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Summary: Gabrielle discovers that Xena's guilt about the many atrocities
she committed in her past is so great that she's developed a desperate need
to be punished and humiliated. Though shocked at first, the bard decides to
give her friend and lover *exactly* what she needs.

Notes: I thought it might be fun to make Gabrielle the dominant one for a
change, hence this story. It's told from Gabrielle's POV, and is not related
to my other X:WP story: Gabrielle's Secret Sex Scrolls.

The story codes & pairings mentioned here apply to the *entire* story. I'll
mention the kinks each chapter contains seperately at the beginning of each

Xena Warrior Princess: Xena Warrior Slut Part 1 - Whipped Warrior Princess
by Oric13 ([email protected])

"I'm going to do another perimeter check," Xena suddenly announced.

Looking up from my scroll, I raised a questioning eyebrow.


She nodded. "I wanna make sure that none of those thugs we encountered
yesterday are still hanging around."

"Oh, okay... I'll go with you."

I was about to put the scroll I was working on away when Xena stopped me.

"No, that's not necessary, Gabrielle," she quickly told me. "I can handle
it alone... Besides, I don't want to leave our campsite unguarded."

"But..." I began to protest when Xena cut me off.

"You just keeping working on your scroll, I'll be fine... I have been doing
this for a couple of years, you know," she added with a hint of sarcasm in
her voice.

Getting to her feet, she put on her armour and gathered her weapons. Turning
to me, Xena smiled reassuringly before heading into the forest.

"I'll be back in a candlemark," she called back across her shoulder.

I wasn't feeling very reassured as I watched her go. Things had been weird
between us lately...

It all started a couple of moons ago. That's when Xena started acting
increasingly more distracted and withdrawn.

Sure, she's had these kinda moods before, but they never lasted this long.
And what made it even worse, is that these mood swings seemed to be directly
affecting her fighting skills. Even though she still wins every fight, she
hardly ever gets away unscathed anymore. This really had me worried.

Especially the increasing number of "accidents" Xena's suddenly prone to
during battle worried me. Surprisingly, it's usually the weaker foes who
tend to get lucky and manage to beat her up a bit before finally getting
their asses kicked by us.

I'm not sure what's going on with Xena during these fights, but it's like
she's being distracted by something. Of course I tried talking to her about
this, but Xena was being even less communicative than usual. She kept
insisting that nothing is going on and she's "perfectly fine", while quite
clearly she's not.

Figuring she'll tell me when she's ready, I finally stopped asking, acting
like it's no big deal. But it hurts that she won't confide in me. Especially
considering it took me years to get her to open up to me, and I really
thought we were done with that "strong, lonesome warrior" act of hers.

Our relationship suffered because of this. We argued a lot more then we used
too, and we hadn't been intimate with each other for almost an entire moon.
That hasn't happened since the whole Hope/Dahak thing. Xena and I used to
have sex at least 2-3 times a day, so going without for so long is a big
indication that something's wrong between us.

I felt mystified. We had gone through so much together and now, all of a
sudden, it felt like we were drifting apart... and I didn't even know why!

This problem still weighed heavily on me, but not as much as it used to...
Because after what happened yesterday, I was feeling more worried about Xena
than about any relationship trouble between us.

I stared at my scroll for a while, but I couldn't concentrate on my writing
any longer. Feeling a bit uneasy, I lay back and looked around the campsite,
trying to relax... which shouldn't be hard because Xena had picked a
beautiful spot to make camp.

A small meadow filled with brightly coloured flowers in the midst of a cove
of trees with a crystal clear brook about 30 feet away where we get out water
from. Food was taken care of as well. There are plenty of berries and nuts we
can forage, and an abundance of wildlife in the surrounding woods. There's
even a small lake close by that's filled with fish.

This place couldn't have been more perfect... It's a shame that our encounter
with those thugs prevented me from truly enjoying it.

Once again, I felt my mind drift back to yesterday's shocking events...


Passing through a large forest, we encountered a band of brigands on the road
who demanded our last dinars as a toll for passage through "their" forest.

This kinda surprised me -- the toll bit that is, not the demanding our money
part. These are the first robbers I've ever met who've bothered to come up
with an excuse for taking peoples money. Not a very good one, but still...
most just use the oldie but goodie: "Your money or your life" and leave it at
that. So I guess you had to give them credit for at least trying to make an

However, that doesn't mean we're about to hand over any of our hard-earned
dinars to these bullies. They'll have to come up with a lot better story than
that before they'll ever see a single centime from us.

Anyhow... I tried talking some sense into them, but that didn't quite work.
Big surprise there.

