood by the door waiting for the van's return. He earned his nickname by being even taller than T-Dog by a few inches, and having an even more muscular build. Unlike T-Dog, Giant was incredibly stupid. Not just ignorant or anti-education like some of the others, but very, very dumb. He was too stupid even to play pro basketball. Once the white van was inside the warehouse, Giant grunted and put his weight into shutting the big doors closed.

T-Dog stayed in the back of the van and maintained his fierce grip on Kitty's body and head. He waited as Pops lifted the suppression device - keyed to Kitty's specific DNA - out of the van and handed it up to yet another gangmember, Shank. He quickly plugged it into the mains power supply they'd routed into the building. According to Magneto, once running off the mains the device would stop Kitty's mutant abilities within 50 feet or so of the device, and there was no way she'd make it that far before one of the men caught her, or shot her. T-Dog shifted his grip to Kitty's ponytail, and then slid out of the van. Having her mouth uncovered gave Kitty a moment to protest,

"Hey, like, wait, I...ow!"

T-Dog yanked Kitty down onto the cold metal floor of the van, and then pulled her out again by her ponytail. Kitty tried to grab T-Dog's thick wrist, but her small white hands couldn't even get a grip as he dragged her screaming from the van by her hair. She realized her kidnappers had no intention of being gentle with her as she hit the even colder and harder floor of the warehouse. As she looked around, she noticed that her unarmed combat training would prove little use against such a large height, weight and numbers advantage. Still fully clothed, and with only a minor wound, Kitty hadn't realized the full extent of what was planned for her skinny little white body by the gang.

"Get off of me! You can't do this! Wolverine will hurt you!"

T-Dog didn't seem afraid,

"Shit, that little runt shows up my new friend's gonna tear his skeleton out his ass! I'd pay to see that shit!"

T-Dog pulled Kitty to her feet, and then lifted her fully into the air by her ponytail. Kitty screamed again at the acute pain in her scalp. She was light enough that the bunched hair wasn't about to start tearing out in clumps, but the ease with which the huge black gangsta dangled Kitty above the floor gave her a new sense of her powerlessness. Kitty heard more men walking over to view her abuse. Including himself, T-Dog had ten gang members in the warehouse. Pops was 45 years old, the others all between 32 and 34 years old, double or more than double Kitty's age on her birthday.

"Put me down! You're really hurting me, you can't do this to me!"

"Hear that T-Dog? Whitey always tryna' tell a brother what he can't do!"

"Listen, cunt, I..."

"My name is Kitty Pryde! Not cunt, not bitch, not..."

Kitty shouted back in frustration, stopping only when T-Dog released his grip on her hair suddenly and she dropped back onto her shoeless feet. She assumed she'd shocked him into showing her a little respect, but as her eyes cleared she saw him drawing back his arm. The huge black man's fist came towards Kitty's chest like a cannon ball. T-Dog's bony knuckles slammed into Kitty's small breast and knocked her completely off her feet. An angry bruise began to form immediately underneath her bra, while she only barely managed to avoid a nasty crack on her head from the concrete floor. Kitty had had the air knocked out of her by the sheer force of T-Dog's punch, and he wouldn't even have considered it a hard blow.

"Now, cunt, as I was saying..."

"What the fuck is that?"

"Don't interrupt me, man!"

"Shit, sorry T-Dog, you know I wouldn't say nothing if it wasn't important! I respect you, bro!"

The speaker was Mohammed. He was so angry as he pointed down at Kitty that his finger was shaking. T-Dog was pissed at being interrupted, but also perplexed as to what had got Mohammed riled. The nigga had seen a white bitch 'bout to get raped before hadn't he? Then T-Dog noticed the girl's necklace had come out from under her top and lay on the concrete beneath where Mohammed was actually pointing.

"You want her chain? I don't think you gon' look like Mr T with that round your neck!"

"That's the Star of David! This is a filthy fucking Jew!"

Mohammed hawked a huge wad of spit down onto Kitty's face. It landed on her stinging temple and slid down towards the concrete. T-Dog hadn't seen him so angry since he'd offered him bacon wrapped chicken. He knew that his gang were all affiliated with the Nation of Islam to varying degrees from their time in prison. Mohammed took it the most seriously, and had even adopted more traditional Islamic attitudes and grown a beard. His rabid anti-Semitic ranting had reached the others more than T-Dog realized until more of the gang joined in with spitting on Kitty's sobbing body.

"Fucking this hook-nosed Jew bitch to death will be payback for our Palestinian brothers who suffer under the heel of Isreael! We should film this great act of Jihad and use it to give hope to the holy warriors"

"Her nose don't look all that hooked" Giant's background rumble was ignored.

"We ain't filming shit!" T-Dog didn't care about the odd still shot the gang took on cell phones, but he didn't want any moving footage or sound.

