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Rating: NC-17

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Pairings: Gabrielle/Xena

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Summary: Gabrielle discovers that Xena's guilt about the many atrocities
she committed in her past is so great that she's developed a desperate need
to be punished and humiliated. Though shocked at first, the young bard
decides to give her friend and lover *exactly* what she needs.

Notes: I thought it might be fun to make Gabrielle the dominant one for a
change, hence this story. It's told from Gabrielle's POV, and is not really
related to my other X:WP story: Gabrielle's Secret Sex Scrolls, though
there are some similarities.

Note: This chapter is dedicated to Geoffrey aka WarriorBard aka one of my
biggest fans :) His constant encouragement & feedback is the main reason
why I keep working on this story.

Xena - Warrior Princess:
Xena Warrior Slut Part 4 - Discipline From An Angry Bard
by Oric13 ([email protected])

"Gabrielle?!" Xena repeated, looking more shaken up from seeing me than
from her recent gangbang. She looked down at her welted tits and red and
swollen pussy and then back at me. "I-I can explain..."

I slapped her. Not her face, but her breasts - both of them - hard.



Xena gasped.

I slapped her tits again.


"Fucking whore!"

Xena just stood there, making no move to protect her tender tits. Confronting
my unfaithful lover had rekindled the anger and resentment I'd felt before. I
was about to beat her breasts again when I suddenly noticed how badly hurt
they already were and stopped myself.

I silently studied the warrior's bruised and battered breasts. The damage
looked far worse from up-close than it did from my hiding place in the
bushes. 'Merciful Zeus! That little bastard really did a number on Xena's
poor tits,' I pondered worriedly while trailing a finger across the web of
welts that had formed on my lover's luscious boobs. And Xena's pussy and
ass appeared to be in a similar state of suffering.

I sighed. No matter how much I wanted to make Xena pay for her betrayal
right now with some pussy, ass and titty whipping of my own, it's obvious
that this kinda payback would have to wait till her body has had time to
heal. Nevertheless, I was determined to get at least some kind of
satisfaction for now.

Still pretty pissed off but with my anger in check now, I grabbed Xena's
chin and forced her to look me in the eye. She noticeably winced from the
look of fury I was sending her.

"Get down on your knees, bitch!" I snapped.

Without hesitating, Xena obeyed and kneeled before me. Though still plenty
angry at her, I was pleased by my lover's complete obedience. Arousing as it
was to see her submit to those outlaws and that little boy, this was nothing
compared to the feeling of power and excitement I felt from commanding the
high and mighty Warrior Princess myself.

Staring down at her bruised, but still beautiful body, I couldn't help
considering the many exciting possibilities provided to me by my lover's
sudden submissive attitude. In that moment, every single one of my most
depraved sexual scenarios featuring Xena and me, which I've thought up over
the years came rushing back to me, one after the other, causing me to
become highly aroused in record time.

Pulling my skirt up to my waist, I quickly yanked off my underwear and pushed
my moist pussy into Xena's surprised face.

"Now service me, you two-timing tramp," I told her, my voice trembling with

Once again, Xena obeyed without question. The words had barely left my mouth
or I could feel the warrior's tongue lapping at my slit.

"That's right! Suck my cunt, Slut! And you'll better make a good job of it!"
I told her with a stern voice. "Or I'll double the punishment I'm planning to
give you for your adulterous whorish behaviour!"

Actually, I didn't even know at this point HOW I'm gonna punish Xena,
considering that my first idea, which consisted of a thorough ass/tits/pussy
whipping, is pretty much out of the question till she's healed. But I'm sure
I'll come up with something.

"Mmmm! Ooohhh, yeahhh! That's a GOOD little cunt-lapper!" I teasingly praised
her. "Keep this up and I may decide to go a little easy on you... but only a
little," I sharply added, "'cause you definitely deserve one Hades of a
punishment for what you did, you twisted slag."

Looking up, Xena gave me a tentative smile and then started rubbing her face
up and down against my pussy. Her nimble tongue seemed to be everywhere and
the tip of her nose repeatedly rubbed my ultra-sensitive clit.

It sorta amazed me how much I enjoyed ordering my friend and lover around,
degrading her and talking dirty to her, and I get the distinct feeling that
Xena's enjoying it as well. She's certainly doing her utmost best at
servicing my pussy - this is the best head she's given me in ages!

I watched fascinated and aroused as she pulled my pussy lips wide apart and
lapped with lightning speed up and down the exposed pink flesh, resulting in
a toe-curling, pussy-drenching sensation that made me swoon. Luckily, my
warrior's strong hands were holding me upright.

Her tongue became a vibrant little cock as it pumped in and out of my
clenching fuck-tube. Familiar as I am with Xena's amazing expertise at
oral - and really any other kind of- sex, I was still startled at how
far her tongue could push past her lips into my aching cunt and absently
wondered if practice allowed her to do extend it so far. I also wondered
if she'd been holding out on me - 'cause it sure felt like it!

Sliding her tongue up, she teasingly circled my clit, sweeping sideways
across it from time to time, then more regularly. Xena let her soft, moist
lips caress my throbbing button, and blew cool air across it, then sucked
gently and rhythmically, increasing the strength and speed of her movements
until I was grunting and groaning and rolling my hips.

"GODS!!! XenaaAAA!!!!" I cried out.

I gasped in surprise as my warrior moved her hands from my hips and roughly
grabbed my buttocks, forcefully squeezing them several times before pulling
me further against her face. Her mouth then seized my clitty, sucking it
deeply inside - taking possession of it. Xena then did... something, which
made her lips vibrate in a maddening way around my pulsating pleasure button
while her tongue aggressively stroked it - the combination of this almost
made me faint!

She hummed deeply to make her lips vibrate again, then sucked in hard, sharp,
fast little motions. Within seconds, I came, screaming like a banshee, and
soaking Xena's face in girl cum.

Leaning dazed unto my lover's broad shoulders, I could feel her eager tongue
lapping up every drop of my pussy juice, cleaning my cunt in record time.

As my orgasm subsided, the fog of lust that clouded my mind gradually
dissipated with it until I was once again capable of rational thought. And
the first thought that crossed my mind was an urgent reminder NOT to let
Xena regain the upper hand, making me recall all those stories of how Xena
used sex to manipulate people, and even though I didn't think she was
consciously trying to manipulate me now - subconsciously is an entirely
different matter. Well aware of how pissed of I am at her, she'd just given
me the best head of my life, and the moment her lips touched my clit I'd
become putty in her hands.

Coincidence? I think not.

I needed to re-establish my control over Xena and I needed to do it NOW or
else things will quickly return to the way they were between us with Xena
in charge, incommunicado, and probably fucking everything in her path
whenever I happen to look the other way.

Then it hit me: the perfect way to get back at Xena AND to show her who's
in charge now.

Looking down, I noticed that Xena was still nuzzling my slit even though
she'd already sucked out the last drop of girl-cum a minute ago. Grabbing a
handful of her thick raven locks, I yanked at it a couple of times to get
her attention and soon saw two clear blue eyes peering questioningly up at

"Swallow," I said in my most commanding tone of voice. Xena looked at me
confused since there was nothing left for her to swallow. "What--" she
started to say.

