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Xena Warrior Princess: Xena Warrior Slut Part 6 - The Dangers Of Dealing With A Depraved Deity Part 1
by Oric13 ([email protected])

Despite trying to appear stoic (Xena taught me never to show weakness in the presence of your enemies), I couldn't help but cringe at being caught by the lecherous Olympian in this very perverted situation. And it became even more difficult to remain composed when I spotted Ares' big dick dangling out of his leather pants-the depraved deity had obviously been jerking off as he sneakily watched me molest my lover!


"Encore! Encore!" the smug bastard cried out as he annoyingly applauded our "performance" while ignoring the look of venom I was sending his way.

A groan coming from my prostrated warrior caused me to look down with concern. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw her sitting up, which was followed with a stab of guilt when I noticed the look of discomfort on her face as she cradled her aching pussy and tits. But luckily it takes more than a round of foot-fucking to get Xena down! Seemingly shrugging off whatever pain she was feeling, she glanced over at Ares and dismissively rolled her eyes at the War God's antics.

Looking admiringly at my butch lover, I sorta expected her to take charge and tell that peeping God to go fuck himself. Instead, she did pretty much the opposite of what I was expecting... Pretending like the horny deity wasn't even there, she shot me a meaningful look before seductively lowering her face to my pussy-juice-drenched foot which she sensually started licking clean.

Both Ares and I stared amazed and excited at the astonishing sight of the mighty Xena slavishly lapping at my foot like a good little doggie. You certainly don't see THAT every day!

My lover's Hades-may-care attitude strengthened me to take charge of the situation and confront the lewd deity. First, I tenderly stroked Xena's hair to show my appreciation for her devoted behaviour, and also as an added reminder to Ares who Xena belonged to. Then, resisting the strong urge to shield my pussy and tits from the War God's shamelessly roving eyes, I fixed him with a steely look.

"Don't you have anything better to do than to sneak around and spy on us mere mortals, Ares?"

"Nah, not really," Ares said, still staring utterly fascinated at my foot-worshipping warrior princess. "Thanks to the tireless efforts of my do-gooding brother-in-law and your meddlesome warrior bitch, the whole war business has been pretty much in the latrines lately."

"Hmmm, okay," I said, not really expecting such an honest answer, "then how about picking some other people to bother."

Finally making eye contact, Ares shot me a dazzling disarming smile. "But, Gabby! You know you two are my favourite mortals in the whole wide world!"

I snorted depreciatively. "Yeah, I'm well aware that Xena is your number one obsession, but I'm not sure how I factor in."

"My dear, you don't give yourself enough credit," Ares protested, still giving me that admittedly very charming smile. "I'll confess that I might've been somewhat dismissive of you in the past..."

"Annoying little blonde with the perky tits, I believe is what you called me," I stoically reminded him.

"Well, in my defence, they ARE pretty darn perky," Ares grinned while gesturing at my indeed very perky boobs. Despite my annoyance at the War God, a small smile formed on my lips. I do appreciate a good comeback. And a good compliment.

"Anyhow, I assure you that that kind of insensitive name-calling is a thing of the past. Your transformation from insecure, overly chatty farmgirl into a beautiful confident Amazon Queen hasn't gone unnoticed by me."

'Uh-oh! Careful, Gabby,' I told myself, 'He's obviously buttering you up for something.' Still, despite my misgivings, the deity's praise filled me with a warm glow of pride.

"And if the many heroics you and Xena performed over the years is not enough proof of your personal growth then seeing you tame the infamous Destroyer of Nations and turn her into your bitch certainly is." Ares' eyes swiftly focussed on Xena as he said this, obviously gauging her reaction.

He probably expected at the very least an angry response from her, but Xena didn't even bother looking at him. In fact, as if showing him that she couldn't care less, she kissed her way up my leg to my pussy and put her tongue to work there.

Shooting the amazed War God a somewhat smug look, I lovingly stroked her dark silky hair as she skilfully serviced my slit.

"Well, thanks for the kind words, I suppose, but whaddaya want exactly, Ares?" I coolly inquired. "Flattering as it is to hear that we're your "favourites", I still don't want you spying on us whenever Xena and I have sex."

"You sure?" Ares innocently replied while turning the charm up a notch more. "I kinda got the feeling that you'd enjoy showing off your bitch."

I gazed back suspiciously. Was Ares reading my mind? Is that one of the deity's divine powers? Either that or he's a really good guesser, because the idea of other people watching me fuck and dominate the mighty Warrior Princess was indeed a huge turn-on for me.

"Even if I did, I'd still wanna be the one to pick our audience... and I really don't recall inviting you," I shot back.

"Ouch, that hurts!" Ares said, looking genuinely offended. "I really thought I'd be more welcome. Not only have I been a helpful ally to you two over the years..."

Xena and I both rolled our eyes at that. The only times Ares bothered to "help" us was when it's in his own best interest, and even then we still needed to watch our backs.

"... but I'm also a very discrete and, if I do say so myself, roguishly handsome deity WITH the power to make Xena's bitch training a LOT more interesting."

I rolled my eyes again. "I really don't see how you jerking off while watching me whip and screw Xena will make things "a lot more interesting", except maybe for you."

"Obviously, I'm suggesting that I'd be a lot more involved than that," Ares stiffly noted, in more than one way: his cock was hard as a rock, and it was freakin' HUGE! Even bigger than Little John's mammoth member. For some reason, the optimistic Olympian was obviously thinking he'd be sticking it into Xena soon. 'Oh yeah, without a doubt the biggest fucking dick I'd ever seen.'

"Oh, my!" I fake gasped. "You're not actually suggesting that I let you screw Xena?!"

"Actually, I was thinking more in the line of a threesome," the War God responded while once again giving me a very charming smile.

Petting Xena's hair some more as she diligently continued to service my snatch, I smiled venomously back at Ares. "Well, I definitely see how that would work for you, but what would be in it for us?"

"You mean aside from the amazing experience of having sex with a handsome hunky God?"

I grinned appreciatively. "Aside from that, yes."

"Well, how about this..." Ares said thoughtfully, stroking his goatee. "I could fully heal Xena in a matter of moments: getting rid of all those nasty bruises and whip marks on your bitch's otherwise perfect body as well as any other hidden ailments she might have. This would enable you to punish her much sooner and harsher than you otherwise could."

OK, I have to admit that caught my attention. As I once again studied my lover's well-whipped charms, I realized I'd feel a whole lot better if she'd be completely healed. I won't deny that spanking, fisting, whipping, and foot-fucking my submissive warrior slut was incredibly exciting, but I don't want her to be in pain. Well, at least not for very long. And this way, any marks on her voluptuous form would be put there by ME, emphasizing my ownership of her. And like Ares pointed out, I'd be able to punish her again much sooner. The thought of wielding Xena's punishment strap and really going to town on her juicy pussy, round luscious ass, and, of course, those big fuckin' tits, almost made me cum again (although Xena tongue-fucking my snatch probably helped with that as well).

So I'd by lying if I said I wasn't tempted. And to be totally honest, from the moment I first laid eyes on the hunky war god, I've had some pretty lurid fantasies about him. So a threesome wouldn't exactly be the hardship I pretended it to be.

But I didn't really want to share Xena so soon. After all, I've only just begun training her. And even though I was turned-on by the idea of ordering Xena to fuck someone else, I still felt pretty possessive when it comes to my gorgeous warrior babe. Also, I don't trust Ares any further than I can throw him. Does he just wants to fuck us, or did he have some other hidden scheme in mind? Knowing the sly deity the way I did, I'm betting there's more to this than just sex-or at least more than just ordinary sex. The Gods only know the kinda twisted shit that depraved deity is into...

So my sopping wet pussy may be in favour of this deal, but my better judgement is coming up with a big, fat NO. Still, it would be nice to have Xena healed and unmarked again, and ol' Ares is looking horny enough to settle for a blowjob or a titty-fuck instead.

"Sorry, Ares," I told him with a fake sympathetic smile, "but that offer just won't do. In order to fuck us both you'd really have to do a whole lot better. However, healing Xena would earn you a nice juicy blowjob from her."

Ares smirked at me. "As legendary as Xena's blowjobs are, I don't think that would be fair compensation for a full body healing from me."

Naturally, I didn't expect the sly deity to simply accept whatever offer I threw at him, and I'd already planned what I would offer him next. Still, I pretended to think long and hard before seemingly coming to a decision.

Grabbing Xena's hair and pulling her head back, I put a reluctant end to the excellent pussy-eatin' service my talented warrior slut was providing. I gave her a reassuring smile when she looked at me kinda puzzled.

"Stand up, my love," I gently instructed her, and as she obeyed I turned her to face the intrigued War God, giving him a good look at her magnificent body and, most importantly, those spectacular tits.

Standing behind my meekly motionless slave-slut, I peeked across her shoulder and grinned at the spellbound Olympian as I seductively slid my hands around to Xena's front and started stroking and fingering her already sopping wet snatch. At this point, I wasn't even the least bit surprised that my soulmate would get so incredibly aroused just from listening to me talk about pimping her out to Ares.

It took very little time of playing with her pussy to bring my lusty lover to the edge of another orgasm. Letting her head fall backwards against my shoulder, Xena moaned loudly as she shamelessly fucked herself on my fingers in front of her old adversary. She wasn't even shy about throwing in a bit of dirty talk, "Mmmmm! Ooohhhh YES!! Fuck my slutty snatch, Mistress! I need it sooo badly! Unghhh! OOHHH!!! P-p-please, My Queen, shove your whole fist up my cunt and do me like the dirty warrior whore that I am!"

And I was temped to do just that, but ultimately decided against it. After all, the main purpose of this pussy play exhibition was to make the already horny deity even more aroused thereby making it a lot harder for him to resist my next offer. As for my horny Warrior Slut, she already had several mind-blowing orgasms not that long ago and I didn't want to spoil her.

"I don't think so, slave," I sternly informed my kinky soulmate while delivering a teasing slap unto her sopping wet snatch that made her gasp and shudder with delight. "If you want another orgasm you'll have to earn it first."

Teasingly slow, I slid my hands up Xena's smooth flat stomach and ribbed abs till I'd reached those juicy warrior udders I love so much. Winking at the wide-eyed War God, I lovingly stroked and squeezed my soulmate's soft, supple tit-flesh while occasionally tweaking her big hard nipples till she was moaning and groaning like a bitch in heat again.

"OK, Ares," I said in a sultry tone while playfully bouncing Xena's big boobies up and down. "I thought it over, and 'cause I'm such a giving person I've decided that in addition to Xena sucking your dick, I'll throw in a complementary titty-fuck from my busty warrior-bitch as well."

With some difficulty, the very aroused Olympian managed to tear his eyes away from the captivating sight of the Warrior Princess' legendary tits being tossed around by her sweet lil sidekick. Shaking his head in amazement, he shot me a sly grin. "Damn! I'd forgotten what an excellent haggler you are, Gabrielle."

Grinning back at him, I casually bounced both my warrior jugs way up in the air, causing them to slap against one another. This resulted in a startlingly loud smacking sound followed by a surprised squeal from Xena. And, as an added bonus, it also made those meaty melons jiggle around wildly in various entertaining ways.

I enjoyed the sight and sound of this so much that I repeated it a couple of times.

"So, do we have a deal?" I nonchalantly inquired as I toyed with my lover's tits.

Not surprisingly, the War God was kinda distracted by the elaborate boobs aerobatics I put on, so it took a while till he managed to groan out a reply, "Ohhhh, Gabby, you're really not playing fair!"

I grinned to myself 'cause I knew I had him beat.

The drooling deity half-heartedly tried to demand that he'd at least get to fuck Xena's pussy or ass as well, but I'm pretty sure he realized it was a lost cause.

"Yeah... NOT gonna happen, buddy," I smirked, perhaps a bit too smugly. "But since I'm such a generous person, I will lend a helping hand while Xena sucks you off and when you're fucking her tits."

"You'll actually provide assistance during Xena's blowjob and titty-fucking?" Ares repeated intrigued.

"Yup. Providing you accept this deal, of course... but I have a feeling you will," I cheekily added.

Ares grimaced. "I still say you're cheating me, Bard."

"Now, Ares, how can you say such a thing?" I said, trying to sound indignant while putting on my most innocent face. "Just look at these Grade-A Amphipolis udders I'm holding," I proudly pointed out while giving Xena's big boobies an affectionate shake. "Now imagine sliding that big cock of yours between these puppies until you shoot your nasty man-juice all over my Warrior Princess' proud gorgeous face. And as if that experience isn't amazing enough, you'll also be among the elite few who gets to tell the Destroyer of Nations to lick their cock clean and suck it like a two-denarii whore... Or at least among the few people to say that and live," I amended.

"I'll have you know that I suck cock a lot better than any two-denarii whore," Xena dryly and unexpectedly interjected.

Ares and I both grinned.

"Well, there ya have it, straight from the whore's mouth: you'll be hard pressed to find a better cocksucker than her," I cheerfully supported my lover's claim. "And all this for the bargain price of one measly healing!"

"Measly healing?!" Ares said, sounding genuinely offended. "Many have gone on dangerous quests for what I'm offering you, Bard! So I'd think you could at least let me fuck her."

"Yeah, well, I bet there are also plenty of people who would go questing for the opportunity to fuck Xena's tits and have her go down on them," I smoothly shot back. "Anyhow, this is the deal-take it or leave it."

"Alright, alright, I accept your terms," Ares grumbled.

I couldn't help but smile triumphantly. All it took to have him concede to my terms was a little titty show. Apparently, even male deities let themselves be led around by their dicks-talk about your typical guy behaviour!

"Alrighty then, you do the healing and then I'll deliver the goodies," I told him while teasingly bouncing Xena's titties around some more.

Looking at me a bit grumpily (tsk, nobody likes a sore loser, Ares), he strode towards us in an as dignified manner as he could with that huge fuckin' hard-on poking out of his pants. Placing his hand on Xena's forehead, a bright golden light suddenly erupted from his palm and enveloped her entire body, causing her many marks and bruises (and even some old battle scars she had) to vanish like they were never there.

"OOoooohhhh, that feels AMAZING!" Xena moaned happily while gazing down dreamily at her now unblemished, perfect form.

"Nicely done, Ares," I said, smiling appreciatively. "And as agreed you may now use my bitch's mouth and her tits... do you want the blowjob or the titty-fucking first?"

Stroking his goatee with one hand and his rock-hard cock with the other, the War God stared lustfully at my lover's magnificent body while trying to decide. Xena, standing there totally relaxed, gazed steadily back at him as if nothing out of the ordinary was going on. Like she wasn't standing butt-naked in front of her most powerful adversary with her tits being bounced around by her trusty sidekick/lover who just pimped her out to him.

This woman is NOT easily flappable.

Judging from the way he reacted to my tit tossing exhibition, I'm guessing Ares shares my big titty attraction, so I wasn't surprised when the deity announced with a throaty growl that the first thing he wanted to do was "fuck those fat warrior melons".

"Ohhhhh, excellent choice," I said with a sexy smile. My successful haggling strategy had been a big confidence builder and inspired me to take charge again. Delivering a stinging slap unto her juicy round (and now totally unblemished) butt, I sternly addressed my warrior bitch, "You heard the man, Xena! Get down and present those big titties you're so proud of."

"Ouch! Yes, Mistress," Xena meekly replied as she swiftly squatted down. Then, just as I instructed, she arched her back and stuck out her legendary rack in a mouth-watering, inviting manner.

"That's a good bitch," I lovingly cooed while stroking her hair. "Now lets get a good look at what Uncle Ares has for you..."

Grabbing the Olympian's cock, I pulled him closer till his thick purple dickhead almost bumped into Xena's nose. "Mmmmm... ohhh wow! Look at the size of that thing!" I exclaimed, even though we both already had plenty of good looks at the War God's imposing trouser snake.

