Xena Warrior Princess: Dahak Death Part 4
by Tyval

After the exertions of the night before, it was no surprise that it
was nearly noon before the two pairs of lovers were ready to resume
their journey to Tarlocus. Mace and Gabrielle had blushed when they had
woke up to see Questar and Xena looking at them. Questar laughed and
suggested they all go back to the spring to clean up before heading to

After making sure that Argo was all right they set off. Naked, the
four of them had splashed and played in the shallow water. Lots of
boy/girl and girl/girl washing and foreplay ensued. Xena and Gabrielle
wondered what a foursome would be like. Unfortunately they had no time
to find out.

Three hours later the four of them arrived in Tarlocus. Mace and
Gabrielle had walked the entire way hand in hand gazing into each others
eyes. Older and more reserved, but with the same feelings, the hands of
Questar and Xena kept 'accidently' touching. Tarlocus was prosperous,
but not overly large. The city walls were crumbling, and the heavy oak
gates were long gone, leaving only rusted hinges.

Questar used a 'generic' faceless gold coin that he had to pay for a
stable stall and extra grooming and feed for Argo. Questar and Mace
carried a small fortune in such coins during time trips because they
were accepted everywhere in all time periods. This also saved the time
and expense of forging coins of various countries in their own time.
Questar and Mace also left their spacial backpacks there so that they
could move around the city easier.

"Aren't you worried that someone might try to steal those?,"
Gabrielle asked.

"Those backpacks weigh nearly a ton each with an electrical booby
trap that has to be disarmed telekineticlly," Questar smiled," Anyone
that tries it will be in for a, shocking experiace."

"So, we're here," Xena said," Now what?"

"S.o.p. plan beta," Questar said," It means standard operating
procedure plan beta. That's a fancy way of saying split up and search,
meet back here in one hour."

"We have lots of codes like that," Mace said.

Questar pulled out a silver looking coin. On one side was the face of
an old man with long hair tied back like a womans, the other side was an

"Heads is right, tails is left. Call it Max," Questar said as he
flipped the coin.

"Tails," Mace said.

"Tails it is. Choose your part-never mind. Just try to keep your
mind on the mission and your hands off each other," Questar said," If we
survive this there will be lots of time for sex games."

The young lovers went off to the left, their hands on each others
butts. So lost in each other were they that Questar threw up his hands
in a 'why bother' gesture. Xena smiled at his frustration. Xena knew
that Questar was a good leader. Questar was a fighter and a thinker. A
dangerous combination to have as an enemy, a valuable asset as a friend.

Xena and Gabrielle had been to Tarlocus many times and knew the area
well. The 4 of them had seen no sign of anything in the surrouding area
that was unusual. That meant that the city itself held the key to
Dahak's location. Everything from the scroll to Dahak's own men seemed
to confirm that.

Tarlocus was not that big however, and after only 35 minutes Questar
and Xena had covered more than half the city with no results. Even
talking to several people, from beggers to nobles yeilded no clues. Xena
smiled as she saw an outdoor pub called 'Blitta's'. Blitta was an old
friend and if anyone knew local gossip it would be her.

"Blitta! Over here!," Xena called.

A plump middle-aged woman with a care-worn face from many years of a
hard life looked up. Seeing Xena she immediately brightened up. Her
broad honest smile took 10 years off her.

"Xena! Xena," Blitta cried, running up and embracing the warrior

After a fierce bearhug, Blitta held Xena at arms length.

"Oh Xena, it's so good to see you," Blitta happily cried, then she
saw Questar," Xena, who's the stud? Did you trade blondie in for him?
He's a big one that's for sure. Is he big everywhere?"

"Blitta, this is Questar. He's a man of many talents," Xena
laughed," He has centaur blood."

Xena held her hands apart a foot as Questar blushed. Blitta happily
clapped her hands.

"Lucidia! Get you fat ass over here and get my friends something to
drink," Blitta yelled at a fat, whore looking, barmaid," First rounds on

"Where's your daughter Livia?," Xena asked, as she and Questar sat
down on benches at a rough looking table," I don't see her today and
she's always working here."

"Livia's gone Xena," Blitta sadly said, her face lost its sparkle.

"Gone? Is she dead? Did she run away? If she was murdered I swear,
I'll cut out the heart of whoever is responsable," Xena swore.

"That's just it, nobody knows what hapened to her and the others.
The man who was running it was very secretive," Blitta said.

