Xena Warrior Princess: Dahak Death Part 6
by Tyval

During the weeks the orphan girls and Livia had spent in captivity
they had been forced to have sex with each other, but had been
unmolested by any of Dahak's men so that they would all techniquely
remain virgins. All of them except Livia had became 100% lesbians. Now
that they were free the 19 orphan girls all wanted to stay together.
Since only the amazons openly accepted lesbianism* the orphan girls
declared that they wanted to be amazons. Gabrielle wrote them a letter
to give to Ephiny instructing her tribe of amazons to accept these new

To aid them, Questar gave them some gold from Dahak's treasure room.
Xena and Blitta wrapped up Questar's broken ribs, impressed that he
never made a sound. More of Dahak's stolen gold had paid off all of
Blitta's debts with lots to spare to build a huge full service pub as
well as a decent burial for the unfortunate Lucidia. A little more was
set aside for a grand wedding for Livia and Starleiger.

Staleiger had infiltrated the 'Dahak Elite' after they had destroyed
his village and left him for dead. A better swordsman than any of the
other 'Elites' it had been simple for him to kill a guardsman and take
his place. Like Questar, Xena, Mace and Gabrielle, he had been willing
to die just for a chance of killing the monster that had been the Dahak.

"You know he's our ancestor," Questar told Mace when they were
alone," The resemblance to our father as a young man is uncanny."

"You think the girls know?," Mace asked."

"Probably," Questar said," I'm glad he's a hero. Maybe it really
does run in the family."

"It's so weird though," Mace said," Hey, you wanna know something
even weirder? Gabrielle saw that old picture of us with the rubber bones
in our mouths and thinks that Dragon and I look like each other."

Questar gave his little brother a puzzled look. Then Questar stopped
dead in his tracks. Questar's eyes grew wide as if he'd never even
looked at his brother before this. ' What the hell is going on?,'
Questar thought,' I've known China Dragon since we were babies. I was 10
when Mace came around. How the hell could I not notice this before?' As
crazy as it seemed, Mace did resemble China Dragon at that age. Both
brothers looked at each other.

"The force is strong in our family," Mace joked, breaking the oddly
awkward moment," Live long and prosper"

"Leave the jokes to Robin Williams," Questar laughed, throwing mock
punches at Mace.

Rejoining Xena, Gabrielle, Blitta, Starleiger, and Livia, Questar
told them of his plan to redistrubute the rest of the stolen treasure in
Dahak's fortress to those that really needed it because finding the
original owners would be impossible, even if they still lived. After
much discusion they decided that Hercules would be the best person to
determine what charities were worthy.

Questar talked privately with Xena about coming back with him to the
year 2000. Mace was helping Gabrielle write the letter they were going
to send to Hercules.

"You can always come back if it you don't like it, or ever get tired
of me, or get homesick, Xena," Questar said," I can't guarante you that
you'll be happy in such a strange new world. But Xena, what I can offer
you is a world unlike any you've ever known. In my world, you can have
everything that really matters. A new life where you can be a heroine,
atone for anything you've done, and still have a home, a family. You can
truly have it all Xena, and do it all on your own terms."

Since she loved Questar, Xena said that yes, she'd give it a try.
Wild minotaurs weren't going to stop Gabrielle from going. Actually
Xena's only real regret was leaving Argo. She didn't know that Questar
already had a little surprise waiting for her in 2000. A pure white
Arabian! Xena asked Gabrielle to add a note asking Hercules to also take
good care of Argo in in the letter.

As they finished their plans Mace asked Gabrielle if she would take
him to the market of Tarlocus to pick up some of what he called
'souvenirs' for his mother since he was going to give his father the axe
he had used. As they left Quetar explained how they kept their
identities a secret without wearing masks. Something that seemed odd to
Xena. The whole concept of secret identities was foreign to her.

As they shopped in the market, Gabrielle and Mace were having a good
time. Mace let Gabrielle do all the haggling. Gabrielle knew that Mace
still had a fortune in his generic coins and could pay whatever price
was asked, but was getting him great deals. Mace was also buying
Gabrielle gifts, like a set of gold earings she had liked.

