Xena Warrior Princess: The Great Seducer (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

A young woman rode a horse on the vast plains of Thessaly, Greece. The
rider was no ordinary young woman but the nearly mythical Xena, the Warrior
Princess. She rode on Argo, her faithful horse. They galloped at full speed
on the vast plains. Xena was running. Someone was chasing her. She was
running from no ordinary enemy. Her pursuer was the god of War himself.

Xena dismounted in a clearing in the woods. She was looking for shelter
since night was about to fall. It would be dark soon and the exposed plains
had many dangers in them. Wolves were a threat to lone travelers. They were
the top predators out there in the plains. Xena was not worried about wolves
as she began to make camp and prepare a bed for the night. She was thinking
about her longtime nemesis and former lover, Ares the god of War. She had
really pissed him off this time and she was scared. She heard a noise and
unsheathed her sword. Not that it would make a difference against an
adversary like him. Ares was the god of War. All gods and goddesses were
immortal but Ares was a fearsome warrior among those supreme beings who were
beyond death itself. His name was spoken with respect and fear every place.
From the halls of Mount Olympus to the valleys of the Earth. Suddenly, there
he was. The truly imperious image of the finest and most powerful male entity
in the universe.

Xena looked at Ares. The god of War looked devilishly handsome in his dark
gray shirt and black leather pants. His usual black leather jacket was
nowhere to be seen. Xena did not mind at all. The guy looked good enough to
eat. She surrendered to his power. She wanted him. She knew that it would
have to be on his terms. Such was the power that he commanded.

He kissed her. He had that magical way of kissing that made her melt. She
could just let go. She felt his hands touching her. His touch was gentle and
yet so knowing. He undressed her...slowly. Ares was lost in a universe of
caresses and massages. Sensual touching that aroused her at an almost primal
level. He caressed her breasts and cupped them in his firm hands. His knee
was between her thighs, spreading them. She found herself lying on the bed,
waiting for him. She looked at his gorgeous, muscular and so beautiful yet
masculine body. The guy had it going on and he knew it. He kissed her on the
neck and gently made his way down. His hands were touching her breasts and
caressing her buttocks. He was kissing her flat stomach and licking her,
always licking her. He blew his breath against her groin and Xena felt
something inside her tighten. He slowly removed her loincloth and looked at
her womanhood. He started to lick it, his invasive tongue was gently probing
her. The tongue was soon accompanied by sleek fingers that worked the tender
flesh of her vagina until she was screaming his name.

Ares continued to lick her even as her juices flowed freely. He drank of
her. Xena was bucking wildly on the bed. Ares continued to lick and probe
her. Until she was spent. Xena slowly opened her eyes and looked at her
dark lover. Ares was looking at her with a rather odd but pleasant look.
Xena was in his power and she knew it. As the god of War, Ares epitomized
masculine power in the eyes of many. He didn't ask. He took. He didn't
request. He demanded. He had that bad-boy charm that made goddesses and
mortal women alike drop their panties. Throughout the universe, Ares was
known as the Great Conqueror. Well, as the ladies would say, the Great
Seducer was more like it. Xena was lying on the bed and he was looking at
her. There was a demand in his eyes and the woman that she was had no
choice but to comply.

Xena lay on the bed with her legs spread, waiting for him. Ares came to her.
He looked right into her eyes as he lifted her legs and rested them on his
broad shoulders. He caressed her pretty ass and slowly parted the cheeks
with his hands. She knew what he had in mind. It wasn't something she
normally allowed any of her lovers, male or female, to do to her. Ares was
not like the rest of her lovers. She looked at his manhood. It was the most
fine-looking dick she had ever seen. At least fourteen inches long and very,
very thick. This was the dick of death. Ares truly was a god among men! She
couldn't wait to feel it inside her. He entered her with one firm thrust...
and turned her world upside down. Xena had never had something so big inside
her. She screamed. Ares started to fuck her, thrusting slowly and steadily.
He had the power. Something about a handsome man with a big dick commanded
masculine power. He thrust into her. She felt herself stretch to accomodate
him. He took her. She felt his thickness inside her. It made her dizzy as
her mind and body went spiraling out of control because of the overwhelming
erotic sensations. He fucked her with that majestic cock of his for a long
time before he came inside her. As his seed coursed through her, she felt
an overwhelming sensation take her body. It caused her to scream his name
at the top of her lungs. He pulled out of her.

She lay back on the bed. Spent. There was an afterglow on her face that many
women and goddesses have had on their faces after a lovemaking session with
Ares. He was a god of War. He also knew how to work the ladies. No finer male
specimen has ever existed in heaven or on Earth. Ares was the king. He was...
the Great Seducer.

The End


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