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Xena Warrior Princess: The Debtor
by Gool Captain

"For friendship."

Suddenly they weren't in the port anymore they were in a forest clearing.
Gabrielle looked around her. "Is this Chin?"

"No, no rush". Ares gave her a leer that needed no interpretation. "Why not?"
he thought, "I want Xena but there's no hurry. Plenty of time to toy with her
little slut."

Gabrielle swallowed. She knew that look, that was the look Draco had given
her in his tent when Bliss had enchanted them all, the look Joxer had given
her three dancing doubles. The look everybody gave Aphrodite. This time,
however, she wasn't in any position to say no.

"Consider it a down-payment". It amused Ares to play this game. He could
take her easily, force himself upon her just as Zeus had done to Hera and she
wouldn't be able to resist. Yet he felt himself above such things. Besides,
it was a lot more fun to play, knowing she didn't want to but certain she
would agree for Xena's sake. She was cheap at the price.


"For Xena" thought Gabrielle and slowly, coyly began to remove her clothing
to Ares evident enjoyment. She hadn't been with a man since her wedding
night. What would Perdicas think? She blushed in shame as she slipped off
her top and laid it neatly on the ground. She tried to cover her chest with
her arms as she turned her back to him and she slipped off her skirt but it
was pointless. She decided not to play Ares' game and turned around, naked,
arms by her sides, shoulders back in haughty defiance.

Ares walked slowly around his prize, taking time to drink in her beauty,
smirking as he did so. "Come on "she thought, "Just throw me to the ground
and take me. I'll offer no resistance. Just get it over with."

She wasn't to be so lucky.

"Tell me what you want to do Gabrielle."


"You're a bard. Tell me what you want to do with your mouth."

"Men!" she thought, "Gods!" How did you do this? What would Meg say? Oh yes.

"I want to kiss you all over?"


"And ..uh...take your manly hardness in my mouth?" It sounded incredibly
corny but she could tell he liked it.


"Oh brother, give me a break" she thought. "Er... swallow down your love
juices by the gallon."

"And your cunny?"

"I want you to fill me with your manhood and ride me until it hurts so much
I can take no more". It got easier as you went along, she considered, once
you got into the mood it just seemed to flow.

"And your arse?"

"I want you to fill me everywhere, I want you to take me every way imaginable
over and over and over again. I want you to conquer each and every last one
of my defences until you leave me without a shred of modesty and dignity. I
want to be yours entirely, your plaything to do with as you wish" Where did
that come from? Even Ares looked a little taken aback at that but soon
regained his composure. Gabby had always considered herself more akin to Leah
than Meg but what she had just said was enough to get her banned from the
Hestian temple for life! Was it possible spouting this filth was arousing
her? No, she decided, it was just her talent for storytelling coming through.

Ares unbridled Argo and brought the saddle and harness over to her. She
looked at it, suddenly fearful.

"On your knees, bitch!"

"Bastard!" she thought, "Twisted son of a sister and brother!" She obeyed
without question and stooped onto all fours. He placed the bit between her
teeth and she felt the cold metal on her tongue. He lashed the saddle to
her back with the straps around her thighs, forcing her legs apart. She felt
his weight on top of her, almost crushing her to the ground. The savage sting
of the riding crop bit into the cheeks of her backside, causing her to yelp
in surprise.

"Once around the clearing my noble steed!" Ares declared laughing. Gabrielle
moved off, reluctantly at first but spurred on by repeated snaps of the crop
across her arse. Every time she stumbled he punished her with another blow.
The sensitive flesh of her bottom soon throbbed with the pain of repeated

And yet...

Her breathing was becoming shallower and more rapid. She told herself that
it was just the exertion of her load but she had to admit she was becoming
gradually more and more excited by his mastery of her body. She deliberately
stumbled once, just as an experiment. The crack of the riding crop against
her skin sent the most delicious shivers of pure delight up her spine. She
couldn't deny she was actually enjoying this, just a little. She feigned
another stumble and thrust out her backside in anticipation of another blow.
When it came she had to bite her lip to silence her scream of pleasure.
"Punish me, master, punish me!" she thought guiltily. But she wouldn't give
him the satisfaction of crying out loud. This was her little secret.

Ares seemed to sense her conversion and it visibly perplexed him. This wasn't
how it was supposed to be, this was all for his benefit, not hers. Where was
the fun of punishing someone if they enjoyed it? It occurred to him that she
had actually turned the tables on him at a stroke. "Bloody humans!" he
thought uncharitably. He made a mental note that when he got back to Olympus
he'd have a word with Hera about her "proudest creation". Mom would have to
back to the drawing board on this one.

He began to toy with her cunny lips with the tip of the riding crop.
Gabrielle became suddenly aware that she had grown incredibly wet under
his touch. She couldn't help but rub herself a little on the leather whip,
grinding her hips, just a tiny, barely perceptible movement.

