Disclaimer: Xena Warrior Princess belongs to Renaissance Pictures and MCA
Television. This story is not-for-profit but I own it.

Date: 02/15/2009

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Strong language, voyurism, graphic violence, BDSM, drug use,
transgender, female solo sex, mind control, rape, female/female sex

Category: Slash

Pairing: Gabrielle/f/f

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Other Notes: This AU story is a birthday gift for Renee O'Connor (who was
born on February 15th, 1971), an answer to one of PEJA's Story/Word Prompt
Challenges and based on a Renee O'Connor fake by an artist known as

Summary: As soon as Xena leaves her best friend alone to go see who wishes to
ruin their moment of rest, Gabrielle gets herself captured by a pair of rogue
Amazons with a powerful new elixer in their possession.

Dedication: Happy 38th Birthday to Renee O'Connor! -- ATK 2009

Xena Warrior Princess: Of Pure Sensual Delight
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected] com)

It had all began within the one era of time known as the era of ancient
Greece which was when a brave and beautiful raven-haired warrior princess
known as Xena and her equally-beautiful blonde companion whose name happens
to be Gabrielle had been roaming the entire known world and experienced many
amazing adventures together even with the help of a certain heroic demi-god
known as Hercules on some of those adventures.

But of course, unlike the gods who had allowed themselves to continue to
plague humanity with suffering for some odd reason, the heroic warriors who
had been able to stand up to everything that the gods had thrown at the
humans had been unable to withstand the certain amount of problems that they
had unexpectedly found themselves in.

And in order to prove to all of you this particular point, allow me to begin
this little tale with both Xena and Gabrielle stopping themselves next to a
nearby river for a little bit of rest just in time for an upset Gabrielle to
place her hands on her legs, take a deep breath and say, "I really am telling
you right now, Xena. If I ever see one more centaur or anything like that
without getting at least one full hour of rest first, I'm really going to
scream my brains out!"

"To tell you the truth, Gabrielle. I really don't blame you on that. So, now
that we're finally alone and able to get some much needed rest, what do you
think that we should do now?", that was the question that a curious Xena had
asked her blonde best friend just in time for a small-smiling Gabrielle to
take a look around the entire area and answer, "Well, Xena. Since I don't see
one single glimpse of a certain blonde she-devil bitch known as Callisto
anywhere around here, there's only one thing that I feel like doing right

And just before the curious warrior princess was about to allow the words of
her next question to pop themselves right out of her mouth, Xena had
Gabrielle stripping off all of her clothes and quickly diving herself into
the river before the blonde companion had turned her eyes toward her
dark-haired best friend just in time for a small-smiling Xena to cross her
arms, let out a small giggle and ask, "Why am I not surprised?"

And of course, that had resulted in having an equally-small-smiling Gabrielle
wave her hand to Xena and say, "Come on in, Xena! The water in this river
feels great!" But just as Xena was about to remove all of her personal
clothing and join her blonde best friend in a little skinny-dipping, she had
suddenly heard the sound of someone moving towards her which had caused Xena
to roll her eyes and say under her own breath, "You've got to be fucking
kidding me!"

And as soon as she had unsheathed her sword and said to her best bud, "Stay
in that water until I get back, Gabrielle! I had heard the sound of someone
who is about to ruin our little moment of rest!", a no-longer-happy Gabrielle
had crossed her arms, looked at Xena and asked, "Say, Xena? If it's a certain
cry-baby-ish war-god prick named Ares, do me a favor and tell him to go kiss
his own ass, okay?"

"You've got a deal, Gabrielle!" that was the answer that a small-smiling Xena
had given to her blonde traveling companion after she had let out a small
giggle and before she had gone off with her sword in her hand to see who was
about to ruin the one moment of rust for both her and Gabrielle.

But suddenly, as soon as Xena was out of sight, Gabrielle had turned her eyes
over to where she had placed her clothes and became shocked to notice that
someone had stolen them which had caused a suddenly-upset Gabrielle to have
no choice but to step her bare-ass naked self out of the river and try to
find who had stolen her clothes while hoping that another human being would
be able to show-up and see Gabrielle in her current state of total undress.

