This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

This story takes place after X-Men 3 and with the idea that the scene at the
end of the credits never occurred.

X-Men - The Last Stand: The Last Days Of Peace Part 4
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

Like a normal supermax prison Yuma Mutant State Prison was built to house
the worst of the worst of mutant criminals. However, it didn't suffer from
over crowding as each cell was modified for a specific mutant to neutralize
their abilities and each cell had it's own card key. The same technology
that was used in the cells to neutralize each mutant's powers was used in a
collar that hung around their neck the rare times they left their cell.

Dominic Petros was wakened by the screaming and hollering of the other one
hundred ninety-nine prisoners. He got out of bed and walked toward the door
peering out of the small window. "What the hell?" He wondered out loud as
the warden walked towards his cell followed by two X-Men. "I didn't do shit
this time," Dominic said as the trio came to a stop in front of his cell.

"Not yet you haven't," the warden replied morphing into Mystique as she
swiped the keycard to his cell.

"Mystique baby, I didn't think I'd see you again. Why are you with them

"How do you feel about breaking things and killing people?"

"You know I'm in."

"Good, and don't worry about the kids. They'll be fine."

"I'm only helping you kill Magneto then Bobby and I are leaving," Rogue

"You're going to kill Magneto?" Dominic asked surprised.

"Then we're going to kill the X-Men. You still in?" Mystique asked.

"Of course."

"Good, there's just one more person we need to get then we'll be on our

"Just one? Why aren't we releasing everyone?" Dominic asked as the group
headed towards another cell.

"There would be too many to go unnoticed with little alarm and after the
events at Alcatraz a major manhunt would ensue probably with orders to shoot
to kill. Besides as weak as they are there's still the chance the X-Men
would get involved as well and I have plan for them." The foursome then came
to a stop in front of another cell and Mystique pulled out a card for that
door as well. As the door swung open a behemoth of a man stepped out. "You
ready to do some damage Fred?"

"I sure am. I see you already got Avalanche out. He wasn't so sure you'd
really come back."

"The hell I wasn't. You're the one who said you'd never have a woman as a

"You're taking that way out of context!"

"I don't care what either of you said. Let's go, we have some business to
take care of."

"Of course Mystique," Fred replied as the group made their way to the

"So what's your name?" Bobby asked as he and Rogue kept step behind the
other three.

"They call me Blob, but you two kids will call me Fred."

"Fine," Bobby replied as he and Rogue slowed their pace and let some
distance get between them and the others. "What are we doing here? We can't
possibly fight or kill innocent people or the others. Let's take off the
first chance we get."

"I already said this Bobby. You can leave if you want, but I'm staying with
Mystique until Magneto is dead."

"That's not you talking, it's Pyro's memories doing that to you."

"I just won't fight if something comes up before Magneto's dead."

Just as the group were about to head outside they were intercepted by the
lone surviving cop.

"Freeze!" He shouted.

"Why don't you oblige the officer Bobby?" Mystique said smiling.

"I'm not killing innocent civilians."

"You will do as I say or you will leave!" Mystique warned Bobby.

Reluctantly Bobby used the moisture in the air to freeze the cop's gun then
impaled his leg with a large icicle. Bobby and Rogue cringed as the cop fell
to the floor screaming.

"That's not what I wanted, but it'll do for now. It's people like him that
are more than willing to shoot us first and ask questions later. Being with
the X-Men you and Rogue of all people should know the world is a dangerous
place for us. The problem with the X-Men is that you're always on the
defensive and reacting to things instead of taking the initiative and
preventing them."


"Looks like someone beat us here," Emma said as she and Magneto came to a
stop in front of the mine and got out. The guard posts in front of the
entrance along with numerous vehicles were on fire and unconscious and dead
humans lay off to the side.

"Excellent, the boy is still alive," Magneto said.

As they were about to make their way inside Mystique and her crew stepped
outside. Everyone came to a standstill and stared at each other for a

"Looks like this won't take quite as long as I expected," Mystique said.

