Xena - Warrior Princess: Mind Of The Warrior
by Arcane

"I still don't understand why we're taking this path rather than the main
road." Gabrielle grumbled as she stumbled over the rocky ground.

Xena stopped for a second and turned back to her.

"Because this way is more of a surprise. The main road is full of thieves and
informants who would blow our cover in seconds. This way we can get through
the region without Bazaal finding us."

"You know, Xena, I've never seen you as one to hide from a fight."

"You haven't met Bazaal. He's mad with power and he has enough of it. He gets
what he wants no matter what the cost. And he's a genius."

"At what?"

"Almost everything."

Xena mounted the next cleft of the hill and knelt cautiously behind it,
surveying the terrain.

"Over this valley is the most dangerous part. We'd best wait until nightfall
to attempt it. That means we can set camp for a few hours until dusk.

"Great." Gabrielle heaved her pack to the ground. "I'm going to look for

"Don't go far. These woods might be dangerous."

"I'll be careful." Gabrielle smiled as she took her staff and headed into the

She slipped quietly through the undergrowth, looking for animal prints or
berries. She kept walking forward but was fruitless in her search.

Suddenly a gleam caught her eye. She moved to touch the surface of the tree
where a soft shine emitted. When she tried to pull it away she found her
wrist caught in a sticky spider web. She pulled but it refused to break.
Trying to get leverage she grabbed another tree but was ensnared in similar
web. Gabrielle tugged but the harder she pulled the more the netting seemed
to grasp at her until at last she was splayed out, stretched fully between
two trees. She decided it was time to call for help.


Gabrielle's body spasmed as she tried to push out the cry while pain lanced
through her body. Numbing energy surged through her nerves and muscles and
she pulled even harder at the relentless web.

"Nnnnnnnnnn." She gritted her teeth, trying to get out the word before her
head collapsed on her heaving bosom and she hung between the trees quivering.


Xena drank from the spring as she watched Gabrielle out of the corner of her
eye. Once the girl had vanished into the wood, she splashed her face with the
cool water. It wasn't easy walking on a hot day in armor. She dabbed the cool
water on the inside of her armor, letting the icy drops run down her
cleavage. She almost felt like removing her armor but she thought better of
it. She could run into any sort of dangers around here. She checked their
packs and lay down on the ground resting.

"Xennnnnnnnnnnnnnanannnnnnnnnnn...!" a muffled cry came from the woods.

Xena was on her feet instantly.


Xena felt her neck and removed a small dart. She looked about the bushes but
saw no one. Taking another step she reeled and stumbled to the ground.

"Gabrieeeeeee..." She failed to finish before she was unconscious.


Xena was used to waking up in uncomfortable positions. After all she was a
warrior who had spent many nights in forests, swamps or dungeons. This was
one of the most unpleasant awakenings. She was chained tightly to the wall
behind her. A collar at her neck, manacles at her wrists and ankles, and a
strap about her waist. All were so tight that she could barely move an inch
in any direction. In addition, she was hot. Incredibly hot, and the humidity
of the room meant that she was coated with sweat. It dripped off her brow and
onto her chest, which was also covered in sweat. And it was not covered by
anything else. For that matter, none of her was. Someone had removed all her
armor and undergarments and then chained her naked to this wall in a hot
room. She thought she could hear running water somewhere, but she couldn't
place it. She only knew of one person who would dare do this to her.

"Bazaal!" she spat as the man entered the room.

"Welcome, Xena. How have you been?"

She didn't reply.

"It was rude to pass by without a visit."

"I'm well aware of your hospitality."

"Well you certainly are now."

"Where's Gabrielle?"

"Elsewhere. Perfectly safe I assure you."

"If you touch her…"

"Oh spare me the overprotective bit. I'm not interested in her right now. I'm
interested in you."

"What about me?"

"You're Xena. Warrior Princess. You're going to be the first test subject of
my new invention."

"I can't wait."

"You don't have to."

He pulled a lever and the wall beside her opened, revealing a complex array
of gadgets and machines. Dials spun and wheels turned. This had been the
source of the running water.

"What does all this do?"

"Do, Xena? Why, it does you."


From the middle of the machine he pulled a bench out in front of her. On top
of the bench were several devices.

