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Rating: NC17

Timeline: Season 3 Maternal Instincts

Summary: A little Xena fic requested from me by a fan (when you start getting
fans you just know that you've been in fanfic far too deep!). Anyway here it
is, shortly before Callisto kills him Xena's son Solan enjoys a night of
passion with Gabrielle. For the record Solan is 16 which is the age of
consent in the UK (if you're not in Britain he's 17/18 or whatever you're
local AOC is)

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Xena Warrior Princess: Forgotten Fire
by GoolCaptain

She took his hand. "Hey, it's ok to be afraid. I'm afraid too. All the time"

He gazed at her "Really?"

Gabby nodded "Sure, I..."

The rest of her reply was stifled as he leaned forward and kissed her, kissed
her fully on the lips, slipping his tongue inside her, probing, exploring her
mouth, conquering fresh territory, claiming it for his own. Gabrielle
resisted a little at first but found herself assuredly melting into the kiss,
surrendering herself to him.

He broke away, embarrassed. "I...I'm sorry, I don't know why I did that,
I..." She put her hand on his shoulder. "Hey no, that's alright, I
understand" She looked at him curiously. "Solan have you ever been with
a girl?"

He shook his head, avoiding eye contact. "No, never, when you live in a
Centaur village..."

"No, I suppose not" Gabby conceded. She looked at him, running her fingers
through his hair. "How old are you?"

"Sixteen summers" Old enough, Gabby thought. In her village all the girls
knew the ways of the long grass from the moment they were able to suck a
cock. She looked at him closely. He really did resemble Xena, a male Xena.
There was assuredly some of his father in their too but Gabrielle knew that
she was looking at the closes thing she would ever see to a male version of
her soulmate. She looked around the hut. They were alone.

"Solan stand up, I want to teach you about women" he obeyed her, staring
wide-eyed as she began to strip off his clothes. He was erect long before she
reach his trousers, his erection straining for release against the material
which Gabby was all too willing to provide it. The moment it was free she
wrapped her hand around it and pumped ferociously. He came within seconds
showering his seed over her face.

"Ah...ah....yes, YES!"

She began to lap it up with her tongue, showering his impressively sized
penis with kisses as she did so. He was hard again within seconds, suprising
Gabby but she reckoned it was his youth. He urgently pushed his cock past her
lips and into her mouth, conquering it just as assuredly as he had with his
tongue. Obediently Gabrielle licked and sucked on his hardness with
instinctive skill and enjoyment. He came again, a little slower this time,
Gabby hungrily gulping down his semen as though it were ambrosia itself.

He half fell onto the bed, his legs turned to jelly by the fury of his
orgasm. She began to strip off her own clothes in an erotic display that he
watched open mouthed. When she was naked she jumped on him, straddling him
and offering him the pleasures of her naked breasts. He enthusiastically
began to lick, bite and suck on her swollen nipples causing a low moan of
pleasure to come from Gabrielle.

He rolled over, pinioning her to the bed with him on top, crushing her down
with his weight, thrusting already even though he wasn't inside her yet.
Gabrielle spread her thighs as far as they would go and guided him within

She was still tight, just one night with her husband, her cunny still
virtually virgin. He fitted within her but barely just. He fucked her with
abandon, like a wild animal. Gabrille couldn't help but to buck and arch her
pelvis, returning his thrusts with her own. The first time he orgasmed
greedily within her. The second time he brought her to a great fury of
climax, causing her to shriek and claw his back frenziedly.

They lay there, recovering for what seemed like an age, Gabby lying face
down. She gradually became aware that his fingers were probing between her
ass-cheeks, working their way into her puckered nether-mouth.

"Ah...ah...Solan" she objected. "I've never been taken that way before...I...
I don't think..."

"HUSH," he instructed her with a firmness that startled her. He slapped her
hard on her buttocks causing her to give an excited shriek, the stinging pain
gradually muting into a rather nice, pulsing, pleasureable sensation. Maybe
there was more of his mother in him than she thought?

She squealed as his cock forced itself inside her, delighting in the
tightness it found there as her muscles wrapped themselves gratefully around
it, Solan considerate enough to lubricate her with her own cunny juices. He
moaned, Gabrielle realising the intense pleasure he was giving him and
deriving pleasure from it herself, enjoying the fact that she was pleasing
him so. She began to thrust her arse backwards, intent on having more and
more of him inside her, his scrotal sack producing a glorious slapping sound
as it repeatedly struck her hips . She reached down to her clitty and
masturbated herself to orgasm as he shot his load deep inside her bowels.

They took half an hour to recover.

"Is that all there is to learn about women?" he begged her enthusiastically.

Gabby smiled, still flushed from their exertions. "Oh no, lot's to learn yet.
Do you know what a clitoris is?"

He shook his head.

"Never mind, I'll guide you, I want you to lick mine" she pushed his head
down between her thighs.

"I'm in the dark down here!" he protested, muffled under the blankets.
Gabby shrugged. "No more than most men"

* * *

Gabrielle finished her story and gazed at Xena across the fireside. She was
hard to read at the best of times but after hearing what she had said she
seemed especially impassive. Joxer shuffled forward a little to interpose
himself a slightly between the pair.

"Are you mad?" Gabrielle asked.

Xena shook her head "No, I'm glad he knew the love of a woman." She extended
her hand and Gabrielle automatically took it "And I'm glad we shared the love
of our lives together"

They both smiled and Xena stroked Gabrielle's cheek.

"I'll get some more wood for the fire" Joxer offered gallantly, walking off
to sleep in the woods, leaving the lovers in each other's arms


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