"It seems you keep different company now," Magneto replied seeing Avalanche
and Blob behind her with Rogue and Bobby behind them. "Is your hatred for me
so strong that you now align yourself with members of the X-Men? Where's
Pyro? I'm sure he's not happy about this either."

"John's dead," Mystique coldly replied.

"So who made the mess here?"

"I did," Rogue said forming a fireball in her hand.

"Interesting. Very interesting," Magneto smiled.

"Hey, we're not X-Men!" Avalanche said. "Soon as we kill you, we kill them."

"Gentlemen before you throw away your life trying to take mine let me ask
you something. What are you going to do if you're leader is dead?" Just then
Emma tried to no avail to get into Mystique's head to control her.

"Try someone weaker bitch!" Mystique sneered.

"Okay." Just then the flame in Rogue's hand disappeared and she began
walking over to a dead cop and picked up his gun. She cocked it and pointed
it at her head.

"Stop it! What are you doing to her!" Bobby shouted.

"That depends on you Iceman," Magneto said.

"On what?"

"On your loyalty. Join forces with me and revere me as your master and I'll
let both of you live. Once the X-Men are gone for good you and Rogue will be
free to do as you please."

"I won't fight the X-Men!"

"Are you sure about that?" Slowly Rogue's finger began pressing down on the

"Please stop! I'll do as you say! I'll even fight the X-Men..." Bobby said
giving in almost instantaneously.

"Good. I knew you'd choose what's most important to you."

Emma released her grip on Rogue's mind and when she came to she freaked out
when she found a gun in her hand pointed at her head.

"You just made a deal with a liar Bobby," Mystique said as Bobby ran over to
console Rogue.

"What's going on Mystique?" Blob asked. "It's four on three now."

"It is indeed gentlemen which is why I have a proposal for you both. We all
have a mutual enemy in the X-Men. Let's combine our forces first and
eradicate them, then we can settle our differences later."

"Fine," Mystique answered for them. "We'll join forces only until the X-Men
are gone. Then we'll kill you."

"So be it, though you should know the only reason I left you as I did was as
a human you were no longer useful to the cause and I had to make a quick
decision with the attack on Alcatraz looming."

"Go to hell, you're so full of crap," Mystique snarled. "Your talk about
loyalty and mutant supremacy is a load of shit. You're no better than the
humans you detest."

"Perhaps time will change your opinion," Magneto replied. "There's an old
colleague of ours that's waiting for me inside. Emma stay out here and watch
them. Make sure they don't try anything brash."

"Of course."

"So guys, who are you two?" Emma asked as Magneto disappeared into the mine.

"They call me Avalanche," Dominic said demonstrating his powers on a nearby


"That's just a very small taste of what I can do."

"And you big boy?"

"They call me the Blob."

"And what can you do?" Blob picked up a nearby wrecked car and hurled it
through the air. Avalanche then took the gun from Rogue and shot Blob who
just laughed it off. "You'll prove useful as well."

As Emma, Avalanche, and Blob talked Mystique huddled to the side with Bobby
and Rogue.

"You've got to do something Mystique," Bobby said.

"What do you want me to do? My plan was to kill the X-Men too at some point
whether it be before or after Magneto was dead."

"We had a deal. You said you'd let us go as soon as Magneto was dead!" Rogue
said. "I'm not fighting the others!"

"Even if I wanted to I can't do anything right now! We're outnumbered!"

"I can see why Magneto abandoned you," Bobby replied. He was met with a
punch to face by Mystique. As Bobby got up to retaliate Rogue stopped him.

"What are you doing Marie?" Bobby snapped.

"Both of you cut it out! If we're going to get out of here, we're going to
need a plan and we're going to need to work together."

"You have something in mind?" Mystique scowled glaring at Bobby.

"Yes I do."


If the hollering was loud as the X-Men walked through the prison it got to a
fever pitch as Magneto walked through. He quickly found the cell he was
looking for and ripped the door from it.

"Good to see you again James."

"Likewise Erik."

