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Description: Ten angry and sadistic black rapists violate and kill Kitty Pryde on Magneto's orders.

Content Codes - Part 2: MMM+f, rape, first, teen, viol, tort, mutil, scat, ws, cream pie, oral, anal, inter, racist, pwp, snuff, necro, solo

X-Men Evolution: Black Death Part 2
by JD ([email protected])

The ten members of T-Dog's gang enjoyed the sight of Kitty Pryde's prone body drooling spunk onto the concrete floor. T-Dog knew the bitch's life wasn't going to end on a goddamn single blow job,

"Pops! Bring her the fuck round already!"

"Shit! Might have to CPR the slut!"

Pops had been the most successful of the black gang members, career-wise. He'd joined the Army as soon as they'd have him and been trained as a medic. He'd seen action in a couple of different theatres and was generally seen to be a good guy to have in a tight spot. That had all changed when some stuck up officer bitch from the rear had come for an inspection and happened to stick her head around the door of the room where Pops was anally raping a wounded prisoner. The bitch's superiors had covered it up to avoid another army scandal, and Pops had done his time in military prison on a bullshit charge instead.

Under Pops' skilled ministrations Kitty was soon slapped back into full consciousness. She looked around in confusion as her memory returned, before another vicious open palmed blow slammed her head from one side to the other.

"No! Stop it! You can't do this to-"

Kitty's already-hoarse and frankly disproved protest was cut off by Pops grabbing her ponytail and yanking her face roughly to his crotch. Sat on the concrete floor with his legs spread, he forced his way into Kitty's mouth. Kitty fought harder this time, to similarly little avail. Pops pulled and pushed her face down onto him. She found it easier to breathe, and he gave her chances T-Dog hadn't so he wouldn't have to bring her round again. Riker reached down between Kitty's legs and groped her snatch through her pants.

"I bet this little white bitch is really enjoying having your dick down her throat! White guys are tiny, right? Jewish guys are even tinier!"

Kitty's flailing fist caught a glancing blow on Pops' balls, not enough to slow his thrusts, but he still swore,

"Shit! That fucking hurt! Break her fucking fingers!"

"Shit, nigga. How's this cracker bitch gonna jerk me off with all her fingers broken?""

"Fuck, just wrap them round your shaft and make her do it anyway!"

"Fuck it! I got this hand, Shank... race ya?"

"You mine!"

Kitty's raw throat ceased to be the source of her worst pain as strong black hands spread out her thin white fingers on either side. Riker started off first, bending Kitty's pinky finger back until it broke. It seemed a small injury to hurt so terribly. Kitty screamed around Pops' cock. The sudden vibrations brought the older man off. Groaning with sadistic pleasure, he managed to lift Kitty's head up so that he spurted in her mouth. Kitty's screaming turned to coughing as the thick potent seed painted her tongue and splashed around. Pops scooted backwards and Mohammed got down on the cold hard concrete in his place.

He really enjoyed the sight of the young Jewish girl on her knees, bent forwards, and coughing on his close friend's semen. To Mohammed's sick and twisted worldview, this rape and dishonor was what every Jewish women deserved before she died. As Mohammed slid his own shaft into Kitty's gaping mouth, two more of her fingers were quickly broken. He spat in Kitty's face again, though the tears streaming down her cheeks quickly washed his sputum away. Where Pops had only been interested in his own pleasure, Mohammed made sure to slap Kitty's face, and grab painfully at her still covered breasts as he bounced her head roughly on his crotch.

"The tightness of her throat and the attractiveness of her body is a snare for the immoral! This vile Jew dog would have had some weak man obeying her every whim if we did not carry out this holy duty!"

"Shit, fool, just shut up and fuck the bitch's face!" T-Dog didn't give a shit if a girl was Jewish or Christian, just being a rich white girl made her an object of hatred to him.

"I fucking win!" Shank's cry interrupted the argument.

Shank broke Kitty's left thumb just before Riker broke her right. They fist bumped in mutual triumph before wrapping Kitty's crippled hands around their hard cocks. Their own huge hands totally covered Kitty's as they jerked off to the pleasurable sight of her unwilling face being split around Mohammed's cock. Grinning widely, Shank kicked Kitty in the side. The bruising impact lifted her momentarily off of Mohammed's cock.

"Fuck you guys!"