"Others? We've talked to several people and heard nothing about
young girls dissapearing," Xena said.

"Someone running what exactly?," Questar asked smelling a very large
chaotic rat.

"The girls, all of them just vanished," Blitta said, the pain making
tears well up.

"I'm sorry for your loss Blitta, but please, start at the begining.
It could be very important," Questa said, carefully choosing his words,"
There is a chance that your daughter is still alive."

Questar's words seemed to comfort Blitta.

"Trust me on this. If the person behind her dissaperance is who I
think it is, there's still a chance to save her," Questar continued.

"About a month ago, this stranger came to Tarlocus. He sought out
pretty girls, promising them riches if they participated in something
called a beauty pagent. He gave each girl 10 gold pieces, ordering them
not to tell anyone," Blitta said.

"This man, was he named Salmoneus? Grey peppered hair and beard,
heavyset, smooth talker?," Xena asked, remembering her role as Miss

"No," Blitta shook her head," No one one ever knew his name. He was
a young man, a short thin Persian. He gathered 20 of the prettiest girls
in town, including Livia, making them agree to meet in secret. I think
Livia wanted to win because things have been so bad lately. I only found
out about it by accident when I saw her sneaking out the night before
they all vanished. At first I thought it might be a secret lover, so I
followed her. I peeked into the building she went into, a deserted
warehouse. I saw all of the girls dressed in tiny outfits, practicing
dancing, walking, singing and other things."

"What happened next?," Xena asked.

"I confronted Livia when she got home, but well, she cried, and
begged me not to be angry," Blitta continued," She even got me to
promise not to interfere. The next night they all vanished. The Persian
was found dead with a slit throat the next morning. No one except me
even noticed the girls were missing because as it turned out, except for
Livia they were all orphans."

"And no one would listen to you," Questar finished," S.o.p. Chaos
Lords #1. Blitta, if your daughter is still alive, and I believe she is,
we'll find her. If I can't save her, I'll do my best to avenge her."

Blitta hugged Questar so hard he thought he was being squeezed by the
Hulk. With some hope restored Blitta got back some of her spirit.

"That's one hell of a man you've got there Xena," Blitta whispered
in Xena's ear," You'd better marry him fast."

Blitta moved away to tend to other business.

"Are you sure about what you said?," Xena asked concerned.

"I haven't faced Dahak, but I've been fighting Chaos Lords for 6
years," Questar said," They never make any sacrifice without a full

"And tonights the full moon," Xena noted.

"He's here somewhere Xena. I can feel him," Questar said.

At that time, an old crone, flanked by 2 huge bodyguards, nearly as
big as Questar, waddled over. The old crone and her guards were dressed
in a 'gypsy' style, obviously wealthy by the amount of gold, jewells,
and silk they wore. The old woman was locally thought to be a witch. Her
reputation and her guards ensured her safety even in the roughest parts
of town.

The old woman was at least 80. Her guards were men in their early
20's. Long curved scimitars and kriss daggers hung from their belts. The
crone smelled like a sewer. The old woman walked up to Questar and felt
his steel muscled arm.

"I'll give you 2000 dinar for him dearie," the crone cackled through
broken rotted teeth," I don't even need to see his stuff."

"Sorry, this ones not for sale," Xena smiled amused.

The old woman's bad breath nearly made Questar ill. ' I hope
Sakahuro, Blaze Bolt, or Prof. Destruction never bottle her breath or
we're all doomed,' Questar thought.

"Such a pity. A man like this and he's already taken," the crone
cackled," If you ever get tired of him let me know."

"Not much chance of that, but I'll keep it in mind," Xena said,
trying hard not to laugh.

The old woman shuffled off allowing Questar to breathe again.

"So, the fearless Quesar is afraid of something after all," Xena

"More like disgusted actually. What the hell was that all about?,"
Questar asked.

"The last I was here we were with some amazons from Gabrielle's
tribe," Xena smiled," There are about 20 known tribes of amazons. About
3 renegade tribes keep men as breeding slaves. Most amazon tribes simply
adopt orphan girls and keep the girl children from the 10% of bi-sexual
and 5 % of amazons that like men to keep their numbers up. They also
trade boy children for girls from families that need sons."

"So, that means that 85% of amazons are lesbians? That means that
that old woman...," Questar started.

"Is a slaver," Xena finished.

