X-Men: Sex And The Single Mutant Part 2 (MF,inter,voy)
by Calufrax

Rogue woke up the next morning, a contented smile on her face. She pulled the covers off and rose from the bed, catching a glimpse of her naked body in the mirror. She paused to look at herself. Her long brown hair went down her shoulders, her lock of pure white hair standing out. She reached up and touched her breasts - they'd gotten so much bigger in the last year! Giving them a small appreciative squeeze, she moved her hands down to her hips. A little bigger than she liked but still nice. And her pussy. It was fuzzy with her dark curls; the one time she'd tried shaving she'd nicked herself up pretty bad, so she was content with trimming it down.

Caressing along her curls, she lifted a hand up to her nose. Her dried juices were still strong on her fingers. She'd masturbated last night to the image of Jean and Scott fucking, the feel of Jean's stolen panties against her cheek, just close enough to smell them. She'd cum so hard and strong that she'd fallen asleep soon after. She remembered a dream she had last night of her and Bobby rutting in her bed like animals, her legs wrapped around him.

Looking up at the clock, she saw she had class in less than an hour! Rogue turned back to her bed, and rummaged through the covers, finding Jean's panties. She smelled them again; Jean's scent was still on them, and her pussy moistened a little. Looking around, she went to her dresser. When she first arrived at the School and was brought to her room, she found a jewelry box there. She'd thought it was strange considering she only had one pair of earrings and a necklace; then she realized that those boxes were probably in every girl's room. She opened it and pushed the panties inside, closing the lid and locking it with the small key provided. Then she moved to the bathroom and started the shower...

* * *

The day went on much like yesterday. Class after class, learning about history and science. Then the more "specialized" ones, where the young mutants learned about controlling their powers and honing them; due to the dangerous nature of her ability, Rogue had been excused from this exercise. She'd seen Bobby a few times throughout the day, passing each other smiles back and forth. They were in class now, Bobby sitting to the desk to her right. She was trying to concentrate on the essay the class was assigned to complete.

"Psst..." She looked up from her notebook to see a hand pushing a small folded piece of paper onto her desk. She looked over at Bobby and smiled. He gave her a quick smile back, then returned to his studies. Rogue took the paper and opened it. It read: "Rogue: just cause our skin can't touch doesn't mean we can't have fun."

"Marie?" Her head snapped up from reading. It was Ororo, the mutant known as Storm. She was teaching the class. She looked over at her from her desk at the front of the room. "What is so important that you've stopped your essay?"

Rogue quickly pushed the note into her desk, hiding it. Her mind raced.

"Nothing... nothing. I was just... thinking is all."

Storm looked at her a moment. Rogue was worried that she would know what she'd done, until she realized that it was Jean who could read minds, not Storm. "Very well. Get back to work, please." Rogue nodded, and started writing again. But she found it very hard to concentrate on her essay...

* * *

After class, Rogue was walking through the compound when Bobby met up with her. "Sorry about getting you in trouble with the teach."

Rogue smiled back. She said with that sweet Mississippi lilt to her voice, "It's alright. I still got my essay done." She paused a moment. "Bobby, what did you mean in your note?"

Bobby looked at her, thinking. "I like you, Rogue. Really like you." He reached over, stroking her gloved hand. "I just want to be close to you is all."

Rogue's breath got faster. "We can't, Bobby. If I touch you with my bare skin..."

"I know. But there are other things we can do. If you want to, that is." His blue eyes met with hers.

"I want." Rogue realized that she might have said that faster than she'd planned. Bobby smiled at her.

"Alright then. Tomorrow night it is." He walked away, beaming at her.

Rogue watched him as he left, her breathing and heartbeat racing. What did he mean? That note had gotten her so-

The note! She'd been in such a hurry to leave class; she left it in her desk! She looked at the clock on the nearby wall. She didn't have another class for a half-hour, and she knew Storm's classes were an hour apart. She turned around, heading back for the classroom...

* * *

Rogue opened the door and peeked in. The classroom was empty. Sneaking in, she went over to her desk, opening up the drawer. There was the note; all stuffed and crumpled as she'd left it. She sighed with relief, and pulled it out. Closing the drawer again, she turned to leave when she heard Storm's voice out in the hall, getting closer. She looked around, fearing getting caught. She went over a nearby door, opening it and rushing in, closing it behind her except for a crack. It was a storeroom, with boxes within and computer equipment. She watched through the crack in the door.

The classroom door opened and Storm came in, followed by someone else. It was James, one of the older students at the School. He was tall, with brown hair and blue eyes; his special ability was being able to manipulate electricity. Their conversation was continuing as James said, "... all I'm saying is that in a normal school, I'd have graduated when I was 18."

Storm replied, "Perhaps. But here, you graduate when you can completely master your powers." She closed the door behind them, and her slim black fingers turned the latch, locking it.

James smiled. He reached out and slid his hands along her hips. "That's alright for everyone else to think, Ororo. I just think you're keeping me around for another reason."

Storm smiled, looking up at him. He was at four inches taller than she was. "And what reason would that be?" She had a playful smile on her lips.

James reached over, taking one of her hands and guiding it down to his crotch. James stroked her palm and fingers over his bulge. Rogue gasped, mouth open. Storm looked down, starting to move her hand willingly over him. "Mmmm. Perhaps I would miss this..."

James' breathing started quickening. He released her hand and moved his up her hips. He stopped to squeeze her large breasts through her white blouse, smiling when he heard her soft moan, then moved up to her shoulders. In a breathy deep tone, he said, "You know what I'd miss, don't you?"

