X-Men - The Last Stand: I'm The Juggernaut Bitch!
by The Fan ([email protected])

Eric Lensherr, the man known as Magneto stood atop the city of San Francisco.
He looked down at the world of ordinary mortals. He smiled. Ever since he
had discovered that he was different from mundane humans, Magneto had fully
embraced his heritage. He was not an ordinary human being but a member of the
evolving race of super-humans known as the mutants.

Magneto was the most powerful mutant on the planet Earth. He had the ability
to fly at amazing speeds, and also to manipulate any metal within miles. He
could control a truck, make it fly like a toy or crush it simply by thinking
about it. Magneto was the master of magnetism. He had been trying to protect
the mutant race from the humans for decades. A long time ago, he did believe
in his friend and fellow mutant, the telepath Charles Xavier's dream that
mutants and humans could coexist peacefully on the planet Earth.

Unfortunately, Magneto had seen first hand what humans could do to each
other. They were intolerant of those who were different. Bigotry was part of
human nature. The humans hated the mutants and isolated them. Ordinary people
who revealed themselves as mutants were treated like criminals. The human
race hated them. Magneto did not want his fellow mutants to perish, crushed
under the heel of humanity. So, he gathered followers and fought against the
human oppressors. Charles Xavier built the Xavier School For Gifted
Youngsters. Young men and women who were mutants found a safe haven in this
place. Magneto helped build it. And he also helped destroy it.

The X-Men, as Xavier's students were called opposed Magneto when he and the
Brotherhood of Mutants decided to launch a strike against the Worthington
Enterprises headquarters in Alcatraz Island. Worthington Enterprises was run
by Warren Worthington II, a billionaire whose son, Warren Worthington III
was a young man with wings, a nascent mutant. Warren called himself Angel.
Worthington Enterprises was using a young mutant's DNA to permanently
suppress the powers of other mutants. This threw the mutant community in an
uproar. Some mutants wanted to be cured of their special powers, and lead
normal lives. Others were angry because they did not consider themselves to
be sick, thus not in need of a cure. The X-Men came to defend Worthington
Enterprises when Magneto and the Brotherhood attacked.

That's when the battle was on. On the side of the X-Men was Wolverine,
the tall and ruggedly handsome man with the wicked smile, hunky body and
super-durable Adamantium-skeleton and claws. Storm, the beautiful African
Wind Rider. Bobby Drake, the boy with the power to turn anything he touched
into ice. Kitty Pride, the young woman with the ability to walk through
solid matter by becoming intangible. Colossus, the young man with the organic
steel armor. And last but not least Hank McCoy, the blue-furred, muscular
mutant known as Beast.

They fought against Magneto and his acolytes, the dozens of mutants of the
Brotherhood who had joined him. Among the strongest of Magneto's warriors was
Cain Marko, the tall and heavily muscled strongman known as The Juggernaut.
The Juggernaut was a seven-foot-tall man with a lot of raw power. He had
superhuman strength and speed. His body was invulnerable. He could lift up to
twenty tons using the raw power of his arms alone. He could run at close to
forty miles per hour. His body was invulnerable, impervious to bullets and
flames. He wore a tough leather outfit and a mask which hid his face from his

The battle raged between the X-Men and the Brotherhood. In the end, the
X-Men lost. The Brotherhood of Mutants had won. Worthington Enterprises was
destroyed and the “mutant cure” was obliterated. Magneto was suddenly lord
and master over all he surveyed. He told his followers to dispatch the fallen
enemies in any matter they wished. This particularly pleased Callisto, the
beautiful Latin girl with the power of super-speed. She was a sworn enemy of
Storm, the weather witch. This also pleased the Juggernaut, who had a run in
with Kitty Pride.


Wolverine lay on the field, wounded. He had just fought against a massive
force of mutants. One of them was the one who had blasted him with the Agent.
The Agent was the basic component of the “mutant cure”. It had been injected
into Wolverine. The feral scrapper had lost his powers. Temporarily, of
course. One of the little-known facts about Wolverine is the fact that he
wasn't a mutant or a human being for that matter. He was a member of an
ancient and nearly extinct species. A race of beings who looked like humans
but were quite hairy, had sharp senses and possessed claws popping out of
their knuckles and healed faster than ordinary mortals. This race of inhuman
creatures died out long before modern humans appeared. Wolverine was older
than humanity. He was tens of thousands of years old. He was the last of his
kind. A virtually immortal man walking through history and eternity.