"Such a big, fat, juicy cock," I breathed excitedly into my lover's ear. "You love big dicks, don't ya, darling?"

"Yes, Mistress," Xena confessed, acting all shy and embarrassed about it.

"Hmm-mm, and what do you love most about 'em, Xena?" I sweetly inquired while gently stroking and squeezing Ares' huge trembling boner as I teasingly rubbed the pre-cum drooling cockhead against my warrior slut's big hard nipples.

"I love the way they stretch and pound my fuck-holes, Mistress," Xena said in a husky voice. "And how exciting it is when they deposit a huge load of spunk inside my mouth, pussy or ass-turning me into a slutty cum-dump. Or shoot all over my face and tits, like I'm some cheap whore."

"Well, you're certainly not cheap," Ares amusingly chimed in. Looking up, I noticed to my surprise that he had his eyes on me instead of Xena (who tends to act as his usual fixation). The Olympian's handsome face displayed a mixture of amazement, arousal and admiration as he was checking me out.

'Oh great, don't tell me he's gonna become obsessed with me as well!' I thought, feeling both amused and worried (and, admittedly, also quite a bit flattered). Giving the War God a wink, I turned my attention back to his cock and my bitch.

"Looks like it's your lucky day then, my cock-lovin' slave-slut," I cheerfully noted while rubbing my hands down Ares' lengthy meat-pole till I was gently cradling his nutsack (his balls were so freakin' big I needed both hands to hold 'em!). "'cause these babies look like they hold enough man milk for you to shower in. At the very least, I think we should be able to arrange a full facial for you."

Xena gasped excitedly, which almost made me laugh. Luckily, I managed to keep a straight face and didn't ruin the sexy vibe we'd created.

"Lets start by putting that divine dick snugly between those great big warrior udders where it belongs, shall we?" I perkily suggested while playfully pulling at the Olympian's pecker till he stood close enough for me to slide that oversized man-meat between my lover's firm round titties.

Ares grunted happily as his rock-hard cock was warmly embraced by Xena's warrior melons. Grabbing a hold of my bitch's boobs again, I wrapped them tightly around the War God's fuck-stick and watched with shameful fascination as the very aroused deity started titty-fucking my soulmate with unbridled enthusiasm. 'Mmmm, that horny bastard probably dreamed about this moment for a very long time.'

"Ohhh yeah! I bet that feels soooo nice," I observed with a sultry voice. "Titty-fucking the mighty Warrior Princess! I just don't see how anyone could possibly claim they've gotten a raw deal when THIS is what that deal awarded them! Really, Ares, do you have any idea how many people would wish it's THEIR prick plunging between those mouth-watering milk-jugs?!"

Despite the incredible pleasure the deity must be experiencing during the fucking of Xena's legendary tits, Ares still managed to roll his eyes at me as I tried to explain to him how lucky he was.

"Millions, probably!" I continued undeterred. "With me being one of them."

"Yeah, that's right," I affirmed, feeling slighted when I spotted an annoying little smirk appearing on Ares' handsome face. "If there's ever a time I'd wish I were a guy it's when I'm fucking Xena with my trusty strap-on and, as amazing as that is, I can't help but wonder what it would be like if my wooden hard-on was in fact real and I'd be able to truly experience the hot, wet tightness of her cunt and actually feel her ass squeezing my cock when I'm giving her some backdoor lovin'... But, unfortunately, I can't," I finished with a sigh.

"But, on the bright side, neither can you since you're only allowed to use her titties and mouth," I teasingly added, having already regretted opening up to the devious deity.

I figured this would wipe that smirk off his face, but for some reason it only grew bigger.

"Anyhow, that alone should be plenty," I finished somewhat distracted. 'Relax, Gabrielle, don't let him get to you,' I mentally coached myself. 'You own the pussy, so you have the power-just take charge again.'

"Here, let me show you just how lucky you are," I sexily spoke. Gently stroking and squeezing my warrior's juicy jugs, I pressed them tighter against the Olympian's relentlessly plunging prick and then suddenly started rubbing 'em together really fast, creating some really interesting new sensations judging from the bug-eyed look on Ares' face.

In fact, this little manoeuvre worked even better than expected... A loud groan and the tremble going through the fat purple penis head poking out between Xena's cleavage was all the warning I got before it suddenly started spewing out jizm like some freaky kind of fountain. Luckily, years of travel and adventure with Xena had honed my instincts, thus enabling me to jerk my head back just in time to prevent ending up with a full facial myself (something which would've undoubtedly amused Ares a great deal).

"Incoming!" I cried out, a bit belatedly perhaps, considering my warrior bitch's face was already covered in cum.

"No, REALLY?!" Xena managed to say before the next load filled her mouth, which she naturally gulped down like a good lil warrior slut.

Despite my innate possessiveness when it comes to my beloved Xena, I still got a strange sense of satisfaction as I watched her work the War God's wang like a well-trained whore. It was actually awe inspiring to watch!

The thick globs of cock-cream glistening on that gorgeous face.

The hypnotic jiggling of those mouth-watering mammaries as my warrior slave shimmies them up and down the deity's dick.

The excited sparkle in my lover's breathtakingly blue eyes as she manages to coax yet another batch of baby batter out of Ares' fat fuck-pole, and that satisfied little sound she makes when she greedily swallows it down.

Amazingly enough, Xena was able to keep the cum flow going for almost an entire minute before the deity's dick finally ceased spurting sperm, but even then the godly member remained hard as a rock.

'That's my wonderful warrior slut!' I observed amused while also feeling some weird kind of ownership-like pride at my slave-slut's passionate and impressive performance.

I decided to reward her for a job well done.

Nipping playfully at Xena's ear to ensure her full attention, I said, "Well done, slave-girl, you've earned yourself a nice lil reward."

While my right hand remained busy fondling my bitch's cum-covered tits, the other one found its way down between her widespread legs. After teasingly tweaking her hard clit and stroking her wet slot several times, I shoved a couple of fingers inside her hot pussy and made an exciting discovery: Xena's slit was as tight as a virgin's! Just a short while ago I shoved my entire foot up her snatch and now it actually took some effort to get two fingers inside her.

Nicely done, Ares. That's certainly one Hades of a healing!

"Oohhhhh yessssss! Thank you, Mistress," Xena happily moaned as I started finger-fucking her.

Grinning at her response, I glanced up to see how our horny Olympian was faring. Not so surprisingly, he looked like he was having a really good time, which is to be expected for someone with his dick buried snugly in-between the Warrior Princess' bountiful boobs. He seemed to have some trouble deciding where to look as his lustful gaze constantly switched back and forth between his cock screwing Xena's tits and my fingers diddling Xena's cunt.

The moment our eyes crossed, I issued him my best wide-eyed 'innocent farmgirl' look. "Oh My Gosh, Ares," I spoke in an amazed but also slightly accusing tone, "Just look at what you've done to my beautiful Xena! It's like someone just dumped a big bucket of jism over her head-the poor bitch can hardly look out of her eyes anymore! You really let her have it didn't you?"

"I sure did!" Ares declared with immense satisfaction as he looked at my warrior bitch's cum-covered face. It truly was quite a sight. Even with all the spunk Xena gulped down, her face was still covered with the stuff. She'd definitely gotten that facial she desired.

"And did you enjoy treating one of Greece's greatest heroes in this degrading manner?" I questioned self-righteously while stuffing a third digit into Xena's tight twat as I started finger-banging her faster. "Using her bountiful bosom to jerk off with and cumming all over her gorgeous face like she's some common whore to use and abuse instead of the wonderful legendary warrioress that she is!"

This statement brought forth an uncharacteristic giggle from my slutty soulmate, which I swiftly punished by delivering a few stinging spanks unto her sensitive snatch.

Arousal and amusement sparkled in the deity's eyes as he gazed down at me. "Well, yeah, I freakin' loved it, actually... and as I recall YOU were the one holding Xena's heroic titties and jerking me off with them."

I waved away that insignificant little detail. "It's YOUR dick between those tits, Ares... and therefore your responsibility," I pompously declared.

"And not that long ago, it was YOUR foot fucking this legendary warrioress' slutty snatch," the War God casually reminded me.

"Hmm... okay you got me there," I grudgingly admitted. Shaking my head in pretend sadness, I scooped a batch of the sticky stuff of Xena's cheek and examined it closely.

It definitely smelled sweeter than most ordinary mortal men's splooge I've come in contact with. And it was also... well, whiter, I suppose. So white, in fact, it almost seemed to glow.

For a brief moment, I considered tasting it, but I noticed Ares eyeing me with that infuriating smug smile on his face and I certainly didn't wanna give him the satisfaction of seeing me taste his sperm.

So instead I opted for licking my lover's juices from my other hand while offering the War God's jism to Xena. To my not-so-great surprise, my beloved slave-slut eagerly lapped it up like a hungry puppy.

"My poor warrior babe," I cooed sympathetically, stroking her sticky hair in a comforting way while feeding her several handfuls of the deity's spunk. "Treated like a fuckin' cum-dump! How terribly humiliating for such a mighty heroine."

"Meh." Xena shrugged and hungrily sucked the last drops of Godly cum from my fingers.

I blinked in surprise then shot her a quick glare. 'Hey, could you at least maybe PRETEND this "ordeal" has affected you somehow.'

"There's no need to act so stoic, my love," I tried again, in full bard-mode now. "You can share your shame with me! Surely no man, or even beast, has defiled your noble countenance with its seed in such a crude and unapologetic manner as this uncouth deity has just done?"

Xena stared at me, and I could see that she was really struggling to keep a straight face. I noticed Ares' expression was pretty much the same, but unlike Xena he was loosing that battle.

"Well, there was that time I sucked off a Cyclops on a drunken bet," Xena answered after having given the matter some thought, "that certainly made one Hades of a mess. And that centaur king I needed to negotiate a treaty with also did a damn good job of covering me in cum. Then of course there was that gang of horny satyrs-they REALLY did a number on me! Splooged every fucking inch of me... but that's a group effort so I'm not sure if that counts."

Ares and I both gawked at Xena and then at each other with a matching "Holy Fuck!" expression on our faces.

Shaking my head in bemusement, I affectionately ruffled her hair, "Oh Xena, you're such a humongous slut."

"I know, Mistress," she cheerfully agreed.

Snickering softly, I slid my hand down Xena's back to her luscious round ass and delivered some swift spanks onto the firm alabaster flesh.

"A very NAUGHTY Slut!" I breathed in her ear while playfully nipping at an earlobe.

"Ohhhhh, Yes Mistress!"

Rubbing my excited pussy against her side, I started planting tiny kisses all over my warrior's face (or at least the areas I'd cleaned of cum). Soon Xena's lips were eagerly seeking mine and before I knew it we were kissing passionately.

Despite my earlier measures of avoidance, I now got a taste of Ares' man-juice from my lover's tongue. And though I'm not about to tell him, it tasted pretty damn good. No wonder my warrior whore lapped it all up so eagerly... but then again, she did pretty much the same with the "ordinary" spunk provided by those outlaws.

As Xena and I made out, our hands were all over each other (just like old times!). She had shoved a finger up my ass and was fucking me with it while her other hand fondled my tits. My hands were plenty busy as well: stroking and fingering her sopping snatch with one hand while spanking her naughty butt with the other.

I got so into playing with my naughty Warrior Slut that I kinda forgot about the horny War God with his dick still sliding back and forth between my lover's fat tits. But I was quickly reminded of his presence when that testosterone-filled fucktard somehow managed to pump out a yet ANOTHER load of sparklin' white man-milk onto Xena's gorgeous face-and some of it on mine as well!

"HEY!! What the FUCK?!" I called out in shock as some splatters of jizz hit my face, and only just managed to avoid getting a full facial myself by nimbly ducking aside.

I directed a blazing glare at the innocently looking deity. "You bastard!"

Ares held up his hands in an appeasing manner-a gesture that made the tiny smirk on his face even more infuriating. "Hey, just a little accident, Gabby. No harm no foul."

"Just a little accident?!" I indignantly repeated. "Of all the nerve..." my voice trailed off as I caught sight of Xena's face-or at least what I could SEE of it, which wasn't much because it was covered in Ares' cum, AGAIN! Just the cobalt blue of her eyes as she carefully reopened her sticky eyelids, and the ruby red of her lips 'cause she was licking them clean.

"I... I... I just CLEANED that, you Philistine!"

"Oh, don't worry about it, just leave it on," Ares smiled, "I've heard it's good for the skin."

"WHAT?! Now you listen, buddy, we only agreed to ONE titty-fuck, not TWO and-and there you go again!" I pointed out accusingly, only now becoming aware that the deity's dick was still sliding back and forth between my soulmate's semen-soaked titties.

"That's a BAD War God," I scolded him, swiftly swatting the thick purple penis head as it popped out again from between Xena's jiggling jugs.

"Oww!" Ares yelped somewhat undignified for a supreme being while quickly withdrawing his cock till its tip was safely shielded by my lover's big boobs. "You Bitch! What in Hades was that for?"

"That's for trying to sneak in yet another titty-fuck, scoundrel," I sanctimoniously informed the indignant deity while shaking my index finger at him in the classic "naughty, naughty" manner.

"So?! You never told me to stop."

"I shouldn't have to. Our part of the deal was ONE titty-fuck and ONE blowjob, and each of those end after you blow your load. So no more titty-fucking for you."

"Really? I don't recall you being that specific about when the titty-fuck was considered over. And also you could have just TOLD me that instead of resorting to these kinda underhanded dick attacks," Ares grumpily complained as he reluctantly withdrew his rock-hard cock from the confines of Xena's snug cleavage.

"Bah, don't be such a freakin' baby, that was just a little love tap-it's not like I sucker punched you in the happy-sack."

"You know, you're really starting to piss me off here, Bard," Ares said in a deceptively silken tone.

"Hey, what can I tell ya: a deal's a deal," I innocently replied. "But look on the bright side, Ares: you're still owed a blowjob from one of the most talented sluts in history-that should put that frown upside down!"

"My my, you're certainly in rare form today, Gab," Ares said while giving me a menacing smile that caused a lil flutter in the pit of my stomach. 'Hmmm, perhaps I better play nice for a bit.'

"Why, thank you, Ares," I playfully retorted. "And so are you judging from that huge hard-on you're still sporting," I added with a wink.

Giving the somewhat placated deity a sultry smile, I firmly grabbed his divine fuck-rod and slid my hand up and down its impressive length a couple of times. "Mmmm, oh yeah... So BIG!" I moaned excitedly, mostly for Ares' benefit (although his huge ego really doesn't need any more boosting). "You sure got your work cut out for you, Xena!"

"Oh, I think I'm up to the challenge," my gorgeous Warrior Slut stated with a confident smile.

"You and me both, love," Ares said with a cheeky grin while waving his rampant erection in our faces.

Xena and I both rolled our eyes at that; catching sight of each other we exchanged smiles.

Snuggling up against my soulmate's perfect naked form, I comfortably rested my face on her shoulder and waited with bated breath for the Champion of all Cocksuckers to do her thing. Meanwhile, I kept myself busy by sensually stroking Xena's sticky titties, rubbing the deity's spunk into her soft silky skin, while leisurely finger-fucking her hot wet snatch with my other hand.

When Ares aimed his mighty cock at her face, my Warrior Slut puckered her lips in response and greeted the approaching prick with a loving kiss. She submissively let him rub that fat purple penis head all over her gorgeous face, coating it with a fresh layer of pre-cum, before reverently offering it entry into her mouth.

I watched wide-eyed as the Olympian's imposing trouser-snake slid between my lover's red lips. I could just picture it sliding across her tongue: fat and thick and hot, taking possession of her mouth.

*sigh* It's at moments like these that I wish I had a dick as well.