Smiling wickedly, I released the large quantity of urine that had built up
inside my bladder since this morning directly onto Xena's surprised face. I
needed to go badly and sighed with relief as my bladder emptied itself.

Before today, I'd never even dreamt I could get away with urinating on
Xena: Warrior Princess, but here I was: drenching her beautiful face with
my piss! And not only that, but the dirty little slut was actually drinking
it down like its fuckin' ambrosia!

I guess she REALLY wants to make it up to me.

Looking down, I gazed gleefully and exited at the seemingly never-ending
golden stream of urine shooting into lover's wide-open mouth. To my surprise,
Xena actually did her best to swallow it all, but it was too much coming too
fast and so a lot of it streamed down her face onto her tits. I didn't mind
much since pissing on her tits seemed somewhat appropriate considering I'd
watched Midge urinate all over these big boobs as well. I remember Eponin
telling me that some animals use their urine to mark their property and I
felt like that's what I was doing here: reclaiming Xena (and her tits) as

Aside from all that I also got a perverse pleasure out of watching my
soulmate drink my piss. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I had a second
-smaller- orgasm just from taking a leak into my lover's mouth. How fucked
up is that? Xena and I should be getting along perfectly.

"Now lick me clean," I haughtily demanded after depositing the last drops
of urine into her waiting mouth, and smiled in satisfaction when I felt my
lover's long raspy tongue lapping up and down my labia-lips. Xena's really
being very accommodating, which still somewhat astounds me since I never
really pictured her as the compliant type - I guess I've always seen her
more as the "do as I say or I'll kick you're ass" kinda gal. But judging
from what I've seen today, it's pretty obvious that my tough warrior also
has a strong submissive side. Although I can't really recall seeing Xena
act subservient to anyone else before during the four years I've been with

But why else would she let those outlaws fuck her and order her around? It's
particularly the ordering around part that confounds me... I mean the fucking
part I kinda get - Xena's always had an extremely strong libido. I wouldn't
be surprised if she'd fucked more than a thousand people in her life (and
those fourteen people she fucked today should help her rack up that score).
So maybe I'm just not enough for her in the bedroll... but then that still
wouldn't explain why she let those men abuse and humiliate her like that, not
to mention all those twisted things she let that boy do to her. That went WAY
beyond the kinda kinky sex that Xena occasionally enjoys. No, there has to be
more to it than that... and I'm not leaving this forest until I find out what
it is. And until I do, I'll just have to make sure that I keep the upper hand
on Xena. 'Which shouldn't be that hard if I can make her stay in her current
submissive state of mind,' I considered as I watched my lover obediently
lapping at my slit.

"That'll do for now, Xena," I said, granting her a tiny smile for her
diligent work. She beamed up at me, obviously relieved to see me smile again.

"Let's head back to camp where we'll further... discuss this matter," I
told her while pulling my skirt back down.

Xena's smile disappeared like snow before the sun upon hearing that. I shook
my head in amazement. 'Did she actually think that by giving me really good
head and letting me piss in her mouth, I would simply forgive and forget the
whole thing? You're good, but you're not THAT good, missy!'

I picked up my underwear and also retrieved Xena's undergarments, which I
noticed were all torn up. 'Looks like those brigands simply tore it off her
body when they "captured" her,' I speculated, feeling additional annoyed by
this waste of a very expensive silk shift, which I bought her as a present
just two moons ago. Turning towards my suddenly bashful-looking lover, I
waved the ruined shift at her and shot her a dirty look, but decided not to
waste any words on this.

"C'mon, let's go," I said, nodding my head towards the direction of our
camp. Xena was about to get up when I came up with another idea to punish my
two-timing lover AND keep the upper hand.

"Stop! Remain on your hands and knees!" I called out, causing the surprised
warrior to freeze and then sink back down unto the grass. "Since you've been
behaving like a bitch in heat all day, I'm gonna treat you like one till it's
over," I smugly explained while cutting off a small, supple branch from a
nearby birch, "which means that you're gonna *crawl* bare-assed naked all the
way back to camp. Maybe that will teach you not to be such an enormous slut."

Obviously not looking forward to having to crawl naked through this dense
forest, Xena began to protest, "Now hold on a moment, Gabrielle! I'm really
sorry about what I did, and I'll do whatever it takes to make it up to you,

TWACK!! "Ouch!" Xena squealed as I swung the switch against her battered
buttocks, instantly shutting her up.

"That's right! You *will* do whatever it takes to make it up to me," I
angrily told her while bringing the branch down upon those perfect round
spheres again.

TWACKK!!! "Oohh!!"

"Starting with crawling naked to camp."

TWACKK!!!! "Owww!"

"And then you're gonna do whatever else I come up with."


"Now start crawling, bitch!"

TWACK!!! "Ahhh!"

The birch striking Xena's bare butt sounded surprisingly loud in this silent
meadow, even though I wasn't hitting her very hard out of concern for the
well-being of her already thoroughly whipped ass. Under normal circumstances
I'm sure my stoic soulmate would've hardly reacted to this minor whipping,
but with her butt being in the state it was, I managed to get a pretty strong
response from my wayward warrior with relatively little effort.

TWACK!! I switched her ass again to drive my point home, although it wasn't
really necessary since Xena had already begun crawling back into the forest.

Whistling a jaunty tune, I leisurely strolled behind the slowly moving
Warrior Princess and admired the surrounding sights; the beautiful flowers,
the exotic-looking mushrooms, the tall majestic trees, Xena's enticingly
wiggling bare ass... Waving my birch branch around in tune to my whistling,
I occasionally interrupted my personal conducting to deliver a stinging
stroke upon those invitingly upraised jiggling buttocks, but mostly I just
enjoyed the walk and the eye-catching scenery.

It took almost half a candlemark for us to reach the hollow tree in which
Xena had hid her equipment. The naked warrior aimed a quick glance across
her shoulder at me when I led her straight to her secret hiding place.

"That's right," I answered her unspoken question. "I managed to track you

Retrieving Xena's stuff from the tree hole, I started stacking it into a neat
pile on top of the warrior's bare back.

"I'm not the green farm girl anymore I was when we first met, Xena," I
casually told her while I used her whip to fasten the armour/leather/weapons
pile to her back. "I've picked up a few things along the way."

'There... finished!' Standing up, I took a step back and surveyed my warrior
princess pack mule. The pile looked pretty solid at first glance. So if Xena
didn't move around too wildly, she'll be able to carry her stuff back to camp
like this.

"I know you've grown a lot these last couple of years, Gabrielle," Xena
softly spoke. "I'm not blind to that."

"Really? Then why do you so often treat me like I'm still that na´ve farm
girl from way back?" I replied a tad annoyed. "This fucked-up situation is
another good, or rather bad, example of that... instead of confiding in me,
like partners are supposed to do, you shut me out and decided to handle
things on your own, as per usual! Obviously, you didn't feel I could handle
whatever is troubling you... like I'm some prissy little girl who'd run
away screaming if you confessed your darkest desires to her."