Dark Phoenix looked at Wolverine. She was trembling. The sight of this
magnificent man stirred certain feelings inside of her. Memories of Jean
Grey, a woman who had loved Wolverine stirred within her. Dark Phoenix had
fought against the X-Men. Dark Phoenix had sided with Magneto and the
Brotherhood of Mutants by killing Charles Xavier, the patriarch of mutant
kind. Dark Phoenix also killed Scott Summers, the former leader of the
X-Men and a one-time love of Jean Grey. Dark Phoenix loved to kill and
destroy. Dark Phoenix had no conscience. Dark Phoenix was elemental fury
personified. Jean Grey was an ordinary woman with extraordinary powers.
Dark Phoenix was evil personified. But it was Jean Grey whose heart ached
when she saw Wolverine, the man she loved as he went down fighting a horde
of mutants.

Jean Grey lashed out and struck at those who hurt the man she loved.
Three mutants, two females and one male, blew up in the face of her fury.
Vaporized. Imploded. Jean Grey stood over Wolverine, and she touched him.
With every fiber of her being, she willed him to heal. When she touched
him, she saw into his mind. What she saw amazed her. She saw Wolverine
walking through time and space. He had been around since the days of the
Cavemen. He walked with the Great Beasts that ruled the world when humanity
was young and there were still echoes of the ancient dinosaurs. Wolverine
had been known under many different names. He was tens of thousands of years
old. He was immortal. He had been a builder in ancient Egypt, a slave in
ancient Greece, a warrior in ancient the time of the Mesopotamians and a
hunter in primeval Africa. He had walked with the native Americans tribes
when their ancestors crossed over the Bering Strait. He had been father,
husband and protector in the lives of countless men and women over the ages.

Wolverine suddenly sat up. his wounds were fully healed and his powers
restored. He looked at what he thought was Dark Phoenix. He drew his claws
and struck her. Jean Grey howled in pain. Inside her, Dark Phoenix stirred
and hurled a fireball at Wolverine. The feral scrapper roared and stabbed
Dark Phoenix. Dark Phoenix howled as she died. Wolverine looked in the eyes
of Jean Grey. Watched as the evil within her died and the good woman he knew
lived. He used his ancient healing powers to heal her with a simple touch.
He had many powers which he had forgotten how to use. There was a lot more
to Wolverine than a cocky scrapper with claws and metal bones. A lot more.

Jean Grey looked at Wolverine and smiled. She put her arms around him and
kissed him. He kissed her back. He wanted her. And she wanted him. They
embraced. Wolverine longed to be with Jean, now that Scott Summers and the
Dark Phoenix were out of the way. Finally, they could be together. At last.
They kissed and caressed each other. Slowly, they undressed. Jean looked at
Wolverine's sexy, muscular hunk's body. She licked her lips. Wolverine
smiled. He wanted her. She could tell. Jean Grey asked Wolverine to give it
to her roughly. Wolverine smiled and propped her up on all fours. They got
down to business.

Wolverine kissed the back of Jean Grey's neck and caressed her shoulders
and back. His fingers slid into her pussy and he came closer behind her. He
rubbed his cock against her buttocks. He spread them gently with her hand.
Jean Grey smiled. Wolverine loved sticking his cock up a woman's butt. It
was his favorite thing to do. She liked it too. Slowly, he slid his cock
into her back door. Jean Grey winced when his cock entered her butt hole.
Wolverine thrust into her. Slammed his cock hard up her ass. Just the way
she liked it. Jean Grey howled in pleasure.

Wolverine held Jean Grey by the hips and slammed his cock into her. Her ass
was so warm and tight. He loved the feel of it around his cock. He drilled
his cock into her. Slammed it real deep up her shit hole. Jean Grey howled
in pain and pleasure as she was slammed. She loved the feel of a cock up her
asshole. Wolverine fucked her like this for about half an hour, then he came.
His cock spat cum, flooding Jean Grey's asshole with seed. Jean Grey cried
in pleasure. Wolverine pulled out of her. She turned around and looked at
him, smiling. Wolverine smiled, then he cut her head off. Jean Grey died,
and the Phoenix with her. Wolverine looked at her dead body. He felt no
remorse. Once, he did care about Jean Grey but she was a danger to everyone
on the planet. The most dangerous woman alive. He couldn't let her roam free,
especially after she betrayed the X-Men. He did what he had do. As always.