She was disappointed when Ares withdrew it with an angry grunt. Instead
he began to tease the puckered nether mouth of her arse, titillating the
delicate tissues there until Gabrielle twisted and writhed deliciously
with each stroke. He rested the tip a moment at the entrance, Gabrielle
holding her breath in anticipation, before sliding it inside her as easily
as a hot knife through butter. He took the opportunity to widen her most
intimate aperture a little and Gabrielle knew with certainty that it would
not be the last visitor she would receive there today. She found the
prospect frightening but more than a little intriguing.

Ares was disappointed with Gabrielle's reaction. He'd used every trick that
he knew and a few more that Aphrodite had taught him but Gabrielle actually
seemed to be enjoying herself more than he was. Even Callisto hadn't been
this perverse.

Well, he would show her. He began to strip off, tearing his clothing off
with all his strength and casting it aside contemptuously.

Gabrielle watched him, curiously. She never really been into musclemen, she
preferred the more sensitive type. Yet as she looked on Ares she definitely
felt something. The definition of his shoulders and seemingly rigid
abdominals stirred a longing deep within her. She wondered what they'd feel
like, wondered how it would be to touch them, to feel them against her own
skin, to feel their weight pinioning her to the ground, to be flung against
a wall and have them rammed against her again and again, cushioning them
with her own soft flesh until...

Ares became distinctly aware that Gabrielle, the mortal, the sidekick, was
watching him, the God of War, one of the twelve greatest Olympians, undress
with the look normally reserved by Cerberus for the meat Artemis would bring
back to him after the hunt. This wasn't how it was supposed to be, he was
supposed to be taking his pleasure in her, not the other way around. It was
for for desperate measures.

He took her wrist and wrapped a length of leather tightly around it.
Unbidden she offered her other hand and watched as he bound it and her ankles
with three other straps. He effortlessly picked her up, cradling her in his
arms as he carried her over to Argo. Gabrielle had been bound hand and foot
a great many times but this was an oddly comforting experience. She felt
utterly helpless and vulnerable but also strangely secure, knowing that Ares
held her with all his mighty strength. She shifted her weight a little so
that she rested her cheek against his shoulder.

Ares slung her under Argo, suspended by her arms and legs, unable to move,
spread-eagled like a starfish. He slipped under her and began to luxuriate
in her breasts, biting, sucking , licking, groping. Gabrielle could do
nothing to prevent a long moan of pleasure escaping from her lips. His
attentions and the inability to move combined to make a potent wave of
erotic energy surge through her body. After all, she couldn't feel guilty
about enjoying herself, could she? She was entirely helpless, oh no, it was
nothing to do with her, she didn't have to justify her pleasure to anyone,
all she could do was let it happen to little old innocent her. And whilst
she was there she might as well make the best of it.

He cut her free and roughly stripped the tackle from her, leaving her
entirely naked again. This irritating blonde was really beginning to try his
patience. He removed the last of his clothing and rested his rigid manhood
in her hand.

Gabrielle felt a profound mixture of wonder and dread. Ares' cock was at
least a foot long and the width of a woman's wrist. She could barely wrap
her fingers around it. Even having given birth to Hope she feared that to
have it inside her would split her in two. At the same time, she wondered
what it would be like, how strong and powerful it would feeid sid size
really matter? She decided it might be quite fun finding out the truth
behind that particular myth.

Ares started her hand gripping him firmly then moving up and down in a
gentle but quickening rhythm. Gabrielle was amazed at the life and pulsing
energy she held in her hand and took to her task with gusto, fascinated by
her ministrations, mesmerised by the rock hard yet sensitive flesh she felt
twitching uncontrollably in her hand. He came in an explosion of pleasure,
showering her with his seed, droplets running down her face and chest. His
face was a mask of concentration, determined not to betray the slightest
hint of emotion she might take for weakness on her part. She seemed a little
stunned by what had happened. At last he was beginning to get through to
her. Now for the next stage.

"Lick it up you hussy or..."

Gabrielle fell to her knees on her own accord and began to lick up his semen
as if it was ambrosia itself, lapping like a kitten given a saucer of cream,
eager not to waste a single drop of the precious substance. Ares couldn't
have been more taken aback if Apollo had traded in his chariot for a farmyard

"Uh..yes..good..yeah, like that. That's what I was going to say" he
eventually stammered.

He grew erect again as she showered his cock with a flurry of kisses. She
took it in her mouth and began to suck and swirl her tongue around the rim
of the head. He made to thrust himself further down her throat but she
barred him with a determined flex of her jaw muscles, forcing him to
reluctantly retreat. "Hey, how about that!" she thought, "The little weak
mortal woman repels the mighty God of War". She slipped one hand into her
cunny and began to play with her clitoris, the other inexorably finding
it's way to her still sore and swollen nipples.

