Xena The Warrior Princess: Xena And Gabrielle Part 3 (FF,bd,ncon)
by John

Gabrielle slowly came back to her senses. She was laying on the floor where
Callisto had left her, after using her in every way. She had heard Xena
scream a few hours ago, then go silent. A bead of sweat ran into Gabrielle's
eye, as she thought of the possibility that Callisto had done away with her.
It was her fault... Xena could have fought and beat them, except she
wouldn't let her friend be hurt.

The first rays of dawn poked into the tent as Callisto threw back the flap
and entered. Gabrielle screamed in rage into her gag, and thrashed
helplessly on the floor. She hoped Callisto couldn't see the trembling of
her body.

"Feeling well Gabrielle?", smirked Callisto. "Xena and I had a long talk last
night, and your name came up once or twice."

Gabrielle tried to retort, and it came out as a mumbled, "MPGPFE!"

Callisto grinned evily and slowly laid down next to the girls helpless body.
She leaned over as if to whisper into Gabrielle's ear, but ran her pink
tongue up her neck and cheek instead. Gabrielle shivered with desire in
spite of the hate she felt for the woman.

Callisto traced her tongue slowly down the bound girl's body, slowly down to
the soft pink mound between her thighs. Slowly reaching out, Callisto parted
the lips of Gabrielle's vagina and blew a cool breath on her pussy.

Gabrielle moaned long and deeply. Dots of sweat appeared on her face from
the raging desires in her. Callisto looked into her burning green eyes and
smiled. Gabby brought images of Xena to mind, and prepared herself to fight
the evil warrior-es. Callisto smiled even deeper and stuck her tongue as
far into the prisoners pussy as she could go.

Gabrielle screamed into her gag, and Callisto began to lick and suck harder.
She sucked on Gabby's swollen lips, then forced her tongue into her pussy,
alternating between the two. Gabrielle's eyes squeezed shut over the gag
in her mouth, as she came closer and closer to climaxing. Then Callisto
suddenly stopped. The bound and gagged amazon queen shivered for a few
moments, falling just short of her orgasm. Her eyes found Callisto, who was
sitting in a leather chair and smiling cruely.

Gabrielle was on the edge. All her thoughts of Xena were gone, she just
wanted this evil bitch to make her feel good again... She thrust her hips
into the air as far as the leather tethers would allow. Callisto smiled one
more time and picked up something.

She walked over, and strapped a piece of leather over Gabrielle's eyes,
blinding her totally. Now, she was even more helpless. Bound, gagged, and
now blindfolded. Callisto tied some kind of leather harness around her
thighs and waist, and left her alone after whispering "The funs not over yet

* * *

Xena was picked up by her aching elbows. They were still bound behind her
back with that damn unbreakable cloth of Callisto's. She groaned into her
leather muzzle, and Callisto smiled.

"Are you comfy, Warrior-Slut?" she purred. Xena's blue eyes bored into her
face, and Callisto smiled again. She bent down and attached two metal hooks
to the front of Xena's muzzle, and smiled again.

She noticed a look of distraction on her prisoners face when her thigh's came
close to Xena's face. Callisto smiled again, and said "Oh, you'll taste that
pretty soon. Still, we can always warm up."

Callisto came back with her leather pleasure rod, and tied it between her
legs using some leather thongs. Part of it ran into her own pussy lips,
making them wet. She laid atop the Warrior-Princess, and forced the other
end deep into her.

Xena cooed with pleasure, and looked at her tormentor in confusion as
Callisto used more thongs to tie the other end into Xena's pussy. Callisto
smiled again, and rammed her fingers into one of Xena's pressure points.

Blue eyes buldged in horror as the blood to her brain as cut off. She began
to thrash wildly, panicking as a fog stole her will. Callisto rode Xena like
a horse, letting the totally helpless woman rape her with her thrashing.
Callisto screamed as an orgasm overtook her. She screamed so loud guards
stopped to stare into the tent. Many didn't bother to leave when they
realized it was safe, they simply kept watching.

Callisto barely recoved from her own orgasm in time to release Xena before
she died. She reached behind Xena's head, and released her gag-strap. A
long line of drool ran down her chin, as a faint popping sound removed the
leather ball. Callisto licked the line of drool all the way up to her sweet
mouth, and kissed her passionately.


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