This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

This story takes place after X-Men 3 and with the idea that the scene at the
end of the credits never occurred.

X-Men - The Last Stand: The Last Days Of Peace Part 2 (mF,anal)
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])


With Xavier dead and the X-Men rebuilding now would have been a good time to
strike and be rid of them once and for all. However Magneto had no immediate
allies he could count on and Mystique probably had her powers back and
wanted him dead. Magneto had chosen to lay low until he could figure things
out and would be ready to strike. One summer afternoon as he was walking to
his car carrying groceries Magneto was confronted by several mutant-hating

"What are you doing here old man?" One of the thugs said knocking the
groceries from Magneto's hands.

"Did ya think nobody would figure out who you were?" Another one asked

"I'm just and old man and a powerless one at that. Please I don't want any
trouble and just want to be left alone," Magneto replied.

"Bullshit! You wage war against humans, talk about how high and mighty you
freaks are, and you want us to leave you alone? I don't think so bitch!" The
goons then started pulling out guns and knives and advanced towards Magneto.
After barely two steps the weapons left their hands and turned around to
point at them.

"As I was saying I don't want any trouble."

Suddenly the thugs started dropping dead one by one. When there was only two
left they turned on each other and began fighting. The fight turned vicious
with the men using anything and everything nearby as a weapon and soon both
were bleeding. Then with a broken beer bottle in his hand one man stabbed
the other in the heart killing him. The lone survivor then got to his hands
and knees and started slamming his head into the pavement until his skull
shattered and his head started bleeding profusely.

"That's some ability you've got there," Magneto said sensing a presence
behind him.

"I wish I could say the same thing about you," a blond woman dressed in all
white said walking past him to admire her work. "You've become soft and
hesitant in using your powers."

"It's easier to create conflict when you have allies then it is to take on
the world alone."

"Then I guess we better get started and find us some help. The X-Men are
weak for now, but they won't stay that way for long."

"Is it an alliance you're wanting to form?"

"Humans are naturally weak creatures with weak minds and not hard to control.
Mutants are not much better. Every time you've taken arms against the X-Men
you've been at a disadvantage, but no more. With them out of the way
everything will be ours."

"May I ask the name of the person who so boldly says she will succeed where
others, including myself, have failed?"

"The humans call me Emma Frost, but you can call me the White Queen."

"That suits you very well. If you've got half the talent your mouth does
then we need to start seeking allies and I have the perfect place to start."

* * *

In the Danger Room the X-Men were fighting Magneto and his faceless hordes
of mutants. Slowly the numbers dwindled until it was the X-Men and Magneto
and just in the nick of time he was struck down by one of Storm's lighting
bolts before he could break Colossus in half. Then as Magneto fell Mystique,
Rogue, and Pyro appeared followed by another horde of mutants.

"Bobby you better take care of Rogue this time," Logan shouted at him.

There had been four previous sessions in which Bobby had been ordered to
incapacitate Rogue that all met with failure. As he summoned his powers to
freeze Rogue she began to talk to him.

"Why are you doing this Bobby?"

"I have to. You're with the enemy now."

"I thought you loved me."

"I do Marie."

"Then why are you trying to kill me?"

"I... I have to," Bobby said lowering his defenses. "This is only a program.
I'd never want to hurt you, you know that, but if our paths ever cross in
battle I might have to use force to stop you. Even kill you..."

"Let's go then," Rogue said getting up close and personal with Bobby. "Let's
runaway and live our lives together somewhere where we'll never have to deal
with Magneto or the X-Men or fighting ever again."
Rogue leaned in and started kissing Bobby. He put up little resistance and
was returning her affection. Just then their kiss broke. "Bobby..." Rogue
whispered before closing her eyes to die. Logan stood behind her with his
claws exiting Rogue's abdomen.

"Turn the program off now!" Logan screamed angrily. The holographic
battlefield with all of it's participants quickly disappeared. "Bobby get
your ass outside now! Everyone else stay here. I'll be back in a minute and
we'll continue."

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Logan demanded. "Five times I've asked
you to take care of Rogue and five times you've failed to do that!"

"I'm sorry..."

"You're sorry? This is the kind of shit that will get you killed! That will
get us all killed!"

"Logan!" Ororo screamed. "There are better ways to do this."

"No, he's right. I'm a liability," Bobby said.

"You're done for the day Bobby. I'll talk to you later," Logan said. Ororo
waited until Bobby left before opening her mouth.

