Xena The Warrior Princess: Xena And Gabrielle Part 5 (FF,MF,bd)
by John

The guard standing outside the tent heard the woman's voice ring out, "Bring
the Warrior-Slut to my tent now!" The voice didn't sound quite right, but
the guard knew that Callisto liked to indulge herself, and that could explain
the huskiness.

He returned five minutes later bearing Xena's bound and gagged form. She
hardly struggled at all, after bearing two days of rape and orgasms. He
entered the tent and saw a naked body bound spread eagled on the floor. The
slut was writhing against her bonds, screaming into a gag he couldn't see
because her head was covered in a leather hood.

"Drop her on the floor and leave." demanded the husky voice.

He frowned at the voice, thinking it didnt sound like Callisto's when a knife
thudded into the tent post a few inches from his head. "Yes, Callisto," he
murmurred immediately, taking his leave.

Xena slowly rolled onto her back, looking into the shadows curiously. She
saw Gabrielle's shredded clothes on the floor, but the body on the floor
seemed to big for her...

Gabrielle walked into the light and smiled. She was dressed in a leather bra
and thigh high leather boots. Black leather gloves covered her arms all the
way up to her shoulders, and a leather horse crop was tied to her leather
garter. She reached down and pulled the hood off the captive on the floor,
revealing Callisto face.

The leather ball-gag that had occupied Gabrielle's mouth earlier now filled
Callisto's lips. Anger burned in her beautiful brown eyes, and drool ran
from her mouth, slicking her chest. She screamed into her gag a few times,
but Gabrielle seized her crop and slapped it against her nipple.

Xena couldn't stop staring at her friend. She kept staring at the way the
holes in her leather bra made her nipples stand out to points. She tried to
talk but her own gag made it come out in a muffled mumble. Gabrielle smiled
oddly and walked over.

Leaning down by her helpless friend she reached up to her cheek as if to
release her gag strap, but stopped and caressed her face instead. Xena's
blue eyes widened and met Gabrielle's green ones. She saw pure animal lust

"Gabmfmfddfds?" she said.

Gabrielle's eyes told Xena she didn't have talk in mind, and she leaned down
further, brushing her sweet pink lips across Xena's sore pussy lips. Xena
shivered once, and stretched her bonds to the limit. The magic in them still
held her helpless, and from the smile on Gabby's lips, she knew that too.

Gabrielle stood, and retrieved the leather cock. She slowly tied it on,
wrapping each thong around her thighs until it was firmly bound on her. A
small knub on the reverse side of the strap-on would tantalize her while she
tantalized her victim.

She walked to Callisto's table, and got another bottle of the exotic oil.
She took a few drops and rubbed them on the head of her new toy, then put a
generous splash on her own body. She began spreading it out, make her skin
glisten in the firelight. She looked to be a goddess of pleasures: dressed
head to toe in shiny black leather, and what skin lay exposed covered in oil.

She slowly lowered herself onto Xena's bound form, and grasped one tit in
each hand. Xena groaned into her gag, and Gabby began squeezing them slowly,
running her nails up and down each one lovingly. She slowly reached up and
removed the gag from Xena's mouth, letting the pent-up drool run freely out.

Gabrielle layed down, chest to chest, and kissed her friend softly. Sweet
pink lips met red seductive ones. Gabby's small pink tongue played with
Xena's deep red one, forcing one and other back and forth between mouths.
The leather-clad bard pulled Xena's lower lip into her mouth, suckling it
for a second before letting go.

She undid the magical silk binding Xena's feet and knee's togethor, then
spread her well toned legs with her fingers. She pushed the leather spear
into her soft mound, and pinched Xena's hard nipples simultaneously. Xena
growled low in her throat, and Gabrielle began to pump in and out of her.
Xena thrashed in pleasure, and Gabrielle was starting to twitch from the
leather knub rubbing her own clitoris.

Gabrielle looked into Xena's wild eyes, and realized she was about to cum.
She grabbed up her discarded gag and forced it back between her teeth. A
second later, Xena screamed loudly at the top of her lungs. Cum started
running out of her mound in a small river, slicking hers and Gabrielle's

Gabrielle was ready to go herself, and ripped the leather cock from her
waist. With her other hand, she tore the gag from Xena's mouth, and sat on
her face.

She locked her thighs around her blue eyed friends face, and looked
pleadingly into her eyes. She immediately moaned as Xena's tongue shot out,
flailing her lips. Gabrielle reached down with her leather gloved hands,
and tangled her fingers in Xena's hair. Holding her head close, she began
to rock back and forth as her friend lapped at her dripping mound. Suddenly
she exploded, cum filling her friends mouth. She clapped her own hands over
her owm mouth to stiffle the scream she let out.

She sat there thunderstruck for a few moments before getting off her friend
and laying next to her still bound form. She reached out and they kissed
gently, and Gabrielle could taste her own cum in her friend's mouth. With
a small sign, she rolled her friend over, and untied the magical bonds.

As they dressed in their own clothes (or what was left of them), Xena looked
at the magical silk and muttered "Destroy it!"

Gabrielle walked to the pile and threw cloths in the fire, but the magical
ones went into her belt pouch with a small smile.

They both looked over to the bound and gagged Callisto, covered in sweat,
with a small line of cum leaking from her pussy. Her brown eyes weren't
threatening, they were pleading. She thrust her hips up and down, moaning
something into her leather gag.

Gabrielle looked to Xena who said, "It would be an injustice not to help
her." she said with a mischevious smile.

* * *

"Guard!" the husky voice rang out. He entered, seeing only the bound woman
on the floor. Her head was still covered the leather hood, hiding her face.

"I'm done with her for now," said the voice from the shadows, "but you can
entertain yourself with some of the other guardsmen if you want. One thing
though... leave the hood on her... if it comes off, or the gag comes out..."
the threat hung unspoken, but he heard the rasp of a knife being drawn.

He grinned widely, and began ripping his clothes off. He loved working for
Callisto... she could be so... giving....

* * *

While the guardsman entertained himself, the two women made their escape.
They had walked several miles down the road before Gabrielle burst out
laughing. Xena looked at her curiously and she said, "She's going to kill
him when she gets free!"

"They deserve each other." was the only response she got.

They continued their march toward the Temple of Aphrodite in Colonus, looking
forward to seeing the Virgin's once again.


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