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Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Xena/Gabrielle

Keywords: F/f, Fdom, oral, anal, bdsm, exhib, humil, voyeur, reluc, tv-parody

Summary: Gabrielle writes about her (sexual) adventures with Xena.

Xena Warrior Princess:
The Secret Sex Scrolls Of Gabrielle, Bard Of Poteidaia
Scroll 2 - Oral Lessons
by Oric13 ([email protected])

A couple of moons ago, during one of my tale-tellings at a local inn, the
tavern-owner's daughter (who had been staring at me with the same worshipful
gaze I often find myself directing at Xena) asked me about my life with the
Warrior Princess. One of the questions I remember her asking was which of the
many things that Xena taught me turned out to be the most useful. The answer
I finally decided on was the self-defence lessons the warrior had given me.

Later that evening, when Xena and I were together in our room with our faces
buried between each other's legs, it occurred to me that I definitely had
gotten more use out of the oral lessons she'd given me early on than those
self-defence lessons.

It's not for nothing that I'm considered to be the best cunt-licker among all
the Amazons, and trust me: you have to be REALLY great at eatin' pussy to
earn that title -- lotsa competition. This isn't just some honorary title you
get just for being the queen, either... I had to lick the snatch of almost
every warrior in my tribe to earn it! Though I suppose that's a story for
another scroll.

As I mentioned in my first scroll: When Xena and I just started travelling
together, I spend a lot of time with my head buried between the warrior's
muscular thighs as she taught me all the best ways to pleasure a woman -- or,
more specifically: all the best ways to pleasure her.

This routine quickly became very familiar to me: Several times a day, Xena
would suddenly get this... itch, I guess you could call it. I'd know it's
"that time" again when I see her getting restless and she abruptly stops
riding after a couple of minutes of squirming around on her saddle. Xena
would then look around her, using her supernatural senses to scan the
surroundings, and - once she's sure the coast is clear - dismounts and lead
us off the road... A few moments later, I'd be naked and servicing her
juicy snatch -- either on my hands and knees in front of her, or lying on
my back with Xena sitting on my face.

"You're doing great, Gabrielle!" Xena called out, while pinching my rock-hard
nipples. "Push your little tongue up my cunt!"

Squatting above my face, the naked warrior toyed with my tits while teaching
me the finer points of pussy licking. "Mmmm... Very good! Now flick the tip
of your tongue across my clit... A little harder... That's it!"

"Now take my clit in your mouth... be careful with your teeth! Now start
sucking on it... Yesssss! That's it! That's a good girl! Ohhhhhhhhh!!

Lying on my back with my head between Xena's strong thighs, I had a perfect
view of the warrior's wide-open, wet cunt. Hungrily, I lapped at Xena's
strong-flavoured juices... I really love drinking from Xena's snatch! The
only way I'd enjoy this session more is if she's licking my pussy as well.
Unfortunately, the warrior was teaching me through something she called the
"reward system", which basically meant that she'd only allow me cum if I
made her cum first, and Xena is amazingly good at holding back her orgasm
when she wants to. Because of this, my little pussy remained unattended a
lot of the time, no matter how invitingly I spread my legs for the warrior.

But after having performed really well that day, Xena delighted me with the
welcome news that I'd finally be allowed to cum.

I immediately perked up when I heard her say those words. I LOVE having my
pussy eaten by the beautiful warrioress - Xena is so incredibly good at it!
Which isn't a big surprise, considering that Xena seems to be good at just
about EVERYTHING she does.

Still naked, I quickly lay back and spread my legs wide: eagerly presenting
my aroused pussy to the warrior.

"Whoa! Hold your horses, girl," Xena called out, snickering at my eager
response as she sat down beside me.

"We're going to try something a little different today," she told me.

I looked at her questioningly, and she explained, "I'm going to teach you how
to pleasure yourself, Gabrielle..." Xena shot me a little grin. "Not only a
handy... um, "skill" to have, but it will also make you a better lover."

I looked down at my open and very aroused slit, and then back at Xena.
Lightly blushing, I asked, "You mean you're going to watch and teach me how..."

"To diddle your slit?" Xena helpfully finished. "Yup, that's the plan."

* * *

It wasn't easy at first, playing with my pussy with Xena watching and calling
out instructions. You'd think that since Xena had already licked my slit, it
wouldn't be so hard to play with it while she watched... But I couldn't help
feeling very self-conscious as I laid there with my legs widely spread,
pushing two fingers in and out of my pussy -- the warrior's face only a
hand-width away from my crotch.

"Try using a little more finesse, Gabrielle," Xena instructed. "You don't
have to start off with plunging a couple of fingers inside your slit. Begin
with stroking yourself... just let your hands play across your body. Close
your eyes and pretend a lover is touching you..."

Closing my eyes, I fantasized about Xena's hands touching me everywhere,
while I moved my hands across my body...

"Mmmm, very good, Gabrielle..." Xena's husky voice whispered in my ear. "Let
your imagination lead you."

Taking her advice to heart, I began picturing one of my favourite sexual
fantasies - the one where I'm back in Poteidaia and Xena is still a warlord,
laying siege to my village.


Xena had just broken through our defences and her victory
was practically ensured when she suddenly halted her attack.
Riding to the town's commander on her big warhorse, looking
like a goddess of war, she called out her demands: she'd
spare the lives of the villagers, and take only half our
food stock for her army... under one condition!

"Anything!" the sweating magistrate called out, elated that
their lives would be spared.

Xena flashed a condescending smirk at the man before
continuing, "As compensation for the valuable time I lost
crushing your pitiful resistance, I'll be taking one of your
prettiest girls as my body-slave."

While calling out her demands, she glared at the gathered
group of villagers, as if daring them to defy her again.
One by one they averted their eyes and backed away. Smiling
smugly, Xena once again focussed her gaze on the trembling
magistrate and raised a perfect eyebrow. "Got any problems
with that?"

He squirmed nervously under the warrior blazing stare, and
hurriedly shook his head. "N-no ma'am, any girl you want is

Xena shot him a feral smile. "Good. Gather your prettiest
girls in the town square, and I'll make my choice... Oh,
and you better not try to hide any of the good-looking ones
away from me... or I'll sell the entire lot of you on the
nearest slave market," she added as an afterthought.

The warrior's words, delivered in that menacing, yet casual
tone of voice, ensured that every girl who looked halfway
decent was rounded up in the town's square in record time.
There were about 30 of us, ranging in ages between 13 and 18
(any good-looking girl older than 18 was already married).

Most of the girls, especially the younger ones, were
sniffling and looked scared, among these my own, younger
sister Lila. She held tightly onto my hand while giving me
several nervous looks. I managed to give her a reassuring
smile, whispering to her that we would be alright.

I was barely able to reassure her, when I began to
feel the need of a little reassurance myself, as the
intimidating-looking warrior princess started to inspect
"the goods".

The tall, raven-haired woman slowly strolled past the lined
up girls, occasionally stopping to inspect a particularly
good-looking girl. The smirk that so often appeared on the
warrior's beautiful, almost angelic features seemed to be
permanently imprinted on her face while she performed her

I soon discovered to my great shock that these inspections
weren't restricted to "just looking". My jaw almost hit the
ground when I heard Xena telling Rosetta to strip naked --
Rosetta looked even more shocked then me.

It's kinda ironic that from all the girls gathered, Xena
had chosen Rosetta to undress first (at this point, I felt
pretty certain that Rosetta wasn't going to be the only
girl told to bare all in front of the entire village)
since she just happens to be the daughter of the local
magistrate: the very same man who so readily agreed to hand
one of us over to the warrior princess. But all things
considered, it's not such a big surprise that Xena wanted
to have a better look at her: At the tender age of 16,
Rosetta is considered to be one of the most beautiful girls
in Poteidaia and surroundings. She's got long, blonde hair,
pretty blue eyes, a tall, lean body, and a pair of really
big tits... She's also as stuck-up as she is beautiful, and
being her daddy's little pride-and-joy, she's used to
getting her way.

Things certainly weren't going her way now.

As expected, Rosetta vehemently refused to disrobe, even
going so far as to call Xena a "perverted, barbaric bitch".
While I'm pretty impressed with her bravery (or perhaps
"audacity" would be a better word for it) and with the
creative insult she came up with at the spur of the moment,
such aresponse is, of course, asking for trouble.

I cringed when I saw the look that Xena gave the defiant
girl... and so did Rosetta.

