Title: Have Whip, Will Travel
Author: Rachel2 ([email protected])
DISCLAIMER: Xena and Gabrielle belong to MCA. The other characters belong
to me; this story is done for entertainment purposes only, without
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This story depicts women being involved in CONSENTUAL role-play, with whips,
bindings, and spankings. If you don't like this type of story, please stop
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stop now. If you still want to read this, lock the doors and pull the shades.

Rating: NC-17

Keywords: F/F, roleplay, BDSM, humor

Note: I want to take this time to thank my editor, Tim Wellman who's been
with me since my second story. And has a heck of a job correcting my grammar,
Thank you Tim.

Xena Warrior Princess: Have Whip, Will Travel Part 1
(Or, The Adventures Of The Dancing Queen Rescue Squad)
by Rachel2

Heris paused to look around the inn with a sense of pride; she'd been the
owner of the Dancing Queen in Deirdras for seven winters now. And it seemed
like each harvest everything had gotten better, better drinks were now
coming in all the way from Anthens, a better crowd of customers now that an
Athenian outpost was setup only a league away frightening away the road
bandits. And better friends to help run the inn.

Her gaze fell on Edonaris the bartender; she'd hired him more for his good
looks at first, but found him later to be a warm and gentle man. They'd
been lovers for two summers now, and it had only been her wish to feel
independent else they would have married.

Then there was Cecelia the cook, her meals had become the talk of the
region, and had brought many a traveler to the inn.

And expect for that one brute, the inn had become known as a place where
friends and family could meet without bother. She shuttered at the memory
of the brute; even his name had brought terror to the people that heard it.
But she did feel sorry for the huge man, imagine actually naming a child .
. . the name as it entered her mind, was drowned out by the applause of the
crowd as the bard she had hired finished her tale.

Heris was very pleased with the bard; the small woman came to the inn three
days ago to await a friend. She asked for a room and two meals a day in
exchange for telling her tales, and to prove that she was worth the charge,
the bard launched into a story about Titans, and how they were freed by a
innocent girl; how at first there had been thoughts of a better world, only
to have hatred and old prejudices end the dream; then how a beautiful
reformed warlord saved not only the girl, but the village as well.

When the bard had finished her tale, it was then that Heris realized that
the inn was full. Each of the customers hanging upon the words as they
flowed from the soft voice of the small bard.

Heris hired her on the spot, though the bard refused anymore payment for
her services, she did say she would accept any tips from the crowd. So
Raffa, Cecelia's young daughter made sure that there was always a bowl near
the stage when the bard began.

She watched as the bard stepped down from the small stage collecting her
bowl, then walked over to her customary table in the back of the tavern
area to count out her tips. Grabbing a cup of cider, she headed over to the
table setting down the cup in front of the bard, "How did you do tonight

The bard brushed back her reddish blond hair with a grin as she looked up
at the inn's owner, "This has to be my best night, I think I got about
twenty-five dinars here!"

Laughing, Heris shook her head; she could not feel anything but pleased
that the bard was doing so well. The thought that her customers spent
twenty-five dinars on the bard as tips rather than food and drink never
entered her mind. She was so pleased that the world could be kind to such a
good-hearted and peaceful woman.

Her laughter came to an abrupt halt as she sensed a change in the room's
mood; turning her head she saw the reason. Standing just inside the door
entrance was a warrior who emulated power. A sword handle was visible over
her right shoulder, while on her left hip was a coiled whip, and she was
sure some type of round killing thing on her right hip. Heris watched as
the woman stood still, the warrior's eyes scanning the room, settling
briefly on each person, judging their threat to her in an instant.

Then the inn's owner caught her breath as the warrior's eyes stopped their
scan, lingering on the bard seated next to her. Then with a slight smirk,
the tall warrior dressed in black leather strolled toward the bar keeping
her back to the bard.

Sensing that the bard may be in danger, Heris looked down, noticing that
the bard was staring at the woman warrior. Oh dear, Heris thought,
"Gabrielle, don't stare at her, that's the last thing you want to do with
their kind, they take that as a open invitation."

By the gasp coming from the young woman, and the light footsteps advancing
towards the table, she knew it was too late. She turned just in time to
catch the warrior eyeing the bard with a touch of lust in the woman's gaze.

Issuing a cough, Heris reached down grabbing the bard's arm, "Gabrielle,
don't you think it's time for another story?"

The warrior sat down next to the bard, a rough hand laying on Gabrielle's
shoulders pushing her back down into the chair, deep blue eyes watching
Heris. "I think she deserves a rest, don't you?"

Gabrielle looked at Heris, then switched her gaze to the raven haired
warrior, her expression one of confusion that the owner took for fear.

Smiling, the warrior shifted her gaze to the money on the table, before she
reached over and pushed several coins towards Heris, "Get me a port, and
the bard here would like some wine."

Speaking at last, Gabrielle looked at the warrior with raised brows,
"Excuse me, but that happens to be MY money, why should I buy you drinks,
and I prefer cider."