He gripped Kitty's head firmly in his hands before starting on the final short thrusts to his climax. Still laughing, Riker and Shank took turns kicking Kitty while pleasuring themselves in her hands. Her tears flowed heavily as Mohammed finally added his load to Pops' mouthful. She still managed to cough some out, but simply fighting for more air caused her to swallow a decent amount of the strong smelling mixture. She couldn't respond as Mohammed taunted her again,

"Now, the filth of your Jewish spirit is visible on your body, bitch! When you burn in eternal torment, you'll still taste the fluid of the faithful!"

The small, warm, badly broken fingers provided a nice friction as Shank jerked his cock with Kitty's hand. As for Riker, the knowledge that dragging Kitty's hand back and forth along his rigid lengths was causing the girl great pain was a source of additional pleasure for Shank. Still, he had won the next between Kitty's lips, and so he released the white teen's hand and reached for his favorite knife.

He had earned his nickname from cutting on whores for the smallest reason. Where other pimps would give the most troublesome hoes a slash to the face to keep them in line, Shank liked to go to work on bodies that would be barely seen in street liaisons. T-Dog had told him he was going to hold off cutting on Kitty 'til T-Dog said so, but he could maybe have a little slice while taking her clothes off. Shank had agreed willingly, knowing the anticipation would be just as sweet once the helpless girl was sobbing before him.

Kitty tried to curl into a fetal ball of pain. She was sure that some of her ribs had been broken from the kicking, and her guts felt bad too. The pain in her fingers was both sharp and throbbing, but with one hand still wrapped around Riker's shaft she could only try to cup one hand to her. Her throat felt like it was bleeding inside, but all she could taste was sweaty black cock and spunk. Her seemingly endless stream of tears was so thick she couldn't see as Shank twisted her back on her knees, and took his knife to her undershirt.

Shank sliced through the white fabric of Kitty's undershirt with a swift slash that demonstrated the sharpness of his blade. He left a shallow gash between Kitty's breasts, as he made sure to cut her bra strap at the same time. The petite teen girl was already crying too hard to flinch as Shank enclosed her badly bruised breast in his huge black hand and squeezed. As Kitty's clothes came off the bruises she'd sustained became visible to the rest of the gang members, who appreciated the color they brought to her pale skin. The angriest and most painful looking was on her right breast. Kitty's titty was so swollen that it seemed she had one bigger than the other.

A further two slashes down each arm, and Kitty was topless before her rapists. Her face was a mess of tears and burst capillaries from her earlier choking, while sperm and drool covered her chin. The sight was enough to bring Riker off on top of his masturbation. He groaned as he jerked long spurts of hot spunk over Kitty's small breasts using the girl's own broken hand. He squeezed out his final dribbles with an extra painful crunch of Kitty's fingers, then stepped back to let Shank finish stripping the girl.

There was just a moment where Kitty Pryde wasn't restrained by any of the men, but with her powers nullified she was just a helpless scared white girl and she was too afraid and pained even to try to run. Shank kicked her between her tits. She didn't see the blow coming, but felt it rock her back onto the ground again. The smell of spunk and unwashed black cock filled Kitty's shrinking world, and then Shank's dirty ass came down across her mouth.

"Lick my shithole, bitch! Get your lying Jew tongue in my ass or I'll cut your fucking tits off right now!"

The threat got through to Kitty despite her pain, but she still didn't want to lick the black rapist's ass. The stench filled her nose as Shank shifted position, rubbing her battered face with his sweaty buttocks as he set to slicing off Kitty's pants. He sawed through the thicker fabric while enjoying Kitty's hot breath on his ass. He was so intent on using his knife he didn't even notice the sobbing bitch hadn't tossed his salad.

T-Dog came back from the gang's stash with a bottle of Wild Turkey to see Kitty's 16-year-old cunt revealed to the gang members. There was no doubt the girl was a virgin - Magneto had assured him of it. Kitty's crotch was lightly furred with just curling brunette hair. Shank demonstrated the retained sharpness of his blade by slicing a few hairs off. T-Dog could see the rest of the gang were still waiting a turn with bitch, but leadership had some privileges. As Jones and L'Il Tom pulled Kitty's individual pants legs away to display her skinny legs, T-Dog stepped forward again.

"Better get your cock down her throat, Shank, otherwise this girl's gonna raise the roof when I fuck myself all the way into her lungs!"