Then they offered to let us keep our money if we were willing to have a
little "fun" with them. And you know what? I actually think they meant it.
Not that it made much difference whether they're truthful or not, since
there's no way in Hades that Xena or I would ever agree to such a

It was beginning to look like the only solution to this situation was gonna
be a violent one (as usual). But I wasn't worried. There were only nine of
them, and they wanted to fuck us, not kill us, which meant that any fighting
would be hand-to-hand or at least with non-lethal weapons. Exactly the kinda
combat I'm skilled in (or at least "pretty good" according to Xena). So when
Xena told them to go fuck themselves, and they came at us, I met them
head-on, staff swinging and full of confidence.

At first the battle went pretty well for us. Xena was kicking ass like old
times, dealing out kicks and punches left and right, while me and my battle
staff were making our own moderate contribution to the battle.

Then, all of a sudden, we lost the upper hand... and I'm still not sure *how*
it happened. One moment I was watching Xena wipe the ground with the lot of
them, and the next moment she was being held by the four biggest bandits in
the bunch. Two of them were holding her arms behind her back, and the other
two were holding her legs and lifting her off the ground. Then there was a
fifth brigand messing with her armour, apparently undoing it.

My confidence in Xena's skills is so great that I still wasn't worried. So
what if all four of those thugs were much bigger than Xena -- I've seen her
defeat bigger and better trained foes.

I figured this was probably a ploy from Xena to lure their most dangerous
fighters to herself so I would only have to deal with the weakest of the
bunch, and once she got the big ones close together she could neutralize
them all at once.

Besides, I was holding my own, and I'm not even close to being the kind of
fighter that Xena is.

I experienced my first sense of doubt when I saw Xena's breastplate fall to
the ground. What's she waiting for? I thought. This is cutting it a little

What happened next shocked me to my very core. I watched in disbelief as the
fifth bandit (a shrewd looking fellow) grabbed the top of Xena's leathers and
yanked it down, making my lover's big breasts pop out for all to see. The
revealing of Xena's impressive bosom brought loud cheers from the highwaymen.
They lustfully eyed the large red-tipped mammaries bobbing up and down
unrestrained, and let out another cheer when the normal-sized bandit grabbed
a firm hold of both breasts and began squeezing Xena's supple breast-flesh
between his fingers, like he was kneading dough.

"XENA!!" I cried. "Let go of her you bastards!"

Swinging my staff around in circles, I tried to rush forward and come to her
aid... but my distraction had given my enemies an edge and they'd managed to
surround me when I wasn't paying attention. So instead of helping Xena, I
now had to use every bit of cunning and skill I possess to fight my four
opponents off.

Under these circumstances, it was actually a blessing in disguise that the
fifth foe was fondling Xena's tits instead of helping these four thugs
capture me.

Xena cursed and thrashed wildly in the outlaws' grasp, but not only was she
unable to get loose... she was also powerless to prevent the brigand from
removing her leather skirt and yanking down her britches, exposing her pussy
along with her tits. The two thugs holding Xena's legs quickly took a couple
of steps apart, spreading my lover's legs wide-open, and revealing her
glistening pink pussy lips to all present.

The band of brigands went wild when they caught sight of Xena's snatch, and
it wasn't long before the warrior's wide-spread opening was being fondled and
probed by the highwayman's fingers while two of the other outlaws groped her

For a while I was too busy fighting to see what's happening with Xena, no
matter how much I wanted to. In fact, it got so bad that I couldn't even
spare a glance in her direction when I heard her cry out several times. It
took all my self-control to keep my attention fixed on the fight... but
knowing that the burden of saving the day now rested with me and that the
tiniest distraction could be the opening these men needed to overpower me,
kept me focussed, and I even managed to knock one of them out.

It seemed to take me almost an entire candlemark to get there, but I finally
managed to reach a large oak tree nearby. This not only brought me closer to
Xena, but it also provided me with some much-needed back cover and the
opportunity to check up on my lover.

I was dismayed to discover that the thugs had stripped her almost completely
naked, leaving only her arm-armour and knee-high boots on. But what these
hoodlums were doing to my soulmate shocked me even more.

The four large bandits were still holding Xena spread-eagled while the
bastard who bared her pussy and tits stood between her wide-spread legs...
that much had stayed the same. But instead of groping Xena, the fifth bandit
now wielded a nasty-looking leather strap, which he struck repeatedly against
Xena's wide-open, unprotected cunt while the others cheered him on.

WHACK!!! "Ooohhh!!!"

"Alright! Give it to her hard, Will!"

WHACKK!!!! "Aahhhh!!!"

"Whip that pretty pussy!"

WHACK!!! "Unghh!!!"

"Tame that Amazon bitch!"

Her pussy-lips were red and swollen, and even from this distance I could
spot Xena's prominent clit standing out fully erect at the top of her slit,
providing that strap-wielding slimeball called Will with an excellent target.

WHACKK!!!! "Yowwwww!!!"

Holy Artemis! Right on her clit!

Will (who appeared to be the leader of these brigands) was telling her in a
soothing voice that if she'd only stop fighting them and let herself be
fucked, he wouldn't have to whip her pussy anymore... To my huge surprise,
his method of persuasion actually seemed to work on Xena!