Heris watched as the warrior gripped the bard's wrist, her eyes staring
intensely into the small woman's eyes, until the bard shuttered, and turned
her gaze to the tabletop. "Huhhhh, I guess I will take that wine, and a
port for the warrior here."

The owner started to protest, then caught sight of the warrior's burning
glare; swallowing back any more protest, she turned for the bar.

Gabrielle watched Heris fetch their drinks, before turning her eyes back to
the warrior, with obvious nervousness, "What do you want?"

Releasing the bard's hand, Xena smiled, noting that Gabrielle kept her eyes
downcast, sensing that their drinks were arriving, she hesitated, then
decided to continue. "I heard about this bard that was telling tales here,
people say not only is she good, but also very beautiful, thought I'll stop
by and see for myself."

Walking slowly back to the table, Heris tried to overhear what the warrior
was saying, as Gabrielle spoke up, "If you want to hear a story, I'll go on
stage now and tell one."

The inn owner sat the drinks in front of the pair, her eyes locked on the
rough hand softy caressing the top of the bard's arm, "I want you to tell
me a story in private, you have a room here right?"

Shaking her head side to side, Gabrielle stole a glance at Heris, her face
turning a slight shade of pink, "I don't do private stories, ever!"

Grinning, Xena let go of Gabrielle's arm and reached under the table, then
brought her hand back up laying her coiled whip on the table, "I'm sure I
can convince you to do a story just for me."

Shocked and outraged at such behavior within her inn, Heris 'accidentally'
knocked over the mug of port. The contents spilling across the table onto
the warrior's lap, as she jerked back with a snarl.

Gabrielle was up in an instant grabbing the towel Heris kept over her
shoulder, and knelled on the floor drying the warrior's legs. "It's ok,
just a little port, but you need to clean your leathers before it dries, or
you'll never get the smell out."

Shooting an aggravated stare at the seemingly apologetic Heris, the warrior
suddenly smiled before she roughly pulled the bard back up to her feet. "I
guess you'd best take me to your room so I can wash this out, then you can
tell me a story."

The warrior silenced any protest the bard was about to make by placing a
single finger on her lips, a smile spreading across her face. "No more
talking until I say you can, if you know what's good for you."

Throwing a quick glance at Heris, the warrior's grin turned a bit savage,
while she scooped up the coins on the table and dumped them into her coin
purse. "Bring up more port in a half candle mark, and you be more careful."

Spinning around, the warrior grabbed the bard's arm, guiding her to the
staircase, then up the stairs with an enraged Heris watching.

Once the pair was out of sight she turned for the bar, the warrior was not
going to get away with it, not if she and the staff of the Dancing Queen
had anything to do with it.

Chapter Two

Heris gathered the rest of the staff in the kitchen, relating to them what
happened between the leather-clad warrior and the bard. Cecelia wanted to
run up to the room with her meat cleaver, but Sigind held his wife back,
warning the group that any warrior was dangerous.

Telasa then spoke up, "Why don't we just drug the warrior's drink?"

The staff stared at the serving girl, then as one their gaze shifted at a
nodding Heris. "Sounds good," the owner replied as she bit her lower lip,
"I'll take the drinks up to the room, but do we have anything that'll knock
out the warrior?"

Edonaris who had been keeping an eye on the now empty front room grinned,
"I still have sleeping powder from the healer, she gave it to me when I
broke my arm last harvest. But I think that Telasa should take it up to the
room, it'll keep the warrior off her guard."

Now chewing on her lower lip, Heris was worried for Telasa, the girl was
only eighteen summers old, she was cute though not beautiful, but more
important she had a quality about her that attracted people to her. And the
owner of the Dancing Queen was not sure she wanted to expose the girl to
what was going on upstairs.

Finally nodding her head, Heris agreed to it, sending Edonaris off for the
sleeping powder, while closing the inn for the night. She prayed that poor
Gabrielle would not suffer too much before they rescued her.


Xena shut the door as Gabrielle led her into the room the bard had
bargained for. A change came over the warrior's expression, one of
tenderness, "Gabrielle, do you remember the word to make me stop?"

Surprised by the sudden transformation in her lover, the bard nodded,
knowing that Xena was only making sure before she began the rapture that
only the Warrior Princess could give to her. "Yes, Lyceus . . . but don't
worry, I trust you."

Then as quickly the warrior's expression of tenderness came, it vanished to
be replaced by a feral grin, and lust filled sky-blue eyes. Walking with a
swagger, she approached the small bard, running the back of her hand along
the edge of the woman's green top, "I like Erotic stories bard, think you
can tell me one?"

Stepping back, the small woman reached up to remove the hand now caressing
her breasts, "My name is Gabrielle, and I don't have any erotic stories for

Gripping the back of the bard's head Xena leaned over kissing the woman's
lips, forcing her tongue into the bard's receptive mouth with a moan. While
Gabrielle made half-hearted attempts at pushing the warrior away.

Breaking the kiss, the tall warrior looked at the breathless woman with a
sneer, "I don't care what your name is, but tonight you're my property, and
I guess we'll just have to make our own story then."

Gabrielle swung an open hand at the warrior's face, and as expected Xena
captured her by the wrist easily, but the warrior was so caught-up in the
game, she didn't react as the bard swung her other hand, lightly striking
her across the cheek.