Ororo looked up from his crotch, her dark eyes meeting with his. Her beautiful face nodded slowly, and she sank to her knees in front of him. Rogue watched as her slender black fingers undid his belt and unzipped his jeans, opening them. From her vantagepoint in the storeroom, she saw James' impressive bulge in his underwear. Storm pulled his pants down to his feet, then thumbed his underwear down. James' long cock sprang free, nearly hitting Storm in her face. She reached up and started stroking his cock.

James closed his eyes. "Mmm that's what I'd miss."

Storm moved in, nuzzling his cock against her cheek. Her hot breath puffed along his skin, making his cock jump. Her small pink tongue passed her lips, and she ran it along his shaft, up to the head. Then she opened her mouth and took his cockhead in. James let out a low moan. Rogue felt her own nipples hardening as she watched.

Storm slowly went down his cock, taking it into her mouth and throat, her dark eyes closing. The farther his cock went in, the more James moaned. His hands left her shoulders and he took hold of her pure white hair.

"Ooooh Ororo yes.... that's so good..." Storm opened her mouth wide, taking him more, till her nose was buried in his crotch. She felt his hard cock in her throat, twitching and throbbing. She slowly started back up, feeling it slide out till she was back at his head again. James opened his eyes and looked down at her. "Ohhh god... "

Storm pulled his cock from her mouth, running her tongue over his head. "I'd miss this most of all, I think." And she slipped his cock back in, her white-haired head starting to bob up and down as she sucked. "Mmmmmmmm..."

Rogue watched as Storm sucked James. She set her books down on the floor and reached up, squeezing her own breast. Her nipple was so hard; she could feel it through her bra. The sight of Storm's head bobbing in front of James made her so hot; she wanted to reach in her jeans and finger herself. But she was so afraid, so worried about getting caught.

Storm was humming and moaning as she sucked James' cock. She loved the feeling of his cock in her mouth, knowing that each moan and groan he let out was because of her. She let her teeth graze along his shaft, teasing it. James let out a groan at that; she knew it loved it when she did that. She felt James start to push his cock into her mouth, and relaxed her throat muscles. James loved to fuck her mouth, and she was more than willing to let him.

James' hands moved to the back of her head, holding it steady as he started to slowly pump her hot mouth. "Ohhh Ororo.... that's it... you're so good. God, so good...." Small wet slurping sounds escaped the corners of Storm's mouth as his dick started moving faster in her mouth.

Rogue swallowed, her pussy beating hot and wet. God, all she wanted now was to pull off her clothes and release that hunger inside her. If only she didn't have her power... she'd let both Bobby and James on her. The idea of their cocks pounding in her, in her pussy and mouth. It made her-

"Ohhh Ororo... ooooh here I cum, baby!" James' thrusts got faster and faster, and he stopped fucking her mouth, letting Storm take control again.

She pulled back from his cock, and took hold of him, stroking quickly as her lips wrapped around his head. "Ahhhhhhh yesSSS!!" James' head went back, and he let out a grunt. Storm felt his cock jerk and a hot stream of sperm shoot from his cock into her mouth. She greedily started swallowing, knowing how strong he could cum when he was really aroused. She loved the taste of his cum, but it was the middle of the day, and the last thing she wanted was semen-stains on her shirt! But she was more than willing to swallow every last drop. He shot out load after load, and she took it all, until she felt his cock start to shrink back down.

Rogue was pulling at her nipples hard through her shirt, biting her lower lip to keep from crying out. She wanted to cum so badly. To hell with being caught. She didn't care!

James' breathing slowed, and he had a contended smile on his face. Storm's face remained down at his cock, slowly moving around as she sucked the last of his cum. She pulled off his dick, licking her lips. Her stomach was warm and full of his seed. She licked and kissed his cock lovingly, her tongue cleaning it off. James looked down, sighing. "Oh shit Ororo. You are the most incredible woman I've ever seen."

Storm looked up at him, raising an eyebrow playfully. "Mmm... talk like that makes me wish I didn't have class in a half-hour." She rose up from her knees, raising a finger, wiping the corners of her mouth. James reached down, starting to pull up his underwear and jeans.

"What are you doing later tonight? Maybe I could come over?"

Ororo reached into her purse and pulled out a brush, running it through her mussed white hair. "I can't tonight. The professor is having a dinner and I've been asked to attend." She saw James' expression fall, and she smiled. "But tomorrow night is free."

James smiled. "Great!" Zipping his jeans, he reached over and took her face in his hands, pulling her for a kiss. Storm felt his lips meet hers warmly. She felt his tongue pressing against her mouth, and she opened it to accept him. That was another thing about James that appealed to her: he wasn't afraid to kiss her after getting head, and tasting his own semen.

Storm broke the kiss. "Better stop now." She ran the brush through her hair one final time. "How do I look?"

James smiled at her. "Beautiful, gorgeous, incredible..."

Storm laughed. "All I was hoping for was looking like I didn't just suck off one of the students!" She reached over, unlocking the classroom door, and they both left.

Rogue slowly pushed open the door, coming out. A thin layer of sweat was on her forehead. Her nipples felt raw and sensitive from their pulling. She collected her books from the floor and came out. She needed sex so bad! She had enough time to go back to her room, bring herself to orgasm, and shower for the next class.

As she neared the door, she noticed something on the ground. She paused, kneeling down, looking. It was a pencil-eraser sized droplet of James' cum that somehow had evaded Storm's notice. Rogue reached down and ran her fingertip along it, collecting it, and brought her finger up to her face to look at it. It was white, and creamy. She swallowed nervously, and stuck out her tongue, dabbing it on. She ran her tongue around her mouth, tasting it. Salty, and thick. She slipped her finger in her mouth, sucking the remainder off.

She left the classroom and raced across the compound for her room...

(to be continued)


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