Xen Warrior Princess: Dahak Death Part 5:
by Tyval

Xena gave Blitta the directions on how to get to the camp the 4 of
them had stayed the previous night as they escorted her to the gate and
safety. They hurried to the stables to check on Argo and for Questar and
Mace to get weapons from their unique backpacks.

Mace slipped a nunchaku into an unoticed outside slot on his right
boot. Questar had a sai on each boot. Both men stapped on wristbands on
each arm containing 12 slim throwing daggers each. Mace then strapped on
a belt containing a bowie knife and a tonfa. Xena looked at them curious
as to why only now did the brothers arm themselves.

"This is war," Questar stated at the unvoiced question," You ready
little brother?"

"Ready to kick ass and take names," Mace smiled in reply.

"Xena, Gabrielle, we've got some extra weapons if you need
anything," Questar said.

"Thank you, but I'm fine. I think it's best if we stick with weapons
we're used to," Xena said.

"Gabrielle, at least take this extra set of sais," Mace said,"
They're easy to use and very versatile."

"I'll give them a try, thanks," Gabrielle said, giving Mace a quick

The 4 adventurers exited the stable and started back towards the
docks. As they got back to what was left of Blitta's pub they saw Joxer
blocking their path. Joxer was somewhat worse for wear after being
outclassed twice already by Mace and was still dripping slime from his
recent sewer experiance. Joxer was advancing on Mace more cautiously
this time.

"We don't have time for this," Mace said, putting his hand over his
face in an 'oh brother' gesture," The suns almost down."

"Let me try darling," Gabrielle said walking towards the fool,"
Joxer! Stop it! This has gone on long enough! I don't love you! I love
Mace! I am married to Mace! Leave me alone!"

"It's all right my dove. After I slay that evil enchanter we can
finally be together and be man and wife," Joxer said, not listening to
anything Gabrielle said," I think we should have a large family. Will 10
sons be enough? Or do you want 12?"

"Aaaarrrrhhhhhh!! That's it!," Gabrielle screamed kicking Joxer in
the balls.

Joxer doubled over as Gabrielle punched him as hard as she could,
knocking him cold. Gabrielle was crying as Mace embraced her. Gabrielle
clung to her true man desperately.

"Oh Max," Gabrielle cried," Take me away from him. Take me to that
future you talk about. I'll follow you anywhere you want to go."

Mace tenderly stroked her hair and kissed away her tears. Xena had
always known that Gabrielle had never liked Joxer and resented the way
that she and Joxer were always being forced on each other, but even Xena
had not know just how deeply Gabrielle despised Joxer, until now.
Minutes later the foursome arrived on the docks just as the sun
dissapeared from the horizon. No sooner did the sun go down, when a
green mist rose from the waters surface moving inland.

Everyone touched by the mist fell into a deep sleep where they stood.
All save those wearing Dahak amulets. There was no way to hire a boat,
so Questar chose a sturdy looking craft and left enough generic coins to
the owner to buy 3 better boats. Setting out Questar and Mace rowed the
small boat to the edge of the harbor. Now it was a waiting game.
Gabrielle giggled as Mace kept tickling her and kissing her while she
tried to pack up her scrolls.

A half hour later, a blood-red full moon appeared. A loud rumble
filled the air, followed by a sudden wave that overturned and smashed
the small boat sendig Questar, Mace, Xena, and Gabrielle into the water.
' Damn! I was expecting that and still got caught off guard,' Questar
inwardly cursed, angry at himself.

The nightmarish castle rose from the sea just outside the harbor. The
castle looked like it had came from the combined nightmares of Dante,
H.R. Geiger, and Steven King. Mace had rescued Gabrielle and made it to
a walkway on the huge castle. Xena needed no help and was in fact a
stronger swimmer than even the 2 so. Californians. Except for his
wristbands Mace had lost all of his weapons.

"My scrolls!," Gabrielle gasped," They're gone! Oh, I knew I should
have left them at the stable."

"I'm sorry Gabrielle. History can't be changed. I'm betting that was
the story about us," Questar said," Your scrolls are in a waterproof
container and will be found 2000 or so years from now. I'm more
concerned about you though. Are you allright?"

"I'm fine, I guess," Gabrielle replied brushing her wet hair from
her eyes.

