Warning: The folling story containes extream and graphic, non-concentual,
male on female violence. If you are under 18 or if fiction of this sort
offends you stop reading NOW!

Xena Warrior Princess: Xena Amazon Warrior Princess Part 1 - Direfield Abbey
by Grandof (MF, ncon)

Xena, the great Amazon Warrior once brought low, not through the trial of
battle, but by the treachery of one old crone and a potion slipped into her

Stripped of sword and spear
Robbed of all that she held dear
Led naked through the streets of d'Or
Xena, warrior queen

The ancient ballad tells of how Xena was bound and dragged before the high
council of elders. How they listened spellbound to the tales of her
exploits. Yes, the story is well know in song and legend but the full horror
of what Xena endured at the hands of her captors is not and is here recounted
in this history.

"No ordinary female could have performed such heroic deeds! This woman is a
witch and shall be put to the trial," the high councilor shouted. He struck
the table once to indicate the audience was at an end. Bound as she was and
raging, Xena was given into the hands of the learned doctors whereupon she
was striped naked and examined in the most intimate manor. Lying face down on
a heavy wooden table, her powerful cheeks were spread open revealing an anus
the size of a quarter into which, to calm her demons, a nozzle was inserted
and heated oil was forced into that amber opening until her great body heaved
with fearful cramps. She cursed them steadily but they went quietly about
their work. This treatment did indeed seem to have the desired effect. For,
after ten such purges, Xena lay quiet her heavy body exhausted and soaked in

She offered little resistance as she was then taken to Direfield Abbey,
there to await the arrival of the Witchfinder. The young nuns of the Abbey
looked up from their pious prays as Xena was led in. They saw her powerful
body clothed in only a sheet and recalled the stories they had heard of the
witches and warlocks that were said to roam the land. Some were curious and
all were afraid, but the Reverend Abbess, a profoundly ignorant and
superstitious woman, was terrified. The Abbess ordered that extreme
precautions be taken lest Xena dematerialize and reek vengeance upon all.
By her order, Xena was blindfolded and bound naked to an iron bed, that was
no more than a cot, in one of the most remote cells of the Abbey. She was
not to be released for any reason neither to eat nor to attend to her body.

The more courageous novitiates all found some excuse during the day to visit
this remote wing where they eyed with awe the great breasts, the powerful
legs and thighs, and the great wrath of black hair anointing her sex. They
gasped in dismay as Xena roared her defiance and contempt and cursed them all
with such vehemence that the poor creatures without exception shrunk away in
utter terror confirming in their minds the dire warnings given by the old
Abbess. All the while, Xena suffered acutely from continuing cramps and a
growing need to urinate, relief of which she denied herself, being always on
view as she was.

That night, after the nuns were locked away in their cells and a stillness
had settled like a low fog over the Abbey. One solitary figure could be seen
creeping stealthily along the darkened corridors and into the forbidden wing.
Scarcely a sound was heard as the rusty key was lifted from its hook by the
door and the small dark figure entered the cell. Moonlight streaming through
a barred window fell full upon Xena's voluptuous charms giving her skin the
look of ivory. She lay in a fitful sleep bound on her back still blindfolded.
A small, pimply faced, boy of perhaps fifteen stepped into the moonlight and
stood gazing on the loveliness displayed before him. The young stable boy
felt himself stir.

"You ain't got no panties nor ... nothing!" Said the boy.

The boy watched for a while then approached and took hold of Xena's breasts
and squeezed hard. Xena awoke with a snarl that startled the boy and he
backed away. He was not afraid of being discovered for he knew that once the
nuns had retired for the night they would not venture out again until
morning; and since Xena had been roaring and cursing most of the day, they
would not find it unusual if she continued during the night.

"Who's there?" ...... Called Xena. "Sister! .... Is it you?"

The boy smiled. He drew from the pocket of his filthy trousers a small jar of
horse liniment that he had brought with him from the stables where he slept.
Taking a portion on two fingers, he searched within the thick nest of dark
odorous curls at the apex of Xena's thighs till he found and separated the
thick lips of her sex. There he applied the ointment to, what some would
call, "The Little Boatman."

"By the Gods! Don't touch me there!" Snarled Xena in alarm.

The boy merely walked over and leaned against the stone wall. He knew it
wouldn't take long for he sometimes maliciously used this unction on the
genitals of an unruly mare and had watched as the poor creature had nearly
knocked down her stall. Indeed he didn't have to wait long for almost
immediately Xena felt a tingling and then an inferno growing between her
legs. She tensed and her mussels stood out all along her mighty body; but,
as this demon showed no signs of abating, she reluctantly began to move her
hips in the most obscene manor.

"Sister! What is this? It burns! Oh Lord, it's burning me! Oh! Oh!...Oh!"

The boy chuckled softly and dropped his trousers. He wore no underwear and
his stark white nakedness shown in the moonlight. He lowered himself onto her
and inserted his ridged member. Xena froze then raged and thundered yet she
could do nothing. She could not even help moving and writhing her hips in
response to the blast furnace that was raging between her legs. The
adolescent took his time feeling her body, her breasts, and her powerful
mussels rippling under his slight frame. When he had spent himself, he stood
and watched Xena's labored breathing.

"Do ya want I should play with ya'r wicked little thing again?" The boy

Xena was silent but as if on cue she began to urinate in great gushes that
just have caused the caustic substance to burn more intensely for she went
wild but despite her enormous strength the iron frame held her fast. The boys
face clouded. He watched till the racked body was again still than opened the
little jar and smeared her maidenhood with yet another application of the
powerful potion. As he left the cell, Xena was howling like a banshee.

The nuns, huddling in terror in their cells, heard the terrible cries and
had no doubt that they were being visited by demons. And after hearing her
disorientated tale the next morning, they would later testify to the startled
Witchfinder that Xena had been seen copulating with the archfiend himself.


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