"Firstly. This goes here."

He took a band of metal and tightened it over her forehead, brushing wet hair
out of the way.

"You invented some sort of new torture device?"

"Torture? Goodness no."

From the table he pulled two round cups. He sprayed the inside with a liquid
and then moved to Xena. She tugged at her bonds but there was no give in
them. Bazaal carefully cupped her sweaty bosom, each breast at a time and the
cups stayed in place even as Xena tried to wobble them from side to side. The
final probe was moved down to her crotch and she grimaced as she felt it
enter into her body.

"So this is just some sick fantasy of yours, Bazaal. I expected something

"Oh it gets better."

He pulled a lever and water began to flow into the machines on the wall.
Wheels moved, cogs turned, pumps started pumping and Xena let out a gasp of


She tugged at her bonds as she felt the power surging through her. It entered
through her head and genitals and was sucked out through her breasts. Because
of the pumping system it pulsed at her body rhythmically and she felt the
energy waving its way through her. The effect on the immediate area was the
greatest. Her temples started pounding and it was getting harder to think.
Her genitals were suffering similar sensations, being manipulated into
arousal despite her wishes to deny it. Her breasts were beginning to swell
almost immediately, the pumps sucking the nipples into tight peaks inside the

"Aaah…Aaah…Aaah." Xena shuddered each time the machine pulsed at her.

Bazaal pulled another lever.

"Aaah. Aaah. Aaah. Aaah."

The pumping quickened as Xena's face contorted with exhausted concentration.
Sweat ran like waterfalls from her body, dripping to the floor. She was
trying to fight the urges her body was suffering but the machines were
relentless at pleasuring her.

It felt good.

She hated to admit it, but it did, and that made it even worse.

"Surrender Xena!" he commanded, pulling a third lever.

"NGGaahaaahaahahahahahahaahaah!" Xena moaned and shuddered as the machine
drove into her. It bombarded her with pleasure, never slowing or stopping.

Energy drove into her with amazing power. Her breasts were larger and more
sensitive than they had ever been in her life, the vacuum sucking them out
with pumping power. The probe inside her drove in and out, back and forth,
rubbing her as it emitted its irresistible massage. Xena knew what was
coming, she could feel it despite the revulsion in her mind. She was going to
come. She felt it building inside her, somehow the machine was making it
charge within her body. She felt it getting stronger and stronger but somehow
the machine was holding back, not allowing her release. Her breasts bounced
as she flailed as much as her bonds would allow. Inside the cups the swollen
nipples were as hard as they possibly could be, the surrounding skin burning
with pleasure. The pounding on her temples was almost unbearable, the
slightest thought ripping through her. It was as if her mind was being
compacted inwards. The probe between her legs was vibrating madly, metal
rollers spinning about her vulva and a quivering head rubbing furiously
against her clitoris. She heaved and panted as the machines pumped her
relentlessly until finally...


Xena came with a massive set of shudders driving through her toned, sweaty
body. The build up had taken so long that the orgasm almost knocked Xena
unconscious. Her body twitched and tugged at the bonds as she spasmed with
the wild release running through her.

Bazaal pulled the levers back and the machines stopped, leaving Xena hanging
off the wall as her orgasm receded. Sweat was still pouring off her and she
was breathing heavily, her cupped breasts shaking.

"How did you find that, Xena?"

"Huuh…huuh… Is that all…you can do?" She tried to keep a brave face.

"Not at all." He pulled the first lever again and the machine began anew.

"AAAAGGH!" Xena screamed as her tender genitals were again masturbated.
Already she could tell that there was another orgasm coming.

"Not at all."


Gabrielle knew that something was wrong as soon as she woke up. If all was
well, then she would have been able to move. She couldn't. In fact she
couldn't even stand. She was on her knees, tilted forward so that her elbows
touched the ground. Her legs were clamped to the ground, as were her
forearms, and she couldn't get enough leverage to move any way but arching
her back, which was useless. Her hair had been tied back so that it didn't
dangle down. Her breasts had not. She had been stripped of all clothing
during her unconsciousness and her firm bosom hung slightly towards the
floor. What's more, she was soaked. She seemed to be placed over a steam vent
so that she was dripping in sweat and water, as well as suffering from the
uncomfortable heat. She had called out but no one had answered. Until now

"Ah, Gabrielle, how are you?"

