Xena Warrior Princess: Dahak Death Part 1
by Tyval

Xena/male(Questar), Gabrielle/male(Mace), Xena/Gabrelle/Questar/Mace 4-some

Summary: Two time-travelers from the year 2000 follow the incomplete and
newly discovered last scroll written by Gabrielle. The scroll tells how
they joined forces with Xena and Gabrielle to fight the evil Dahak. And
history can't be changed!

Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer, and Dahak are owned by MCA/Universal. These
versions of Questar, Mace, China Dragon, Billy Ray, and G.O.L.D. (Global
Order of Law and Defense), Golden Girl(Apella) are owned by me under my
real name since 1986 and in no way infringe on others who might have
characters with similar names.

For the purists out there, this story takes place sometime after the
reconcilliation of Xena and Gabrielle in an alternate reality. Due to
the events in this story, they will not journey to India, die in Rome
and other 4th season happinings in this reality.

Chapter 1:

It was late afternoon as Xena and Gabrielle made their way through
the sparsely wooded area. They were close to the Aegean Sea, and in
fact, could even see patches of clear blue water through the trees. The
gentle spring warmth, combined with the sea breeze and the sound of the
waves was making the two women lazy. Xena was leading Argo, holding the
reins loosely.

The duo were on their way to the port city of Tarlocus, but they
wouldn't make it this day even if they hurried anyhow. From Tarlocus
they planned on taking a ship to Athens. Xena disliked going to large
cities, but Gabrielle wanted to revisit the Athenian library and after
much begging had talked Xena into it.

The wind shifted, bringing a new, if familiar sound to the two women.
The sound of battle! Close, perhaps only a few hundred yards. Xena
quickly tied Argo off to a tree as Gabrielle gripped her staff tighter.

"Just once I'd like to go somewhere without having someone try to
kill me," Gabrielle grumbled.

Two men burst through a clump of bushes 50 yards ahead, running like
Hades himself was after them. Xena and Gabrielle instantly recognized
their uniforms. These men were members of the Dahak's 'Elite Guard'!

'Dahak soldier's don't run,' Xena thought,' Least of all the Elite
Guard. They're fanatics. For them, to run is to die.' To Xena's
surprise, they recognized her and still ran on despite the 10,000 dinar
price Dahak had placed on her head. Xena was somewhat angered by the
knowledge that whatever these men had been fighting frightened them
more than she did.

Xena hurled her chakram at the fleeing men. The disc shaped weapon
careened off 2 trees, knocked the first man down, knocked the second man
down, bounced off another tree, hit a boulder, then flew straight back
to Xena's hand. Gabrielle straddled one man, planting her staff against
the mans Adam's apple. Xena landed a quick nerve jab to the other man.
Both men had already been beaten to a pulp.

"I've just cut off the supply of oxygen to your brain, you have 30
seconds to talk dog," Xena ordered," Dahak Elite are not known for
running away, so you're going to tell me what you're running from."

"M-M-M-onsters! T-two of t-them," the soldier gasped.

"Where is your master?! Where is Dahak? Answer me scum!," Xena

"T-Tarlocus," the coward confessed.

Xena released the death stike from the cowardly fanatic and motioned
Gabrielle to pull back. Gabrielle turned and started to move towards
Xena, when the man she'd been guarding pulled a dagger and tried to stab
her in the back. Before the would-be murderer could strike, Xena threw
her breast dagger into his heart. The other man had also pulled his
dagger and lunged at Xena's back. Xena spun around, caught the killers
wrist, and landed a killing chop across the mans throat.

Xena ripped an amulet off the man she'd killed. There was some weird
writing on it and Xena thought that maybe Gabrielle might try reading it

"Let's go see these monsters," Xena said retrieving her dagger," Any
monster that hates Dahak as much as I do I want to see."

"I knew you were going to say that," Gabrielle mumbled to herself.