"What the hell is wrong with you?"

"With me? You saw what happened to Scott after Jean died. Don't tell me that
Bobby's behavior lately doesn't at least somewhat resemble what happened
with Scott."

"I know and I can't, but there are better ways to go about this than
screaming at the top of your lungs."

"He's a liability to us and he's going to get himself and possibly us
killed. I want him off the team now."

"And who would you recommend to replace him? There's nobody else even
remotely close to being ready to be put on the active team."

"Let's talk to Warren and then have one of the telepaths use Cerebro to
start looking for Kurt."

"Are you insane? Only Xavier and Jean were strong enough to use it without
losing their mind."

"Then we have to start training new students for active duty. We have no

Hidden around the corner in the hall leading to the Danger Room Bobby had
heard everything. As Logan and Ororo headed back to the Danger Room to start
a new session Bobby sighed and headed to his own room. He just found out he
was being kicked off the team and Rogue had left him and the X-Men seemingly
for good. His life was a mess and he was now contemplating how to make
things right. As the next few days went by Bobby's disposition seemed to
worsen. He went to classes, but never participated unless he was called on
and outside of that he was almost always in his room. Bobby was strongly
considering leaving the X-Men so he could find Rogue and try to make things
right. Then before he made a final decision he decided to get someone's

"Who's there?" Peter asked as he watched tv in his room while someone
knocked at his door.

"It's me," Bobby replied. "Can I talk to you for a moment?"

"Sure man come in. What's up?" Peter asked as Bobby entered.

"I screwed everything up with Marie and I'm the reason she left. I don't
know what Logan told everyone, but I'm a liability to everyone right now."

"He did use liability along with a few other choice words."

"Anyway I really love Marie and I'm miserable without her. I know she
probably doesn't want anything to do with me anymore, but I need to try and
find her to make things right."

"So you're going to leave too?"

"Yeah, I'm thinking about it."

"You should really be talking to Logan about this."

"I'm not exactly in his good graces right now."

"Look, ignoring what you leaving the X-Men would mean, if you truly feel
this way I say go after her. Just be careful, she's with bad company right
now. If you do leave though, talk to Logan first."

"Maybe I will..." As Bobby was about to leave Peter's room Kitty suddenly
phased through his wall in nothing but her underwear with a dvd in her hand.
"What's going on?"

"I'm not sure," Peter replied. "Kitty and I were going to watch a movie

"Don't worry about it Peter it's not your fault. You're not the one walking
around in your underwear with a copy of Ass Bandits in your hand."

"Bobby, I told you I wasn't going to stay with you if you kept crying over
losing Marie."

"What are you doing? Are you fucking everyone here? I can't believe I let
you be the cause of me and Marie breaking up."

"I'm sorry to tell you that it takes two people to have sex. Once is a
mistake and twice isn't."

"Yeah well you were the biggest mistake I ever made."

Bobby's mind was a jumbled mess of emotion as he scoured the institute for
Logan eventually finding him outside smoking a cigar.

"You ready to rejoin the team?" Logan asked without looking at Bobby.

"No, but I'm leaving the X-Men for now."

"Can't say that I'm surprised," Logan said turning around to face him.

"I know how protective you are of Marie and that I've completely screwed
things up with her. There's absolutely no way to justify what I did to her,
but I need to try and make things right. She probably won't ever trust me
again, but I need to try."

"What happens if she doesn't want to make up?"

"I love her, but things are out of my hands now. I deserve what I get."

"Perhaps there was a better way to go about discussing things to you, but as
you are right now you're still a liability to us in battle and you had to be
taken off the active team. For your sake I hope you mean everything you just

"I do Logan."

"Good. Take one of the cars from the garage and go visit and old friend of
Storm's. Forge should be able to help you track down Marie."

* * *

180 miles outside of Yuma, Arizona...

As Rogue and Mystique sat in a car outside a convenience store Rogue kept
nervously glancing at the store. "What are we doing here?"

"John's getting a few things."

"I agreed to help you kill Magneto in exchange for the cure, not go on a
crime spree." Just then Pyro came out of the stored carrying a bag full of
money and a bag of groceries. He then returned to the building and fired
several large flames at it setting it on fire. "Oh god... Where are we
going? I don't want to keep riding around in the car with Pyro blowing stuff
up everywhere we go."