Despite the scowl on the warrior's face, I think she was
actually kinda pleased with the girl's defiance. There was
a gleam in her eyes that told me she appreciated a good

Rosetta quickly retorted to her solution for just about
every problem... asking her father for help, "Daddy! Do

Like a faithful dog called, the magistrate immediately
scampered over to Xena's side and started pleading with
her to let his only daughter be. "Please! She's all I
have! Can't you pick one of the other girls?"

Glaring down at the grovelling man, Xena sniffed
disdainfully. "Get a grip, man! You call yourself a
magistrate?! My horse is more qualified for your office
then YOU are!" She poked a finger at his chest, making
him hurriedly step back a few paces, nearly falling on
his ass. "You yourself have accepted my terms, so you're
the very last person in this village who should be
complaining about them... Besides," she added, "I haven't
picked your daughter yet; I was just gonna get a better
look at her goodies... At least, that WAS the plan until
she pissed me off."

"But--" the magistrate tried again, when an annoyed look
from Xena shut him up.

"No buts, your precious daughter is getting the exact
same treatment as the other girls," she said in a tone
that brooked no further argument. "Now get outta my
sight, you're killing the mood."

When the magistrate hesitated, two burly men from Xena's
army dragged him away.

"Daddy!" Rosetta cried out, distressed by the rough
treatment of her father and his inability to protect her
from this.

Turning her attentions again to the distraught blonde
beauty, Xena smiled pleasantly and snapped her fingers.
Instantly, another couple of her large warriors appeared
at her side.

At Xena's orders they grabbed Rosetta and restrained her.
The warrior princess then whipped out a dagger and calmly
started to cut off the struggling blonde's clothes.

I, and the rest of the village, gasped as she cut of the
cussin' girl's undergarments, taking her time, and we got
our first peek of Rosetta's round breasts and blonde pubes.

Despite Rosetta's wild movements, Xena managed to get the
girl naked without giving her so much as a scratch from the
razor-sharp dagger.

At Xena's signal, the two warriors carried the naked,
mortified girl to the middle of the town's square;
Rosetta's big tits jiggled wildly on her chest as they
paraded her around with obvious pleasure. While carrying
her between them, they managed to get in some "accidental"
feels of her swaying tits and tight little ass.

I could hear the villagers whispering excitedly amongst
themselves as a totally naked Rosetta was presented to

"Now for a little lesson in manners," Xena stated loudly
when they stood the girl back in front of her. She barked
out several commands to her men, making two warriors place
a large barrel in the middle of the town's square and
another warrior bring her a heavy-looking leather belt.

With everything in place, she signalled the two warriors
holding Rosetta, and they laid the struggling girl across
the barrel with her bare butt pointing up at the blue sky,
and held her there.

With a smug smirk on her lips, Xena casually stepped behind
the naked blonde, the heavy leather strap dangling from her
right hand. And... well, it doesn't take Socrates to figure
out what she was up to...

The entire village held its collective breath as the tall
warrior lifted her arm and brought the belt whistling down
across Rosetta's firm, round butt-cheeks.

CRACKK!!!! "Yowwwww!!!" the blonde screamed.

CRACK!!! "OHHH!!!"

CRACKK!!!! "Ahhhh!!!"

CRACK!!! "Owwww!!"

With my eyes riveted on Rosetta's bare bottom, I nervously
licked my lips while Xena used her belt to draw a series of
red stripes across those perfect, previously unblemished,

Like most kids my age, I've received my share of spankings
from my parents whenever I got out of line, so I was pretty
familiar with the concept of corporal punishment. But this
was something different altogether... I couldn't believe
the amount of punishment Rosetta's ass was absorbing!

To my shame, I had to admit that the sight of pretty,
blonde, perfect Rosetta getting a bare-assed whipping in
the middle of the town square from this imposing, female
warrior, was turning me on... I found myself fantasizing
about being in Xena's place, and whipping that stuck-up
blonde bitch's butt while the entire village watched.

CRACK!!! "OHH!!!"

CRACK!!! "Owww!!"

CRACKK!!!! "Ahhhh!!!"

CRACKK!!!! "Mercy!"

With my eyes closed, I could easily picture her at *my*
mercy... naked, spread out before me, pleading for me to
stop, promising to do whatever I wanted... Gods! What an
incredible turn-on. If I hadn't been standing in the
middle of the village, surrounded by just about everyone
I knew, my hands would be busy beneath my skirt right now!

Then, my fantasy unexpectedly changed... Suddenly it
was ME being the recipient of Xena's belt: draped naked
across that barrel, my bare butt being worked over by
the beautiful warrior princess while the entire village
watched... This scene playing itself out in my mind
somehow managed to turn me on even more then the
previous scenario.

My loincloth was practically soaked by the time Xena
ended Rosetta's whipping.

As the raven-haired warrior took a step back to admire her
work, I (and everyone else) followed her gaze and stared
at Rosetta's thoroughly punished buttocks. The beautiful
blonde's previously unblemished, alabaster cheeks were now
red as tomatoes and displayed an intricate pattern of

Rosetta had ceased her struggles during the final moments
of her whipping and lay limply across the wooden barrel,
remaining stock still even though the whipping had
obviously ended. Gone was the cocky girl who always
appeared to be above everyone else, and didn't think twice
about insulting someone like Xena. All her defiance seemed
to have drained away, or rather: whipped away, along with
her superior attitude.

Judging from that self-satisfied expression on Xena's face,
she too had noticed Rosetta's huge change in attitude, and
was obviously pleased with herself for the efficient way
in which she'd dealt with the snooty girl's defiance.
Kneeling behind the young blonde, she ran her hands across
Rosetta's glowing red buns, gently rubbing the heated skin.
After massaging the blonde's buttocks for a while, Xena
grabbed an ass-cheek in each hand and slowly separated the
twin buns, revealing Rosetta's tiny wrinkled anal-opening
and a good shot of her swollen vulva underneath.

Rosetta moaned with embarrassment as the most intimate
parts of her body were revealed to the entire village. She
probably thought that she couldn't be more humiliated than
she is right now.

That thought turned out to be wrong pretty quickly when
Xena suddenly started diddling the blonde's slit with a
single digit, causing Rosetta's face to turn as red as her
butt. She skilfully stroked and tickled the young teen's
vulva and labia lips, occasionally rubbing teasing circles
around Rosetta's erect clit.

Everyone watched in stunned silence as this stunning female
warrior frigged Poteidaia's little princess' pussy in the
middle of the town's square.

Xena continued playing with the teenager's cunt until it
glistened with her juices and Rosetta started squirming
back and forth across the barrel, like she's trying to get
more friction against her slit. While rubbing the palm
of her hand softly against Rosetta's pink pussy pad, the
warrior sensually swiped her tongue across the blonde's
back all the way up to her neck, and then nibbled at her
earlobe before whispering something into the naked girl's

Whatever Xena was saying, Rosetta didn't seem to like it
one bit, and she seemed to regain something of her previous
bravado as she vehemently shook her head, refusing to do
whatever the warrior had just requested of her.

Rosetta's stubborn refusal didn't seem to go over to well
with Xena... she ended her gentle exploration of the young
woman's mons with a couple of hard spanks that made the
blonde yelp. Smiling down at the squealing girl, she
resumed fondling the teen's wet cunt.

It didn't take long before Rosetta could once again be
seen covertly rubbing her pussy against Xena's hand while
letting out little pants of pleasure. Wow! Xena must have
very talented fingers to get that big a reaction out of
an ice queen like Rosetta in this little time.

Once she got the fair-haired girl going good, Xena drew
back her hand and delivered another series of stinging
spanks unto the blonde's already bruised behind.

Xena repeated the same pattern over and over again...
Expertly fondling Rosetta's cunt until the poor bitch was
looking cross-eyed with lust, and then spanking her ass
until she'd cooled down enough for the warrior to continue
the sexual torment.

Almost half a candlemark later, Xena leaned over the
blonde's back once again to whisper words into Rosetta's
ear while casually stroking the teen's dripping slot.

At first, she didn't seem to have heard her, but then the
teenager slowly turned her head around, facing the warrior
with glazed eyes and a defeated expression on her face.
Biting her bottom lip, Rosetta reluctantly nodded her
assent to whatever Xena had said to her.

I curiously watched as Xena stepped back and looked
expectantly at the naked blonde while Rosetta raised
herself up from her bend-over position. Once the blushing
teen stood on her feet, she slowly turned around and gave
Xena a pleading look.

Seeing no mercy on the warrioress' beautiful, but stoic
features, Rosetta lowered her eyes, drew in a shuddering
breath, and lay herself back down on top of the barrel -
this time facing upwards.