"How do you know my name? Who are you?"

"Everybody has heard of you Gabrielle. And I am Bazaal."

"The one Xena was trying to avoid."

"Foolishly too. As you can see, I have you here now, don't I?"

"What do you want?"

"Oh, Gabrielle don't be so naive. Here you are tied down and naked and you
ask me what I want?"

"W-What have you done with Xena?"

"Oh I'm sure she'll be coming shortly." he chuckled. "But you're here now."

"So what?"

"Do you know what this is Gabrielle?" He pulled out an ornate crown.


"It's a master crown of Tarok. What about this?" It was a dull metal crown.

She didn't answer.

"It's a slave crown of Tarok." He placed it over her head tightly. She tried
to thrash about but there was no give to her bonds.

"The wearer of the master crown can control the thoughts of the slave." He
slipped it over his head. "Can you feel that?"


"Of course not. The slaves have to be weakened first."

He moved to a panel on the wall.

"And how do you intend to…nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnAAAAGHHH."

Energy rushed through the grill and through Gabrielle's body, which stiffened
at the shock. Her arms and legs tried to pull away but her manacles were much
too firm to let her break away. Her wet skin only served to make the energies
even more potent as they danced over her flesh. Gabrielle realized that what
she had initially mistaken for pain was in fact pleasure. Her body wasn't
quivering in agony, it was quivering in joy. She felt herself get even
hotter, her breasts swelling down, her nipples stiffening into peaks. She
felt the wetness between her legs and knew that somehow this system was
pleasuring her. It was invading her, even as she tried to block it. Inside
herself, she felt another something, something else invading her. She opened
her eyes to see Bazaal, concentrating on her. She knew that the crown was
trying to break into her mind, to brainwash her, but she was ready to resist
it. She pushed it out with a shove but slowly it crept back in. The pleasure
was escalating by the second and it was getting harder to concentrate.

"Don't resist, Gabrielle."

"NNNNNnnnGNNnn," she replied as she gritted her teeth and strained. She felt
the pleasure pulse through her in warm waves. Warm and soothing waves which
relaxed her even as she tried to fight.

"Relax. Feel your groin."

Gabrielle was forced to think of her genitals, which were being pleasured
from the inside out. All through her sensitive areas warm energy was flowing
and arousing her.


"Relax. Feel your tits"

Drooping down made them look bigger, but Gabrielle knew they were swollen
with stimulation as well, her nipples were hard and pointing down, jiggling
about as she pulled frantically at her bonds.

She felt her control slowly slipping away as the gentle presence of Bazaal
pushed into her pleasure wracked body. She felt hands, Bazaal was cupping her
breasts, pumping them up and down to enhance the effect of the energy. It
was working too, Gabrielle could barely think as he pumped at her. His face
was inches from hers, his eyes boring into her.

"Come Gabrielle." he commanded softly. "Come."




Gabrielle felt the glorious orgasm flow over her body and could barely detect
the mind of Bazaal as it clamped down on her will. Sweat dripping and
quivering she hung there as he pushed into her mind. She was unable to block
him out as the orgasm washed away her strength. Bazaal kept his hands on her
quivering breasts as he gently pumped them up and down, talking in a soothing
voice to Gabrielle who stared blankly back at his eyes.


"Gabrielle. Wake up."

Gabrielle moaned and turned over on the ground.

"Xena? What's going on? I remember these trees in the forest and... Where are
our clothes!"

She shot to her feet and looked over her naked body. Xena too was nude.

"I don't know Gabrielle. We've been captured by Bazaal. Did he do anything to

"No. The last thing I remember was being in the forest. I tried to call for

She looked around the walls of the room. There were no windows and a massive
metal door. Otherwise, it was carpeted but little else.

"How long have I been here?"

"About fifteen minutes. You were lying there when I came to."

"Have you talked to him?"


"And what is he doing?"