Both women froze in shock, Xena that she missed seeing the bard's slap and
Gabrielle distressed that she actually hit her lover.

Seizing control of the situation before things got out of hand, Xena
captured the bards other wrist with a wide grin and laugh, "So you do have
a little fight in you, I know how to take care of that."

Pulling the bard toward the table in the middle of the room, she turned her
around facing the table, bending her over until she was face down, feet
still on the floor. Leaning over the bard she whispered into her ear, "It's
all right, it didn't hurt and it was my mistake."

Straightening back up, Xena looked at the form draped over the table with a
grin before she walked over to the window, "If you know what's good for you
bard, you won't move until I say so."

Looking up from the table Gabrielle wondered what Xena was up to then
remembered her role, checking where the warrior princess was, and how far
it was to the door, she made up her mind and bolted for the exit.

Xena was hoping the bard would make a run for it, and was not disappointed,
she was across the room in a flash, gripping the barely struggling woman
around the waist, forcing her back over the table. "Since you won't listen
to reason, I guess I'll have to give you a hand at staying still."

Keeping a firm grip on the bard's hands, Xena wrapped a curtain cord around
one of her wrists, then looped it across the table tying it to the table's
leg. Then the warrior wrapped the bard's other wrist, and tied the cord to
the opposite leg, leaving Gabrielle arms stretched out spread-eagle, her
upper body laying face down on the table, with her feet on the floor.

Gabrielle tugged at the cords feeling a touch of fear until she felt them
slip a little, then she knew if she worked them back and forth, she would
be free within minutes. But pulling straight back they would hold her firm.

Xena watched the bard struggle with the cords binding her, the sight caused
a aching to begin in her loins, while casually walking back around the
table coming to a halt behind the bard, "Don't struggle too much, I want
you well rested."

Turning her head in an attempt to look over her shoulder at the warrior
behind her, "Let me go, please, and I'll won't tell anyone about the great
raven haired warrior." Her voice pleaded.

Arching an eyebrow, Xena chuckled shaking her head, "Great raven haired

"Hey I'm a bard, give me a break," Gabrielle replied.

Moving her hands, Xena traced the curves of Gabrielle's hips, the texture
of her skirt, the trembling of the bard's body all send ripples of desire
coursing through her veins. Unable to hold back much longer, the warrior
pushed the bard's skirt up around her hips, and caressed the loincloth that
kept her from Gabrielle's treasure.

Kneeling behind the bound bard, Xena reached into her bodice and pulled out
her breast dagger. "Don't move bard, or you may get cut." Xena said as she
used the flat side of the dagger warmed by its resting-place between the
warrior's breasts to caress the perfect, blemish free cheeks of Gabrielle's

Breathing faster, Gabrielle felt the warm blade slide over her rear cheeks
and the warmth of the blade surprised her. Yet when Xena turned the dagger
and ran the sharp edge up her rump a shiver ran through her body.

Xena felt the bard shiver with a smile, time to advance she thought.
Slipping the blade under the loincloth, she sliced through the folds by
each of the bard's hips, pulling the cloth away and tossing it on the

Gabrielle gasp as the room air flooded over her uncovered heated sex, the
gasp turned into a moan as the warrior kneaded her ass cheeks slowly and
carefully until she felt them being spread apart. Looking over her shoulder
she managed to see Xena, staring intensely at her sex; Gabrielle felt the
heat rise to her face, never had she felt so exposed, or vulnerable.

Xena's eyes drank in her bard's sex displayed to her watchful gaze, the
slit looked so beautiful to the warrior. Stripped of hair, the lips
glistening with droplets of moisture revealing Gabrielle's excitement.
Placing a finger on the bard's soft vulva, Xena's eyes widened as Gabrielle
groaned while the warrior trailed her finger around the puffy lips.

Pulling back her finger, Xena sniffed the tip, wet with the bard's honey
scent. Grinning, the warrior watched the bard shift back with a louder
moan, when a knock came from the door.

Standing, Xena caressed Gabrielle's rear looking at the door, "I guess my
port is here, now don't go away." Turning for the door, she came to an
abrupt halt as her lover cried out, "Wait, if you open the door, they'll
see me!"

Nodding, Xena walked to the door, "I know," opening it with a slight crack,
the warrior saw a young girl with chestnut hair flowing around her
shoulders holding a tray.

Curtsying, the girl smiled, "Evening Milady, I'm Telasa, I was told to
bring you some port and wine?"

Opening the door wider, Xena nodded, "Come in," enjoying the gasp coming
from the girl as she beheld the bound bard exposed from the waist down.
"Set the tray on the table, the bard can't drink right now, she's not
playing nice."

Telasa could not keep her eyes off Gabrielle, there was something about
seeing the constrained woman that made her feel warm inside, but she
managed to set the tray on the table without spilling anything, "Will there
be anything else?" she asked in a shakily voice.

Grabbing the mug of port, Xena kept her gaze on her bard, Gabrielle's face
was bright red, yet she didn't say a word. Smelling her port, Xena took a
sip and beamed before drinking down the rest under Telasa's watchful eye.

