1. Not to be read by anyone under 18. This story contains explicit
descriptions of sexual acts. If this offends you, leave now. This is fiction.
The hypnosis described is nowhere near as realistic as it actually is. Do not
try this at home. If you feel like it, seek help.

2. I know more than a few people were disappointed by my "Mad About
You/Caroline In The City" entry. I hope this makes up for it. I'm actually a
little fond of it, since it's got more of a plot than most of my stories. I
hope you like it.

3. To any students of Greek mythology: This story portrays the gods as they
are shown on the Xena and Hercules syndicated shows. As you will see, they're
not exactly as mythology has depicted them. Keep that in mind.

HypnoTV: Xena, Warrior Princess (FF,mc)
by MAW

Hades was bored. Really bored. It happened sometimes. Immortality and
infinite power got to you after a while. There were times when Hades actually
envied the short life-spans of mortals. Death gave a wonderful sense of
purpose to life. Hades should know. As the lord of the underworld, he
reviewed whole lifetimes, thousands in a day. But, lately, the death rate
seemed to have hit a low. Normally, Hades might be happy, since that would
give him more time with Persephone. But she was on the surface with her
mother, as per their agreement. So, he was lonely and bored.

"You look like you could use company." Hades turned towards the figure
entering his throne room. He was tall, handsome, with a dark beard. His
muscle-bound body was clad in a suit of leather armor. Although handsome, his
face had a touch of cruelty in it. All in all, he had the perfect look for
the god of war.

"What do you want, Ares?" Hades sighed as he began going through a list of
the new arrivals.

"What, I can't visit my favorite bother?" Ares said with a smile.

"The last time you visited, Ares, you yanked Callisto out under my nose and
put Xena in her place. I told you then you were no longer welcome here."

"Oh, is that any way to talk to the man who brings you so many subjects?"
Ares absently cleaned his fingernails with a dagger. "Without me, your little
home would be a lot more empty."

"I think I could live with that," Hades said, apparently not seeing the humor
in his choice of words.

"Actually, that is what I want to talk to you about." Ares sat down on a
chair across from Hades and put his feet up on the table. Ignoring Hades'
look, he went on. "Things have been dull on the war front lately. Seems Xena
has been taking out a few armies. It was bad enough when we just had Hercules
doing good, now she's putting her two cents in. We need to find a way to stop

Hades stared at him. "We?"

Ares smiled. "I thought you'd like to help me."

"Your estimation of my mental stability aside, how do you plan to do it?
Killing her hasn't worked. Trying to bring her back to you hasn't worked. Not
a lot of options left, are there?"

"Hades, Hades, Hades. Eliminating Xena isn't entirely necessary. I want to
stop her. Give her something else to think about. Distract her. A long-range
distraction. That will impede her progress well enough for me."

Hades rolled his eyes. "And exactly what are you planning?"

"The one weakness that can be the downfall of a true warrior. The love of
another person."

"So go bother Aphrodite. This is her department."

"She makes love, not war. Besides, for what I have in mind, her rules will
get in the way. No, I need something from Hephaestus. Only he needs something
from you. A metalworker from a hundred years ago. Needs the expertise with
those new thunderbolts Zeus wants. It's only temporary."

"And if I agree? What's in it for me?"

"If my plan works, there'll be more war. War means death and death means new
boarders for you. Plus, I'll call in a favor from Demeter and get Persephone
down here a little early."

Hades stared at him. He bit a lip in thought. "If Zeus hears of this, this
conversation never happened," he said. "Give me the name and Hephaestus' man
is yours. I want him back in a week."

"Two and I'll have Persephone down here in a month."


* * *

Like most of the other gods, Ares didn't understand Hephaestus. Instead of a
temple or a throne room, he made his home in a dank pit where he worked
constantly. Of course, Hephaestus was never one for indulging vanity. Hard to
be that way with his looks. An argument with Hera had led to his face being
half-scarred and he walked with a limp. It made him the most humble of the
gods and the only one close to being human. But what Ares really couldn't
understand about his brother was why in Zeus' name Aphrodite had fallen for
him and not Ares. The thought that his dirty, lame, backwards brother could
own the most gorgeous being on Olympus rankled Ares to no end. He swallowed
his pride as he approached Hephaestus. No matter how hurt he was, he needed
his brother's skill now more than ever.