There came a collective gasp from the spellbound spectators
as Rosetta pulled back her legs and flashed her snatch at
Xena, Xena's men, and most of the village.

You could hear a pin drop as the blonde hooked her ankles
behind her neck - showing some remarkable agility - and
slid a hand down to her exposed cunt. I watched fascinated
as Rosetta rubbed her hand across her wide-spread
pussy-lips with slow, languid strokes.

Holy Zeus! So this is what the whispered conversation
with Xena had been about... that depraved woman must have
ordered her to play with herself, right here in the middle
of the town's square, if front of hundreds of people! No
wonder Rosetta was so reluctant to obey - even after just
being butt-whipped into submissiveness.

Well, this should put an end to Rosetta's stuck-up
behaviour for once and for all... Not much point in feeling
superior to your fellow townsfolk once you've diddled
yourself in front of them.

By now, the blonde was sliding a single finger between her
swollen cunt-lips while her left hand was playing with her
tits. It's quite a sight seeing that stuck-up bitch
finger-fuck herself and fondling her big titties... And
judging from the big bulges that just about every male
watching sported in their trousers, I wasn't alone in that

One finger eventually became two... and a little later,
Rosetta even added a third finger into her tight twat. At
the same time, she roughly kneaded each of her tits in
turn - occasionally pausing to pull and pinch a rock-hard
nipple. Holy Aphrodite! I could hardly believe my eyes!
The high and mighty Rosetta fucking herself with three
fingers in front of a large audience while giving her big
boobs a thorough workout as well!

And there was no doubt about it... the little slut was
actually enjoying herself at this point!

Her eyes, which she previously kept tightly closed, were
now wide-open and staring shamelessly back at the numerous
spectators. With one hand fervently friggin' her slit and
the other kneading her tits, Rosetta seductively licked
her lips while gazing around at her many admirers.

Whoa... You think you know someone!

Xena looked impressed as well... not to mention thoroughly
turned-on by the blonde's lewd behaviour. In fact, she got
so turned-on that she decided to amuse herself with one of
the other girls while watching the show. The next
participant of Xena's twisted sex games turned out to
Delia, the baker's 16 year-old buxom daughter.

It was no mystery why Delia caught Xena's eye. That girl
had the biggest tits in the entire village - in fact, she
had the biggest tits I'd ever seen (including Xena's).

The warrior wasted little time unwrapping her prize...
Watching her strip Delia naked from the waist up filled
me with a weird mixture of sympathy, fascination and
excitement. For several years, Delia's ever growing boobs
have been a popular topic among the growing boys in the
village (and also some of the girls), and I'll bet there
isn't a single male present who wasn't eager to see
Delia's legendary tits au natural.

When Xena yanked Delia's top down and the young woman's
spectacular breasts popped into view, a collective gasp
went through the village - they were the size of melons,
and standing out just as firm. I caught myself staring
mesmerized at those massive mammaries, along with
everybody else.

"Damn, girl!" Xena exclaimed while hefting the teen's
heavy milk-bags in her hands. "Those are some big
titties you've got here... I'll bet these babies could
supply most of the village with milk."

Delia's face turned a beet red as Xena fondled the
mortified girl's big tits in front of several hundreds
of people, including her friends and family. But no
matter how embarrassed she became, Delia didn't dare
resist the warrior princess' crude advances in anyway -
Xena had made too good of an example out of Rosetta.

Speaking of Rosetta... apparently the proud blonde wasn't
very pleased that someone else had become the focus of
attention. You'd think that she wanted as few people as
possible watching her while she diddled herself, but the
opposite seemed to be true when she all of a sudden began
to moan and groan really loud, announcing her impending
orgasm to the entire village.

Well, if her intentions were to get everyone's attention
then it definitely worked... All heads turned to the
beautiful blonde debasing herself - watching her
frantically slide three fingers in-and-out her dripping
slot while fondling her tits and pinching her erect
nipples with her other hand.

"Ohhh... Ungh! Oohh! Oohhhh! Unghh!!"

I noticed that even though Xena's hands were still busy
feeling up Delia's boobs, she was watching Rosetta
performance with the satisfied look of a Mistress of
Ceremonies whose show is going perfectly as planned.

Recognizing that the blonde was about to cum, Xena went
in for a closer look. Since she was standing behind Delia,
kneading the teen's big titties (an activity she didn't
want to interrupt), Xena directed the blushing girl to a
spot directly behind the masturbating blonde by pulling
her nipples in the direction she wanted to go.

Towering over the small brunette whose breasts she was
handling, Xena smiled down at the grunting blonde draped
across a barrel, bringing herself off with a crowd
watching -- and doing so happily.

With fluttering eyes, Rosetta gazed around at her
spellbound audience. That's when she noticed Delia's big
breasts dangling a couple of feet above her face, and
Xena's hands stroking and squeezing those breasts.

"Holy Hera's Tits!" she called out amazed.

With her eyes fixated on the warrior's strong hands
mauling those massive milky-white titties, Rosetta started
pumping her fingers in and out her sopping snatch even
faster than before. "Yeah! Milk those fuckin' udders!"

Xena didn't need any encouragement for that; she was doing
a thorough job working over Delia's tits as it is: kneading
the soft, yet supple flesh like she's moulding lumps of
clay - her touch usually rough, making Delia wince and
whimper; but sometimes gentle as well, judging from the
mewls of pleasure that occasionally escaped from the
brunette's lips...

It was getting kinda hard deciding where to look. On one
hand, there's the spellbinding sight of a totally naked
Rosetta playing with her pussy, and on the other hand
there's a topless Delia, whose mountainous boobs were
getting a thorough work-over (courtesy of Xena) - both
once-in-a-lifetime viewing opportunities.

Too bad there wasn't a way to store events like these in
a way that would make it possible to see them over and
over again - I'll bet something like that would be really

I decided to focus on Rosetta. There's something
extraordinary about seeing the town's princess buck-naked
in the middle of the town square, enthusiastically jamming
half her hand inside her wide-spread snatch.

"Ungh! Oohh! Ohhhh! OH!! Unghhh! Ooohhhh Goddessss! Soooo
close now!" the blonde moaned loudly. Still staring at
Delia's boobs, she moved the hand she'd used to fondle her
tits to her lips and sucked a couple of fingers in her
mouth. After getting them nice and slippery with her
saliva, she slid her digits down her belly to her blonde
bush and searched out her clit.

Finding her pink love button, she repeatedly rubbed it with
her spit-soaked fingers while her right hand continued to
pound her pussy hole.

My face felt hot while I stared enthralled at this lewd
spectacle. I had to hold my hands stiffly at my side to
keep them away from my aroused pussy.

"Ungh! Unghh! Oohh! Oh yes! Ungh! Oohh! YES! YES!!
Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" Rosetta climaxed with a loud cry with
drops of pussy-juice shooting from her slit. She wildly
bucked up and down on the barrel during her lengthy
orgasm before slumping down exhausted.

As soon as Rosetta's orgasm ended, I shifted my gaze up to
Xena who was still having her merry way with Delia's big
boobies. I noticed that Delia looked a lot less unwilling
than she did a quarter candlemark ago. The buxom brunette's
mouth hung slightly open and she had this kinda glazed look
in her eyes. Leaning back against the warrior's taller
frame with her arms dangling at her side, she actually
seemed rather relaxed.

Both Xena and Delia were watching Rosetta. The blonde lay
stretched-out across the barrel, languidly stroking a
finger across her naked body. With her eyes half-closed
and a dreamy smile on her lips, she circled the single
digit around and across her breasts, then down her belly
to her slit.

Rosetta is not easily fazed - I have to give her that. Most
other girls would've been begging for their clothes back or
trying to shield their naked charms by now.

My ears suddenly picked up a low moan, followed by what
sounded like panting... For a moment there I thought that
Rosetta was diddling herself to another orgasm, but then
I discovered that the moaning came from sweet 'lil Delia!
Apparently, having her titties fondled by Xena in front
of an audience while watching Rosetta play with herself,
hadn't left her unaffected. It sounded like the brunette
was well on her way to experiencing an orgasm as well,
even though her boobs were the only parts of her body
being touched!

Xena, of course, also heard Delia's little pants of
pleasure, and right away made it her mission to make the
big-breasted brunette cum. To make this happen, she
focussed her attentions on the large brown nipples that
crowned each of the fleshy mountains. After gently rubbing
and stroking Delia's hard nips for a while, she took a
firm hold of the stiff little treasures and started
rolling them back and forth between her fingers while
occasionally giving 'em a little squeeze.