The Juggernaut looked at Kitty Pride. He smiled. He had defeated the young
female mutant. It hadn't been easy. She could become intangible and literally
walk through walls. She always slipped through his fingers. She'd been a
tough fighter. A lot tougher than any of the others he'd met. In the end, he
had taken her down. Now, she was his prisoner. To do with as he pleased.

Kitty Pride looked up from where she sat, bound by bio-mechanical bindings
dipped in the same bio-engineered poison which negated the powers of all
mutants. She hadn't been stripped of her powers but as long as the bindings
held her, she wouldn't be able to become intangible. Which meant that she
was the Juggernaut's prisoner. The way he was looking at her made her feel
quite scared. He looked like a mean bastard. He'd knocked her out with his
massive fist during a rare moment when she was actually solid matter. Now,
she was his prisoner.

The young woman thought long and hard about her predicament. There had to
be a way out. There had to be! She smiled at him and made him an offer he
couldn't refuse. Cain Marko smiled and asked her if she thought he was
foolish. He wouldn't let her go just because she asked nicely or because
she offered him sex as a reward. He was smarter than that and wasn't about
to let a woman trick him, thank you very much. Kitty grimaced. Cain smiled
and walked away. Kitty Pride went back to trying to find ways of escaping.

Cain Marko watched her. The girl was hot but he wasn't about to risk letting
her escape. Magneto would have his hide for this. Still, Cain Marko hadn't
had any play for a while. He went looking for distraction elsewhere while the
cameras of the prison watched the chick. He walked for a little bit and found
Callisto, who was playing with Storm. He gasped. This was the hottest thing
he'd ever seen.

Callisto, the golden-skinned Hispanic mutant had always hated Storm. Now that
the Brotherhood had won over the X-Men, Callisto was having her way with her.
The beautiful black woman known as Storm was naked, her sexy body showing in
all its glory. Cain admired her cute face, big breasts and big and sexy butt.
Black chicks had it all, apparently. Callisto had Storm bound and propped up
on her belly, lying on a table. Callisto was naked as well and holding a
large whip. She used to whip to beat Storm's ass, lashing it with tough

Storm cried out in pain. Callisto laughed. She beat Storm with the whip,
leaving red marks against her brown skin. Yet never touching her face.
Callisto gave Storm a moment's reprieve. Cain watched as Callisto put a
strap on dildo's leather harness around her slim hips and held her plastic
cock in hand. Storm couldn't see from where she was but Cain saw everything.
He smiled as Callisto spread Storm's butt cheeks wide open and slammed the
dildo up her ass. Cain watched excitedly as Storm screamed loud enough to
wake the dead. Her screams of protest seemed only to encourage Callisto as
she slammed the dildo up Storm's ass.

Cain watched this excitedly. He decided to go grab himself some fun. He
bumped into Pyro, the handsome young man with the pyrokinetic powers. Pyro
was Magneto's top acolyte. Next in rank to Callisto. Pyro was on his way to
torture Bobby Drake, the X-Men's Iceman. Cain Marko had a marvelous idea
which he shared with him. The two super-villains chuckled among themselves.

Bobby Drake, the young mutant known as Iceman found himself propped on a
table. Bound by unbreakable bonds. He looked into the eyes of Pyro, his hated
foe. Pyro had a nasty smile on his face as he unzipped his pants and thrust
his cock into Bobby's mouth. Reluctantly, Bobby sucked on Pyro's cock. Pyro
slammed his cock into Bobby's mouth, making the cold mutant boy gag on it.
Pyro looked at Bobby as the young man sucked his cock. Bobby had pretty lips.
Lips that were made to suck cock. Pyro soon came in his mouth and Bobby drank
it. Pyro laughed. He was right. Bobby really was a cock sucker. A dick sucker
in denial! Must be why he went out with Rogue, the only woman he couldn't
touch. What a loser!