"I forgot that slavery existed in these times," Questar gritted his
teeth," Slavery is one of the few things that really piss me off.
Thankfully that's one of the things that's almost unknown in my time.
There are a few exceptions, but slavery has been almost eradicated where
I come from."

"And your country, this America you talked about?," Xena asked
giving him another point for hating slavery. Not that he needed anymore
by this point.

"Not for almost 140 years. I never did like the idea of one group of
people thinking that they could keep another group of people as slaves
just because they have a different skin color or religion. I'm sorry to
say that we still have racial and cultural divisions even in my time,"
Questar said," I hope someday we'll all grow up."

"No slavery," Xena mused," Your friends, except for this China
Dragon, are they all white?"

"Hardly," Questar laughed, regaining a cheerful mood.

Xena liked hearing about Questar's friends. It was obvious that he
had great affection for his team-mates. It also gave Xena insight about
who he was.

"G.O.L.D. is proof that people can get along no matter what their
race and backround. China Dragon is actually half-Chinese, Billy Ray is
black, Tara is Atlantian, Mei Wong is also Chinese, Angelique's a gypsy,
Tina's Japanese, Arsenal is Chinese/Jewish, Kestrel is an Amerind/Native
American, Lady Blue comes from another planet called Mechas 4. Mace and
I are the only 'honkys' in the whole group," Questar said," And to top
it off, all the girls are bi-sexual."

"That's some group," Xena said, a little amazed at the diversity.

The waitress/whore finally brought their drinks before going back and
flirting with 12 rough looking men at another table. Xena found the
insight into Questar's world most enlightning. Questar had long since
passed Hercules in points, and the fact that Questar liked women
warriors added a few more. Questar was very secure about his own

Xena was getting thirsty and upending her tankard of ale, downed it
in one drink. Not to be outdone, Questar upended his, and choked on the
strong ale that was far more potent than the beer he was used to. Xena
laughed at Questar's plight, unable to help herself. The thugs at the
other table also laughed, rose and walked over, surrounding their table.
The obvious leader was a man with a hideously scarred face.

"Hey baby. You should dump the pretty boy and come with some real
men," scarface sneered.

"Maybe the lady prefers pretty boys to eunichs," Questar replied,
fully recovered.

Scarface roared in rage, swinging his heavy sword downward. But
Questar was no longer there. Questar had backflipped away from the
clumsy swing. A 'rising leopard' punch from Questar made scarface a
soprano. Questar's spin kick knocked 4 men down. Another man, a fatso,
drew his sword and lunged.

Questar chopped the sword out of fatso's hand, breaking fatso's
wrist, then knocked fatso out with a side kick. Xena flipped the table
onto the 4 men that Questar had knocked down, jumped off of it and did a
split kick that took out 2 men, before landing back on the table trapped

Springing off the table, Xena did a backflip over the heads of 2
thugs. One ran into Questar's backfist and was out like a light. Xena
did a back kick to one man, followed by a spinning backfist of her own
to finish the man. One goon grinned as he thought he'd caught Questar's
kick, only to be knocked into the next week as Questar did a
somersault kick on him.

Questar and Xena were natural team-mates as they instinctively knew
how to function as a team. Questar bent over so Xena could roll over his
back and kick 2 men. Clasping hands, Questar then spun her around to
kick out another man while Questar guarded her back with a knee kick to
one goons face and an elbow smash that finished off one of the men who
had finally gotten free of the table.

In the span of 2 minutes Questar and Xena had completely devistated
12 experianced mercinaries. The few still able to walk drug their
comrades off as quick as they could move. Behind Questar and Xena,
Blitta was clapping her hands, her smile was back full force.

"Oooooooo! He is a keeper! If I was 20 years younger Xena, we'd be
fighting in the mud," Blitta beamed.

For the first time in weeks Blitta had real hope that she might see
her daughter again. Xena looked at Questar and felt her attraction to
him growing stronger. Questar truly was the best man she could ever
find. Hercules was a good man, but Xena's past would always be between
them. Questar had all of Hercules' good qualities and a few more to

"We'd better get back to the gate," Questar ginned," Mace and
Gabrielle are probably waiting for us. Unless they're playing hide the
bologna in the stable."