The warrior's touch caused a lustful tremor to go through
Delia's luscious form, indicating that the brunette enjoyed
the extra attention paid to her nipples - or at least her
body did; Delia herself obviously didn't find the prospect
of cumming in front of a large audience very appealing.
Her hands went up to protect her sensitive boobs from the
warrior's calloused hands, but were quickly slapped away by

"Uh-uh, keep your hands at you sides, girl," Xena growled
in the brunette's ear. "If you move your hands to your tits
again, I'm gonna take off your skirt as well and give your
bare behind a good spanking."

Xena's words made Delia's face turn even redder than before,
but she did as she was told without question - keeping her
hands obediently at her sides while Xena continued to fondle
her big boobies.

"Bend over until your titties are almost touching your naked
friend's face," Xena suddenly ordered.

Biting her bottom-lip, Delia slowly leaned forward -
bringing her dangling breasts gradually closer to Rosetta's
upturned face. Rosetta, meanwhile, was watching the descend
of Delia's massive boobs with a wide-eyed expression of
wonder on her face. Rosetta's fingers kept moving closer
and closer to her blonde pubes, seemingly eager to slip
back inside the pink wet hole between her thighs, yet
hesitant because of the few shreds of modesty she still

Xena solved Rosetta's dilemma by ordering her to play with
her pussy while sucking on Delia's breasts... This sounds
like an order Rosetta would gladly obey.

And indeed: the blonde wasted little time in stuffing a
bunch of fingers inside her twat while eagerly opening her
mouth for one of Delia's big brown nipples. Soon she was
sucking on Delia's left teat like a ravenous baby while
pounding her pink pussy-hole with three fingers in a manner
which quite frankly made me seriously question her virginal

After sucking on the left nipple for a while, Rosetta
switched to the right one and sometime later back again.
Letting Rosetta's eager mouth take care of Delia's nipples,
Xena moved her fingers higher up the brunette's dangling
boobs and grabbed a firm hold of them. I could clearly see
the soft breast-flesh bulging out between her fingers as
Xena roughly squeezed and manhandled the poor girl's tender

That looked kinda painful to me, but it was obvious from
the expression of arousal on Delia's face and her much
louder pants and moans that she was rapidly approaching
an orgasm, despite -or perhaps because of- the rough
treatment of her titties.

Xena noticed this too, judging from the smug expression
on her face. What the warrior did next still managed to
surprise me regardless of all the kinky stuff I'd already
seen her do.

She started to milk Delia... I didn't even know that's
possible with humans, but that's exactly what she did. In
fact, I definitely heard Xena using the word "milking"

"Those big titties of yours are way overdue for a good
milking, girl," Xena loudly "whispered" in Delia's ear
while squeezing her breast-flesh in a downwards motion.

Delia grunted loudly each time Xena grabbed and squeezed
one of her tender breasts, but she made no move to protect
her magnificent mammaries. Instead she simply stood there,
leaning over with her hands on her knees, while this
beautiful, but depraved warrior wringed her sensitive
tit-flesh between those powerful fingers, manhandling the
brunette's bountiful breasts like they're the milk-filled
udder of some cow!

"Ungh! Oh! Oohh! Oh Godssss!" Delia cried out as her
orgasm suddenly hit her. I watched in disbelief as milk
started spurting from her tits while she came -- straight
into Rosetta's waiting mouth.

The added depravity of drinking Delia's breast milk must've
triggered another orgasm in Rosetta. Once again, the pretty
blonde started bucking up and down on top of the barrel
while her fingers frantically moved in and out of her
sopping snatch; only thing different this time was her
hungry mouth latched unto Delia's right boob, suckling like
a ravenous infant.

Looking around, I spotted the same mixture of shock, awe
and arousal on the faces of my fellow villagers as I was
experiencing myself. I have a feeling that people are
gonna be talking about today's events for many years to

And speaking of "come"...

Now that she'd made both girls climax in front of the
entire village, Xena seemed momentarily satisfied. She
casually dismissed both Delia and Rosetta by telling them
to get dressed again and rejoin the line. As a parting
shot, Xena said they'll be told later whether they're still
in the running to become her personal slave. Flashing the
two red-faced teens a bright smile, the warrior regally
turned around and continued her inspection of the other

The moment Xena stepped away, Rosetta's father -the
Magistrate- was there to provide his daughter with new
clothing. Instead of hurriedly covering herself up like
Delia did, Rosetta calmly got dressed as if she's standing
in the privacy of her own bedroom instead of the towns
square. Meanwhile her father was being a whole lot less
stoic about his daughter's nudity - he was frantically
circling around her, trying to shield Rosetta's naked
charms from the townsfolk's eyes with his own body.

Checking on Xena's progress, I was somewhat surprised to
see that she had already found herself another girl to play
with, considering how picky she seems to be. I cringed when
I saw who Xena's new plaything was.

Sara -- a cute redhead, 15 summers of age, whom I'm pretty
close with.

Xena sure knows how to pick them.

Sara is probably the most reluctant to get naked of us
all. Most of the girls and boys in Poteidaia have gone
skinny-dipping in the nearby pond, so we've all seen each
other naked at one point or another; Sara was one of the
few exceptions. Being painfully shy about her body, she
never joined in... and now she's going to have to undress
in front of the entire village AND Xena's men.

Sara's big green eyes began to tear up while she looked
around in panic for a way out. Seeing herself surrounded
by Xena's men with no way of escape, she started pleading
to the warrior to be allowed to keep her clothes on.

It hurt me to see her like this, but on Xena her pleas had
precious little effect. The warrior was obviously getting
impatient, and I began to worry that Sara's refusal to get
naked would soon earn her the same kind of treatment
Rosetta got.

"Leave her alone, you big bully!" I suddenly heard myself

There was a sharp intake of breath all around me.
"Gabrielle!! Have you lost your mind?!" Lila urgently
whispered in my ear, "Why in Zeus' name would you draw
her attention to--" she abruptly went quiet as the dark
imposing warrior sauntered over to us.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here...?" she questioned
with a mocking tone while gazing down at me.

Instead of looking down to avoid Xena's intense blue eyes,
like the other girls did, I looked right back at her - and
with a lot of effort managed to refrain from blinking.

"Someone who thinks you should try picking on someone your
own size," I evenly replied.

"Maybe I will..." Xena grinned. Looking me over with an
infuriating condescending smirk on her face, she added,
"But that person is obviously not you."

Xena stepped closer until our bodies were almost touching,
causing her to tower over me - clearly demonstrating how
much bigger than me she is.

Instead of retreating a couple of paces (like most sane
people would have done) I stood my ground - stubbornly
refusing to back down or budge a single inch.

"You're right, a lowly peasant girl like me is obviously
no match for a great and famous warrior like yourself," I
spoke into her cleavage. "So why don't you show everyone
how tough you really are by going up against someone like

Xena raised both eyebrows in a comic manner and brought
a hand to her chest while stepping back a bit.

"My, aren't you a feisty little thing," she stated amused.

I immediately retorted with, "My, aren't you a big..." and
was about to call her something *really* nasty when I
caught this dangerous gleam in her eyes. My voice trailed
off as it suddenly occurred to me that angering the most
infamous warlord in all of Greece probably wasn't the
smartest thing to do.

"Aren't I a big WHAT?!" she questioned with a sugar-sweet

"Uh... a big... meanie," I finished lamely.

To my great relief, Xena snickered at that. I sure dodged
the arrow on that one - or so I thought...

As she looked me over again, I noticed the look of
amusement on her face slowly disappear... to be replaced
with curiosity and a touch of admiration, followed by an
alarming look of lust.

A sensual smile appeared on the warrior's lips and one of
her hands went up to my face, softly caressing my cheek
while the index finger of her other hand slowly trailed
circles around my budding breasts.

A slight shiver went through me, followed by a fluttery
feeling in the pit of my stomach as I suddenly realized
that it's now my turn to be the entertainment...

Both her hands were touching my breasts now, lightly
squeezing them while her thumbs casually toyed with my
erect nipples, which were standing out noticeably beneath
my top.

The entire time Xena played with my tits, her eyes didn't
leave mine (not even for a short moment to look down at my
chest). It felt like she was hypnotizing me, and perhaps
she was. I'm not sure how long she played with my boobs
like this... it seemed like she was touching me this way
for at least half a candlemark, but it was probably a lot

My dreamlike state was momentarily interrupted when I
felt a draft tickling my hard nipples. Looking down, I
discovered my top had miraculously disappeared, and my
bare breasts were now on full display in front of Xena,
her men, and most of Poteidaia's population.

