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Xena Warrior Princess: Nutbread Strikes Again Part 2 (FF,voy,mc)
by Lemonkiss

"Xena," Callisto exclaimed her delight, "She's so fresh! However did you keep
her so... pure. She tastes like springtime."

The Warrior Princess made no response. Held immobile by bonds as invisible as
air, and stronger than iron forged by Hephaestos, Xena could not close the
space between her and the two reclining women. Callisto's flesh held a golden
gleam where the sunlight kissed it in happy abandon. And without the
restrictions of her habitual armour, the sun made free with that flesh that
curved soft yet firm on Callisto's lithesome frame. But it was the shadowed
valleys that drew the eye, quiet dark mysteries that begged exploration. Xena
felt a sudden dryness in her throat, and a quickening of impulsive desire
that she ruthlessly quenched. She would not allow her body to overrule her
common sense. The Xena of old had traveled that path nearly to her
destruction, never again would she make THAT mistake. Even if Gabrielle were
not entwined in Callisto's embrace, Xena would never considered accepting the
tempting, yet all too deadly bait flaunted by her foe.

"Gabrielle," Callisto made the bard's name a caress, "Aren't you feeling a
little *too* warm?"

"You know, you're right." Gabrielle agreed, as she tugged at the fabric of
the green mini top, trying for a bit of cool air to refresh her heated flesh.

Callisto's kiss had more to do with her soaring temperature than did the calm
spring weather. Gabrielle could still feel the oddly tender strength of
Callisto's lips pressed against her own. The gentle ravagement of Callisto's
tongue touching, tasting, exploring Gabrielle's yielding mouth. The bard had
suppressed a moan of abandonment when Callisto had pulled away. She wanted
the rogue warrior turned god to kiss her again. To consume her with the
banked passions she sensed seething beneath Callisto's outwardly controlled
demeanor. Almost, the shadow of a painful memory fluttered on the edge of her
mind, but rich smell of sweet, freshly baked nut bread crowded out the shadow
as it stroked a deep, measureless hunger in Gabrielle. It was not a hunger
for food-- Callisto's unexpected, but delicious gift had remedied that need,
yet seemed to have left other appetites whole and wanting in Gabrielle's body
and soul. A fluttery feeling of anticipation was building hot and liquid in
Gabrielles veins. Release was a promise held smouldering behind Callisto's
warm brown eyes.

Gabrielle felt the intense regard of her friend. Beyond Callisto, Xena stood
in her natural glory. A quiver of desire shot through Gabrielle's loins, and
she felt the moistness between her legs increase. Gods but how she loved
Xena! Her friend and companion, her champion... The ache of need Callisto had
stoked in Gabrielle burned hotter than ever. Gabrielle wanted the unspoken
promise of fulfillment offered by Callisto and the thought of Xena, her
dearest friend bearing witness, was almost enough to send her over the edge
right there. With fingers trembling, Gabrielle undid the bindings of her
clothes. Callisto watched, eyes half lidded with an almost sleepy, languorous

"Callisto, let her go." Xena spoke at last, shaking off the mesmerizing sense
of surrealism that had held her in thrall.

This was no dream, for all that it had that quality of some erotic nightmare.
It was a frightening reality, and Xena would do whatever it would take to
save Gabrielle.

"Let her go and I will take her place."

Callisto looked over at Xena, amused by the quiet desperation that laced her
heart felt plea. Almost she considered abandoning the bard to take now what
Xena was offering. The Warrior Princess, flushed and naked, awaiting her
pleasure. But that would come in due time. If all went according to plan,
Callisto could have her cake and eat it too. Bright hair tumbled past her
bare shoulders as Callisto threw back her head to laugh. Pure as a crystal
bell her happiness rang in the air, and with the sound Xena stiffened in

"Oh no, Xena. Noble Xena, so ready to sacrifice herself for the sake of her
friend." Callisto's answer mocked with it's affectionate tone, "I wouldn't
dream of blackmailing you into accepting my unwanted attentions. Oh no, no,
no! That simply wouldn't do. You see, if you come to me, it must be TOTALLY
of your own free will. Because you want me Xena, and for no other reason."

"And what about Gabrielle? She *doesn't* want you." Xena stated emphatically.

"Oh, but you see, that's the beauty of it Xena." Callisto's voice was husky
and deep, as it always turned when she was being solemn and direct. "She

Gabrielle had finally divested herself of the last garment, and fitted
herself snuggly to Callisto, reveling in the sensation of bare skin against
skin. Callisto's body was smooth, and cool, soft and yet firm with that
solidness that came of one who LIVED in their flesh. The errant goddess
smelled like wildflowers and sun warmed steel, and Gabrielle couldn't seem
to get enough. Pressing her face against Callisto's throat, Gabrielle inhaled
the subtle musk that was Callisto's own personal scent. Callisto gasped,
startled by the cool softness of Gabrielle's lips as they grazed the soft
hollow there, and the delicate lapping of the bard's moist tongue as it
followed the column of Callisto's throat to the nape of the neck.