"Yes, bring me another mug of this port, it's very good, makes me sorry
that other woman spilled the last mug," the warrior replied as she licked
her lips.

Curtsying, Telasa grabbed the mug and left the room with a puzzled
expression, while Xena turned back to her captive.


Both Heris and Edonaris stood as Telasa came into the kitchen; "Well?" they
both exclaimed at the same time.

"It's terrible, that beast has got the bard tied to the table and is having
her way with the poor woman!" the serving girl cried, though she didn't
want to admit she was wondering what it would feel like being in the bard's

Wincing, Heris locked her gaze on the empty mug, "She drank the port? What

"Nothing, she loved it and asked for more"

Taking the mug from Telasa, Edonaris sniffed it shaking his head, "I would
have sworn that the sleeping powder was still good, I used all that I had."
Tilting the mug he took a sip and shrugged, "What will we do now?" But
Edonaris didn't hear any reply as he fell face down on the floor in a deep

Heris and Cecelia tried to wake Edonaris, but after a while they gave up,
"We must save the poor bard," Cecelia said "How about one of us trick the
warrior out of the room, and then the others rush in and grab the bard?"

"Ok," Heris nodded, "but how do we get her out of the room?"

"I know how."

Everyone looked at little Raffa; the girl was just past her eleventh
summer, and thin as a fence post. But wiry and quick, "I can get the
warrior out of the room."

Raising his hand, Sigind seemed to dance on his feet, "I know, I know, I'll
can also use the ladder and climb up to their window and spy on the
warrior, let you all know what she's doing."

Pausing to think over the idea, Heris walked over to Raffa using her hand
to comb back the girl's hair, "Do you really think you can draw the warrior
out of the room and keep safe?"

Raffa looked at Heris, "I'll have the warrior begging for mercy," she
replied with an unnatural gleam in her eyes.

Chapter Three

Xena shut the door after the serving girl left, walking back to the bound
figure on the table; she could see that Gabrielle's face was still flushed.
She hoped that she had not gone too far, but exposing her lover to another
person had sent thrills through her body.

Gabrielle, was feeling embarrassed, but being put on display by her lover
had send a torrent of desire flooding throughout her body. Suddenly she
felt warm air upon the back of her neck, followed by a rain of soft kisses
until Xena nibbled on her ear.

"The girl couldn't keep her eyes off of you bard," Xena whispered, "She was
devouring your body, ass, sex with her eyes, she wanted you."

Groaning, Gabrielle pulled back on the cords holding her to the table, she
could feel droplets of desire spilling down her inner thighs. Not trusting
herself to speak, she just pulled on the cords.

Straightening back up, Xena moved back behind Gabrielle grinning while
using only the tips of her fingernails to caress the bard's rear cheeks,
kneeling when she encountered the wetness between Gabrielle's thighs.

"For not wanting this bard, you're very wet," Xena said, as her fingertips
spread the sweet dew over the bards ass cheeks.

"I don't like it, you . . . savage," Gabrielle managed to say, though she
could not hide the arousal in her tone.

Grinning, Xena stood back up with her brows raised, "Savage am I? Then how
about I show you what a savage would do," Pausing for a reply but not
hearing one, the warrior lifted her hand and brought it down on the bard's
left ass cheek, with a resounding smack.

Jerking from the initial pain, Gabrielle's hips buckled back and forth
against the table as the pain changed into a pleasurable tingling racing
through her sex.

"That's one," Xena said before slapping the bard's right butt cheek,
pausing long enough for the pain to turn into pleasure then delivered a
third spank. But this time, her hand stayed on Gabrielle's ass, feeling the
bard's struggles, the heat from the red hand marks on her rear moving up
her hand into her mind with a stimulating passion.

Grabbing the bard by the hair, Xena drew her head back while leaning over.
She saw perspiration covering the woman's face, as Gabrielle tried to catch
her breath with wide eyes staring at her lover.

"That's three bard," Xena murmur quietly, "I'm giving you two more, and I
want you to call them out. If you lose count, I'll have to see if you can
remember a few lashes of the whip."

Xena ran her hand along the bard's back, taking in the heat coursing
through her lover's flesh. She's near, Xena thought, the whip if she asks
for it, will bring her over, and then I'll take her. Using her forearm,
Xena wiped the perspiration flowing down her face, she could feel that her
britches were as wet as Gabrielle's thighs.

Slipping her hands under her leather jerkin, Xena pulled off her britches,
throwing them on the table then delivered a firm slap to Gabrielle's ass,
pausing for the bard to call out her count, while enjoying the sight of the
smooth pale cheek turning scarlet.

Groaning, Gabrielle cried out "FOUR" in a loud voice, her sex ached for
release, her rump along with the rest of her body felt alive with waves of
electric shocks issuing from her heated rear. Then her body shook again as
Xena rendered another hard slap to her ass, feeling tears rolling down her
cheeks from the sweet mixture of pain and pleasure she cried out "FOUR!"

"How many was that bard?"