Removing my hand from Xena's tits, I stealthily licked my fingers clean of the deity's cum (which, strangely enough, kinda invigorated me) before sliding my digits between my thighs and inside my wet slot.

Suddenly something hard pressed against my cheek, which turned out to be Ares' cock-the smirking deity was pushing his oversized prick into Xena's mouth from a sideward angle against the inside of her left cheek till it was teasingly poking against mine.

"Nice one," I acknowledged with a grin.

The War God winked at me and was about to say something (I'm guessing some cleverly lewd comment) when Xena slurped/sucked on his divine member in a way that made his eyes bulge, and the only audible response he managed to make was a loud moan.

All that talk about her being such an amazing cocksucker seemed to have ignited Xena's "slut pride" 'cause she really seemed to be doing her best to make this the greatest blowjob ever, servicing the deity's dick even more attentively than she'd done Midge's teen tool. I watched in awe as my talented warrior slut used her lips and tongue on his colossal cock in a variety of breathtakingly inventive ways, causing Ares' eyes to bulge in a familiar way.

'Holy Aphrodite! Xena truly is a superb cocksucker, she's about to make him cum again, already!' I gleefully observed. 'Ha! Ares probably didn't realize when he made this deal that despite having the stamina of a God he wouldn't even last a quarter of a candlemark with my talented lover.'

But as it turned out, I underestimated the War God. Just before Xena was able to make him cum, Ares managed to pull himself together and take over control by grabbing a hold of her long, black tresses and shoving his cock down her throat.

"You dick!" I gasped, watching wide-eyed as the deviant deity forced my soulmate to swallow almost the entire length of his humongous hard-on without even so much as a "choke on my cock, bitch" to warn her.

Now, even though my warrior slut is obviously no stranger to deepthroating, even she needs at least a heads up before taking a shlong of that size down her gullet. And while gagging on that foot-and-a-half-long monster, she's understandably a lot more focussed on trying to get some air than making the bastard who's suffocating her with his dick cum.

"What's the matter, Gabby?" Ares teasingly inquired as he oh-so-casually plugged my lover's throat with his enormous prick. "You didn't think you'd get rid off me that easily, did you? I plan to enjoy your warrior whore's mouth for a long, LONG time before blasting her with my divine dick cream."

I could see in his eyes that playtime was over now. The War God's giant ego had obviously been bruised when I slapped his dick and now he was looking for payback. 'Well, not at Xena's expense!'

I was just about to inform that Olympian asshole that if he doesn't stop choking my soulmate with that ridiculous oversized cock I'm gonna start using his scrotum as a punching bag, when he pulled his prick out on his own accord. While Xena was gasping for air, Ares decided to add insult to injury by rubbing his filthy pre-cum oozing pecker all over my warrior's beautiful face: coating her luscious lips, perfect cheekbones, and even her classic nose and noble forehead with a sticky mixture of semen and saliva.

"You deviant brute!" I cried out, perhaps a tad over-dramatically. "How dare you use the noble face of one of Greece's greatest heroes as a fuckin' cum rag!"

Ares laughed uproariously at my indignation. "Oh my dear Gabrielle, you ain't seen nothing yet."

Giving me an impudent wink, he twisted Xena's thick raven hair up around the top of her head and firmly held it in his hand while he fed her his imposing trouser snake, which, despite almost getting cock-choked earlier, my slutty warrior princess eagerly swallowed like a hungry bird would a fat tasty worm.

Once he'd regained entry into Xena's hot, wet mouth, Ares didn't allow my talented tramp to perform her oral magic on his member again, but instead started roughly fucking her face. Keeping a possessive hold of her hair, the War God arrogantly placed his other hand on his hip, striking a triumphant pose as he pumped his thick shaft in and out of my lover's mouth.

It's safe to say that the finesse was pretty much gone from this blowjob.

Then, unbelievably, Xena's face was pressed firmly against his groin, her lips jammed tightly around the base of his enormous cock. That divine bastard somehow made her swallow the entire thing!

"Ahhh, fucking good," Ares groaned.

Revelling in his sexual dominance, he held the beautiful warrioress in place for several long seconds, grinding his pelvis, rubbing her face into his groin as his cock filled her throat. Then he slowly eased back halfway, only to thrust deep again and jam her nose into his pubic bone.

"Love that tramp's tight throat," he said, his voice ragged. "Look how I'm fucking your warrior whore's face, Bard," Ares growled. "Screwing her slut throat like a sloppy cunt."

Despite my growing indignation of the deity's depraved use of my beloved warrior, I felt a hot flush of excitement at the War God's vulgar language.

"Such a fuckable face you have, Xena!" Ares groaned as he thrust his hips forwards again, and shoved at least a foot of cock down her gullet.

"By Artemis' Tight Round Ass!! You're... you're actually raping my soulmate's throat, you sadistic fucker!" I cursed, while stuffing another finger inside my dripping wet slot.

"That's right, I AM!" Ares growled excitedly. "I'm finally treating this bitch like the cocksucking CUNT that she is!"

Hmm. Sounds like someone has some unresolved issues.

When he suddenly pulled his prick out, Xena coughed and gulped in air.

"Did you like that, oh legendary warrior slut? Are you enjoying yourself?" Ares taunted while rubbing his spit-wet shlong all over her red, semen and saliva covered face. "Not so glib now, are you, you meddling bitch."

Xena seemed about to say something when he forced her head back again and drove his dick passed her lips and into her throat once more.

"Back to work, slut!"

Ares was now using the full length of his mammoth member to skull-fuck my soulmate, his fingers digging into her scalp as he thrust forward and yanked her face up along his dick at the same time, grunting with effort and pleasure as he roughly raped her throat.

Despite the dismay I felt at seeing my wonderful warrior mistreated thusly (by someone other than myself), I was also strangely aroused by the sight of her exposed throat as it bulged again and again from the pumping movements of the thick Olympian cock inside it. And to my great embarrassment, the War God was very much aware of this.

But then how could he not with me frantically finger-banging myself like a little slut right in front of him.

"Don't need to ask if you're enjoying yourself, right, Gabby?" Ares taunted as he lewdly gazed at my sopping wet snatch hungrily swallowing three fingers. "Tsk, the sweet and righteous Gabrielle of Potidaea, noble Queen of the Amazons... getting off while watching me molest her lover! If only your royal subjects could see you now."

The thought of my Amazons watching me debase myself like this filled me with shame, which weirdly enough stoked my arousal to even greater heights, which of course shamed me even more.

Partly because I needed to punish myself for this disgraceful behaviour and partly because I... just needed it, I guess, I pulled my fingers from my snatch, formed a fist, and then just shoved it right up my cooch.

I squealed like a stuck pig and Ares roared with laughter.

"That's the spirit, Gabby! All you Amazon sluts could do with a good fisting," the bastard happily cheered me on. "Now why don't you treat your warrior bitch to a good, hard fisting as well-you know how much she enjoys those."

Now normally, I wouldn't take Ares' advice on, well, anything, but at that moment fisting both myself and Xena seemed like a really good idea. Still slavishly swallowing the War God's gargantuan shlong, my warrior slut hummed in a way that sounded like she wholeheartedly agreed with that.

I was about ready to give her snatch the same instant fisting treatment I'd just given myself when I remembered Xena's new virgin-like tightness, so instead I pressed the three fingers I was using to diddle her quim deeper inside to loosen her up a bit. When my digits suddenly encountered a barrier, I was confused for a moment before realizing that Ares' healing hadn't just made Xena's pussy tight as a virgin's, it had actually restored her maidenhead!

"Xena! You're a virgin!" I gasped at this exciting discovery and the amazing opportunity this provided: I could actually deflower my beloved Xena!

Xena hummed something that sounded like, "What?!" while Ares just smirked.

Catching a familiar twinkle in the deity's eyes, I realized that he must've known his healing would restore her maidenhead and that he almost tricked me into fisting Xena's virgin vag. What an unbelievable asshole!

"When Ares healed you, your pussy was restored to a virgin-like status," I quickly explained. "Hence his delightful suggestion to fist you," I added, staring daggers at the smirking deity who leisurely kept on screwing my lover's throat. Oh Holy Artemis!! I want to punch him so badly.

"There, there, Gabby, don't look so upset," Ares soothingly said-his smirk transformed into a charming smile. "It's not like you actually did it. Besides, there's nothing wrong with a bit of fisting between friends."

As I gawked at him in disbelief, the War God casually withdrew his cock from Xena's mouth and once again crudely rubbed the pre-cum oozing purple tip all over her gorgeous face, while pleasantly smiling at me the entire time.

Xena didn't look upset by any of this. Gratefully using this opportunity to take a couple of deep breaths, she looked at me and shrugged sheepishly as Ares gleefully defiled her face with his dirty dick.

"Well, that's enough of a break, Xena," Ares cheerfully declared. "Time again to service my cock like the slutty warrior whore you truly are."

"Do you have to be such an asshole about it, Ares?" I sighed as I watched my soulmate swallow that colossal cock again.

"Well, no I don't have to," Ares acknowledged. "Just like you didn't have to be such a bitch about sharing your warrior slut's charms."

I was now determined to quickly put an end to this incredibly lengthy "blowjob". Unfortunately, according to the terms I set myself, he needed to cum before our deal is officially done... and that horny Olympian obviously wasn't planning to cooperate with that. So if I wanted him to stop fucking Xena's face then I had to come up with something special to trigger his orgasm.

"Oh c'mon, Ares, why can't we all just get along," I said while giving him my sweetest smile, and spreading my legs further apart to give him a better look at my juicy, fist-filled pussy. "What happened to us being your favourite mortals in the whole wide world?"

"Don't worry, Gabby, you still are," Ares grinned. "But aside from being my favourite mortals, you're also the most uppity ones. And it's about time I teach you two how to properly conduct yourselves when in the divine presence of the God of War!"

'Wow! Yeah, there's no ego shortage there...' I thought, resisting the urge to roll my eyes at him. Instead I fixed him with a sexy look as I started brazenly fucking myself with my fist like a total slut. "But Ares, we already learned that lesson... Just look at us, both naked as the day we were born. Xena's on her knees sucking you off while I'm shamelessly showing off my Golden Snatch and fist-fucking it for your entertainment. That's like the opposite of uppity!"

Ares' eyes sparkled excitedly as he stared intently at my stretched-out twat and I also noticed that he was fucking Xena's mouth a lot faster. My hopes rose, but then he shook his head and sniffed disdainfully. "Don't think that little performance is fooling me, Bard. I know you just want me to shoot my load so you can have your slut all to yourself again. Well, think again: I plan to make this blowjob last All. Fucking. DAY."

Hmm, okay. It seems stronger measures are needed if I want to put a stop to that dickhead deity skull-fucking Xena...

Sighing to myself, I made a big production of pulling my hand from my snatch and licking it clean of my juices, which ensured I had the lecherous Olympian's full attention.

"OK, I'll admit I may have acted like a bit of a bitch," I said in a contrite tone, "so how 'bout, as a lil peace offering, I service those Huge. Fucking. Balls while you're face-fucking my beloved Xena... Would you like that, Ares?" I sexily questioned while lightly tickling the deity's big hairy nut-sack.

"Fuck, yes!" the horny War God instantly called out and halfway outside my lover's mouth, his fat cock throbbed wildly. So yeah, he obviously liked that idea a LOT. "Go ahead and suck my hairy balls, oh proud Queen of the Amazons," he said with a shit-eating grin.

'Oh, NOW he uses my royal title? What happened to just "Gabby",' I wryly thought. Catching Xena's look of disbelief, I shrugged and smiled sheepishly-pretty much just like she'd done earlier. Admittedly, things weren't going exactly as planned, but I still felt pretty confident that I'd made the better deal.

Although that confidence slightly wavered when the impatient War God suddenly grabbed my hair and pushed my head into his crotch.

"Suck my balls, bitch," Ares practically growled while rubbing his sweaty oversized scrotum against my face. "Go on. Lick those puppies. Suck them!"

I sensed that this probably wasn't the right time to lecture Ares on how to treat women. So, despite my annoyance at this rude treatment, I obediently stuck out my tongue and went to work on his hairy, sweaty sack. Like a good little bitch I lovingly lapped up every drop of the deity's musky ball-sweat.

Ares' eyes literally glowed as he excitedly gazed down at us. "Now THIS is how you two mortal bitches ought to behave in my presence: naked on your knees, servicing my godly gonads and cock!"

Xena and I glanced at each other with shame in our eyes as we submissively serviced the triumphant deity with our mouths. When I came up with this balls sucking idea, I hoped that the two of us working together could get him off quickly, but the problem was the same as before: holding a tight grip on our hair, Ares basically controlled our movements and was pretty much fucking our faces. So just like Xena couldn't really use her cocksucking skills, I couldn't employ a whole lot of finesse on his balls.

So in retrospect I guess you could say that my balls sucking idea sucks balls.

Anyhow, after a pretty miserable half a candlemark of orally servicing the ever erect Olympian we finally caught a bit of a break. He suddenly let go off our hair and placed his hands on his hips, striking a triumphant pose.

"The mighty Xena, Destroyer of Nations, is choking on my cock while her royal bitchiness Gabrielle, Queen of the Amazons, is blistering her tongue on my balls!" Ares proudly proclaimed to an (hopefully) empty forest. "At long last, these two uppity mortals are learning their proper place in the world."

The deity's degrading declaration managed to get at least Argo's attention. Mid-graze, the large palomino war horse looked a bit perplexed in our direction. Then she snorted, and I'd swear she was giving us a look of pure disgust. Turning abruptly around, she lifted her tail and dropped a big dump before strutting out of the clearing.

Ouch! I'm gonna have to get some juicy apples somewhere to make this up to her, or I'll be dodging piles of manure whenever I happen to walk behind her. That horse can really hold a grudge.

"Keep tonguing my testicles, you lazy Amazon bitch," Ares berated me for my brief moment of inattentiveness. "I still haven't cum yet, you know."

Despite the shame I felt at his words, I also felt pretty certain that our continues oral efforts and humiliation must've brought the degenerate deity to the brink of an orgasm. He just needed a little push. And now that he was no longer holding onto our heads we finally had the opportunity to fully implement our oral skills and give him that push.

Gazing up at the War God with my patented wide-eyed farmgirl look, I reverently kissed his huge holy nuts-really putting on a show of submissiveness for him. Taking one of them all the way into my mouth I gently massaged it with my tongue and sucked on it like a piece of candy. Regularly switching between his big balls, I sucked, licked, kissed, tickled and massaged 'em any way I could think of. Using just about every trick I knew to try and make him cum.

Next to me, from the corner of my eye, I saw that Xena was already urgently working on Ares' cock with every bit of skill she possessed. It seems even my slutty warrior princess was getting fed up with this never-ending blowjob.

"By Cerberus' Three Cocks! You're really great at this, Gabby," Ares remarked, looking down at me with a mixture of surprise and arousal. "Your work on my nutsack actually rivals that of your warrior whore on my cock. Never would've guessed that the Queen of the Rug Munchers has such an amazing talent for sucking balls."

The deity's backhanded compliment made my face grow red. Those are really not the kind of accolades I'm looking for... But yes, I suppose I did develop a special talent for this-though not of my own choosing. I actually had one of Xena's old warlord buddies to thank for it.

As I continued humbly paying lip service to the War God's gonads, my mind flashed back to the events that caused me to attain this particular talent in ball sucking.

* * *

It seems like ages ago when this happened. I'd been with Xena less than a year and during those days she constantly had to deal with an assortment of threats from various warlords. Some of them were ex-allies with a grudge but most were simply old rivals who wanted to take her out now that she was "vulnerable and alone". This particular warlord threat was of the rarer former variety: Mustafa was someone Xena used to partner up with back in the olden days, whenever she went after a target that was too big for her and her men alone.

