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Date: 02/14/2005

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Strong language, drug use, male/female sex

Category: Het

Pairing: Gabrielle/Ares

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Other Notes: This story is a birthday gift for Renee O'Connor, who was born
on February the 15th, 1971.

Summary: Ares discovers something new inside his sister Aphrodite's lair and
plans to use it on Gabrielle.

Dedications: Happy Birthday to Renee O'Connor!--ATK 2005

Xena Warrior princess: Aphrodite's Elixar Of Lust
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

It is within the realm of Aphrodite the beautiful Goddess of Love where her
brother, Ares the God of War had dared to show himself and yell out these

Just then, after his sister had appeared from out of nowhere, Aphrodite had
looked at Ares with disgust in her eyes and asked, "What is it now, Ares? Do
you need my help in another plot against Hercules?"

"Look, Aphrodite! I know that you like him and that he's also a son of Zeus!"
answered Ares, after he had taken a deep breath. "But he has been spoiling
all of my best plans for the humans and it's beginning to drive me nuts!"

"Well guess what, you son-of-a-bitching war-hound!" said Aphrodite, after she
had walked over to Ares and started poking her finger on his chest. "I happen
to like Hercules, because he's kind and gentle to everyone around him! So why
don't you take your whining and complaning and go fuck yourself!"

And with that, a very upset Aphrodite had stormed out of the room, leaving
Ares all alone to ponder what his next move would be.

Then suddenly, after he had discovered a small glow on a shelf on his
sister's rack of potions, a curious Ares had walked over to the glow and
discovered that it was coming from a bottle that was clearly labeled with
the words 'Elixar Of Lust' on it.

"Oooohhhh, really! Well then, I hope that my darling sis wouldn't mind my
borrowing it to have my way with a certain warrior princess named Xena!"
whispered a devilishly-gleeful Ares, after he had picked up the bottle and
took a good look at it. "On second thought, I'll use it on her friend,
Gabrielle instead!"

And then, after he had let out a hearty doze of laughter, the sinister God of
War had disappeared from Aphrodite's lair in a flash, just before a curious
Goddess of Love had walked back into the room and asked, "Alright, Ares!
What's so funny this time?"

But after she had looked around the room and discovered that her devilish
brother was nowhere to be found, Aphrodite had looked over at her rack of
potions and made the shocking discovery that one of those potions was gone.

And after she had ran over to the rack and discovered which one of the
potions has suddenly vanished, a very upset Aphrodite had raised her fists
up in the air and yelled, "ARES, YOU SON-OF-A-BITCH! IF I EVER GET MY HANDS

Meanwhile, back within the realm of mortals, Gabrielle was sitting by a
campfire and trying to write another tale of Xena's adventures within her
scrolls, while the mighty Warrior Princess was out looking for some food for
the both of them.

Just then, Ares had appeared about a few feet away from the camp, used his
godly powers to draw Gabrielle's water bag towards him and poured a few drops
of the lust elixar into the bag, just before he had used his powers to return
the water bag back to where it was.

Then, after she had put her stuff away and said, "Oh, boy. Am I ever
thirsty," an unsuspecting Gabrielle had picked-up and opened the water bag
and took a swallow from it.

But suddenly, after she had closed the water bag, Gabrielle had sudden began
to feel feverish and woozy and have the sudden urge to go find Xena and tell
her that there was something wrong with the water.

However, after she had stood-up and took only a few short steps away from the
camp fire, Gabrielle had suddenly felt that she had no choice, but to drop
down to the ground and allow herself to be in such a weakened state.

After that had happened, a gleeful God of War had ran over to Gabrielle,
placed his hand gently on her forehead and said, "Whoa!You really don't look
too good, Gabrielle. Don't worry. I'll take you to a nice place where you'll
be able to get all warmed-up."

And then, after he had lifted the helpless Gabrielle into his arms, Ares had
transported the both of them away from the campsite and into his own lair,
where he had allowed a beautifully-furnished bedroom to appear.

"And now, Gabrielle. You're about to be able to taste the sweet fruits of
passion and ecstasy," said Ares, after he had used his powers to remove all
of Gabrielle's clothing from her nude body and placed her on the bed. "And we
shall both taste it together... you and I."