"Nothing really." Xena lied. She couldn't tell Gabrielle about what had
happened. She didn't want to scare the girl, but she was also too ashamed.
Bazaal had made her come over and over, tormenting her with the machine. Even
after numerous orgasms it had been able to stimulate her more. Bazaal had
taken great pride in the highest setting, which had made Xena orgasm every
ten seconds. Once she had blacked out but he used the machine to bring her
back and then made sure she didn't fall back into what was bliss. Xena had
never suffered such astounding pleasure, but it was torture nevertheless.
Finally, Bazaal had finished the session, charging her with energy for ten
minutes then releasing a massive orgasm that knocked her out totally. Then
she had awoken here. Her body showed no signs of the torture. Her breasts
were not bruised and her genitals weren't at all tender. Somehow it hadn't
damaged her in the slightest. She shuddered to think what Bazaal would do to
Gabrielle if he got her on the machine.

"Well then, I guess we just wait…Xena! The roof!"

Xena looked up to a grill that was descending rapidly down towards them. It
meant that they would be crushed. Gabrielle ducked down, looking for a way to
stop it. Xena pushed up and gripped it, trying to stop it.

"GGGAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" Xena screamed as energy lanced through her. She tried
to let go of the grill but her hands spasmed and clenched it.
"NNNgggnnngggaahhh!" She gritted her teeth and then fell to the floor in a
naked heap.

Gabrielle watched as the grill rose up again slowly and the door opened.
Bazaal entered and Gabrielle rushed at him.

"Stop!" he commanded.

Gabrielle skidded to a halt.


"NNNgggrr." Gabrielle strained as Bazaal pushed into her mind.

"Gabrielle," he said gently, slipping behind her and cupping her breasts.

"OH Oh ooobey…"

Bazaal turned her about to the fallen Xena, strumming her nipples slightly.

"I want you to lift up Xena and manacle her to the grill."

"Y-yes master."

Gabrielle lifted Xena up, supporting her body weight she clamped her wrists
into a set of cuffs and then let her hang limp.

"I want you to grab her tits and start pumping them."


"DO IT!"

Gabrielle moved over to Xena and extended her palms over Xena's breasts,
gripping them firmly and beginning to push and tug at them.

"Are her nipples getting hard?"

"Yes master. Her tits are swelling."

"Excellent. The machine has left its imprint on her body. Any stimulation
will make it think it's going to be worked over. Wank her, will you."


Bazaal walked over to Gabrielle and slid his hand down to hers. He pulled out
two fingers and gently guided them into Xena's groin. He rubbed it back and
forth then let go, leaving Gabrielle to work at her.

"Nngh." Xena groaned.

Bazaal pushed a button.

"NNNNNNNNGGH!" Xena shook as she was driven deeper into unconsciousness.

"I want you to fuck Xena."

"Yes master."

Gabrielle began to rub Xena faster and faster while Xena's body reacted to
it. Her breathing quickened and her chest started heaving. Bazaal took
Gabrielle's free hand and moved it to cup Xena's breast. Reluctantly she
pumped it.

"When she comes, you will too." Bazaal pushed in close behind her, cupping
her breasts and beginning to masturbate Gabrielle.

Everything she did to Xena was being felt by her. She pulsed and pulsed,
harder and harder and Xena quivered as she hung helpless and unconscious.

Even inert as she was, Xena started to pant harder and harder as the orgasm
came closer and closer. Finally she twitched and quivered in unconscious

"Raaaaaaaahhh!" Gabrielle fell to the floor as orgasm shot through her.

"Excellent Gabrielle. Fall asleep and forget all of this."

Unable to resist his control Gabrielle did.

Bazaal looked at the unconscious Xena, sweat dripping off her.

"I will break you." He smiled, running a finger over her still swollen


Xena lay back in the bathtub. Its warm water gently relaxed her tired body.
The only thing was, Xena didn't want to relax. She wanted to leap out of the
bath and escape. Her body was refusing to obey her commands, lying back in
the tub without moving. She could still breathe and her body still had
feeling, but there was no way she could move. Her head was resting on a panel
designed for that purpose, so she wasn't at all uncomfortable. In fact she
was all too comfortable, almost feeling like closing her eyes and going to
sleep. She knew that the water had been treated and that she was drugged but
there was nothing she could do to fight it.

Likewise, in the next chamber, Gabrielle was trying to move as well. She too
was in a warm bath, soothed body immobile. She lay back helplessly and looked
up at the roof of the room. Bazaal entered.