Xena hugged Blitta, and with a 'we'll be back soon' statement Xena
and Questar headed back for the gate. As they neared the temple of
Aphrodite, with no love spells or arrows from Cupid needed, Questar
suddenly seized Xena and passionately kissed her. Xena was surprised yet
again, as she liked it and kissed back. Questar suddenly broke the kiss
and stepped back.

"I-I'm sorry. No! No dammit I'm not! If loving you is a crime then
I'm guilty as hell," Questar stated," They may as well chop my head off
or burm me at the stake right now. Xena, I love you."

"Questar," Xena whisperd.

Questar got on one knee and pulled out a small box from his pocket.
Before leaving 2000 Questar and Mace had both gotten 5 caret diamond,
24k gold rings just in case the scroll was accurate. Questar had indeed
fallen in love with Xena and vice versa.

"Xena, warrior princess, would you do me the honor of becomming my
wife?," Questar asked sincerely.

"Yes! Yes!! You just try and stop me future man," Xena was unused to
crying, but tears of joy were forming in her eyes.

Clasping their hands together they ran into the temple of Aphrodite.
'Hope mom doesn't mind having a pagan in the family,' Questar thought,'
It's hard enough trying to explain Dragon the last year. A Christian
who's now a Chinese demi-god."

Almost an hour earlier Mace and Gabrielle had passed this same
temple, and unable to wait, had gotten married right then and there.
More lost in each other than before, the lovers had nonetheless searched
for clues as they covered the other side of town.

At that time the old crone, still flankedby her bodyguards saw them.
The old woman had seen Gabrielle, (as well as Xena), the last time
they'd been in Tarlocus and knew that she was an amazon queen. The old
crone waddled up to Mace to feel his steely muscles.

"Amazon Queen, I'll give you 2000 dinar for the stud. He's not quite
as big as the other one, but he's younger," the crone cackled.

"Sorry, I just married this stud and I don't think I can wear this
one out," Gabrielle laughed, dragging a confused Mace away.

Mace and Gabrielle finished their sweep of the left side of town,
finding nothing. As they were heading back, Gabrielle leaned back
against a wall and made a 'come here' gesture. Mace obliged and kissed
her.The two were locked in a passionate embrace when Joxer rounded the
corner and saw them. Angrily Joxer ran up, grabbed Gabrielle's wrist and
pulled her away.

"Get your damn hands off my woman knave," Joxer ordered.

"Joxer, let go of me you idiot," Gabrielle said, pulling herself

"Gabrielle, do you know this clown?," Mace asked amazed at the mans
sheer stupidity.

"Unfortunately yes," Gabrielle sighed.

"You varlet! Stand away from my true love before I thrash you,"
Joxer threatened.

Mace had to cover his mouth to keep from laughing. Mace knew 348 ways
to kill Joxer with a single blow and 1207 ways with various combiations.
Mace was somewhat amused that this buffoon actually thought he had a
chance. ' You and what army?,' Mace thought.

"Joxer! It's over! I love Mace! We're married," Gabrielle waved her
ring in Joxer's face.

"No! No! You sorcerer! You've bewitched her," Joxer cried," Release
her from your foul spell or face the wraith of Joxer the mighty. 'Joxer
the mighty....."

Mace couldn't believe that Joxer was singing. Gabrielle put a hand
over her face.

"Just don't kill the moron," Gabrielle sighed," I want him to live
knowing that he can never have me."

"With Gabby as his sidekick, fighting with her little stick," Joxer
sang as he charged with sword drawn.

In one quick motion, using only his right hand, Mace chopped the
sword from Joxer's hand and landed a hard 'crane strike' to Joxer's
solar plexus. Joxer was doubled over with pain.

"Allow me darling," Gabrielle said, whacking Joxer out with the end
of her staff.

Mace used telekinisis to depants the fool and to hang Joxer upside
down from the rafters at the temple of Dionysus. Gabrielle burst out
laughing. Joxer was even more pathetic than she'd thought. Even though
he was unconcious Joxer had an erection. Joxer, fully erect was 2" long
and as thick as Gabrielle's pinky.

"What a loser," Gabrielle sighed.

"Gabrielle, we have to talk. If we survive I have to return to the
future. My family, my friends, everything I love is there except for
you," Mace seriously said," Gabrielle, I'm needed more there. It's a far
more dangerous world than here despite all our technology and progress.
But Gabrielle, there are good things too. More books than you ever
dreamed possible. You can be a bard there beyond anything you could ever
dream of here. Because of a strange phenominon of the time stream we'll
never grow older than 30. Best of all there's no Joxer. If you stay here
I don't know what will happen to you, but I know I won't want to live
without you. Come with me Gabrielle. Come with me and I can show you a
world beyond any that you've ever dreamed of."