As for Xena, she was hiding behind a large tree and waiting for the sound of
mysterious footsteps to move themselves closer and closer towards her. And
then, as soon as she had heard that those very footsteps were close enough,
the warrior princess had leaped out from behind that very tree and was about
to cut and slash the intruders with her sword's sharp blade.

But as soon as she had realized that the two mysterious intruders were
actually a pair of twin gods known as Apollo and Artemis, Xena had ceased her
attack, placed her hand on her forehead and asked, "Have you two ever
realized how close you had came to meeting the Grim Reaper face to face?"
before an understanding Apollo had placed his gentle hand on Xena's shoulder
and said, "Look, Xena. We're both really sorry about popping in on you like
this. It's just that we need your help in finding two of my sister's Amazons
named Alexandra and Kathryn."

Meanwhile, as soon as a bare-ass naked Gabrielle had finally found her
clothes, she had let out a sigh of relief and was about to put them back on,
only to have a mysterious strawberry-blonde female grab an unprepared
Gabrielle by the wrist, look at Gabrielle with a sinister smile on her lips
and say, "It's about time you were able to show up, Skanky Bitch!"

And as soon as the strawberry-blonde female had kicked poor Gabrielle right
in the stomach and kept on kicking her until she had no choice but to drop
down to the ground and become unconscious, a confused Xena had raised both
of her hands in front of both Apollo and Artemis and said, "Whoa!
Wait-a-minute! Let me try to get this straight! Are really telling me that
the two Amazons that you guys are looking for had conned a certain
self-proclaimed 'King Of Thieves' known as Autolycus into stealing some
leaves from Aphrodite's personal leaf collection?"

"The answer is 'yes', Xena. Just one thing. The leaves that Autolycus had
stolen for Alexandra and Kathryn are no ordinary leaves for they have been
created by Aphrodite to be used as a truly special aphrodisiac whenever the
time for that use is right," that was the answer that Artemis had given to

Meanwhile, as soon as Gabrielle had finally opened her eyes and shockingly
discovered that her bare-ass naked body has been tied tightly to a tree-
stump, poor Gabrielle had tried as hard as she had possibly could to free
herself from her bondage without any success just in time for the same
strawberry-blonde female to walk herself over to her helpless captive and
say, "To tell you the honest truth, Gabrielle! We were hoping to have our
little trap capture us a certain warrior princess named Xena! But since we
have you instead, both Kathryn and I will have to make do! Isn't that right,

"That is so right, Alexandra! That is so right indeed!" that was the answer
that a beautiful blonde rogue Amazon known as Kathryn had given to Alexandra
before she had handed a cup of liquid to her strawberry-blonde friend,
removed all of her clothing and allowed a shocked Gabrielle to notice that
she had a huge male penis right where a female vagina was suppossed to be.

And after Kathryn had began stroking her stiff cock and caressing her own
tits right in front of the helpless Gabrielle, Alexandra had stripped-off all
of her clothes, moved her blonde captive's head towards her and said, "Come
on now, Gabrielle! Drink it all down! It will help you be prepared to recieve
a hot and steamy moment of pure sensual delight!"

And just as Gabrielle was about to ask her strawberry-blonde captor what was
actually inside the liquid in the cup, Alexandra had pinched Gabrielle's nose
and forced the mysterious liquid down her throat. And after poor Gabrielle
had started coughing and Alexandra had freed her from the bondage that she
had been placed the blonde maiden in, Gabrielle had gotten herself off the
tree-stump and turned herself towards Alexandra.

But just as she was about to demand some straight answers from Alexandra, a
sudden wave of sexual energy had caused Gabrielle to have no choice but to
pumping two of her fingers in and out of her exposed cunt and caressing her
uncovered tits with the other hand before Alexandra had pulled Gabrielle
towards her and allowed the drug-influenced blonde maiden to kiss her ever so
deep and passionately on the lips and start licking all over her nude body --
all the way down to her hot, wet pussy and caressing her firm breasts.