"As a matter of fact, Xena." Callisto continued somewhat breathlessly, "I
don't think I could stop her if I tried."

"Well try, damn it!" Xena growled, as she watched her friend force Callisto
onto her back, all the while nuzzling and tasting the blonde vixen with
aggressive abandon.

"But Xena..." Callisto gasped, unable to continue her taunting as Gabrielle's
mouth captured her own.

For one wild moment Callisto considered the whirlwind of events she was about
to set in motion, and quailed before the ramifications. Then she got over it.
Meeting Gabrielle's forceful advances with equal passion, Callisto abandoned
her ritual contest of words with Xena. Words were unimportant now. Actions
were speaking louder than any verbal barb she could hope to pierce the
Warrior Princess with. Feeling the fury of Xena's gaze merely made each
caress and counter stroke more intense and pleasurable.

Xena was saying something, shouting some invective or another... Callisto
couldn't make out the details over the roar of her blood, and harsh gasping
of breath. This was not what she'd planned. She'd meant to take Gabrielle
before Xena's very eyes. Slowly, savoring the experience of Xena's
helplessness. Cursed Aphrodite, she hadn't warned that the mixture would be
this intense. Callisto moaned her pleasure as Gabrielle found a particularly
sensitive spot. She would make the Goddess of Love pay for this loss of
control, and pay dearly...

Gabrielle was lost in her heat. Never had she'd felt so powerful, so utterly
in control. The writhing of the blonde beneath her was exciting. Pushing open
the golden tanned thighs before her, Gabrielle admired the golden fuzzy curls
and plump flesh between. Rubbing the golden fleece brought a bucking jerk of
Callisto's hips, as she tried to twist out from under Gabrielle's innocent,
but unstoppable assault. Godly strength failed, and Callisto's moans of
arousal were intermingled with muttered railings against Aphrodite. Humming
with pleasure, Gabrielle played merry havoc with Callisto's secret places.
Parting pink and glistening flesh to the light of day, the bard's fingers
dipped into Callisto's warm, moist grotto. Fascinated with the sensation of
tight flesh squeezing and engulfing her, Gabrielle repeated the action with
growing rapidity and force.

Callisto was calling out now, words lost and unintelligible as Xena's shouts.
Gabrielle found the glistening pearl of desire hidden amoung the gold fleece
and pink flesh, rubbing it with one hand while the other continued it's deep
and rapid thrusts caused uncontrollable tremors in Callisto's spread thighs.
Instinctively, Gabrielle made the connection between the two events, as she
tried to push the limit on both. Callisto's scream was inarticulate, a harsh
release of sound that seemed to echo in the air. Gabrielle marveled at the
warm gush of thick viscous fluid against her fingers while Callisto's body
became bonelessly limp. Raising the glistening digits to her face, Gabrielle
sniffed musky aroma, before popping them into her mouth to suck clean. It
tasted strange, but wonderful. Gabrielle wanted more. Before Callisto had
fully recovered from the powerful orgasm Gabrielle had initiated, the bard
was suckling at the fount of nectar she'd developed an insatiable craving

Weakened by the first explosion of pleasure, Callisto whimpered a little as
she grabbed two handfuls of red gold hair, and held on for dear life.
Gabrielle delved deep into the honey grotto, pink tongue seeking, searching,
demanding. Remembering the reaction to her previous caresses, the bard did
not neglect the rest of Callisto's tender flesh. Occasionally coming up for
air, Gabrielle's tongue explored the taste and texture of that morsel of
flesh so like a treasure of the sea. Sometimes she nibbled delicately, and
enjoyed the hapless squirms of the recipient of her love bites. Sometimes
she sucked, popping the bit of flesh quickly in and out of her moist mouth,
laving it with her pink tongue. Sometimes she licked, fierce almost punishing
stokes of increasing strength and speed.

Callisto endured the delicious torture as best she could. Hating the role of
the bottom, yet unable to deny the mind shattering pleasure being given to
her. The two opposing feelings might have broken a lesser person, but
Callisto held to her original plan in those moments when she was capable of
coherent thought. The outraged cries of the Warrior Princess were a balm of
sorts. It soothed her indignation of being ravished, knowing that what horror
she felt at the situation was felt a hundred times more by Xena who was the
unwilling voyeur. Soon, she would pay Gabrielle back in kind... and it would
be all the more sweet for Xena's presence. Succumbing again to an undefiable
wave of pleasure, Callisto shook and sobbed, face wet with tears of release.
By the Gods! Were she not already immortal, this would surely kill her!

to be continued...


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