Disclaimer: Most of the characters in this story belong to Universal, and
Renaissance Pictures, and whoever else has a stake in Xena: Warrior Princess.
This is written just for fun and no copyright infringement was intended. Nor
am I making any money of this.

Warning: This story describes the not-so-gentle gangbanging and humiliation
of Xena, including lotsa lesbian sex, BDSM, sex with a minor, and plenty of
other depraved stuff (see the storycodes). If you don't like that or are too
young for it, then I suggest you don't read this.

Summary: Gabrielle discovers that Xena's guilt about the many atrocities she
committed in her past is so great that she's developed a desperate need to be
punished and humiliated. Though shocked at first, the young bard decides to
give her friend and lover *exactly* what she needs.

Author's Note 1: I thought it might be fun to make Gabrielle the dominant one
for a change, hence this story. It's told from Gabrielle's POV, and is not
really related to my other X:WP story: Gabrielle's Secret Sex Scrolls, though
there are some similarities.

Author's Note 2: Whenever I receive criticism about this story, it's usually
that the reader considers the amount of abuse Xena is able to take (without
resulting in any serious injury) unrealistic. My retort to that is this: Have
you ever actually watched the show? Because if you did then you'd have
noticed that just about everything that Xena does (doing flips like gravity
doesn't exist, catching arrows, beating ENTIRE armies, killing Gods) could be
considered pretty fuckin' unrealistic.

IMO, the only way to "fanwank" this into the realm of possibility is by
accepting the rumour that Xena is Ares' daughter as a fact, because at the
very least you'd have to be a demi-god to be able to perform such incredible
feats. And even though the show never actually admitted that Xena was sired
by Ares (probably because that would give the Ares/Xena relationship an icky
incest vibe) I kinda consider this canon because it's the only way to explain
all the extraordinary things she's done as well as her superhuman

And in this case it ALSO explains how she's able to take huge cocks/multiple
fists in her pussy/asshole without tearing/permanent injury, and take so many

My point being, if you accept the premise of "Super" Xena on the show then
you should also be able to accept it in this story.

Rating: XXX

Pairings: Gabrielle/Xena

Storycodes: FF, D/s, spank, S&M, humil, anal

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Xena Warrior Princess:
Xena Warrior Slut Part 5 - Keeping My Warrior Slut In Line
Author: Oric13 ([email protected])

I woke up that morning with a big smile on my face, feeling confident for the
first time in months that everything was going to work out great between Xena
and me. With my eyes still closed, I felt around in my bedroll searching for
the warm body of my beautiful warrior babe with whom I desired an early-
morning snuggle session. However, to my surprise and chagrin, instead of
grabbing a handful of luscious warrior-tits, I came up totally empty-handed.

Opening my eyes a tiny bit, I peered around the campsite and immediately
spotted Xena sitting in front of the burned-out fireside, sharpening her
sword. At first, I just felt a bit peeved that she'd left our bedroll without
asking my permission, but my annoyance rapidly increased when I noticed that
she's fully dressed as well, acting like nothing out of the ordinary had
happened yesterday.

I studied her from beneath half-lidded eyes for a while till I'd figured out
the best way to confront her.

"Good morning, Xena," I sweetly said while sitting up.

"Uhh... Morning, Gabrielle," Xena replied a bit hesitantly, giving me an
uneasy look before swiftly focussing her attention on her sword again.

`Oh, so I guess you DO remember what happened between us.' Smiling to myself,
I stood up, yawned, and took a drink of water from the canteen lying beside
my bedroll. Then, without bothering to cover my naked form, I casually
strolled over to where Xena was sitting.

Though trying to hide it, Xena was clearly checking me out - her bright blue
eyes drinking in my nakedness... She quickly glanced away again when she saw
me looking back at her.

My darling Warrior Princess obviously had a guilty conscience.

"D'ya notice anything special about my appearance, Xena?" I questioned in a
pleasant tone as I stood before her stark naked with my hands perched
seductively on my hips.

"You're... uhm... naked?"

"That's right, I am!" I said in a tone normally reserved for addressing a
slow witted six-year-old. "Now, can you explain to me why you're not naked?
`Cause I sure as Hades don't recall giving you permission to get dressed."

She looked at me confused for a moment, so perhaps she wasn't testing me
after all. But it doesn't really matter much whether she's purposely or
unintentionally defying me - her punishment remains the same.

Understanding dawned on her face, and she gave me a little smile. "Look,
Gabrielle, I'm more than happy to let you call the shots from now on when it
comes to our sex-life, but me asking your permission to get dressed? That's
just silly."

Oh, so she IS testing me.


Xena stared at me with disbelief, her fingers softly touching the red
handprint on her left cheek where I'd just slapped her. Disbelief quickly
turned to anger, and when I saw the look in her eyes I feared that I'd
seriously miscalculated the situation, but as quickly as it had appeared her
anger dissipated again.

Breaking eye contact, Xena submissively gazed down at her feet. And I
mentally breathed a huge sigh of relief; I really hated hitting her like
that, but judging from her response I think I made the right choice. Xena
needs a strong, firm hand to keep her in line. So if I'm to really help her,
I'll need to stay tough.

"Get naked. NOW!" I sternly demanded.

I held back a smile as Xena instantly jumped to her feet and stripped naked
for me in record time.

"That's better," I said with satisfaction as I slowly circled around my
lover, lustfully inspecting her magnificent naked form.

As usual, my eyes were drawn to the mouth-watering sight of my lover's large
heavy breasts projecting proudly and defiantly out from her chest. Despite
the damage done to them by strap, hand, and branch, they still looked

Filled with confidence, I casually cupped Xena's tits, lightly squeezing
them, and then bouncing them up and down a bunch of times - ignoring the
incredulous look Xena was sending me as I happily watched the warrior's juicy
jugs jiggle around for my pleasure.

Sure, I'd fondled Xena's legendary rack many, MANY times before, but knowing
that I now practically OWN these bountiful beauties and can play with them
whenever and wherever I want, gave it an extra thrill.

After spending a good amount of time feeling her up, I sat down on the tree
trunk that was earlier occupied by my disobedient warrior babe.

"Now I'm gonna teach you what happens to naughty Princesses who disobey their
Queen," I calmly informed an uneasy looking Xena.

"Uhm... what do you mean by-" she began to ask, but stopped when she saw me
pat my lap.

Her eyes grew wide as she understood what I had planned for her. "You've
gotta be kidding me?!" she blurted out, looking insulted by even the mere
suggestion of a spanking.

"Oh, I'm serious alright," I said with a no-nonsense tone of voice. "That
cute red butt you prance around with belongs to ME now, remember? And I can
do with it whatever I want: fuck it, fist it, whip it, or in this case: give
it a good spanking."

Once again, I had to suppress a smile as Xena reflexively reached back with
both hands to tentatively touch her bare butt while gazing down nervously at
my lap.

"C'mon, Gabrielle, this is getting ridiculous," Xena objected, "If you're
gonna punish me then just give me a whipping - spankings are for kids."