I'm not exactly sure what the deal was between those two since Xena isn't particularly chatty to begin with and she's especially close-lipped about her warlord days. But what I could gather from what little she told me and thru various gossip I picked up: aside from partners, Xena and Mustafa also used to be lovers till one day she dumped him and took most of his men with her.

Heh. I think she pulled this stunt with at least three other warlords. Quite the character, ain't she.

Mustafa was based somewhere in the far east, so we didn't have any run-ins with him thus far. But Xena had heard through the grapevine that he was still hungry for revenge and after learning that she had disbanded her army, decided that now was an excellent time to get himself some payback. This information made her decide to track him down and deal with this threat as soon as possible, instead of waiting around for him to find her.

I didn't disagree with her logic; what I did disagree with was her decision to leave me behind. Oh, how I whined and sulked! Heck, I even threw a hissyfit, but after getting a good spanking for that I quickly went back to sulking.

Anyhow, after discovering where he hangs out these days, Xena went to find Mustafa; and I stayed behind in Potideae like a good little girl... for about a candlemark, then I followed her. Or at least, I tried to, but Xena doesn't leave behind much of a trail. Luckily I'd overheard her talk with one of her informants and knew Mustafa was somewhere in Byzantium. So that's where I went as well.

Long story short: about halfway on her way to Byzantium, Xena ran into Hercules who was busy dealing with some kinda mess created by his Olympian relatives. She figured Mustafa could wait a while and decided to help him. Blissfully unaware of this at that time, I cheerily travelled on and arrived in Byzantium long before she did.

I'd spend most of the money I had travelling there, so I decided to employ my budding bardic skills in a nice looking inn called The Black Stallion to earn me some coin. Wellllll, turns out that inn... was in fact... owned by Mustafa. Byzantium is a HUGE town-as big as Athens-yet I somehow manage to find employment in the one tavern owned by the very guy I needed to avoid the most.

Mustafa turned out to be a very big, very bald, and very muscled, black-skinned man with a flair for flashy outfits. And how do I know this? It just so happened that he was among my captivated audience that very first night. Wearing a magnificent white cloak lined with the most wonderfully soft fur money could buy, he was sitting right there in the front row sipping an ale as I passionately told story after story about Xena's many heroic deeds.

Oh great Goddesses... I get embarrassed all over again just thinking about this.

Not long after my performance I was summoned to a personal audience with the owner of The Black Stallion. I readily followed the messenger upstairs, thinking that this person must've been so impressed by my storytelling that they were gonna hire me for several more evenings.

Turns out I was actually kinda right about that.

Needless to say that after the introductions were made I was feeling pretty darn stupid. Weirdly enough, I was also kinda flattered to find out that Mustafa had heard of me. Although my pride got quickly deflated as he marvelled out loud about the lucky happenstance of having Xena's Golden Snatch (demeaning nickname courtesy of Callisto) walk right into his tavern.

*sigh* As much as I hated it when Xena got all the attention and I got completely ignored, I hated it even more when people would take notice of me but just assume that I was nothing more than Xena's little sex slave. Okay, so I won't deny that pretty much from the start sex was a big part of our relationship, but there's a lot more to us than just sex!

Anyhow, Mustafa was very eager to try out Xena's Golden Snatch for himself. So... he did.

I didn't even bother to try and talk him out of it, or fight him off, or even resist in any way. I knew I was fucked the moment I found out who the inn's owner was. And the best I could hope for right now was to stay alive and relatively unharmed till Xena showed up to rescue me, and (as Xena taught me) the safest way to make that happen is to submit fully to your captor while biding your time.

So when he told me to got naked I meekly obeyed and then did whatever else he told me to do.

After screwing my "golden snatch", he also fucked my mouth and my ass; and then my mouth again, and then my pussy again, and then my ass got another turn. He finally finished with my mouth, although that last blowjob was mostly just to clean his dick after it had been up my ass.

During the time that I was his captive, that big black warlord not only fucked me numerous times, in countless positions, and in every orifice, but he also had me provide entertainment for his inn.

At first it was just ordinary storytelling he requested, which went fine aside from some initial nervousness. On the second day, all stories had to be about Xena and me; this I actually enjoyed because I love telling those stories. On the third day, I also had to tell stories about Xena and me, but this time I enjoyed it a lot less.

For starters, Mustafa humiliatingly announced me to the audience as "Xena's Golden Snatch" and to make matters worse after I stepped on the stage, red-faced and all, he made me raise my skirt so everyone there could see my "golden" snatch for themselves. At that point, you could cut the sexual tension with a knife. And it didn't exactly help that he'd ordered me to tell about some of the more "adult" adventures we had, which is the kinda stuff I usually keep to myself.

By the end of the evening, I was seriously afraid that my captivated audience was gonna storm the stage and gangrape me. But their fear for Mustafa and his men proved to be greater than their lust. And the only ones who got gangbanged that night were the whores employed by Mustafa, but at least they got paid for it.

When Mustafa fucked me again after my performance, I didn't get paid even a single sestertius. And he didn't just fuck me. It was that night that my thus far hidden talent in the art of ball sucking would be discovered.

Mustafa had already spend some time training me on how to best fulfil his sexual desires. But now he was going to train me at the thing he enjoyed the most, which turned out to be having me orally service his balls-he REALLY got off on that, more than anything else.

Though this wasn't the first time I'd been sexually enslaved, I was still pretty na´ve in those days. So instead of being grateful of only having to do this mildly kinky sex-act to satisfy him, I stupidly and stubbornly refused this "grossly obscene" command. Aside from making me his bitch, Mustafa had treated me pretty good so far and I sensed that the warlord had grown fond of me, so I figured I could get away with rejecting this one particular sexual demand.

Well, being hung naked from my wide-spread ankles while that black brute used his heavy leather belt to lash my ass, tits and pussy for at least a quarter of a candlemark quickly cured me of this foolishness and not long thereafter I was on my knees licking and suckling on those big black balls like they were delicious truffles.

According to him, I possessed an extraordinary talent for ball licking (yay me). From that point on, I spend more time sucking, kissing or licking his humongous black ball bag than actually getting fucked by him. I remember having to lick his hairy sweaty sack when he was fucking other women and crouching under the table with his balls in my mouth while he was eating diner. Hades, a couple of times he even had me tickle 'em with my tongue while he was taking a piss!

It's probably just a trick of the mind, but looking back at it several autumns later, it sort of seems like servicing his balls is almost all I did. Well, that and my stage performances (storytelling didn't quite cover it anymore after those first three nights)-those also played a huge part in my memories.

The fourth night of my captivity, Mustafa's tavern/inn was packed to the brim for storytelling time. There must've been hundreds of people there! Most of 'em horny men who'd heard about my boner inducing performance of the previous night and were hoping for something similar.

They wouldn't be disappointed.

Once again I was proudly introduced as Xena's Golden Snatch before being made to display my honey-coloured pubes to all those leering men. Still holding my skirt up above my waist, I was then told to turn around, spread my legs far apart, and bend down-providing those vile voyeurs with an even more revealing, and embarrassing, view of my charms.

Despite the humiliation I felt at having to expose my most private parts in such a lewd manner, I think I'd have preferred to remain in this position for the rest of the night instead of doing what I had to do next.

But Mustafa had given me some very specific instructions and with the whipping from the previous day still very much on my mind, I didn't even consider refusing. So after giving everyone a good look at my cunny and asshole, I slowly straightened and with a bright blush on my face turned around to face the appreciative crowd.

Taking a deep breath, I began telling them about the time Xena and I got captured and gangbanged by a group of satyrs. This certainly wasn't a story I'd ever planned on sharing, and most definitely not on stage. But there's nothing I could do about it: yesterday I was instructed to tell tales about our adventures with an erotic quality, but tonight it had to be pornographic.

For some reason, it didn't even seriously occur to me to just make something up. Fabricating a story on stage and pretending its true just didn't sit well with my bardic code of honour. Besides, would it really make much of a difference to tell them an incredibly perverse tale about Xena and me that is entirely fictional instead of telling them one that actually happened, when in their minds both stories would be equally true and will be retold to others as such. It just seemed better to stick with the truth.

As difficult as it was for me to publicly share that very intimate and incredibly embarrassing tale, the other thing that Mustafa had told me to do was even harder. So I tried to put it off for as long as I could, but when I saw the black warlord sending me a stern look I knew I could no longer delay. Biting my lower lip, I slowly led my hand slip beneath my skirt and put it to work on my surprisingly moist pussy. Continuing my story I tried to ignore the whistles, the leers, and the crude remarks as I openly fingered my slot, but it was so very hard!

I was still very modest in those days. It wasn't even that long ago that I still wore the long peasant dresses I brought from home. And it had taken Xena quite a bit of effort to talk me into "upgrading" my outfit to something a bit more "practical" for the road: a much shorter skirt and a belly baring green top. And now... to have masturbate, in front of a multitude of people on stage, while telling in excruciating detail about Xena and myself getting raped side-by-side by a bunch of horny man-goats! I literally felt like I would die of humiliation.

But I didn't die; I didn't even faint. I did, however, become increasingly aroused, which didn't help my embarrassment any. Although it did help with my storytelling. Because the more aroused I became, the nastier and more explicit my story got to the obvious delight of my captivated audience.

"... and after all twelve of them had finished fucking us thoroughly in all three of our nasty cum-filled fuckholes, those sadistic satyrs tied us spread-eagle to the branch of a tree and whipped our pussy, ass and tits with whippy willow branches till our cries of pain had gotten them erect again. And then... they started fucking us all over again!"

About halfway through the story, I'd pulled one of my tits from my top and teasingly toyed with it while pumping three fingers into my dripping pussy, almost eagerly bringing myself to my third orgasm.

"So with one satyr cock in my pussy and another one up my ass, I had to give handjobs to several others, and if I didn't do a good enough job they would whip my tender titties. This was actually the first time in a candlemark that I didn't have a cock in my mouth. I think that's because they wanted me to see what they were doing with Xena..."

A little bit later, both tits were hanging out and aside from four fingers up my twat I now also a couple up my ass.

"After having tied a piece of twine to each of Xena's erect nipples, the satyr leader suddenly leaped unto her lower back while somehow managing to shove his fat prick right up her ass. She tried to buck him off, but with those powerful goat legs firmly clenched around her waist every attempt failed, and instead she only succeeded in helping the smirking man-goat fuck her ass."

Gazing out at my mesmerized audience, I almost giggled at all the boners I spotted.

"Using the twine tied to her tits as reins while whispering compelling arguments in her ear, the satyr chief tried to persuade the Destroyer of Nations to act as his mount. But my proud warrior refused to budge an inch and remained valiantly stoic... for about a tenth of a candlemark. Once the sadistic satyr got his cock all the way up her ass and was pulling that twine so hard her big titties were stretched all the way up unto her shoulders, Xena finally forsook her pride and obediently galloped around the meadow while whinnying like a horse."

When I eventually got to the end of our most degrading adventure, my top was gone and so was my skirt; the only thing I still had on were my boots. Aside from no longer wearing any clothes, I was also no longer finger fucking myself. At some point I'd been given my battle staff, which I was now riding like a shameless hussy.

The delighted crowd cheered me on as I brazenly rubbed my swollen cleft against the rough, ropey part of my battle staff that was wedged between my legs. Calling out, "Gabrielle! GABRIELLE!!" as I reached my eighth climax.

Flushed and bright-eyed, I looked at my loudly cheering, clapping and openly masturbating fans. And then... Oh sweet mother Gaia, I'm soooo ashamed to admit what happened next. I wish I could say that Mustafa had ordered me to do this as well, but that isn't true. I don't think I can even explain it, other then to confess that my main drive for becoming a bard wasn't so much "making people happy" like I always said, but actually a powerful craving for the adoring attention and approval of a huge audience-the bigger, the better-which is why Queen of the Amazons was actually kind of a dream job for me.

So as those horny louts cheered me on, I actually smiled at them and said, "I, Gabrielle of Potideae, proudly presents you with a special look inside my Golden Snatch." Then, using my thumb and index finger to grab my slippery cunt-lips, I pulled my "golden snatch" wide open and presented the drooling crowd with the glistening pink insides of my pussy.

That's when they actually stormed the stage. The bouncers and even Mustafa himself had to get in there and rescue me, which they didn't manage to do till about three or four of them had already raped me.

Mustafa actually gave me a bit of a break that night by not fucking me and having a couple of his hookers with healing skills take care of me. They spend at least an entire candlemark massaging me and rubbing some kind of special ointment into my thoroughly fucked holes. I don't know what it was, but it felt great, even when they stuck their whole hand up my pussy and ass while applying the ointment.

As I repaid their efforts by going down on them, they breathlessly informed me that Mustafa had slipped some kind of powerful aphrodisiac into my apple cider before I went on stage. Yet despite this knowledge, I was still filled with shame at my unabashed slutty behaviour.

On the fifth night, I recall literally trembling, filled with a mixture of fear and anticipation as Mustafa instructed me on this night's performance.

Aside from telling me about the aphrodisiac, the healing hookers had also told me that Mustafa eventually planned to whore me out and that it wouldn't be long before I'd be joining their ranks because their master had already received some very lucrative offers from many of my "fans". Catching my distressed look, they tried to comfort me by telling me what a good and kind master Mustafa is: how he provided them with as much delicious food as they could eat and a day off every fortnight, and that he only beat them when they really deserved it.

But this didn't really comfort me. It's one thing to be a warlord's fuck-pet for a while, but to actually be turned into a whore... For the umpteenth time I anxiously wondered what was keeping Xena. I'd never been someone's prisoner for this long; usually she'd be coming to my rescue within a day or two. Besides, she should've arrived here before me! Oh Gods, please let her be alright.

Another concern was that Mustafa had instructed one of the maids to do my hair in pigtails this morning. I hadn't worn my hair that way since I was twelve autumns old, and felt fairly certain this new 'do meant yet another humiliating sex show. Who knows, perhaps tonight's the night that he's gonna have me turning tricks for him.

So when Mustafa came to instruct me on tonight's show, I found it really hard to focus on the warlord's words. It didn't help my concentration any that his huge hands had found their way beneath my clothes and were stroking my slit and fondling my tits while he talked to me. I've got to hand it to him, that bastard knew how to work a woman's body. It didn't take long till he'd brought me to the brink of an orgasm. And that's when he suddenly stopped!

Pink-cheeked and panting, I gazed at him with obvious annoyance.

Mustafa chuckled amused and handed me a large mug filled with sweet apple cider. "Drink up, little one," he said, before heading over to the common room to get seated for my performance.

I gazed at the amber liquid for a long moment, biting my lower lip as I considered... Then I drank down every drop, knowing I could do with a little help to make it through the night.

Taking a couple of deep, steadying breaths, I also made my way into the common room when I heard the innkeeper announce me. Walking unto the stage I was welcomed by a thunderous applause. Smiling brightly at the hundreds of excited faces staring back at me, I curtsied and lifted my skirt as high as I could get it. Another thunderous applause shook the room as my golden snatch was once again revealed in all its glory.

Giving them a saucy wink, I began talking about the most special event in my entire life: the first time Xena and I had sex.

Just a few minutes into my story there suddenly was a collective intake of breath from the crowd as someone stepped unto the stage and walked up right behind me. I gasped out loud when I glanced across my shoulder and saw who it was, "Xena!"

YES!!! My wonderful warrior princess had finally come to rescue me!

But... why is she grinding her crotch again my ass and groping my boobies? This really isn't the best time for that.

"Hello Gabrielle," Xena purred in my ear as she brazenly felt me up.

"Uh, Xena? I'm happy to see as well, but-Whoa!" I called out as my skirt went up again and she started caressing my golden snatch with everyone watching. Red-faced, I stood there frozen as my lover slid a finger inside my moist cleft and began finger-fucking me in full view of the crowd.