And after he had used his god-like powers to remove his clothing as well,
Ares had placed his nude body next to Gabrielle's and started licking all
over her body -- all the way down to her suddenly hot, wet pussy and
carressing her suddenly firm breasts.

"Aaaahhhh! No! This is wrong! I must resist! Don't do that! Stop! Oooohhhh,
please don't stop!" said Gabrielle, after she was no longer able to resist
the elixar's influence and placed her gentle hands on Ares' bare shoulders.
"Yeeeessss! That's it! Touch me! Touch me there! Suck my wet pussy dry!

And then, at that very moment, Gabrielle had suddenly realized that even
though she was under the influence of some sort of mystical potion, she was
experiencing something that she hadn't experienced with one of the sons of
Zeus before, for she was experiencing pure and untamed erotica -- and
enjoying every minute of it.

* * *

Meanwhile, back at the campsite, Xena had returned with some food for her and
Gabrielle to chow down on, only to shockingly discover that her best friend
has suddenly disappeared.

"WHERE ARE YOU?! TELL ME NOW, YOU PIECE-OF-SHIT!" yelled an enraged Xena,
while she was looking around the campsite for any sign of her friend. "WHERE

"I'll be willing to take you to that place, Xena," said a mysterious voice
from behind Xena, which had caused the Warrior Princess to turn quickly
around and see the Goddess of Love known as Aphrodite standing right in
front of her. "Because it appears that we both have the same problem... and
his name is Ares."

* * *

Just then, back within the realm of Ares, after he had placed his stiff cock
inside her asshole and used each of his hands to carress both her breasts and
pussy, Gabrielle had placed her gentle hands on his bare arms and yelled,

And then, after they've started moving harder and faster and their lovemaking
has reached its final path towards the slopes of Mount Olympus, the God of
War and his slave of lust had cum and collapsed due to exhaustion.

After they were both able to catch their breath and Gabrielle had placed her
head on his chest, Ares had placed his hand gently on her head, allowed a
devilish smile to appear on his lips and said, "You're now mine to command,
you little bitch!You're no longer able to resist me!"

"Yes, Master. I'm no longer able to resist you," said Gabrielle, after she
had placed her gentle hand on Ares' bare shoulder. "Please, Master. Let me
stay and remain your little bitch. "

"LIKE FUCKING HELL THAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN!" yelled a mysterious voice from
out of nowhere, which had caused the both of them to sit-up and notice an
upset Aphrodite and an angry Xena standing in front of them. "WHERE IS IT,

* * *

But just as Xena was about to unsheath her sword, Aphrodite had picked-up the
bottle of the elixar of lust and said, "There's no need for that, Xena! I've
found the elixar!"

Then suddenly, after he had jumped out of the bed and made his clothing
reappear, Ares had made a sword of his own appear from out of thin air,
dragged a still-nude Gabrielle out of the bed, placed the edge of the
sword's blade close to her throat and said, "Now who's got the upper hand,
you fucking amazon bitch?"

But then, just as Xena was about to take out her sword and charge to the
rescue, Gabrielle had raised her hand in front of her friend and said,
"Please, Xena! Don't kill him! He's my master and I'm his little bitch!"

And after Xena had stood where she was with the look of shock on her face,
Ares had lowered his sword, looked at the Warrior Princess with a devilish
smile on his face and said, "On second thought, you could keep the bitch!
Besides, I've already got what I'm after anyway!"

And then, after he had shoved Gabrielle towards Xena and Aphrodite, Ares had
let out a hearty doze of laughter and disappear from the scene in a flash,
leaving a teary-eyed Gabrielle to run over to the spot the God of War was
standing and said, "Please, Master!Come back!Take me with you!I still want
to be your little bitch!"

Just then, back at the campsite, a concerned Xena had gently placed a large
blanket over a saddened Gabrielle's shoulders and asked, "Are you doing okay,

"I'm very sorry for what happened, Xena. It's just that I was unable to
control myself at that time," said Gabrielle, after she had looked up at
her friend. "However, if you still wish to hate me for what happened, I'll

But then, after she had let out a small smile and placed her gentle hand on
Gabrielle's cheek and said, "No, Gabrielle. I'm not going to hate you. I
really do understand that it wasn't your fault."

And with that, both Xena and Gabrielle had each let out a big smile and gave
each other a big hug.



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