She licked and stroked his balls with skill and enthusiasm, instinctively
knowing how to give pleasure. She could feel his seed gathering expectantly
at the base of his shaft, ready to explode again. "Not yet" she decided,
slackening her ministrations for a moment, "Not until I'm ready". She could
feel her own orgasm steadily surging, swelling but still some way behind
his. She could feel his tiny thrusts growing ever more desperate with each
touch of her tongue.

"Now" Now!" he thundered.

"See how you like it!" she thought vengfully. But she knew she was rapidly
approaching her own climax and could barely contain herself as it was. Just
a few more seconds...

"Now, now, please, I beg of you!"

That was all she wanted to hear. One last burst of effort and Ares was giving
an animal roar of pleasure and she was gulping down his come with abandon.
The taste of it seemed to propel her to new heights of rapture and she
expertly pleasured herself to a boneshaking, overwhelming, moment of pure
carnal ecstasy.

They toppled over and lay in the grass, exhausted, for what seemed like an

He had begged her. The God of War had begged this tiny mortal woman like a
schoolboy losing his virginity to the village whore. The realisation filled
him with an anger he could barely contain. He was the master yet she was
dictating the rules! Well no more!

His weight on top of her was so powerful she felt as though she was being
crushed into the ground. She wriggled to get a little more comfortable and
spread her legs as far as she could in anticipation of his penetration. She
was not to be disappointed.

She contained him but only barely. She couldn't help but cry out as he began
to thrust, enjoying the tightness of a young widow whose husband had had but
a single night to sample her pleasures. At last he saw the look of muted pain
and abject surrender in her eyes that he craved, at last she was appreciating
his magnificence. He wondered for a moment why that was so important to him?

Gabrielle was consumed by the intensity and sweet agony of the moment. She
felt was being stretched to breaking point and beyond, any more and his cock
would be coming out of her mouth. Her juices flowed freely, desperately
lubricating the source of her fury. The coming wave of orgasm threatened to
possess her entirely and she feared she would never recover. As she came she
actually passed out for a few seconds.

Even in the midst of his passions Ares' took a moment of shock as Gabrielle
began to shudder with a tsumnai of climaxes, seized by the wildest physical
joy, scratching great furrows in his back with her nails and biting into his
shoulder muscles like a starving baachae. Her legs wrapped around him in a
vice like grip, desperately straining to widen just a little more. He grabbed
her wrists, easily holding them in one if his mighty palms and stretched them
far behind her head, pulling her head back by her hair with his free hand.
Yet it only seemed to heighten her passions all the more. He kissed her for
the first time, forcing his tongue between her tightly clenched teeth,
exploring the previously unknown territory he had conquered. To his wonder
she returned the favour with gusto, invading his mouth with such ferocity he
felt as though she was trying to dislodge his teeth. He pulled away allowing
her speak for the first time.

"Don't stop, don't stop, please, take me, go on, more, more, please!"
Gabrielle couldn't believe she was shouting such things but she knew at this
moment it was all she wanted in the world. Ares struggled to oblige her,
frantically speeding up his efforts but in vain. She had come five times
before Ares' joined her. He rolled over with her straddling him, panting for
all she was worth, her sweet, sweet sweat running in torrents over her body,
mixing with his semen and her plentiful vaginal juices. She rested her head
on his ample chest, the booming of his mighty heart pounding through the
layers of flesh and bone.

She turned her head and rested her fingers on his chest, supporting her chin
and looking into his eyes with curiosity. His rage when he noticed her was
awesome to behold.


He grabbed her like a rag doll and effortlessly flipped her over, as helpless
in his grasp as a mouse being played with by a cat. He parted her arse cheeks
and thrust into her without a hint of consideration for her comfort. She felt
glorious around him, as though a hot, tight, fist wrapped in a velvet glove
was grasping his cock. Her whimpering was the sweetest music to his ears. At
last, there always one way a man could pleasure himself at the expense of a
woman. He lingered for a while at her entrance, enjoying the tight ring of
muscle around the head of his shaft. She instinctively thrust herself
backwards to accommodate more of him inside her, eager to get him past her
most sensitive point. He did not keep her waiting long and rammed himself
inside her right up to the hilt. She shrieked, feeling as though she was
being exquisitely speared down the centre of her body. Her cries sounded to
him like Orpheus' lyre. At last the little trollop was getting the point.