Straining against the cords holding her to the table, Gabrielle felt her
face turn hot, "Huh . . . four I think."

Grabbing the wine chalice from the table she dripped her fingers in the
cool liquid, Xena had hoped Gabrielle would 'forget' the count. Scooping
the wine in bend fingers, the warrior splashed the cool drink over the bard
flaming backside, grinning wider as Gabrielle groaned and started to hump
the table.

"Like how it feels bard?"

Gabrielle could not talk, only making guttural moans at the delight her
rear was sending to her body as the cool wine trickled down her cheeks.

Reaching under her jerkin, Xena felt her own wetness at the sight of her
bard unable to speak from an overload of pleasure. She thought about taking
her weapons off, but knew she wanted them on when she took Gabrielle.
Unhooking her whip, Xena shook out the long coils, then snapped her wrist.

Gabrielle came out of her revelry as the tip of the whip CRACKED only
inches above her head. Looking over her shoulder she saw her warrior, the
familiar feral smile on her lips, snaking out the whip once again. Biting
down the trace of fear, she reached out grabbing the edge of the table, and
braced herself for Xena's love.

Fighting back her instincts, Xena fought her desire that came at this time,
the taste of fear she felt from Gabrielle fed her hunger. Yet, she knew she
had to be careful, keeping her wrist straight, and arm stiff, she swung the
whip around, to deliver a kiss across the bard rear cheeks.

Gabrielle's body convulsed as the whip lashed her ass, the stinging leather
sending a blaze of fire to her loins. Jerking back and forth the table
inched forward as she gasped for air.

Feeling weak in the knees, Xena watched her bard struggle against the
cords, as a ruby streak formed across Gabrielle's ass, "I'm giving you two
bard, unless you 'forget' again, then I'll have to give you another kiss,
now what was the count?"

Panting, Gabrielle almost didn't answer, she needed release, her desire was
aching for release, but she wanted a just a little more, "One . . . that
was one."

Licking her lips, Xena brought the whip around, for another kiss of the
bard's backside, moaning along with Gabrielle as the bard struggled, "And
that bard?" Xena asked.

Closing her eyes, Gabrielle pushed her feet on the floor, trying to press
her sex against the table's edge, the moisture dripping down her thighs was
now a flood. "ONE!" Gabrielle cried out, "ONE MORE . . . pleaseeeee."

Xena caught her breath as a sizzling bolt burst within her loins, "Again
bard, ask me again."

Straining against the cords, Gabrielle's ass felt as if it was on fire, yet
she wanted more . . . more of the wonderful fiery sensation. "One more
lash, please, just one more."

Tilting her head back with eyes closed, Xena let Gabrielle's surrender wash
over her like a wave, drinking in the taste of sweet submission. The
admission was more luscious than an orgasm to her, careful not to be
carried away with the moment; Xena swung back her whip and paused, looking
at the quivering form of her love. With a careful swing, she brought the
whip forward laying a tender kiss on the bard's backside, as Gabrielle let
out a low scream of joy.

Staggering to the limp form on the table, Xena leaned over caressing the
bard's back. Intoxicated as the bard turned her head, the warrior took in
Gabrielle's heavy breathing, soaked in perspiration, from head to toe.

"Please, give me release I-I need release," Gabrielle begged her lover.

Dropping to her knees behind the bard, Xena felt the heat radiating from
Gabrielle's crimson rear. Gently touching the bard's heated backside, Xena
leaned forward kissing a ruby colored lash on the bard's cheek, "I love you
Gabrielle," she softly said as she traced a second lash, "thank you for
this gift," before she kissed a red hand mark.

Gabrielle tried to slow her fast breathing; she had almost succeeded when
Xena planted a kiss on her lower lips. The contact of Xena's lips, with the
caress of her lover's hands brought her nearer to release. "In me, I need
you in me Xena," she managed to gasp out.

Sitting on the back of her heels, Xena watched as she slid a finger around
Gabrielle slick lips, grinning at the bard's jerking motions as she slipped
the digit inside Gabrielle's hot tunnel. Pumping slowly, with the bard's
natural juices providing the lubricant the warrior inserted a second
finger, then a third.

Gabrielle rocked back, trying to impale herself on Xena's fingers, she was
close, the fire burning in her ass was slowly spreading throughout her
body, she just needed a little more for it to ignite.

Xena pumped her hand faster feeling Gabrielle's sex tighten around her
fingers. The bard's musk was overpowering; saturating the room's air as the
warrior breathed it in deeply. She knew her love was on the verge, but she
wanted to send her over out of control. Leaning forward, Xena's tongue
darted out gently licking the valley between Gabrielle's cheeks.

Xena's actions had the desired effect, gasping in surprise at this new and
intimate sensation, Gabrielle at first let out a moan, then started to
struggle as the burning flame burst into wave upon wave of raging fires
sweeping through her body.

Placing a hand on the Bard's hip, Xena tried to hold her still as
Gabrielle's moans soared in volume with each wave of fire, until she was
buckling against the table, and her juices flooded down Xena's arm.