Heh. I kinda figured that even though a whipping hurts a lot more, she'd much
prefer that above some childish bare-assed, over-the-knee spanking - warrior
pride and all that, of which Xena has plenty - making this the perfect way to
teach my proud lover a lesson in humility & obedience without doing anymore
damage to her already battered behind.

Admittedly, there was also a certain amount of payback involved... I vividly
remember the many spankings & strappings I received from Xena over the years.
Especially during the first few moons of our travels, hardly a day went by
without me getting dragged across an irate Warrior Princess' lap, followed by
the inevitable baring of my buttocks and her hard hand crashing down on my
tender tush. Always a stickler for efficiency, Xena had even decreed at some
point that I'd stopped wearing underwear. That way she only had to raise my
skirt and be all set to tan my bare butt.

During those days, I spend many a night sleeping on my belly... Hmm, and to
think that to this day people still wonder why I prefer walking over
horseback riding.

I'm not saying I didn't deserve most of these spankings, if not all of `em,
but that didn't change the fact that I had some lingering resentment left
over from those days, which is why I took great pleasure in turning the
tables on Xena.

"Hmm, `spanking are for kids'... Really, Xena? `Cause I distinctly remember
being on the receiving end of plenty spankings from you," I reminded the
suddenly forgetful Warrior Princess with great relish.

"It's been almost two years since I last spanked you, and you were a lot less
mature in those days," Xena spoke in her defence. "I had to install some
discipline in you for your own good. Otherwise you would've continued putting
yourself and others in danger and you'd probably be dead by now."

Actually it was closer to one year ago since she last spanked me, but for the
rest she did make some pretty good points (although that didn't change my
intention to spank her).

"I know those spanking were for my own good," I kindly told her, "and so is
this one - for YOUR own good, that is. You're the one in need of discipline
and punishment now, Xena. I know you probably pictured plenty of whippings
when we discussed our new arrangement yesterday, and you will be getting lots
of those, but you'll also be receiving other kinds of punishments focussing
more on a humbling aspect, like this one: a bare-bottomed, over-the-knee
spanking will hopefully teach you some much needed humility and will remind
you not to disobey my orders."

"But I already learned my lesson, and I won't get dressed again without your
permission, Gabrielle," my wily warrioress tried to convince me. Yeah, nice
try, sweetheart.

"You obviously HAVEN'T learned your lesson yet, Xena. If you did, you
wouldn't be trying to talk your way out of this. Or you'd at least have the
sense to address me as "Mistress" or "My Queen". So now not only are you
going to get spanked, but you also earned yourself some additional
punishment, Miss Too-Big-For-Her-Britches-Warrior-Princess," I sternly
informed her. "Now get down across my lap this instant, or I'm gonna make
sure you don't get an orgasm for an entire week."

That got her attention, alright. Sporting a red face and an adorable pout,
she leaned down across my lap, resting her hands and knees on the grass so
that my lap didn't have to hold her entire weight. Despite being in "Angry
Mistress mode", I felt a wave of adoration for my beautiful, gallant warrior,
who even under these... uhm... special circumstances still managed to be so
considered to me.

Oh Gods, I love her so much!

And that's why I needed to stay strong, so I could give her what she so
desperately needed: punishment, and plenty of it. Starting with a good

Studying Xena's upraised, firm round ass, I tenderly traced the numerous red
welts with my fingers. Thanks to her extraordinary healing powers and the
ointment I rubbed all over my warrior's well-whipped charms, the welts had
already begun to fade, but it was still easy to see that Xena had received
one Hades of a thrashing recently.

Strange... staring at my lover's red-welted butt-cheeks, I was naturally
filled with compassion and wanted to do whatever I could to make it all
better for her, yet a small but undeniable part of me also felt fascinated &
aroused, as the sight of her battered buttocks gave me some very vivid visual
flashbacks of Xena's lurid gangbanging. Recalling how my mighty Warrior
Princess had been whipped and fucked into submission by those thugs, and even
more shockingly by that young boy! Especially the mental imagery of Xena
kneeling naked before Midge offering up her tits for his belt, never failed
to make my juices flow.

This embarrassing gratification I got from seeing my friend and soulmate be
punished and humiliated made me feel kinda guilty as I got ready to deliver
some punishment of my own, but it also made it easier for me to do what
needed to be done. `Just keep in mind that she needs this from you,' I
reminded myself again as I raised my hand to start her spanking.

SMACK!!! "Unghh," Xena grunted as the first spank crashed down on her
upraised ass. "Truly, My Queen, this isn't necessary, I--" she tried again,
now much more politely. Even though I enjoyed that she now addressed me as
`My Queen', I silenced her with another spank.

SMACKK!!!! "Hush, Warrior-brat," I sharply told her. "You've got this coming
for a long time now, and you know it."

And then I really let her have it...

SMACK!! SMACKK!!!! "Oohhh!" SMACK!!! SMACKK!!!! "Ahhh!" SMACKK!!!!
SMACK!! SMACKK!!!! "Ouchh!!" SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACKKK!!!!! "Owww!!"

Taking my time to discipline my disobedient lover, I steadily spanked every
inch of her already red butt. Xena apparently did realize that she deserved
and needed this spanking, because she didn't attempt to remain stoic or use
her warrior training to ignore the pain; instead she grunted and groaned
without restraint throughout her spanking, crying out whenever I landed a
particular hard spank.

Thanks to many long hours of staff practice, my hands had roughened up
considerately, which definitely came in handy now, otherwise Xena's butt
would've surely outlasted my hand. As it was, I managed to give her a good,
solid spanking that lasted at least a quarter of a candlemark, even though my
hand was extremely sore (I don't think I'll be doing much work on my scrolls
for a while) towards the end. On the bright side, I'm fairly certain my
lover's ass got the worse of it.

After the spanking had finally ended (to both our relief, I wager), I
lovingly caressed Xena's glowing red behind. My poor warrior-baby seemed
really out of it... She was breathing heavily and most of her weight now
rested on my lap, indicating that the long spanking must've drained her (both
emotionally and physically).

Despite my still throbbing hand, I smiled down at my suffering soulmate. Once
I got her across my lap, she took her spanking like a good little warrior,
and I figured she deserved a small reward for that. This would also help her
learn that it's in her best interest to obey me.

Sliding my hand down her burning buttocks, I was soon touching another
overheated part of Xena's anatomy: her hot & moist pussy. `Oh yeah, she
definitely gets off on this kinda stuff,' I thought with a grin as I slid two
fingers inside of her.

Xena moaned softly as I smoothly worked the two digits in-and-out of her
sopping wet snatch. I've played with her pussy countless times so I knew
exactly what she liked. Working my fingers deep inside her, I rubbed all her
most sensitive spots and massaged the inner-walls of her vagina while
occasionally using my thumb to stroke and tease her stiff clit.

My warrior obviously loved the special treatment her pussy was receiving.
Awoken from her daze, she raised her head and started humping my fingers.