After a few more direct hits on her clittie, the usually stubborn-as-a-mule
warrior gradually ceased her struggles, and didn't take action when the
slimeball stepped closer and cautiously slipped a couple of fingers inside
her cunt. Smiling smugly at Xena's lack of resistance, he winked at his
comrades and slowly started finger-fucking her.

Doing the reverse-spin-swing-thing with my staff that Xena taught me a couple
of moons back, I knocked another bandit out cold. While fighting my last two
opponents on instinct alone, I numbly watched the bandit's grubby fingers
sliding steadily in-and-out my lover's wide-splayed snatch. I kept hoping
that Xena would suddenly spring into action and pound those bastards... but
that didn't happen.

What *did* happen was more like the opposite of what I'd hoped for.

Withdrawing his two fingers from Xena's pink pussy-hole, Will raised the
sticky digits to his mouth and slowly licked them clean while looking
directly into my lover's eyes. Returning his hand between her legs, he
tenderly stroked the warrior princess' freshly whipped pussy-pad and
actually managed to coax a moan of pleasure from her.

"See? It's a lot better if you don't fight us..."

Smiling at her, he slowly slid three of his fingers into her cunt... Once
he got them all inside, he resumed finger-fucking her, swiftly picking up a
steady pace. While his three digits skilfully diddled her slot, the thug used
his thumb to gently stimulate Xena's red swollen clitoris, causing her to
close her eyes and noticeably relax her captured and exposed body.

For a moment, my mind had trouble comprehending what my eyes were seeing...
Did Xena just... surrender?

I'd become pretty familiar with Xena's body language over the years and I
felt almost certain that she wasn't pretending.

Hanging limply and subdued in the four men's grasp, Xena seemed to spread her
thighs a little wider while Will fondled and fingered her pussy. There was no
mistaking her actions... Xena was actually surrendering her body to these

The outlaw Will seemed to have noticed this too... Pulling his fingers from
Xena's snatch, he licked them clean again. He then opened his trousers and
pulled out his rock-hard penis, which stood about 8-inches long and looked
to be as wide around as my lower arm.

I started to feel a bit faint when I saw him position his thick cock at the
glistening entrance of my partner's pussy.

I wanted to rush over there and batter that bastard with my staff, but for
some reason my feet seemed frozen to the ground... And besides, I was still
faced with two foes of my own, who just got their second wind and were
attacking me with renewed vigour. I tried pleading with him to stop but my
mouth felt too dry to speak, and I was unable to get out the words.

The only thing I was able to do was use my staff to fend off my attackers and
watch helplessly while Will's over-sized member pressed against the entrance
of Xena's pussy, demanding entry... causing her swollen labia-lips to slowly
open like the pedals of a flower, granting access to the bandit's rigid rod.

I don't know why I didn't just look away and focus on my opponents, which
was probably the smart thing to do in this situation, as opposed to torturing
myself by watching Xena's rape. But despite my better judgment, my eyes
remained fixed on the big bulbous head of the brigand's cock as it gradually
invaded Xena's cunt, going in further and further, until finally, with an
audible pop, the entire mushroom-shaped tip slipped inside.

I could hear Xena grunting as the thickest part of the bandit's prick slid
inside her snatch.

Will smiled down at Xena and brutally thrust his hips forwards, not stopping
until his entire cock was buried all the way inside his beautiful bare-naked
captive's cunt.

Another grunt escaped Xena's lips as the thug's entire 8-inches were suddenly
shoved inside her twat. Her eyes fluttered open, and for a long moment she
stared at her stuffed slit. When Will slowly started sliding his dick
in-and-out her pink pussy-hole, she let her head hang back. Clearly accepting
of what's about to happen to her, Xena closed her eyes again.

He was really doing it! A voice inside me shouted. He's fucking Xena...

Unable to tear my eyes away from this shocking sight, I stared amazed at the
large prick sliding smoothly in and out of Xena's snatch. I never thought
something like this could happen to her...

Sure, I know that rape is a common thing to happen to warrior women who get
captured. I learned that harsh lesson on those rare occasions when Xena was
unable to rescue me in time... But I always figured Xena to be untouchable.
Like Achilles and Hercules, a too great a warrior to worry about things like
capture and rape like we mere mortals do.

But as I watched her get fucked, it suddenly occurred to me that this has
probably happened to her several times before. It seems pretty obvious now
that I think about it... I mean, Xena had in fact been captured plenty of
times before: by Caesar and, thanks to me, by Ming T'ien just to name a
few. And I'm sure that the majority of her capturers couldn't resist the
temptation of having their way with Xena's luscious body. It's not like
these people are known for their high moral standards.