"Everyone okay? I'm sorry, that was my fault. I should have had a tk
shield up, instead I got caught like a rank amateur," Questar admitted.

"No sweat big bro," Mace smiled," Who knew this place would pop up
so fast."

"Take it from someone who know's," Xena said," Lao Ma; No plan ever
survives the first encounter with the enemy."

"Huh?," Questar asked confused.

"Chaos Lords is right, if the architecture is any indication,"
Gabrielle wondered aloud.

"Wish we knew how to fly. Then we could scout around this place and
get some kind of an idea what the layout is," Mace said.

"People can't fly silly," Gabrielle said amused.

"Boy, are you going to be in for a surprise," Mace smiled knowingly.

A rusted gate led to an inner courtyard. Over the gate was a demonic

"Enter freely and of your own free will," Questar said.

Xena and Gabrielle didn't know why Questar's statement sent a chill
down their spines. The castle seemed to be made of courtyards as they
went through 3 in a row with no sign of rooms or doors. In the fourt
courtyard they surprised 20 Dahak regulars who were obviously replacing
the devistated 'Elite Guards'.

Xena got in the first strike as she hurled her chakram with lethal
force, killing 6 men before it returned to her hand. Questar hurled 2 of
his slim daggers catching one man in the heart another in the brain.
Drawing her sword Xena killed 3 more before Questar and Mace caught up
with her. Questar stabbed 2 men in the heart with with his sharp sai,
blocked a sword strike behind his head, reversed the sai stabbing that
soldier in the heart, while slicing another soldiers throat with the
other sai.

Mace caught the wrist of a man with a bouble bladed axe, flipped that
man down and crushed his throat with a stomp. Mace kicked the axe up,
caught it, and chopped a soldier's head off that had been heading for
Gabrielle. Xena slashed twice more and another 2 soldier's fell. One
soldier dodged around Mace and lunged for Gabrielle. Almost without
thinking Gabrielle parried his thrust and split the mans skull with her

Gabrielle was in shock, their was very little blood on her hands, but
she had just killed again, albeit accidently. Mace took out another man
with a throwing dagger as Questar stabbed the last man. The fight had
lasted 2 minutes. Mace quickly cradled Garielle's head and whispered "
It's all right."

"Remind me to stay on your good side," Questar said to Xena.

"I don't think you'll any trouble as long as you keep this intact,"
Xena joked, teasingly rubbing Questar's crotch.

For a half hour they searched the castle. Mace had kept the axe and
Gabrielle had snapped out of shock quickly. They ran into and wiped out
2 more 20 man squads of Dahak regulars. Questar and Xena made a contest
to see who could take out the most men. Xena won by 2. Entering a hall
they were attacked by 10 Dahak priests armed with 12" long daggers. From
them they got the location of the great hall where the 20 girls were to
be sacrificed after a little 'ahem' persuassion.

Racing to the location of the main hall they arrived to find solid 20
foot tall iron doors closed, locked, and guarded by two 9' tall trolls
with huge arabian swords. ' I don't have time for this,' Questar
thought,' Those girls could be sacrificed any minute.' Chaos Lords liked
to sacrifice at midnight, still almost 2 hours away, but even Chaos
Lords could be unpredictable.

Questar leaped and caught the first troll perfectly with an 'eagle
kick' snapping the trolls neck like a twig. The second troll recoiled in
surprise. No man dared to take on a troll by himself, lest of all with
his bare hands. The second troll swung his huge sword. Questar caught
his arm and flipped him down. Wrenching the sword from his hand Questar
chopped the trolls head off with his own sword.

Xena and Gabrielle's eyes grew wide. They had known that Questar had
super-human strength, but to dispatch 2 trolls so easily was something
they had thought only Hercules capable of. If he noticed their glances,
Questar ignored them as he studied the huge gates.

"Mace, I don't think we can knock this door down even if we combine
our strength," Questar said," We'll use psychokinisis. On my command..."

"Questar! Xena! More guards and priests," Gabrielle yelled.

"Gabby to the rear," Questar ordered.

Questar, Mace, and Xena formed a semi circle around Gabrielle who was
now at the door. Sixty soldiers and priests, crowded into a narrow
passageway. They were easy pickings for the 3 defenders a the fanatics
own numbers worked against them. Questar, Mace, and Xena never had to
fight more than 1 or 2 apiece at any time.

