This story is inspired by events portrayed in the film X-Men 3. Magneto's
Brotherhood of mutants has just attacked Alcatraz Island and are now about
to assault the Worthington Laboratory to destroy Leech, the young mutant
who carries the power to suppress the Mutant X gene.

X-Men: Kitty Pryde's Last Stand (Mf,ncon)
by Vinetalover ([email protected])

"He's goin' for the kid," Wolverine shouted to no-one in particular as he saw
Juggernaut literally ramming into and through a solid concrete wall. Despite
his bulk, he was fast, too fast for Logan to catch him now.

"Not if I get there first," Kitty Pryde aka Shadowcat shouted back and
without hesitation the young girl raced after Juggernaut.

"Kitty no! He's too dangerous," Logan ordered but it was to no avail. Kitty
was now speeding through the walls of the Worthington facility, her molecular
structure phasing to allow her to glide effortlessly through the metal and
concrete building as if it wasn't there.

Kitty was already drenched in sweat from the battle with Magneto's mutants
but now rivulets of perspiration cascade off her face as she ran as fast as
she could. Kitty's heart pounded from the exertion. She was athletic and
excelled in sports but the urgency of the situation forced her to run faster
than she had ever done before.

Ahead was Juggernaut, his massive bulk recognisable even through the clouds
of dust and fragmented metal that he was leaving in his wake. With renewed
energy, Kitty ran forward and through Juggernaut's body, causing the mutant
giant to stop momentarily in surprise and then give chase to the rapidly
disappearing Shadowcat.

Entering a new room, Kitty stopped to gain her breath. Her legs ached and her
heart was pumping so hard she felt it might explode. And worst of all, she
thought to herself during this brief respite, the stupid leather of her X-Men
uniform clung to her sweating body like a second skin. Who designed this
thing, she thought.

Her musing was interrupted by the eruption of the wall behind her which
exploded into plaster dust as Juggernaut made his usual dramatic entrance.
Caught unawares, it was too late for Kitty to run and so instead she simply
let the hulking mutant catch her...

...but immediately he did do, Kitty altered her molecular structure and she,
and Juggernaut, sunk smoothly into the floor as if it were wet sand. At waist
height, Kitty sprung up and instantly the floor where she had been returned
to its normal state, imprisoning Juggernaut.

Kitty glanced down at the struggling man, allowed herself a wry grin that
she, a mere slip of a girl, had beaten this behemoth so easily and then
darted forward, through another wall.

Juggernaut was enraged, his whole body shaking to such an extent that the
ground around him shook.

"Don't you know who I am???? I'M THE JUGGERNAUGHT, BITCH!!!" he screamed and
with that his massive arms smashed through the floor tiles surrounding him
and he crawled out of the hole, immediately giving chase.

Kitty flew into the sealed laboratory area and was relieved to see before her
the young bald boy, who she had been told had been called Jamie Maddicks even
though he was nicknamed Leech.

Barely older than Leech, Kitty adopted the role of a sister and comforted the
obviously scared boy.

"Its ok, I'm here to help. But we have to leave. NOW!" Kitty said and took
the boy's arm. But as she tried to slip them both through the wall, it didn't
work and she simply bumped into the solid surface.


"Your powers won't work around me. I'm sorry," Leech said.

At that moment the ground began to rumble and explosion of wall debris
announced the arrival of Juggernaut. Unfortunately, a large chunk of concrete
hit Leech on the head and he passed out immediately. Instinctively, Kitty
bent over to help him but at that moment Juggernaut's vast right hand grabbed
her ponytail and pulled her away.

Juggernaut - real name Cain Marko - was a stupid thug of a man with
incredibly low IQ, but he had been told of Leech's powers and so was careful
to ensure Kitty stayed close to the unconscious boy to dull her powers. The
fact his own power was similarly muted was irrelevant as his very size and
bulk gave him massive natural strength even without his mutant ability.

Kitty's eyes were wide with terror. She tried to lash out but Juggernaut
simply grabbed her wrist and twisted in painfully.

"I could snap your arm if I wanted," Juggernaut spat, bending the young
girl's arm back almost to breaking point.

"Please... It hurts..." Kitty stammered. Devoid of her powers, she was now
just a scared little girl at the mercy of this inhuman.

"I ain't even started to hurt you yet girlie," Juggernaut roared back,
laughing. He let go of Kitty's arm and then slammed his body down on hers so
that he was straddling her. The very weight of Juggernaut was so much it
winded Kitty and she could barely breath.

"You're... crushing... me!" gasped Kitty as Juggernaut let his weight rest
on her petite frame. Juggernaut smiled but lifted himself off her slightly;
he wanted her awake when he took her.

Now, Juggernaut's hands were at the zipper of Kitty's uniform slowly pulling
it down. Kitty's eyes welled with tears and she tried to wriggle out from
under the giant but he had her pinned and she could barely move at all let
along get free.

"What...What me?" Kitty sobbed, terrified
that she already knew the answer.

"I'm gonna fuck you until you bleed baby," Juggernaut laughed back and at
that moment ripped open the front of the girl's leather X-Men tunic and
snatched off her bra. Juggernaut had been imprisoned for some years and
had not seen a girl naked for ages, so his eyes feasted on the sight of
Kitty topless beneath him. Her breasts were a nice size, round and firm,
capped with gorgeous puffy pink nipples which were slightly crinkled.

"No..." Kitty murmured almost unable to find her voice from the fear.