Just about every good-looking Amazon who's taken prisoner has suffered the
same fate. In fact, even before I joined the Amazons, I've heard numerous
stories about the gangbanging of captured Amazon warriors during the
Amazon/Centaur wars. These stories are eagerly told and listened to in the
many taverns throughout Greece.

I returned my undivided attention to the gangbang going on right in front of
me when the four men holding Xena suddenly started slamming her nude body
into Will's crotch.

"In! Out! In! Out!" they chanted while bouncing her pussy up and down their
leader's hard prick.

With the aid of his four companions, Will's cock was now steadily pounding
Xena's snatch without much effort from himself. This freed his hands for
other uses... like the mauling of Xena's big tits.

Despite everything they already did to her, I was still filled with
indignation when I saw this man sadistically slap my lover's beautiful
boobs around, occasionally pausing a moment to pinch and pull her
sensitive nipples, moments AFTER she had just surrendered herself to
him! And as if that wasn't bad enough, he then started roughly squeezing
his hands up and down Xena's breasts, as if she's some cow that needed

I was kinda surprised that not even THAT got a reaction out of Xena... aside
from the occasional loud grunt or groan.

That's when things got even worse... Too much of my attention had been
focussed on Xena and not enough on my opponents. After knocking out two of
them, I'd figured the other two wouldn't be much of a threat, but boy was I

One of them got out a whip when I wasn't paying attention. Quickly uncoiling
it, he snapped it around my right boot and yanked hard, pulling me down to
the ground.

Falling down, I lost my grip on my staff and the other outlaw quickly kicked
it away before I could pick it up again.

Then they were on top of me, pinning my arms to the ground and pulling at my
clothes. I gasped in shock when the large bearded bandit ripped my top off.
For a long moment, the two men did nothing but stare intently at my exposed
breasts as they jiggled around on my chest.

"Look-it those nice, big titties," one of the men whispered, sounding almost

Then, simultaneously, they each grabbed one of my boobs and started stroking
and squeezing the soft pale flesh of my breasts as well as pulling and
pinching my large pink nipples.

I thrashed around on the grass trying to get free, grunting and groaning
loudly from the rough treatment of my sensitive boobs. To my surprise and
shame, I felt jolts of pleasure coming from my throbbing breasts. How could
I possibly feel pleasure at a moment like this?!

The question lost importance when the bearded bandit released my right boob,
reached down, and tore off my skirt. This left me practically naked, except
for a skimpy loincloth and my boots.

I knew what was next, and it made me struggle even harder, desperately trying
to get free from their groping hands. But my efforts were in vain... Moments
later, the loincloth was ripped away as well, leaving me bare and vulnerable
beneath the two big sweaty bandits, who were now staring lustfully at my

They resumed playing with my tits again, but their eyes remained fixed on my

The bearded man's hand left my breast again, and slowly slid across my belly
down towards my cunt. Reaching their target, his fingers petted my blonde
pubic hair and then went a little lower to stroke my vulva.

I squirmed around, wildly bucking my hips, trying to shake off his exploring
hand. He punished my act of defiance by slapping my sensitive pussy pad
several times. More jolts of pain and pleasure shot through my body, and I
was shocked to discover that I was getting mildly aroused.

As the pussy spanking went on and on, I gradually stopped struggling and also
quit trying to evade his hand. Instead, I relaxed my tightly-clenched thighs
and allowed them to open a little. Then I just lay there... breathing heavily
while one man fondled my tits and the other steadily spanked my slit.

Spotting my surrender, the bearded man smiled at me and gently stroked my
aching pussy. I didn't resist his touch this time. It actually felt kinda

"There, there... that's much better, isn't it?" he spoke in a soothing voice
while petting my pubic hair and tickling my slit. "We really don't wish to
hurt you or your companion... and if you play nice, like your friend seems to
be doing..." he added, nodding towards Xena, "you'll both be fine, and back
on the road again with all your money and possessions in just a couple of

As I glanced over at Xena, I was once again shocked and amazed by what I
saw... The first thing I noticed is that they'd switched -- Xena was getting
fucked by another man now.

Actually, it's Xena who's doing the actual fucking.

They'd also switched positions, and the lucky outlaw whose turn it was, lay
on his back on the grass with Xena impaled on his prick. Two men still firmly
held her arms, but she was bouncing up and down the big bandit's cock of her
own accord. The two other men were kneeling beside the copulating couple,
suckling on Xena's teats.

Judging from the expression on Xena's face and the way she's humping that
robber's rod, you'd think she's enjoying herself! I thought indignant.
Instead of fucking that scumbag like a well-trained whore, why isn't she
fighting them?!

I suddenly felt ashamed... Who was I to judge her? Xena was obviously trying
to make the best of a bad situation... Besides, after the rough treatment of
my nude, defenceless body by these two ruffians, I wasn't putting up much of
a fight anymore, myself.

"Hope you had enough time to think," the bearded bandit said, shaking me from
my thoughts, "'cause we wasted enough of it getting you disarmed and naked
while our friends were having fun with your partner."