Joining her love as the raging fires reached their zenith; Xena held tight
as Gabrielle came down collapsing on the table. Withdrawing her fingers,
she grinned when they came free with a small sucking sound and stood behind
her bard, caressing Gabrielle's hips.

The warrior was ready, she wanted her bard, but she wanted her bard awake
and feeling the warrior taking her, "Gabrielle?" she called out softly.

Feeling the hands on her hips, Gabrielle turned her head, looking over her
shoulder at the woman she had first surrendered to when she originally came
to her village summers ago. "I'm here love," The bard's voice carried with

Xena pulled up the front of her leather jerkin with one hand, while the
other stroked her own dark curls, then using her fingers; she parted her
lower lips, and pressed against the bard's right rear cheek.

Easy, Xena was telling herself while shifting her feet, she had to find the
right position. She felt Gabrielle's burning ass all along her sex. THERE!
Her mind cried, bracing her feet on the floor, Xena rocked forward, her
mind screaming as her clit rubbed Gabrielle's abused rear.

Gripping the bard's hips, the warrior rocked back and forth, her clit being
stimulated by Gabrielle's hot flesh. Arching upward, she readied herself
for the final act, lying on Gabrielle's back, her armor pressing into the
bard's body, hands gripping Gabrielle's shoulders as she started to rock
with more power, shaking the table under their bodies.

Gabrielle groaned, Xena had done this before, and each time, it felt the
same. Her warrior, wearing her armor and weapons was taking her, claiming
her body for own.

Xena could feel the bard trembling under her; the sense of power as she
took her bard was exhilarating. She could hear her lover's moans urging her
on, while pulling on the cords binding her wrist. Xena was close, so close;
her grunts increased with each thrust to Gabrielle's backside.

Bracing her feet, Xena rocked against Gabrielle, her nectar streaming down
the bard's rump. Until the warrior threw back her head gasping for air,
feeling herself coming upon the woman she loved the woman who gave her the
gift of surrender. Xena came till she collapsed on the bard, her weight
fully resting on Gabrielle, while her hands softly caressed the bard's

"I love you Gabrielle," the warrior whispered into the bard's ear.

"I love you my warrior," Gabrielle replied, only to have her joy replaced
by a look of annoyance by a knock on the door, "Xena, your port is here."

Chuckling, the warrior worked at pushing herself off the bard, "At least
they didn't knock until we were done." Smirking at the look Gabrielle gave
her, Xena added, "At least for the first time."

Glowing, Xena managed to get off the table, heading for the door.

Chapter Four

Xena took one more loving glance at Gabrielle, before she opened the door a
crack. She was puzzled to see a young girl about eleven summers old instead
of her port. "Yes?" the warrior asked with a raised brow.

Raffa raised her head looking the dark warrior in the eyes, the warrior
that had kidnapped her friend, and then as hard as she could gave Xena a
vicious kick in the shin and took off running down the hall.

Issuing a loud obscenity the warrior took a step outside the door, to chase
after the little brat but halted remembering the bound Gabrielle. Sending
more profanity after the vanished girl, she turned around and immediately
sensed someone dashing up the corridor.

Running fast, Raffa knew she had to be quick, the warrior was already
turning, but with a swing of her foot, she nailed the woman once again in
the leg. Spinning around she made a hasty retreat for the stairs, hearing
the swearing warrior limping after her.

Heris and Telasa heard the warrior chase Raffa down the corridor, guessing
that the way was clear, they come out of the room across from where the
bard was staying. Sprinting into the room the women stopped upon sighting
Gabrielle red marked bottom, recovering quickly, they both ran to untie the

"WHAT'S GOING ON? WHO ARE YOU," Gabrielle started shouting she had heard
Xena swearing and wondered what was going on. Now these women were untying
her, her first thoughts were that something had happened to her warrior, so
the bard demanded loudly what was going on.

Telasa gave Heris a panicked look; "She's terrified, the warrior may hear
her." The serving girl cried out as she worked on the cords.

Nodding in agreement, Heris felt sorry that they arrived to late to have
prevented the spanking the poor girl obviously received, but action and
silence was required now. Grabbing a pair of damp birches off the table,
the inn owner stuffed them into the surprised bard's mouth.

"Gabrielle!" Heris said as she fought with the struggling bard, "Calm down
Gabrielle, we're here to rescue you."

Eyes wide in shock at the statement, the bard tried to spit out Xena
birches and explain that it was all a game. But every-time she had almost
worked the damp cloth out, Heris pushed it back into her mouth.

"SHE STRUGGLING" Telasa yelled, closer to panic herself, yet wishing the
warrior would make it back in time, and administer some of the bard's
punishment on her.

Freeing the cord from the table leg, Heris kept it tight trying to control
the bard. Knowing she had no choice until the panic had left the bard. She
twisted Gabrielle's arm until it was behind her back, "Telasa," the woman
called to the girl, "Free the cord from the table and give it to me, we'll
have to keep her bound until she recovers from the attack."

"HHNMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPP!" came the sound from behind the gag in Gabrielle's
mouth, as both Telasa and Heris worked the fatigued bard's hands behind her
back and bound them once again. Picking her up, the two women carried
Gabrielle out of the room while the crashing of pots came from below.