"No Joxer? To Tartarus with place, I'm coming with you," Gabrielle
joked, then grew serious,' Please live Max Starr. If you die, I die with

The young lovers embraced. For several minutes they were no longer
heroic sidekicks, but simply 2 people in love. Finally they pulled apart
and started walking back towards the gate, hands clutched tightly for
fear of losing each other. As Mace and Gabrielle reached the temple of
Aphrodite, Questar and Xena were just leaving, having just said they're
vows. Mace totally lost it as he cracked up.

"I don't believe it!," Mace laughed," I finally beat you at
something! We've been married for almost an hour! What the hell took you
so long?"

Xena and Gabrielle beamed and embraced each other. In the span of 24
hours they had met and married 2 fantastic wonderful men who loved them
completely and without hesitation. The 4 compared notes, but they were
missing something. There seemed to be no clue beyond the missing girls.
A search of the warehouse where Livia and the others vanished yeilded
nothing as well.

There were no hidden walls, hidden basement or anything. It was now 6
p.m., an hour and a half before sunset. Another half hour until the full
moon. Chaos Lords were somewhat predictable. Chaos Lords liked to wait
until midnight before making a sacrifice, but on more than one occasion
they had been unable to contain their foul evil lusts once the full moon
was out.

'Think, Questar, think. There has to be something we've missed,'
Questar thought,' But where haven't we looked in this seaport.'

"Seaport! That's it! There's one place we haven't looked," Questar
said," Underwater! But where? And how? Xena, let's go back and see your
friend Blitta again. Her bar is right off the docks, and maybe she can
remember something else that we missed earlier. It's a long shot, but
that's the only lead we've got."

The 4 adventurer's headed back to Blitta's. The site that greeted
them pissed them off. Blitta's pub was being smashed to pieces. Lucidia,
the barmaid/whore was dead, her throat slashed open. Two soldiers,
wearing the uniforms of Dahak 'Elite Guards' were terrorizing Blitta,
aided by their 18 Dahak 'regulars'.

With a scream of rage Xena hurled herself at the 20 soldiers with
sword drawn. Xena killed 4 of them before the fanatic scum realized they
were being attacked. Questar kicked right and left, taking 2 men out of
the fight. Gabrielle swung her staff catching one soldier across his
temple knocking him out with a concussion. Mace punched out 2 men with
quick punches.

"Full force little brother," Questar ordered, snapping a mans neck.

Xena blocked a sword slash, back kicked another man, then impaled the
first man. Xena then spun around slashing a soldier's throat. Questar
had 2 men by the neck and with a quick twist killed both. Mace
completely smashed a soldiers face, then speared one that was going
after Gabrielle with a body tackle, followed by a quick side chop to
break the mans neck.

One of the Dahak elite's holding Blitta attemted to stab her when
suddenly a sword protruded from his chest from behind. The other elite
looked at the owner of that sword in shock just before the third man
wearing a Dahak 'Elite Guard' uniform chopped his head off.

"To Tartarus with you scum! I, Starleiger shall have my revenge on
you bastards for burning my village of Lukvillia," The surprisingly tall
and handsome man called Starleiger said.

Questar and Xena had no time to question the newcommer as he slipped
away while they disposed of the last 2 men. ' He looked very familiar ,"
Gabrielle thought. The fight had been brief and vicious, 16 soldier's
were dead, 3 unconcious, and 1 brain damaged so severly it would be no
use to question him.

Xena and Gabrielle were already beside Blitta. One eye was swollen
and her lips were split in 2 places, but fortunately that was all. The
Dahak fanatics had only been there a few minutes before they had.
Questar frisked the first unconcious man, finding only a few silver
coins and the weird amulet that all the Dahak fanatics he'd fought were
wearing. The uniforms they wore were damp, confirming a water hideout.
Salt on the uniforms and the lack of slime ruled out the sewer.

"Oh Xena! Gabrielle! Thank Zeus you came back," Blitta cried, she
then noticed Mace and the rings both women now wore," Well, you've been
busy girls. Who's the other one?"

"That's Mace, they're brothers," Xena smiled shaking her head.

'Same old Blitta,' Xena thought,' Even after this scare.'

