Xena The Warrior Princess: Xena And Gabrielle Part 1 (Ff,bd,ncon)
by John

The road dust blew into Gabrielle's eyes as she and Xena walked the long road
between Colonus, and Athens. They had had to leave most of their belongings
behind, when they fled in the night from Callisto's newly raised army or
warriors. The evil warrioress had raised an all new army of minions to lay
waste to the country side, and conquer the world for her.

Xena looked over at Gabrielle with her bright blue eyes, and smiled grimly.
The girl had changed over the last few months, from an innocent who knew
nothing of the world, to a budding young bard, realizing (most) of the
dangers of the road. Her long strawberry blonde hair was flowling loosely
about her soldiers, and small lines of worry were forming around her pink
lips. Xena pulled up her leather breastplate up, as it slip over her ample
breasts, and grunted from the effort. Her eyes shifted back to Gabrielle,
who was gazing at her breasts from the corner of her eyes. Xena smiled
inwardly, anxiously awaiting a peaceful night in a city inn.

A roar of men sounded from the road ahead, as several men were defeating a
smaller group of men in battle.

"Iyiyiyiyiyiy!!!" Xena shouted as she charged forward, chakram already
leading the way. Several of the men stopped fighting and turned, as if this
was no surprise, but Xena meant to show them a surprise anyway.

"Just as Callisto said it would be" one of the men hissed to another.

Xena gasped as at least fifty men stepped from the woods then. Then she
grinned. Fifty men...she had defeated worse odds than this, against better
trained forces. Drawing her sword, Xena smiled and advanced for battle.
Then an all to familiar voice broke in:

"I dont think so Xena" came Callisto's voice from behind her. Spinning to
meet her foe, Xena saw Callisto, her arm drapped around Gabrielle's neck.
Gabrielle's eyes were bulging with fear and rage, as the woman who killed
her husband laid her sword along side her neck. "Surrender, or she dies"
Callisto said with a smile. To emphasive her standpoint, she jerked one of
Gabrielle's arms up between her shoulder blades, causing a brief squeal of

"You'll pay for this Callisto," Xena blustered. Callisto threw her blonde
locks over her shoulder, and laughed long and hard.

"You think I'm going to pay Xena? We'll see who pays, and how much," she
smirked with a quick glance at Gabrielle. Xena's eyes grew dark with rage,
and Callisto gestured to a group of her men.

"Don't resist Xena, or she'll pay for your folly." Callisto warned.

The men laid the Warrior Princess on her stomach, and stripped her down
to just her leather shift. Her wrists were bound behind her back with a
strange silky cloth. They used more of the cloth to bind her elbows
together, pulling the cloth tightly closed, and causing a small grunt of
pain. Callisto watched it all, as if entranced. She moved her pert
breasts against Gabrielle's body, coo-ing softly. Xena's ankles and knees
were bound with the cloth then, leaving her bound tightly.

Callisto walked over to her slowly, and smiled. "Do you know what that
cloth is Xena?" she purred.

A frown covered Xena's face, as dark suspicion creeped into her mind.

Callisto slowly reached out her hand, and began to run her hand down Xena's
thigh. "They are crafted for me by a goddess aquaintence. They cannot be
broken or escaped from," she said with a smile.

Xena instantly threw herself against the bonds wildly, and Callisto smiled
self-satisfactorily. Then a warrior covered the Warrior Princess' head in
a leather mask, leaving her prone of all senses.

Callisto gestured again, and several men carried Xena away, preparing her for
later. Then, with a slow, satisfied walk, Callisto advanced on Gabrielle,
who was left struggling between two rough soldiers.

"Xena will free herself, and defeat you again Callisto!" Gabrielle shot at
her. Callisto yanked her free from the two men, and threw her to the ground.

Gabrielle was up in an instant, rushing her enemy. Callisto smiled and with
a twist of her arm, sent Gabrielle flipping onto her back.

"You have nice breasts Gabby," Callisto purred as she squatted on the girls
back and bound her hands roughly with leather cord. Gabrielle tried to kick
her, but Callisto was faster, and had her legs in grasp then. She coiled a
long piece of leather cord about her ankles, binding her legs and knees as

Callisto glanced at Gabrielle's raging face, and smiled. The girl has a big
mouth, the Warrioress thought wryly. Gabrielle opened her mouth to say
something further, but Callisto forced a leather ball into it, silencing her.
Leather straps went around her blonde head, securing it so she couldnt force
it out.