Having just given my much-idolized mentor her first spanking had put me in a
pretty good mood, so I decided to allow this undignified behaviour for now.
But on the other hand, I did need her to understand that from now on she's
only allowed to cum when *I* allow it, which means no more getting herself
off like she's trying to do now. Although, I had to admit that seeing Xena
hump my fingers like a bitch in heat was both entertaining and arousing.

`Hmm, what to do, what to do...' I pondered while staring at my lover's red
jiggling behind. A wicked smile formed on my lips as I thought back to my own
time spend across Xena's lap and how she used to reprimand me during those

~ ~ ~

SMACK!!! SMACKK!!!! SMACKK!!!! SMACK!!! "Owwww!!" I screeched as Xena's hard
calloused hand crashed repeatedly down on my bare ass.

"You've been a very bad girl, Gabrielle," Xena calmly told me as she
blistered my poor behind. "Did you really think I wouldn't notice 25 dinars
missing from our emergency stash?"

SMACKK!!!! SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACKK!!!! "Ouchhh!! I-I-I'm sorry, Xena! But I
only took that money so I could buy a present for you! And I was gonna
replace it all."

Xena sighed. "I appreciate the gesture, Gabrielle, but *SMACK!!* that's
*SMACK!!!* not *SMACK!!* the *SMACK!!* point." SMACKK!!!!

"Unghh! Owwww!!!!" I cried out, wildly flailing my legs as I tried to escape
the warrior's walloping hand.

"That money is for emergency purposes *only*!" SMACK!! SMACK!!! SMACK!!
"What if something happened to Argo, or one of us, and we needed to pay a
healer?" SMACK!! SMACK!!! SMACKK!!!!

"Ohhhh! Ouchhh!!" Xena was being really unfair. After all, I did come up with
a pretty good idea to make the money myself, but naturally Xena disapproved.
Probably because it wasn't HER idea. And then she got all upset when I went
ahead with my plan anyway... it's not like I could help it that things got a
little out of hand.


"Well I did try to earn the money myself," I muttered sullenly under my
breath, which wasn't very smart of me, because naturally Xena's super-hearing
picked up on it and my comment seemed to piss her off even more.

SMACCKKK!!!!! "Owwww!!!"

"Don't remind me!" she angrily retorted, her former calmness gone as she
increased the severity and speed of my spanking. "I still don't get why you
thought that telling erotic stories in a tavern full of rowdy mercenaries
would be a good idea?!"

SMACCKKK!!!! SMACKK!!!! "Oouchhh!!!" SMACKK!!! SMACKK!!!! "Aahhh!!"
SMACKK!!!! SMACK!! SMACKK!!!! "Owwwww!!" SMACK!!! SMACK!!! SMACKKK!!!!!
"Ooohhhh!! Owww!!" SMACCKK!!! SMACKK!!! SMACCKKK!!!! "I'm sorry! I'M
SORRY!!" I apologized -again- which thankfully made Xena ease up a bit.
"Another bard told me that I could make a lot more money that way."

"Yeah? And did this bard also mention to you that you run a pretty big risk
of getting gangbanged by your horny audience when getting in the business of
erotic storytelling?"

SMACKK!!!! SMACK!! SMACK!!! "Ouchh!! Uhm, no, I guess she forgot to mention

"I figured as much. She was probably playing a joke on you. Really,
Gabrielle! How about using some common sense before jumping into these kinda
reckless endeavours."

SMACK!!! SMACK!!! SMACKK!!!! "Owwww!!!"

"You're just lucky that my meeting with the Athenian war council ended early
or I wouldn't have been back in time to save your cute little ass from all
those big burly well-hung mercenaries lining up to fuck you." I knew Xena
well enough by now to sense her growing arousal as I lay bare-assed across
her lap and she recalled walking into the Minotaur Inn and being greeted by
the image of me kneeling naked on stage. My clothes torn off by the two dozen
or so horny half-naked men surrounding me, all sporting rock-hard erections
they were eager to stick inside me. As they crowded and groped me, I was
doing anything I could think of to win time till Xena comes to rescue me,
just like she taught me to; giving out handjobs and blowjobs to those closest
to me as I valiantly tried to keep them from penetrating my pussy & ass.

Angry as Xena would undoubtedly be that she had to rescue me yet AGAIN from
one of my not-so-well-thought-out schemes, I knew that's nothing compared to
how furious she'd be if my irresponsible behaviour would result in an actual
Gabrielle gangbanging. As possessive as the Warrior Princess was of me, she's
even more possessive of my pussy and ass. Blowjobs, handjobs and titty-fucks
were one thing, and sometimes allowed to give to others, but as she's
repeatedly stated: her bard's golden snatch and perfect round bubble-butt
belong solely to HER, especially my tight asshole (hence the phrase "saving
my cute little ass").

Halting the spanking, Xena gently stroked my aching buttocks, soothing the
stinging hot skin. Then she dipped her hand between my thighs and rubbed my
embarrassingly moist pussy.

"Uhhh, at least I did manage to distract those men from fucking me," I
reminded her, partly to distract her from my obvious arousal, and partly to
score some brownie points (which I desperately needed right now).

"Yes, you did, Gabrielle... at least you remembered THAT lesson well enough,"
Xena sighed and then chuckled softly. "My stubborn naughty little bard...
what am I to do with you... Spankings seems to be losing its effect," she
slid a finger deep inside my dripping snatch and pumped it in and out a
couple of times. "Or at least its intended effect," she added with a snicker.

"Maybe I should introduce your naughty butt to my strap... perhaps that'll
leave a stronger and more lasting impression on you."

`What?! No, not her leather strap! Her hand hurts more than enough, thank you
very much.'

"Or you could re-introduce me to your strap-on, instead," I sexily suggested
while wiggling my butt at her, which I knew to be one of Xena's few
weaknesses: she lusted after my tight round ass as much as I did with her big
juicy warrior tits. That's probably why she enjoyed spanking me so much. And
as excited as these regular bare-bottomed spankings tend to get me these
days, I knew that's nothing compared to the arousal Xena experienced whenever
she `punishes' me. I've gone down on her often enough after these spanking
sessions to know that her britches must me drenched by now.

SMACK!!! "Nuh-uh, you're being very naughty again, Gabrielle, I guess you
*are* in need of a session with the strap," she scolded me after delivering
another spank unto my tender tush, but I could hear amusement in her voice,
and her fingers resumed their intimate probing of my womanhood (meaning my
pussy for the illiterate among you).

`Hmm, okay, seems like stronger measures are in order... perhaps throwing in
a complimentary buttfuck will appease her.' Given Xena's obsession with my
butt it pretty much stands to reason that she loved ass-fucking me, and she
most certainly did. I, on the other, didn't much care for it: it hurts like
Hades and I usually can't sit comfortably for many candlemarks afterwards.

Still, I love Xena and so I sporadically let her fuck me up the ass, but
usually only on special occasions... and sometimes when I want something from
her, or if I'd REALLY screwed up - like right now.