"You ready to finish what we began?"

"You bet."

As Magneto and Multiple Man headed back to the outside the screaming and
hollering from the inmates got louder. As they got closer to leaving the
cellblock completely one mutant inparticular caught their attention.

"Hey Magneto let me out! Let me out!"

"I got who I came for why should I let you out?"

"Why wouldn't you? What about the brotherhood and sticking together?"

"If I let all of you out the trigger happy humans will go on a search and
destroy mission for all mutants. I don't want to bring that kind of
attention to myself just yet."

"Come on, I can help you! I have just as much reason to be rid of the X-Men
as you do."

"What's your name?"

"Jason Wyngarde."

"And what can you do for me?"

"I can create any illusion I want you to see."

"Demonstrate your powers for James," Magneto said ripping the door from
Jason's cell.

"Thank you. You won't regret it."

"I better not. What do you see James?"

"The inside of a police station with two dozen cops... The Xavier Institute
surrounded by all the X-Men... You giving a speech as President of the
United States. He's good," Multiple Man said as reality returned. "Perhaps
it would be a good idea to release everyone here. With most of their senior
members dead the X-Men wouldn't be in any position to participate in a major
confrontation yet."

"And the cure is no longer being manufactured either," Jason added.

"Hmm... Perhaps you're right. You two meet me outside in a moment."

As James and Jason made their way outside Magneto made his way towards the
main control room where he got on the public address system.

"My fellow brethren it's been a trying period for us, but the time for our
dominance will soon be upon us. In seven days the world will witness the
ultimate destruction of the X-Men once and for all. For those of you who
wish to be witness to this historic event be at the Xavier Institute. To
everyone else return home and recruit your brethren to your cause and be
prepared to overtake the institutions run by man for much too long." With
that Magneto started flipping switches and pressing buttons. Alarms sounded
and lights flashed as all the remain cell doors opened freeing the occupants


"Let's go," Magneto said as he emerged from the mine soon followed by the
remaining inmates.

"Oh my god!" Rogue muttered

"Rogue you're riding with me, Emma, and James. Everyone else find a vehicle
and follow us."

"She's coming with me and Bobby," Mystique said.

"Don't do it. She's got something up her sleeve," Emma warned.

"Even if she were to try something. Look at the company she's keeping; a
couple of children from the X-Men. Fine, you can take them with you. Just be
prepared to die before the X-Men do if you try anything."

Mystique just glared at Magneto as she, Bobby, and Rogue got into the car
they had been riding in. Avalanche, Blob, and Jason got into the only
functioning prison vehicle remaining, and Magneto, Emma, and James got into
the car they arrived in.

"I hope your plan is ready," Mystique said as she followed the vehicles in
front of her.

"I hope you have a lighter. Emma took the harness from me before she let me
get in the car."

"Check this," Mystique said throwing a duffel bag into the backseat to

"Found one," Bobby said after several minutes of rummaging through the bag.

"So what's the plan?" The blue mutant asked again.


As the most recent Danger Room session came to an end and everyone exited
the room Peter and Jubilee began talking.

"You want to work on the stuff for class?" Jubilee asked.

"I'm finished with everything, but if you want I can help you with yours."

"Thanks Peter," Jubilee smiled before kissing him on the lips. "I'm going to
take a shower then I'll come to your room."

Off a ways a bit Kitty began fuming as she watched Jubilee and Peter. "How
the hell can you justify dumping me for her?" Kitty thought incredulously.

Then another thought hit her. Kitty made a beeline for her room and grabbed
Olivia's camera before heading to Peter's room. She hid in the closet
patiently waiting for the new couple to arrive. Perhaps tonight Kitty would
get the footage she was looking for. It would be near an hour before Peter
returned to his room and almost another hour after that before Jubilee
arrived with a bag in her hand. Most of the night was of Peter helping
Jubilee with her work, the two of them talking about various things, and
watching a little bit of tv.