Shank laid his knife to one side reverentially, before reaching for Kitty's ponytail. His grip was a lot rougher on Kitty than it had been with his beloved blade. He pulled her back up onto her knees by hair alone, then choked off her hysterical crying with a hand around the throat. Once his grip was secure he roughly wiped the tears from Kitty Pryde's eyes, and slapped her face until she was focused on him.

"Hey. Hey, Bitch. Look at my cock. See this black meat? There is nothing you can do to stop me fucking your throat with it."

Kitty's fear was matched only by her existing pain as Shank pulled her face to his crotch, and pushed into Kitty Pryde's mouth. Her rational thinking was fragmented by the constant abuse. Almost insanely scared, she tried biting into black cock. Shank pulled back suddenly, as Kitty's teeth closed with a snap. The joking and laughing gang members went very quiet. Shank wound back with his free hand and gave Kitty a punch in the jaw with such force that the fragile bones were dislocated and shattered immediately. Kitty would never bite down again. Teeth, blood semen and drool splashed across the floor as a cheer went up from the gang. The destruction of Kitty's perfect smile was another blow against White Privilege for the men of T-Dog's gang.

If the blow had been to Kitty's temple, it would have knocked the petite mutant out cold. As it was, she saw flashing stars through the appalling agony, and was virtually senseless until she felt Shank's balls on her face. He raped her throat so hard and rough that his balls sent further waves of pain through her jaw on every impact, while her already raw throat felt ripped to shreds. Just as she thought her suffering could get no worse, she felt something poking between her legs.

Nothing about Kitty's kidnapping or assault had remotely aroused her, nor would it any sane girl. She was utterly dry and very tight where she'd barely even probed with her fingers. T-Dog splashed Wild Turkey over Kitty's virginal cunt, knowing that it would be mostly useless as a lubricant, but would sting her horribly before long. Shank's savage throat rape was so rough that T-Dog had to grip Kitty's hips firmly to actually get his cock to her entrance. He grinned as the white girl tried to pull her hips free from his grasp, but he was so strong compared to her that Kitty couldn't budge herself even an inch away. T-Dog raised one hand and brought it back down to leave a perfect red handprint on Kitty Pryde's pale buttocks.

Kitty's choked gagging became even more desperate a moment later when T-Dog's black meat was six dry inches into the 16-year-old, with more to come. Kitty's legs kicked wildly back, but she couldn't dislodge the big black buck inside her. Her vain attempt at struggling only aroused Shank and T-Dog even more. A thin trail of blood marked T-Dog's cock as he temporarily withdrew, only to thrust deeper into Kitty Pryde.

Although the first cock thrust down Kitty's throat had hurt, it had taken two or three to get really painful. T-Dog's vaginal rape hurt even more within the first two thrusts and kept on getting worse. Kitty Pryde was so tight that she would have hurt even an average white guy. T-Dog was used to opening up tight white girls with his tool. He knew blood drenched pleasure would be his shortly, and so it proved. Shank pulled out to come directly into Kitty's mouth and across her painfully broken teeth.

"Oh yeah... swallow it all, bitch! There's poor kids starving in Israel, right?"

Shank's gasps turned into a harsh laugh as he finished with a hard slap across Kitty's face. Though not as hard as his earlier punch to Kitty's jaw, the blow actually drove her silent for a moment, allowing the gang to hear the rough slap of T-Dog's body against Kitty's. He pulled back on her ponytail so that he could bring gravity to bear in pressing Kitty down on his rock hard black shaft. Kitty Pryde's body had been beaten black and blue, and the gang wasn't even finished with her yet. Somehow, slapped halfway back to her senses, Kitty managed to speak. The girl's suffering was evident in every rasping syllable of her weak voice, and the incoherence of words from a barely usable shattered jaw,

"Ple... please stop this... let me go... I don't... never did anything to you... please... I'm begging you..."

T-Dog's reply was to reach around and squeeze Kitty's small breasts almost to bursting within his big hands. A moment later he climaxed deep inside Kitty Pryde's cunt. The hot blasts against her raped raw vaginal walls and battered cervix hurt even more than the Wild Turkey. If he was planning on letting the girl live, T-Dog would have laid a bet on pregnancy as his potent seed was triumphantly planted.