"C'mon, Xena," I encouraged her, wriggling erotically on her lap. "Give me a
good, hard fucking to show me who's boss - you know you wanna. Go on and
pound my pussy with that big-ass strap-on dildo of yours until I can't see
straight, and then, if you like, you can shove it up my butt and bugger me
till I can't walk straight anymore, either."

Xena now genuinely laughed and slapped my ass again.

"You devious little minx; I really oughta be a lot stricter with you and give
you a dozen with the strap right now for trying to play me like this... but
instead I think I'll take you up on your offer," I could feel her lustfully
eying my beet-red butt as she stroked the tender globes. "It's been a while
since I had the opportunity to fuck that fine ass," she added softly, as if
talking to herself. Prying apart my taut buttocks with her fingers, she
stared silently at my exposed asshole for almost an entire minute, then
delivered another hard spank on each butt-cheek after releasing them.

"OK, we'll forget about the strap, for now," she said as she lifted me from
her lap. "Get naked and assume the position while I go get the strap-on."

Smiling triumphantly (while being careful to hide this from Xena) I took off
my top, skirt and boots and got down on all fours, invitingly wiggling my ass
in Xena's direction. A butt-fucking from Xena may hurt, but nowhere near as
much as one of her infamous strappings, so I figured that I got the better
deal out of this.

~ ~ ~

My smile grew bigger as I recalled that particular punishment. `Okay, so I
definitely deserved that spanking... But now our roles are reversed and Xena
is the bad girl in need of punishment.'

SMACK!!! "Umph!" Xena grunted as my hand crashed down on her glowing red

"You're being a bad girl, Xena," I teasingly chastised her while repeatedly
smacking her ass with my left hand while my right hand remained busy finger-
fucking her dripping wet slot. "Humping my hand like a bitch in heat; you
should know better than that... You're no longer allowed to get yourself off
- any orgasms you receive from now on will have to be pre-approved by me."

SMACK!!! SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACKK!!!! "Oohhh! That hardly sounds fair,
Mistress," she protested.

"Too bad," I smirked (yeah, okay, I really enjoy being in charge). "This
pussy belongs to ME now," I happily reminded her while driving my digits deep
into her steaming snatch, "and I'll decide if it deserves an orgasm."

Xena groaned in response. Even though we came up with this arrangement to
punish her for her past crimes, I think a big part of her loves being
dominated by me. But I hadn't forgotten that I'm supposed to be punishing
her, which means that if she wants to cum she'll have to earn it first.

With that in mind, I spanked and finger-fucked my big tough warrior till I
brought her to the brink of what looked to be an incredibly intense orgasm,
and then I stopped.

"Noooooo!!" Xena cried out as I withdrew my fingers from her aching cunt.
"Please! I really need to cum, Mistress!"

I loved how despite her great urgency to climax, Xena still remembered the
proper way to address me. But, unfortunately for her, it wasn't enough to
persuade me to let her cum.

Also, I was gradually starting to feel a pretty big urge myself... to..
uhm... answer nature's call, so I had more pressing things on my mind than
giving my naughty nymphomaniac lover another orgasm.

"Nope, I don't think so... from now on you'll have to EARN your orgasms," I
sternly informed her before delivering a final smack on her trembling
upraised ass.

Gazing across her shoulder, Xena send me an adorable pouting, pleading look.
I fondly recall using that exact same look countless times on her when I
needed a really big favour. She nearly had me with that, but I managed to
hold onto my resolve.

I smirked at her. "Nice try, but no go."

"Please, My Queen..." she tried again, batting her eyelashes at me. Damn, she
is good!

"Nuh-uh," I halted her pleas. "Remember: orgasms are to be earned. So if you
wanna cum, you'll have to be an obedient, well-behaved warrior princess for
me. Think you can do that, Xena?" I questioned with a teasing smile.

"Yeah, I guess... Mistress," Xena unenthusiastically replied.

"Good!" I perkily replied, ignoring her sullen tone. "Then I want you to get
down on all fours, and stay like that while I go and freshen up."

Letting out a sigh, Xena got off my lap and assumed the position. She looked
so incredibly desirable: naked on all fours, her moist, swollen slit standing
out between her spread legs - I just wanted to ravage her right then and
there. But that would've played right into her hands. And besides, I really
needed some relieve myself right now.

"Very good, now don't you move, I'll be back soon," I said as I got up and
headed for the dense part of the forest.

Xena grunted in reply.

"And don't go playing with yourself while I'm away," I called back across my
shoulder as I hurried off into the bushes.

I did my business and then took a quick bath in the nearby lake before
heading back to camp, arriving just in time to catch Xena trying to get
herself off by rubbing up against the tree trunk like a bitch in heat.

For several long seconds, I just stood there with my mouth hanging open,
unable to believe that she would actually stoop this low. Sure, I know Xena's
kind of a nympho, but still... rubbing your sensitive pussy against that
rough bark? *shivers* How desperate can you get?

"Stop that this instant, you little warrior hussy!" I called out as I emerged
from the shrubbery.

Xena instantly froze, and glanced guiltily across her shoulder. "I didn't
touch myself," she quickly said as I approached, sounding half apologetic and
half defiant.

"Yeah, I noticed, very clever," I replied while glaring down at her.

Despite my annoyance at yet another test of my authority from Xena, I also
felt a certain admiration for her quick thinking and her almost natural
ability to bend the rules. But that didn't change the necessity to punish her
for this as well. I needed to show her who's boss or this arrangement isn't
gonna work. And I'd realized by now that Xena wasn't going to make it easy
for me. If I wanted to be completely in charge of her, she's gonna make me
work for it. Just like she's gonna have to earn her orgasms, I had to earn
her obedience.

Well, I've never backed down from a challenge and I'm not about to start
today. Especially not when my relationship with Xena is at stake, and the
reward is so... very enticing.

Shoving a hand between her legs, I roughly stuck a couple of fingers into her
wet cunt, which brought a loud gasp from Xena. "So... you'll pretty much hump
anything you can with this sloppy, slutty snatch - is that how it is?" I
huskily whispered in her ear while pumping her pussy with my fingers.

"Uhhhh," Xena groaned, unable to get any words out as I swiftly brought her
closer to her much-desired orgasm.

"Well, let's test that theory!" I ominously said as I abruptly yanked my
fingers from her twat and swatted her ass.

SMACK!! "Oohhh!"

"Get up," I ordered while delivering another spank to her still beet-red

SMACK!!! "Unghh!"

Red-faced and looking pretty out of it, Xena slowly got to her feet,
obviously disgruntled that I once again hadn't allowed her to cum. But she
kept her hands at her sides and didn't make any other attempts to get herself
off, so at least she was learning.

She glanced at me a bit nervously, issuing me a questioning look.

I shot back a bright smile, which I think made her even more nervous (which
was exactly my intention). "We're gonna play a little game, Xena," I
cheerfully informed her.