The duo took off running towards the sound of the raging battle.
Woods quickly gave way to dunes. Cresting the top of one where they
could see without being seen, an amazing sight greeted their eyes.
Nearly 60 members of the 'Dahak Elite' were scattered prone along the
beach. Some were dead, but most were merely unconcious. Another 40
were being beaten bloody by 2 unarmed muscular men.

'Monsters my ass,' Xena thought,' They look more like Gods!' The
older man was 6' 6" tall with shoulder length dark hair with piercing
blue eyes. Xena knew those eyes. They were hers without the guilt of her
past. The younger man was 6' 2" with slghtly longer blond hair. He had
tried a moustache and recently shaved it off. His green eyes were the
exact same shade as Gabrielle's.

Both men were well built. Xena recognized them as having the wiry
muscularity of gymnasts or martial artists rather than those of some
muscle-bound athletes she had seen. This fact was further reinforced by
their fighting style, which combined acrobaics, Shoalin, karate, muy
thai, north and south kung-fu, ninjustu, and a style that even Xena had
never seen before.

The resemblance between them was obvious. Father-son? No, the age
difference was no more than 10 years. Brothers then? They were used to
fighting together, as they covered each others backs well. Ten more
fanatics fell, 7 to the older man.

Xena noticed that Gabrielle was staring at the blond with her 'love
at first sight' expression on her face. Xena smiled inwardly. ' Here we
go again,' Xena thought, although she was also finding herself drawn to
the dark haired man. It was then that Xena realized something else about
the 2 men.

"They're not trying to kill," Xena whispered," There are a few
soldiers that are dead, but they're deliberately pulling their punches!"

"I'm glad he's not a killer," Gabrielle whispered staring at the

Xena was proven right on her guess, as the 2 men could now be heard
above the sounds of battle.

"You're slowing down little brother! I'm taking out almost 3 to 1,"
the dark haired man laughed as he fought.

"Age before beauty, big bro," the blond replied.

A sneak tried to backstab the dark haired man. The coward recieved a
spinning backfist from the older man that seperated his head from his
body. The head flew 50 feet away from the body.

"Ooooooo! That's gonna leave a mark," the blond said, knocking 2
soldiers out.

'Is that what those cowards meant by monsters?,' Xena thought. The
dark haired man had revieled possessing superhuman strength, the younger
man undoubtedly did as well. The odds were now down to 20 to 2, with the
20 beat to bloody pulps and the 2 barely breathing hard.

"Aren't we going to help them?," Gabrielle asked.

"In a minute. I'm really not sure that they need any help," Xena
answered," I think they could finish this any time they wanted to."

Few were the men that impressed Xena. This dark haired man was in a
class that only Hercules had reached. But even Hercules had never made
her feel this way. There was an obvious physical attraction to this
strange man, but yet, it was more than that. Looking back at Gabrielle,
Xena saw that the bard was totally lost in the blond.

Another cowardly backstabber, this one coming up behind the younger
blond man, who was, for the first time, too far away from his brother.
The dark haired man didn't see the backstabber as he disposed of 4 men
with a single spin kick. Xena's chakram flew through the air sending
the fanatic into the next life before returning to her hand. With her
distinctive cry, Xena leaped, did 2 mid-air somersaults, before kicking
two Elites out of the fight, then landing on her feet sword drawn.

Gabrielle follwed, running down the dune, making a beeline for the
blond. The cowards attempt on his brothers life lit a fire in the older
man as he began using deliberate lethal force for the first time. Within
miutes the fight was over with only Xena, Gabrielle, and the 2 strangers
still standing.

"Not friends of yours I take it," the older man said.

"These men are the elite force of the Dahak," Xena replied," They
have no friends, only victims."

"Dahak? That's the Chaos Lord we've come to destroy," the dark
haired man said.

"Chaos Lord?," Gabrielle asked.

"Evil Elder Gods that even predate the Titans. Very nasty. It took
an allance of a dozen different pantheons allied with mankind to finally
kill most of them and send the rest into the Nether-Sphere," the dark
haired man continued. There are lots of leftover creatures like hydra's
from that time when man and god fought together. The gods erased the
memory from man, but where we come from it was revieled when the Chaos
Lords escaped their exile."