I fidgeted slightly while staring down at my
terribly-exposed topless titties, but I didn't try to
cover up... knowing full well that such an action would
be pointless and possibly incur Xena's wrath. And, as
much as I hated admitting it to myself, there's a part
of me that desired this dangerous woman's touch. This
dark, hidden facet of my personality was actually being
edged on by the large audience that surrounded me, and
was urging me to fold my hands behind my head while
arching my back and present Xena my tits - an offering
to do with as she pleased.

While a battle in my brain took place, a breath of warm
air blew across my sensitive nipples, making them
stand-out even more. This was followed by a wet tongue
licking around and across both of my stiff pink nips -
the sensation made me whimper.

Still looking down in a trance, I swallowed nervously
when I saw Xena's hands coming up and gently cupping my
bare breasts. After stroking her fingers a few times
across my goose bumps covered skin and hard nipples, she
continued her earlier fondling, though this time without
a barrier of cloth between her hands and my tits.

I could see Lila watching us from the corner of my eyes.
Her mouth was hanging slightly open and her eyes were
transfixed on my topless tits. Breathlessly I stood there
while this enigmatic woman felt me up right in front of
my kid sister. Strangely enough, my sibling's close
presence during this private act didn't cause any more
shame; instead I only became more turned on.

The painful pinching of my nipples redirected my
attention back to Xena, and I found myself gazing
transfixed into her captivating blue eyes.

"What's your name, little one," the warrior's raspy voice
asked me.

"Gabrielle," I managed to say with a surprisingly steady

"Well, Gabrielle, guess what... I've decided that *you're*
the lucky girl who will be serving me as my body-slave,"
the dark warrior casually informed me, like she just told
me that she thinks it's gonna rain tonight. My mind was
still spinning from this news when she went on to say,
"Although there *is* one little test you have to pass

Unable to speak, I simply stared at her wide-eyed.

"The virginity test," Xena clarified with a grin. "I'm
gonna have to check if you're not second-hand goods."

"B-b-but... I-I-I... I AM still a virgin," I finally
managed to say; considering the circumstances, it
might've been smarter for me to say that I *wasn't* a
virgin - perhaps she would believe me and pick someone
else to be her sex slave - but I kinda felt I had to
defend myself against that insulting 'second-hand
goods' remark.

"I'm sure you are, sweetie," Xena told me not unkindly
as she took my hand and started leading me towards the
barrel in the middle of the town's square. "But these
days, you never know. Sometimes even cute little village
girls like yourself turn out to be naughty sluts with
well-fucked pussies (Hmm, I wonder if that was a dig at
Rosetta). So I'm just gonna have to do a quick check and
make sure."

Still in a daze, I didn't resist as Xena stood me in
front of the barrel and with one smooth motion robbed me
of my skirt and underwear, leaving me bare-assed naked
in front of most of my fellow townsfolk and Xena's men.
A silence fell as my honey-coloured pubes were now fully
on display for everyone to gawk at... followed by the
humming of hundreds of voices as my intrigued audiences
started whispering excitedly amongst themselves - their
most likely topic of discussion being my burgeoning nubile

"Mmmm... nice, tight ass and the cutest little muff I've
ever seen," the warlord's husky voice breathed in my ear
as she put her hand on my bare behind and gave it a good
squeeze. I simply stood there, naked and blushing, while
the warrior felt me up. When Xena finally decided that
everyone had gotten a good enough look, she lifted me
right off the ground with her strong arms and sat me down
on top of the barrel, telling me to lie back and put my
feet up on the edge.

Knowing that any protest or refusal from me would probably
result in some sadistic punishment my new mistress would
consider appropriate and amusing, I did as I was told.

Her next order soon followed: she wanted me to spread my
legs wide-open. Blushing brightly, I once again obeyed...
Xena stood behind me now and as soon as my legs were fully
spread, she grabbed my ankles and pulled them towards her
until I was practically folded double on top of that barrel
with my ass & pussy on display; she then told me to hold
this position.

I never felt so humiliated in all my life as I felt
hundreds of eyes staring shamelessly at my most private
parts... But Xena quickly taught me that with humiliation
it can always get worse when she ordered me to "get myself
ready for inspection". I didn't know what she meant at
first, but the warrior was more than happy to explain it
to me in detail: I had to play with myself until my
"teenage twat is nicely juiced up" and then hold it open
while she inspects my maidenhead.

That was just too much, and despite my initial decision to
cooperate I vehemently refused... until Xena dangled that
heavy leather strap in front of my face (the same one she
used on Rosetta) and wondered out loud what its effects
would be when applied to my sensitive snatch.

I paled upon hearing that. Realizing that it's highly
likely the sadistic warlord would indeed carry out her
threat and happily strap my defenceless pussy if I
remained unwilling to go along with her depraved demands,
I reluctantly decided to surrender my dignity and whatever
modesty I had left...

Folding my feet behind my neck, which released my hands
from having to hold my ankles, I slowly slid them down my
naked body. Their first stop was on my still-developing
tits: I kneaded and caressed the twin mounds and stroked
my painfully erect nips with the tip of my fingers...
After giving my nipples a final pinch, I slid my hands
down my belly towards my pussy. Once they reached their
goal, I started rubbing my slit with one hand and tickling
my rock-hard clit with the other.

It seemed to take only moments before my juices were
soaking my slit and drenching my fingers. Taking a deep
breath, I closed my eyes and used the fingers of both
hands to pry apart my pussy-lips: opening my cunt as far
as I possibly could, while trying really hard not to think
about all those people who were now able to see straight
into my snatch.

"That's it, sweetie: show off your pretty pink pussy,"
Xena's voice whispered hungrily. My lust-filled mind was
unable to determine if she said this in my fantasy or for
real. Whichever it was didn't really matter to me. Xena's
words, real or imagined, did their job in increasing my a
rousal to a bursting point.

I could practically feel the warrior's warm breath
caressing my exposed pussy (I'm pretty sure I wasn't
imagining this bit) as she gazed into my wide-open cunt.
For a long time I held this position, not even moving a
muscle as I held myself open for the warlord's inspection.

Then, just as I actually started to get impatient for
something to happen, I felt a finger sliding into my tight
little slit.

"Mmmm, that's one soaked snatch you've got there, village
girl," Xena teasingly told me while twirling her finger
around inside my dripping slot. "Is that all for me?"

I felt my cheeks burning with shame and closed my eyes even
tighter, trying to shutout her teasing taunts. Luckily, the
warrior didn't seem to expect an answer from me and accepted
my silence.

The single digit in my slit carefully probed around inside
my slick tunnel for awhile before burrowing deeper. Busy
trying to hide from the warrior how much I actually enjoyed
that incredibly long finger probing around in my pussy, I
gasped out loud as the tip of her finger suddenly bumped
into my maidenhead.

"Hey! We've got ourselves a real-life virgin, boys!" Xena
loudly proclaimed, bringing a fresh blush to my face.

Her men cheered loudly in response, which made an already
extremely uncomfortable situation even more embarrassing.

When I felt her withdraw her finger from my snatch, I took
a moment to pull myself together and then carefully opened
my eyes, hoping that the worst was over for now.

The first thing I saw was that large, imposing raven-haired
warrior-woman smiling down at me. Lifting the finger I'd
become very familiar with to her ruby-red lips, she winked
at me, and then slid the entire digit into her mouth. Only
pulling it out again after she sucked off every drop of my
essence with an eagerness that caused my heartbeat to
rapidly increase.

What I saw next caused my heartbeat to go even faster: one
of the warlord's men approached his Mistress and handed her
what looked like... a cock! A big black leather penis with
straps attached to it. Just the sight of it made me
shudder. Xena noticed and smiled at me in a way that wasn't
very reassuring.

"Thank you, Merrick," she curtly told the penis deliveryman,
who instead of leaving just stood there staring hungrily at
my exposed pussy and tits. Recognizing a dismissal when he
heard one, Merrick saluted his leader and quickly scurried

With her henchman gone, the beautiful warlord once again
directed her icy-blue gaze at me. My breath caught in my
throat as I noticed the sudden intense hunger in her eyes,
which seemed a hundred times more intense than the look
Merrick had given me. It's almost like she was a predator
sizing up its prey... which, come to think of it, is
actually a pretty good comparison.

Maintaining steady eye-contact with me, Xena slowly raised
her leather skirt and started fastening the leather penis
to her groin. A brief glimpse of dark curls I caught
beneath the dangling strips of leather made me realize that
the warrior wasn't wearing any underwear. Somehow this
didn't surprise me.