I was so shocked by this all that a minute or so later, I still hadn't moved or said a word as Xena played with my tits and fingered my slot. Apparently not pleased by this, she slapped my ass hard.


"You were telling a story, Gabby, and it's rude to keep your audience waiting, so you better continue," Xena reproached me and then gave both my nips a good, hard pinching as added encouragement.

Shaken, but also very much aroused, I continued my story: breathlessly telling the spellbound spectators about the first time the warrior princess' powerful hands explored my naked, virgin form, while right there on stage Xena did all that I talked about and more.

My mind tried to make sense of it all. Why wasn't she kicking some ass, specifically Mustafa's? Did she really want us to have sex right there on stage?! I know Xena had some very kinky tastes, and that she enjoyed showing me off... so perhaps this is my punishment for disobeying her.

Then I suddenly remembered that Mustafa had said that I wouldn't just be talking about my first time, but I'd also be acting it out. In my befuddled state, I sort of assumed I'd be doing a whole lot of miming. But no, this is clearly meant to be a two person performance, so Xena's appearance is obviously planned. Otherwise, he wouldn't calmly remain seated at his table.

Does this mean they've been playing a trick on me? Maybe Xena, fed up with me disobeying her orders and putting myself in danger, decided to teach me a lesson I'll never forget and she'd been in cahoots with Mustafa this whole time?

I wouldn't put it past her to think up such an elaborate punishment for me, but still... Letting me share our most personal experiences in an inn and making it into masturbation material for all these people, just doesn't seem like something she'd ever do. She's much too private for that.

That's when I noticed that there was something different about the way Xena was touching me. She's usually a bit... rougher, more possessive. And her hands-they're soft, too soft! Now that I think about, her armour didn't seem entirely right, either.

This isn't Xena!

No, I'm pretty sure this must be... Meg.

For a moment I marvelled at the incredible coincidence of Meg showing up here, but then I realized that it actually made a lot of sense. What with Meg being a dead ringer for Xena AND a prostitute for hire and Mustafa being close to obsessed with Xena AND a pimp, it's really not so weird that these two would end up together.

As much as I disliked Xena's doppelganger whore, I have to admit that she's amazingly good at her job. It became increasingly difficult to do any kind of storytelling as she played my body like a lyre. And pretty much impossible when, a little later, we were going down on each other. Even if I could've talked with my tongue all the way up Meg's snatch, then I'm pretty sure my voice would've been drowned out by the ribald suggestions and loud cheers coming from the crowd.

After "Xena" had strapped on a big leather dildo and ordered me to kneel before her and suck her off, I pretty much gave up on the storytelling part of this performance. Not surprisingly, no one really seemed to mind...

The next few candlemarks are mostly a blur of unrestrained, shameless fucking as FauxXena and me enthusiastically performed for the boisterous crowd like a couple of trained rabbits.

The thing I remember most vividly is kneeling naked on all fours and looking out at the crowd as Meg fucked me frantically from behind while pulling on my pigtails. And all the time I was screaming about how she's "taking my cherry" and "obliterating my tight little farmgirl snatch".

This happened pretty much at the beginning of our perverted performance. That bastard must've drugged me good that night, because even though our performance lasted a long time there are only a few other things I still recall.

Like when Mustafa himself shoved a double-headed dildo up our asses and had us fuck each other ass-to-ass. This obviously didn't happen during Xena and mine first time, and neither did most of the other stuff Meg and I did on stage. But the "first time" theme no longer seemed to matter to him.

I think it was after our double ass-fucking that we knelt naked side by side with our asses up in the air while the warlord whipped them red as cherries with his heavy leather belt. We both squealed like a couple of bitches.

Don't know when this happened, but I'm pretty sure Meg also got a go at my round little butt. Even a second time, as this turned out to be a big hit. Especially when she also started fisting me during the spanking.

One of the last things I remember, is "Xena" and me kneeling naked before the muscular black warrior while she deepthroated his dick and I sucked on his balls.

Huh. Never would've guessed that years later, we would find ourselves in a very similar situation. Although not entirely similar I suppose, since that wasn't really Xena.

Despite the increase in security, they were starting to lose control of the crowd. So after Mustafa came all over our faces, he had us hold hands and take a couple of deep bows, while calling out, "Say goodnight to our very committed performers, Xena and Gabrielle!"

As the audience cheered, Meg and I turned to each other and, for some bizarre reason, we both just decided to start making out like a couple of sluts-treating those lucky bastards to a voluntary encore. We passionately kissed while groping each other's firm asses, and then, as the crowd roared its approval, we hungrily licked Mustafa's cum of each other's faces while shamelessly fingering one another.

I was soooo incredibly horny and out of control, and so was Meg. At this point, it wouldn't have even surprised me anymore if we'd kept on "performing" even as that horny horde stormed the stage to gang raped us. Even years later, I still often wondered how much of that was the aphrodisiac and how much of it was me.

Luckily, before any actual gang raping took place, Mustafa interrupted our make-out session with a couple of well-placed lashes unto our already red behinds. "Xena" and I squealed comically and quickly ran off stage clutching our glowing red butts. That really had 'em laughing HARD, including Mustafa himself.

This concluded our public performance that night, but after a quick bath Meg and I were summoned to Mustafa's chambers for a private performance.

Once again, we were both dressed when we arrived, and surprisingly enough we actually kept our clothes on for a large portion of the show. But since we weren't wearing any underwear, it's not like our clothes got in the way of any kind of fucking. And whenever he wanted to use our tits in any way, he just popped them out of our tops, or he had us pull 'em out ourselves.

I think the reason we remained in our outfits for so long, is because Mustafa specifically wanted to screw and discipline Xena and her beloved sidekick Gabrielle. Especially "Xena". Even though all three of us knew that she's just Meg pretending to be Xena, it almost seemed like he'd somehow convinced himself that she's the real deal.

From the frenzied way the usually composed warlord was acting, I wouldn't be surprised if he'd taken a large dose of that aphrodisiac as well. In fact, I'm pretty sure he did. Lost in some kind of sexual stupor, he seemed intent on using his rock-hard cock and his trusty leather belt to tame us (well, mostly Xena-he'd already done a pretty good job of subduing me).

Sweet Aphrodite, Mustafa really had it in for poor Meg that night. Though a lot of that night is pretty much a blur, most of what I do remember doing during that threesome is assisting the black pimp in punishing her.

Like sitting on Meg's face as I held her ankles and spread her legs wide while Mustafa first whipped her cunt before fucking it HARD. Or squatting behind a submissively kneeling "Xena": fisting both her pussy and asshole while he roughly fucked her face.

And whenever I wasn't personally involved with punishing the fake warrior princess, I was usually busy servicing Mustafa's scrotum while he was disciplining her.

I wish I could say I did all this with great reluctance while feeling very sorry for poor Meg, but that would be a great big lie. The truth was that even after that very long public sex show we just put on, I was still incredibly horny and more than happy to perform whatever perverted sex act the black pimp desired. And I think part of me actually got off on sexually dominating FauxXena. Although at that time I pretty much just blamed that aphrodisiac he'd been slipping me, because that was some pretty potent stuff.

Whatever it was, he must've given me at least a double dose that night. And I'm sure the same goes for Meg. Otherwise, I don't think she would've presented her tits for a whipping like she did. Or let him piss all over her beet-red beaten boobs.

Anyhow, considering that's probably not even a tenth of the things he (well, we) did with her, it's not surprising that the next day Meg required a very lengthy session with the healing hookers to be able to co-star in this night's performance.

Standing backstage again, ready for my sixth performance as Mustafa's bitch-bard, I was surprisingly a lot less nervous than the five times before. Even though I was well aware that each new show got more perverted, which promised something epic for this night. I'd also heard the hookers gossip that at the end of tonight's show, and probably every show after that, me and Meg would be auctioned off to the highest bidders.

Strangely enough, the notion of officially becoming a whore didn't really bother me that much anymore. I was already getting screwed most of the time anyway. Besides, those other hookers weren't wrong: as pimps go, Mustafa was actually a pretty decent guy.

But this could've just been the aphrodisiac talking. The feeling of euphoria it provided was so addictive that I'd practically snatched my cup of apple cider from Mustafa's hands the moment he approached me, and greedily drank down every last drop before he even started talking.

Meg was also in a hurry to get her aphrodisiac fix and finished her cup as quickly as I did.

Mustafa had trained us well already. Like a good couple of bitches we lifted our skirts for him and shamelessly rode those powerful fingers probing our womanhood to the brink of orgasm while he instructed us on tonight's performance.

A bit later, holding hands, our faces flushed, and our pussies sopping wet, Meg and I stepped unto the stage.

We were greeted with loud cheers and a thunderous applause. The huge common room of The Black Stallion was just packed with people; there were so many of them it was kinda scary and overwhelming.

Once all the noise had quieted down, a song began to play, performed by three of Mustafa's musically gifted prostitutes. One was playing an ancient looking pandouris, another was playing a beautiful twelve string cithara, and the third was actually playing a set of Amazonian drums.

Meg and I smiled at one another then shared a passionate kiss. Still holding hands, we started to move to the music. I'm not sure why, but we felt practically giddy at this point and were very playful, teasingly pinching each others butt and boobs as we danced.

Meg then suddenly and sneakily lifted my skirt, flashing the crowd my wet cunny. The numerous spectators tittered excitedly as they stared and pointed at my pussy. Sure, most of them had seen "the golden snatch" before, several times even, but what they hadn't seen was the golden bell clamped to my clit (put there earlier by Mustafa).

I naturally pretended to be totally shocked and embarrassed by all of this, standing there wide-eyed with my mouth hanging open. Still holding up my little skirt, Meg impishly spanked by ass, making the clit bell ring. After about five spanks I pretended to come to my senses and swatted her hands away, reclaiming my "modesty".

My revenge quickly followed a little bit later when I "snuck up" behind her, giving the audience a conspiring wink before pulling Meg's big juicy tits from her top and revealing a similar set of bells clamped to her stiff red nipples. As Meg let out a very convincing shriek, I bounced her boobies around a bit, making her tit bells tinkle in tune with the music.

Heh. Have to admit that Meg and me made a pretty good team.

The cithara and the pandouris player then began to sing what turned out to be a very vulgar song about a couple of Amazon princesses who were so bad at fighting that they had to use sex to get themselves out of tricky situations. Even though I hadn't told anyone there about me being an Amazon princess, and Mustafa hadn't said anything about it so far, I'm guessing this meant he found out somehow because it seemed like a pretty obvious dig at me.

Or who knows, maybe it was just a coincidence. Apparently this was a pretty famous song because many of the men soon joined in.

Things quickly heated up after that, and soon we were stripping one another naked as the crowd cheered us on. Deciding to do a bit of cock teasing, we quickly covered our charms before they could get a good look at 'em and bashfully turned our backs to them.

This inspired many of the spectators to yell out lewd suggestions at us.

"Show us your tits!"

"Yeah, don't be shy, girls!"

"Show us your snatches!"

"Never mind that! Just keep shaking those fine asses!"

And that we did. Dancing side-by-side near the edge of the stage, we shook our butts to the beat. Left right, left right, back and forth, left right, left right, back and forth... wiggling our round buttocks faster and faster as the music speeded up.

As much as they loved this, the lust filled audience soon demanded more, and started chanting, "Tits and cunt! Tits and cunt!!"

Meg and I slowly turned to face our audience. But appearing to be ever so shy, we still covered our cunnies with a hand and shielded our titties with an arm as we sexily swayed to the music.

The cry for "TITS AND CUNT, TITS AND CUNT!!" became louder and louder. And the music subtly changed from a cheerful tune to a darker, deeper, more exciting sound.

Exchanging a quick look, we gave each other a little nod. Sending our frantic fans a dazzling smile, we moved our hands away and clasped them behind our head, proudly displaying all we had to offer.

An ear deafening roar drowned out the music as they feasted their eyes on our bouncing, bell-clamped tits and our sopping wet snatches adorned with a lovely golden bell clamped to our stiff, sensitive clits.

We started swinging our tits around to the beat of the song, causing the tiny bells fastened to our nipples to jingle merrily while they swung 'round and 'round in perfect little circles.

Another loud cheer rang across the stage, followed by a fresh batch of bawdy suggestions and lewd commentary.

"Yeah! Make those boobies dance for us, bitches!"

"Swing those udders, warrior princess!"

Looking to my left, I noticed that Meg's face was aglow with excitement. Smiling sexily at the leering men as she shook her big titties at them, it seemed like she was feeding off the sexual energy of the crowd. And I'm pretty sure my face displayed the same.

I remember gazing down at my pale breasts as I made them wildly bounce around for the twisted amusement of these vile voyeurs. My eyes were instantly drawn to the golden bells that adorned my pink nipples. It was almost hypnotic watching those shiny bells swing around in circles, and hearing them jingle along with the music.

It all felt so surreal... like I'm in a dream watching myself perform this perverted dance. I could hardly believe I was actually showing-no, flaunting my most intimate parts to an audience of hundreds. And getting off on it.

As if our titty-shaking wasn't slutty enough, we then started doing a series of very suggestive pelvic thrusts towards the men, making our clit-bells ring along with our nipple bells.

Shaking our tits, pussy and ass at our captivated audience, we gave those lucky bastards a show that most men in Greece would give their right arm to see. Or at least their left arm, since they'd probably need their right hand while they're watching us.

I even came up with a little song, which I played in my head to keep the right rhythm going:

Shake my booty to the sound
Now turn and bounce my tits around
Then put both hands on top of my butt
And push out my pussy like a slut

But it wasn't just dancing that we did. We also put on kinky little sketches to entertain our fans. At first, Meg was the dominant partner. Like when she gave me an over-the-knee spanking for being such a naughty slut. However, it wasn't long before I gradually assumed control and was degrading her instead.

Strange as it was, because Meg never struck me as the submissive type and I'd never been the least bit dominant, it just happened kind of naturally. Perhaps that threesome we had with Mustafa yesterday changed us both. It's entirely possible he succeeded in taming her; after all, Meg may look like Xena but she doesn't possess my lover's fierce warrior spirit. And helping him tame Meg may have awoken some long dormant domineering side of me.

Whatever the reason, I somehow managed to make Meg my bitch in record time. Quite literally, actually: using the whip that had been part of her Xena outfit as prop, I made her heel, roll over, beg, lick my boots, and even bark for me.

The crowd really went wild when I was doing this. And the bouncers had to throw out at least a dozen dudes who stormed the stage intending to rape us.

Just like Mustafa had done, I found myself pretending that it was really Xena I was having my way with. When I made Meg kneel before me with her hands clasped behind her head and started slapping her outthrust melons, it's really Xena's tits I was spanking as punishment for still treating me like a little girl, and for not rescuing me this time.

If anyone there still doubted my absolute dominance over the mighty Xena, then those doubts would soon be dispelled. Having fucked her with the handle of her very own whip to at least three orgasms, I roughly shoved it up her ass and made her crawl around the stage a couple of times. Pointing out to the crowd that my bitch now had a tail.

I then ordered my thoroughly humiliated warrior bitch to lie on her back and pull her knees all the way to her shoulders. This made her whip-plugged ass and her bell-clamped boobies stick up in a very enticing way. Sitting on her face, I then proceeded to use those firm, round buttocks and those oversized tits as my personal drum set. Cheered on by the entire crowd chanting my name, I blissfully beat her big boobs and butt to the music while "Xena" slavishly lapped at my pussy.

Aside from my first time, I don't think I'd ever been more aroused... But I just blamed that on the aphrodisiac; it's not like I would ever want to spank my soulmate's ass and tits for real, right?

I still can't believe how much I enjoyed it all. Though surprised, it didn't even bother me when Mustafa suddenly joined us on stage and made me blow him while I used Meg as a drum.

