X-Men Exolution: Evolving Circumstances (ff,f-mast,f-dom,ncon)
by Liquid Sin

Rogue woke up with a start. She had dreamt a memory again, which, to her,
was like a thousand nightmares.

She glanced at the clock, which glowed at 3:30 AM. She would have to get up
in an hour and a half anyway for training, and, as she learned, there was
usually a rush to the showers in the morning. Most of the students wanted to
get out of the long shower rooms before anyone else came in. The oonly ones
who didn't mind were Kurt, who was covered with hair so you couldn't see
anything anyway, and Jean, who her body. Rogue thought of
the first time she saw Jean in the shower. Jean thought she was alone.

With her hair clinging to her back, one hand soaping her firm breasts, the
other slowly fingering her pussy, she let out a moan that Rogue would never
forget. She also never forgot how wet her own pussy was after watching
Jean's show "What am Ah thinkin'?" said Rogue out loud. "Ah ain't even like
that!" Now, Scott on the other hand... Rogue shook her head to clear her
thoughts and headed to the showers. The long, white-tiled room glared
brightly after the inky darkness of her room. Rogue walked to the nearest
shower head and took off her clothes. She stepped into the falling water,
thinking about one of the videos the professor had brought her.

Professor Xavier knew Rogue could never touch anyone but himself or Jean,
and while he knew he would never sleep with Rogue (the accident that caused
him to lose the use of his legs also led to a loss of OTHER uses he once
enjoyed), and couldn't ask Jean to (he didn't need a media uproar, if either
of them talked), he gave Rogue several videos to enjoy. They were mostly gay
porn videos (the professor had to go through quite a lot of grief with Logan
to get him to go out and buy them, as Storm refused to enter any shop that
sold them), but there were a few traditional male-female videos. He knew
Jean watched those often. Rogue thought of one of the male and female videos,
imagining Scott and herself in place of the actors. Her pussy was getting
wetter and warmer, and she needed so badly to relieve herself.

She stopped bathing immediatly, sat on the floor, and masturbated with an
intense fury. She dug deep into her cunt, pressing on her clit with both
hands and pinching her lips. After about five minutes of brutally invading
her hole, she came. She screamed in pure ecstacy, drumming her feet on the
wet floor, shaking all over as she came like she never had before. Then she
heard a cough. It was Jean. She used her telekinesis to turn off the water.

"Hey, Rogue," she said.

"Um...hi," Rogue replied meekly. There was a long silence, punctuated by
drips from the shower head. "Jean, do you have to say anything about this?
It could be really embarrassing, especially, you know, with all the guys, shit."

"Don't worry about it. After school, though, come to my room, and we'll talk
about it, ok? It'll be just between us, until we decide if we want to tell."
Then, Jean bent down and did something incredible. She french kissed Rogue
deeply and passionatly, pinched one of her nipples until it hurt, and left
the room.

Rogue did not pay attention to school at all. Her entire mind was filled
with two thoughts: How did Jean touch her, and what did she want to do in
her room? Like most Goth girls, Rogue did not have any aversions to sleeping
with another girl (besides the fact it would kill the other girl), but,
having never had sex, Rogue was nervous. "Well, maybe she just wants to meet
me and talk. Ah mean, Ah have gotten ahead of mahself in the past. Oh, but
what if she wants to fuck me? Damn, that'd feel so good," she thought, and
banged into someone's locker.

"Hey, whatch where you're walking, bitch," said the locker's owner, Toad.

"Shut the fuck up. Ah'm tryin' ta think," said Rogue, and left.

She continued walking and was yanked into a closet off the side of the hall.
"I couldn't wait till this afternoon," a familiar voice said. Jean!
" did y'all touch me this morning?" asked Rogue.

" questions...I want to enjoy this." Jean leaned in and deeply kissed
Rogue. She slid her hand up Rogue's skirt, into her wet pussy. "You like
that, Rogue?" she asked. Rogue nodded. "Mmm..." she said, putting a wet
finger in her mouth. "You didn't wear underwear today...why not?"

"Ah don't know...Ah was in a rush, Ah guess...what if someone finds us?"

"They won't," said Jean, getting on her knees and giving Rogue an
experimental lick.

"How do you know? Ah'm a little nervous Jean." Rogue found it hard to speak
with her legs shaking so hard and her pussy aching so badly. Jean stood up.

"I know, bitch, because I locked the door. Now are you gonna let me finish
this or not?"

"Not if ya'll are gonna get bitchy about it. Let me outta here."

"Fine. Come to my room later, we'll see if you're more comfortable there."

"Fine. We'll see if you're less bitchy." Rogue left, angry and confused at
Jean's sudden turn of emotions.

* * *

Back at the mansion, Rogue went to the Danger Room. Working out always made
feel a little horny, and she wanted to be wet for Jean. Once she was horny
enough, she went upstairs. "Jean? Ah'm here."

"Go to the dresser." The dresser was about waist high, with a mirror
attatched to it. Rogue could see Jean behind her, naked except for an 8-inch
strap on. "You ever been fucked, Rogue? No, of course not. It was stupid of
me to ask. I have. I fucked every guy at this school, except Professor X...
but that's cuz his tool's limp as kelp. It's sad, too, because it's pretty
damn big when it ain't hard. I even had sex with the girls. Kitty didn't want
to, but I kinda forced her. She didn't say anything about it. I wanted to
fuck you so badly, but I couldn't touch you. You know why I can now?"

Rogue shook her head. She was terrified of the strap on. She'd never taken
anything bigger than her fingers before.

"I practiced. I can make a shield around you, so that you can touch anyone.
Even me." With that, she surged forward, all of the strap on going into
Rogue's virgin cunt.

Rogue screamed as she was popped, screamed as her pussy was filled with this
dead, invading thing. Then she stopped. She liked this. Listening to Jean
grunt as she pumped into her, feeling the heat of her wanting being
extinguished, yet increasing. Hearing her own moans. "Ohhh....yes, Jean....
YES!" cried Rogue, slamming her hips backwards. Her aching pussy was so wet,
she was about to cum, she was cumming, and then...

Jean pulled out.

"Since you like that so much, you'll really like this," said Jean, and
plunged it into Rogue's tight ass.

Rogue didn't like it. She struggled to get away, but Jean was stronger.
"Nn--No, Jean!" Rogue yelled. It was like the pain when her cherry was
popped, only this time, it stayed. She grunted, cried, begged to be let
go, but Jean wouldn't let her.

Finally, mercifully, Jean got what she wanted. Rogue had passed out, out of
a combination of fear and pain. Jean would block out any memories Rogue had,
as she had done to Kitty. If anyone knew what she was doing, she would be
kicked out. Out to fend for herself.

The End


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