"A game?" she repeated with a mixture of suspicion and incredulity in her

"That's right," I confirmed, happy that I was able to throw her off balance,
which ain't exactly easy with Miss Smarty-Britches. "I'll explain the rules
to you later. First go get our two largest dildos and the jar of lube from
the saddlebags."

Xena's face instantly brightened at this.

"Oh, and also bring your sword and whip," I added. This, predictably, caused
some puzzlement on her part, but she did as instructed and swiftly delivered
the requested items.

"Good girl," I gently praised her. "Now get your gloves, some rope and a
knife and fetch me four bundles of nettles, neatly tied together."

"Nettles?" she questioned apprehensively while checking out her naked form.

I grinned. "Yes, nettles... But don't worry: you may put on those gloves and
your boots for the duration of this little chore, and you won't have to do it

"Lucky me," she grumbled softly, yet loud enough for me to hear as she walked
away to do my bidding.

My grin grew bigger as I watched her go. I have to admit that I got a real
kick out of ordering my big tough Warrior Princess around, and I'm not just
talking about the sex stuff. I'd kinda gotten used to taking orders from her
and it feels really good to be the one giving the orders for a change. `I
wonder if she suspects what I'm planning to do with those nettles.'

* * *

After a quarter of a candlemark, Xena returned to camp carefully carrying 4
bundles of nettles. She threw them down at my feet, obviously happy to be rid
off the prickly plants. "There ya go, four bundles of nettles... My Queen,"
Xena somewhat belatedly added.

Not really respectful behaviour, but I decided to let it go since I was eager
to get our little game started. I'd done some preparations while Xena was
gone, which -among other things- involved sticking Xena's sword about halfway
into the ground and copiously coating the hilt with lubricant.

"What in Hades' name!" Xena cried out as she spotted her precious weapon
standing out above the grass like an ill-conceived scarecrow.

"Relax! You can clean it afterwards and it'll be as good as new," I quickly
said to avoid a rant about the proper treatment of weaponry, which I
suspected was about to come out of her mouth despite her supposed
submissiveness towards me.

Xena swallowed whatever she was gonna say and even managed to tear her eyes
away from her beloved sword. Facing me, she seemed to have remembered who's
in charge, because she demurely dropped her gaze and meekly said, "I
apologize for my outburst, Mistress Gabrielle, it won't happen again and I
willingly accept whatever punishment you wish to give me."

"Well said, slave, I accept your apology," I replied, smiling with delight at
my stubborn warrior's much-improved attitude. Glancing down at the nettles, I
briefly wondered if Xena perhaps *did* suspect what I was planning to do with
them, and if that knowledge had brought on this sudden attitude improvement.
`Oh well, it doesn't really matter.'

"...and whether you'll get punished or not will be entirely up to you."

Xena looked puzzled.

Reaching behind me, I revealed Xena's whip to her.

"No, I'm not gonna whip you," I said, seeing the unspoken question in her
eyes. "At least not with this," I added with a mischievous smile, "or perhaps
not at all. Like I said: it's all up to you."

"But... then what did you want my whip for, and why is my sword..." Xena's
voice trailed off as her sharp eyes spotted the glistening lubricant on the
handle of her whip. A quick glance confirmed that her sword handle had
received the same treatment. "Oh, FUCK," she exclaimed, understanding dawning
in her eyes as she recalled me employing her whip as a makeshift dildo
yesterday to give both her sex holes a good pounding.

"'Fuck' is exactly right, love," I smirked. "You're gonna plant that nice big
butt of yours right on top of your sword handle and sodomize yourself with
it, while at the same time using your whip to fuck your slutty snatch."

Xena appeared to be momentarily speechless as she stared at me in shock (or
awe, I wasn't sure which).

"While you are bringing yourself off with your warrior tools, I'll be using
our dildos on myself," I continued explaining the little contest I had in
mind. "And here's where it gets interesting: if you cum before I do, then I'm
gonna use these nettles to whip your ass, tits and pussy."

Still speechless, Xena's mouth opened and closed several times, sorta like a
fish on dry land.

"But if I come first, you'll be allowed to climax without any repercussions,
and you won't even be punished for your misbehaviour today."

"So, what do you think of my little game, slavegirl?" I questioned my still-
mute warrior after about half a minute of silence.

A wry smile appeared on Xena's lips. "Well, you certainly deserve credit for
imagination, Mistress."

I grinned at her. "Oh, trust me: you ain't seen nothing yet."

Directing another look at her well-oiled sword handle sticking out above the
grass, Xena gazed back at me with a sort of grudging respect in her eyes.
"Right now, I have no trouble believing that at all, my Queen."

Brimming with confidence, I handed Xena her whip and without having to be
told, she walked over to her sword and prepared herself to take that big
sword hilt into her tight asshole.

After staring at it for a couple of seconds, she turned around so she was
facing me again. Looking intently into my eyes, she reached back and spread
her butt-cheeks as she slowly sank down. Xena grimaced as her descending
weight caused the large round knob of the sword hilt to slowly force its way
into her anus, but still managed to keep eye contact with me.

Sitting down on the grass with my back resting against the tree trunk, I
spread my legs wide and grabbed one of the dildos I'd stashed nearby.

I watched breathlessly as my proud warrior, gasping and groaning, slowly but
surely accepted the entire length of her sword handle into her straining
butthole. What an incredible exciting sight!

Finally it was all the way in, and we both sighed (though for different
reasons, I bet). And now it was time for Xena to work that fat whip-handle
into her twat, and she wasted little time getting to that... With her intense
blue eyes still focussed on me, she used two fingers to spread her labia
lips, revealing the moist pinkness of her pussy, and pressed the thick
leather rod against her opening.

Watching all this intently, I leisurely rubbed one of the dildos up and down
my dripping slit before positioning it at the entrance of my pussy-hole.

Though it had been quite a chore for Xena to get her sword handle up her ass,
she had little difficulty burying that big whip-handle in her cunt.

The moment I saw the whip-handle disappearing inside her twat, I pushed the
dildo into my pussy, letting out a loud guttural groan as its wide girth
filled me up. Both our eyes were staring spellbound at each other's wet,
wide-open slit, which were both getting invaded by a thick leather-bound rod.

After having pushed our fake phalluses all the way inside, we smiled at one

"OK, let the cum-contest begin," I announced with a throaty growl as I
started working the fat dildo in-and-out my straining twat.

Xena followed my example and began fucking herself with the large leather
whip-handle while at the same time bouncing her butt rhythmically up and down
the deeply penetrating sword handle.

Licking her lips, my slutty warrior princess returned her gaze to my dildo-

"Oh, Xena," I said, causing her to look up, "remember to play fair: if I
start to get the impression that you're not fucking yourself enthusiastically
enough then not only won't you be allowed to cum, but I'll be sure to make
good use all four of those nettles bundles by whipping your pussy, ass and
tits till there's not a leaf left on them - got that?"

She nodded meekly. "Yes, Mistress."