I devotedly serviced his dark flesh sword as the audience cheered our names. Already knowing what Mustafa wanted next, I gradually started kissing down his shaft till I'd reached his nutsack and then I put my nimble tongue to work there.

I was so far lost in this strange state of euphoria that it took me a while to realize that not only had the crowd stopped cheering us, they hardly made any sound at all anymore. And the music had stopped as well. In fact, the only thing I heard was me slurping on Mustafa's balls and the rhythmic slaps of my bitch's spanking.

And then I heard Mustafa say, "Oh, hello Xena, long time no see. Welcome to my humble inn, I hope you're enjoying tonight's entertainment?"

Letting my master's hairy sack slip from my mouth, I gazed around confused. My heart skipped several beats when I found myself gazing directly into a pair of very familiar, penetrating blue eyes.

Curse ye, oh Gods of bad timing and trickery! Xena, the REAL Xena, had at long last arrived. At the worse possible moment, of course. As packed as the room was, the crowd had parted for her like the sea for Poseidon, and she was now standing about eight feet from the stage.

Seeing the battle-lust shine out of those piercing eyes and the pure power emanating from her, I wondered how I could have ever mistaken Meg for Xena. The sexual fog, which had flooded my mind, swiftly dissipated under the disapproving glare of my warrior mistress.

"What. The fuck. Is going on here?" Xena questioned with a deceptively calm and cold voice.

I wasn't in any condition to answer her. Aside from freezing up, I also lost control of my bladder and released a stream of piss right into Meg's mouth, which she swallowed without any protestation.

This resulted in some snickers and giggling from the audience, although those quickly ceased when Xena's blazing blue eyes gazed in their direction. Yet one, apparently suicidal, person kept on laughing: Mustafa. And then he proofed just how suicidal he was by shoving his dick into my wide-open mouth and face fucking me while my warrioress watched.

Xena stared at us for a long moment before determinedly striding towards us. Looking like Athena herself coming to wreak bloody vengeance.

Once again, the crowd quickly parted for her. All except for a couple of particularly big, mean-looking bouncers, who must've figured that this would be a fine opportunity to look good in front of their boss. Not particularly good timing or judgement on their part. Because getting bitch-slapped by Xena and then thrown out of a window is unlikely to impress Mustafa.

Although they did buy their boss some time. Enough to come all over my face, put his dick back in his pants, and sit back down at his usual table at the front of the stage.

Strange. After doing what he just did, any sane person would've made a run for it.

"Now it's your turn, Mustafa," Xena said, a small smile of anticipation on her lips as she stepped away from the window and headed towards the black warlord again. "But I'm really gonna be taking my time with you."

"Hold on," a voice unexpectedly interjected. The person speaking was a small, meticulously dressed man who's always seated at Mustafa's table during every single one of my performances. Unassuming as he looked, he must be someone of great importance, because despite Mustafa's disinclination to share me he still had me blow that man several times. Aside from Mustafa himself and the brief gangbanging I endured, his was the only other cock I had to suck.

"It may just be my suspicious nature, but I cannot help but suspect that you intent to inflict severe bodily harm unto the owner of this establishment," the tiny man observed out loud.

"Those suspicions are not unwarranted considering I'm about to beat that big bastard into a bloody pulp," Xena confirmed.

The man nodded thoughtfully. "I'm afraid I'm going to have to object to that."

"Really? And who in Hades might you be?"

"I am the head magistrate of this fair city. And it's my job to prevent the molestation of its loyal citizens."

"Loyal citizens?" Xena let out a bark of laughter. "Mustafa there is one of the most infamous warlords in all of Greece."

"WAS one of the most infamous warlords in all of Greece," the magistrate gently corrected her. "Just like you, Mustafa has left his wicked ways behind him and is now a respected member of our community. And as such he is under this city's protection."

Xena narrowed her eyes as she stared angrily at the still snickering (ex?)warlord, before turning her gaze back to the magistrate. "Do all respected members of your community kidnap, rape and humiliate young women?"

The magistrate's stoic expression faltered slightly and he actually seemed a bit taken aback. Looking back and forth between the two former warlords, he questioned, "Are you implying that citizen Mustafa has recently committed such heinous acts?"

"Implying?" Xena incredulously repeated before pointing furiously at me. "It's happening right under our very noses!"

That's when Mustafa finally decided to join the conversation: "If you're referring to your sweet little sidekick riding your doppelganger's face, my dear Xena, then I can assure you that it's completely consensual and within the boundaries of Byzantium law."

Xena stared at the black warlord like he'd just grown a second head. "I'm not sure about Meg's part in all of this is. But I do know that you kidnapped Gabrielle and forced her to perform in this perverted sex show, making this neither consensual nor lawful."

"These are some serious accusations, so we better get to the bottom of this right now." The magistrate stood up and beckoned Meg and me. "Get down here girls."

Red-faced as I felt everyone's eyes on me, I slowly stood up and anxiously looked around for my clothes.

Meg, on the other hand, calmly stretched her limbs after she got up and then butt-nakedly sauntered over to Mustafa's table without even the slightest hint of embarrassment.

Discovering that every bit of clothing had somehow disappeared from stage, I reluctantly followed her with trembling legs while shamefully covering my bell decorated pussy and tits with my hands.

Addressing Meg first, the magistrate asked, "Tell me honestly, has Mustafa forced you in any way to participate in his shows."

Meg shook her head. "Nah, I am doing this of my own free will, and for a big bucket load of cash."

The magistrate smiled and nodded. "Well, that takes care of you then. Thank you for your cooperation."

"No problem. Hey, nice working with you Gabrielle," Meg said, giving me a smile and a wink. "If you ever wanna hook up again, just-" Catching the irate look on the warrior princess' face, she stopped talking and slowly backed away. "Uh, hi Xena, nice to see you as well. Anyhow, don't be a stranger. Come and see me again soon!" Meg called across her shoulder as she headed backstage.

"I guess that just leaves you then," the magistrate said, turning his attention to me. "Has Mustafa forced you?"

"Uh... well, yes, he has."

"See! I told you so," Xena said as she took an angry step towards the black warlord.

"Hold on!" both the magistrate and Mustafa called out.

"In what way has he forced you?" the magistrate gently inquired.

Weirdly enough, I really needed to think hard to come up with a good example. "He... he bound me upside down and whipped me with his belt, beating my butt and breasts, and even my tender pussy!"

The magistrate raised a questioning eyebrow as he looked at Mustafa, who just shrugged in response. "Hey, everyone knows that Xena is into some really kinky shit. And with Gabrielle being her sidekick, I figured she'd be used to the occasional whipping on her naughty parts and would even enjoy it."

The magistrate's questioning eyebrow then turned to Xena. "Is citizen Mustafa correct in his assumptions?"

"Whether I whip Gabrielle or not isn't the issue here!" Xena angrily retorted. "That asshole kidnapped and raped her. THAT'S the issue."

"I vehemently deny these outrageous accusations," Mustafa indignantly responded. "I neither kidnapped Gabrielle nor raped her, and if she's such an honest person as her stories make her out to be then she'll back me up on this."

"Enough of this bullshit," Xena called out, now thoroughly annoyed. "Gabrielle, has Mustafa kidnapped you?"

Once again, I felt my face turn beet red as everybody stared at me. "Umm, well... I suppose technically he didn't actually kidnap me, but I most certainly didn't stay here of my own free will," I swiftly added.

Xena gazed at me confused. "What are you talking about? I left you with your parents, how else could you have turned up here if he didn't kidnap you."

Gazing down at the floor, I mumbled, "I sorta... travelled here on my own."

"You travelled to Byzantium on your own," Xena incredulously repeated. "When?"

"A couple of candlemarks after you left," I whispered, still not daring to look up. This was followed by a long moment of stunned silence.

"I see," Xena finally said with a steely edge in her voice. "But then he must've captured you after you arrived in Byzantium and forced you to work here, right?"

Oh, Gods!

"Uhhh, not exactly. I mean, he did force me to work here, or at least pressure me. Although not at first, but-"

"What are you talking about?!" my exasperated lover called out.

"Right after I arrived in town I took a job as a storyteller in this inn," I finally confessed, feeling my cheeks burn with shame as I heard the snickers from the avidly listening crowd. "But it was supposed to be just storytelling, not sex shows!" I hurriedly amended, gazing timidly up thru my eyelashes at a bewildered looking Xena. "Mustafa made me do that just like he made me have sex with him."

"Why Gabrielle, what do you mean by "Mustafa MADE me do it"," the black warlord interjected with a honey-sweet voice. "Did I threaten you in any way?"

I looked at him with the same dumbfounded look Xena was giving me. "Well, you did... I mean... I guess you didn't literally threaten me, but..."

"But?" Mustafa repeated, smiling innocently.

"It was sort of... implied that you would hurt me if I didn't obey," I lamely finished with a sinking feeling in my heart as I saw where this was going.

"Well, then you totally misunderstood my attentions, my sweet girl. I wouldn't think of harming you."

I stared at him open-mouthed. "You turned me into a slutty sex-slave!" I called out indignant.

"A valued employee with whom I had a passionate affair," Mustafa cheekily countered.

"Employee?! You haven't paid me a single sestertius."

"Because I don't usually pay my employees till the end of the week, and you didn't ask to be paid earlier. Anyhow, sensitive as I am to these issues, I'm guessing you've decided to end your employment, so I have arranged for payment to be made right this moment." Mustafa snapped his fingers and one of his girls walked over and handed me a heavy pouch.

Opening it, I saw it contained a small fortune in silver and even some gold! It was more money than I'd ever seen. Enough to buy a house with a nice piece of land, I think.

Seeing my stunned look, Mustafa smiled and said, "You've earned every denarii, Gabrielle."

"See, it was all just a big misunderstanding," the magistrate said, giving Xena and me a patronizing smile.

"Let's see if I understand this correctly," Xena said, staring at me in a way that made me tremble in my boots (the only thing I was still wearing). "Shortly after I safely left you with your family, you decided to travel to Byzantium on your own. And the moment you arrived, you then decided to seek employment at the establishment of the very person I wanted to protect you from."

"I didn't know he owned this inn!"

"And after getting a job, you THEN proceeded to become his personal whore and also star in his sex shows."

"He made me do that!"

"How? By looking at you in a menacing way?"

"Well, yeah..." I confessed, by then barely audible above the laughter from the eavesdropping crowd.

"What in Hades is wrong with you, Gabrielle."

"But... you told to act like that whenever I'm about to be raped."

"I didn't mean you should get naked and spread your legs whenever someone looks at you cross-eyed!" Xena angrily called out, raising her voice at me for the very first time.

"I... I'm sorry," I squeaked.

"Not as sorry as you're gonna be," Xena told me in a gruff voice. Grabbing a hold of my earlobe, she started pulling me through the crowd towards the exit while valiantly ignoring the huge smirk on Mustafa's face as he followed close behind us.

"Xena wait! I'm completely naked," I cried out as she was about to drag me outside.

"I know," Xena replied before delivering a hard spank on my bottom that made me squeal and jump over the doorstep, right outside into the busy street.

"Oh Gods! Xena, please!" I begged her, clutching the money pouch to my chest with an arm while covering my pubes with my other hand, as I frantically looked around at the leering crowd gathered around us. "Everyone can see me naked!"

"That didn't seem to bother you before when you were strutting around on stage like a little slut! Well, since you like showing off so much, I'm gonna help you along. Now stop pretending you're suddenly shy: move that hand away from your snatch and lower that purse so the good people of Byzantium can see your tits as well."

I gawked at her in shock. Oh Sweet Artemis! This was even worse than I had feared. With Mustafa protected by Byzantium law, there was no other outlet for Xena's anger and battle-lust but me, her blundering bare-naked bard.

"Now!" she demanded, spanking my ass again.

Letting out another squeal, I hurriedly obeyed and held the money pouch with both hands against my belly, reluctantly revealing my bell-clamped nipples and clit to the delighted bystanders. Resisting my natural inclination to cover up, I stood there red-faced and trembling on the busy street with everything I had on display, hoping that my public humiliation would at least placate my irate warrior love somewhat.

But whatever fulfilment Xena got out of humiliating me was swiftly nullified when Mustafa walked up to me and kissed me on both cheeks, like he was saying goodbye to a very dear friend!

"Goodbye, my sweet Gabrielle, I'm really gonna miss you," that shameless scoundrel said, as he wiped away a non-existent tear. "I had one of my girls pack up your stuff, which a certain ill-tempered warrior princess is now putting away in her saddlebags."

Xena send a withering look our way, which made me cringe; Mustafa just smiled pleasantly and gave her a little wave.

"Anyhow, I'd like you to know that you'll always have a job here waiting for you, should you ever grow tired of following Xena around."

I couldn't help but admire the balls on this guy. Although I suppose I already did: many, MANY times.

"Yeah, thanks for the offer," I unenthusiastically said, then let out a little gasp as Mustafa suddenly hugged me and gave my ass a good groping.

"OK, that's enough!" Xena growled as she angrily approached.

"Just saying a friendly goodbye, Xena," Mustafa said while quickly backing away.

Xena gave me a dirty look, like this was somehow my fault as well. I silently offered her the pouch of money I'd earned, so she could put it away in one of the saddlebags. But she shook her head. "No, you hold unto that, Gabrielle."

I looked on with some surprise as Xena mounted Argo, looking like she was getting ready to leave. "Uh, Xena, I think you may have accidentally packed my clothes in with the rest of my stuff; it's not like I can travel like this," I carefully reminded her.

I did not like the smirk she was sending me at all. "Actually, Gabrielle, I think a bit of naked travelling might do you some good. For instance, it would serve as an excellent reminder why you should never disobey me and not to strip naked for anyone but me."

I stared at her stunned, before realizing she must be joking. Xena had a bit of a mean streak that also influenced the kinda "pranks" she liked to play.

"Ha, ha. Very funny, Xena. Now can I please have my clothes back?"

"I'm not kidding." Judging from the severe expression on her face, Xena was most certainly not kidding around.

I was so shocked, I didn't know what to do. This wasn't the first time I had to deal with Xena's dark side, but I'd never been the sole focus of it before. Although perhaps that's not entirely true... Sometimes a punishment from Xena, which would ordinarily be a stern talking to or perhaps a spanking, somehow evolves into a lengthy punishment session with me being completely naked and bound in various degrading poses while being whipped by a wound up warrior princess.

Well, I'd happily submit to another one of those punishment sessions from her when we're alone (well, "happily" might be a bit of an overstatement), but I'm not gonna let her degrade me like this in public. It's bad enough I had to accept this kind of humiliation from Mustafa, I'm not going to take it from my best friend as well.

"No." I even surprised myself with the firm resolve in my voice.

"No?" A questioning eyebrow was raised.

"No, I'm not going to walk bare-assed naked thru the city just because you're angry with me, Xena."

"Oh, I think you are, Gabrielle."

We stared at each other; a silent battle of wills. This may have been the first time I genuinely defied Xena. She definitely wasn't expecting innocent lil Gabby to stand up to her like this and looked a bit perplexed.

I actually think I was winning, and she was about to give in. Or at least, I think she would have, if I hadn't made the mistake of opening my big mouth. "I'd rather accept Mustafa's offer and become one of his whores than let you treat me like that."

Why in Hades did I say that? I didn't even really mean it. I would always choose Xena-ALWAYS. Even if she'd made me walk around naked for an entire year.

I knew it was a mistake the moment I said it. Maybe I could've fixed it if I'd said that I was sorry and didn't mean it. But I was angry at her too, and I didn't want to apologize. I felt that she didn't deserve it-I still don't think she deserved an apology at that time-but it would've been the sensible and right thing to do. And it might've kept the most degrading moment in my life from happening.