While keeping my eyes captured with her hypnotizing stare,
Xena finished fastening the straps to her waist without
having even directed a single glance to that intricate
construction of straps, buckles and a fake phallus. She
must've had a lot of practice with that thing.

With the penis in place, Xena swaggered up to me with that
big cock aimed directly at my wide-open cunt. It was then
when I fully realized that she planned to ravish me right
here and now! In front of her men and my entire village!

"Wait! Hold on," I said in a panicky tone of voice, "Didn't
you say t-that you wanted a virgin as your body-slave," I
stammered while staring mesmerized at the huge,
menacing-looking leather phallus protruding through the
warrior's leather skirt.

"I do," she confirmed with a shrug and a smile, "but only
because I want to be the first to have you... and now I
will," she added with a gleam in her eyes.

"Wait! Please! Not here! Not like this!" I pleaded with her
as she started rubbing the thick head up and down my slit,
coating it with my juices. "Not in front of all these
people! My friends, my little sister, I-I-"

"Yes, here!" the warlord brusquely responded while grabbing
a firm hold of my hips. "You are *mine* now, village girl.
And when we're done here, no one will ever doubt that."

I opened my mouth to beg some more, but before I was able
to utter a single syllable, Xena began pushing that big
faux phallus into my virgin pussy, and instead of words a
high-pitched squeal erupted from my lips, causing hilarity
amongst the eagerly watching warriors.

It hurt like Hades as more and more of that thick leather
rod was shoved inside my straining snatch, and for a brief
horrifying moment I feared that she would that thrust that
entire thing inside me all at once, spearing me like a pig
on a spit. So despite my discomfort, I breathed a sigh of
relief when Xena withdrew her duplicate dick after working
about a quarter of it inside me.

Unfortunately, my relief was short-lived as seconds later,
she plunged the penis inside me again, not stopping till
she bumped into my maidenhead. She repeated this numerous
times, hammering my tender hymen with that huge leather
tool, causing me to cringe constantly as I expected *this*
thrust to be the one to deflower me... but each time Xena
pulled back just in time.

The tension brought on by the warrior's little game was
gnawing at my nerves, until finally I couldn't take it
anymore and cried out, "For Zeus' sake! Would you just do
it already!"

"As you wish, village girl," Xena replied with an
infuriating smug smile on her face, and with one hard
thrust she tore through my maidenhead.

Though it hurt less than I'd expected, it was still
painful enough to make me scream like a banshee, which was
accompanied by a loud cheer from Xena's men. As I lay there
aching with my ass in the air, the warrior pulled the
blood-stained phallus from my pussy and waved it around a
couple of times, so everyone could see the proof that she'd
just deflowered me.

Satisfied that her ownership of me was now official, Xena
pushed the fake penis back inside my sensitive slit and
started genuinely fucking me.

I grunted loudly as the warrior pounded the thick leather
pole into my cunt like she was churning butter. Going
in-out, in-out, the huge phallus plunged deeper with each
stroke till finally its entire length disappeared inside
me, which I didn't believe to be possible when she first
entered me with that enormous thing!

Staring incredulously at my stuffed snatch, it took a while
for me to notice that Xena was talking to me. Giving me an
exasperated look, she slowly repeated, "Put your feet back

Relieved that I could let go of this awkward pose, I
quickly did as I was told... Still, I felt somewhat puzzled
by her command, especially when the warrior abruptly yanked
her phony penis from my pussy. Did this mean she was
finished with me for now?

Apparently not. She lifted me up like I didn't weigh more
than a feather and turned me around before dropping me back
down on the barrel. It now made sense to me: she simply
wanted to screw me in a different position - from behind.

Draped across the barrel with my bare ass raised up and my
head hanging down, I felt the tip of the warlord's leather
dick nudging at my slit again. Mentally bracing myself, I
still gasped in shock when she shoved the entire thing
inside me again with one single thrust.

And then she started screwing me again. Hard and Fast
Fucking that made my teeth rattle and my toes curl. The
entire barrel vibrated wildly as she roughly banged me from
behind. After a couple of minutes of this, the warrior's
hands began to explore my naked form while she fucked me...

First, her calloused fingers caressed my bare behind, gently
stroking the alabaster spheres. But her ministrations became
increasingly rougher as she started squeezing and then
spanking each of my tender globes till they were as red as
my face. I was ashamed and surprised to discover that I
derived a depraved kind of pleasure from the warrior's
spanking 'cause I never even remotely enjoyed the spankings
that my parents gave me.

Xena finished her assessment of my ass by prying my
buttocks apart and gazing at my tiny butthole. For a moment
I was really anxious that she's gonna "switch holes" all of
a sudden and deflower my virgin asshole as well. Luckily,
she let go off my ass-cheeks after a while and moved on to
other parts of my body, namely my tits.

I'd felt kinda frustrated lately that my breasts weren't
very big yet. Only about half the size of Rosetta's, and
nowhere near the size of Delia's melon-sized boobs... just
a good handful, really. But that seemed to be enough for
the warrior princess. She happily groped my tit-flesh and
toyed with my stiff pink nipples while rutting in me from
behind with that big-ass black leather rod.

The pain of my deflowering had mostly dissipated by now
being gradually replaced with a swiftly increasing arousal.
To my great embarrassment, I was now thoroughly enjoying
the warrior's forceful fucking, and I was afraid that
people were going to pick up on this. Well, if they hadn't
noticed now then they soon would 'cause the relentless
pounding Xena's giving me was about to make me cum - Hard!
And I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to hide that...

Raising my flushed face slightly, I peeked from under
half-lidded eyes at my attentive audience.

Xena's warriors had taken up all the best spots and were
cheering their leader on as she rapidly worked her huge
artificial cock in-and-out of my straining cunt; beating
their swords against their shields every time she pushed
that massive leather pole inside me while chanting her
name: "Xen-A! Xen-A! Xen-A!"

And every time they mentioned her name I accompanied it
with an embarrassing carnal grunt.

I noticed that some of Xena's men were holding a different
kind of weapon in their hand, namely their rock-hard cock.
They were openly jerking off while watching their Mistress
fuck me. And a couple of the villagers were doing the same.

Then my eyes spotted a familiar face in the bustling
crowd: Lila... my sweet innocent little sister was staring
straight at me, watching with a wide-eyed look on her face
as this tall raven-haired warrioress gave her big sister a
thorough fucking in front of the entire village.

Gazing at my sister with a shameful expression, I suddenly
detected some suspicious movement under her skirt. Looking
more closely, I realized that the little minx had slipped
a hand beneath her short skirt and was frigging her little
pussy while watching me getting publicly raped by a
beautiful butch-dyke warlord.

The knowledge that my kid sister was diddling herself in
the midst of a crowd, getting off on me getting screwed,
triggered my long-approaching orgasm.

"OOOooohhhhh!!!" I keened, my body trembling as I tried to
keep control.

Keeping one hand on my tits, Xena used the other to grab a
handful of my strawberry blonde hair. Pulling on it, she
raised my head backwards and started nibbling on my
sensitive earlobe as my climax washed over me.

"That's it! Cum for me, Gabrielle!" the warlord
unexpectedly encouraged me, helpfully pinching a nipple to
bring me along. "Don't be shy. Let me hear you cum, my cute
little slave-girl!"

My eyes went wide when her hand moved with lightning speed
to my clit and pinched it too, which made me totally loose

"OHHHHH GODS!!! I'm CUMMINGGGG!!!!!!" I cried out, unable
to stop myself as the full force of my orgasm hit me.


"OHHHHH GODS!!! I'm CUMMINGGGG!!!!!!" I cried out for real as the combination
of visualizing my favorite erotic fantasy while I played with myself in front
of my lover caused a magnificent climax.

Breathing heavily, I opened my eyes and saw Xena leaning over me, looking
pretty impressed.

"That must've been some fantasy!" she remarked with a lascivious smile.
"Wanna tell me what's it about?"

"Uhhh, another time perhaps," I stammered shyly. Like never. I didn't want to
confess to Xena that I often fantasized about what she was like as a warlord.
She is, after all, trying to reform herself - working hard to make amends
for the terrible things she did during those dark years of her life. So I
don't think she'd appreciate me masturbating to the memory of that time... at
the very least she might consider it to be a tad insensitive.

"Okay, another time," Xena grinned. "I'm looking forward to it... but in the
meantime... I'm ready to feel that talented tongue of yours working on my
pussy again!"

"What?! AGAIN?!" I questioned in disbelief. "But you've come four times

"That's right, so we're just getting started," Xena replied with a smirk.
Kneeling over me, she directed her already dripping snatch to my mouth. "Go
on, get to work, village girl."