Xena limped after the little monster; her thoughts of Gabrielle temporally
forgotten as the image of the brat over her knee filled her mind. The girl
was fast; the kick to her leg had knotted up her calf-muscle slowing her

Raffa was already at the bottom of the stairs when she looked up, she could
not let the warrior lose sight of her, or like a predator she may lose

Seeing her prey at the bottom of the stairs, Xena kept moving, as fast as
she could, jumping on the banister hoping that sliding down would close the
distance faster.

The warrior had only slid an inch when her body reminded her, that she was
not wearing birches.

sssssssssggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" issued from the warrior's mouth as
she flew down the banister with bulging eyes that threaten to pop out of
their sockets.

Flying off the railing, Xena landed on her feet and hoped around in
circles, her hand holding onto her burning rear. Though in pain, Xena's
senses were still working, in an instant her hand jerked up catching the
missile coming directly at her head.

Unfortunately, Xena grabbed the egg Raffa threw too tight breaking the
shell, and the momentum of the yoke carried on through hitting the warrior
right between the eyes.

Flicking the broken eggshell and whites off her hand, the warrior's eyes
turned deadly as the broken yellow yoke slithered down her face. Narrowing
on the laugher coming from the kitchen, Xena limped towards the sound of
the devil child, her mind filled with images of a small girl taking a bath
in crates of eggs.

Turning around the edge of the bar, she almost missed the body flat on the
floor. Just managing to hop over the sleeping form of Edonaris, Xena
brought up her arm trying to deflect the sack Raffa had swung at her.

Blocking the sack with a sharp blow, Xena didn't expect the bag to break
open sending a billowing cloud of flour to cover the warrior princess from
head to toe in white powder. Gasping for air in the blinding cloud, Xena
inched her way forward toward the sound of laugher, only wanting to get her
hands around the brat's neck.

The warrior knew she was in trouble when her foot hit the slick spot on the
floor, as her feet flew up into the air, she could just smell the scent of
pigs fat all around her. Reaching out instinctively her hands found
purchase on the kitchen counters. Again unfortunately, she grabbed the
boards Raffa's mother Cecelia had set on the counters topped with her best
iron pots.

With a loud crash that sounded throughout the inn, Xena fell flat on her
back with the cooking pots tumbling down on top of her. Protecting her
head, the warrior yelled in anger as the pans and skillets bounced off her
body. Peeking past her arms, Xena looked to see if anything else was coming
down on her, groaning, she reached up grabbing the false counter tilting it

Realizing that she did it again, the warrior looked up fearfully, just in
time for the large pot to smack her in the forehead, crossed-eyed the
warrior flopped back on the floor.


Heris shook her head at the struggling bard, "Gabrielle, I know it was a
terrible experience, but you must calm down."

"HMMMPPPPP! . . . fuuummphh aggrrttt pphhduu" the bard tried yelling
through her gag.

Dropping the bound bard onto the empty bed, Heris reached out taking Telasa
by the arm guiding her back to the door, "We best just leave her here, I'm
sure she'll be able to talk in the morning."

Eyes widening with understanding, Gabrielle's brows shot up while she tried
yelling, and shaking her head, "MMOOOOOOOO, Hmpffff MMOONNN AAAA

Sighing Heris closed the door behind her then looked at Telasa, "Poor girl,
we'll release her in the morning."

It was then that Heris noticed the crowd in the hallway as her guests came
spilling out of their rooms to investigate the crash. Looking at each
other, the owner and serving girl both said the same thing, "RAFFA!" before
plowing their way to the stairs.

Looking down from the top of the stairs, they saw the warrior staggering
around as if drunk, when the main entrance door opened and Sigind rushed in
carrying his ladder, which of course struck the warrior right in the chin.

Spinning from the blow from the ladder, Xena fell flat on her face, her
leather jerkin flapping upwards landing on her lower back.

The crowd of customers looked down from the top of the stairs, until a
little girl tugged on her mothers shift, pointing a finger at the
unconscious warrior, "Look mommy, she's not wearing any pants."

Laughing, Heris worked her way down the steps until she stood over Xena,
"Let's tie her up and leave her the way she is, in the morning we'll take
her out of the village and let her go."

Looking at Sigind and his ladder, while Heris tied the warrior's hands and
feet, Cecelia raised a brow, "Why did you bring the ladder in here?"

Shrugging, the man looked at his wife, "Shortcut to the back."

Chuckling, the owner stood back up walking over to the still sleeping
Edonaris, "Can you all help me get him to my room, then I think we all best
call it a night."

The staff of the Dancing Queen got Edonaris to Heris' bed, while Cecelia
stopped Raffa from writing her name on the warrior's backside.

One by one they went to bed until only Heris was left looking at the
exposed warrior. They were a family tonight, they saved the bard and beat
the warrior, nodding she knew it was time for a change of names for the
inn, something to give the building it's own character; With satisfaction,
Heris turned for her room.

Chapter Five

Heris woke with a start scanning the bedroom she had been sure she had
heard something. The first rays of dawn's early light was stealing their
way past the curtains giving the room a warm golden glow.

