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Xena Warrior Princess: Nutbread Strikes Again Part 3 (FF,voy,mc)
by Lemonkiss

The last thing she remembered was dissolving into an explosion of white
light, as mind and body taken to the limits of pleasure were pushed one step
beyond. Callisto felt the warmth of summer afternoon sun, and the cool
movement of air gliding across her skin, stirring her awareness of the world
around. She felt the shifting of shadow across her face, and opened her eyes
to see Gabrielle leaning over her. The play of sunlight behind the bard gave
her a reddish golden halo as it glinted off of flyaway hair. Somehow the
gleaming tumble had escaped it's confines of braids, becoming as wild and
free as a lion mane. The ends of Gabrielle's hair tickled against Callisto's
shoulders and mingled with flaxen gold of the rogue goddess's own. Without
thinking, Callisto lifted her head to meet the soft, descending lips with her
own. The kiss was sweet, and sent a tingle of pleasure and alarm through her.

Gabrielle enjoyed kissing Callisto. She felt the delicious shudders of
excitement ignite in her blood, and seem to flow into slender frame that lay
beneath her. Callisto's arms slid behind Gabrielle, pulling the two of them
together in a tight embrace. A small bit of leverage, and suddenly it was
Callisto who lay upon Gabrielle. Throughout this maneuver, the two women
remained lost in the sensual haze of their kiss. Gabrielle sighed as Callisto
broke away, watching the blonde warrior woman survey her like a general
considering a plain of battle for future attack. The analogy was apt...

"Callisto..., you've had your fun. Let the girl go."

Startled, Callisto looked over her bare shoulder to look at Xena. She'd
almost forgotten the Warrior Princess was there. Xena's voice was hoarse, as
if she'd been shouting a long time, or was full to bursting with burning
tides of emotion that could find no release. Her skin was damp with sweat,
and her breathing was slightly heavy, the little signs of eroding control.

"She no longer tastes of Springtime, Xena. Her kiss is warm as summer and
full of ripened womanhood. I had no idea she would be so... consuming."

Callisto's taunting reply to Xena was an automatic response-- Most of her
attention was focused on the wicked sensation of Gabrielles hand tracing
invisible pictographs on the sensitive skin of her inner thigh. The minx
was maddening, Callisto thought as she reassessed the girl. So innocent in
seeming... who would have thought bard would be so aggressively passionate?
Now that Callisto had unloosed the tempest, could she tame it? Did she
really want too...? That she would have such questions sent a different
kind of shiver through Callisto...fear? No! She shook off the feeling, fear
had no place in her world except on the face of her enemies. She had
forgotten fear long, long ago...

And she had no use for love... no matter what schemes Aphrodite was apt to
play out. Callisto gathered her strength of will, and focused on the young,
strong body beneath her. Constant walking had given Gabrielle wonderfully
firm thighs, Callisto could not resist stoking the silken skin of that firm
flesh. At Gabrielle's low moan of need, Callisto smiled. This was something
she knew how to deal with. Gabrielle had more than earned her claim to
pleasure... and Callisto was more than happy to give payback.

"Don't do this, Callisto... please." Xena tried again. "I don't know what
kind of spell you've caught Gabrielle in, or what you hope to gain by this...
production. And I don't really care. We both know Gabrielle isn't in her
right mind. If you... take her this way, it will just be a kind of rape."

"Rape? Xena, you really don't get it do you? Is love a rape? For I assure
you, Gabrielle now loves me as truly and purely as she has ever loved anyone.
Love is by some definitions, madness. And Gabrielle is now mad...with love."
Callisto's voice was all deadpan reason...and her words lay a damp cloth of
fear over Xena's heart.

"This isn't love!" Xena practically spat, as she glared at Callisto's gentle

"Oh, but it is. A blessed brightness of love from the very source of the
emotion. The goddess Aphrodite has seen fit to loose the wellspring of love.
It's waters are so pure... You would be surprised at how easy they are to
work with. Or is that cook with? Sometimes I get the two confused." Callisto
replied casually, as she returned to ministering kisses and caresses to
Gabrielle's eager body.

"That nutbread...!" Horror made Xena's voice hard and flat.