Shaking my head in exasperation, I smiled to myself and buried my face
between my warrior's thighs.

Though I didn't mind the many pussy-lickings Xena had me give her (thruth
be told: I LOVE feasting on my warrior's succulent snatch), I did kinda
dislike having to strip naked for every one of them.

Despite repeated requests to let me keep my clothes on (I didn't really see
the point in getting naked every time Xena wanted me to eat her pussy,
especially if she wasn't planning to reciprocate), the warrior almost always
removed my clothing before having me go down on her, or - if the mood struck
her -ordered me do a striptease first.

Sometimes, whenever the warrior princess is feeling particularly "playful",
she wouldn't even allow me to get dressed after I'd gotten her off! This
meant that I had to walk bare-assed naked on a public road with Xena riding
close behind me, sporting a big grin on her face as she checked out my
jiggling bare butt-cheeks. I'd have to remain naked until Xena decided to
give me my clothes back, which could last a long time.

There were times, mostly when we travelled through desolated parts of the
country side, that she made me stay naked for almost the entire day, and I
had to flee in the bushes whenever an occasional traveller would appear
(with no prior warning from Xena!). And, of course, often I would be so
immersed in my thoughts, thinking about a story or something else, that I
didn't spot the traveller(s) until it was too late and they'd already seen
me walking around in my birthday suit!

Xena loved it when that happened.

According to the "rules" she'd came up with, I wasn't allowed to hide
myself after I'd already been seen, or even cover up my privates. Nope, I
would just have to keep on walking with my tits and pussy on display and
pretend that nothing out of the ordinary is going on, cheerfully greeting
them on passing.

When asked, Xena informed me that this little "exercise" would help me tune
in my senses to my surroundings, so I would know when someone is approaching.

Nowadays, I tend to think that it was more a case of her getting off from
watching me walk around in the nude, showing off my body to strangers...
Though I have to admit that after MANY of these naked walks I did get a lot
"more in tune to my surroundings", so perhaps I'm being a bit cynical here.

It took a (long) while, but eventually I was able to detect someone's
presence almost as quickly as Xena herself. Although by that time, I didn't
really mind that that much walking around in my birthday-suit anymore. In
fact, I even occasionally allowed some stranger to catch me naked on purpose.

I mostly did this because I knew it would please Xena, and I do love pleasing
Xena... even if it is at the expense of my propriety. Though showing some
lucky traveller my tits, pussy and ass definitely had its advantages for me
as well. Because afterwards, in the evening after we made camp and eaten
dinner, Xena would always comfort me for the embarrassments I endured that
day in her own special way: she would sit me on her lap (completely naked, of
course) and proceed to play my body like an instrument, making me climax
numerous times.

Eventually I came to realize that those naked exercises combined with
Xena's special "comforting" sessions were mostly just tools my crafty warrior
princess designed to help me get rid off my modesty. And like most of my
lover's plans, it worked out well. Under Xena's tutelage I went from being a
self-conscious naive farm girl who only wore clothes that covered every inch
of naked skin below the neckline into a confident well-travelled bard who
loves showing off her muscled legs, arms and midriff (and sometimes a whole
lot more).

But during these early days, I was completely unaware of Xena's well-planned
manipulations to turn me into a little exhibitionist, and often ended up in
some very embarrassing situations. Like that time I wasn't paying attention
to my surroundings AT ALL during one of those naked walkabouts because I was
too preoccupied with mentally working on my next Xena scroll, and suddenly
found myself face-to-face with an entire caravan, consisting of more than a
hundred people, who all got a good up-close look of all my charms.

Xena really enjoyed leading me naked through that throng of travellers and
spend a lot of time comforting me that evening, resulting in a record number
of orgasms (twelve in one night!). It took me a while to get over that... I
was still blushing the next day. But on the bright side, this did teach me
not to get lost in my thoughts so much while walking around naked, and I
really started paying more attention to my surroundings from then on...
though my extra vigilance didn't prevent an almost equally embarrassing
incident from taking place less than a fortnight after this one.

Anyhow, since this not really relevant to this scroll, I'll be moving on now
and write about another memorable oral lesson my lover gave me. This lesson,
which I remember quite well, took place about three moon cycles after Xena
and I started travelling together.

After teaching me everything she knew about eating pussy, Xena decided it was
time to move on to another area of the anatomy: the anus. As she explained it
to me, the anus was also an important pleasure centre for a lot of people,
and a well placed finger, or even better: a nimble tongue put to use in there
could make someone cum in record time.

Xena had already shown me some of the tricks you can do with a finger up
someone's butthole, and now she was teaching me about pleasuring someone
anally with your tongue, "rimming" she called it...

"You should be pretty good at it," Xena said with a teasing grin. "You seem
to have a real talent for using your mouth and tongue."

I stuck my tongue out at her 'cause I knew she was revering to my "constant
chattering" and my "ferocious appetite" (quoting Xena here).

Her grin grew wider and she playfully flicked my tongue. "See! There we have
the little pink monster already."

I sucked my tongue back in my mouth and returned to the topic in question.
"I don't know, Xena... Isn't it kinda... dirty, to use your tongue... back
there?" I questioned hesitantly while slightly shuddering in revulsion by
just *thinking* about sticking my tongue up someone's asshole, even if that
person is Xena.

"Not really," Xena shrugged. "Providing, of course, that the receiving party
is properly cleaned down there... Personally there are very few things I
consider dirty during sex..."

"Yeah, I sorta picked up on that already," I softly mumbled in-mouths.

Xena, naturally, heard it anyway... Damn her freakish super-hearing! It can
sometimes be VERY inconvenient.

Shooting me another grin, she told me, "Just take off your clothes and
position yourself on all fours."

Somewhat curious besides my initial aversion, I quickly stripped naked and
kneeled down on my hands and knees.

"Good girl!" Xena smiled and began stroking my naked body. "Now arch your
back a little... there! That's perfect."

She sat behind me and softly petted my buttocks. Goosebumps appeared on my
skin as Xena's strong, yet gentle hands slowly pried apart my cheeks and my
little rosebud was revealed to the warrior's eyes.

As one hand held my butt-cheeks apart, her other hand moved between my legs
and started stroking my (surprisingly) wet slit. Apparently, at least part
of me is interested in giving "rimming" a try.

I let out a low, deep moan as the raven-haired beauty expertly fingered my
slot. I spread my legs and pushed my butt towards Xena to indicate that I
wanted more.

I heard the warrior snicker softly at the lewd pose I was offering. I didn't
care, though, because at that moment Xena's long fingers slid deep inside me
and started working their magic on me.

Letting out a contented little sigh, I placed my arms on the bedroll and
rested my head on them, happily enjoying the warrior's expert ministrations.

My eyes that had closed momentarily, shot open again as I suddenly felt
Xena's wet tongue licking my asshole.

Hera's Tits!! She was actually doing it! She was licking me... back *there*!

Xena used the tip of her tongue to tickle my anus, licking little circles
around it and spelling out words across my butthole.

Gradually relaxing, I yelped surprised when she suddenly shoved her entire
tongue up my ass and started licking around inside of me!

I had to admit that it actually felt nice, having Xena's tongue inside my
butt, twirling around in there. In fact, it felt better than nice, to be felt wonderful!

Little pants of pleasure escaped my lips as my lover's surprisingly long
tongue started sliding in-and-out my tight back passage. Oh yeah! This was

The warrior's fingers continued their work inside my slit while her tongue
explored my bunghole... The combination of both my holes being fucked brought
a long, guttural groan from my lips and I wiggled my butt in delight.

It wasn't long before I felt my climax approaching and started wildly bucking
back on Xena's fingers and tongue.

"Oh Xena! Oh Xena!!" I gasped loudly, while lustfully pressing my butt in her

"XENAAAAAAA!!!!!" I shouted out my orgasm, almost frog leaping off the
bedroll as I came.

* * *

With a slightly glazed look in my eyes I laid utterly satisfied on the
bedroll, basking in the wonderful sensations of my post-orgasmic glow.

Looking up, I saw Xena smiling down at me while she leisurely caressed my
naked, sweaty body. "See! Looks like you enjoyed my tongue up your ass,

"Uh, yeah, I guess it was... kinda... neat."

"Ha! Judging from the way you were yelling my name I'd say it was a lot
better than "neat"."

"Okay, okay, so it felt pretty damn good," I grudgingly confessed.