"Mmmhppppp!!!!" she shouted into her gag, her green eyes blazing in fury.
Callisto smiled, and gestured to her warriors. Two of them came over, and
she said "bring her to my tents, and prepare her for tonight."

* * *

Gabrielle was sweating as they carried her into the tent, but it wasn't
from the heat. Fear for herself and her friend rolled through her. The
two men untied her ankles, and bound them, spread a pace apart on a large,
leather covered bed. Then they undid her wrists, and bound them to the
headboard. Now Gabrielle was bound spread-eagled on the bed, her mouth
was tightly gagged by the leather ball, and the men were cutting off her

Shrieking wildly into her gag, the young bard fought with all her strength,
but it was hopeless. She was bound and gagged, a prisoner of her hated

Callisto entered the tent, and the two men left. The blonde warrior stripped
off the metal parts of her armor, leaving her clad only in the leather skin.
She walked to the bed, and ran her nails up Gabrielle's stomach, onto her
pert breasts. Gabrielle's eyes squeezed shut in denial, for the pleasure she
was feeling. Callisto smiled, and took Gabrielle's nipple in her pink lips,
and began to suck and lick lightly.

Now Gabrielle's eyes opened wide, as she stared into the eyes of her captor.
A thin sheen of lust filled her young eyes, as a woman touched her sexually
for hte first time. Xena had kissed her once, but nothing like this...

Callisto traced her tongue down the bard's stomach, all the way to between
her legs. Gabrielle squealed into the leather gag, but it wasnt from
panic... Callisto's tongue had stopped just short of her womanhood, leaving
Gabrielle panting for more.

The evil warrior continued to trace the bound girls body with her tongue,
not quite touching her womanhood. She put on a pair of tight black leather
gloves, and ran her hands over Gabrielle's breasts, stimulating her further.

Gabrielle was screaming into the leather ball, trying to force it out of her
mouth. Callisto smiled and stopped.

"You want this out? she purred quietly.

Gabrielle noded quickly, desiring more of Callisto's treatments. Callisto
laid atop her body, breast to breast, face to face. She slowly nibbled
Gabrielle's ear for a moment, and the unbuckled the gag. A slow line of
drool ran from Gabrielle's mouth as Callisto pulled the leather ball out,
resting it on the girls chest.

Gabrielle opened her mouth to say something, and Callisto gagged the girl
with her tongue. She forced her pink, sweet tongue between the girls lips,
and began to explore her mouth. Their tongues intertwined for a moment, and
Callisto backed off.

Gabrielle panted for a moment, and remembered her friend. "Where is
Xena?!?!?" she demanded.

Callisto smiled, and said "She'll be along shortly, I promise you."

Gabrielle glanced at her suspiscoiusly, but could do nothing, bound as she

Callisto reached out and gently opened the girl's mouth with one long finger.
Gabrielle started to fight, thinking she was retriveing the gag, but Callisto
instead pushed her breast to the girls mouth.

The warrioress' brown eyes stared into the bard's fiery green ones, as she
sucked and licked her breast. Gabby opened her mouth wide, taking the whole
breast in, and pulled back slightly, until the nipple rested lightly between
her teeth. Callisto began to shiver, and tremble with excitment. Then she
smiled at Gabrielle in a wicked way.

Callisto stood suddenly, and planted her knees on each side of the girls
face, forcing her snatch to cover the girls mouth. Gabrielle's eyes went
wide with outrage, then slowly softened as she began to taste, and lick
Callisto's cunt. Then Callisto smiled, and clamed her legs on the young
bards head. She began to pump away, forcing her womanhood onto the woman's
mouth. Gabrielle sputtered, but could do nothing. Her hands writhed in
the leather straps holding them.

Callisto picked the drool covered gag up, and put it in her mouth, then
grabbed Gabby's pert tits with boths hands and let out a barely muffled
scream. She came into Gabrielle's mouth, over and over, while the bard
choked. Callisto climbed off her new toy, and smiled. She took the wet
leather gag, and rubbed it on her dripping snatch, then smiled.

Gabrielle fought, but the cum covered gag was forced between her teeth,
silencing her once again. Callisto donned her armor once again, and smiled.
Xena will be in soon, and then we can have more fun.

Gabrielle's eyes were wide when Callisto walked out.


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