"Is it done?" he asked without preamble.

Hephaestus lifted the object in his hands. Without a word, he handed it to
Ares. The god of war took the object and stared at it for a long moment. Then
he did something that scared Hephaestus to his immortal soul: He smiled.

* * *

It was night as Xena and Gabrielle made their way to the small village. It
had been a typical day. For these two, that meant that they had fought off a
pack of raiders who had been terrorizing villagers. The two were looking
forward to a nice relaxing night off. No warlords. No barbarians. No gods,
monsters or other critical matters to deal with. Just a nice night off.

Their night off got off to a rocky start the minute they entered the inn.
Xena walked over to the innkeeper who was standing behind a bar serving
drinks to the several dozen burly men gathered inside. "We need a room," she
said in her naturally hard tone.

The innkeeper sized up the pair. A tall, beautiful dark-haired woman wearing
leather armor and a multitude of weapons. Next to her, a smaller, younger
girl with strawberry-blond hair, an Amazon dress and a staff. "I don't give
rooms to Amazons."

"We're not Amazons," Xena said.

"Well, technically, we're not," Gabrielle added. "We're more like honorary
members. I'm the queen. Well, Xena was the queen, but then she temporarily
died and I got the job, we're really not-" Gabrielle broke off. Xena was
giving her the patented "shut up or I'll kill you" look.

"Hey, you hear that, guys? These two are Amazons!" One of the warriors, one
who had obviously had too much to drink, was calling out to his comrades.
Xena looked at them for a long moment. "Gabrielle, tie Argo up in that
stable. Wait outside for five minutes then come back in."

"You're sure?" Gabrielle looked at the crowded bar then at Xena. "You're
sure." She quickly dug into a pocket and produced a roll of coins that she
handed to the bartender. "For the damages."

The bartender looked at her in confusion.

"Trust me." With that, she turned and quickly made her way outside. She
didn't want to be anywhere near that place when Xena went to town.

After securing Xena's horse in the stable, Gabrielle walked to the small pond
behind the inn. She stared at the moonlight reflecting off the surface of the
water, trying to block out the sounds of crashing, punching, grunting and
yelling that were coming from the inn. Her attention was caught by a shiny
object lying on the ground. Picking it up, she saw it was a necklace with a
green amulet attached to it. Gabrielle wondered who throw away such an item.
It was beautiful. On impulse, she wrapped the chain around her neck and
secured it.

The amulet rested above Gabrielle's bosom. It suddenly began to glow, a
shimmering green in the darkness. Gabrielle suddenly felt a lethargy overtake
her, exhaustion pouring through her body. She felt herself grow tired, more
tired than she had ever felt before. It hurt to stay awake, to keep her eyes
open. It hurt to think, to fight, to do anything except sleep. Closing her
eyes, Gabrielle let herself go.

*Can you hear me Gabrielle?* The voice filled Gabrielle's head, becoming the
only thing that mattered to her.

"..Yes.." she whispered.

*You are asleep, but you can hear everything I say, can't you?*


*Good. Listen to me, Gabrielle. I relax you, I make you feel more
comfortable. You can trust me. You can listen to me. It's good to listen to
me. Very, very good. Doesn't it?*


*Now, Gabrielle, I want you to think about Xena. I want you to think about
your friend very carefully. I want you to think about your comradery, about
your friendship, your bond. You have deep feelings for Xena, Gabrielle. Very


*Yes, Gabrielle. Very deep feelings. In fact, you love Xena. You love her
body, her hair. You'd like nothing better than to inhale her smell, than to
kiss her lips, to taste her. You want her. You desire her. You love her. With
all your heart, you love her. Don't you?*


*Yes, Gabrielle. You want her. You want to love Xena and have her love you.
Remember those feeling Gabrielle. In a moment, you will awaken. You will not
remember seeing this amulet or hearing this voice. But you will remember your
feelings towards Xena. Don't be too afraid to express them. You love her and
she loves you. Remember that and nothing else."