Staring down at the ground, Xena didn't reply to my little rant. Once again,
an overwhelming urge to punish my wayward lover rose up in me. That's when my
eyes drifted to the whip handle dangling down her back, and a deliciously
wicked idea took shape in my mind.

Moving a step closer, I probed with my birch branch in-between Xena's thighs.
Raising it up as high as I could, I rubbed the stick in a seesaw motion
against her sensitive slit and clit, eliciting a grunt from my warrior and
causing a noticeable tremble to go through her naked body.

I also noticed a glistening coat of juices appear on the branch as I slid it
back and forth.

"Getting wet again already, huh?" I muttered just loud enough for Xena to
hear, "you big slut." Drawing the switch back, I lashed it hard across my
lover's upraised butt-cheeks.

TWACKK!!!! "Yowww!!"

Inserting the stick back between her thighs, I rubbed it against Xena's pussy
again, working up a nice lather down there before whipping her across the ass
once more.

TWACK!!! "Ouch!"

Smiling down at my red-assed warrior princess, I drop the branch and crouch
down behind her. Putting my hands upon her upraised ass, I tenderly caressed
her glowing buttocks. Xena liked this, judging from her moans.

After a minute of this, I slid one of my hands between her legs and stroked
her dripping slot. She liked that even more.

"Mmmm, oh yes, Gabrielle," Xena moaned, while spreading her legs further and
raising her ass even higher as to give me better access to her pussy.

I shook my head in amazement. As familiar as I am with Xena's legendary
libido, I'd figured she's all fucked out for the day after all the nasty
things those thugs did to her, but here she is practically humping my hand
for more. Even after all these years, Xena never ceases to amaze me.

Withdrawing my hand back from between her thighs, I grabbed the dangling
whip handle and rubbed it against my warrior's wet pussy. She was so
aroused already that when I experimentally prodded her cunt with the
leather grip, the thick bulbous end of the handle slid effortlessly into
her well-lubricated opening. And the rest of large leather rod went inside
as well without me having to apply any actual pressure.

My eyes widened in amazement as I watched Xena's snatch seemingly suck the
entire length of wide whip handle inside on its own.

"Whoa," I exclaimed, surprised and impressed by Xena's new trick. "This
would be a big hit at an Amazon party," I mused out loud.

Xena snickered at that, but otherwise didn't comment. I meanwhile wondered
if the ease with which her pussy accepted this thick rod was a result of her
recent gangbanging. 'That must be it... all those outlaws cocks and fists
going into her cunt - sometimes two at once - must've really loosen her up
down there.'

Cool party trick that this may be, I didn't much like the idea of my lover
having the loose, thoroughly-fucked cunt of a fifty-year-old Athenian whore.
Especially not since that would constantly remind me of this day whenever we
have sex. So I decided there and then that if her pussy wouldn't return to
its former tightness soon, I'd come up with a couple of special exercises
for Xena to do that would make her snatch nice and tight again.

Grabbing a hold of the whip, I pulled it halfway out and then pushed it back
in again, twisting the handle as it went inside. Xena let out an appreciative
moan so I did it again, and again, and again...

It didn't take long before she was enthusiastically humping back at me as I
worked the large leather rod in and out of her sopping twat. 'Like she hasn't
gotten any in a year,' I sardonically thought. 'If it wasn't for the marks on
her body, you could hardly tell she just finished fucking fourteen people.'

Keeping my disgruntled thoughts to myself, I just went on pumping the whip
handle into her pussy, occasionally using my other hand to play with her clit
or fondle one of her large breasts, which were bouncing merrily back and
forth as I screwed her. And I kept this up right till the point when I sensed
she was approaching another climax.

"Just like a nice fat cock fucking you, isn't it, Xena?" I casually
questioned while plunging the thick whip handle as deep inside my lover's
sopping twat as I could possibly get it.

"Mmmm... yessss," Xena moaned.

"And you like big fat cocks inside your warrior cunt, don't ya, love?" I
cooed in her ear while twisting the leather rod around.

"Ohhhh! Fuck! Yessss!!" Xena groaned, an expression of delight on her face
as I fucked her oh-so-thoroughly.

"Well, let's see if you like big fat cocks *here* as well," I coldly stated
as I yanked the whip handle from Xena's dripping snatch, positioned it
against her anal entrance, and began to apply pressure.

"What?!" Xena gasped, roughly shaken from her lust-filled stupor. "Gabrielle,
no! It's too big to go there!"

"Nah, some of those cocks you've taken up your slutty ass today were even
bigger," I reassured her while continuing to work the whip handle into my
lover's straining butthole. "Or at least one of them was..." I added,
thinking of Little John.

"GABRIELLEEEEEE!!!!!!!" Xena cried out as I managed to force the thick
leather rod past the tight muscle of her sphincter and proceeded to shove
the entire thing deep inside her ass.

"At least that hole is still pretty tight," I stated satisfied as I stared
down at Xena's thoroughly-stuffed backside.

"But it won't be for long if you keep shoving large objects in there," Xena
noted wryly.

I giggled and patted her ass in a comforting manner (though I don't think
that Xena considered it a very comforting gesture). "Don't worry, I'll be

Sliding a hand between her legs, I began to play with her pussy. Then, after
almost making her forget about the large object shoved up her backside, I
started using my other hand to twist the whip handle around, which was harder
than I thought 'cause it was wedged inside pretty firmly.

Once I got the leather shaft twisting around smoothly in there, I started
pumping it in-and-out as well.

At first, Xena grunted and groaned in discomfort as I rhythmically screwed
her ass with the large leather rod, but after a while she got used to it and
even started to enjoy it (which didn't exactly come as a huge surprise).

"Ungh!" she grunted (in pleasure this time) as I pushed the thick whip handle
deep inside her ass.

"Oohhh!" she moaned as I pulled it back out again.

"Ungh! Oohhh! Ungh! Oohhh! Unghh!! Ohhh! Ungh! Ohhhh!"

I butt-fucked her like this for almost a quarter of a candlemark, steadily
going faster and faster until I detected the familiar signs that indicated
she was about to cum. Then I stopped.

"Gabrielle, please!!" Xena called urgently across her shoulder while wiggling
her ass at me in an inviting manner.

"What's the matter? Do you want to come, baby?" I inquired innocently.


"Well, tough!" I callously responded and whacked her across the ass again
with the branch I'd quickly picked up of the ground.

TWACK!!! "Oohh!!"

"You've already come plenty today," I sternly told her. "Now move that big
ass of yours back to camp."

TWACK!!! "Ouch! Hey! My ass is NOT big!"

I couldn't help but grin at my big tough warrior's petulant reply. "I love
your ass, Xena. And I think its perfect, but you better move it quickly or
I'm gonna add a couple more stripes to it."

"Okay, okay, I will," Xena said. Then, giving me a beseeching look, she
added, "but before we go could you please take the whip handle out of my

"Nope. I think it's only fitting that a bitch should have a tail," I replied,
wincing inwardly at those words as I said them.