Pyro came up behind Bobby Drake and pressed his cock against his buttocks. He
slid his cock into the young mutant's asshole. Bobby didn't cry out in pain
when Pyro's cock thrust into his ass. He pushed instead, driving the fire
starter's cock deeper inside him. Pyro grabbed Bobby by the hips and thrust
into him. He slammed his cock hard up that ass. He fucked him until he came.
When he was done, he set Bobby Drake on fire. Consumed him. Pyro would have
sighed with regret if he had a conscience. But he didn't, since he was a
sociopath. He looked at Bobby's remains and smiled. Oh, well. The fun was

Pyro walked in the directions of screams he heard. That's how he walked in on
Callisto fucking the hell out of Storm using a strap-on dildo. Callisto was
thrusting the huge dildo up Storm's ass at super speed. Storm had lost any
fight she had left in her. She just lay there and took it. Pyro walked up to
Callisto and whispered something in her ear. He had an idea on how to spice
things up.

They decided to switch a bit. The hunky young Pyro stuck his cock up Storm's
asshole while Callisto shoved the dildo up the black woman's pussy. Storm
howled anew. She had two dicks up in her holes. Callisto and Pyro combined
their efforts to slam into Storm. With their separate dicks, they practically
ripped her apart. Storm howled. They fucked her until she passed out. When
they were done, Pyro set Storm on fire. The Wind Rider died as the two evil
mutants cackled with glee.

Cain Marko returned to where Kitty Pride was. He looked at her with maniacal
gleam in his eyes. He grabbed her and bent her over a large stone table. He
ripped her clothes off and looked at her sexy ass. Kitty protested but he
didn't care. A whack to the head almost knocked her unconscious. Cain Marko
laughed evilly and held his massive cock in hand. He spat on it and smeared
some of the spittle between Kitty's cheeks. He rubbed his massive cock
against her butt hole. Kitty howled when the Juggernaut's huge cock went up
her asshole.

Cain Marko gripped Kitty by the hips and slammed into her. He listened to
her screams. They were music to his ears. He thrust deep into her. His
twelve-inch cock shoved its way through her asshole. Kitty felt as though
she was being torn in half. She screamed. The Juggernaut didn't care. If
anything, her screams seemed to encourage him. He fucked her hard. Slammed
his cock deep into her ass like a miner drilling for gold. This went on
for about half an hour, before he finally came and pulled out of her. Cain
Marko smiled when he saw Kitty's gaping asshole.

"What's my name, bitch?" He asked, grabbing her face. Kitty looked at him
through tear-stained eyes and grimaced. Cain Marko howled and punched her
in the face. Hard. Kitty cried out in pain. "What's my name?" He asked.

Kitty hesitated. "You're the boss," she said hesitantly.

Cain Marko looked at her and stroked his chin. He appeared to be considering
this. Suddenly, he grabbed her neck and snapped it. He looked at her corpse
and snickered. "I'm the Juggernaut, bitch!"

He crushed her corpse, broke it into a dozen pieces and threw it a mile into
the air, into the water surrounding the island. With that, he walked away.
Laughing his ass off. He met with Callisto and Pyro. All of them laughed at
what they had done to the X-Men. Pyro and Callisto had fucked the hell out of
Storm before burning her to death.

Pyro had disposed of Bobby Drake in a similar fashion. The dynamic trio
went looking for more victims. More X-Men and X-Women to butt-fuck before
barbecuing them.

The three of them didn't notice the feral scrapper who stood in the
distance, looking at them. Wolverine shook his head. There were too many
mutants on the island. The X-Men had lost. Magneto and the Brotherhood of
Mutants had won. Nothing stood in the way of Magneto and his growing army
of mutants and their agenda of world domination. Nothing. Wolverine went
looking for Beast, the blue mutant known as Hank McCoy. He found Beast,
guarded by Arclight, the androgynous female mutant acolyte. Wolverine
snuck up behind Arclight and neatly separated her head from her shoulders.
He then freed Beast and they hurried out of there.

Once outside of the prison, they headed toward the water. That's when
someone sounded the alarm and dozens of mutants came after them. Wolverine
and Beast stood back to back, ready to fight for their lives against the
wicked mutants, both men and women, who served Magneto. It looked like an
impossible fight but they were ready. Just as the mutants came at them, a
winged figure swooped down from the skies and caught both Wolverine and
Beast. It was Angel, the son of Warren Worthington. Now at full power with
magnificent white wings. He carried the X-Men away from Magneto's fury.

He took them to the Xavier Institute. Safe and sound. They had a lot to
do, many people to warn and forces to organize, if humanity and any
non-bloodthirsty mutant, were to stand a chance against Magneto.

The End


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