"That's right! You tell her, Bill," the other man chimed in. "I've been
aching to nail this cute little blonde piece-of-ass from the moment I saw
her, but if I'd known beforehand that she's gonna be *this* much trouble...
I'd have picked that tall big-titted black-haired chick instead!"

Bill laughed. "Good things come to those who wait, Harry... But I agree that
we've waited long enough."

"So spread those legs wide, girl," he ordered me. "And give me and my friend
here a good look at that tasty-lookin' golden snatch of yours."

"Please, no..." I whispered, acutely aware of the embarrassing wetness
coating the inner walls of my pussy.

Sadly shaking his head, Bill tsk-ed at me, like I was some disobedient little
girl. Then, raising his hand, he spanked my pussy again... a lot harder than

Though I managed not to cry out, I still whimpered in pain. When he finally
stopped spanking my slit, I found myself slowly spreading my legs without any
additional prompting from the men... not stopping 'till they were wide-open
and my pink pussy lips were fully exposed to the men. They hurriedly lowered
their heads and stared straight into my snatch.

"Nice!" Bill whistled appreciatively.

"Definitely worth the wait," the other man stated satisfied.

Reaching out, Bill skipped his fingers across my mons and tickled my swollen
pussy lips before dipping a finger into my twat.

"Well, I'll be damned! The golden snatch is dripping wet," he announced
surprised while sliding his finger in-and-out my soaked slit.

"See, just like I always told you, Bill," the outlaw called Harry smugly
said, "The bitches may pretend otherwise, but what those arrogant Amazons
really need is a big dick inside their twats -- they just won't admit it to

"Or maybe she just enjoys watching our mates gangbang her friend," bearded
Bill laughed.

My face burned with humiliation, but my pussy only got wetter.

Giving me a smile and a wink, that bearded bastard pushed two more fingers
into my love-tunnel. I gasped at the intrusion, and gasped again when he
started sliding the triple digits in-and-out my tight pussy-hole.

I lay there in a daze while Bill finger-fucked my pussy and Harry fiddled
with my hard nipples, pinching and twisting them, though not being overly
rough this time.

After a while, they changed their positions...

Bill sat down between my spread legs while Harry kneeled above me and pressed
his legs down on my forearms, keeping them pinned to the ground. Leaning
forward, Harry grabbed both my ankles and lifted my legs off the ground,
pulling them towards him while spreading them even further apart than they
already were, making me look like a human wishbone. My pussy and asshole were
now fully exposed to the men's leering eyes, and they laughingly informed me
that all my holes would soon be stuffed with cocks.

Their taunting broke the erotic trance I was in. And when I saw Bill pull a
9-inch hard-on from his pants, I began to struggle anew, desperately trying
to break free.

"That's one little wildcat we captured, Bill," Harry mockingly said while
putting all his weight on my arms to keep me down.

"Sure is," Bill laughed. "Luckily, I've got the proper tool to tame little
wildcats right here..." He placed his prick against the opening of my cunt
and rubbed the tip against my labia-lips.

I tried to kick him in the face, but Harry held my ankles in a tight grip.

With his dick poised at the entrance of my pussy, he seemed ready to ram his
rod inside of me. But a loud penetrating noise suddenly stopped him: Xena's
battlecry, which at that moment seemed to be the sweetest sound I ever heard.


I couldn't see what was happening with Bill's big body blocking my view, but
I heard a loud cacophony of thuds, crashes, and cries of pain... followed by
Xena's voice shouting, "GET YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF OF HER!!!!!"

The two thugs jumped to their feet while frantically grabbling for their
weapons. They seemed to have completely forgotten about me, which wasn't very

Using all the strength I could muster, I kicked my foot up into Bill's
balls, causing the large man to shriek loudly and drop to the ground, and
immediately followed up with a swift punch to Harry's crotch. Harry clutched
his gonads, turned pale, and slowly keeled over.

Breathing heavily and shaking slightly, I sat up and looked at the two
groaning thugs, curled up in a foetal position. They didn't look so
impressive now.

Hearing muffled laughter made me look up, and I saw Xena standing a couple of
feet away - still naked apart from her boots and arm-armour - looking down at
the men and me. She was covering her mouth, trying (and failing) to keep from
laughing. Behind her I spotted a couple of brigands stumbling into the woods,
and two others lie unconscious on the ground.

Looking back and forth between Xena and the unconscious outlaws, I remember
thinking "What in Hades' name..." while issuing Xena an annoyed look. This
wasn't a laughing matter.

When she saw the look on my face, Xena's laughter quickly died down and there
was a long moment of uncomfortable silence between us.

It seemed like Xena was about to say something, but the moment she opened her
mouth to speak she appeared to have a change of heart, and closed it again.