"Was a key in the gate. Once opened, the gate will never close quite the
same again. Did you never wonder Xena? About the vagaries of love? What is
it? How does it work? Why? When Aphrodite casts her veil of love upon it real? And how do you define REAL love? If it feels the same,
tastes the same...hurts the same.... Isn't love sparked by the gods as real
as accidental love? Or is any love accidental..."

Callisto broke off her discussion of love as an impatient Gabrielle grazed
a rosy nipple with her teeth, before nibbling on the soft undersides of
Callisto's breasts. Closing out the sound of Xena's demands and pleas,
Callisto turned her full attention on Gabrielle.

"Gabrielle..." she asked, surprised by the breathless hesitancy that laced
her voice, "Do you love me?"

"Yes!" Gabrielle replied, wondering that Callisto would need to ask. Couldn't
she tell? "I love you, Callisto. Let me show you how much..."

Laughing, simply for the joy of it, Callisto shook out her bright hair.

"No, my pretty Gabrielle, let me show you!" she purred as she pushed
Gabrielle back onto the soft white linen.

When the bard made as if to pull her closer, Callisto caught up Gabrielle's
wrists in one of her strong, deceptively delicate hands.

"Nooo no, no! Now you are mine, sweet, Gabrielle. I intend to take as full
advantage of you, as you have had of me. You'd like that, wouldn't you my
wanton?" Callisto asked, her voice a husky croon of anticipation.

Gabrielle's delicious wiggle, and the hot gleam in her eyes answered Callisto
more surely than words. The bard's moist tongue ran along rose lips, gone dry
in anticipation. The bard's unconscious sensuality struck through Callisto,
leaving her momentarily bereft of breath. She wanted to capture that
wandering tongue with her own, conquer Gabrielle's mouth with her own.
Callisto's grip tightened on Gabrielle's wrists almost painfully. At the
girl's sudden gasp of surprise, Callisto smiled, and laid a finger of silence
against the bard's soft lips. Gabrielle kissed the flesh against her mouth,
and licked the tip of Callisto's finger before gently sucking it into her
mouth. Callisto felt a wave of pure heat run through her body, and gather
into a burning core between her legs. Her breath hissed through her teeth.

Even after the multitude of pleasures given to her by the girl earlier, she
STILL was brought to heat by Xena's little playmate. Callisto quickly moved
to re-establish control of the situation. Reaching for the bard's discarded
walking stave, Callisto released Gabrielle long enough to gather up a
collection of interesting leather straps that had lain hidden beneath the
white linen ground clothes. Like a hot knife slicing into butter, she struck
the staff deep into the earth. Hercules himself could pull at the staff and
not move it without cracking Greece in twain first. However, the wood itself
was as softened wax in Callisto's hands, and she casually poked a hole into
it. Threading a leather strap through, she bound Gabrielle's wrists to the
post. A soft sigh of relief, escaped her, now she could concentrate. Now the
bard would be totally at her mercy.

Gabrielle tugged at her bonds curiously. Her arms were held far above her
head, leaving her body totally open to Callisto's attentions. Callisto
captured one of Gabrielle's sun browned hands, fluttering helpless as
captured bird, in one of her own. Without thinking, she placed a gentle
kiss inside the palm. Gabrielle whimpered, and strained to move her body
closer to her captor. Callisto's smile was pure wickedness as she idly
caressed the bound wrists, soothing the bite of leather with butterfly
kisses. Then moving down the now wildly sensitive skin, Callisto delicately
bit a blazing hot trail ever closer to the nape of Gabrielle's neck. The
red blonde bard was panting, as though she could not get enough air, and
Callisto had to make an effort to keep her own breathing slow and even.