"Hmm," Xena looked at me through narrowed eyes. "Your apparent lack of
enthusiasm for rimming wouldn't have anything to do with it being YOUR turn
now to lick some ass, would it, Gabrielle?"

Busted! I swear Xena could read me like a scroll. Though I loved eating her
pussy, the thought of sticking my tongue up her butt just didn't appeal to
me. No matter how good it felt when she was doing it to me.

"Uhh, perhaps," I shyly admitted, batting my eyelashes endearingly at the
warrior in the hope that she'd be willing to forego her turn.

That hope turned out to be in vain, though.

"Well, tough cookies, little girl," Xena said. "You just have to get over
it... you know the drill: I do you and then you do me."

I sighed and nodded. "Yeah, I know..." then an idea occurred to me that
might get me out of this predicament. "But maybe we could do a trade-off?"
I hopefully suggested.

Xena appeared both sceptical and intrigued. "What kinda trade-off?"

"Well... you *really* want to fuck my ass, don't ya?" I inquired innocently.

"Uh-huh, you know I do," Xena nodded. I surely did. Since almost right after
she deflowered my pussy, Xena's been trying to get that big dildo of hers up
my butt. And she can be very convincing! But so far, I'd successfully
resisted her anal advances, considering the kinky stuff she does with my
pussy adventurous enough for my taste.

"Are you actually offering me your ass if I let you pass on licking MY ass?"

"That's right," I confirmed. "In exchange for me not having to do anything
with your ass, I'll let you fuck mine... but only today," I quickly added.
I certainly wasn't planning on taking it up the ass everyday!

Xena laughed. "I suppose I, or at least my butt, should be feeling slighted
by this deal, but screw that! I'd much rather fuck your tight little ass,

"Yeah, I thought you might," I replied with a wry smile. I wasn't looking
forward to taking it up the ass, either, but it still beat having to stick
my tongue up her ass.

Xena was already rummaging excitedly through her saddlebags, looking for her
trusty strap-on. She quickly found it and waved it in the air while issuing
me a wicked smile. "Get on all fours, stick that cute butt in the air, and
brace yourself, Gabrielle!"

Gulping nervously, I did as I was told.

Xena knelt behind me, humming happily while she applied some lubricant onto
the dildo's length. Yep, she'd REALLY been looking forward to this moment.

Then the moment of truth was upon me... I felt her hands on my buttocks,
prying them open, followed by the strangely cold sensation of the leather
cock-head - liberally coated with lubricant - pressing against my tiny
rosebud. A shudder went through me as the pressure gradually increased and
the blunt tip slowly worked its way into my virgin asshole.

"GODSSSssssss!!" I hissed as more and more of the thick leather pole was
pressed through my narrow anal passage.

After slowly pushing in another inch, Xena was getting impatient. Grabbing
my hips tightly, she suddenly thrust her hips forwards and drove in the last
4 or 5 inches, sheathing the entire dildo deep inside my rectum.

"Yowww!!!" I yelped, wide-eyed.

"Relax, it's all in now," Xena soothingly said while stroking my bare
behind in a comforting manner.

"Relax?! You try to relax with a foot-long dick up your ass," I hissed back.

Xena giggled in response. I think this is the first time I've ever heard her
do so... I've heard her laugh, snicker, even chuckle occasionally, but never
giggle. In fact, it was so weird hearing the Warrior Princess sound so
"girlish" that for a moment I could almost forget that I had a large, hard
leather cock shoved up my backside. But not for long, though, 'cause Xena
was eager to fuck my formerly virgin ass, and she wasn't planning on wasting
any time doing so.

She slid her hands from my hips down to my butt and after giving my pale
round globes a couple of good squeezes, spread them wide apart. I could
practically *feel* Xena staring intensely at my straining asshole as she
slowly withdrew the fat dildo from my bum.

"Hard to believe that such a tight little hole can accommodate this huge
strap-on," I heard her mutter to herself. Yeah, I was just thinking the same

But the warrior didn't spend a whole lot of time philosophizing about the
matter. Having left only the dildo's tip inside my anus, she started pushing
the entire thing back inside me again... and then out again, and back in, and
out... gradually picking up pace as the liberal amount of lube she'd used
smoothed the way.

Her hands slid around me and shoved in against my breasts, squeezing them, as
she ground her hips around in slow circles, twisting the leather cock around
in my rectum.

Releasing my right tit, Xena slid her hand down my belly and started playing
with my cunt and clit. I've probably mentioned before that Xena *really*
knows how to work a pussy. So despite the painful buggering I still had to
endure as well, it didn't take long before she had me grunting and groaning
with carnal delight like a boar during mating season.

"Ungh! Ungh!! Oohh!!"

After about a quarter candlemark of Xena fucking my ass and fingering my
slit, I was as aroused as a satyr locked in a dormitory with a hundred horny
Hestian Virgins. Even the butt-fucking was beginning to feel good... the
steady sliding motion, the grinding of Xena's hips against my upraised ass,
the in and out of the thick phallus as it caressed my anal tube.

I hadn't climaxed yet, but I could feel myself getting close. Spreading my
legs wider, I began humping back a bit as she drove the dildo deep into me.
Xena's fingers, slick from my juices, visited my clitty again and started

"OOOoohhhh!! Godssss" I gasped, my body trembling like it's about to explode.

Then Xena decided to spice things up some...

While enthusiastically buggering my behind and finger-fucking my cunt, she
used her other hand to spank me. As if that big black leather phallus wasn't
already enough of a pain-in-the-ass!

SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!!! "Owww!"

"Take that you little clit-tease!" Xena excitedly said while delivering
another series of stinging spanks.


"Shaking that tight little tush around, flaunting it in my face, and then
refusing to let me fuck it!"


"Well, your ass is mine now!"


"And I'm gonna give it a fucking you'll never forget!"

The pain emanating from my ass and the pleasure coming from my clit were
sending some strange conflicting signals to my brain, culminating in what
felt like was gonna be one of my best orgasms EVER!

No question about it, I was about to cum HARD... and from the sound of it
so was Xena.

"Fucking you," she was gasping. "Fucking your tight little teenaged ass!!"


Her voice was hard and taut, like she was gritting her teeth. She started
pumping the phallus faster in my rectum, and rubbing my rock-hard clit harder
as well. I felt my insides quivering like jelly, and groaned in pleasure.
What heated me up more, though, were her words, and the emotion behind them.
Knowing how excited the infamous Warrior Princess was getting from
butt-fucking little ole me was an incredible turn-on.

A swift series of mild spanks suddenly rained down onto my hyper-sensitive
pussy, triggering my climax and making me scream like a banshee.

I was still in the throws of my orgasm when Xena came as well. With both
her hands back on my breasts, she roughly squeezed the pliant flesh as she
grunted and groaned atop of me, driving the leather cock up my anus with
hard, furious thrusts while announcing her orgasm to the world.


With the last of my energy draining out of me, I lay down flat on the
bedroll while my warrior continued to butt-fuck me all through her orgasm.

* * *

About a quarter of a candlemark later, after having had something to drink
and eat, I'd regained some of my stamina and was once again naked on all
fours with Xena kneeling behind me, brandishing her freshly-cleaned and
re-lubricated leather phallus.

"So... ready for round two?" the warrior cheerfully asked while playfully
smacking my tender bottom a couple of times.

I groaned as Xena started pounding her huge strap-on into my sore asshole
again. It probably would have been smarter if I'd said: "but just this once"
instead of "but only today" when I offered her this deal...

The lesson I ended up learning here was NOT to try to outsmart Xena, because
you always tend to grab the short end of the stick with her. Not only did she
finally get to fuck my cherry asshole, THREE times in a row, but about a week
later she still had me tonguing her asshole (in trade for a trip to Athens,
which I desperately wanted to see - so much, in fact, that I was willing to
do *anything*). So I guess the joke is on me since bribing her with my virgin
butt and the resulting painful buggering only got me a short "stay of

Luckily, licking her ass wasn't so bad after all. Sure, it'll never be my
favourite pastime, but every time I do it Xena rewards me with several great
orgasms. And she does it for me a lot more than I do it for her, so I can
definitely life with that arrangement.

Anyhow, like I mentioned at the beginning of this scroll: I got a LOT of use
out of those oral lessons Xena gave me, and not just on her! There were, of
course, the Amazons who got to enjoy my talented tongue, but others as
well... I guess the first real test of my newly acquired oral skills came
when Callisto captured me; not only did she make me pleasure her, but that
bitch gave me to her men as well!

But that's a story for another scroll.

* * *

The End

(c)2005 by Oric13 - Email: [email protected]

* * *


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