Avoiding my eyes, she walked over to Bill and Harry and grabbed them by the
scruff of their necks. Helping them to their feet, she half walked, half
dragged them into the direction the other outlaws had fled, and gave them
each a swift kick in the ass to help them on their way.

I silently watched while she "helped" the other two brigands who just
regained consciousness on their way as well, leaving us alone on the forest

When she headed back, I'd finally decided not to let her get away with her
evasive behaviour any longer. Getting up, I quickly took up position in the
middle of the path. Standing straight with my feet planted slightly apart
and my hands at my sides, I felt ready to confront her.

Of course, my posture might have looked slightly more impressive if I hadn't
been totally naked apart from my boots... but it would have to do.

Xena stopped right in front of me and for a while we just stood there looking
at one another, until I finally broke the long silence.

"What happened to you, Xena?" I quietly asked.

I waited patiently for Xena to speak, giving her plenty of time to formulate
a response, but she remained silent. And I noticed she's avoiding my eyes
again, which is very uncharacteristically for her. I guess she must be
feeling a lot of guilt about what happened...

On the other hand, she may just be avoiding my eyes because she's too busy
staring at my tits. I'm not sure... Lately, with this distance between us,
it's been getting harder for me to correctly interpret Xena's frame of
mind... and her being completely nude was kinda distracting me.

Doing my best not to sound upset or judgemental, I clarified, "How did you
go from beating the crap out of those bandits, to getting captured, stripped
naked and raped... and THEN back again to beating the crap out of them?"

More silence...

I sighed. This wasn't going well.

"It seemed like you just... lost your fighting spirit, all of a sudden," I
said, trying to make sense of her behaviour myself, "And didn't get it back
until you saw that I was about to get raped as well."

"I'm sorry, Gabrielle," Xena said, finally breaking her silence. "That should
never have happened, I--"

I raised a halting hand. "I don't want an apology; I just want to know what's
going on with you, Xena."

"I-I..." Xena bit down on her lower lip and looked down for a moment before
meeting my eyes again. "I'm not sure myself."

"Oh, c'mon... you must have some idea?!" I spoke in disbelief.

She looked away again without replying.

I sighed again. I was getting really tired of this... Taking her face into my
hands, I "forced" her to look at me and stepped closer until our noses were
almost touching.

"Damnit, Xena! At least give me *something*!" I implored her, with both words
and eyes.

Xena looked back longingly. Then, suddenly, she put her arms around me and
pressed her mouth again mine.

"MMMmmmm?!" was my muffled reply.

While Xena slipped me the tongue, her right hand slid down my back and
started groping my ass.

I didn't know what to think or do anymore! On the one hand, we really needed
to talk and this seemed an obvious ploy from Xena to distract me from that;
also, this was neither the time nor the place to have sex. But on the other
hand, my entire body was aching for the warrior's touch after having to go
for an entire moon without, and every part of me that Xena touched tingled
with pleasure.

When her left hand slid between my thighs and her fingers began working their
magic on my pussy, I felt my resistance flee. It seemed that my body had made
the choice for me...

It didn't take long before Xena got my juices flowing again and I was leaning
back relaxed against my lover's large soft breasts, safely enveloped by her
strong arms while she smoothly worked three fingers into my snatch and
fondled my tits.

When she had me sufficiently horny and relaxed, Xena lifted me up and carried
me to a fallen tree trunk lying beside the forest path. After sitting her
naked ass down on the rough bark, she seated me on her lap - facing away with
my legs spread wide - and returned her hands to my pussy and tits.

Xena got a steady finger-fucking rhythm going and gradually increased the
number of fingers in my snatch from two to four.

I stared down with dazed eyes at the four fingers sliding swiftly in-and-out
my slit and absently wondered if some of the outlaws were still around,
jerking off while watching Xena finger-fuck my pussy... and was surprised to
discover that I didn't really care. In fact, the possibility of being watched
while Xena fingered my snatch only turned me on more.

Well, if they *are* watching then let's REALLY give 'em a show to remember,
I thought excitedly.

I turned my head and looked with lust-filled eyes at Xena.

"Give me more," I groaned while pushing my pussy against her hand.

"Are you sure, Gabrielle?" Xena asked. Her voice sounded hesitant, but the
lust in her eyes mirrored my own -- revealing an intense eagerness to see
my cunt swallow her entire hand.

I wasn't surprised; Xena's always had a thing about fisting. But while my
small hand has little trouble getting into Xena's snatch, things aren't that
easy the other way around: my pussy is much tighter and Xena's hand is much
bigger. And even though we made several attempts, my tight little slit has
never been able to accommodate more than four fingers at the same time, and
even that didn't go easy.

I don't know why I picked that moment to give fisting another try, but I do
know that I was feeling very horny and four fingers just didn't seem to be

So I smiled at her and nodded.

"Fuck me with your fist, Xena," I told her breathlessly.