Swinging one leg across her prisoner's waist, Callisto straddled the girl,
resting her weight on her knees. Slowly, deliberately, the rogue goddess
lowered herself onto Gabrielle. She sat still and silent a moment, reveling
in the feel of Gabrielle's firm, supple body trapped between her thighs.
Gabrielle rocked her body a bit, her face lifted, eyes beseeching. Callisto
could feel the girl's need burning, growing... She intended to stroke that
fire into an inferno, before giving the least measure of relief. It was
just as well she no longer had a heart, Callisto mused. This girl was more
dangerous than she had anticipated, and in a way she had never considered.
No time for second thoughts, Callisto firmed her will.... I will NOT

Callisto's hands sought out the thick fullness of Gabrielle's red gold mane.
She enjoyed the soft lushness of it running through her fingers. Combing
through the bards hair, Callisto spread it out, like a fan of flame, tousled
it cascaded over Gabrielle's outstretched arms, waterfalls of red gold.
Callisto followed the trail of Gabrielle's hair to her bare shoulders.
Grazing the flesh lightly with her fingertips, Callisto explored the clean
lines of throat and neck, before dragging her fingers down with excruciating
slowness over the soft swells of Gabrielle's unprotected breasts. Considering
the pale rose nipples, Callisto caught up one tight bud between her fingers
and rolled the flesh under her own sensitive palms. Invisible sparks seemed
to flare under her exploring hands, and a breathless shiver seemed to pass
through both women.

Gabrielle had held her tongue through Callisto's delicious onslaught, but
could keep it no longer, "Please..."

"Please? Please what, Gabrielle?" Callisto asked, feigning cruel indifference
to the girl's breathy plea.

Gabrielle was now quiet for lack of words to convey what she wanted, what she
needed. All she knew was she would go mad if she did not have MORE. Unable
even to gesture with her hands bound, Gabrielle felt a wave of helplessness
wash over her. It was frustrating! And yet... there was a sinking sense of
pleasure in that helplessness. Callisto seemed to read it in her eyes. Brown
eyes flashed electric blue before Callisto caught herself under control. Her
compassion had been burned away with her youth, but passion ran hot as blood
through her veins since the night her village was consumed. Now she would
share her immolation.

Sliding herself down the bard's trembling body, Callisto took the other
rosebud nipple into her mouth, teasing it with her tongue. She let her senses
marvel at the tenderness of Gabrielle's flesh. The taste, the smell, the
resilient feel of it against her teeth. Moving farther down, Callisto rested
her cheek a moment against Gabrielle's taut stomach, and listened to the
drumming of her blood. A soft sigh escaped her, and she inhaled deeply, as
if she could breath in the girl's essence. She was already aware of the rich
female scent of arousal that beckoned seductively. Come to me, it said, taste
of me... Callisto slid a searching hand between their to bodies, seeking to
the source of the wanton perfume.

"Ahhh...!" Gabrielle's almost musical cry broke the silence like a striking
bell, as Callisto's fingers rubbed against red gold triangle of curls,
combing through the wiry softness with demanding thoroughness.

Xena squirmed uncomfortably against her bonds of air. Flushed with sudden
heat, she tried to avert her eyes from the scene taking place before her. But
her keen ears betrayed her, bringing every breathy cry of pleasure, every
sound of flesh meeting flesh to her with crystal clarity. Soon her eyes were
drawn back, and widened despite herself. Though she could not move closer to
them, nor leave, Xena could move her body freely. If only she had a weapon,
a convenient stone, anything! But her surroundings yielded not so much as a
hard clod of earth. She became aware of how her legs were pressing together,
rubbing her sex tight against itself.

Deliberately shifting so that she stood in a fighter's waiting stance, Xena
concentrated very hard on not exciting her own flesh. She felt a measure of
self disgust. How could she be aroused by Callisto molesting Gabrielle?!
Shaking her head sharply to clear it Xena suppressed the guilty memory of
warm slickness gathering between her legs while she'd watched Gabrielle send
Callisto, pleading and sobbing out her pleasure, over the edge of the abyss.
She'd been stunned by how savagely her best friend had, for lack of a better
word, fucked Callisto.

Since as far as Xena knew, the girl's total sexual experience before had
consisted of her one night of bridal bliss with farm boy turned soldier
Perdicus. Shock didn't begin to describe what Xena felt as Gabrielle had
taken Callisto again, and again, and again... Until even an immortal goddess
could stand no more and had lain spent, limp and utterly oblivious to the
world around her. Xena had been frozen with sheer disbelief, and it had taken
several long moments before she'd tried breaking through the invisible forces
that trapped her. To no avail, she was stuck until someone or something else
could release her. Xena had the feeling the day was going to be one of the
longest she'd ever endured.

to be continued...


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