"What do you think you're doing?" Gabrielle asked.

Bazaal smiled. He had been able to selectively screen Gabrielle's memory so
that she knew only what he wanted. She had no idea she had been brainwashed
or that she had masturbated Xena. To her, she too had been knocked out by the
grill and awakened here. Bazaal knew that his control was limited, reducing
her to a zombie-like state but as the treatments continued Gabrielle would
become more and more willing to help him.

"How is the bath, Gabrielle?" he asked as her walked beside her, staring
obviously down at her nude form through the water.

She shuddered at the look and refused to answer.

"I know it must feel good." He sat on a bench behind her and began to massage
her shoulders. "Relax, Gabrielle. Relax." He rubbed his fingers into her
shoulders, kneading her. Gabrielle felt herself relaxing slightly, despite
her rational thought not to.

"Relax. Does it feel good?"

"Sort of." She admitted. "Where's Xena?"

"Forget Xena. She's fine. Relax. Forget Xena. Relax."

"Xena's fine…" Gabrielle repeated, feeling very light headed.

"I've brainwashed you Gabrielle."

"You have?"

"Yes. You must obey me."

"No. You're lying." She became defensive.

"Relax." He kneaded her harder, letting his hands glide down her back and
gently cup her breasts.

"Relax," she whispered.

"I control you Gabrielle."

"You do?"

"Yes. Can you feel my hands?"

"They're…rubbing my tits."

"Do you like it?"


He moved down the side of the tub and moved through the water to her crotch,
gently stroking her.

"Do you like it?"

"Yes!" she admitted.

"Enjoy it, Gabrielle." He began to rub her harder. "Enjoy!"

"Enjoy!" she smiled and rested her head back as he masturbated her. He
alternated between her breasts and her clitoris, slowly stimulating her more
and more, making her admit that she enjoyed it. Finally she came and
shuddered in the water. Bazaal stroked her several more times during her
orgasm, each powerfully sensitive to her. As she came, he probed her mind,
finding weaknesses and strengths to be broken.


"Yes." she panted.

"Once I leave this room you will forget what has happened. I never entered
this room."

He slipped out the door.

"But what…" Gabrielle stopped talking wondering why all of a sudden she felt
so good. She shook with a powerful orgasm that Bazaal had planted in her mind
and lay back, looking up at the roof as she recovered once more, memory


Xena scowled as Bazaal walked into the bath chamber. She tried to move but
her body was powerless.

"What are you playing at Bazaal?" she growled.

"Playing? I'm playing fuck the warrior princess. I will, you know. Given
time, you will love me."

"I will never love you."

"Well, you'll at least make love to me. Even if I have to brainwash you to do
it. That would be a shame though. I like your spirit."

"You can go to hell."

"So can you Xena."

Bazaal walked to the side of the bath and twisted some dial.

"What are you dooooaAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!"

Xena screamed as agony lanced through her body. She wanted to spasm about in
pain but her body was perfectly motionless. Abruptly the pain stopped. Xena
panted as she focused her thoughts.

"Alternatively, Xena, you could go to heaven."

Xena gasped as unimaginable pleasure flowed through her, not like the machine
but relaxing pleasure, absolute joy, physical and spiritual. Then it to

"Now Xena. The choice is yours."

"You're mad!"

"Maybe. But I'm not in the bath. Now repeat after me. "Xena has big tits."


"Say it, Xena."


"Say it."

"Y-you…you nnnnnggggrrraaaaaAAAAAAAAAH!"

"Say it."

"Z…z…Xena has…b-big tits…ooogggnhhh."

Pleasure wafted through her tormented body.

"Say it again."

"Xena has big tits…ooooohhh."

"Say 'my nipples are stiff'."

"M-m-my n-nipples are stiff…uuunggggh."

"Say 'I want to be fucked'."

"I want to be fucked…oooooooo."

"Say you will fuck me."


"Let's start again shall we. Say 'Xena has big tits'."

Xena screamed even before he started to punish her.