"You hear me, Jew? We're going to make you suffer!" Mohammed growled at Kitty.

"You... you won't be able to ransom me if you hurt me..." Kitty sobbed back.

"Ransom you? Shit, cunt! We weren't never gonna ransom you! Your white ass is here to get fucked and killed! Shank here didn't get his name giving massages!"

"No, please, I'm only sixteen... I'm, like, totally innocent... I never hurt anyone and..."

T-Dog shoved his pants to the floor. His huge veiny black cock sprang up almost against his chest. As the boss he always went first on any gangbang. Kitty's eyes widened in sheer horror. There was no way she wanted anything to do with the ugly great lump of flesh sticking out above the man's heavy hairy balls. T-Dog stepped out of his pants as the rest of the gang began to strip. When he pulled Kitty up to her knees she found herself surrounded by a circle of thick black meat. It was almost as if it was a requirement for being in T-Dog's crew to have great length and girth.

"Hold her fucking mouth open! Show me those expensive rich bitch teeth!"

Kitty struggled with all her strength then, but it was like pissing into a hurricane. Two men gripped her head with hands so big and rough skinned that she felt like her face was pressed inside baseball mitts. The 16-year-old white girl screamed and begged as she saw T-Dog step up to her through one uncovered eye. Her pleas were incoherent with fingers holding her lower jaw down until her jaw muscles cramped, but still arousing to her assailants. Riker move behind her and pulled her arms back painfully. He forced her to her feet and made her bend forward a little before T-Dog.

A hard days sweating had increased the natural smell around T-Dog's crotch to pungent levels. The stench washed over Kitty's face and added to her disgust as she mentally acknowledged that she, who had only ever tongue kissed with Lance once, was about to have a cock bigger than her wrist pushed into her mouth. The bulbous purple crown looked alien and obscene as T-Dog aimed it down at Kitty's face. He slapped her nose with it, and the impact felt like a club to the terrified mutant girl.

"Oooooo!" Kitty's cries were rendered into vowels by the strong black fingers gripping her jaw.

"Oh yeah!"

T-Dog aimed his cock in between Kitty's teeth. His throbbing girth was so great that even with her jaw forced to it's widest; he couldn't avoid brushing her perfect white teeth. He grinned as the girl tried to push his cock back with her tongue. The wet warmth felt good on his crown, but he knew her tight untried throat would be better. Kitty Pryde gagged as her black rapist reached the tight entrance to her gullet, but still tried to beg the man to leave her alone. A quick hard thrust saw T-Dog's heavy balls on Kitty Pryde's chin and his shaft firmly sheathed in her throat.

"Oh yeah! Jesus, this has to be the tightest throat ever! This little white bitch's throat is better than my old prison bitch's ass!"

Kitty panicked as she realized she was unable to breathe at all. She'd hoped to maybe have a small kiss with Lance over chocolate ice cream, but it was chocolate of a different kind that painfully stretched her throat. She felt her hands released and tried beating small fists against the black man's thighs. He just laughed from above her, before starting to pull his shaft out. For such a smart girl, Kitty made the stupid mistake of hoping it was over, that they just wanted to threaten her... and then the big black man thrust back into her throat before she could draw breath!!

"Bitch is going purple, T-Dog!"

"Good! Don't like white skin anyhow," replied T-Dog, gripping Kitty's nose in his fingers to totally cut off her air supply.

The hulking gang leader totally dwarfed the 16-year-old white girl as he raped her tight throat with long hard thrusts. Kitty's hard gagging squeezed his cock on each thrust, almost to the point where he couldn't get back down her throat. It took his incredible strength to keep pounding. The sounds of his gang's encouragement seemed like background buzz to T-Dog, as he concentrated on the wet noise of Kitty's gagging and the occasional slap of his balls on her small chin. He knew he was close; the only question was where to give Kitty his load.

Kitty's frantic hand slaps soon faded as her asphyxiation became desperate. There was a 'lightness of being' in her head that might have been quite pleasant if it wasn't for the burning in her lungs and pain in her throat. She didn't want to die with a black cock down her throat, her potential washed away in a blast of cruelty and spunk, but it seemed very likely as the view of T-Dog's body grew dark in her eyes. She was still just conscious as T-Dog slammed his tightened balls into her chin one last time, and started to spurt. She passed out as T-Dog gave her a first meal of sperm. After the pain and humiliation she had suffered it might have seemed an easy death to go out then and there.

"Fuck! Hey Mohammed, you reckon my nigga spunk is kosher?"

T-Dog pulled his cock out from between Kitty's bluish Jewish lips. As the others released her head, she fell utterly limp bodied to the floor. Her eyes were still wide and offering a glimpse into the pain and terror she had suffered as T-Dog choked her on his thick cock. Still fully clothed, it took her purple face to show the physical horror of her first ordeal.

Continued in Part 2
_ _ _

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