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Crossfire: Crossworlds - All Greek To Me (FFF,mc,celeb)
by Anynom

Ending a show was never an easy thing. Considering this was a show that had
become something of a cultural icon, not to mention propelled its stars to
household names, ending it was even harder. But every series had to end and
"Xena: Warrior Princess" was no exception. Despite an uproar of fans, the
show was ready to go off the air and the stars were busy filming the final
episodes when the strange flash of light filled the skies and vanished,
taking two certain women with it.

Lucy Lawless blinked her eyes as they cleared and realized that she was no
longer in the open field surrounded by a film crew. She was in some sort of
dark cave, flickering torches providing the only source of light that barely
provided enough to see. She realized she was still dressed in her costume
from the show, black leather armor that showed off her shapely body, a fake
sword by her side.

"Whoa," a voice beside her said and Lucy turned to see Renee O'Connor
standing beside her. Her long-time co-star was also dressed as she had been
for the filming, an orange top and skirt, belly exposed, short blonde hair
framing her attractive face and a staff clutched in her hands.

"What the hell was that?"

"I don't know," Lucy said, her New Zealand accent showing in her voice.

"What happened to us? It's like we were teleported somewhere."

"Definitely weird," Renee said, shaking her head and looking about. "Where
are we?"

"I'm not sure," Lucy replied. "But I guess we should start walking, try to
find a way out of here. Hopefully, we're not too far from the crew."

"I hope," Renee said, shaking her head. "I don't know, something about all
this just doesn't feel right."

"I know, I know," Lucy nodded. "But what else can we do? Let's go."

Carefully, the two began to walk forward, their eyes darting about, trying to
find some clue as to their whereabouts. The tunnel seemed to go on forever,
the darkness seeming to overwhelm the two as they made their way, trying to
look about for any signs of light within the darkness. A sudden movement
caused both women to leap back, screaming as another woman came up to them.
The woman screamed as well, the sword in her hands flaying about as she
caught her breath. Lucy looked at the woman for the first time and recognized


Hudson Leick looked up at the two, surprised to see them both here. She was
wearing the costume of the vileness Callisto, a leather outfit similar to
Lucy's, her long blond hair flowing around her beautiful face.

"Lucy?" she asked uncertainly. "Renee, is that you guys?"

"Course it is," Renee said. "How'd you get here?"

"Oh, thank God," Hudson said, holding a hand towards her ample chest. "I
can't believe what's going on around here."

"What is going on around here?" Lucy asked. "How come your dressed like

"I don't know," Hudson shrugged. "I was in my apartment, there's this flash
of light, all of a sudden I'm down in one of these tunnels with my costume on
and a sword in my hand. Is this some sick joke?"

"If so, I'm not laughing," Lucy said, letting a bit of Xena edge into her
voice. "Come on, we've got to find a way out of here."

They started walking again, Hudson joining them as they made their way
through the tunnel.

"So, how's the sword?" Lucy asked out of curiosity.

"Fake, I already checked," Hudson replied. "Weird, it's like someone just
decided to pop me into the costume I used to wear. That's the part I really
can't figure out is how it happened."

"Me either," Lucy replied. "It's almost as if somebody from the show used
magic or something."

"Usually I'd be down on that, but in this case, I don't think you guys are
far off," Renee said. "This definitely belongs in the 'X-Files' category."

"Wrong show," Hudson smiled. Her smile faded as the trio turned a corner in
the dark and suddenly found themselves within a lush field. It appeared to be
a small green field overlooking a small pool with a waterfall flowing into
it. Flowers and trees littered the landscape, providing an amazingly peaceful
backdrop to the setting.

"Whoa," Renee said. "This is definitely not Kansas right now."

"It's gorgeous," Hudson said, glancing about. "I don't have the slightest
idea what it is, but it's beautiful."

The three slowly moved into the field, glancing about, trying to figure out
where they were and what was going on.

"This is getting into a whole new area of odd," Renee remarked. "What the
hell is going to happen now?"

Lucy shook her head and moved up towards the water's edge, trying to figure
out what to do. She glanced at the pool, amazed at how clear it was. She
could see a series of natural steps near the side and the soft and sandy
bottom. She was so taken by the clear bottom that she failed to see the
shadow until it was too late.

She involuntarily screamed as a massive serpentine head popped out of the
waterfall, the head looking like a snake's with large, green eyes on the
head. Lucy stumbled away from the head and into Renee and Hudson. Both
women were as shocked as their friend, staring at the massive serpent with
horrified expressions, all of them making the mistake of looking right at
the serpent's face.

The serpent's eyes glowed brightly, the green seeming to come alive and fix
itself onto the women. Brilliant green fire came out of his eyes and crackled
forward, covering the faces of the women. All three felt a wave of incredible
pleasure roam across them all, each one feeling a wave of peace and
relaxation come across them. They stood in slacked fashion, staring blankly
ahead at the snake.


