By Wonder Mike

Zeus called another conference of the God's, they had barely survived the
twilight of the Gods, they didn't want to face that battle again. Xena and
Eve had to be destroyed.

Zeus knew he faced an almost impossible task, Aries his greatest warrior
couldn't be trusted, Aphrodite was siding with Xena.

Aphrodite had given up in her battles against Xena, she decided to join the
winning team. Zeus needed another plan, Xena must have a weakness.

The weakness was obvious, it was Xena's friendship with Gabrielle, Zeus could
exploit that, maybe kidnap Gabrielle and trade her for Eve. Xena would go for

Aries would have no part of that, he wouldn't hurt Gabrielle, and he didn't
know if Xena would make the trade, Aphrodite agreed with him.

Athena had another plan, they could distract Xena from her mission to destroy
them, that way nobody would get hurt.

Aphrodite knew just the plan, she had cast a spell on them to make them fall
in love before, her plan failed because she didn't make it strong enough, she
wouldn't make that mistake again.

Aphrodite would cast a lust spell, on Gabrielle, she would become consumed
with sex, the more she got, the more she would need it, Xena would have to
control her and she would to forget all about the Gods, they all agreed to
try the plan.

Aphrodite created her lust dust, she just needed to sprinkle it on Gabrielle,
Aprodite vanished and reappeared at the feet of the hero's.

Xena could sense something was up, but it was too late, Aphrodite sprinkled
the sleeping Gabrielle and vanished, they never knew she was there.

Gabrielle awoke with an itch between her legs, she slid her hand down her
skirt short and placed it on her clit, Joxer and Xena were staring at her.

Gabrielle didn't care that she was being watched, she lifted her skirt and
exposed her long blonde bush, she turned, faced Joxer, she spread her legs
giving him a clear view.

Gabrielle opened herself up so he could see deep inside of her, he turned
away embarrassed, Gabrielle screamed at him to look, he couldn't turn away.

Xena knew something was wrong, she told Gabrielle somebody had done something
to her, Gabrielle didn't care, she wanted a hot beef injection, she crawled
over to Joxer.

This was the ultimate fantasy for Joxer, he dreamed about this moment every
night, and now it was coming true, he didn't care why.

He fell over backwards, she had his six inch cock out in a second, Xena ran
over and lifted Gabrielle into the air, Gabrielle grabbed her staff and
clubbed Xena.

Xena was out cold, Joxer tried to go to her but Gabrielle threw him to the
ground, his cock was pointing straight up, she jumped on it.

Gabrielle slammed up and down on his cock, Joxer began to scream, she slammed
up and down on his member, he held on to her for dear life.

Joxer began to thrust up into Gabrielle, she grabbed him by the collar and
tried to lift him up. She demanded that he fuck her hard.

It didn't take long for him to shot his load deep inside of her, Gabrielle
kept jumping up and down on his cock, Joxer quickly shot another load.

That was it for him, he went limp. Gabrielle jumped off his cock and stuffed
it down her throat, she sucked wildly but it was no use, he was limp and
begging for mercy.

Xena was coming to. Gabrielle had to get out of there before that prude tried
to stop her, she needed a real man, she headed off into the woods.

Xena awoke and checked on Joxer, he was shaking uncontrollably, but he had a
huge grin on his face, they gathered their belongings and went off after

Zeus saw the plan was working perfectly, Gabrielle had broken away from Xena,
they had forgotten all about the twilight of the Gods, and Gabrielle was only
going to get hornier.

Gabrielle headed straight for the land of giants, she knew there where
villages closer, but she wanted someone who could do her good. Xena had no
idea where her best friend was headed.

Gabrielle noticed the tree getting larger, she knew she was getting closer.
Goliath was reputed to be the last of the giants, but Gabrielle knew there
was one left.

Night hadn't fallen when Gabrielle came upon the large cave opening, she knew
this must be the hiding place, she charged into the cave.

She was so horny she could barely stand, she hoped her scent didn't attract a
pack of wild dogs, that might be a good thing but dogs didn't have the
stamina she needed, unless of course there was a large pack.

Gabrielle searched the cave, there was no sign of anyone living here, she
walked into a small tree.

Gabrielle's first thought was, it was strange finding a tree in a cave, she
felt up the trunk and realized it was a leg, she had found the giant.