Once his spurts stopped, T-Dog shoved the girl forward from his cock to another two gang members. Her pleas for mercy that could never come were cut off again as she was roughly plowed between two unwashed black rapists. Another man took her broken hand and used it around his shaft. The same pattern of multiple rapists taking turns in Kitty continued for another hour until Giant, who'd been staring vacantly at the ceiling, announced he wanted a turn with the "pretty white girl."

Looking at the bruises, breaks, thick splashes of semen and long streaks of drying and still fresh blood T-Dog held the opinion that this was a no longer pretty Kitty. There wasn't any point trying to explain technicalities to Giant, who'd once unknowingly practiced necrophilia with his own sister's body. Riker finished humping into Kitty's cunt with a few thin spurts, and then pulled out rapidly. Giant stepped forward, ignoring the pool of blood and semen that had formed between Kitty's feet, and pressed his dry cock at Kitty's asshole. She was un-lubricated save for a couple of drying splashes of semen shot after Jones had pulled out of her cunt earlier.

"Uh.. Giant, man, T-Dog gets first go on...

T-Dog interrupted the respectful protest on his behalf with a wave of his hand.

"Never mind that Pops! Giant, you want to break her little white ass open, you go for it!"

Kitty didn't make any protest. Their victim was so wrapped in her pain that she didn't register when the next cock aimed higher up her butt. There was no way Giant was going to get into Kitty's ass without tearing her open, but he wasn't even bright enough to not care. Blood trickled freely down to Kitty's swollen cunt as Giant used his incredible strength to enter her virgin asshole. Kitty's throat had been raped so hard by the ten black men, for so long, that she could no longer force a scream as Giant brutally impaled her ass on his freakishly huge shaft.

It was an impressive sight even to men used to the extremes of gang rape - Kitty's feet hung high above the floor as Giant squeezed his thick black shaft relentlessly inside a hole that seemed too small even for his pinky finger. Kitty's eyes were glazed with agony, and her mouth hung open in a silent scream for a moment before Pops pulled it over his cock. He fucked her face in short hard thrusts that didn't give the girl time to breath. She was wedged entirely on cock. Giant grunted with the effort as he pulled his filth stained cock back out, almost pulling Kitty's rectum with it, and then sank his full obscene length back into her bowels.

"Feels real good. Very warm! Dat's nice!"

"You go, Giant! See if you can fuck her white ass until it's swollen up like a ghetto booty!"

As the rest of the gang watched Kitty Pryde's brutal anal rape it became apparent her ass was going to be far too stretched and broken for any of them to take pleasure within. Giant's big balls hammered Kitty's cunt so hard he left fresh bruises, and bloody spunk splattered in an even wider circle beneath. Even a horse would have been hard-pressed to rape Kitty's ass as deep and roughly as the big black man managed, and the assault continued through another three oral rapes for the girl. Kitty was barely conscious by the time Giant dropped down to his knees, and then pressed his entire body weight down on Kitty's back.

Kitty was almost crushed to death between the filth pooled concrete floor and the huge retarded black man as he came in seven strong spurts into her broken ass. Her small breasts came close to splitting under the enormous weight on her back, while her broken ribs ground in further agony within her. When Giant was finally satisfied, he lumbered back to his feet. His wilting cock was still lodged deep enough in Kitty that she was lifted a foot from the floor before gravity succeeded in dragging her free. Her ass gaped broken and open for a moment before Pops flipped her onto her back with a well-aimed kick. After a moment, Kitty's weakly rising and falling chest confirmed the girl was still alive, and slightly shifting eyes confirmed she was still at least partially conscious.

Kitty had given up hope of rescue, given up hope of being healed and helped. She wanted death more dearly than she would ever have thought any person could. Kitty knew she couldn't face her family and friends if they knew the details of her violation by the black hooligans. She couldn't even bring Lance's face to mind. She knew that Jews had suffered throughout history for no good reason, and it seemed her fate was as bad as any of her foremothers. At that point, raped in every way imaginable, Kitty felt her suffering had reached its nadir, but there was still more torture in store for her.

Pops lit a blunt and took an enjoyable toke upon it. He kicked Kitty's legs wider as Shank knelt lent down between them. Shank's bloodstained knife still glinted wickedly in the darkening warehouse as night fell properly outside. Though he'd already cum hard three times, his cock was hard again with the expectation of the wanton cruelty he was about to inflict with his beloved blade. Kitty Pryde's cunt was no longer a thin virgin's slit, but a gaping wound unable to close. Kitty didn't react as Shank fastened two rough black fingers on her bruise-swollen clit.