Joxer leaped at Mace from hiding. Mace spun around and kicked Joxer,
sending the fool flying backwards. Joxer crashed into a barrell
containing sticky black tar. Barely concious, Joxer lay there,
completely covered by the sicky mess. This inspired Mace, who paid a man
with dozens of chickens twice what they were worth. Mace then threw
Joxer into the stacked coops. Joxer was soon coated with feathers by the
angry birds.

Mace then clapped Joxer into the public stocks in front of everyone.
'Maybe this humiliation will cool him off,' Mace thought. Gabrielle was
crackng up at the sight of Joxer as were lots of children.

Later that day they were finally ready to leave for the future when
Joxer, still half covered in sticky feathers showed up yet again. This
time Joxer was not alone. Beside him was his brother Jett, the assassin!

"There he is! That's the man who beat me up, threw me in the sewer,
hung me upside down, and covered me in tar and feathers," Joxer whined,"
And worst of all he's kidnapped my beloved and cast an evil spell on
her! Kill him for me brother!"

"Be careful Max," Gabrielle cried," Jett is a trained assassin and
no imbecile like his brother."

Mace sighed wearily. He would have no more trouble taking out Jett
than he would have vs. an ant. Mace sized up Jett, skilled, but Mace
knew he could take him with 1 shot in dozens of ways.

"It's time to die for beating up my brother," Jett said.

"And that's MY brother," Questar angrily said as he seized Jett by
the throat with one hand and held the killer a foot off the ground as if
he was weightless," Xena, Gabrielle, does this man mean anything to

"Jett is a ruthless assassin for hire, but he really kills for
pleasure," Xena said, making a 'thumbs down' gesture.

"My feelings exactly," Gabrielle said, also giving a thumbs down.

Questar snapped Jett's neck one-handed. Realizing that discretion was
the better part of valor for a change, Joxer tried to sneakily run away
only to find the steely hand of Mace firmly on his neck. At that moment
Gabrielle saw the old slaver woman and her 2 guards down the street and
had an idea.

"This one's pretty puny Amazon Queen," the old woman croaked," Are
you sure you don't want to sell the other 2? They're a little banged up,
but I'd still give you 2000 dinar each for them."

"Sorry, those 2 are keepers," Gabrielle replied.

"I'll give you 100 dinar. Take it or leave it," the crone smiled.

"It's a deal," Gabrielle grinned shoving the bound Joxer to her.

Joxer recoiled in horror as the crone started stroking him
intimately. The sewer had smelled better.

"Come on pretty boy, I need my pussy licked," the crone laughed,
dragging Joxer into her tent.

"No! No! Gabrielle please! Don't do this Gabrielle!," Joxer begged,"

Laughing, Gabrielle ran aroud the corner to join the others. She
handed the 100 dinar to Starleiger, who now wore the uniform of the city

"Just give us enough time to get out of here, 5 minutes should be
enough, then buy him back," Questar said, strapping on his backpack," I
despise slavery, it's worse than murder in my book. I'm only overlooking
it this time so we can get out of here in peace. Is everybody ready?"

Gabrielle clung tightly to Mace and Xena gave Questar a kiss for
luck. Questar pressed the retrival button. Colors and lights danced in
front of them as they seemed to spin weightlessly into a black void.
Xena, Gabrielle, and even Mace felt sick as they seemed to tumble into a
void. Questar, of course, was used to it. Just as it seemed as if they
were about to throw up, the world stopped spinning as they were
surrounded by 4 walls.

"So, you finally did it you pervert," came a friendly strong
masculine voice behind them.

Turning around they saw a tall, oriental man with blond hair and skin
that looked like solid gold. A big smile was on his handsome features.

"Dragon," Questar cried in joy.

"I don't want to hear any more jokes about me being an old married
man," China Dragon smiled," I'm back you pervert!"

Questar and Dragon bear-hugged each other. China Dragon had regained
his full emotions! Mace frowned sadly until the two older men tackled
him and began tickling him like they were kids.

"Auntie Em! Auntie Em! Hahahahaha," Mace laughed.

"Oh darling, I'm ready for round 123," came a seductive voice from a
nearby room.

Xena and Gabriell were struck by the unearthly beauty of the woman.
Nude save for a sheet, long very blond hair, sea green eyes, but her
most striking feature was her pretty pointed ears.