"Hey," Pyro said shutting the car door. "I've only torched the places that
had anti-mutant signs hanging or assholes inside."

"That's been every place we've been."

"Well this country is a very bigoted place. Anyway once Magneto is dead,
then we'll get rid of the X-Men, and the humans will have no choice but to
rightfully fear and respect us."

"I'm not helping you two kill the X-Men."

"Stay out of our way and we won't have a problem."

"Typical... I've got half a mind to forget about all of this and go home."

"But you won't," Mystique said. "Now both of you shut up. As for your
question we're going to stay at a hotel tonight and tomorrow we're driving
to Yuma Mutant State Prison. It's about two or three hours from here. Before
I was so nobly rescued from police custody by Magneto I met some people who
could help us get rid of the X-Men. Don't worry you can leave to warn them
after we kill Magneto."

The town the trio was in was so small it wasn't even on the map and it only
had two motels. One was completely booked for an annual snake hunt and the
other was a less than reputable place of business that charged rooms by the
hour and refused to give them two rooms for the night.

"All they would give us was one room with two beds," Pyro said returning to
the car with the room. "This place charges by the hour and the damn guy
wouldn't give us two rooms for the night."

"Great, I know what I'll be listening to all night," Rogue said.

"Shut up."

In the room Rogue laid in one bed watching tv and trying to get to sleep
while in the other Mystique and Pyro talked with Pyro occasionally taking
jabs at Rogue.

"Hey Rogue can I ask you something?"

"What John?" Rogue said rolling her eyes.

"My name is Pyro."

"Whatever. What do you want?"

"If Bobby had never joined the X-Men and you weren't such a rah rah let's
save the world kind of person do you think we might have hooked up?"

"Not unless you wanted to die, which I'll be happy to oblige if you want."

"God Bobby was amazingly stupid to cheat on you. I like your spirit and give
me enough time I could tame you."

"Oh god..."

"You know John," Mystique began as she morphed into Rogue, "if you want her
I'll give her to you."

"Hey baby, you know that sweet blue ass of yours is all I want. Minus the
scales of course."

"Do you two have to do this everywhere we go?" Rogue asked getting up. "I'm
sleeping in the car."

"Suit yourself," Pyro said getting up and locking the door behind her. "Now
where were we?"

"I was waiting on you to get undressed," Mystique smiled as the scales
disappeared revealing the flesh beneath them.

"Damn," Pyro grinned as he walked towards the bed stripping of his clothing
piece by piece. The last to go were his socks and he climbed onto the bed.
"God you are sexy."

Pyro leaned forward and his lips locked with Mystique's. Their tongues
intertwined momentarily wrestling and swapping saliva with each other. The
grief Pyro had given Rogue over the last several days of driving was done to
get a rise out of her. He had absolutely no feelings for her and she and
Bobby could be miserable together for all he cared. Going back to when he
and Mystique started hatching the plan to use Rogue to kill Magneto and to a
certain degree back to when Magneto had abandoned Mystique Pyro began to
have feelings for her. He never said anything to her, but he had feelings.

"You okay John?" Mystique asked when their tongues untangled themselves and
their kiss broke.

"My name's Pyro."

"I like John better."

"Okay..." Pyro smiled. "And yeah I'm fine."

Their lips touched briefly again before Pyro began working his way down
Mystique's body. For who she was, what she had gone through in life, and
what she was planning to do Mystique often found herself weak and consumed
with John whenever she was intimate with him. The feeling of John's lips on
her neck then on her breasts as his hands gently massaged them rolling the
nipples between his fingers made Mystique feel like a schoolgirl in love.

She smiled contently taking hold of her own breasts to caress them as Pyro's
kisses continued down her body over her abdomen to her private spot between
her legs. Mystique moaned as Pyro began flicking his tongue up and down her
slit. She continued to mold her breasts with her hands as his tongue slid up
and down her lips several more times before pushing inside her.

"Oh John..." Mystique moaned as his tongue worked itself in and out of her
pussy rubbing against her inner walls licking up her juices as they started
to trickle out.

Then when Mystique's pussy started to get nice and wet Pyro pulled his
tongue out and slid two fingers inside. He began to lick around the outer
edges of her opening as started pumping his fingers in and out. Mystique
couldn't help to keep from moaning and reached down with her hand began to
finger her clit.

"How's this feel?" John smiled after working his fingers into a nice quick

"I love it," Mystique smiled as her clit started to emerge from it's hood
with help from her finger.