But her pleas of mercy fell on deaf ears and now Juggernaut, who had always
derived his sexual pleasure from inflicting pain on woman, was now slapping
Kitty's breasts hard.

Kitty turned her head to the side as each slap caused her pain. And then the
pain got far worse than before as Juggernaut grabbed her by both nipples and
literally pulled her off the floor by them.

"Aaaaaaaaaggggggggggggghhhh!!!" gagged Kitty as the flesh of her nipples was
stretched beyond endurance.

Then, Juggernaut dropped Kitty to the floor smashing her back. Dazed, she
had no time to move and by now the gruesome man was on her again, this time
pulling at her pants.

"No...NO!!!" Kitty said, with renewed strength, wriggling and twisting her
body in a desperate attempt to escape his grasp.

"YEAH!" Juggernaut responded as he pulled the leather in half and threw the
torn fabric tatters behind him leaving Kitty in only her tiny black briefs.

"Plea...please...I beg you... don't..." Kitty wailed. Her whole body was now
trembling in terror as Juggernaut slowly and snapped one side of the panty
fabric and then the other, then removed the torn garment to reveal the untidy
triangle of dark brown hair between Kitty's legs. Juggernaut was pleased that
Kitty was unshaven and in fact had a nice crop of pubic hair, but his
pleasure was increased immensely when Kitty. Out of fear, involuntarily wet
herself, a stream of hot yellow urine gushing out of the crying girl.

"You a virgin little girl?" sneered Juggernaut. Ignoring him, Kitty was
simply too scared to do anything.

"I said..." Juggernaut shoved a finger deep into Kitty's vagina, his large
digit causing the girl to yelp in pain. "....are you a fucking virgin?"

"...yes...stop...take it out! I'm a virgin...I'm a fucking virgin...just
stooooppppppp!!!" Kitty cried.

"Good... then this is gonna be real memorable for you" Juggernaut laughed.
At this, he positioned himself over Kitty, her legs apart, his cock pointing
unerringly towards Shadowcat's exposed and untouched genital.

"Here's JOHNNY!" Juggernaut laughed and thrust immediately into Kitty's
vagina. No preparation, no sensitivity, no lubricant, the engorged, hideous,
inhumanly large bulbous cock just rammed into Kitty's, immediately breaking
her hymen and then thrusting deeper and deeper and deeper inside her. The
pain was excruciating and Kitty felt she was going to vomit as Juggernaut's
penis stretched her apart.

meeeeeeeee!!!" gagged Kitty as Juggernaut continued to rape her violently.

"Don't want to have my babies eh bitch?" Juggernaut said as he continued to
thrust violently into Kitty, her vagina now gushing blood.

Feeling himself about to climax, Juggernaut pulled his cock from the young
girl and directed it towards her face. Kitty tried to pull away but he was
too strong and his with one massive free hand he was able to grip her skull
so that she couldn't move, his huge fingers pressingly deeply at the girl's

"Drink this!" Juggernaut laughed and he squeezed Kitty's skull harder and
harder with one hand whilst pumping his cock with the other. The pressure
on Kitty's skull was enormous, causing acute pain in her head. Unable to
take it anymore, Kitty cried out in agony and Juggernaut released his cum
immediately, shooting the sticky hot white fluid into Kitty's open mouth
and then wiping his dripping member over her face.

After a few moments, Juggernaut stood up and took in the intoxicating image
beneath him; Kitty, naked, face covered in sweat and cum, writhing around
in agony, clutching her bleeding vagina. All that time without sex made the
man-mountain want to take her again.

Without hesitation or compassion, Juggernaut grabbed Kitty and flipped her
over, pushing her face down into the cold concrete floor as he positioned
himself behind her.

"No! NO! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! God, I beg you... please... please...NOT THERE..."
Kitty screamed in terror. The last assault had been more painful than she
had ever experienced before but she knew that anal penetration would be even
worse. She couldn't take anymore pain and just wanted to die.

Without words, Juggernaut pulled Kitty's buttocks apart and exposed her tiny
little puckered anus. And then, with an animal passion, he pushed his cock
forward against the entrance, stretching and eventually tearing her

Kitty screamed in agony as the head of the penis pushed past her unduplicated
anus and deep into her rectum. This pain was unbearable and she didn't think
she could take any more. Desperate, she wriggled to try and free herself but
Juggernaut responded by grabbing her little pony tail and used it to
literally pull himsel forward and into her. Kitty's head shot back as he
tugged at her hair and her back arched so much she thought her spine was
going to break. The pain in her back was unbearable but nothing in comparison
to the fire burning in her anus.

Juggernaut was now thrusting deeper and more violently inside Kitty's back
passage, encouraged by the fact that she was now bleeding there too. Every
thrust was accompanied by him pulling Kitty's ponytail towards him. For
Kitty, the pain was so excruciating she could not even scream and instead
her jaw just gaped open in a near silent cry of agony, her eyes shut tight
against the pain, drops of sweat cascading off her face and onto the floor.

"Can't... take... the... pain..." Kitty managed to stammer in a desperate
appeal for mercy but it had the reverse effect and Juggernaut forced himself
still deeper into her.

"Can't take the pain? You're a fucking X-Man, you should be able to take the
pain," he sneered as he rammed all his energy into Kitty's petite backside.

It was too much and Kitty blacked out into merciful unconsciousness.
Oblivious, Juggernaut continued to rape her brutally for several minutes
until he came.

Wiping himself down, he turned his attention to Leech, still unconscious on
the floor next to Kitty's inert body.

"Your turn, mate!"...

The End


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