Strapped to a bed, Xena was as close to tears as she had been in her entire
life. She had given in to him in the end. Said that she wanted to make love
to him, repeated explicit words and comments. She had tried to fight but it
had done no good. She thought it was better to make him hear what he wanted.
Now she felt sick. After her final words he had induced a massive pleasure
wave which she was lost in until she awoke in the cell. She was on a bunk
type bed, splayed out and strapped motionless. That alone would have been
bad. What was worse was that, above her, Gabrielle was strapped in a similar
position, facing down. Currently she was unconscious but she was breathing
lightly. Her hair had been bundled up in some sort of tight cap but her
breasts still drooped down, only several inches away from Xena's own. Her
own head was in a similar cap, pressing tightly.

Gabrielle's eyes snapped open.

"Xena! What's going on? Why are we like this?"

"I don't know, Gabrielle."

"I do!" Bazaal's voice came from nowhere. "Don't worry Xena, neither of you
will remember this little test."

"You're going to pay for this!" Xena screamed as she tugged at her bonds.
Suddenly she noticed that Gabrielle was getting closer. In less than ten
seconds their two bodies were pressed down together, Gabrielle's breasts up
against Xena's, their faces almost touching. Xena locked up into the fear
struck eyes of her friend.

"Don't worry, Gabrielle."

Xena heard a buzzing and saw the cap on Gabrielle's head vibrate slightly.

Gabrielle's face spasmed as she tried to resist what was forcing its way into
her mind. Her whole body quivered as she fought but finally gave way.

"I'm not scared Xena." Gabrielle smiled, her fear gone. "I'm going to enjoy
fucking you!"

"What the…? Bazaal what have you done to heeeeeeaaaaaaaaa…"

Xena was stopped as energy flowed from Gabrielle into her body. It was raw
pleasure, like the machine, powering over her. Quickly she felt Gabrielle's
nipples harden against her breasts and she felt her own breasts swelling up
to meet them. Gabrielle's vulva had been carefully placed so that in touching
it would enter Xena, rubbing her clitoris.

She tried to pull away but Gabrielle kissed her several times.

"Enjoy it, Xena! I can feel your tits are hard!"

"Yes, Xena." Bazaal called. "Enjoy!"

Xena felt a vibrating and a pulsing in her temples. The cap. It had
brainwashed Gabrielle and now it was trying to corrupt her.

Xena meant to scream but instead kissed Gabrielle on the lips. The energy
flow increased dramatically and almost immediately they rose to simultaneous

Still they kept going at each other, lost to the power of the machines
working their minds.

Bazaal watched as the couple worked each other over, the caps draining their
will to resist. After four or five cycles of orgasm, Bazaal stopped the
process. Gabrielle fainted away, head drooping as she was lifted off Xena,
sweat still dripping down. Xena lay puffing.

"Why?" she panted angrily.

"Just a test, Xena. Don't worry. You won't remember."

"Like hell I won't. You nnnnnnnnnnn…"

She gritted her teeth as the cap constricted on her mind again.

"Forget, Xena."

"Nnnnnnn on onnn nnooo." She struggled to keep the horrible memory.


"F-f-forget!" she succumbed to the pressure and fell into a trance. Above her
Gabrielle's mind was being cleansed too. It would be as if none of this ever
happened. At least to them.


Xena awoke in a small cell, her last memory that of the bath treatment. She
was standing upright. Her ankles had been manacled to the wall behind her and
her arms stretched out above her head into similar locks. About her waist a
leather girdle circled tightly, also chained to the wall. As expected, she
was nude and dripping with sweat from the humid room. Xena tugged at her
bonds, testing for break points, but they refused to budge. She was just as
much a prisoner as before. Bazaal was smiling as he entered the room.

"What? Nothing to say Xena? No resistance or spiteful comment?"

"You aren't worth the breath."

"Ah, there we are."

"What now Bazaal? More torture?"

"I suppose you might call it that." He reached for her head and she tugged
violently, almost biting his hand.

"I see we're going to have to calm you down."

From his pocket he pulled a small box with two prongs.