Judging from the way Xena's riding her sword handle and reaming herself with
that whip, it didn't look she was gonna cheat, but you never know. And I felt
pretty sure that the threat of a lengthy nettle-whipping AND not being
allowed to cum would keep her from trying to con me.

Focussing on winning this contest, I raised my legs all the way to my
shoulders so Xena would have an even better view of my wide-spread snatch
being thoroughly fucked by that big leather shlong.

I smiled impishly when I heard Xena let out a groan filled with pent-up
sexual frustration.

"Ahhhh, my poor warrior baby wants to cum so badly..." I teased as I slowly
pumped the fat dildo in-and-out of my sopping wet snatch. "But she knows
what'll happen if she comes before I do, don't ya, Xena-Slut?"

"Yes, my Queen," Xena grunted; still obediently bouncing up and down on her
sword handle while reaming her twat with that oversized whip-handle. "You'll
whip my pussy, ass and tits with those nasty nettles."

"That's right, my lovely warrior-slut-slave, so you better keep that yummy
pussy of yours in check."

Unfortunately, she did just that, and continued to do so for almost half a
candlemark. At least, I think it was half a candlemark, it might have just
seemed that long because I was straining to keep my own orgasm back.

Despite the obvious advantage I had of only being fucked in one of my holes
and not being a total nympho, we were pretty evenly matched when you take
into account Xena's iron-like will, which I kinda forgot to do... To be
honest, I was starting to get a bit worried. When I came up with this
contest, I thought for sure I'd win easily since she already seemed on the
brink of an orgasm when we started, but Xena seemed determined to beat me.

*sigh* I should've known better than to underestimate her - she's a crafty
bitch, after all. Now normally, I don't really mind losing to her, but in
this case I risked losing a lot more than a simple bet, like the authority I
held over her. To remain completely in control, I felt like I had to win this
and with my own orgasm rapidly approaching, it was time for some desperate

Turning around unto my belly, I drew my legs up beneath me so I was kneeling
face-down on the grass with my upraised ass pointed directly at Xena. I made
sure to arch my back and spread my legs nice and wide so my warrior would
have a first-rate view of my pussy & asshole.

Glancing across my shoulder, I could see that Xena was practically salivating
as she stared at my completely exposed nether holes. `Just wait till you see
what happens next, my lusty love,' I thought to myself, almost giggling with
anticipation as I imagined the look on her face.

Yanking the dildo from my sopping snatch, I swiftly replaced it with the
other, even bigger dildo. Once I managed to work its entire length inside me,
I placed the first dildo that was still dripping with my love-juices against
my anal entrance and PUSHED.

I think that Xena groaned even louder than I did as the leather-wrapped
wooden phallus slowly made its way into my straining butthole.

"Unghhh... sooo BIG!" I grunted, while forcing the fat dildo further inside
my tight ass.

I'm not sure how, but I eventually managed to get that monster almost all the
way in. I felt so full with TWO oversized dildos stuck deep inside my fuck-
holes. It also hurt, but in a good way.

Taking a couple of deep breaths, I grabbed the end of each dildo and began
slowly sliding the twin phalluses in and out.

"Oh! Ungh!! Oh, gosh, Xena... will you look at that: I'm getting banged in
both my holes. I bet you don't see THAT very often!" I told the frustrated
warrior princess in my most innocent tone of voice.

"Oh, GODSSS, Gabrielle!" Xena hissed.

Like I already mentioned: I'm not a big fan of anal sex, and only allowed
Xena to fuck me up the ass on special occasions, but... well, this certainly
qualified as a special occasion to me. And seeing Xena practically bursting
with sexual frustration as she watched me double-dildo myself, more than made
up for the pain in my ass.

"Ahhhh!! Oohh! Holy Aphrodite! Would you've ever believed that this huge
dildo could possible fit in my tight little asshole, Xena?" I grunted as I
pounded the pair of fake cocks increasingly faster into my twin fuck-holes.
"Unghh! Look-it that freakin' thing busting my butt, I bet I won't be able to
sit comfortably for days!"

"FUCKKKK!!!!" Xena groaned, her voice strained.

"Oh, Hades!! I feel like it's splitting me in two! You might even be able to
stick your hand up my ass after this."

"OOOOOooooohhhhhHHH!!!! GabriellllleeeeeeeeEEEEEE!!!" Xena screeched as a
massive orgasm racked her body.

A big relieved smile appeared on my face and only seconds later, I came as

* * *

Still dazed from her mind-blowing orgasm, Xena opened her eyes, blinking
against the bright sunlight.

The first thing she saw was me standing over her, still totally bare-assed
naked, holding a bundle of nettles in a gloved hand.

She groaned and I shot her a wicked smile.

"Time to pay up, slave."

* * *

SWOOSH! "Oouchh!"

SWOOSH! "Ohhhh!"

With gleaming eyes I gazed down at Xena's bare, bright red behind which
wiggled enticingly as I lashed those perfect globes again and again with a
handful of nettles. It must sting like Hades to have her already thoroughly-
spanked ass whipped this way, but my brave warrior obediently remained
kneeling face down on the grass with her blushing butt high up in the air
throughout this humiliating ordeal.


After delivering a few fast final strokes, I tossed the battered batch of
nettles away

"Well, princess... looks like that big beautiful ass of yours has been
properly punished," I cheerfully announced while wiping my sweaty forehead. I
waited a few seconds, and when no reply came from the panting red-faced
warrior, I inquired with an annoyingly honey-sweet voice, "Aren't you gonna
thank me, slave?"

I grinned when I saw her grimace in response.

"Uhh.. Thank you, mistress?" she questioningly replied.

"Thank you for what?" I needled her, perhaps enjoying myself a bit too much.

Xena sighed. "Thank you for whipping my butt, Mistress."

"That's better," I told her. "It will no doubt take countless more whippings
like these, but I'm sure I'll manage to turn you into a well-behaved and
obedient warrior-slave-slut eventually."

Despite having already become pretty familiar with my lover's submissive
side, I was still kinda amazed when I saw her squirm with arousal. Not that
long ago, she would've killed people for a whole lot less... and yet here I
was: degrading and whipping her royal highn-ass with total impunity. Not only
that, but she was lapping up every morsel of abuse I tossed her way like an
eager little puppy, hungry for approval.

Hmm, Xena: Warrior Bitch? I got a very amusing and exciting mental flash of
Xena squatting naked on her haunches before me, her hands out in front of her
chest in a doggy `begging' kinda way. A glossy tail (made from her own hair
and attached to an anal plug) wiggled jauntily around, and her long talented
tongue was hanging out of her mouth as she adoringly gazed up at me.

I shook my head, trying to rid myself of this cruel, yet very exciting, way
of thinking. That would certainly be taking things a tad too far... `Or would
it?' A tiny, wicked part of me wondered as I gazed down at my prostrated
partner, so eager to be debased and so very willing to do whatever I desire.

The question is: how far am I willing to take this? Xena seems pretty much
willing to take it all the way... whatever that may be. But what are my
boundaries? And do I even have any, because I already crossed the ones I set
when I started this with her.