As the last fanatic fell the trio turned around and saw Gabrielle
leaning lazily against an unlocked partially opened door, a set of
lockpics in her hand. Mace cracked up as Gabrielle faked a yawn.

"Just a little something I picked up from Autolycus," Gabrielle

"It's showtime then," Questar said," One way or the other it ends

Knowing that death and impossible odds faced them on the other side,
the 4 adventurers still didn't hesitate as they charged into the lair of
the Dahak!

The great hall was huge, a bit bigger than a football field.
Soldiers, priests, and assorted creatures were lined on each side of the
hall. The odds were great, but not nearly as bad as Questar feared,
about 200 regulars, 20 Elite Guards, 50 priests, a half dozen trolls, 20
some orcs, a pair of fire drakes, some assorted intellegent serpents,
and a handfull of other creatures. A huge sacrificial alter stood
mid-way in the center, stained brown from the blood of numerous

But it was all old blood. Behind the alter, the floor rose a few feet
into a semi-plateau. On that plateau were 20 beautiful young girls,
naked, but still alive, preforming in a lesbian orgy before they were to
be killed. Xena immediately spotted Livia, who was the only one who
didn't seem to be enjoying the lesbian sex.

The thin skeletal figure on the raised golden throne throne several
yards behind them also didn't seem to be enjoying it. ' Something is
screwy here,' Questar thought,' Why is he making the girls do each other
if it's hurting him? Is that Dahak? Is that his true form? Why is he
squirming if this is what he likes?'

With the exception of Livia, all the other girls seemed to be really
enjoying it. Why did Dahak choose almost all orphans? They obviously
didn't want to get their hearts ripped out. Xena noted that despite the
situation Questar and Mace were becomming aroused at the sight of the 20
girl orgy. To her surprise Xena felt her own mound getting wet and
looking at Gabrielle knew that she was becomming aroused as well despite
the danger.

"Who dares disturb my ritual," Dahak's booming voice belied the
frail looking body.

"I do! I am Questar, acting leader of the Global Order of Law and
Defense. I have dared the time stream in order to end your foul
existance like I and my friends have ended those of your brethren,"
Questar challenged.

"Oh yes, those fools. I did not think I would have to waste my time
with you worms by coming to this era. You gnats have became became very
annoying, somehow managing to destroy 11 of my brothers. For that alone
I should slay you. The gods themselves were never able to fully conquer
us. We never forsaw that freaks like you so called heroes would arise
someday to challenge us. Thus did my brothers underestimate you," Dahak
said," That was their downfall. But it was you and that demi-god
'brother' of your who led the fight against us. For you and he do I have
the upmost hatred."

"To me that's a compliment scumbag," Questar sneered," What I can't
figure out is why you're here in this time. Unless you're afraid to tell

"Man he's good," Mace whispered to Gabrielle," That's s.o.p. heroes
plan alpha. Goad the bad guy into reveiling his entire plan."

"After thousands of years without worshippers and the power it took
to finally escape the 'Nether-Sphere' we were weakened to a degree that
made us vulnerable. My brothers forsaw the threat your miserable little
group posed, but we too were divided. Lord Michael foolishly revieled
our existance far too soon. The others, many of them dismissed your
group attacking alone or in pairs often withot a plan. Only I saw the
way to victory," Dahak continued," By coming back to this time I could
rebuild my power with those foolish enough to beleive in me. Once I
regain enough power I shall slay the Israelite as an infant and absorb
his infinate power. Once the Nazarine is taken care of I shall slay the
lesser gods who banished us. The Earth will then be bathed in blood for
all eternity."

"You are even sicker and more stupid than I thought," Questar said
shaking his head," You can't win because history can't be changed. The
Nazarine will be born and he will fulfill his destiny. Nothing can
change that."

"Then arrest me hero, if you can," Dahak sneered.

"I come not to praise Caesar, but to bury him," Questar spat

Xena liked that line even though she didn't know the source. Dahak's
skeletal face contorted by anger.

"Hey loser," Questar continued," Do you have the balls to take us on
yourself or do you have to hide under your bed. You obviously were too
chickenshit to fight me in our real time. Wouldn't you just love to make
me eat my words personally. C'mon Dahak! Howabout it! Let's party!"