"There were thirteen of them, now only Dahak and Daemonusare left,"
the blond said, shyly smiling at Gabrielle.

"Where are my manners? I'm called Questar, this knucklehead whose
life you just saved is my kid brother Mace," the dark haired man, now
known as Questar said, putting Mace in a fake headlock and giving him
noogies like Xena and Gabrielle had seen boys do.

"Ow! Uncle! Auntie Em! And your lttle dog too," Mace said in mock

"You seem to know about the Dahak, a Chaos Lord you call him," Xena

"I should. I'm part of the reason why there are only 2 left out of
the 13," Questar said, releasing his brother.

"Oh really," Xena said as she folded her arms, slightly amused.

"I'm second in command of a team of heroes called the Global Order
of Law and Defense, G.O.L.D. for short," Questar started.

"China Dragon's our head honcho, but we don't see him much these
days," Mace interupted," So my big bro's really been in charge for about
the last year."

"We've been fighting the Chaos Lords for years, picking them off one
or two at a time," Questar continued, ignoring Mace," That's why Dahak
came back to this time. The gods don't want to start another war so
they'll pretty much leave him alone. Chaos Lords are extremely powerful,
but they can be beaten. With only 2 of them left and 12 G.O.L.D.
members, Dahak figured that his chances of survival was better if he
wasn't around us."

"They killed a lot of us too. In fact, they started killing us
first," Mace said, remembering the many fallen heroes of G.O.L.D. and
the Alliance of Justice," The Chaos Lords are pure raw evil. They make
your Ares look like Cupid."

Gabrielle giggled as the thought of a winged Ares wearing shorts
decorated with pink hearts entered her mind. ' She's so beautiful,' Mace
thought,' So vulnerable and pure, even after all the hell she's been
through.' Gabrielle caught Mace looking at her, and blushing turned her
head. No man had ever made her feel this way,not even Perdicus.

"We should leave before those two runners get back with
reinforcements," Questar said," We have a camp set up and you're welcome
to join us."

"Actually, to tell the truth, we're lost," Mace said sheepishly," We
ran into these guys when we went out searching for someone to tell us
the way to Tarlocus."

"You don't have to worry about those two, we ran into them in the
woods," Xena smiled.

"Everyone knows where Tarlocus is," Gabrielle said amazed.

"Uh, we're not from around here. Not by some 2000 years, an ocean
and a continent or two," Mace said.

"They attacked us when we asked about you," Questar said, again
ignoring Mace," We asked them if they kew of Xena and the famous bard
Gabrielle. I presume that you are her because I've heard of no other
warrior woman of this era who could use a chakram like that."

"Yes, I'm Xena, why are you loking for me?," Xena asked.

'Brains and brawn, despite not knowing where Tarlocus is,' Xena
thought,' It would be wise to be on our guard around these men.'

"Famous bard Gabrielle?," Gabrielle asked.

"I promise we'll explain it all later. You will probably want to
retrieve your horse. Aton? Atog?," Questar fumbled, forgetting the

"Argo. And yes, I think that would be best," Xena said," What about

"Lao Tzu, ' Let your enemy do your work for you'. Chaos Lords are
very intolerant of failure. If Dahak is stupid enough to waste 75 of his
own men that's his business. If these guys are smart they'll head for
the hills," Questar said," Either way, we won't have to face this bunch

A sad smile crept up on Xea's face. She wondered what Questar would
think if he knew that it had actually been Lao Ma that had wrote that.
Xena and Gabrielle made their way back to where Argo patiently waited
for them. Gabrielle had a silly grin on her face. Once the women were
out of sight, Questar and Mace began rounding up the soldiers/prisoners.

"She's so pretty, so pure," Mace sighed," I think I love her."

"Know what you mean Max. Feeling the same way about Xena," Questar
said," Max, try not to use your powers around them until they can accept
what we are. Just because we're telling the truth doesn't mean
everything. It's an old scroll, incomplete, with lots of missing parts.
And Gabrielle is a romantic."