I'm doing this for Xena, I keep telling myself: She's the one who needs this.
But I'd be in serious denial if I didn't own up to the fact that I was
thoroughly enjoying my "disciplinary duties" and becoming worrisomely
talented at thinking up new inventive humiliating punishments for her.

I've always thought of myself as a gentle, compassionate person, but I think
it's time to face facts and admit that just like Xena, I have a dark side as
well. And this side of me was most eager to properly nettle-whip those big
juicy tits and that sweet tender pussy, peeking out oh-so-invitingly between
her muscular thighs.

"Tell ya what, Xena. Since you took your whipping so well, I'll let you
decide what part of your luscious body will get it next," I happily informed
her, making it sound like I was doing her a REALLY big favour. "Isn't that
nice of me?"

"Yeah, you're a real sweetheart, mistress," Xena dryly replied.

"And don't you forget it," I grinned.

"So what's gonna be my next target?" I questioned while grabbing a fresh
batch of nettles and swinging it experimentally around in the air. "Will it
be those big, fat warrior udders, or that lovely puffy pink pussy?" Stepping
closer, I rubbed my foot against her slit-her VERY wet slit. After just a few
up and down strokes, my foot was pretty much drenched with her juices.

"Oh, my! Looks like my warrior slut is really enjoying herself," I teasingly
noted as I pushed my big toe into her dripping love box, teasing and prodding
her with it.

My formerly oh-so-proud warrior princess didn't even try to hide how much
she's loving this latest humiliation. Unashamed, she rubbed her itching slit
up against my investigating toes. And when her movement caused most of my
toes to slip inside, her rubbing quickly turned to humping.

Xena: Warrior Princess was actually humping my foot!

"You're such a nasty slut," I tsked in an amused tone, watching intently as
she tried to get more of my foot inside her.

"Yes, Mistress, I am!!" she unexpectedly eagerly confirmed. "Please punish
me, Mistress Gabrielle! Please punish me for being a nasty slut!"

Holy Aphrodite!! Hearing her say that almost made me climax right then and
there! She was really starting to fully surrender herself to me!

"I will, my wonderful Warrior Slut!" I emotionally cried out while trying to
resist the urge to jump on top of her and give her a big hug. "I'll punish
you real good! Now where do you want it first?"

"My tits! Nettle-whip these big fat warrior melons of mine," Xena groaned
without restrain.

"Will do, sweetie, but first..." I stepped in front of her and raised my
sticky foot to her mouth, "Lick!" I commanded.

For a brief moment, she looked shocked and angry as she stared at my foot.
Then she looked up and we gazed into each other's eyes. I could see the anger
dissipate, replaced by love, before she submissively lowered her eyes and
then her entire face to my foot.

A wondrous thrill went through me as I felt my lover's long raspy tongue
swipe across the sensitive skin of my foot. Whatever reluctance she had about
performing this utterly demeaning task quickly went away and instead she
seemed to actually relish her further debasement as she lovingly tongue-
washed my entire foot, even licking the dirt covered soles!

As a grand finish, she sucked off my toes - like every one of them was a tiny
dick - meanwhile sending me a sexy, smouldering gaze from beneath her long
eyelashes. She actually gave me a tiny orgasm during this!

After having meticulously cleaned my entire foot, she sat up and folded her
hands behind her head, invitingly sticking out her impressive chest. Xena of
Amphipolis, the Destroyer of Nations, was ready for her titty-whipping, and
she wasn't shy about letting me know: "These over-sized warrior udders are
ready for their whipping, my Queen."

I grinned wickedly in response.

Even though I'd already whipped those magnificent breasts very recently, I
was once again unbelievably turned on by the sight of this legendary
warrioress submissively offering up her sore, sensitive funbags to her
Mistress (Me!!) for yet another painful whipping. I took a moment to savour
this ecstatic feeling of authority, before raising my hand and lashing the
nettle bundle down across her proud, upturned breasts.

I meticulously worked over every inch of those perfect globes, my eyes
burning with lust as I watched them bounce around, futilely trying to escape
the burning nettles.

Xena hissed and grunted in discomfort as the nettles' sting reignited the
pain of the many other whippings that her poor boobs had already endured, but
obediently stayed in position and continued to push out her painful tits for
further punishment.

I was breathing hard by the time I finished. Stepping closer to inspect my
work, I decided that my lover's tits could definitely be considered "well-
done". The soft, tender skin glowed bright red and her nipples were twice
their normal size.

My warrior-slave's face was as flushed as her tits, expressing awe and
disbelief as she stared down at her thoroughly flogged funbags.

"You know what's next, don't ya, lover?" I said as I traded the broken and
wilted nettles for a new batch.

"My cunt," Xena responded, her voice dark with desire as she gazed with
perverse fascination at the fresh bundle of nettles I was brandishing.
"You... you're gonna whip my slutty snatch with those nasty nettles."

I grinned. Sounds like she's really getting into this - and so am I. "That's
right, my beautiful warrior bitch: I'm gonna whip that sweet slutty pink
pussy till it's as red as your great big warrior titties are right now."

Xena was practically panting as she stared transfixed at the handful of
stinging plants which would soon be caressing her sensitive cunt.

"Get into position, princess," I sternly demanded. "And be sure to present me
with a nice split beaver."

I certainly didn't have to tell her twice. She hurriedly lay down on her back
and pulled up her legs till her knees were touching the grass on either side
of her face. Sending me a hot, passionate gaze from between her wide-spread
legs, she used both hands to pull at the skin close to her slit, stretching
it tight and causing her pussy-lips to open wide.

`Oh, wow! Now that's a first-rate beaver bulls-eye she's giving me,' I
thought excitedly as I stared down into her gaping snatch. `My kinky warrior
babe must really need it bad.'

When I came up with this nettle-whipping idea, I figured it would be a really
nasty punishment for my warrior slave, but once again Xena manages to amaze
me; judging from her responses so far, the big slut was actually loving it!
`Well, let's see how she feels after I get through lashing her cunt.'

SWOOSH! "Oohhh!" Xena gasped loudly as the prickly nettles struck her
aroused pussy, and I followed up with four fast strokes.


Focussing intently on my lover's glistening pink pussy-flesh, I delivered
five more lashes, but this time with small pauses in-between.

SWOOSH! .. SWOOSH! ... SWOOSH! "Ooohhhhhh!" SWOOSH! .. SWOOSH! "Unghhh!!"

And then five fast strokes again on her sopping wet, oh-so-tender twat.

SWOOSH! SWOOSH! SWOOSH! SWOOSH! SWOOSH! "Gabriellllllllleeee!!!"

I paused a moment to study my beloved soulmate... As incredibly gorgeous as
she normally looks, her current "predicament" made her look even more
appealing! Xena's magnificent form was brimming with sexually tension as she
nervously licked her full lips while gazing back at me with a wide-eyed
glassy look.