I saw it happening the moment I said those words: a coldness creeping in her eyes. I also remember the hairs on my arm standing up as a sense of danger filled the air. At first I didn't quite know what was happening, but then I understood. It was Xena's dark side, the Destroyer of Nations, raising its ugly head and taking over. With her anger and battle-lust boiling it was already close to the surface, and my ill-timed remark had set it free.

I think it wasn't so much the turning her down part that triggered it, but the disloyalty of "choosing" to be with Mustafa instead of her. Me, her best friend and lover, choosing one of her enemies over her. Even when its just something said in anger, that kind of betrayal couldn't go unpunished.

"You're right about one thing, Gabrielle," Xena menacingly said as she slowly uncoiled her whip. "You're not going to walk bare-assed thru town, you're going to be running."

At that point, I was once again trembling in my boots. And if I hadn't already emptied my bladder in Meg's mouth, I would've done it then.

"By the Gods, Xena, you can't be serious!"

But she was. And she proved it my whipping my tits. Not a particularly hard lash, but it didn't need to be to really hurt my tender boobies. And it was hard enough to leave a good welt.

"OWWW!!! Xena, PLEASE!! You don't wanna do this!" I tried again as I turned away.

But she did. And I finally understood that when the tip of her whip snapped between my legs and struck my clit, making the little gold bell attached ring merrily and me scream like a banshee from Hades.

"AAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" The money pouch dropped to the ground as I clutched my throbbing twat.

"You better hold on tightly to that money you made by whoring yourself," Xena callously said as her whip cracked menacingly in the air. "Because any coin you lose, you'll be picking up on all fours while I whip your slutty ass."

And to show she meant business, she lashed both my butt-cheeks as I hurriedly bend to pick up the pouch. "OHHH! Ouch!!"

The hundred or so spectators surrounding us had been watching this shocking spectacle unfold with breathless amazement, and none more so than Mustafa. His revenge must've turned out even better than he'd hoped. For a moment there it looked like he was going to call out some witty parting remark to us, but then he caught the look on Xena's face and decided to keep his mouth shut, which I guess makes him smarter than me.

"Now run, my slutty sidekick. Run!" Xena called out while letting her whip caress my ass again.

Looking one last time behind me at my out-of-control lover, a smirking Mustafa, and the throng of aroused bystanders, I did as she demanded and started to run. All those times I'd imagined Xena saving me from Mustafa, this definitely isn't how I thought it would turn out. Whipped naked thru the streets of Byzantium by my mounted "saviour"!

As soon as I started this degrading sprint, the excited crowd lewdly cheered me on.

"Go with the Gods, Golden Snatch!"

"Run, Bitch, run!"

"And make those boobies bounce for us, Bard!"

Especially that last cheer seemed rather pointless since my breasts were already bouncing around as much as they possibly could. Since I'm not that largely endowed, I can usually take a bit of bounce there without too much discomfort, but the golden bells clamped tightly to my teats greatly increased the ache emanating from my wildly jiggling jugs.

Yet even that just seemed like a mild nuisance compared to the throbbing pain coming my poor clit still being cruelly clenched by that third gold bell.

Oh, those cursed bells! Mustafa really picked a great time to put those on me. Being whipped naked through town by the love of my life was already excruciatingly painful and humiliating, but those shiny, cheerfully ringing bells attached to my private parts somehow managed to make it even worse!

Their surprising weight tortured my tender clitty and nips as I ran, while the festive sight of them and the cheerfully tingling sound almost seemed specifically designed to make a mockery of my plight.

My only comfort was that it was already late in the evening, so it was long dark outside and therefore much less people walking around than during the day.

This was only a small comfort, though, as Byzantium is a big and busy town. So there were plenty of fire pots and torches to illuminate my naked body and there were still hundreds of people roaming the streets. And plenty of those folks not only got to see my naked charms, but also feel 'em as I tried to pass them by.

Oh Holy Artemis. I still shudder as I contemplate the countless groping I endured that day. So many fingers wiggling their way inside my tight little pussy, and even my asshole as well! And as if my ass and titties didn't have enough to endure from Xena's whip that night, they also got slapped, pinched and groped numerous times by just about every person I passed-male AND female!

As possessive as she'd always been of me, for once Xena didn't seem to mind other people's hands caressing my cunny, bouncing breasts or buttocks. The only time she intervened was when one of those groping hands went for my money pouch instead of my naked charms. The crack of Xena's whip followed by a loud scream made it clear to everyone that even though my humiliation and molestation was tolerated, thieving wasn't.

I'd hoped that once we passed the city gates this punishment would be over, but Xena's wrath still wasn't sated. Motivated by her expert whipping skills, I'm not sure how long I ran, but I'm pretty certain it was more than two candlemarks. The group of wide-eyed street urchins who'd been fanatically following us even after we left the city (their grubby little hands groping me most of the way), had long given up and turned back.

I think we were about fifteen miles from Byzantium's walls when I just couldn't take it anymore and ran into the woods. Ignoring the lashes landing on my butt and back as Xena tried to steer me back to the road, I kept on running straight ahead for another couple of hundred yards or so before falling down from exhaustion.

I hadn't managed to shake Xena off, but then I didn't expect to. Looming over me, still seated on Argo, she cracked her whip down onto my upraised ass a few more times for good measure before finally deciding that I had enough. I then heard her dismount and walk up to me, but was too tired to even venture a glance behind me.

I didn't quite realize it at first but kneeling face down on the soft mossy ground with my ass in the air due to the money pouch I was still clasping tightly against my tummy, I was perfectly positioned for a good doggy-style screwing. Xena definitely saw the potential of my immodest pose.

I'm not sure if I was out of it for a while, or if Xena had performed some extraordinary acrobatics while seated on Argo, but at some point in time she'd somehow managed to switch her underwear with one of her biggest strap-ons. The reason I know is because just moments after she dismounted, she shoved a thick leather dildo unceremoniously into my pussy and started fucking me hard.

Despite the lengthy and incredibly degrading naked whipping marathon she just bestowed upon me, Xena still seemed to have plenty of resentment left over as she vigorously raped me deep into the night. First pounding my pussy like a woman possessed while raining down spank after spank unto my already well-whipped behind. Obviously enjoying my yelps of pain, she fucked me like that for almost half a candlemark before switching to another, even tighter hole.

My buggering lasted twice as long. Aside from taking me doggy-style, she also sodomized me in a bunch other positions: on my back with my knees pressed against my shoulders; hugging a tree trunk, with my tender tits pressed against the rough bark; bouncing up and down in her lap with my clit and tit bells tingling loudly. Meanwhile, Xena didn't just spank my butt while she fucked it, she also slapped my face, tits and cunt-not extremely hard, but hard enough to make me squeal for her.

Dark Xena liked hearing me squeal even more than "ordinary" Xena.

So strangely enough my best friend and lover ended up raping me harder than anyone else ever had. She was a much meaner screw than Mustafa. Even Callisto, who was the first to ever rape me and also the first person to fuck my ass, had been more tender than this when she took my anal cherry. Also, none of them ever pissed into my mouth, like Xena did when I made the mistake of telling her how thirsty I was and asking for a drink.

When she afterwards inquired if I desired something to eat as well, I politely declined. Xena, however, insisted; I was relieved to discover she was just talking about having me go down on her.

She used me as her little sex slave toy for most of the night and with every one of my holes she fucked, Xena vehemently claimed ownership, "Your pussy is MINE!... Your ass is MINE!... Your mouth is MINE! ... YOU belong to ME, you little BITCH!!!"

Then under the strict guidance of her firm hand slapping my face, pussy, tits or ass, she had me corroborate her claim. Submissively I squealed for her, "This cunt is YOURS!" and "This ass is YOURS!" and "This mouth is YOURS!" and finally "I belong to you XENA!! I'M YOUR BITCH!!!"

My voice had become hoarse by the time she screwed me into unconsciousness. Don't know if it's because of my love for Xena, the aphrodisiac I took, or if I'm simply a kinky slut, but I still came four times during this degrading rape.

When I awoke, the sun was already burning high in the sky. I was lying nestled on Xena's lap and she was sliding a couple of fingers in and out of my snatch. "My cunt is yours," I sleepily, yet swiftly mumbled.

Anxiously gazing up at her, I saw the guilt-ridden blue eyes of my lover looking down at me. The darkness was gone I noticed and I let out a sigh of relief. And it turned out she wasn't actually finger-fucking me, but applying healing salve to my many welts and bruises; another sign that Xena's back to her old self.

"I'm so sorry, Gabrielle," she said and I stared at her amazed. Wow, an actual apology from the warrior princess. That's a first. "I should never have treated you like that. I don't know what possessed me."

"The dark, Destroyer of Nation, part of your personality is what possessed you," I helpfully informed her, though Xena undoubtedly knew that as well.

And then we talked. REALLY talked. A lot. Which was another first.

Xena talked about the anger and betrayal she felt when she walked in on me performing a sex show with one of her enemies and her look-a-like. And then I talked about the anger and betrayal I felt about the naked public whipping marathon she put me through. We also talked about Xena's frustration with me running off against her wishes, and I managed to explain that the reason I always followed her, even when she didn't want me to, is simply because I love her so much.

After talking all day about everything that had happened, Xena concluded that her refusal to train me in the ways of a warrior had been a selfish mistake, "I wanted you to keep your innocence, Gabrielle, because that's one of the things I love most about you. But unfortunately the na´vetÚ that accompanies that innocence causes you to get captured and raped."

"Well, that and my lack of fighting skills."

"Right. So if you still want to, I'll start training you how to fight."

"Of course I still want to!" I'd been asking Xena to teach me to fight like her almost every day since we met. So for her to finally assent was a really big deal to me.

That just left the matter of all the nasty things Xena had done to me the day before. Her willingness to admit that she shouldered some of the blame and finally agreeing to train me had appeased me a lot, but not entirely. So, keeping with the whole honesty thing, I told Xena that she had every right to be angry at me for all the stupid stuff I'd done and she was also entitled to punish me for it, but that she'd gone WAY too far yesterday.

Xena humbly agreed. To my great surprise, she even offered to let me whip her as retribution. That seemed a bit excessive to me, and also too dangerous since I don't have much expertise at handling an actual whip.

Xena then suggested I'd use the punishment strap on her instead, and I have to admit that the thought of punishing my bossy best friend with the same heavy leather strap she'd often used to discipline me was quite appealing. Still, my gentle nature rebelled against strapping my soulmate, urging me to take the high road and forgive my warrior love without retaliation.

While my carnal and caring side performed an inner battle, Xena retrieved the punishment strap from the saddlebags and casually stripped naked. Watching the mighty warrior princess kneel down on her elbows and knees before me and present that magnificent ass for whatever amount of punishment I wished to bestow upon it, helped my carnal side win a decisive victory.

I still vividly recall the excitement I felt as I picked up the punishment strap and raised it in the air while staring intently at those two perfect alabaster globes. And the incredible exhilaration when I lashed the heavy leather down with all my might unto the mouth-watering twin targets.

Xena's head shot up and she audibly gasped in response, clearly not expecting such a severe butt-beating from her sweet, innocent lil sidekick. If that first strike surprised her then the rest of her punishment must've totally blown her away. Because just like when I was sexually dominating Meg on stage, I really got into it.

I'd already convinced myself that my enjoyment of the degrading things I did to Meg could be blamed on the influence of the aphrodisiac I was under as well as the dislike I harboured for the whorish impersonator of my beloved Xena, but that reassuring theory was quickly disproved then and there. Turns out that whipping Xena was an even bigger turn on for me than spanking Meg, and this time I hadn't taken any aphrodisiac.

"You enjoy making me squeal, dontcha Xena?" I sweetly said as I whacked her trembling red buttocks again and again. "Well, now it's your turn! So squeal for me BITCH!!" I yelled excitedly while delivering a particularly nasty lash straight into her crack.

My headstrong warrioress didn't squeal then, but she did squeal plenty after I'd decorated every inch of those creamy cheeks of hers with red and purple welts. I'm not sure how long I whipped her, but I wouldn't be surprised if it lasted more than half a candlemark. My right arm was sore and trembled from exhaustion after working out every bit of pent-up anger and frustration on Xena's poor hindquarters.

"Are-are we good now?" Xena questioned with a husky voice.

Breathing heavily, I wiped my sweaty brow while surveying the bruised and battered state of her buttocks with a certain amount of satisfaction: Xena herself couldn't have done a better job! My gaze then dropped a little lower and I found myself staring at her swollen cleft, glistening with perspiration (or arousal?!). What happened next, I didn't plan or even think about, I just... did it.

Employing all the strength I had left, I underhandedly lashed the leather strap against Xena's tender pussy pouch. She screamed as hard as I did when she tickled my clit with her whip and even performed an amusing little frog hop.

"NOW we're good," I serenely told her once she'd stopped squealing. Clutching her aching cunt, Xena gazed up at me with a mixture of shocked amazement and respect.

We spent the rest of the day lovingly rubbing salve on each other's bruises while passionately making out (but nothing more than that; we were both too sore for sex).

I never quite realized it at that time, but my time as Mustafa's captive and sex slave actually led to some amazing developments: Xena finally taught me how to fight and started seeing me as a more equal partner-not just during our many adventures but also in the bedroll.

I also learned that I shared several of Xena's kinky tastes, like an affection for corporal punishment and a sexual dominant urge. Although unfortunately Xena only allowed me to dominate her when she was feeling really guilty about something. So during most of our role-play she was still the Boss and I the bitch.

And, of course, my already impressive oral skills became even better, most notably in the field of cock-sucking and ballsack servicing. Especially with the latter I'd become a true expert. Never figured these particular skills would ever come in handy, though.

* * *

I'd been so wrapped up into my trip down memory lane that I kinda lost track of time. But I'm pretty sure that Xena and I have been employing our finest oral efforts on the delighted deity for at least a quarter of a candlemark. How in Hades can someone who's supposed to be on the edge of an orgasm hold out for so long?!

Just as I was wondering about that, I heard him chuckle. Xena and I both temporarily ceased our cock & balls service to gaze up at the smirking Olympian. With his hands still planted firmly at his sides, Ares was looking down at us with obvious amusement.

"It's truly heart-warming to see you two put so much time and effort into pleasing me," he sardonically stated. "Still, if you're interested in doing something else besides going down at me for the next couple of days, then all you need to do is offer me your pussy or asshole-your pick! And, after a fun-filled threesome that'll only take a single candlemark, our deal will be done, and you two can go fuck each other."

Argh!! That sneaky deity had been playing us! Obviously, he's got much better control over his dick than he'd let on. Which explains why he hadn't grabbed a hold of our hair again to stop us from getting him off. 'This is all my fault! I thought I was hustling him while actually it's the other way around.'

I saw Xena giving me questioning look, obviously wondering if I wanted to give in and just let him fuck us. But I'm not beaten yet. There's still one trick I hadn't tried yet. A certain ability I possessed which had surprised and delighted Mustafa, and made me his favourite bitch.

I've often been accused of having a big mouth, which, I suppose, is not entirely untrue. However, like I was about to show Ares, there are some benefits to having a big mouth.

Swallowing what was left my pride (and also about a mouthful of the deity's tangy ball-sweat), I opened my big mouth as far as I could and sucked in BOTH of his humongous balls. It's already quite a feat to swallow even one of those orange-sized testicles, but to somehow fit both of 'em in my mouth is nothing short of miraculous.

Xena and Ares seemed to agree.

"Holy Hera's Hooters!!" Xena excitedly called out. "Look at that, Ares, you're fucking tea-bagging the Queen of the Amazons!"

The usually composed deity looked utterly dumbfounded as he gazed down at my red, sweaty face and enormously bulging cheeks, which unbelievably contained his entire oversized scrotum.