Pyro then pulled his fingers out and stood up. He got to his knees on the
bed and lifted Mystique's legs up into the air. With his cock in hand Pyro
teased the blue mutant by rubbing it up and down her slit before pushing it
in. Mystique groaned as John slowly inched his way inside her before
bottoming out. He then leaned over her again kissing her as he began to
thrust his cock in and out of her pussy.

Mystique was in bliss as Pyro began to work up his pace. She began to get
moist as he drove his shaft hard into her pussy and his balls slapped
against her ass. Mystique moaned as her body began burn with a passion and
lust for Pyro. She couldn't help but start to finger her clit again as she
felt herself edge closer and closer to orgasm.

"How you doing baby?" John grunted as he continued to thrust deep and hard
into Mystique.

"My pussy's so wet..." She moaned as her body continued to burn up and she
fingered her clit with more excitement. "John!" Mystique moaned loudly as
she was suddenly hit with an orgasm.

Her pussy clamped down on Pyro's cock and she still continued to finger her
clit even as she came. Her cum covered his shafted lubing it up even more as
he continued to work his dick hard and deep into her. Mystique felt herself
start to get worked up again several minutes later as Pyro managed to keep

"You're fixing to make me come a second time," Mystique smiled as she told
her lie.

Pyro grunted and with one last hard push slammed his cock deep into
Mystique's pussy as he came. He held himself in place laying on top of her
as several warm shots of his cum buried themselves deep in her womb. When he
finally stopped coming John pulled himself from Mystique's pussy and both
were pleasantly surprised to see him still erect.

"Come here," Mystique said pulling John to the bed so she could devour his
cock and lick the cum from it. "You ready for some more?"


"Good. I want you to fuck me in the ass," Mystique said letting Pyro get out
of the way and getting on all fours. "It's been awhile."

"It certainly has," John said smiling as he smacked Mystique's blue ass with
both hands. He then began rubbing them up and down both cheeks and giving
them a squeeze.

"Nice," Mystique moaned as she felt John spread her ass apart and began
tonguing her anus.

He worked his tongue up and down her backside covering it with his spit and
occasionally he slipped his fingers into her pussy to get some of the cum to
use as additional lubricant. When Mystique's backside was nice and wet from
spit and cum Pyro stood up grabbing her by the hips and slid his cock to her
asshole. Mystique moaned as the tip of his penis slowly pushed it's way
inside her ass.

Mystique's pussy was one delight to John and her ass was another. The
tightness of her anus on his shaft as he pushed his cock in and out of it
was a carnal perverted bliss to Pyro. Mystique felt her pussy start to get
excited and wet itself again as Pyro pounded her ass harder and harder. She
slid her hand between her legs again and slipped two fingers into her wet
pussy. She worked them in and out as Pyro thrust his cock in and out pushing
it in deeper and harder each time. Mystique began moaning as her body shook
with each ramming. Her fingers continued digging hard in her pussy. Pyro
felt his cock aching again as Mystique began to moan. His second orgasm
wasn't too far off and he could feel it building.

"I'm fixing to come again," Pyro grunted as he gave several hard deep
thrusts into Mystique's backside.

"Go on baby fill my ass," Mystique moaned coming closer to her own second

John grunted again as he thrust hard three more times into Mystique's blue
ass before coming a second time. As she felt Pyro's seed spurt into her
backside and fill her bowels Mystique's body shook with orgasm for the
second time as well. Her cunt squeezed down on her fingers as she came
covering them with her cum. She pulled her fingers out licking them clean
then fell to the bed after Pyro pulled himself out. The two lovers laid on
the bed pressed against other. Pyro was behind Mystique and had his arm over

"That was great," Pyro whispered.

"I loved it too," Mystique said. As she lay in bed next to John she began to
wrestle with feelings of her own. This was as close Mystique ever came to
loving someone and the new feelings bothered her a bit. Though had she known
Pyro shared the same feelings then maybe the things that were about to come
would have been different or avoided all together.

* * *

Considering they were traveling cross country in a Honda Accord there wasn't
much room for Rogue to stretch out when she decided to sleep in the car. She
was half-curled up in a fetal position in the back seat and it took her
awhile before she could get to sleep. A few hours after she fell asleep she
was wakened by knocking on the door window. Rogue was still groggy and
rubbed her eyes as she sat up.

"Marie it's me, open the door," someone said in a low voice.