"What do you think your going to do with NNRRRaaaagggggghhhnnnnnnnnnnn…"

Xena went into spasms as Bazaal pushed the prongs to her sweaty skin. They
crackled with energy that ran through her body, sapping her strength. Xena
finally collapsed as he pulled it from her. She was aware of what he was
doing but her body refused to move to stop him. He placed a tight headband
around her. One strap covered her forehead and the other went below her jaw.
Between the two straps were two cups that covered over Xena's ears tightly.
Once they were tight, Bazaal pulled out another set of devices to attach.
Cool metal fingers hooked Xena's eyelids and pulled them open attaching to
the tops of the bands. They were precise and no matter what she tried, they
would remain open. Her breasts were a perfect shape for the next devices, a
band of metal that ran about them. They seemed to tighten each breast and
push the nipple out further. Here Bazaal connected a small sucker to each
tip. He finally connected a device to her groin, held by a strap about her
hips and two on her thighs. By the time he had placed it, Xena was recovering
and trying to break free.

"Shall we begin, Xena?"

She simply growled at him.

"Why should this work any better than the ooooooaaaaaaaaooooooooooo…"

Unlike his first machine, the pleasure this gave her was far subtler. Her
breasts were being teased rather than tormented, nipples lightly stimulated.
Likewise her clitoris was being danced over, not hammered. The cups over her
ears began emitting soothing hums that bored into her mind. Worst of all was
the tiny devices that were emitting beams of light straight into Xena's
retinas. Her vision was filled with soothing, hypnotic whirls. She knew how
to resist hypnotism, but because of the physical pleasure she was emerged in
she was unable to block out the light and sound. Every time she tried to
focus on her body, the lights broke into her mind. If she tried to resist the
hypnotism, her body became increasingly aroused.

"Xena has big tits." A voice gently called. It was her voice.

Xena groaned softly as the intensity of the whirls increased along with the
sounds. Her breasts became more erect and the clitoris stimulator spun

"My nipples are stiff," the voice said to Xena.

"My nipples are stiff." Xena mouthed softly.

Bazaal smiled and turned the level up higher. Xena let out a feebly moan of
resistance and then returned to her words.

"I am being masturbated and I enjoy it," she said mindlessly.

And she was.


Gabrielle stood in the center of the cell. Her arms were raised up, wrists
clamped above her head. Likewise her feet were secured in tight boots stuck
to the floor. She could remember so little of the time that had passed.
Mostly she must have been drugged. Sweat dripped over her naked body, heated
by the air vents bringing steam into the room. She had awoken in this
position hours ago, and as yet she had seen no one.

That changed when Bazaal walked into the room.

"What do you want?" Gabrielle yelled, thrashing her bonds uselessly.

"Ah, my dear," he smiled, "you have no concept of what I want. Do you
recognize this?"

"No." She looked at the metal circlet he held in his hand.

"It is a slave crown of Tarok. He slipped it over her head, despite her
attempt to pivot. He then slipped the master crown over his head.

"I have been using these crowns for the last six days, Gabrielle."

"What for?" She failed to disguise her fear.

"Don't you feel it?"

"No… I…NO!"

"Don't fight it, Gabrielle, you can't. You must obey me. I command you not to
resist me."

"NNNGOOO!" She gritted her teeth, face contorted in pain.

"You've had too many treatments to fight, Gabrielle. I'm too strong inside

"NO! I…will…not…submit," she growled.

Calmly Bazaal stretched out a pointing finger over her left nipple.

"Tit!" he said, poking it as if it were a button.

"AAAAAAHHHHH!" Gabrielle howled as pleasure bored through her. Bazaal smiled
as Gabrielle's body followed his implanted commands.

"Tit. Tit!" He pressed her right nipple.

"WAWAAAAOOOHH!" Even more pleasure buffeted her. Bazaal saw her nipples
becoming engorged, swelling from stimulation.

"You see, Gabrielle. I control you. Every time we do this I control you a
little more."

"I will not aaaahhhhhhhh!"

Bazaal sent a blast of willpower over her.

"I'm afraid it's inevitable, Gabrielle. You cannot resist me."

"I will not nnnnnngggnaaa!"

Another blast.

"You can't. Naaaooooo!"

Each word became harder and harder for her to say. She felt herself giving
in to the willpower of the man; her mind betraying her as was her body. She
knew, as Bazaal did, that this would be the final treatment. If she succumbed
now then there was no end to his control. But she was weakening, doubt
invading her mind like his presence. Her sweat soaked body writhed in
pleasure and pain. Bazaal cupped her breasts, steadying her as he massaged

"You will surrender, Gabrielle. You like this, don't you. You want this?
Submit to me. You want to submit."