Shaking Edonaris laying beside her, the woman leaped out of bed grabbing a
robe remembering the warrior tied up on the tavern floor. With the mutters
of her lover waking from his drug induced sleep, the inn owner swung open
the door, rapidly walking to the tavern room.

Heris knew she should've expected this, the ropes that they had used to
bind the warrior were all that was left. But faint white floured out-lines
on the floor showed footsteps heading upstairs.

Worried for Gabrielle, Heris bolted up the stairs following the footprints
to the bard's room. Quickly checking the empty room it's seemed as if all
of the bard's belonging were there.

Then she noticed the window was open, running over she looked out and
thought she saw a flash of a ghost like figure ducking into the trees.
Smiling to herself, the woman turned walking across the room and entering
the room across the hall where Gabrielle was hidden.

The bard glared at Heris when the woman entered, she had managed to work
Xena's birches out of her mouth, but kept silent, holding out her bound
hands. Keeping back a laugh, Heris sat on the bed next to the bard untying
her hands, "I'm sorry Gabrielle, but you were in such a hysteria last night
I thought it best to leave you tied up."

"And what happened to the warrior?" Gabrielle asked, thinking it was best
trying to keep calm around these people, least she ends up tied up again.

Finally letting a proud smile spread across her face, Heris looked at the
Bard, "Don't you worry, she won't hurt you she's done run off."

"RUN OFF!" Gabrielle yelled.

Laughing, Heris nodded and started to tell the astonished bard about the
battle of the Dancing Queen. The warrior's fight with Raffa, them tying her
up with the woman's backside exposed to the inn's customers. Finishing
about how the warrior hearing approaching footsteps leapt out the window
rather than take them on again.

Gawking at Heris in almost disbelief, Gabrielle let out of soft laugh,
thinking it was more likely an embarrassed Xena that took off expecting
Gabrielle to follow soon.

"By the way Gabrielle," Heris said interrupting the bard's thoughts, "Did
the warrior say her name?"

Not thinking, the bard nodded then took on a guarded expression, "Why?
You're not going to report this?"

Shaking her head, the woman grinned telling the bard her idea for the inn's
new name.


It was later in the day that Gabrielle giving the excuse that she now
wanted to meet her friend on the road, was she able to leave the inn. After
of course the hugs and thank you to all the staff, and receiving a warning
to watch out for the warrior.

Her last look back at the inn, was Sigind with his ladder and Edonaris
putting up a banner with the inn's new name under the watchful eye of


Gabrielle saw her love waiting by the edge of the road with Argo; in fact
it was hard not to miss the black leather clad woman covered with streaks
of white powder. Grimacing as she came close, the bard took in the bruises
dotting Xena's arms and legs, she looked like she had been in a fight with
an army.

Shaking her head as Gabrielle approached "Don't say a word," Xena said
while trying to remain as emotionless as possible. It was the only thing
she could think of doing other than riding into the village and burning
down the inn.

"Here's your pants," Gabrielle said with a smile holding them out to the
Warrior who took them and paused looking closer at the cloth. "Gabrielle,
why are there teeth marks on my birches?" Xena asked losing a bit of her

Rolling her eyes, the bard shook her head while Xena slipped on her pants.
"Don't ask."

"Before you say anything Gabrielle," the warrior said as the bard started
to open her mouth, "If you say one word about what happened last night, I
swear I'll set you out to sea on the most unstable ship I can find, in the
middle of a storm with a string of dead fish around your neck . . . got

Looking at the deadly seriousness in Xena's eyes, the bard swallowed with a
nod, "Huh . . . got it."

Sighing, the warrior princess closed her eyes trying to regain some calm,
"Thank the gods they didn't know who I was." Opening one eyelid, Xena gazed
suspiciously at her bard; "They don't know my name, RIGHT?"

Managing a smirk, the bard looked at the woman she would surrender to for
all time, "I think you can say that they don't know your name."

Grabbing Argo's reins Xena started down the road wanting nothing more now
than a bath, "What do you mean by that?"

Grinning, Gabrielle fell in step with her lover, "Trust me Xena."


Heris looked at the banner beaming, yes she thought, now the inn does have
it's own character. Then with the staff, they all entered the door under
the banner proudly proclaiming *Joxer's Moon*.


Within two moons of the battle of the Dancing Queen, Heris and Edonaris
were married, after Edonaris promised Heris that he would never again test
sleeping potions by sipping them.

Sigind started teaching classes in self-defense using ladders.

Cecelia became better known as a cook after she invented a new dish
consisting of two dumplings side by side on a plate partially covered by a
strip of spiced beef, calling it Warrior's End.

Telasa went the next day to the tanners buying a leather outfit complete
with whip, becoming very popular with the Amazons who stayed at the inn.
Eventually going through a joining ceremony with a tall, dark, ravened hair

Raffa went on to be known and feared as the inn's protector when less than
a moon later, she battled another female warrior. This one was blond
wearing a skimpy two piece leather armor set. The villagers still talk how
in one candlemark the woman was on her knees begging for mercy.

The End


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