Xena seemed a bit taken aback by that, and I almost took pity on her. But
then I recalled all the depraved things I'd seen her do today and my resolve

TWACK!!! "Now move!" I barked at her.

That got her moving alright. Awkwardly she crawled in the direction of our
camp. With all her stuff packed upon her back and a whip-handle up her butt,
even her crawling went difficult and slow. But I wasn't in any hurry to get
back, so I didn't mind.

In fact, I wouldn't have minded walking all the way to Sparta like this. A
naked Warrior Princess crawling in front of you with a whip sticking out of
her ass turns out to be a very pleasant distraction during a long walk. It
didn't take long for my mood to improve, and I even became downright cheerful
after a while.

I started whistling again, the "Joxer the Mighty" song this time, while
conducting myself with my stick. As annoying as it could be to hear Joxer
sing it with ear-deafening loudness for almost an entire candlemark as he
walks right beside you, it's still a catchy tune.

Glancing across her shoulder, Xena shot me a look of utter disbelief as I
suddenly started to sing:

Gabrielle the Amazon Queen roams through the countryside
A crawling Warrior Princess as her guide.
With Xena as her sidekick
Kept inline by Gabrielle's little stick.
She's righting wrongs and singing songs,
While Xena's naked all day long
She's Gabrielle . . . Gabrielle the Amazon Queen!

"Joxer's lyrics sounded better," Xena commented the moment I finished.

I shot her a dirty look "I don't recall asking." and whipped her across the
ass with my little stick.


'But she did make a valid point... it doesn't sound quite right,' I silently
pondered. 'Hmm, maybe if I use Gabrielle the Bard instead of Gabrielle the
Amazon Queen?'

* * *

By the time we arrived back at our campsite, I had done a lot of thinking.
And my earlier anger was mostly gone as I began to understand the motives
behind Xena's actions.

Submitting to those men, cheating on me, had not been something that she
really wanted. She did it because it had given her something she *needed*.


Xena's been on the slippery path to redemption for several years now, trying
to atone for the terrible crimes she'd committed in her dark and bloody past.
But even though she'd already saved countless lives and performed many heroic
deeds it was obvious to me that she still felt unworthy of this chance to
redeem herself. That's why she's always so quick to give up and surrender
herself whenever we come in conflict with people who she hurt in the past.

It's that enormous guilt she carries with her that made her not resist when
the people from her own town, the same people she'd always tried to protect,
wanted to lynch her, and why she allows Callisto to keep on taunting and
torturing her instead of just outright killing the bitch.

Well, if it's penance that Xena requires, then *I* will provide her with all
that she needs!

After leading my warrior-mule into our campsite, the first thing I did was
unload her burden. I didn't say anything; I simply removed Xena's armour,
leathers and weapons from her back and stashed it neatly next to our

Having finished this little chore, I was ready to give Xena my undivided
attention. Still kneeling naked on the grass with her whip up her ass,
looking expectantly up at me, my warrior made a very tantalizing sight. I
actually had to restrain myself not to ravish her on the spot. But this
wasn't the time for that yet; Xena and I still had a lot of unfinished
business to attend to first.

Fixing her with a menacing glare, I smacked the birch-rod against my leather
boot, "Heel, bitch!"

The look of bewilderment on Xena's face was pretty comical, and it took me
some effort to keep a straight face. After a moment's hesitation, Xena
crawled over to me and kneeled down in front of me with her legs spread
wide (giving me a great view of her thoroughly fucked snatch) and her hands
clasped behind her back.

"Good girl," I said approvingly. A look of relieve appeared on my lover's face.

"And now it's time for us to talk." Xena's look of relieve instantly
disappeared. "Let's start with why you let yourself get gangbanged by those
thugs." There! No more beating around the bush.

Xena looked down in shame for several seconds before finding the courage to
look me in the eyes again, and then proceeded to lie through her teeth, "I-I
couldn't help it Gabrielle, they surprised me when I was about to take a bath

I struck the birch branch against her red and welted tits.

TWACKK!!!! "Owwww!!"

"Don't you fucking DARE lie to me, bitch!" I angrily shouted. "Do you think
I'm fucking retarded?! We both know you could have easily escaped, or even
kicked those outlaws' asses, if you really wanted to! You left our camp to
go look for those bastards so they could beat and rape you like they did
the day before, and right now you're gonna tell me WHY!!!"

"I'M SORRY, GABRIELLE!!" Xena cried out - literally - as tears started
running from her beautiful blue eyes. To my great shock, I might add: I've
never seen Xena cry before. "I-I *really* couldn't help it, couldn't help
myself, I mean," she clarified, still sobbing. "I NEED to be punished,
Gabrielle," she finally confessed. "At first, I thought that fighting
warlords and bandits, and helping people would be enough, but it isn't...
You probably think that you know most of the evil things I did in my
warlord days, but you only know a small part of it... Some of the things I
did..." Xena fell silent and sadly shook her head. "There's no atoning for
that, Gabrielle, at least not the way I've been trying these last few
years. The guilt I feel for what I did has gotten so bad lately that
sometimes it feels like it's physically crushing me! And what happened
today, the rape and humiliation, it... it lightened the burden. For the
first time in months I was finally able to breath freely again without that
enormous weight pressing against my chest."

I was still a bit thrown off by her tears, but what she'd said basically
confirmed my theory. In hindsight, I really should have seen this coming.
Even though Xena's pretty good at hiding her emotions, at times it was
crystal clear that her guilt was eating her up inside.

"Those men punished-REALLY punished me," Xena continued when I didn't reply.
"They hurt, humiliated and debased me mercilessly... You know how very proud
I am, of my skills, of my tactical mind, and of my body, so you can probably
imagine what it felt like for me when those thugs stripped me naked and had
their wicked way with me: whipping my ass, tits and pussy raw and raping me
in every hole." I could sense Xena growing aroused again as she recounted all
the twisted things those outlaws did to her. "I was nothing but a big-titted
whore with three juicy holes to them. They used me anyway they wanted and
then discarded me, like a piece of trash. Except for Caesar, nobody has ever
treated me like this. And what's even worse is that they made me enjoy it!"
Xena shook her head in amazement, as if she couldn't believe it herself. "My
enormous ego has always been my biggest drive," she shyly confessed. "It made
me become a warlord, and burn down entire villages because some of its
occupants did something to bruise my precious pride," she said with obvious
self-loathing. "Well, there's nothing more deflating for an ego like mine
than being treated like a cheap slut in front of an audience... except maybe
being treated like a cheap slut AND being made to enjoy it. I'm not exactly
sure why, but... I needed that-DESERVED that to happen to me... and I still
do," she concluded softly. "I'll continue fighting evil and helping people
whenever I can, but I also HAVE to be punished for what I did, Gabrielle...
there's no other way of redemption for me."

We gazed at each other silently; I've never heard Xena talk this much in such
a short time, and her long speech surprised me even more than her tears. Even
though I'd already guessed, or at least suspected, most of what she'd told
me, I kept silent through her entire confession because I sensed Xena needed
to say all this; she needed to get it out in the open. And she did. Even
though it must've been incredibly hard for her to do, she finally opened up
to me all the way and divulged her darkest secret! My heart swelled with
Pride and Love for my brave warrior.