Gabrielle blinked at the moonlight. For a moment, she seemed to have blanked
out. Probably too much stress. She really needed a break. Her and Xena.

Xena. Gabrielle shook her head. Gods, how was she going to tell Xena she
loved her? She didn't want to appear too direct. She also didn't want to
jeopardize their friendship. For once, the bard part of Gabrielle could think
of nothing to say. Except "I love you." As attention-grabbing as that was, it
probably wasn't the best way to approach the situation.

Turning back, Gabrielle walked back into the inn. Xena was bartering a room
from the innkeeper who seemed all to happy to comply. Gabrielle was careful
to step around the dozen or so unconscious bodies lying on the ground, as
well as several discarded weapons, dishes, tables and glasses. One thing
about Xena, you could always generally tell where she'd been.

* * *

Xena paced the room restlessly. It was small, accommodating a single bed and
a few sparse pieces of furniture. Xena didn't mind. She really didn't care
all that much for comforts. A lifetime of fighting and killing erased such
mundane concerns. Xena glanced back to the door leading to the small bath
room next door. Gabrielle had gone in there, apparently lost in thought. Xena
would have to ask her what was going on. Having Gabrielle distractedcould
hurt their chances in a fight.

Xena's eyes suddenly fell on a table and a small necklace lying on it. A
dark green emerald attached to a chain. Probably left behind by the room's
previous tenant. Xena picked it up, examining it. Although not one for
baubles, she did admire this necklace. A wonder that the owner had left it
behind. After pausing for a moment, Xena placed the necklace around her neck.

The moment the emerald settled atop Xena's bosom, it began to glow. The
mesmerizing magic went to work. It invaded Xena's mind. She tried to fight,
but the magic of the gods was too strong. Xena felt her mind drift away, her
will being erased. She closed her eyes and slipped into a trance as the
amulet began to speak to her.

*Xena, can you hear me?*


*Good. You've had a hard life, Xena. One full of misery and death. You've
done things you're not proud of. Things you abhor. There is a lot of pain in
your past, isn't there?*


*But there is one thing that can save you from your pain, Xena. Gabrielle.
Your young friend. Your young, beautiful friend. You enjoy her company. You
enjoy her friendship. You enjoy being with her, don't you?*


*Yes. And you would enjoy even more if Gabrielle would let you touch her.
That's what you really want, isn't it? To touch Gabrielle, to kiss her, to
love her. To claim her as your own. You love her, don't you Xena? You love


*In a moment, Xena, you will awaken. You will not remember seeing this amulet
or hearing my voice. You will remember your feelings towards Gabrielle. And
you will want to express those feelings as soon as possible. You love her.
Remember that and that alone.* With that, the necklace vanished into thin
air. Xena's eyes blinked open as she came back to her senses. Her attention
was drawn to the opening of the door.

Gabrielle stood there, clad in a simple towel, her hair wet and dripping
along her back. She locked eyes with Xena as the two stared at each other
for a long moment. Xena stepped forward, hesitant at first, then with more
determination. She came up to Gabrielle, bent down to the younger woman and
kissed her on the lips.

Gabrielle was too stunned for a moment to respond. Then, she closed her eyes
and returned the kiss. She and Xena embraced each other, Gabrielle's towel
dropping to the floor. She could feel her wet flesh pressed against Xena's
armor. It gave her a thrill.

They broke off the kiss and hurriedly began removing Xena's armor. They
snapped off buttons, undid straps and yanked off restraints. Several clumping
sounds accompanied the armor falling to the floor. Finally, all that was left
was for Xena to pull off the black fabric underneath all the armor. Naked,
the two embraced each other again and kissed. They sank onto the bed, Xena on

Xena moved down her young charge's body, coming to the breasts. Although
small, they were still enough to play with. Xena calmly pinched a nipple,
feeling Gabrielle shudder in response. She cupped one breast in her hand
and massaged it. She caressed it with a care that Gabrielle couldn't have
imagined, one that drove her to the brink of ecstasy.