Kitty's head perked up when the two of them began kissing and things got
interesting. With the camera on Kitty began recording as Peter's hand went
up Jubilee's shirt and began fondling her breasts through her bra.

"You sure you want to do this with everything going on?" Peter asked.

"I do if you do. That bitch Kitty isn't going to be walking through the wall
any second now is she?"

"Not unless you invited her."

Kitty had to bite her tongue and keep herself from leaping out of the closet
and beating Jubilee, but she was glad she did the moment Jubilee's shirt
came off.

"You slut," Kitty thought when it was revealed Jubilee wasn't wearing a bra.
Soon she was standing up to take off her pants and she wore no panties
either. Things then quickly began to get interesting.

"Hurry up and take your clothes off Peter. I don't have all day to wait."

"Sorry Jubilee," Peter replied quickly standing up to strip off his clothes.

"Oh Peter, my precious little pet," Jubilee sighed as she caressed his face
with her hand and the last of his clothes fell to the floor. "Please tell me
my ears deceive me and that you didn't just call me Jubilee."

"I did Ms. Lee. My humblest apologies."

"You know what to do," Jubilee said as she walked towards the closest. Kitty
phased herself out momentarily as Jubilee rummaged through Peter's closet.
Jubilee then found what she was looking for and returned to Peter's side who
was now on all fours on his bed. "Peter do you have anything to say for

"Nothing meaningful ma'am."

"That's a good boy."

Peter grunted as Jubilee struck his bare ass with his belt. She reared back
and whipped him several more times with the stinging sound of leather
striking flesh ringing throughout the room.

"Holy shit," Kitty grinned as she recorded the action in front of her in
earnest. "This is much better than I could have hoped for."

"Now stand up Peter," Jubilee ordered. "Are you going to behave now? Are you
going to address me properly?"

"Yes ma'am Ms. Lee."

"That's better. Now tell me something. Would you like to have sex with me?
Do you want to fuck me like a dog?"

"Yes Ms. Lee."

"Then you'll behave like one. Get on the bed and behave like the bitch you
are!" Jubilee ordered

Peter did as he was told and was sitting on all fours barking excitedly.
Kitty meanwhile was still hiding in the closest struggling mightily to keep
quiet as she drew immense amusement from the scene in front of her. Jubilee
then walked around the bed looking over Peter as he followed her with his
eyes like any good pet would.

"Have you been a good boy Peter?" Jubilee asked smiling as she petted him on
the head. Peter barked several times nodding yes. "Well we did have that
lapse of respect on your part earlier, but I haven't heard anything else
naughty about you this week so you deserve a treat. You really are a spoiled

Peter lunged off the bed as Jubilee picked up her bag and opened it. She
pulled out a jar of peanut butter and opened it scooping out a handful. She
then rubbed the peanut butter up and down her pussy smearing it between her
legs. Jubilee then got a second handful, but this time broke the glob in
half and smeared each one on her breasts. Peter panted excitedly as he paced
back and forth on all fours waiting for his next command.

"Come here Peter, I seemed to have spilled peanut butter all over myself.
Clean it up for me," Jubilee said climbing onto the bed

Peter excitedly jumped onto the bed pushing his head between his master's
legs. Jubilee giggled as she felt his wet tongue slide up and down her pussy
as it licked up the peanut butter. As the thick gooey substance disappeared
Peter's tongue began pushing deep into Jubilee's cunt pressing against her
inner walls making her start to wet herself. With one last powerful lick
Peter ate up the last thick chunk of peanut butter between Jubilee's legs
and began crawling up her body.

As she watched Peter begin to lick the peanut butter from Jubilee's breasts
Kitty couldn't help but get excited as she watched the perverse deviant act
in front of her. She unbuttoned and unzipped her pants enough so that she
could slip her hand into her panties and begin to slide her finger up and
down her slit. Kitty slipped two fingers into her pussy as Peter licked the
last of the peanut butter from Jubilee's breasts.

"Down Peter," Jubilee said once her body was clean. Peter climbed off of
her and sat at the foot of the bed. "That's a good boy," She smiled patting
him on the head, "But if you still want to fuck me you need to be a good
doggy first."