Dropping my birch branch, I pulled her in for a tight hug, which she eagerly

When we finally let go off each other, I looked her straight in the eyes.
"I love you with all my heart, Xena," I told her tenderly. "And I want to
forgive you for cheating on me - in fact, in my heart I already did - but
forgiveness is not what you need right now, is it, Xena?"

Looking at me anxiously, she shook her head.

"No, what you need is punishment," I confidently stated while gently stroking
her tear-stained cheek. "Strict punishment for your wicked ways... and I'm
gonna give you that."

Xena swallowed nervously, but I could see her nipples growing harder and the
moistness surrounding her slit increase.

Picking up my birch branch again, I surveyed Xena's naked form with a
critical eye. Her breasts, pussy and ass were covered with red welts - those
bastards really put her through the wringer. And I was loath to do anymore
damage to my lover tender charms, but Xena needed this from me - I had to
show her that I could take care of her the way she needed. She already knew
that she could count on me for love, friendship and support; now she also
needed to know that I could provide with the kind of punishment that she
craved so desperately. So despite my earlier intentions to give her body time
to heal before inflicting anymore harm, I had to punish her now.

I started walking around the naked, kneeling Warrior Princess waving the
sturdy yet supple birch branch around menacingly. Xena's glistening eyes
switched swiftly back and forth between my face and the branch.

"Excluding myself, I believe you fucked exactly fourteen different people
today... am I right?" I questioned in a conversational tone of voice.

Actually blushing a bit, Xena nodded shyly.

"Now, taking into account that you've already been thoroughly whipped today
by most of those outlaws you fucked, and I don't want to do any permanent
damage to that beautiful body of yours, I've decided to be very lenient and
only give you one stroke for each person you cheated with on stroke
on your cheating ass, one on those "big Amazon tits", and one right on your
snatch," I added grimly.

Despite Xena's worried look, her nipples were standing out like little
pebbles, I noticed.

"However, one of those fourteen people you fucked was a young boy," I said
somewhat tersely. "And because I consider screwing a twelve-year-old a worse
offence than fucking any of those other outlaws, I'll be giving you an even
twenty strokes on each of your naughty parts, instead of fourteen. You think
you'll be able to take that, Xena?"

Xena nodded subdued. "Yes, Ma'am. Twenty strokes on my ass, pussy and tits
is a pretty mild punishment for what I did. You're being more than fair with

I smirked. 'Xena sure got polite all of a sudden.' It was obvious that I made
the right decision by not postponing her punishment.

"You're sure I won't do any permanent damage?" I questioned just to be safe.

Xena shook her head. "That special whip salve we've got will fix me up as
good as new within a week."

"Good," I smiled. "Then let's get you properly positioned for your
punishment... I think I'll start by whipping that big round butt of yours ten
times, then give you ten on your tits, followed by ten on your pussy, before
moving on to your ass again," I thought out loud.

"Uhhh... okay?" Xena replied.

I grinned. "Present your butt for a whipping, Xena."

Xena turned around and put her forearms flat down on the grass forming an X
and rested her head on them while sticking out her naked ass as high as she
could. She then wiggled her butt at me to let me know she was ready for her
whipping, causing the whip, which was still sticking out of her ass, to move
around like a very long dog tail.

My grin grew bigger as I watched my proud warrior wag her tail at me like a
bitch in heat. After taking a long moment to enjoy this rare and erotic
sight, I yanked the whip from her ass and tossed it aside, bringing forth a
loud gasp from the shocked Warrior Princess. Whether this was caused by the
rough withdrawal of the thick leather handle from her tight asshole, or if
she was simply expressing her dismay at this disrespectful handling of one
of her favourite weapons, I do not know. And at this moment I didn't much
care, either. I would clean up and put away Xena's precious whip later, but
for now I've got more pressing matters on my mind. 'Like her butt which I'm
about to whip.'

'Xena's got such a great ass,' I thought, not for the first time, as I gazed
at my lover's firm, round behind with admiration.

Stepping closer, I traced my fingers across the red welts painted all over
that perfect ass. 'Her poor hiney has already been terribly mistreated, and
now I'm about to make it even worse,' I thought with a tinge of regret. 'But
I shouldn't get soft-hearted with her now; she doesn't need my sympathy -
she needs THIS.'

SMACK!!! "Oohh!" Xena groaned as I gave her upraised bottom a single spank.

I rubbed her red ass, and then spanked her again.

SMACK!!! "OH!!"

Sliding a hand between her slightly-spread thighs, I wasn't in the least
surprised by the amount of wetness I encountered. Xena was not only ready,
but also eager for her punishment.

"If you take your punishment like a good little warrior princess, I'll give
your slutty cunt a thorough fucking afterwards," I told her benevolently.
"You'd like that, wouldn't you, bitch?"

"Yes Mistress!" Xena eagerly replied.


My lips silently formed that word and a wicked smile appeared on my face. I
like that. I like that a lot...

Taking a step back and moving slightly to my left, I raised the birch branch
in the air and struck it down as hard as I could across my warrior's upraised

TWACCKKK!!!!!! "OH!!!" Xena gasped.

'That was a good one!' I thought, pleased with myself. I was determined to
show Xena that I was more than able to take care of all her punishment needs,
and she'd never have to turn to someone else for this.

TWACCKKK!!!!! "Ohhhhhh!!!"

'And this one ain't half bad, either.'

TWACCKK!!!! "Ahhhh!!"

TWACCKKK!!!!! "Unghh!!"

With growing fascination, I watched a series of fresh red stripes appear
across my lover's voluptuous ass, criss-crossing the series of red and purple
welts that were already there. Though initially reluctant do deliver another
whipping unto Xena's already well-whipped charms, I was quickly getting more
and more into the erotic duty of disciplining my adulterous lover...


TWACCKKKK!!!!! "Shit!!"

Now to the untrained eye this may seem like an extremely severe whipping,
but the truth was that the birch rod I was using on Xena's butt sounds a
whole lot worse than the actual damage it does. For instance, I can pretty
much guarantee that a moderately hard stroke with that tough leather strap
Will and Midge used on Xena hurts a lot more than the best I can do with
this branch.

TWACCKKK!!!!! "Ouch!!"

Of course, that's not saying that this whipping didn't hurt: with the state
Xena's ass was in even a spanking with my bare hand would've been pretty
painful for her.

TWACCKKK!!!!! "Ahhhh!!"

Two strokes left... I paused Xena's butt-whipping for a moment to decide
where to deliver the final strokes; I wanted these final two to be 'special'.
'Maybe her upper thighs,' I silently pondered while staring intently at my
lover's red-striped bruised butt. Xena's thighs were relatively unharmed -
just a pale pink. 'Or perhaps... Yes! Right there,' I thought, smiling

Xena was getting slightly restless during my pause and shot me a questioning
look across her shoulder. Her eyes went wide when she caught sight of the
branch whistling straight down, instead of its usual horizontal downward
arch, landing directly into her butt-crack.

TWACCKKKK!!!!! "GODDSSS!!!" With a loud cry, Xena leapfrogged forwards.