My gaze went down again to my lover's well-spread, wide-open cunt and I felt
a thrill of excitement when I saw her slender fingers pull her fuck-hole even
further open for me, actually inviting additional punishment to that most
intimate and tender place.

The sight of her submitting to me so completely almost made me cum on the

My pussy was almost as wet as Xena's as I repeatedly and enthusiastically
lashed the bundle of nettles down unto her gaping glistening pussy-hole; not
stopping till the entire nettle-bundle was broken and wilted.

* * *

Panting heavily from the effort I'd put into properly nettle-whipping my
warrior-slave's slutty snatch, I watched with vivid fascination as said
warrior-slave sluttily humped her red & swollen twat towards me against the
empty air, silently begging for more pussy punishment. Her eyes were tightly
closed and her red flushed face displayed a mixture of ecstasy and agony. The
big pain-slut actually seemed to be on the verge of yet another powerful

When no more nettle-lashes landed on her cunt, Xena opened her eyes and
whimpered with need while sending me a pleading look.

"Don't tell me you need to cum AGAIN already?!" I questioned pseudo-
surprised, pretending to be annoyed. "By the Gods, Xena, you're such a
humongous slut!"

"I know, Mistress! I can't help it! I just REALLY need to cum again!! PLEASE
MY QUEEN!!!" my blushing lover begged shamelessly while her trembling fingers
ineffectively pulled at her red-whipped swollen pussy-lips, trying to open
her snatch even further for me. "Whip me! Fuck me! Fist me! Do WHATEVER you
want!! Just PLEASE make me cum!!"

"Hmm, ANYTHING I want... you're sure about that?"


"Okay, you asked for it," I growled, trembling with arousal as I gazed
intently at the wide-open red-rimmed cavern that was my lover's cunt. After
taking a step back, I leaped forwards and kicked her hard in the crotch!

Xena's eyes opened wide and a primal scream erupted from her mouth, which
went up a few octaves when I followed up with an even harder cunt-kick, this
time burying half my foot inside her snatch.

"AAAAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!" Xena screeched out as she came, drenching my
foot with her pussy-juice as she flopped around like a fish on dry land.

I wriggled my toes around inside her spasming slit while forcing my foot
further inside, bringing forth another scream from the now continuously
cumming warrior-slut.


And I happily obliged. Red-faced and with a feverish gleam in my eyes, I
withdrew my girl-cum glistening foot and then kicked it back into her gaping
fuck-hole. It plunged inside with a squelchy thud and triggered an explosion
of pussy-juice.

Most everyone who knows me considers me to be a kind and gentle person, and,
at the risk of sounding conceited, that's pretty much how I view myself as
well. Therefore it was a nasty shock to my self-image to discover how much I
enjoyed humiliating and hurting the love of my life; especially disturbing
was the carnal pleasure I took in tormenting Xena's luscious womanly charms.

If I would have been confronted just a week ago with a vision of myself
sadistically kicking my beloved warrior's well-whipped snatch, I would have
naturally assumed this vision to be some kind of perverted illusion, or
perhaps a prediction of a plot involving Hope. Because if that vision is real
then it HAD to be Hope who's gleefully stomping her foot into Xena's tortured
twat, while perhaps attempting to make my lover her bitch. Either that or I
must've been possessed by some evil spirit (again).

These would be the only explanations I would've believed possible, because
not in a million years would I've seriously considered the possibility that
both Xena and I would get off on me hurting her like this.

Yet here I was: excitedly kicking my lover's pussy of my own free will and my
wonderful warrior whore is loving it!


Again and again I kicked deep inside my screeching soulmate's cavernous cunt,
savouring her piercing cries of pleasure and pain as she writhed wildly
around on the grass while frantically attempting to fuck herself on my foot.
Despite the agonizing ache my merciless cunt-kicking must be giving her, Xena
was experiencing one of her longest and most intense orgasm ever!

I paused briefly to wipe the sweat of my forehead and fully take in the
pussy-drenching sight of my butch lover's utter submissiveness as she lay
there lewdly offering up her glowing red well-whipped tits, ass and pussy for
further punishment. Xena was literally drooling and had a crazed look in her
eyes as she pushed out her wide-open cunt-cream dripping fuck-hole at me and
begged me to punish her some more.

Light-headed from excitement, I delivered the hardest kick of `em all, really
putting my weight into it, and plunged my foot all the way inside my
masochistic warrior's gaping cunt-hole.

`Good thing I clipped my toenails recently,' I dazedly considered as I
watched my entire foot being swallowed by Xena's hungry snatch.

Xena screeched as she frantically flopped up and down on the grass, looking
utterly depraved as she tried to get more of my foot inside here

My face felt as hot and red as Xena's butt as I watched her shamelessly fuck
my foot. I was so fucking aroused that I didn't know I were gonna cum
spontaneously or perhaps even pass out.

Literally growling with lust, I pressed with the heel of my other foot
against her clit. Then, as hard as I could, I started grinding down onto that
sensitive fleshy knob, all purple and swollen after the many fuckings &
whippings Xena's cunt had recently endured.

Despite being a bard, I couldn't even begin to imagine what Xena was feeling
right now, but judging from her reaction it must've been agonizing! Her eyes
nearly popped out of their sockets and she screamed like a Banshee as I stood
with all my weight on her clit & cunt. Yet, amazingly, she just couldn't stop

Looking down with feverish eyes at my continuously cumming plain-slut, my
gaze went from her tortured foot-stuffed twat up to those thoroughly whipped
warrior-udders, which wobbled wildly while in the throes of her pain-induced
endless orgasm. Growling with lust again, I grabbed a hold of her huge red
swollen nipples and started twisting and pulling at them with all the
strength I had left.

stretched her tits to nearly THREE TIMES their normal size while also
continuing to grind my foot down against her excruciatingly mistreated clit.

I couldn't believe my eyes as this agonizing pussy & tit torture caused fresh
spurts of pussy-juice to erupt from Xena's foot-stuffed snatch. Seeing my
normally so in-control lover react like this finally triggered an orgasm of
my own - and what an orgasm it was!

You wouldn't know it from the way Xena's cunt can shoot out pussy-juice like
a freakin' geyser, but women who ejaculate are actually pretty rare. I myself
get plenty wet during my orgasms, but I rarely "spurt" anything out. But now
I did, as I climaxed without having even touched myself! Crying out in
ecstasy and nearly yanking my lover's nipples off as I came hard, a jet of
pussy-cream shot from my blonde haired snatch, which, after hurriedly
positioning myself just right, splashed directly unto Xena's pain/pleasure-
contorted red-flushed face. My warrior-slave's banshee-like screech was
momentarily muffled as my juices filled her mouth.

Letting go off my lover's tits and carefully removing my foot from her gaping
cunt, I silently thanked the Gods that we were in the middle of nowhere with
no one around to witness this utterly depraving scene. I'd hardly finished my
silent prayer when I was startled by the sound of... applause?!

Quickly looking around, I was dismayed to discover that the source of the
sound was none other than our very own stalker God, Ares.

To be continued in Chapter 6...


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