He strummed her taught nipples rubbing his fingertips over them.

"You want this don't you?"


He kneaded her breasts more firmly.

Gabrielles eyes started to roll up, losing themselves in the pleasure.
Unwillingly a small smile stretched over her face.

"You want this don't you?"

"YESSSSSS!" she hissed in delirious pleasure.

"ORGASM!" he commanded, feeling her body respond under his hands. "Orgasm
again. Again. AGAIN."

Gabrielle howled in raw animal pleasure as her mind was washed away in a
flood of constant sexual release. When Bazaal finally released his hands from
her sweat dripping breasts, leaving her to hang, panting and moaning, he knew
it was done.

Gabrielle belonged to him.


Xena opened her eyes groggily. She felt exhausted but couldn't think of a
reason. Her memory of the last few days was very hazy. Obviously Bazaal had
been doing something with her mind but she couldn't remember. She was
kneeling on the floor of a small cell. Her legs had been clamped to the floor
tightly but her arms were free. Oddly, just behind her there were strong hand
manacles, open and ready for use. She, however, had not been put in them.

Bazaal entered the room in his usual arrogant fashion.

"One of these day's I'll kill you, Bazaal," she growled, tugging at her leg
restraints and stretching out her arms. Bazaal stayed carefully away from

"Ah Xena. You're such a strong woman. It's not surprising, really, that I've
been so unsuccessful."

"In what?" Xena asked angrily.

"In brainwashing you. I've been working you over all week."

Xenas eyes flared with shame and anger. Obviously that was why she couldn't
remember anything.

"Oh you submit readily enough to repeated hypnotic and physical controls, but
your mind is just too strong to hold you in. Even with my strongest settings
I've only been able to put you into a submissive trance for about a minute."

"So have you given up yet?"

"Not at all. In fact I've solved the problem."

He sat down on the floor carefully, just out of Xena's reach.

Bazaal pulled the two crowns from his robe.

"Xena, you will trance now!"

Instantly, Xena's face went blank.

"Yes master. I obey," she said flatly.

Bazaal handed her the slave crown.

"Place this on your head and lock your arms."

She did so quickly, fixing her own arms in the bonds so that escape was
impossible. Bazaal had already placed his crown on.

"Do you feel me in your mind, Xena?"

"Yes master."

"Let me in, Xena. I command you to let me in. I command you. It feels so good
to let me in. You will not resist Xena, you will not resist."

The entranced Xena obeyed willingly, letting Bazaal slip his will over hers,
entwining her defenseless mind. Bazaal worked quickly. He knew that Xena
would break the trance soon and when she did his mind had to be firmly
dominant in hers.

"Don't resist Xena. Let me inside."

"Yes…yes…y… n-no NO!"

Suddenly Xena began to howl and tug furiously at her bonds. Bazaal felt her
will flare up but he was prepared. His mind was already within hers. Xena
could feel him in her will, instantly erecting barriers. But as Bazaal had
planned, barriers were too late. He was already behind every one of her
walls, already knew every one of her weapons. Entwining her, he squeezed down
on her mind. Xena screamed, her body quivering in resistance as he violated
her. Bazaal bent her back slowly, knowing that she was letting her guard down
to try and fool him. Once he let his own guard down she would press back. He
was prepared.

"Xena, trance now!"

Instantly, her body stopped shaking, sweat dripping over her shoulders, and
pressed out breasts. Instantly the resistance stopped. At the height of her
power, Bazaal had reverted her to the trance. This time he roamed unhindered
through her mind, seizing every defense she had used. When she came out of
the trance she screamed in indignation as the last of her defenses crumbled.
Bazaal drove into her mind with raw pleasure, her body quivering and shaking
in ecstasy. Softly Bazaal drew out of her mind, knowing that the sweat slick,
muscled woman in front of him would never resist him again. Her mouth hung
open in rapture, her mind lost in the joy of servitude to her master.

Xena belonged to him.


The last anyone heard of the legendary Xena and Gabrielle, they had set off
north from a coastal town. They never showed up at their destination.
Eventually other heroes and heroines rose to the task of defending the world.
Only one man really knew the truth. One very powerful, very cunning and very
happy man.




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