"They'll probably try SOP time travel number 2," Mace said," Split
us up and try to pump us for information."

"Just tell the truth Max. They won't believe us at first," Questar
agreed," But we really are heroes from 2000+ years in the future."

Questar and Mace made the beat up fanatics take off their pants and
throw them into one pile and their weapons into another. Now they would
have no choice but to flee or die as they would return not only beaten,
but humiliated as well. Once the soldiers staggered out of sight,
Questar used his power of pyrokinisis to reduce the weapons into molten
slag. Mace used his own slightly weaker pryokinisis to burn the pile of
pants to ashes.

The melted metel cooled quickly. The slagged steel weighed almost a
ton, but Mace picked it up with one hand. Mace handed the huge hunk of
metal to Questar, who threw it a mile out to sea.

"Sorry about the pollution Poseidon," Questar joked.

"Y'know, they won't believe we're from the future," Mace sighed,"
Just like we have a hard time believing that all the gods that Xena's
met are real."

"You're right, I've known Golden Girl for years, but I never really
believed that she was the daughter of Apollo," Questar said," Since
then, our recent experiences with the pantheons of China and Japan, our
little trip to Asgard, and all the things that have happened in our war
with the Chaos Lords I'm ready to believe almost anything. Most people
don't believe that we exist in our own time."

"For real. According to the 'Xena Chronicles' they've actually met
Hercules, Ares, Aphrodite, the Furies, and several others that we always
thought were just stories," Mace agreed.

Xena untied Argo and the two of them started heading back. Both women
had been silent, lost in thought. Even though they had just met the two
strange men, Xena and Gabrielle already had feelings for them that they
couldn't explain.

"Do you think he's handsome, Mace I mean?," Gabrielle asked,
breaking the uncomfortable silence.

"I suppose so," Xena smiled," He's a little too pretty boy to me."

"Ha! I knew it! You like Questar, don't you?," Gabrielle teased.

"He's an interesting man," Xena said, thinking about Questar's blue

"I wonder what they meant saying tht I'm famous where they come
from? Not that I mind of course," Gabrielle giggled.

"Gabrielle, I want to you to question Mace. Find out all you can
about him. I really don't want you alone with him because of the way
the two of you have been looking at each other. I don't have a choice
though. Questar is older and a natural leader. He may be too clever
for you to handle," Xena said.

"You can trust them Xena," a womans voice behind them said.

Xena and Gabrielle were surprised to see Aphrodite standing there as
they whirled around. Xena was growing angry. She was unused to being
surprised and this day had seen far too many for her liking.

"Aphrodite! What are you doing here?," Xena demanded," Is this one
of your tricks? Or one of Ares perhaps?"

"I resent that," Ares said as he appeared beside Aphrodite," I
wouldn't even be here if father hadn't made me. I don't care much for
your latest choices in men."

"Look Xena, you don't have any reason to trust us, the gods haven't
exactly been very helpful, but we don't have any reason to decieve you.
That man, Questar, everything he's going to tell you is the truth,"
Aphrodite said," Much of what they say will seem unbelievable, even
bizzare, but you can trust them. They are men of unusual ability
and courage."

"What about this story about the Dahak? Is he what they claim him to
be? A Chaos Lord?," Gabrielle innocently asked.

"Don't even mention that name!!," Ares roared, then quickly calmed
down," I fought them, a long time ago. They were unimaginably powerful
back then. Even the bolts of Zeus seemed to merely annoy them. It took
the combined pantheons of Greece, Egypt, Asgard, China, Japan, and those
of the America's to weaken them enough for our combined might to force
them into the Nether-Sphere. Even then we would not have succeeded if
man had not destroyed all of their temples and slain every last one of
their followers."

"Listen well Xena, the Gods are too fearful to aid you in this
struggle," Aphrodite started.

"All we are allowed to tell you is that the L word that I hate is
the key," Ares finished as he dissapeared.