Moving down the small body, Xena came to the tuft of dark-blond hair. Already
wet from the bath, Gabrielle's pubic hair glistened, an inviting target. If
there was one thing Xena was good at, it was taking on a target. She placed
her hands on Gabrielle's thighs and rubbed them as she placed her mouth to
her clit. She began licking, moving her tongue around the lips, tasting the
young juices coming out. Starting out slowly, her tongue began to move
faster, taking lick after lick, darting in and out. As Gabrielle groaned,
Xena drove her tongue in deeper. Finally, Gabrielle came, her juices spilling
onto Xena's waiting tongue.

Taking a moment to savor the taste of her new lover, Xena moved back onto
Gabrielle. Still on the bottom, the younger woman moved herself down to
Xena's adequate bosom. She buried her face in between the breasts, laying a
series of kisses on the curves. She let her tongue drag along the mounds,
inhaling their scent. A soft moan from Xena let her know she was doing things
right. She placed a nipple in her mouth and sucked on it gently. Xena's eyes
were closed, arousal sweeping through her body. Gabrielle was a fast learner
and soon her breast-sucking was sending waves of pleasure through Xena's

Gabrielle let herself move down Xena's body, her hands caressing her belly,
the lovely hips. She came to Xena's jet-black clit and let her hands drag
along her shapely legs. Xena sat up, her clit right over Gabrielle's face.
With a sigh of pleasure, Gabrielle began to do her own tongue fest. While
her tongue darted in and out of Xena's womanhood, her hands moved all over
Xena's body. Up the hips, along the breasts, squeezing the mounds, along
her legs. The fingers arched at every curve, every muscle, much to Xena's
delight. She began to slowly rock atop Gabrielle, willing her juices along.
Gabrielle's delicate fingers continued their journey as her tongue continued
to lick Xena's pussy. At last, Gabrielle was rewarded with the sweet taste
of Xena's juice. Exhausted, the two collapsed onto one another, taking
massive breaths, trying to slow the beating of their hearts.

* * *

Ares stared at the two figures lying on the bed, an evil smile on his face.
Finally, he had found a way to stop Xena. The love between her and Gabrielle
would be a distraction, bringing Xena's attention away from fighting. She
would be more concerned about Gabrielle than herself, a situation that would
provide Ares with many opportunities to exploit this new weakness. Before
long, war would reign and Ares would be more powerful than ever.

"I wouldn't be setting up my new throne yet." Ares spun to see a tall,
gorgeous blonde standing before him in a pink outfit.

"What are you doing here, Aphrodite?"

"Fixing your mess," the goddess of love replied. She waved her hand towards
the bed and a shimmering glow covered it. When it faded, Xena and Gabrielle
were dressed, with a comfortable distance between them.

"They'll wake up tomorrow with no memory of what happened," Aphrodite said
as Ares stared at her. "Not even a dream. Nothing for you to exploit."

"How dare you--" Ares began.

"Daddy Zeus gave me the authority." That shut Ares up. "You know how he
feels about matings like this. I'm the only one allowed to screw up people's
hearts, Ares. You really overstepped your bounds. Oh, and if I were you, I'd
stay away from Olympus for a while. Zeus is pretty ticked off and you know
what he's like when he has a temper."

Ares stared daggers at her. "Someday, Aphrodite, you'll pay for this. Believe
me. No one crosses me and get away with it. No one." With that, he vanished
into a shimmering cloud of light.

Aphrodite shook her head as she turned back to the bed. She hadn't told the
real reason that Ares had been stopped. He had messed prematurely with love.
Xena and Gabrielle were destined for one another, but on a different
timetable. Messing it up too soon was dangerous. Aphrodite was a little
anxious herself for them to get together, but she could wait. If there was
one thing a god had, it was time.


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