Gabrielle could feel Ares' pleasure, his utter delight at her every squirm
and tremble. She felt herself began to slowly accept him inside her, melting
into the moment and coming to terms with her discomfort. A very deep, dark,
place inside her began to well up with an erotic charge she had never known
before, a violent, visceral force that gave her a feeling of strength and
euphoria that was quite unlike anything she'd ever experienced. The wonderful
sensations she was giving him seemed to seep slowly back into her, her own
pleasure deriving from that she was providing She began to masturbate herself
furiously, rubbing her clitoris and using her free hand on her nipples. She
was so aroused by her apparent subjugation it took only a few strokes of her
fingertips to bring her to the brink. With expert timing she came at the same
moment as Ares, their simultaneous cries of pleasure renting the air.

There was a long awkward silence as they both considered what to say.
Surprisingly it was Ares who broke it.

"Was that okay for you, honey?"

She actually laughed.

Well, Ares knew a way to shut her up!

One of the barbarians kneeled before her, fucking her from the front.
Another knelt behind, buggering her from the rear, actually suspending her a
few inches off the ground with the force of their cocks. They timed their
thrusts together so that a only a few soft layers of flesh separated their
penetration, the strength of their joint efforts combined in a manner which
dwarfed all that had gone before. Gabrielle would have cried out except that
she was having to decide which of the two cocks she was sucking on was her
favourite, the third and fourth barbarians standing over her taking pains to
try and avoid their companions. The overcrowding was not helped by the fifth
and sixth, each suckling on a breast whilst they wrapped her hands around
their cocks and pumped them furiously.

Ares stood to the side, seething at his humiliation at the hands of this
mortal wench, looking with a frantic need to see some sign of victory over
Gabrielle. But there was none. She was taking everything he could imagine
and revelling in it. Well, he would see how this little tramp liked being
fucked by a Cyclops! He moved to conjure one.

"Enough" said Hera simply.

"Butt out mom!" he responded furiously. How had she known? She was normally
too wrapped up in Hercules to bother with Xena and her posse. It had to be
Aphrodite, he reasoned, running to the big guns to save her precious little
bard. Well, once he was finished here he was going to tell Hephaestus how a
man should keep his wife in order.

"She has kept her part of the bargain and now you should keep yours" she
pronounced evenly. She stroked his hair as though he were a child having a
tantrum. "There is no shame in being bested by the power of a woman, Ares".

"Like you were with Alcmene?" he sneered. He instantly realised he had gone
too far. In a moment Hera's sapphire like eyes flashed as though they could
strip flesh from the bone. Which, of course, they could. Ares decided that
discretion was the better part of valour and vanished even quicker than
usual. "You still owe me!" he shouted to Gabrielle as he disappeared.

Hera waited until the barbarians were finished and then teleported them
away as quickly as Ares had summoned them. Gabrielle rested on her knees,
regaining her breath and looking around her in stunned bewilderment. Yes,
Hera, could see what Aphrodite saw in this little one, she had a light
within her that radiated in ways even she wasn't aware of.

Hera bent down and stroked the side of Gabrielle's face, gazing at her with
affection. Gabrielle looked back at her warily, afraid and awe-struck by the
Queen of the Gods. She rubbed the side of her head submissively against
Hera's caress and cast her sight to the ground, bewitched by those enchanting
yet icy cold eyes. Hera kissed her lightly, going no further than her inner
lip but Gabrielle was consumed with lust, only letting her go with the
greatest reluctance. She tasted incredible, the lips, the eyes, they were so
reminiscent of Xena's that she no longer had the slightest doubt as to whom
Xena's father really was.

"Will you take me to Chin?"

Hera smiled. It became her in a way that showed she didn't do it often. "From
harlot to heroine in one easy move" she thought, "This little girl has a lot
of potential."

"I'll make Ares keep his word. When you wake up you'll be in Chin, you're
debt to Ares is something you'll have to settle. later Now hush".

She hugged her to her bosom and Gabrielle began to nuzzle her breasts, her
mouth instinctively find Hera's nipples and began to suck, lick, nibble and
gently bite them. She brought one hand up to play with Hera's free breast
and traced the other up her legs, over her thighs, working her way through
robes to the lips of her cunny, to the most intimate places of places euseus'
wife! Her fingers were exploring the place whence the entire Olympian dynasty
had come forth, her, the little girl from Potidaea whose sister could beat
her up. Now she was making love with two gods in one day. If you could call
what Ares had done to her making love.

When she woke up she was on a hillside. Before her in the distance she could
see a strange, ornate palace. At the base of the slope was a patchwork of
flooded fields of a type she had never seen before, surrounded by terraced
hills and the occasional boxy, flimsy looking wooden house.

"The kingdom of Chin" she breathed.

Three thoughts occurred to her. Firstly, she realised Argo wasn't with her.
Last time she 'd been left alone she'd somehow managed to find Joxer and
Gabrielle hoped for a repeat performance. It was good to have a friend whom
you could always rely on, even if he did drive you to distraction sometimes.

Secondly, she didn't speak the language. But she probably had a few months
to learn before Xena got here.

Thirdly she'd better find some clothes before she started scaring the


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