The voice seemed to come just from inside their heads but the women did not
question it or fight it at all. They were all too involved in the incredible
waves of relaxation and pleasure that were going through them. They fumbled
with their clothing, peeling away the layers of leather clothing to expose

Lucy's body was the most eye-catching with an incredible set of breasts and
a perfectly athletic body. Hudson was quite close to her with the same full
breasts and toned ass, her nipples partially obscured by her long blond hair.

Renee's breasts weren't as large but they were nice and pointed, the nipples
tight as she stared blankly ahead along with her two co-stars.

Pleasure yourselves.

Slowly, Renee and Lucy moved towards each other, Lucy taking the smaller
woman in her arms as they passionately kissed, attractions long hidden over
their time on the show coming to the forefront as they moved their hands over
their bodies, their tongues entwining. Hudson moved in with them, laying a
hand on each of their tight asses and squeezing them nicely as she gave
each woman a long and luscious kiss.

The three soon moved onto the grass, Lucy and Renee moving into a 69
position, each going after the other's pussy with fervor, licking away at the
clits with fervor. Hudson moved down and towards Lucy's pussy, pressing her
nose into Lucy's wonderful ass as she began licking at Lucy's pussy with
Renee, the two mixing their tongues together as they lapped away at the star
of their show.

Meanwhile, Lucy was doing quite a bit of work on her own, her tongue diving
deeper and deeper into Renee's young pussy, her nails digging into Renee's
ass as she licked away, driven on by the double-licking Renee and Hudson were
giving her. After a few moments, it was no surprise that Lucy soon came onto
both her co-stars, throwing cum onto their mouths, a feeling that Renee soon
gave Lucy back in full.

A few minutes later, the three were in the pool, letting the water cover them
as they went into another position, Hudson sitting on the edge of the pool,
her legs spread and Renee digging away at it, her tongue lapping at the blond
patch. Lucy was kissing at Hudson, their breasts rubbing against one another,
sliding across wet skin as they kissed. Renee was too busy licking away at
Hudson's pussy to notice Lucy's ass riding just above her head. Hudson moaned
through the kiss as the two went at it with Renee licking underneath. Hudson
grunted as she came, her juices mixing with the water flowing into Renee's
face as the young actress licked away.

There were several pairings after that and several more orgasms, the women
lost under the spell, so lost that they didn't even notice the serpent that
had been observing them all through this. They also didn't see the man who
walked up and punched the serpent right in the eye, stunning it and
definitely didn't notice the wild fight that went on, ending with the man,
with a pull of his muscles, snapped the snake's neck.

The echoes of the snap were still fading when Renee's eyes snapped open,
pulling her head away from Lucy's mouth. Lucy and Hudson suddenly found
themselves waking up as well, shocked by what was going on. They glanced
about, trying to figure it all out when they saw the man standing before

"Kevin?" Lucy asked in shock.

Kevin Sorbo coughed and threw their sets of costumes towards them. "Um, you'd
better throw these on." He turned his back as the women hurriedly pulled on
their suits.

"Um, not that we're ungrateful," Renee began. "But what are you doing here?"

"In the neighborhood," Kevin shrugged. "I thought you could use a hand."

"Thanks," Lucy said. "What happened?"

"I think I know," Kevin said. He reached out, seemingly for thin air, but out
of nowhere, a powerful, bearded man appeared in his grasp. "Hello, Ares,"
Kevin said.

There was a flash as the man vanished from his grip, then reappeared behind
him. "Geez, all I wanted was a little fun. Is that so wrong?"

"What the hell are you doing here?" Kevin said. "Are your responsible for
what's happening in the rest of the world?"

"Me? Nah?" The God of War shrugged. "But I can take advantage of a good time
when I see one. Come on, where else would I get a chance like this? Never
could get it from the real things, you know."

"I wonder how Zeus would feel about you taking advantage of these women like

"Aw, come on, you're not going to tell him," Ares chuckled. He sobered at the
look on Kevin's face. "Are you?"

"Get out of here. Now." Ares looked at Kevin for a long moment, then took a
breath and shook his head. "You never were any fun." There was a flash of
light and he vanished.

Kevin shook his head and turned towards the ladies, who were staring in shock
at what had happened.

"You know all those episodes of the show where they'd have me pretending to
be Hercules pretending to be Kevin Sorbo?"

"Yeah?" Lucy said.

"Well, they're all true," Kevin said. He smiled at the women who just stared
at him. "Tell you what, I'll tell you all about it and if you keep quiet
about it, I'll keep quiet about this. Deal?"

"Um, sure," Lucy said. "But can we get out of here, first?"

"Just follow me," Kevin said and led the women away from the caves, giving
them a little education on mythology on the way.


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