Dahak was visibly stung by Questar's challenge in front of his
followers. Many of them were even looking at him doubtfully already. A
few started forward, but Dahak angrily waved them back. The girls had
long since fled to a corner and huddled together terrified. Dahak used
an invisible barrier between his followers and the four mortal fleas who
dared defy him.

Floating down off his throne Dahak now stood in front of his obscene
alter. He would teach these mortal worms a lesson. Questar smiled. Chaos
Lords were soooo predictable.

"No interferance," Dahak roared," Your lord will crush these gnats
personally. I shall take their women by force and then mutilate them
before I kill them in front of the men. I shall then rip out their
hearts and eat them as proof of my power."

Dahak's form shifted and changed, becoming larger and more demonic.
Ten feet tall with 2' long twisting horns on each side of his head and a
third in the middle of his forehead. Curving 6" tusks like a boars came
from his twisted mouth that, when opened, reveiled 4" fangs dripping
with black venom. Arms as thick as both of Questar's ended in razor
sharp talons. There were no wings, but there was a four foot long
prehensile tail with a scorpian stinger on the end that dripped an acid
that made small pockmarks in the stone floor. Trunk like legs ended in
hooves like a satyr's.

'What a cliche! Couldn't he come up with something original,"
Questar thought. By taking on a Satanic, Judeo-Christian form Dahak had
hoped to play mind games with Questar and Mace. He had failed because
they had known exactly what to expect.

Mace threw his axe right at Dahak's chest. Dahak stopped the axe,
sending it back at Mace. Gabrielle made the save by knocking the axe
aside with her staff. Xena slashed Dahak twice only to be knocked
backwards by a backhand swipe. Questar came in landing three powerful
kicks followed by ramming both the sharp sai into Dahak's eyes.

Dahak roared in pain. The sai were made of silver! This was
impossible! These mortals had actually hurt him! As Dahak grew a new set
of eyes, Mace had succeeded in gabbing his flailing tail and Xena
chopped it off, depriving Dahak of a weapon. Questar had hurled 4 of his
daggers into Dahak during this time. The daggers were also silver.

Xena cut Dahak 3 more times before the Chaos Lord regained his sight.
The twin sai, still stuck in his head looked like antenna. Dahak ignored
the pain and caught Xena's sword in his hand. Dahak then snapped it and
swung wildly at Xena. Xena ducked and rolled backwards as Questar moved
in landing a dozen death blows that incredibly staggered Dahak to the
chagrin of his followers. Each blow would have killed an elephant.

Dahak threw Questar hard into a wall, but Questar kipped up and
scored with 3 more silver daggers. Gabrielle, who had been totally
ignored, snuck behind Dahak and rammed her staff as hard as she could
into the oozing stump where his tail had been. Gabrielle backed away as
Xena moved in landing rapid nerve strikes. Questar leaped and kicked
sending Dahak to the floor.

This was incredible! These gnats, these weaklings, these mortals were
actually hurting him! Only the gods had ever caused him pain before this
day. Dahak could feel some of his power fade as many of his followers
were already beginning to lose their faith.

Dahak kicked out with his hoofed leg catching Questar coming in and
sending the hero flying. Questar felt a rib crack. Mace moved in landing
2 dragon punches and a spin kick before Dahak's counter punch sent him
reeling. Dahak lowered his head to impale Mace on his horns. Xena hurled
her chakram slicing off all 3 of Dahak's twisted horns.

Enraged Dahak hurled Xena back with a wave of his hand. Gabrielle had
snuck in again, using her staff to sweep Dahak off his feet. Mace was on
top of Dahak in an instant, hitting the monster with everything he had.
Fists that could shatter solid stone rained down on Dahak. Dahak
levitated up and punched Mace, sending him crashing into the invisible

Dahak turned his attention to Gabrielle, hurling a pillar weighing 10
tons at her. Questar shattered it with a psychokinetic blast then sent
the shrapnel back at Dahak with telekinisis. The sharp fragments ripped
at Dahak's flesh. For the first time Dahak was beginning to regret
trying to fight these mortals himself. Now he had no choice but to
finish them himself because if he fled or called for help his hard won
followers would desert him, leaving him easy prey to his many enemies.