I grinned evilly. 'If she didn't believe before that sweet, soft-hearted
Gabrielle would be able to severely punish her then I'll bet this will have
changed her mind... and I'm not nearly finished with you, Xena. I'll prove
to you that I can be everything you need me to be - friend, lover,
side-kick and Mistress.'

"Get back into position and spread those cheeks for me!" I sternly commanded.

"Ohhh Gods, Gabrielle," Xena said, her voice shaking... but she obeyed
nonetheless. Reaching back, my brave warrior pulled her butt-cheeks apart,
revealing her pale-white crevice and red-rimmed asshole to my eyes. As she
held herself open for me, Xena glanced back at me with a combination of
apprehension, arousal, and even... submission?

The sight of this tough, beautiful, legendary warrior humbling herself before
me, literally made my pussy overflow with wetness. I nearly climaxed right
then and there without even touching myself! And I mentally scheduled in
another pussy-licking from Xena once I'd finished whipping her ass.

Taking careful aim again, I lashed the branch down exactly into her exposed
crack. TWACCKKK!!!!!

"Yowwwww!!!" Xena shrieked, and even though she didn't move out of position
this time, her entire body shook wildly.

For a long moment, I stood as frozen - staring entranced at my lover's naked,
shaking, well-whipped body. Then I practically ripped off my skirt and halter
top, leaving me naked except for my boots.

Rubbing her beaten behind, Xena glanced back at me again to find out what I
wanted to do with her next. When she saw me standing there practically naked,
playing with my sopping wet snatch, her eyes widened and she lustfully licked
her lips - I'm betting she could pretty much guess what my next order was
gonna be...

Pointing imperiously at my dripping pussy, I told her to get to work.
Crawling over to me on her hands and knees, Xena didn't waste any time and
immediately buried her face in my crotch. I sighed with contentment when I
felt her raspy tongue lapping at my dripping slit. 'I could definitely get
used to this.'

I'm not sure if it's because she's feeling guilty, or maybe I'm just more
aroused than usual, but once again Xena gave me -what felt like- the best
head I've ever had.

"Godddsssss! Ohhhh yes, Xena!! Eat my pussy!" I moaned while combing my
fingers through her velvety black hair. "Whipping your ass got me so
fucking hot I was about ready to burst!"

Already close to climaxing before Xena got to work on me, it took less than
a minute of my lover's nimble tongue twirling around inside my steaming cunt
to make me cum.

"OHHHHHHHHH!!!!" I groaned loudly, leaning heavily on Xena's shoulders as
my body shook wildly throughout my orgasm.

For a minute or so, I just stood there: basking happily in the afterglow of
my climax while my warrior slave cleaned my pussy with her tongue. When Xena
finished, she looked up at me with an eager-to-please expression on her face,
causing another surge of carnal delight to erupt within my loins. Despite my
very recent orgasm I was already getting turned on again!

Reaching down, I grabbed a hold of my lover's tits and juggled them around
a bit, stroking and squeezing 'em, coaxing a series of tiny grunts from my
stoic warrior princess.

"You know... I've always been envious of your big boobs, Xena," I casually
confessed while playing with her hard nipples. "So I'm kinda looking forward
to giving these fat warrior udders a good whipping."

Xena stared at me with such disbelief that it took a huge effort to keep a
straight face and stay in character. "Are you, like, possessed, or something,
Gabrielle?" she questioned hesitantly.

"Nope," I said with a wicked smile. "Just pissed off and tired of being
treated like a child by you."

"I don't treat you like a child!" Xena protested.

"You don't? Then why didn't you come to me with your need to be punished
instead of those thugs?"

"I just... didn't think... you'd understand."

"Well, then you didn't give me enough credit, Xena, because I DO understand,"
I calmly told her. "And at the very least you should've TRIED telling me
before letting yourself get gangbanged by those outlaws... I think you owe me
that much."

Looking chastised and ashamed, Xena nodded her head and sighed. "I'm sorry,

"Not as sorry as you're gonna be." I picked up the birch branch again and
pointed it at Xena's large bosom. "Present your tits for a whipping."

Biting her lower lip as she stared at the threatening looking branch, Xena
clasped her hands behind her head and stuck out her chest.

I nodded approvingly. "Okay, here comes..."

TWACKKK!!!! "Owww!!"

A fiery red strip appeared on top of Xena's round melons as they jiggled up
and down from the force of the stroke.

TWACKK!!! "Unghh!!"

A second red stripe became visible half an inch below the first one.

TWACKKK!!!! "Owww!!!"


TWACKKK!!!! "Oohhhh!!"

TWACCKKK!!!! "Ahhhhhhhh!!!!"

'That one must've hurt the most, landing directly on top of her hard
nipples,' I thought, wincing slightly in sympathy.

Just like when I was whipping Xena's ass, I wanted the last couple of lashes
to be special, so I paused a moment to pick the perfect target... 'Found it!'

"Pull those funbags up by the nipples as high as you can," I sternly

Xena tearfully obeyed, pulling the tip of her tits all the way up to her
face, exposing the pale, pink skin on the underside of her boobs. That was
the least damaged area of my warrior's well-whipped titties, but not for
much longer... With lightning quickness I struck the underside of each boob
rapidly in succession.

TWACKKK!!!! TWACKKK!!!! "Ahhhhhhh!!!!"

Then I lashed the bottom of her breasts both at once as hard as I could.

TWACCKKKK!!!!! "Yowwwww!!!!!"

"And that concludes the first part of your titty-whipping," I announced,
sounding pretty satisfied.

"Ohhhh Goddssss, Gabrielle," Xena groaned while cradling her tender chest.
"You sure hurt my poor titties good. It fucking feels like they're on fire!
Ohhh Fuck!! ... Are you really gonna whip my cunt now?"

I smirked at her. Despite Xena's woe-is-me act, I got the distinct feeling
that she enjoys getting whipped by me. She's a good actress but her dripping
wet pussy kinda gives her away.

"That's right, I'm gonna give your slutty snatch a good whipping," I sternly
told her. "Hopefully, this will teach you a valuable lesson about not letting
other people fuck what belongs to ME!"

Xena gulped nervously, but her eyes gleamed with excitement at my
uncharacteristic dominant behaviour.

"Now present your pussy."

She immediately obeyed: lying on her back, she pulled her knees up to her
shoulders while spreading her legs as far apart as she could. Her glistening
swollen red snatch now lay open and exposed before me, perfectly positioned
for a fucking... or a whipping.

Keeping my eyes solidly fixed on the mouth-watering sight of Xena: Warrior
Princess' soaking wet pussy, I drew back my arm and whipped the branch down
right between her spread and swollen labia-lips!

TWACCKKK!!!! Xena's eyes bulged as the supple birch branch crashed down on
her tender pussy-flesh and painfully erect clitoris. "AAAHHHHHH!!!"

Xena gasped for air and shook wildly. I couldn't believe my eyes! My
insatiable warrior-slut was having another orgasm! 'This must be some kind
of record!'