"Xena, Gabrielle, treasure them. They are the finest men you could
ever have," Aphrodite said, unexpectedly embracing first Xena and then

Aphrodite was in tears as she also disspeared. ' You are in for a
pleasant surprise little miss innocent,' Aphrodite thought about

Back on the beach Questar and Mace covered up the evidence of their
powers. Questar was thinking about Xena. Xena's existance had been
forgotten by history until WW2 when the first scroll of the 'Xena
Chronicles' was found. Later discoveries in the late 1980's had caused
a worldwide sensation. This had even led to a tv show along with a
mechandise blitz. ' The real thing is prettier than her imaginary
counterpart,' Quester thought.

"Time travel is a tricky thing," Mace said, breaking Questar's
thoughts," This is my first time, but you and Dragon used to do it a
lot. Dragon really liked going to the American west for awhile. Why
did you stop?"

"I think it was when I failed to save Lincoln and learned, once and
for all, that history can't be changed. I was right there, I knew where
Booth was, I knew the exact moment he would assassinate Lincoln and I
couldn't stop him," Questar frowned," Time travel is such a fickle
paradox. Shiro is a genius to not only invent a time machine, but also
make it small enough to fit into a watch."

"And don't forget the universal translators in our belt buckles,"
Mace said," We hear their Greek in English and vice versa."

"Time travel has certain rules, we can't go to the future because it
hasn't happened yet, but by the same token we can bring certain people
back with us. We can't kill our ancestors or someone important
historiclly important," Questar continued," I'd love to take out Caesar
for trying to crucify Xena, but Caesar, Hitler, Stalin, and all those
butchers will get to live. Anyone we do kill, even accidently, is
because we're destined to."

"And we can't bring guns because they haven't been invented yet.
That's weird. We could bring a lightsaber to here though or bring an uzi
to 1776," Mace said," Man, I can see how this can get confusing fast."

"Our past is their future and it can drive you crazy trying to
figure things out," Questar said," In our time Tarlocus is nothing but
ruins. Here, it's a busy seaport for the next 200 years. Steve found the
scroll 2 weeks ago our time, Gabrielle is just now writing it today and

"In other words, we can die 2000 years before we're born. What did
Shiro say about animals?," Mace asked.

"You can't bring an animal back with you because they don't have the
intelligence to survive the journey through time," Questar said," Dragon
himself once had to leave a horse he was fond of in 1887."

Xena and Gabrielle had heard every word of the brother's conversation.
Much of it they could not understand. The men claimed to be from the
future and as impossible as that seemed Xena and Gabrielle remembered the
words of Ares and Aphrodite to trust them. Acting innocent they rejoined
the the men, who smiled as they noticed them. Harmless small talk was all
that transpired as the foursome walked the mile to the sheltered lean-to
Quesar and Mace had built earlier that day.

The sun was getting low as the men gathered firewood that would be
needed first tocook on, and later to stave off the early morning chill.
A shallow freshwater creek was nearby, so Xena and Gabrielle took a
quick dip to wash up. Giving them their privacy, Questar and Mace
unpacked their equipment from their 'spacial backpacks'.

Another invention of Shiro's, the 'spacial backpacks' could hold 10
times their size of equipment, but it couldn't reduce the weight of
whatever was stored inside. That meant that only people like Questar and
Mace who possessed super-human strength could carry one fully loaded.
When the women returned Questar and Mace excused themselves for their
own bath. This was another plus for them as Xena and Gabrielle liked men
who bathed.

After washing up and changing into fresh clothes the men rejoined
them. Mace and Gabrielle were staring at each other shyly.

"I thik I'll check around to make sure none of our friends decide to
have another go at us," Questar suggested, breaking the tension.

"I'll go with you," Xena stated, strapping on her sword, waiting for
the excuse to find out more about him.

"Excellent idea, we'll leave the lovebirds here," Questar teased,"
Don't do anything I wouldn't do little brother. Of course, there there
isn't anything I wouldn't do alone with a pretty girl."

Mace threw several mock punches and kicks at Questar, who easily
picked them off laughing.


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