"Bobby!" Marie said turning to see him tapping on the window. She quickly
got out of the car and gave him a hug making sure not to make skin to skin
contact. "What are you doing here? How'd you find me?"

"One of Ororo's old friend is some kind of technogeek and made a device that
could trace your biosignature and give updated coordinates on your location.
I've been up for who knows how long driving and drinking energy drinks. I
haven't slept in days. Anyway, that's not important. Look, I know there's no
excuse no reason I could give that could justify me cheating on you with
Kitty. I was an absolute dipshit for doing it and I apologize for it. I'm
not here to ask you to take me back, but I'm here to ask you to rethink
helping Mystique and Pyro with their plan."

"Bobby, you've got to get out of her before Pyro sees you. He'll try to kill
you again."

"I don't care. I made the biggest mistake of my life cheating on you and I'm
not going to let you do the same by letting you help them."

"Things are not that simple. I wish they were, but they-" Rogue's thought
was interrupted as the night sky began to glow orange. Rogue and Bobby
looked towards the hotel to see Pyro with flames in hand.

"I knew it was just a matter of time before you showed up. She's got you
pussy-whipped bad," Pyro sneered.

"Go back inside John. This doesn't concern you," Bobby replied.

"My name is Pyro and you don't belong here."

"Neither does Marie. We're leaving."

"She made a deal and chose to come with us. The only way you're with leaving
her is over my dead body."

"Maybe we should end this once and for all and finish the battle we had at

"Don't throw you life away like this Iceman."

"Bobby don't do this. I'll come back once Magneto is dead."

"Listen to her Bobby. You don't need to die now."

"Marie this is my battle. I need to finish this."

"Pyro if you hurt Bobby, I'll leave."

"You overestimate your value to us Rogue. You were never truly needed for us
to succeed. Mystique only wanted you along as a way to punish Magneto before
his death."

"Marie please move, there's no avoiding this," Bobby said as a stream of ice
from his hands and fire from Pyro's met again and a battle of wills ensued
between the two. Just like at Alcatraz Pyro began to overpower Bobby and
walk towards him. Slowly Bobby's ice stream began to shorten and he fell to
one knee.

"I said it then and I'll say it again now," Pyro sneered. "You should have
stayed in school."

Then as Pyro was about to deliver a deathblow Rogue tackled him to the
ground sending an errant fireball into the car she had been sleeping in.
With a loud boom the car exploded as Rogue wrapped her hands around Pyro's

Mystique woke to the sound of the exploding car. Finding Pyro gone she got
out of bed and quickly made her way to the door. As she opened the door she
was met with a large sheet of ice that covered the doorway and the window.

"What the hell are you doing?" Mystique screamed as she watched Rogue drain
the life, memories, and abilities from Pyro. "Get off of him!"

The ice was too thick for Mystique to be heard so she picked up a chair and
began slamming it against the ice wall. By the time Mystique was able to
break though she found Pyro dead in the parking lot and Bobby huddling with
a severely shaking Rogue.

"Oh my god, what the hell did you do that for???" Mystique screamed walking
towards the couple. "You killed John!"

"Leave her alone!" Bobby screamed back.

Mystique continued cursing at Rogue as she walked towards her. Suddenly the
car exploded a second time sending a fireball towards Mystique. She easily
dodged it, but it struck the motel instantly sending it up in flames. As it
quickly engulfed the entire building Mystique saw a car pull into the
parking lot.

"Bobby get Rogue into your car."

"Rogue isn't going anywhere with you anymore!"

"This isn't the time to discuss this unless you want to talk to the police
when they show up." As Bobby helped Rogue into the car Mystique quickly ran
into their burning hotel room to gather what she could. She then got into
the car Bobby had borrowed and into the driver's seat while Bobby sat with
Rogue in the back.

As they fled the scene of the crime all was quiet. Rogue was awake, but
shaking as Bobby held her. Everything Pyro had experienced everything he
knew was now swirling around in her head. Bobby's concern was with Rogue's
well being and how she'd now react having killed Pyro and taken everything
of his, but his physical body. In the front seat Mystique sat driving the
car not knowing where she was going. In the back of her mind she was pissed
at Rogue for killing John and pissed at Bobby for showing up and instigating
the fight that just occurred. However, what racked her mind most was the
death of John and how much she was now finding he meant to her. Had anyone
been paying attention they might have seen the single tear that rolled down
Mystique's cheek.


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