"Yes Ms. Lee," Peter said moving to the center of the bed still on all

Kitty began to really dig her fingers into her pussy and try to keep the
camera steady as Jubilee spread Peter's ass apart and began licking up and
down his backside.

"Does that feel good?" Jubilee asked as she began to bury her tongue deep
into Peter's asshole.

"Oh, yes Ms. Lee," Peter groaned as his master's saliva began to lube up his

Kitty couldn't help, but to frantically dig her fingers into her pussy
harder and deeper as Jubilee continued to eat out Peter's ass. Her pussy was
becoming soaked and her fingers were slipping in and out with great ease.
Kitty slipped a third finger into her pussy as Jubilee got up from the bed
and went to her bag one more time.

"Holy shit," Kitty said in awe as Jubilee removed an eight-inch long
strap-on dildo and put it on. She continued to furiously bury her three
fingers in her snatch as Jubilee walked back towards the bed. Kitty orgasmed
and her pussy clamped down on her fingers as Jubilee thrust the dildo into
Peter's ass with one try. She removed her fingers and licked them clean
before buttoning up her pants. With her horniness taken care for the time
being Kitty could now completely focus her attention to the scene in front
of her.

"How do you like being my bitch!" Jubilee grunted as she kept a tight grip
on Peter's hips and forcefully fucked him in the ass.

"I love it... Thank you Ms. Lee," Peter groaned as Jubilee continued
hammering the strap-on deep and hard into his backside. His body burned and
his excitement rose with each earnest thrust from Jubilee.

She then stopped momentarily and gave him a reach around grabbing hold of
his cock and feeling it up. Jubilee grinned when the tip of his penis
reached her hand and she felt precum. She then pulled the dildo out of
Peter's ass and stood up taking it off.

"You've been a very good boy today Peter. Now get off the bed so you can get
your well earned treat." Jubilee and Peter switched places getting into the
doggy position. She gritted her teeth and held back her moan as the first of
Peter's nine inches pushed inside her pussy.

"Holy shit," Kitty thought finally taking notice of Peter's size. "If I
didn't have to teach him a lesson I'd try to hook up with him again."

Slowly Peter was able inch the entire length of his cock into Jubilee's
opening. She moaned as the thickness of his shaft stretched her beyond what
the few guys she had been with before had done to her. An intense pleasure
began to well up in her body as Peter grabbed her hips and began pushing
himself in and out of her. He too felt the benefits of a tight pussy on his
cock, but every girl he had been with before was tight. It was one of the
advantages to having large dick.

In the closet with the camera recording Kitty watched with glee as Peter
began to ram himself hard into Jubilee's cunt. She began to wet herself
again as Jubilee groaned with each thrust and Peter's bed began to rock back
and forth.

Jubilee felt her body get hotter and hotter as she neared orgasm. She was
almost screaming as Peter's nine inches pumped in and out of her tiny
opening. Suddenly Jubilee's mouth opened up and she started crying out loud
as her body gave in. Her cries of ecstasy were so loud that Peter had to
reach around and cover her mouth with one of his hands as he continued
thrusting himself into her working towards his own orgasm. Once her orgasm
died down and she stopped screaming Jubilee bit Peter's hand and he moved

"You have such a big cock my pet. My pussy feels so good having to stretch
to fit it in," Jubilee said as Peter continued to pump his shaft in and out
of Jubilee's opening. Though she had came all over his cock Jubilee's pussy
was still very tight on Peter's shaft and he was nearing orgasm as well.

"You're so tight Ms. Lee," Peter grunted his groin now starting to ache.

"Are you fixing to come Peter? Is your massive cock aching for release?"

"Ye-Yes," Peter groaned.

"Then come in my mouth Peter! I want to taste the cum of a bitch!"

Peter pulled out of Jubilee and began stroking himself as she turned herself
around. Several hearty strokes later Peter's cock was erupting.