The fifteen foot giant Sarazen lifted Gabrielle into the air, he was going to
rip her in half, no one must know he was here, Gabrielle reached down between
her legs and grabbed his cock, the giant gasped.

Gabrielle spun so she was upside down, she lofted the cock with both hands,
it was two feet long, it was bigger than her arm.

She started to struck the cock with both hands, it was rock hard Sarazen
didn't remember the last time he had gotten fucked, he was scared to do a
mortal woman, but this small blonde girl wanted it.

Sarazen dropped Gabrielle, her head was at his waist, she was the perfect
height Gabrielle opened her mouth as wide as she could and began to suck the
giant cock.

She felt the cock was getting even larger in her mouth, Sarazen wanted to
fuck her but he was scared he would crush her, Gabrielle ordered him to lay

Gabrielle stood on Sarazen's legs, she spread her legs and lowered herself on
the two foot cock, he cunt was so wet that the cock slid into easier than she
thought it would.

Gabrielle could feel her cunt being stretched as she slowly lowered herself.
She bent he knees so she could go down further, she had half the giant cock
stuffed inside of her and she wanted more.

She lowered herself more Sarazen grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her
down, she had eighteen inches of cock stuffed inside her, she was sure she
could take more.

Gabrielle kicked out her legs and did the splits, she fell down impaling
herself on the giant cock. She managed to plant her feet and straighten up.

She stood up until only the tip of the cock was inside of her, she began to
slowly wiggle her cunt down on Sarazen again, he couldn't go slowly again.

Sarazen slammed Gabrielle all the way down on her cunt, she screamed in pain
and pleasure, he grabbed her around the waist and lifted her up again.

The giant slammed Gabrielle up and down on his cock now, he used her like a
rag doll, Gabrielle was completely limp, Sarazen used all his strength to
slam her on his cock.

Gabrielle was cumming all over his cock, the more she came the slicker her
cunt got and the harder he slammed her on his massive member.

Gabrielle was a blur going up and down on his cock, Gabrielle was screaming
for him to fuck her, she needed it deeper. Sarazen couldn't hold out any

He shot a load deep inside of her, the force of his blast lifted her off his
cock, it had been years for him, and it felt good.

Gabrielle hit the floor and rolled over, she began catching the cum in the
air, she licked it up like it was coming from a fountain.

Sarazen finally stopped cumming, Gabrielle began to suck his cock, she was
determined to keep it hard, but it was no use, he was going limp.

Gabrielle sucked as hard as she could but it was no use, Sarazen had almost
satisfied her but the lust was returning, she had to find someone else to do
the job.

Xena and Joxer stormed the cave, they had heard the screams, they pulled her
from the fallen giant, it was obvious to Xena that there was a spell on
Gabrielle and she knew what it was.

Xena had fallen prey to the same spell before, she went through an army and
it didn't satisfy her, there was one being that could do the job.

Xena begged Gabrielle to let her help her, Gabby just reached between her
legs and jammed three fingers into her cunt, Sarazen had just gotten her more
worked up, she needed it bad, she could barley feel her fingers working in
and out.

Gabby jammed her entire hand into her gapping pussy, she let out a moan, that
had almost hit the spot, but it still wasn't as good as the giant, she began
to work her hand in and out faster.

Gabrielle laid on her back so she could get a better angle, it was hard for
her to work her fist into her cunt while she was standing, she spread her
legs as wide as she could.

Xena and Joxer each grabbed her by an arm, they needed to slow her down at
least. Gabby was insane now, she jerked her arms away from her friends. She
screamed at Xena to eat her. Xena promised she would later.

Gabby jammed her hand past the wrist back into her cunt, she twist and turned
it, her arm was shiny with her juices, Xena knew she had to do something now.

Xena jammed four sticks into the ground surrounding Gabby, She then tied her
to the ground. Gabby kicked and screamed but even in her rage she was no
match for the warrior princess.

Xena ordered Joxer to watch Gabby as she rode off to the village of the

It took an hour for Xena to reach the half man half bull creatures, she had
saved to village less then a year ago and they owed her. She found Chief
Elijah and told him she had come to collect.

The four legged beast where legendary for their sexual prowess,
unfortunately, no human could survive a minotaur fucking, that was something
that was for the Gods.

Xena explained to the chief what had happened to Gabrielle, she was sure it
was Aphrodite, and she would make her pay later. Elijah had one condition for
his help. He wanted both Xena and Gabrielle. Xena quickly agreed. The
Minotaur was the best fuck she had ever had.