"I'm on my way Tara," Dragon grinned, then looked at Questar and
Mace," Hey, it's a tough job, but someone's got to do it. And I love my

Two weeks later:

The alarm woke Xena up. Xena threw it against the wall smashing it as
she had 9 others before. Despite the alarm Xena found herself rather
liking this strange future world. Questar had taken her for a ride in a
G.O.L.D. flying car and she had squeeled with delight. Mace had taken
Gabrielle to Disneyland.

Questar had showed Xena all his hangouts including a bar for
super-heroes called ' The Rumpas Room' and the [email protected] mansion. Every
day fascinated Xena more. Xena's favorite thing though had been meeting
Questar's parents. Xena met all the members of G.O.L.D. She really
sympathized with Billy Ray after hearing the full story of what the
Chaos Lords had done to him. Billy Ray was very likable.

Xena and Gabrielle liked all the girls and had had sex with all of
them. Allthough Gabrielle was almost always in Mace's room. Questar,
Dragon, and Shiro, were training Xena in the use of hi-tech devices and
the skills she would need to continue her fight against injustice.
Xena's past would never haunt her again.

Here, in this new world, Xena could truly be a warrior princess who
fought for justice. As for Questar, he was insatiable, and, if truth be
told, so was she any time they got within 10 feet of each other. If
anything their love was growing stronger. Xena no longer had any desire
to go back.

Xena was absolutely crazy about movies and video. Xena liked action
movies, and enjoyed old transfered videos of Questar, Dragon, and Billy
Ray. They had all been 'hams'. Like Gabrielle, Xena was struck by the
resemblance between China Dragon and Mace. She had finally learned
Questar's real name when she and Gabrielle had tickled it out of Mace.
No wonder he wanted it kept a secret!

Xena had also liked Tara's huge collection of superheroine lesbian
porno tapes. In this time, Xena finally felt free to express her
bi-sexual urges. Today Questar was going to take her somewhere he called
'Hollyweird' to meet some movie stars who were also super-hero groupies.
There was supposed to be a woman named Lucy something who was playing
Xena on a tv how and upcoing movie. Xena was startled to find that the
woman did slightly resemble her.

Actually Xena was several years younger, had bigger breasts and was
more athletic. What really surprised Xena though was the fact that the
actress sounded exactly like her, even to her war cry.

"Good morning sleepyhead," Questar said, bringing her breakfast in

"Take off your clothes future man," Xena purred throwing the sheet
off her nude body.

"The hell with breakfast," Questar smiled taking his clothes off.

This is not....

The End

Questar and Xena will return in Terror on Terra

Xena and Gabrielle will also return in other alternate realities in
Xena/Red Sonja-She Devil with a Chakram: and in Xena/Wonder Woman-An Age
of Wonder; the sequel to Callisto's Triumph

* Special historical note: Both male and female homosexuality was very
common in ancient Greece. Indeed the Isle of Lesbo's gave us the word
lesbian. The great poetess of Lesbo's was Sappho whose name is also
associated with girl/girl love. According to what historical facts
remain about her, the following are some of the most widely believed.
During her childhood Lesbo's was at war, this is historical fact.

Lesbo's was badly losing during her very early childhood and most of
the men on the island were killed in the war. About the time she 8 years
old, Sappho's house was filled with many young girls and women, some say
as many as 100. Sappho's father was a very high ranking and wealthy man.
According to legend, many of the girls were engaging in girl/girl sex.
Sappho is belived to have been seduced by an older girl of about 12.
Some say she was a slave girl, but most believe it was the daughter of a
Spartan general who lived in Lesbo's during this time.

Sappho later married and had a daughter. After his death, after only
about 10 years, Sappho opened up a school for girls only and still
relatively young resumed a lesbian lifestyle until her death. During her
life she was the most highly regarded bard, poetess, and songtress of
her time. Like many figures she is no doubt a mixture of fact and
fiction. These are things I have culled from several books about her
during hard legitimate research. It may not be the real story of her.

As for the amazons. There are basis for them in fact as well. Ancient
Greece gave us a lot of our civilization, but they had also had lots of
wars. During some wars it was not uncommon for the male population of an
entire village to be wiped out. Facing further raids by soldiers and
bandits it is highly likely that many women would band together for
protection, even going as far as to learn how to use weapons. All it
would take during that time would be for one village of women to
actually succeed indefending themselves fo tales of 'fierce women
warriors' to spread. Once again, women with no men are lkely to turn to
each other. I know lots more about this subject, but this enough for


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