Xena The Warrior Princess: Xena And Gabrielle Part 2 (M+F,FF,bond,ncon)
by John

Xena thrashed in the magical bonds holding her. Her enemy Callisto put her
in these, then had taken her friend Gabrielle away in bondage of her own, to
who knows where.

She tried to scream, but the leather gag in her mouth kept her fairly
silent. A small line of drool seeped around the gag, from the force of all
her screaming. Callisto's rebirth into evil was her fault, but the blonde
warrioress was taking out her agressions on her friend. After killing
Gabrielle's husband, she and Xena had fought, and Callisto had died in the
battle. Somehow, she had made a pact with a God, and was returned to life.
Now she had a gods help, and beating her wouldn't be easy this time.

Xena's blue eyes burned with rage as she heard a woman's muffled screaming
from not far away. It was Gabrielle! The Warrior-Princess threw herself
against the silky cloth, but each time she started to slip free, they would
encircle her even tighter! She felt somewhat guilty, that the feeling of
the leather around her body, combined with the restraints, was making her
excited. She needed to get free and help her friend, and here she was,
enjoying the bonds holding her!

The tents, canvas door ruffled, announcing the arrival of Callisto. Her long
blonde tresses were almost the perfect antithesis to Xena's midnight hair.
The cruel brown eyes smiled down at her captive enemy. Xena's intense blue
eyes burned holes into her face, from behind the thin screen of sweat
covering her whole body.

"What, no biting comment, or dark threat, Xena?" smirked Callisto. She
reached down and ran her hand along the Warrior Princess' body, all the
way up to her face. Xena tried to shake loose, but couldnt when bound so
tightly. Callisto smiled, and planted her knee's on either side of Xena's
bound form, and rolled her face up.

Xena's eyes stared right into her enemies blond cunt, still slightly wet
from some earlier incident. Callisto smiled, and said "Oh, you'll taste that
soon enough... if you look close enough, you might see some of little Gabby's
spit there."

Xena's eyes went wide with shock and rage, and she struggled fiercely.

Callisto smiled and said "Hmmm... looks like you need to be broken somewhat
before we begin." The blonde ran her hand along her own trim finger, down
to her womanhood, and fingered herself for a moment. She gestured, and
three burly men came into the tent, all naked and sweaty. They looked
fairly dirty, like they hadn't bathed in quite some time. Callisto spoke a
few words, and they set about binding Xena into a spread eagled position.

The Warrior-Princess did look worried now, as one of the men picked up a
bottle of exotic oils, and rubbed them onto his cock. He walked up to Xena,
smiled, and began forcing his huge penis into her asshole.

Xena thrashed and screamed loudly into her gag, as she was forcibly raped by
the dirty man. His ten inch cock was almost all the way into her ass now,
and Callisto motioned for him to stop. She leaned close to her enemies head
and gently nibbled her ear.

"Remember Xena," Callisto whispered, "your little friend is just one hundred
feet from here. If you were to displease one of these men, they might be
more satisfied with her."

Xena's eyes widened in horror, and Callisto reached over, and took the
leather gag from her mouth. Xena panted for a moment, drool on her lips,
then said "Callisto, even you.." That was all she got out before her enemy
bent over her and pushed her pink tongue into her lips.

Xena was shocked for a moment, then began to feel the intensity of her
enemies kiss. Their tongue's explored the depths of each others mouths for
a few moments, before Callisto broke it off, and licked the drool off Xena's
chin. Then Callisto gave a secret smile and Xena opened her mouth to try
once again.

Xena was suddenly gagged with a huge cock, being forced between her lips,
touching the back of her throat. Her warriors instincts told her to bite
down, and sever his member, but Callisto sat in the corner, holding
Gabrielle's staff in one hand.

The man with his cock in her ass began again in earnest, as did the man
raping her orally. They began pumping away, while her strangled cries came
out mutely. The third man waited for a gesture from Callisto, then mounted
her, forcing his huge penis into her smoothly shaved cunt.

The man raping her asshole kept sliding all the way out, then slowly forcing
himself all the way back in, spreading her sore hole wide over and over.
After a few minutes, he began to tremble, and Xena's felt him cum up her ass.
Her eyes wnt wide, and his juices began to flow back out her crack slowly.
He smiled, and withdrew his cum and shit covered cock.

The man with his cock in her sweet mouth, smiled and withdrew suddenly. She
looked at him, not understanding what he was doing. Then he began to blow
his load on her face. She opened her mouth to rage at him, but Callisto had
manueved behind her, and popped the leather ball into her mouth once more.
Cum sprayed over har face, as the men all withdrew and spurted onto her face.
Xena's left eye was glued shut from the thick streams of white goo running
into them. The man who had fucked her cunt smiled and pushed his penis right
up against her nostril.

Xena's eyes went wide in horror, as he began to cum up her nose! With her
mouth tightly gagged, and her nose being filled with cum, she was not able to
breathe. She struggled vainly for a few moments, then spun into a darkness.

* * *

Callisto smiled fondly at the bound and gagged warrior-princess. She gently
wiped the cum from her nose, allowing her free breathing once more. The men
were pumping away at her again, but now two of them were raping her ass at
the same time. The other was forcing himself in and out of her tight little
cunt, over and over.

Callisto gestured, and they all immediately stopped, and left the tent. They
had learned long ago that disobedience was a grave error. The leather clad
blonde warrioress walked up to Xena, and carressed her ample breasts. Xena
groaned in her gag, and slowly opened her eyes. Her first sight was that of
her enemy, looking down at her with a wicked smile on her lips.

Xena's asshole was spread wide, and leaking cum and shit, and a little blood.
Her cunt was raw and red, with a slick layer of cum coating it.

Callisto smiled and said "Did they hurt you Xena? Thats too bad... I'll have
to punish them for that." Then she gave a cruel chuckle. "Of course, I owe
you some punishment first.

Callisto walked over to a large chest, and drew out a leather wrapped stick
with straps attached. With slow and deliberate way, she inserted a small
part of it into her tight blonde cunt. The she reached around and secured
the strap-on to her legs and waist.

"Ready for another work out Xena?" Callisto smiled.

Xena's eyes bulged as Callisto mounted her like Xena would mount Argo.
Callisto didn't bother to use the oils the man had, she simply smiled and
started pounding away. Xena was screaming frantically into the gag, the
stick was unyielding to her, and burned like fire. Callisto kept ramming
it to the hilt, withdrawing all the way, then ramming it in again. Droplets
of cum were all ready dripping off the dildo from the knub in Callisto's
cunt, and Callisto took that as a sign to come back twice as strong.

Xena leaned into her bounds and screamed so loudly the gag only barely
muffled it, as a huge orgasm ripped through her. Callisto stopped, and
smiled with excitement.

"Ready for a little more, Warrior-Slut?" she grinned.

Callisto flipped her onto her stomach, and began to pump up her ass. Tears
ran out of Xena's eyes, as she was violated yet another time. The stick was
nearly a foot long, and Callisto was pushing it all the way up her ass. A
small trickle of blood was now running freely, but Xena was building up to
another climax.

Her sound-shattering scream ripped through the leather ball in her mouth, as
another orgasm soaked her legs and stomach in cum.


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