Mace's left eye was swollen shut as he hurled three silver daggers
into Dahak's exposed ripped up flesh. Questar and Mace flanked Dahak,
who realized too late that it was a feint as Xena drop-kicked Dahakfrom
the front and Gabrielle rammed her staff into his back again. Dahak
whirled striking both Xena and Gabrielle. Xena now had a spraind ankle
Gabrielle had a split lip.

Since pryokinisis would heal Dahak Questar and Mace weren't using it.
Questar and Mace instead used psychokinetic battering rams that almost
busted Dahak in two. Dahak was down for only the second time in his
unholy life and was forced to use a lot of power to heal himself. '
We're doing it,' Mace thought,' We're actually beating him!'

With a roar of rage mixed with pain Dahak hurled electricity out of
his body in all directions sending his opponents reeling. Questar
quickly rose shakily to his feet, motioning Xena, Mace, and Gabrielle to
stand beside him.The assembled creatures gaped in wonder. These 4 had
withstood everything that their master could throw at them and not only
still stood, but had showed that they could severely hurt their master.

"What's the matter Dahak? Mortal's a little too tough for you?,"
Questar taunted," Look at your big bad master! Do you want to serve
someone who can't even handle 1 man, 1 woman, a boy, and a little bard?"

Many of the assembled creatures and men were beginning to waver.
Dahak was confused as he launced another huge pillar at them thinking
them easy targets since they were all in one spot. Questar and Mace
combined their telekinetic powers sending it back at him. Dahak went
down for the third time from the unexpected counter-attack.

Dahak levitated the pillar off of him as Questar moved in landing a
flurry of punches and kicks. dahak reeled, but managed to land a
counter-punch that broke another of Questar's ribs and sent him flying
back. Xena was back on the attack as was Mace. Dahak grew two more arms
to try and counter this newest assault.

Dahak's talons raked downwards ripping Xena's armor. Only Xena's
reflex's saved her as she backflipped away, her armor completely torn
off, her large breasts exposed, but amazingly unmarked. For some reason
that reminded her of something that Ares had said yesterday.
Mace landed two powerful punches, with silver daggers protuding from
inbetween his fingers.

Dahak caught Mace's wrists with 2 of his hands. Squeezing, Mace was
forced to drop the 6 daggers in his hands. Dahak leaned forward to bite
Mace with his poisoned fangs. Gabrielle caught Dahak right in the mouth
with her staff shattering Dahak's fangs, tusks, and several other shap
pointed teeth. Dahak's howlof pain was horrific. Three regular soldiers,
a minotaur, and a troll threw their weapons down and walked out of the

Dahak used a free hand to slap Gabrielle sending her backwards,
barely concious. Mace whipped his body up and kicked Dahak right in his
already damaged mouth with both feet. Five more regulars, 2 priests, and
2 more trolls threw their weapons into the growing pile and left, along
wih the 2 fire drakes.

Dahak had his 2 free hands around Mace's throat and was attempting to
choke the life out of him. Questar recovered the sai that Mace had given
Gabrielle and sent the earlier discarded axe over to Xena. Xena charged
and chopped off the arms that were choking Mace. Questar moved in with
a double sai crane strike that forced Dahak to release Mace.

Questar spun the sai landing several handle strikes then stabbing
Dahak deep in the mid-section. Mace was barely concious as he gasped for
air. ' I'll give Chaos Lords one thing,' Questar thought,' They're not
weak.' Questar ducked as Xena flipped over his back and kicked Dahak.
Questar then landed a solid spinning front kick. Dahak finally had a
opening for a killing shot at Xena.

Xena saw it too late and prepared for death.At the last moment
Questar managed to push her away taking the shot himself. Questar 2 more
ribs break. Still he would not surrender as he landed a solid ide kick
that again sent dahak backwards. Dahak was hurt badly, but numericly had
cut his foes in half.

During this time there had bee a few more desertions. Several of the
more fanatical priests however had grouped together.

"We must aid the master my brothers," a fat priest said.

"But how brother?," another said," The barrier our master created
prevents us from attacking those heretics."

"It's simple brother, the sacrifices," the fat one said, drawing his
dagger," We slay them and their blood will revive our lord."