And as soon as Kathryn had placed her hands on Gabrielle's tits and her
stone-hard dick inside the blonde maiden's asshole, Alexandra had placed her
hands on Gabrielle's bare shoulders and said, "Aaaahhhh, yeeeessss! That's
it! Do it, Gabrielle! Touch me! Touch me there! Suck my wet pussy dry while
Kathryn fucks you in the ass! Aaaahhhh!"

And while that was going on, a concerned Xena had turned her eyes to Apollo
and asked, "Is Autolycus still okay?", which had resulted in allowing
Artemis' twin brother taking a deep breath and answering, "Oh, yeah. He's
okay. He just had the living shit kicked out of him. As for the leaves, he
doesn't have them anymore."

"He's right, Xena. Alexandra and Kathryn have those leaves now. And if you
were able to ask me, I do believe that you don't have to play Twenty
Questions in order to find out what their plans for those leaves happen to
be," that was what Artemis had said to Xena just before the look on the face
of the warrior princess has changed into that of pure shock and caused
herself to yell at the top of her lungs, "GABRIELLE!"

And while a shocked Xena was rushing herself back to the spot where she had
left Gabrielle at, Kathryn had placed her stiff cock inside Alexandra's pussy
and began licking on Gabrielle's snatch before the liquid that was mixed with
the stolen leaves and the helpless blonde captive had been forced to drink
had forced a mind-controlled Gabrielle to place her hands on Alexandra's
silky-smooth naked thighs and start sucking on her stiff mounds.

And then, after a sexually-energized Alexandra had dug her sharp fingernails
deep into Gabrielle's bare back and yelled at the top of her lungs,
FUCKING WHORE! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!",the two rogue Amazons and their
drug-influenced sex-slave had started moving themselves harder and faster and
continued to do so until they had all finally came and collapsed due to

But then, after Alexandra had placed her hand on poor helpless Gabrielle's
face, looked at her with such devilish glee and said, "That was fantastic!
Wasn't it, you skanky little bitch? And if you think that was totally
orgasmic, just wait until we get our hands on that skanky warrior princess
friend of yours!" a totally-pissed-off Xena had stepped out of the woods with
her razor-sharp sword in her hand and pure rage in her eyes and yelled, "WHY

And as soon as Kathryn had gotten herself back up to her feet and grabbed
Xena's sword by the hand, the enraged warrior princess had kicked Kathryn so
hard right in her unprotected nuts that it had caused the she-male Amazon to
drop down to the ground, place her hands on the inujred spot and let out a
scream if intense pain just before a totally-pissed Xena had growled, "OH,
SHUT THE FUCKING HELL UP, BITCH!!" and kicked Kathryn straight square in the

Then, after Kathryn had dropped herself down to the ground and became
unconscious, an enraged Xena had walked herself over to a shocked Alexandra,
raised up her razor-sharp sword and growled, "NOW, WHAT ARE YOU PLANNING ON
DOING TO ME, BITCH?!" only to have Artemis arrive just in time to raise both
of her hands in front of Xena and say, "Xena, stop! There's no need for you
to do this to them any further! They are my children and it shall be my
responsibility to punish them for what they had done to poor Gabrielle,

And as soon as Xena had turned her eyes toward her blonde best friend and
discovered that Apollo has already placed the power of healing light on
Gabrielle, Xena had looked Artemis, pointed the blade of her sword to the two
rogue Amazons and said, "Just get these two bitches out of here before I
change my mind!", before Artemis had placed herself in-between both Alexandra
and Kathryn and used her godly power to teleport herself and the two injured
rogue Amazons away from that scene.

Just then, on the following evening, both Xena and Gabrielle had settled
themselves down for a good night's sleep, only to have the concerned warrior
princess take a sudden look at the saddness on her blonde best friend's face
and allow herself to place her gentle hand on Gabrielle's shoulder and say,
"Look, Gabrielle. Trust me. It's not your fault. You're going to be okay. And
if that's not the truth, then I really don't know what is. ", before poor
Gabrielle had turned her eyes toward Xena, placed her head on her good
friend's shoulder and began to cry herself to sleep.



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