Xena smiled with delight and lustfully licked her lips. Looking down over my
shoulder, she immediately tried pushing her thumb in my twat alongside the
other four fingers, but soon stopped when she discovered that this wasn't a
good position to fist-fuck me in. With me sitting on her lap facing away, she
didn't have much leverage with her hand and would be hard pressed to push it
further than a couple of inches inside my pussy.

"Hmm, I don't think it's gonna work like this," she told me. "Maybe if you're
facing me..."

"Yeah, that might work..." I replied thoughtfully, "but I think I know a
position which will grant you even better access to my snatch."

I turned around on her lap 'till I was facing her and hooked my legs around
her waist. I held her hands while she spread her legs wide-open and slowly
leaned back until my head and lower-back rested on the cool moss growing on
the ground around the fallen tree. Unhooking my legs I used my elbows to
move back a bit and planted my feet on the trunk at either side of Xena.
This pushed my pelvis up and presented my wide-spread snatch to Xena at the
perfect angle for a fisting.

"So, whaddaya think?" I said with a seductive smile.

"*Very* nice!" Xena whistled appreciatively. "That sure is a pretty pussy
you've got there, Gabbie," she grinned lasciviously while staring directly
into my pink pussy-hole.

"Why, thank you," I said, smiling back coyly. "You may pet it if you like."

Her smile grew bigger as she reached out to pet my pubic hair.

"Oohhh soft!" she cooed.

Then she stroked my swollen labia-lips and slipped a single finger inside.

"Oohhh wet!" she grinned.

I moaned with pleasure when she stuck a second finger inside my slit and
began finger-fucking me again. When I felt a third digit pressing against the
entrance of my cunt, I pushed my hips upwards -- making the full length of
all three the fingers fill my fuck hole.

A short while later, the three fingers fucking my snatch were joined by a
fourth. While wetting my lips with my tongue, I stared intently at the
arousing sight of my delicate pink pussy-lips stretched tightly around the
wedge formed by those four long digits. It was a tight fit, and Xena hadn't
even added her thumb yet.

At this point, it seemed almost impossible that Xena would be able to fit
her entire hand inside my little slit. Yet strangely enough, this realization
didn't result in me having any second thoughts about the whole fisting thing.
Instead it only made me more eager to see my lover's large hand plunder my

Apparently, Xena felt the same way. Staring spellbound at my stuffed slit,
she started finger-fucking me increasingly faster.

"Ready, Gabrielle?" she asked with a slightly trembling voice.

I licked my lips again and nodded.

"Fill my cunt with your fist, Xena," I called out excitedly while pushing
my pussy up to meet her thrusting fingers.

"I live to serve, my Queen," she smiled, and began pushing her thumb in my
twat along with the other four fingers.

I grunted and groaned from the strain put upon my already stretching
cunt-lips. Just like with our earlier attempts, it hurt like Hades... but
unlike those other times I didn't ask her to stop. Quite the contrary, in

"Yes! Give it to me, Xena!" I called out, squirming lustfully. "Shove your
hand up my snatch and pound my pussy till I pass out!"

She didn't need to be told twice.

I felt a sharp pain followed by a triumphant cry from Xena. Looking down, I
saw that her whole hand was buried inside my pussy up to the wrist. The sight
of it almost made me cum on the spot.

When I felt her hand twist around and form a fist inside my twat, I DID cum.
While my body still shook and trembled from my orgasm, Xena started slowly
moving her fist around inside my cunt, triggering another orgasm.

These two orgasms provided my pussy with plenty of lubrication and enabled
Xena to slide her fist more easily back and forth inside my tight sheath.
Breathing heavily, I stared with half-lidded eyes at my split-open crotch,
watching fascinated how with every single thrust more of Xena's arm
disappeared into my snatch.

Her arm kept going faster and faster, eventually appearing as a pink blur
to my dazed vision. Closing my eyes, I was unaware of anything except the
overwhelming sensation of Xena's fist pounding my pussy

Xena has never been this rough with me before. It felt like she was using my
pussy as a punching bag. The heady combination of pleasure and pain almost
made me pass out, but instead I came again.

With Xena fisting me like there's no tomorrow, I spent the next half
candlemark in a constant state of painful pleasure (or pleasurable pain,
I'm not sure which).

"I'm sorry, Gabrielle," I recall her whispering to me while her hammering
hand brought me to another orgasm. "I'm sorry about what happened to you
today... I won't fail you again."

As my sixth orgasm hit me, I felt myself loosing consciousness...

I'm not sure how long I was out, but considering that I woke up on top of
Argo, it must have been a while. Once I recovered from the shock of waking
up on a riding mount, I quickly noticed three things (in this order):

1. I'm still naked.
2. Considering I can feel hard nipples pressing against my back, Xena's
sitting behind me, naked as well.
3. I'm being fucked up the ass.