Even harder than before I struck her for a second time right in-between her
cunt-lips: TWACCKKKK!!!!! A spurt of pussy-juice ejected from Xena's slit
as she let out another bloodcurdling scream. "AAAAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!"

TWACKKK!!! Left pussy-lip "Oouchhhh!!!"

TWACKKK!!! Right pussy-lip "Owwwww!!!"

TWACCKKKK!!!! Right down the middle again


TWACKKK!!! Left pussy-lip again "OHHHH!!!!"

TWACKKK!!! Right pussy-lip again "AHHHH!!!!"

This eighth one I aimed at the slight crevice between Xena's left cunt-lip
and her thigh: TWACKKK!!! "Godddddsssssss!!!" she hissed, tears running
from her eyes.

The next lash was, of course, aimed at the sensitive skin between her right
cunt-lip and thigh: TWACCKKKK!!!! "FUCCKKKKKKK!!!!!"

TWACCCKKKKK!!!!! And the last lash landed in the middle again, directly on
Xena's engorged pulsing clit "AAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!"

It took me only about half a minute to deliver all ten lashes and Xena had
climaxed constantly throughout. Her face was as red as her thoroughly whipped
pussy, ass and tits, and her cheeks were streaked with tears. Except for the
constant tremors going through my lover's naked form, she didn't move and
stared at me through glazed eyes. I briefly wondered if she was in shock or
something and sighed with relief when she finally blinked and started to look
her normal self again.

"Zeus' Balls!" Xena gasped as she stared in disbelief at her hugely swollen
snatch, which was practically purple now. "Look at my fuckin' cunt! It's
like three times its normal size! Holy Aphrodite! You really let me have it,
Gabrielle." The crazy thing is that there was obvious respect in her voice
when she said this!

With the rush of excitement and arousal swiftly ebbing away, I nearly threw
up my breakfast when I saw what I'd done to my soul mate's beautiful body -
or at least contributed to, since most of the damage was done by others.
'How could I've done this to her?!' was the first thought that popped up in
my shocked mind.

Then, reminding myself I was actually doing this for Xena, I mentally slapped
myself while telling me to pull myself together before she could see that my
resolve was weakening.

"Yeah, not bad for a first-timer..." I said in the most casual tone I could
manage "but I think I can do better with the second batch."

Xena paled instantly when reminded that she still had another three times
10 lashes coming to her. "Um... Gabrielle," she said hesitatingly, "I'm not
sure if I'll be able to take another dose of this so soon."

I knew how hard it was for my tough warrior to show any sign of weakness, and
I felt a wave of affection for Xena as she oh-so-bashfully confessed this to
me. However, I made sure to keep a stoic expression on my face as I nodded

"Very well then, I'll give you a choice, Xena: you can take the second series
of lashes on you ass, tits and pussy right now OR you can have three days to
recuperate, but then instead of ten lashes with a birch branchyou'll have to
take twenty strokes with that heavy strap of yours on your intimate parts."

"I'll take the three days respite and twenty strokes with the strap," Xena
swiftly decided.

I nodded satisfied. I'd managed to be merciful without appearing weak. "Then
I guess I won't be needing this anymore," I said and tossed the branch into
the nearby softly smouldering campfire.

"Now let's put some cooling whip salve on that glowing coochie before it
catches fire," I joked while quickly retrieving the wooden jar with healing
ointment from Xena's saddlebag.

"Good idea," Xena responded as her eyes darted back to her thoroughly whipped
cunt and she once again shook her head in awe.

Even though her punishment was over, Xena still remained in the "pussy-whip
position", perhaps because I hadn't given her permission to move yet. I
decided to let her stay that way because it provided me with easy access to
all her punished areas. But also because I enjoyed looking at her like this.
It's such a huge turn-on seeing my mighty warrior lying bare-assed naked on
the grass with her legs widely-spread, humbly offering me her ass, tits and
pussy to do with as I please.

Kneeling in front of her, I started gently applying the whip salve to Xena's
hot pussy. She shivered with delight as I coated every inch of her red and
swollen snatch with the cooling ointment. "Ooohhhh Gabrielle... that feels
soooo fucking good," she moaned.

I grinned at her. "Yeah, I take pretty good care of you, don't I Xena?"

"Ohhhh yes, you certainly do."

Scooping a big glop of salve from the wooden jar, I smacked it down in the
middle of Xena's left butt-cheek and started rubbing it in. "That's because
I know you, and love you, more than anyone else."

Xena's eyes were half-closed and she appeared drowsy as I tenderly
administered to her well-whipped charms, but as she listened to my words
her eyes turned alert and opened all the way. Looking at me, she smiled
beautifully. "I know... and I feel the same way about you, Gabrielle."

Smiling back at her, I used my left hand to apply ointment unto her right
buttock while my right hand remained rubbing her left. But while my hands
were tending to my lover's firm, voluptuous ass, I kept eye contact with
her. "And maybe it's wrong of me, but because I love you so much, I also
feel very protective AND possessive of you."

Probably gathering from my words that I was about to bring up the gangbang
incident again, Xena's eyes briefly shuttered, but she didn't look away and
nodded in acknowledgement. "You're perfectly entitled to feel that way,
Gabrielle... and... well... you already know how very protective and
possessive I am of you," she added with an embarrassed grin.

I chuckled as my mind flashed back to the countless times Xena punched
someone out because they made a pass at me, or were just being "overly
friendly" in her opinion. "Yeah, I'm very much aware of that."

Taking my hands off my lover's ass, I scooped up a dollop of whip salve with
a couple of fingers of each hand and began gently smearing it all over Xena's
red-striped breasts.

"So I guess you can understand that I don't want you going around getting
gangbanged and beat-up by a bunch of bandits whenever you feel the need to
be punished," I told her matter-of-factly while lovingly tending to her
whipped tits.

"Of course I understand that," Xena hurriedly replied. "This won't happen
again, Gabrielle. I promise!"

"Good." I gave her a reassuring smile. "Now that's settled, I want you to
know that you don't have to worry that your guilt will eventually overwhelm
you again. I understand that you need to be punished for the horrible things
you did and I will take care of that from now on."

"You will?" Xena asked, part hopefully, part disbelieving.

I nodded. "It won't be easy, though: you will have to submit to me without
restrain, and I can pretty much guarantee that you'll find me to be a very
strict and demanding Mistress... do you think you can handle that, Xena?" I
questioned, gazing deep into her eyes.

I was genuinely surprised when I saw those beautiful blue eyes suddenly tear
up. I never saw her cry before and now twice in one day!

"Yes, my love - I'll do ANYTHING for you!" Xena practically shouted while
tears of joy rolled down her cheeks.

Beaming with delight, I kissed her tears away and pulled her into a tight
embrace. After sharing a long passionate kiss to seal our agreement, we let
go of our embrace and gazed lovingly at each other for at least a minute.

'And now I have to show her that I mean business,' I told myself.

Smiling sweetly at Xena, I said with a deceptively friendly voice, "Now,
just to make sure there are no misunderstandings, I want to make something
crystal clear... these," I grabbed her breasts and gave them both a hard
squeeze, causing Xena's eyes to bulge, "are MINE!"

