Xena The Warrior Princess: Xena And Gabrielle Part 4 (Ff,bd,ncon)
by John

Gabrielle's eyes stared blindly into the sheer black blindfold wrapped around
her head. The other body lay atop her, forcing her tongue into the young
bard's mouth. They lay locked in the embrace for quite some time, with
Callisto moving up and down, causing their nipples to rub against one and
other's slowly.

Gabrielle moaned, her own tongue darting into the mad warrioress' mouth.
Callisto smiled as she looked down at the spread eagled bard. Her training
was going quite well. She was becoming aggressive, less the sidekick, and
more the fighter.

Callisto pulled her tongue out, and ran her hands down to Gabby's breasts.
She slowly teased her hard nipples, then kissed them one by one. Gabrielle
could only moan in pleasure as she went on.

"Now its time for a test," murmurred the evil warrioress. She leaned over,
and released the leather straps holding Gabrielle prisoner.

"Roll over," she snapped in a commanding voice.

The blonde bard made no move to take the blindfold from her eyes, but rolled
onto her stomach submissively. Callisto smiled behind her, and slowly
slithered her way to the bard's anus. She reached into a small vial, and
spilled some scented oils onto Gabrielle's bottom.

"Please don't!" stammered Gabrielle, surprising Callisto who thought her
broken. She frowned, and slapped her bottom roughly, causing a red handprint
to rise on her tan skin. Gabby moaned softly, and slithered in the oil she
now lay in. Callisto's fingers, who could slaughter a rough warlord, ran
softly over her body, softly massaging her prisoner.

She smiled, knowing that the little bard had only protested in hopes that she
might be punished further. Well, who was she to disappoint? She took her
index finger, and sucked it in her mouth for a moment, mixing the oils with
her saliva to get it nice and slippery. With a evil smile, she slowly spread
Gabrielle's ass cheeks apart and inserted her finger.

Gabrielle gasped in pleasure and pushed her hips backward, forcing them
toward Callisto's probing finger. Callisto took her other hand and ran it
gently over Gabrielle's swollen lips. Again the bard gasped in obvious

"Well, it seems you take my instruction well." purred the smirking
warrioress. Having both her hands occupied on the young body, she simply
leaned down and began kissing Gabby's ear. She kept going down, to her neck,
then down to the small of her back. She stopped massaging her prisoner, and
moved into the shadows of the tent for a moment.

Gabrielle rolled onto her back and looked around. Callisto was standing at
the table, retrieving her "toys". She was strapping the leather phallus
about her hips, and noticed Gabrielle watching her in anticipation. She
seamed to think for a moment, then grinned.

"Hey Gabby, think you can tame me?" she said wickedly. She undid the straps
and tossed the phallus to the girl on the floor. She knew the bard had no
hope of defeating her in combat or any way at all. The girl's shoulders
slumped instantly as she seemed to realize the same thing. Callisto stepped
near to retrieve her toy, and Gabrielle's hand whipped up to the side of her
head, bearing a wooden vase.


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