There had been no pleasure for Kitty throughout her terrible rape, especially as her clit had been bruised early on. In some part of her mind she realized what was going to happen as the cold metal pressed against her flesh, but she couldn't make herself react before Shank cut into her bodies most sensitive nerve cluster. Though the knife was very sharp, Kitty reached a new level of pain instantly. She was almost blind with agony as the pink nub held before her red rimmed and bloodshot eyes,

"Look at that!" Shank laughed with happy malice, "Kitty's clitty!"

The knifeman's filth stained fingers made her gag as he forced her severed clitoris down to the back of her mouth. As it rolled across her tongue, the semen and blood mixture already present meant the young mutant barely tasted it. Shank followed it with his cock, clutching Kitty's face in his hands as he once again raped her raw throat. He thrust down hard, making sure Kitty's severed clitoris wasn't spat back up. She swallowed her nub along with Shank's purple crowned shaft.

Kitty pounded the ground with broken hands. The pain in her snapped fingers couldn't compare to her fundamentalist Muslim style circumcision. To complete the operation there came a hissing noise from below. Pops had cauterized the wound with his blunt. He ground the red-glowing ash into Kitty's clit stump as her body thrashed against the hard concrete floor. Shank was so aroused, he managed to twist around and add shallow slashes across Kitty's breasts as he fucked her throat for a final time. Yellow fat showed for a moment before the blood welled and dribbled down Kitty's stomach. Shank lost his loving grip on the knife as he fired his load down to Kitty's bloated stomach.

He dropped her flat against the ground, and then stood over the girl to enjoy the cuts he had given her. Though grievously wounded and physically exhausted, Kitty's young heart still beat fiercely in her chest and the blood flowed quickly from her slashed breasts. Shank appreciatively squeezed his last dribble of semen over Kitty's wounds. Much of the rest of the gang were already spent. Riker aimed his limp cock at Kitty's face and unleashed a hot stream of piss. He washed away her tears with the strong smelling stream. Inspired, the rest of the gang joined in.

Multiple streams of piss criss-crossed Kitty's body as some aimed for her gaping, torn cunt and others at the freshly bloody wounds in her breasts. There was enough to wash away some of the spunk and blood that caked the skinny white girl, but the small amount that went in her mouth did little to shift the thick paste of spunk that caked her broken teeth and tongue. As the black men used Kitty Pryde as their communal urinal they offered another round of insults at the broken girl,

"White Bitch!" "Fucking Jew Whore!" "Kike slut!" "You fucking love it, don't you?"

T-Dog meanwhile, was gearing up to finish Kitty for good. As the last streams sputtered out, he crouched over Kitty's open mouth. The piss bath had again revived Kitty slightly, and she was able to look up through the pain haze to see him take a warm belt from his bottle of Wild Turkey. A moment later, T-Dog's muscular black ass filled Kitty's view. The gang whooped as they realized he had started to he strain over Kitty's face.

There was so much spunk in her mouth he wasn't even sure Kitty would taste the hard stool he forced out. He grunted as it dropped freely between Kitty's broken teeth, barely smearing her lips with shit. Kitty's near silent whimpering increased as the black man shit in her mouth, and T-Dog knew the bitch had tasted it after all. He grunted as a further smaller stool slid out into Kitty's mouth, before casually wiping his ass on her already filthy hair.

"Shit, I needed that. Get some pictures boys, we gonna send them to her friends! Something else I need to tell you, you know I tol' you before, we didn't just grab this bitch 'cos she was a stuck up Jew?"

"We don't need another reason!"

"We sure don't! But this whimpering piece of fuckmeat is something else, she's an Uncle Tom! Mutants're fighting not to be treated like shit, and she's working with th' man to get 'em fucked! Mutants are getting it worse'n Niggas in the Carolinas!"

"Why'd you care about Mutants all a' a sudden, T-Dog?"

"I am a fucking Mutant!"

There was a moment's silence around the gang, and then a kind of collective shrug. T-Dog was their nigga and they didn't give a shit. The simple fact was he'd arranged for them to rape a superpowered bitch to death, and she hadn't been able to do a damn thing about it. As T-Dog stood naked before them, his cock took on a frosty sheen as he generated a field of intensely cold energy. His mutation gave him a kind of negative version of the Human Torch's powers, but he was limited to generating the field around a single body part at a time.