Swiftly sliding a hand between her legs, I roughly grabbed her pussy. "This
is also MINE. And..." shoving a finger up her ass, "this is MINE as well --
got that?"

Xena hastily nodded her assent.

I pinched her nipples. "I didn't catch that."

"Yes, Mistress Gabrielle! My tits, ass and cunt belong to you!" she called
out unabashed.

I smiled with delight at her answer. The best part was hearing Xena address
me as Mistress again - I kinda missed that already.

"And you know what this means, Xena?"

"Uhhh... that no-one is allowed to fuck me except you?" Xena hesitatingly

"Wrong!" I scolded her while smacking her butt.

SMACK!!! "Ouch!"

"No-one is allowed to fuck you WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!!" I corrected her. "I
understand you've got... certain needs... which I won't be able to fulfil
on my own and I'll make sure those particular desires of yours are satisfied
as well, but on my conditions and under my supervision, of course."

"You..You actually plan to share me with others?" Xena questioned; arousal
and disbelief evident in her voice.

"Count on it," I replied with a smirk. I love it when I'm able to surprise
Xena, which is pretty damn hard to do, but I sure succeeded in surprising
her several times today.

"Wow! You're definitely a lot kinkier than I thought," she said, sounding

"So are you," I responded, recalling all the depraved stuff I've seen her
do today. "Now, how about we get something to eat? All this sex has worked
up a serious appetite in me."

"Yeah, me too," Xena said to my not so big surprise. After all, she'd done
a lot more fucking than me. "And after we've eaten, maybe you could give me
that fucking you promised me earlier." But apparently not enough - Holy
Hera! Is she for real?!

Grinning at her, I shook my head in amazement. "You really are insatiable,

Xena shrugged and smiled.

I kinda figured she was kidding, but when we finished eating, I quickly
found out she wasn't. Just like me, Xena had remained naked throughout our
evening meal, making no attempt to cover up her nakedness - not that I
would've allowed her to do so, anyway, but she really was at her best
behaviour. She even obeyed my earlier order and crawled around on her hands
and knees without me having to remind her.

After our meal, she crawled over to the nearby brook to clean herself up a
bit. Upon her return, Xena gave me an expectant look, then turned around,
laid her head down on her arms, and stuck her bare butt out at me, giving
it a little wiggle.

'Well, she isn't known for her subtlety,' I thought, grinning at the sight
she made.

"Are you trying to tell me that you'd like your fucking now, baby?" I cooed
in her ear while caressing her upraised ass.

"Ohhhh, yes, please, Mistress," Xena replied, practically panting already.
'She really is insatiable,' I pondered with a fond smile.

I slowly slid my hand down the slope of her curvy buttocks and moved it
between her spread thighs. As expected she was nicely juiced up already and
I effortlessly slid three fingers into her steamy snatch. "Tell me again to
whom this pussy belongs, Xena," I instructed her.

"To you, Gabrielle!" she passionately called out while humping my fingers.
"My pussy is your property!"

I grinned to myself. Xena obviously enjoyed being dominated by me, and I'd
be lying if I said I wasn't enjoying myself as well. Bossing my usually
very domineering Warrior Princess around and having my way with her was
quickly turning out to be one of my all-time favourite things.

"That's right, your pussy is MINE!" I said excitedly as I pushed a fourth
finger inside her, "Which means I can play with it whenever I like... For
instance, I could forbid you to wear underwear and finger-fuck your slutty
snatch while we ride through Athens."

"Oohhh Goddsss, you wouldn't?!" Xena moaned.

"You know I would, Xena," I whispered seductively in her ear as I pushed my
thumb inside and took her with my entire hand.


"Can you picture it?" I asked; smiling wickedly as I steadily fucked her
with my hand. "Riding through the crowded street of Athens with me sitting
behind you with my arms around your waist and one hand busy underneath that
sexy leather skirt of yours."

"Godssssss... Gabrielle!" Xena hissed, bucking against my hand.

"Hundreds of people looking at you as you ride by, perhaps wondering why
your face is so red, but if they bother to look more closely then they
won't be wondering for very long. The moment they see where my right hand
is they'll know - they'll know you're getting *fucked* by me!" Forming a
fist, I shoved it roughly into Xena's soaking-wet snatch.

"HOLY FUCKING APHRODITE!!!" Xena screeched, almost climaxing already.

"That big burly Warrior Princess, getting finger-fucked on her horse in
front of all those people by this tiny innocent-looking bard," I whispered
teasingly in her ear. "What *will* those people think!" I wondered out loud
in a scandalized voice while pushing my fist deep inside her and twisting
it around.

"Oohhh Unghhh, Gaaabbbriieeellllee!" Xena groaned in a strained voice.

SMACK!!! SMACKK!!!! "OH!!!"

"That's MISTRESS to you," I scolded her while giving her upraised butt
another couple of spanks.

SMACK!!! SMACK!!! SMACK!!! SMACKKK!!!! "Ungh! Ohhhhh! Owwwww!!"

This little spanking seemed to bring her over the edge. Like a woman
possessed she started thrusting her pussy back unto my invading fist.


I was more than happy to oblige. While rapidly pumping my fist inside her
snatch with my right hand, I used my left hand to deliver spank after spank
onto my lover's already beet-red behind.

SMACK!!! "Ungh!" SMACK!!! "Oohh!" SMACKK!!!! "Owww!!" SMACK!!!
SMACK!!! "Unghh!!" SMACKK!!!! "Ahhhhh!!" SMACK!!! SMACKKK!!!!

"YESSSSSSSS!!!! MAKE ME YOUR BITCCCHHHHHH!!!!" Xena cried out as she came.

A delicious shudder of delight went through me as I watched Xena's voluptuous
naked form buck wildly beneath me as she reached what must have been her
twentieth orgasm in a day, and I felt a sense of righteousness come over me.
This, I decided, is my favourite position for Xena to be in: kneeling naked
before me with her firm round ass sticking up and her large pendulous breasts
swaying wildly beneath her while I'm shoving practically my entire forearm
inside my warrior slave's sopping snatch.

'Just see how much she's loving it!' I thought triumphantly while twisting
my fist around in her narrow sheath.

"MISTRESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!" Xena hollered, her back arching so much I was
momentarily afraid her spine would snap, before collapsing limply on the

Carefully withdrawing my fist from Xena's snatch, I looked down a tad
perplexed at my exhausted looking lover. 'I guess even you have your
limits,' I mentally noted. Giving my warrior-slave an affectionate
smile, I comfortingly stroked her bare back and butt.

It had been a very intense day - for both of us - and even though it was
still pretty early in the evening I decided this was as good as time as any
to get some much desired sleep. So when Xena regained some of her strength,
I helped her crawl over to our bedroll and tugged us in for the night.

"I love you so much, Gabrielle," Xena told me, a blissful smile on her face
as she kissed me goodnight.

"I love you too, Xena, with all my heart. And now that you've given yourself
to me, I'll take good care of you, just like you took care of me during our
first years together," I solemnly promised her before we drifted off to

To be continued in Chapter 5 - The Training of a Warrior Slut-Slave


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