"Not while I live," came the voice of a man dressed as an Elite

The man previously calling himself Starleiger removed his helmet and
drew his sword. The outraged priests gasped.

"Traitor," a priest yelled.

"Wrong! I am vengence!," Starleiger shouted.

The priests charged. Starleiger spun his sword killing the first
three, kicked one priest, whirled and sliced open another. Starleiger
ducked, reversed his sword, and impaled one priest, then with a quick
rising strike sliced open the chest of another. A fallen dagger fell
close to Livia. Seizing it she plunged it into the back of a priest
trying to sneak up on Starleiger. Livia had known when she had first
seen this guard 2 weeks ago that he was different than all the others.

Starleiger nodded his thanks as he sliced 2 more priests including
the fat one. Questar and Xena were too busy to notice the actions of
Starleiger. Xena landed a forearm smash while Questar ducked a fireball
then came in low with solidchop right to the solar plexus of Dahak
causing even the Chaos Lord to gasp.

Almost in desperation Dahak sent out a wave of force that sent
Questar and Xena back against the barrier. Xena landed badly suffering a
mild fracture in her left forearm. The outcome of the fight was still in

"Any ideas?," Questar asked as he prepared to charge again.

"Ares said something about 'L' word that he hated being the key,"
Xena said remembering.

"L word? What word would start with L and be a word that the god of
war would hate?," Questar asked.

Questar's statigy had been to weaken Dahak by causing doubt in his
followers. It was working, but not fast enough. Dahak had visibly not
liked the lesbian orgy, but had toughed it out. Why? Because the terror
and pain of the girls would be greater if they saw their lovers die in
front of them.

"I wonder why Aphrodite was with him," Xena said.

Lovers. The goddess of love. A word that war hates. Dahak stood for
hate and death. His weaknness, his true weakness, was love! Love and the
potentional for life/sex! Consenual sex between people who were in love!
Questar threw back his head and laughed. Even Dahak paused.

"You're finished Dahak! Stick a fork in you, you're done!," Questar

Questar embraced Xena and kissed her, putting all the considerable
love for her he had in the kiss. Xena was confused, but kissed back
ardently. Dahak recoiled in terror sending a dozen followers to drop
their weapons and desert. Gabrielle had crawled over to Mace who was
still trying to catch his breath.

"What's he doing?," Gabrielle asked.

"I think I know," Mace croaked," C'mon, lets get over there."

Questar hugged his brother then tenderly kissed Gabrielle. Xena
kissed Mace, hugged Gabrielle then the two women kissed deeply. Questar
removed his shirt then helped Xena remove what was left of her leather
outfit. Gabrielle removed her top while Mace had took off his boots and
was removing his pants. Soon all 4 of them were naked and embracing each

"No! NO! Noooooooo!!!," Dahak screamed in agony, unable to even

Questar was sensuously licking Xena's mound while Mace and Gabrielles
licked Xena's nipples. As if sensing what was going on the 19 orphan
girls began kissing each other. Soon the lesbian orgy was resuming, with
one girl absent. Starleiger threw down his sword as Livia approached
him. Livia knew that this man was not like the others.

"I have no right to talk to you Livia," Starleiger said," I am
wearing this obscene uniform. But know this. I was never one of them and
I have loved you from the first moment I set eyes on you Livia."

"Then that uniform must be removed my gallant Starleiger," Livia

Livia didn't know why or how, but somehow she knew that this handsome
man was of the same breed as those that had fought so valiently for them
and even now continued to fight, in a different way. Starleiger removed
the uniform he had donned in hatred for its master. He had been prepared
to die this day in his attempt for justice for his family and his village.

Livia stepped into his arms and they kissed. Xena was riding
Questar's huge penis while Gabrielle massaged her breasts from behind as
Mace slowly penetratrated her doggy style. Positions changed many times.
Xena ate Gabrielle's pussy while Mace took Xena anally and Questar
fucked Xena's pussy. Xena and Gabrielle were 69'd while Questar fucked
Gabrielle's pussy and Mace fucked Xena's cunt. Xena plaed with
Gabrielle's breasts when she rode Questar's cock with Mace fucking
Gabrielle's ass.

Starleiger and Livia made love on Dahak's throne while the lesbians
continued their orgy. No one knew when Dahak died. There would be no
escape, resurrection, or rebirth for him.


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