"I'm coming Ms. Lee!" Peter groaned as he continued to jerk himself off as
semen erupted from his cock.

Several shots landed in Jubilee's mouth which she swallowed with a smile,
but several more hit her in the face. When Peter's eruption came to an end
Jubilee got off the bed and smiled at him.

"You've made your master very happy today," Jubilee said still smiling and
petting Peter on the head. "But you made a mess and need to clean it up."

"Yes ma'am," Peter replied obediently before he started licking his cum from
Jubilee's face.

Kitty was speechless and could only shake her head as she watched Peter lick
up every bit of his semen and swallow it. She then realized she liked what
she had just seen as she could feel the dampness of her panties and the cum
dripping on her legs. When Peter and Jubilee began cleaning up with towels
Jubilee brought Kitty quickly phased through the closet wall and headed
towards Olivia's room.

"You okay?" Jubilee asked as she and Peter began to dress.

"I'm fine. Why?"

"I just wanted to make sure you weren't too weirded out or anything."

"Why would I be? This isn't the first time we've done this. I'm just happy
you didn't freak when I showed up with the wrong dvd in the case. Just out
of curiosity how come you said it was okay to have Kitty in my room to watch
a movie?"

"Because we were only screwing around then, we weren't dating. Besides you
kicked her out."

"Look I'm sorry about the other day in the library telling Kitty we weren't
dating. I just wanted her to leave me the hell alone."

"Don't worry about it Peter," Jubilee smiled kissing him on the lips. "She's
a selfish bitch who really has no clue what's going on around her unless it
directly involves her."

"If only the rest of the females around here were like you," Peter grinned
kissing her back. "Perhaps there would be some normalcy."


Olivia was in a chatroom as she usually was when Kitty appeared out of
nowhere with a huge smile on her face and Olivia's camera in hand.

"Don't you ever knock?" Olivia asked irritated.

"Oh calm down girl. I know you like it when I'm around."

"Regardless, I like to have some privacy like everyone else."

"You mean for masturbating?"

"Kitty!" Olivia said shocked and embarrassed.

"What? Everyone does it, but I've got something that'll make sure you never
do it again."

"What's that?" Kitty began unzipping her pants and pulled them down taking
off her panties "What are you doing? Pull your pants up!"

"Not before you lick my pussy clean."

"I'm not doing that!"

"Yes you will Olivia. I know you want to. You're into girls and you like
me," Kitty said sitting down on the Olivia's bed.

"But... but..."

"We can get to butts later if you want, but let's just start with pussy

Olivia knew she shouldn't, but Kitty was right about her on both counts. She
also knew Kitty's current reputation and that she wasn't in good standing
with everyone at the moment, but Olivia couldn't help herself.

Olivia got to her knees on the floor and spread Kitty's legs apart. She
tentatively placed her head between the girl's legs and began licking at her
wet pussy. Kitty smiled and let out a few fake, but reassuring moans, as
Olivia's tongue worked it's way up and down her legs and into her pussy as
it licked up all of her cum.

"How was it?" Kitty asked as Olivia brought up her head smacking her lips.

"It... It was nice..." Olivia replied with a smile.

"And there's more of where that came from," Kitty replied kissing pulling up
her pants and kissing Olivia's sticky lips. "But first I want you to do
something for me."

"What's that?"

"Upload the movie I have of Peter and Jubilee onto the internet."

"But you know how to do all of that."

"I know computers, I don't know the internet and all the popular sites and
groups to upload the video to. You do."

"But they'll be able to trace the video upload back to my room."

"Then leave school to do it. Just figure out where you want to upload it
from and do it. Then we can pick up where we left off tonight."

"Okay," Olivia half-smiled wanting to get into Kitty's pants and knowing the
risks of what she was about to do.

"If this helps any," Kitty said tossing her panties at Olivia, "You can have
these." Olivia placed the panties at her nose and inhaled deeply before
sucking some of the wetness from them. "That's a good girl," Kitty smiled
before kissing her on the lips and disappearing through the wall.


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