In my disoriented state, it took me some time to assess the situation more
precisely, but I quickly came to the conclusion that Xena's behaviour is
getting stranger and stranger... She was riding Argo in a quick gallop down
a small path through the woods, using her left hand to handle the reigns
and her right hand to fondle my left tit AND keep me from falling off. And,
as an added "safety precaution" she'd strapped a dildo to her waist, and
shoved the entire thing up my bunghole. This basically resulted in me
getting thoroughly ass-fucked during this bumpy ride, and made me feel even
more confused (and aroused) than before.

First, Xena doesn't touch me for weeks. Then, after getting raped by a bunch
of thugs, she suddenly can't keep her hands off of me (or out of me) up to
the point of butt-fucking me without my consent. This is just so out of
character for her...

I decided to keep a close eye on Xena until I'd figured out exactly what's
going on with her. And to finally have that talk Xena keeps putting off...
Just not *now*, I mentally added as I felt another orgasm approaching,
brought on by the steady pounding of the dildo into my sensitive ass.

As the seventh orgasm of that day shook my tired body, Xena rode us into a
small colourful clearing that was going to be our campsite.


Thinking back about these events made me recall the shock I felt at seeing
my usually unbeatable best friend get captured and raped; and brought back
some of the fear and adrenaline that had gone through me when I was about
to be fucked myself by those two men.

I also felt my pussy tingle when I thought back to the rough fisting Xena
had given me afterwards. I was still sore from that.

But more importantly, I was reminded of my intention to keep a close eye on

Putting the scroll away, I got up and stared in the direction Xena had
disappeared to a short while ago... trying to decide if I should go after

Even though I'd learned a lot about tracking from Xena, I also learned that
the warrior princess isn't an easy person to follow. And IF I succeed and
she catches me then she's gonna be mighty pissed.

After thinking it over, I shrugged. So what? Let her be pissed at me for a
change... I picked up my staff, and quickly headed for the place in the
forest I saw her last.


Wiping my sweaty brow, I looked around me again. I was pretty certain Xena
had passed this spot, but I couldn't tell where she went from here...

I was about to give up and head back to the campsite when my eyes detected a
glitter in the opening of a hollow tree. If the sunlight hadn't been shining
at just the right angle, I probably would've missed it. But since I didn't,
my intention of heading back to camp was momentarily forgotten. Instead, I
quickly headed for the tree to investigate.

Metal is a precious commodity, and isn't usually found lying around in the
middle of a forest. Besides, the way it sparkled indicates that it couldn't
have been there long, or dirt and rust would've dulled it by now.

Peering inside the hollow, I was astounded to discover that the metal I saw
belonged to Xena's breastplate. I was even more surprised when I found out
that *all* Xena's weaponry and armour was hidden here, including her whip,
chakram and leathers. And from the particular way it was stashed, I could
tell that Xena herself most likely put it here.

But... this meant that Xena was traipsing around this thug-infested forest
in nothing but her shift and boots.

What the fuck?! Why in Zeus' name would she do something that dangerous? I
mean, sure, she's done plenty of dangerous stuff before, but at least there
was somekinda purpose behind that...

Hmm, I suppose it's possible that she got hot and decided to go swimming in
some nearby water... But then why not keep her equipment within easy reach?
Or why not wait half a candlemark until she's back at our campsite. This
doesn't make much sense... which, I guess, pretty much describes Xena's
recent behaviour.

After putting Xena's stuff back the way I found it, I did another - extremely
thorough - sweep of the vicinity, trying to find some kind of clue that would
tell me what direction she's headed.

Just like before, I didn't find anything. I guess Xena put extra care in not
leaving behind any trail that would lead people to her weapons and armour.
That, at least, makes sense...

I was thinking about my next move when I suddenly heard the faint whisper of
voices coming from somewhere east of me. Holding my staff tightly, I went to

Using the wood-skills that Xena and Ephiny taught me, I approached the
talking men without making any noise and also managed to stay well hidden.

The voices were coming from a small clearing nearby... Through a mass of
thick bushes, I could faintly detect the movement of men and the gleam of
sun reflecting on water.

I found a small opening between the bushes and cautiously peered through it.
This turned out to be a perfect spot to watch the going-ons in the nearby
glade, giving me a perfect view of the entire clearing... including the
tranquil pond in the middle, and the group of men, and...

I covered my mouth to stifle a cry. As I feared, the voices I'd heard
belonged to the band of thugs we met earlier today. Not only were they still
around but... they had captured Xena again!

Frozen in shock and disbelief, I stared at the lewd scene taking place right
in front of me. My mind numbly noted that Xena appeared to be relatively
unharmed aside from a few cuts and bruises. It was pretty easy to make that
assessment because apart from her boots, she was completely naked again.

Naked with two cocks inside of her, I mentally added a moment later, as I
slowly began to comprehend what I'm seeing.

To be continued in Chapter 2 - Gangbanged Warrior Princess


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