"Giant! Pick 'er up."

Giant didn't care about the excessive mess that caked Kitty Pryde in her last moments. He simply grabbed her by the hair and raised her rag doll like body up to a level with T-Dog's crotch. Bloody piss dripped down onto the floor, but the fresh shit stayed lodged in Kitty's mouth to T-Dog's satisfaction. The field around his cock was made visible by the air vapor forming icy particles along the length as he hardened again. He took his shaft in his hand - protected from his own power - and gently pushed the ice-coated crown against Kitty's left eye.

The searing agony from Kitty's optic nerve preceded her total blindness across both eyes, as her eyeball froze solid, expanded and distorted under the intense cold. She managed a full body shudder as T-Dog shifted his position, and aimed up against her right eye. Meanwhile, Kitty Pryde's left eye cracked into frozen pieces from the cold field as T-Dog checked his aim was perfect. A brutal thrust later burst Kitty's right eye and took T-Dog's huge cock through into her soft welcoming brain, once the envy of her school friends. The freezing effect of T-Dog's cock caused instant brain death in a sudden final burst of horrific pain for Kitty.

She didn't even have time for an intended last thought as the same force froze and distorted her brain to far below zero on the Fahrenheit scale. T-Dog waved Giant back, letting Kitty's expanding frozen brain hold her on his cock. His mutation meant that he felt an intense, pleasurable squeezing from the icy brain matter of the dead mutant. T-Dog clenched his fists, not even needing to thrust as the expanding ice brought him to one last climax. Though he had spurted so much already that he could only manage a teaspoon of semen, the hot blast blew Kitty's frozen mind.

Cracks spread instantly across Kitty's face as everything above her lower jaw exploded out in a halo from T-Dog's cock. Her mutilated body sank down to the floor as T-Dog grinned a brilliant smile of sexual satisfaction at his friends and fellow rapists. Kitty Pryde had been totally destroyed by the gang; once in the field of a device set to suppress her powers, she hadn't had a moment's chance of either her virginity or life surviving the day.

As T-Dog looked for his clothes, Giant lifted Kitty's body upside down by the ankles so that blood and semen drained out from her throat. He pressed his soft cock past her shit-covered tongue and into her gullet. With most of Kitty's head gone, he could fuck his huge shaft all the way up into her inverted stomach. Mohammed took the dead girl's Star of David necklace and tossed it right into her torn asshole, where it lodged in shit and spunk.

The aftermath...

Magneto had arranged for Kitty's corpse, and the warehouse, to be burned beyond hope of evidence recovery by his evil henchman Pyro. Once T-Dog finally coaxed Giant to leave Kitty's stiff, cold remains behind, Pyro utterly incinerated the scene of the rape and murder, without knowing the reason why. Pyro didn't need a reason though; Magneto's say so was enough. Not even bone fragments survived the hellish heat. Had Magneto known that Kitty's brutal rape would be so colored by anti-Semitism, the leader of the Brotherhood might have looked for another gang to carry out his plan and then, he might not. The ends justified any means for Magneto.

T-Dog's gang hadn't waited for their leader's suggestion to take photos. Cell phone pictures showing almost every aspect of Kitty's rape and torturous degradation soon appeared on the Internet, uploaded from cybercafes around New York city. Though the bodies and big black cocks of her rapists were visible, there wasn't enough to allow identification, while hoodies prevented the men being seen on CCTV during their uploading. The stolen van had been destroyed with the warehouse, while T-Dog had turned the suppression device back over to Magneto.

The X-Men, of course, sought out Lance for interrogation. They knew Kitty had gone to spend her 16th Birthday with him, and they knew of his connection to Magneto. When Jean Grey and Xavier both probed his mind, they found only what he had told them in quick terror when Logan kicked his door in - he was horrified by Kitty's fate, she had never arrived for ice cream, and he truly loved her. Magneto had ensured that only he and Mystique knew of their involvement in the operation, and he had devices to block the knowledge being found in their minds. So it was that even Logan's tracking skills didn't allow him to trail Kitty's captors immediately, but there was perhaps hope for the future - if not for Kitty.

_ _ _

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