"So, there are more like him at home? Honey, I'm packing up and
moving to wherever they're from," Blitta smiled despite the pain," Poor
Lucidia, she tried to protect me when these men showed."

Xena shared Blitta's sadness. Lucidia had been a whore, but she
didn't deserve to die that way.

"Nothing Xena. They don't have anything on them except these
amulets," Questar said.

"Amulets?," Xena asked remembering," Does it look anything like this

Xena pulled out the one she'd taken the day before.

"It's the same," Mace frowned.

"I was curious about this yesterday," Xena said," There appears to
be some kind of writing on them...."

"Writing? That's it! That's the missing clue! Gabrielle is a bard
and familiar with several languages," Questar said excited.

"I can try," Gabrielle smiled meekly.

Gabrielle sat down at the only remaining table and attempted to
decipher the writing on the amulets. For the next 15 minutes there was
nothing. The writing seemed to be gibberish, with no form or discernable
pattern. Gabrielle shook her head in frustration. Three fighters and it
was coming down to her abilities as a bard and she was failing.

The light was starting to fade. Xena was behind her and had picked up
a double bladed axe left by a Dahak soldier. Questar and Mace had rented
a cart and had the bodies hauled away thanks to some of their coins.
Xena did a quick check of the edge. The dying light reflected off the
axe and onto the amulet she held.

The light flashed into Gabrielle's eyes. Annoyed and frustrated,
Gabrielle turned around and saw it. Reflected in the blade was the
lettering on the amulet as clear as it could be to a bard who read
numerous languages.

"Xena! Hold that axe right there! Yes! Yes! I did it!," Gabrielle

"What? What does it say?," Questar asked.

"It says' A city shall rise, Another sleep falls, From dusk to
sunrise, The mist covers all'." Gabrielle read.

"Mace, that RPG video game you used to like before [email protected]@tion came
out; it had a castile rising from the sea," Questar said.

"But we questioned a lot of people and none of them mentioned
anything like that," Xena said doubting.

"A castile that comes at dark and down during the day? That would
still be pretty noticeable," Mace said skeptically.

"Not if everyone's been magiclly put to sleep," Gabrielle chimed in,
getting it.

"Right, 'Another sleep falls', 'the mist covers all'," Questar
said," All except for someone wearing one of these."

"Blitta! You've got to get out of the city now," Xena ordered,"
You've got to hide until tomorrow. One way or the other it ends

"Oh no, I'm not leaving too," Gabrielle said as Questar, Mace, and
Xena looked at her," If Dahak gets you guys I'm as good as dead anyway.
I'm not taking any chances that one of Dahak's monsters will eat me or
that some of his soldiers will capture me and use me as a hostage
against you. I'm going all the way with this one."

"I don't think we could stop her if we chained her to a wall," Xena
smiled, proud of the little bard.

"Okay, you're in," Questar shrugged.

At that time a somewhat revived Joxer reached the docks. Seeing Mace,
Joxer drew his sword and charged angrily.

"Die wizard! I'll make you pay for putting your evil spell on my
woman," Joxer screamed.

"Is he really this stupid?," Mace asked to no one in particular.

Mace caught Joxer with a judo throw sending the clown flying. Joxer
landed hard, breaking Blitta's last table, the breath knocked from his
body. Mace stepped on Joxer's hand forcig hi to let go of his sword. One
handed Mace threw Joxer over his shoulder and carried the half-wit over
to a sewer grate. Sensing what he had planned, Gabrielle ran over and
lifted the grate.

"Why thank you honey," Mace beamed.

"Joxer, I don't love you. I'm not even sure if I like you,"
Gabrielle said," Give it up! I love Mace! I'm m-a-r-r-i-e-d, married."

Mace dropped Joxer into the sewer. The foul water cushioned his fall
even as it covered him from head to toe. Joxer wretched as he had
accidently swallowed some of it.

"You'll pay for this evildoer! Joxer the might will smite thee,"
Joxer ranted before coughing up more slime.

"Joxer, get a life," Mace said.

"He's never going to give up you know," Xena said shaking her head.

"I knoowww," Gabrielle whined," But Xena I don't love him. I could
never love someone like him. At best I pity him for being such a
pathetic loser."

"I suggest we put these amulets on and try to find a boat," Questar
said," We've got about 30 minutes to prepare for the biggest fight of
our lives."


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