Gabrielle Struggled wildly at her binds, it was no use, she was trapped. She
screamed at Joxer to fuck her, she yelled that he couldn't satisfy her, but
he was better than nothing, she told him he was completely useless.

That was all Joxer could take, this bitch insulted him for the last time, he
stood between her legs and shoved his big toe into her cunt, Gabby stopped
moving. Joxer stuffed his toe as far as he could into her cunt.

Gabby was begging him to fuck her she was in tears, Joxer decided to give her
what she needed, she would be his own personal sex slave, he always wanted
one of those.

Joxer rammed all five toes into Gabby's pussy, her screams echoed throughout
the cave, Joxer began working his toes in and out, Gabby just growled

Joxer stuffed his entire foot into her cunt, it was as thick as Sarazen, it
was just what she needed, she ordered Joxer to foot fuck her.

Joxer rammed his foot in and out of her cunt, Gabby purred like a kitten,
Joker leaned over and stuck two fingers into her mouth, Gabby sucked them
like they where a pacifier.

Elijah demanded that he be serviced by Xena no matter what happened, his
tribe had fucked human females before, Xena was the only one who had survived
before. Once again Xena quickly agreed, they galloped off to cure Gabby.

They reached the cave just in time to see Joker shooting a load into Gabby's
open mouth, Xena said "I hope your proud of yourself Joker." He was very
proud, she grabbed him by the collar and threw him to the side.

Gabby swallowed the load in her mouth and looked at beast Xena had brought
with her, she had heard about the Minotaurs, she had dreamed of being fucked
by one, but legend said it was impossible, she knew she could do it now.

Xena laid down under Elijah, she reached up and unsheaved his cock, it was
magnificent, she began to stroke it and it began to grow, Gabrielle's mouth
began to water.

Elijah's cock grew and grew, Xena wrapped both hands around it, it was
already bigger than Sarazen's and it was still growing, Xena began to lick up
and down the shaft. It finally stiffened to it's full length.

The minotaur had a cock that was at least three feet long, it was bigger than
even Xena's leg. It was way to thick for Xena to get into her mouth, she
continued to lick up and down the shaft.

Elijah's cock was like a steel rod, he was ready to impale the young warrior
Gabrielle, Gabby was straining against her restraints, she needed it now.

Xena grabbed the hammock Sarazen had used, she wrapped it around Elijah,
forming a sling, she then sliced the ropes holding Gabby, she ordered her
into the sling underneath the Minotaur.

Gabby leapt into the sling laying directly underneath the beast, she grabbed
the three feet of cock with both hands and began to stuff it into her cunt.

Xena was amazed that Gabby could get the cock into her pussy that easily, but
she knew never to doubt Gabrielle, she had already gotten the head of the
cock into her cunt.

Xena had done this before and she knew exactly what to do, she pushed on
Gabrielle's shoulders stuffing six inches of the massive cock into her cunt.

Xena pushed until the sling started to give, she let go of Gabby to let her
adjust to having the cock inside of her, Elijah then began to trot around the

Each step her took forced his cock deeper and deeper into Gabby, her screams
echoed throughout the cave once again, Elijah began to trot faster and

Elijah trotted in a circle until he had over two feet of cock buried into
Gabrielle, she was cumming all over his cock, the juices where flowing out
of her cunt, it made the giant cock slide in and out easier.

Elijah went into a sprint, his cock was now pumping in and out of Gabrielle
like a piston, the more she came, the harder to cock pumped into her, she
soon passed out.

Elijah sprinted out of the cave and through the woods, he was at full speed
now, Gabrielle was a blur pumping up and down on his cock, her arms hung
limply out of the sling.

Elijah ran back into to the cave and stopped in front of Xena, the warrior
princess began to pull her sidekick off of the minotaur, she was impaled,
Joxer ran over to help. It took both of them to get the cock out of Gabby.

They laid the unconscious blonde on the ground, Elijah told Xena that Gabby
was cured and it was time for the second part of their deal, Xena was ready.
She began to climb into the sling, Elijah shoot a load of cum into her face.

It was the biggest load she had ever seen, Elijah kept cumming and cumming,
he completely covered Xena's face and he matted her hair down, and he was
still cumming.

When Elijah finally stopped cumming, Xena was covered from the top of her
hair to her waist. Elijah bowed and declared that the minotaur debt to Xena
was paid in full.



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