The moment our eyes crossed, I batted my eyelashes at him and gave him the most innocent look I was capable of (under these trying circumstances) while tickling his colossal gonads with my tongue. At the exact same moment, Xena used her sword-swallower's talents to deep-throat every single inch of the Olympian's titanic cock, going all the way down on that mammoth fuckpole till her lips met mine and we somehow managed to share a loving kiss while both our mouths were filled with the War God's junk.

Ares grunted loudly and both Xena and I glanced up hopefully at his handsome face, which was finally contorting itself into the familiar orgasm expression. "Aphrodite's Udders!!" he called out. "OOoooohhhhh!! I'm gonna! I'm gonna! I'm gonna... c-c-c-c-cock slap the both of you!"

Suddenly pulling himself from our mouths, that's just what the laughing deity did. Too stunned to do anything, we just sat there with our mouths hanging open as Ares repeatedly slapped our faces with his rock-hard oversized cock.

I was so overcome with humiliation and self-loathing that I didn't even think to resist when Ares suddenly shoved his dick into my still open mouth and treated me to one Hades of a face-fucking. Though I suppose there's not a whole lot I could've done anyway, as he was once again holding our hair in an iron grip and he's as strong as Hercules. But in all honesty, if he'd ordered me to suck his cock at that moment I probably would've obeyed without question. That's how defeated I felt.

Just when I began to feel light-headed from lack of air, he pulled his prick from my mouth and then slapped it against my cheeks again a couple of times for good measure. "I guess you were right, Gabby. This turned out to be a pretty good deal after all."

Pushing our faces together, he made us both service his dick together for a while and then it was Xena's turn again for a good, hard face-fucking while I was made to resume my ball licking duties. Gazing down at me with that infuriating smirk on his face, he smugly asked, "Any other slutty Amazon tricks you'd like to try out, or are you ready to give in now?"

That's when I finally punched the asshole-literally: I rammed my fist up his ass. Even for the mighty War God this turned out to be a bit too much and with a loud bellow he exploded into Xena's mouth. There was so much cum it spurted out from the sides of her mouth and even from her nose!

Wiping her dick-cream dripping mouth, Xena gave me this astonished, reverent look that made me swell with pride.

Ares, on the other hand, was looking more in the way of astonished and angry. This seemed like a good time to remove my hand from his butt. "You! YOU!! Insolent mortal! How-how DARE you--"

"Oh relax, Ares," I cut him off while getting back on my feet, "there's nothing wrong with a bit of fisting between friends."

After throwing those words back in his face, the deity stared at me dumbfounded for a moment before bursting into loud, rambunctious laughter. And so did Xena.

I don't think I ever heard either of them laugh this hard.

"You clever bitch," Ares appreciatively said when he finally caught his breath. "I underestimated you."

"You're not the first," I answered, allowing myself a tiny smirk for my hard won victory.

Ares nodded thoughtfully.

"Which leaves me with a big problem," he observed while looking down a bit despondingly at his (amazingly enough) still erect cock, which was throbbing with fervour for another go at us.

The Olympian petted his penis like a favoured pet. "See that? Its still very eager to give you two a thorough fucking," he proudly explained.

"Let's hope it doesn't mind settling for your hand instead," I dryly replied, which earned me another chuckle. 'Hmm, Ares is turning out to be a surprisingly gracious loser. Which means he's probably up to something...'

"Nah, that wont do. After this delightful appetizer it is craving the main course."

"Then you indeed have a big problem, Ares, because the main course is all mine," I said while possessively pulling Xena's face between my legs. I sighed happily as her talented tongue immediately went to work on my needy snatch. Orally servicing the War God together had made me quite horny.

Ares looked on amused while lightly stroking his massive shlong. "Actually, the main course includes you as well, Gabrielle, and I'm pretty sure its going to be mine."

I looked at him a bit stunned. The bastard certainly wasn't lacking in confidence! "Really? And how do you plan to achieve that miracle?" I inquired intrigued.

"By making you an irresistible offer," he simply answered.

Now it was my turn to chuckle. "Can't wait to hear it. Go for it, buddy."

Giving me a bright smile, Ares cupped his hands together and stared intently at them while saying some words I couldn't quite decipher. Suddenly, a bright white glow erupted from within his closed hands and when he moved them apart, a beautiful ring rested on the palm of his right hand.

I stared at it confounded. I don't possess much interest in jewellery, but there was something... strangely appealing and familiar about that ring. Yet for the life of me, I don't know why. Feeling a tad annoyed at my inability to remember, I looked up at Ares' face. "That's it? That ring is your irresistible offer?"

"Indeed it is," the still smiling War God calmly acknowledged.

"Have to say, that's pretty lame," I laughed. "I mean, don't get me wrong, it's a very nice ring. But we're really not that much into jewellery, Ares. And even if we were, it would still take a lot more than that to convince me to let you fuck us."

To my surprise, he still didn't lose that annoyingly confident smile. "There's a lot more to this ring than meets the eye. This is not just some pretty bauble, my dear: its an ancient artefact, which can make your fondest fantasy come true."

I stared at the ring again. I'd seen it before. I was sure of it. But where?! And how could it possibly make my "fondest fantasy" come true? I'm not even sure what that is!

"How would you even know what my fondest fantasy is?" I sceptically inquired.

"Because you told me," Ares answered, his smile even bigger than before. "You really wanted to fuck Xena just like a man, remember?"

"I already HAVE fucked Xena "just like a man" many, MANY times." I responded, feeling slighted. "You should see the big fuckin' strap-on I use on her."

"I've seen it," Ares grinned, "a very impressive piece of hardware to be sure, but that's not what I'm talking about."

"Then what DO you mean?"

Ares held out his hand, offering me the ring. "Why don't you put it on and find out."

Instead I gazed at it suspiciously.

Don't worry, Gabrielle," Ares smiled. "I give you my word that I didn't mess with it and that putting it on won't harm you."

Hmm. You can say a lot of nasty things about the War God, but he is always true to his word. So, after some slight hesitation, I carefully accepted the ring from his hand and gave it a closer look.

Though it wasn't a very ornate ring, the craftsmanship was exceptional. I'm by no means an expert, but I do know a few things about precious gems and metals. The band was made of white gold, I think, and the inside of it was marked with tiny runes. Set on top of the ring was a pale blue moonstone, which seemed to possess an inner glow.

Once again, I racked my brain trying to remember where I'd seen this before, but once more I came up empty. Glancing down at Xena's face pressed between my thighs, I considered asking her for advice. Perhaps she'd recognize the ring as well and know where from. But I decided against it. I feared it would make me look weak, and I also didn't want to interrupt the wonderful pussy licking she was giving me. Besides, I had a feeling that once I wore the ring, I would remember where I'd seen it.

Practically burning with curiosity, I took a deep breath and slowly slid the ring unto my left ring finger. The moment I put it on, I felt a strange sensation coming from my already over-stimulated pussy. I gasped loudly as the weird tickling sensation centred on my clit and then swiftly became an incredibly intense feeling of pure pleasure.

Thanks to my lover's talented tongue, my little love button was already hard and swollen but the power of the ring managed to make it grow even more, although at first I didn't realize just how much!

My gasp was echoed by Xena, which was followed by a muffled yelp. Gazing down, I couldn't believe my eyes. My clit had become a real life cock! A really BIG cock, which was inserted halfway inside my lover's mouth... and as a bonus I also had a matching set of balls which bumped against Xena's chin as I inadvertently shoved my brand new dick deeper inside her hot wet mouth.

Xena's eyes bugged out as she suddenly found herself deepthroating me. "Hmmpfff! Gabbiellle, you've a cock!!!" she mumbled with her mouth full, sounding amazed and delighted.

Though not as amazed and delighted as I was! I suddenly understood why so many men tend to be such horny bastards. I already possessed a healthy sex drive, but my new clit-dick quadrupled that. And as great as Xena's tongue feels in my pussy, it felt even better to have her sucking my cock. She truly is an epic cock-sucker.

It suddenly hit me where I'd seen that ring before. I've seen a drawing of it in an ancient Amazon scroll.

"This is Artemis' FutanaRing!" I gasped as comprehension dawned. I, lil Gabrielle of Potedaea, was wearing one of the most revered ancient artefacts of the Amazons!

Ages ago, when the Amazon tribes were much larger and more powerful, the ring was used by the Amazon Queen and her most powerful warriors to impregnate their partners. But then somehow it got lost, and with it the cherished power to procreate without the aid of men. For centuries, many fine Amazons had gone on quests trying to find it, yet all had failed. And now I had it on me!

"Indeed it is. You do know your Amazon lore, Gabrielle," Ares said, stroking his huge shlong as he watched Xena go down on me.

"But... it has been lost for so long. How did you get your hands on it?"

"Artemis lost the ring to me in a bet we made during the Trojan war," Ares chuckled. "She was so embarrassed that she never even told the Amazon high priestess about our wager. So when the FutanaRing was suddenly gone from her temple, they naturally assumed that somebody had stolen it."

"And many of our mightiest warriors then tried to reclaim it," I finished, feeling quite disillusioned with our patron goddess.

"With all of them finding zilch, and a lot of them ending up as sex slaves for their efforts!" the War God laughed. "Oh great Kronus, that was fuckin' hilarious."

"Not for them, it wasn't," I said annoyed.

Ares tsked and sadly shook his head. "No sense of humour you Amazons."

I had to bite my tongue to prevent myself from cursing out that insensitive asshole. As much as I'd love to give him a piece of my mind, it wouldn't do to annoy the deity right now considering I desperately desire to keep this priceless artefact.

"Yes, we are a moody bunch of bitches," I said instead. "Must be all those moon flows we keep having."

Ares snickered appreciatively.

"So the deal is that if I agree to let you fuck us, the FutanaRing is mine?" I casually said.

"More like: if you agree to let me fuck you two a LOT, any which way I like, THEN the FutanaRing is yours," Ares said with a smirk.

Damn-it! This isn't going to be easy.

"What do you want exactly, Ares?" I sighed.

"I want the two of you as my sex slaves for an entire day, every moon, for the next three years."

"No way in Hades!" I immediately replied.

"Lets not bring him into this," Ares grinned. "And I happen to think this is a fair offer for such a valued artefact."

"No, it isn't. You'll have to come up with a slightly more realistic request because that's NEVER gonna happen," I firmly told him.

"Really?" the War God questioned with a sugar-sweet voice, stroking both his goatee and his dick now as he gazed at me in an infuriating self-satisfied manner. "I can sense how much you want this ring, Gabby. Besides frantically wanting to fuck Xena with that nice big cock it grants you, you also desperately want to recover this artefact for your Amazons-proving once and for all that you deserve to be their Queen. Which means you're going to want to take my offer."

'Hmm, he can read me well. I have to give him that.' Still, I didn't bat an eyelid.

Directing a pointed look towards his iron-hard prick, I said, "I can sense how desperately you want to screw Xena and me, Ares. Well, you've finally got the chance to do so-to fuck us ANYWAY you like. Here's my deal: in return for possession of Artemis' FutanaRing, Xena and I will be your horny bitches till nightfall, passionately performing whatever perverted sex-act you desire. You can do ANYTHING you want with us, no matter how demeaning. Providing that when the sun goes down, we'll be unharmed and rightfully own the FutanaRing."

"Well, Gabrielle, I like the part about you two being my horny bitches, doing ANYTHING I want. But I don't agree with the "till nightfall" bit, that's just way too time constraining for me."

"There's still about four candlemarks till the sun goes down, Ares," I reminded him. "Plenty of time to act out all of your twisted sexual fantasies about us."

The Olympian chuckled. "You greatly underestimate my imagination, bard. Even three dozen days won't be enough to work thru them all."

That managed to shut me up for a moment.

"Still, due to my fondness for you, I'm willing to settle for just one dozen days of having you two as my slutty sex slaves."

Just one dozen days. Yeah, right, that was still way more than I was willing to trade.

"We'll be your slutty sex slaves till sunrise," I countered. "You should be able to fit a whole lot of depraved sex in that time."

Ares sadly shook his head. "This is the most prized artefact of the Amazons we're talking about, Gabrielle. It disappoints me that you don't seem to appreciate its true value."

"Oh yeah, well I think it's you who doesn't seem to properly value this once-in-our-lifetime opportunity to finally fuck us," I passionately retorted.

"You're certainly not lacking confidence in your sexual prowess," Ares chuckled. "Yet I fear that you're once again trying to take advantage of my generous nature."

"You're kidding, right?" I said, which... I probably should have worded more diplomatically.

Narrowing his eyes at me, Ares tsked disapprovingly and made a motion with his hand. This caused the FutanaRing to slip off my finger and float up into the air. In a matter of moments, my big hard cock transformed back into my stiff little clitty.

I let out a cry of dismay at the loss of my dick and the amazing blowjob I was enjoying. Staring sheepishly at my crotch, Xena let out a mewl of disappointment as well.

"I'm sorry, you're very, very generous!" I swiftly said.

The smirking deity made another hand motion causing the ring to slip back unto my finger, and my magical dick & balls to return! Right thereafter I felt my warrior slut's hot mouth eagerly envelop my hard-on again and started sucking on it in a way that made me go cross-eyed.

"See, once again I've taken pity on you," Ares bombastically said. "But I am growing weary of you constantly low balling me, bard."

It suddenly occurred to me that it might not be the best idea to try to negotiate a good deal with the wily War God while Xena is giving me head. But even though my brain was telling me to make her stop sucking me off, my brand-new cock somehow vetoed that, and instead I heard myself groaning, "That's right! Suck it, bitch!"

It was crazy! I'd never felt anything like it before. The need to cum was so overwhelming that every thought in my head was pushed aside to achieve that single goal.

So when Ares stepped up behind me, rudely invading my personal space to such an extend that I actually felt his humongous hard-on pressing against my naked behind, I was too horny to even care. I didn't even protest when the smug bastard grabbed and groped my famously perky tits as he leaned in over my shoulder to get a better look at the proud and mighty Warrior Princess slavishly sucking her sidekick's dick.

"So what do you say, oh great Amazon Queen," his honey-sweet voice whispered in my ear as he lightly pinched my rock-hard nipples and started rubbing his cock between my tightly clenched buttocks. "Can we make a deal, or do I have to take your new toy away again-forever this time?"

'Oooohhhhh, Holy Aphrodite!! I'm so fucking horny, I can't even think straight!' Trying my best to focus, I attempted to strike at least a reasonably good bargain for us, "OK, Ares, I-I think we c-can work something out... Aside from having your way with us from now till sunrise, you-you can also have us for... two more nights."

My generous offer was greeted by an evil chuckle from the War God and a hard nipple pinch that made me squeal. "Better, but still not good enough. Here's my final counteroffer: in exchange for the FutanaRing you two will be my slutty sex slaves till sunrise AND six other nights of my choosing. Take it or leave it," he added with immense satisfaction, throwing my words back at me-just like I had done.

SEVEN LONG NIGHTS during which Ares can make us perform whatever perverted, degrading sex-act his warped mind could come up with?! That sounds like a BAD idea, but still... I wanted this ring more than anything! With the exception of Xena, of course. 'Oh Xena! I so desperately want to fuck you in every conceivable way with my wonderful new cock! Oooooohhhhhhhh... Sweet Goddesses give me strength!!'

And thankfully they did.

"If-IF I agree to this t-then there have to be some rules about those six nights of your choosing. You can't just appear while we're in the middle of some Amazon meeting and have us strip naked and fuck you. We have to be completely alone and also not in the midst of some kind of emergency."

"I accept those conditions," Ares readily agreed. "Now, do we--"

"And you have to guarantee to KEEP it private as well," I swiftly added, suspicious at his quick consent.

I noticed from the corner of my eye that the deity's face clouded as I mentioned this. 'I knew it!! He was probably planning to bring in others or take us somewhere public-that bastard!'

"Very well," he reluctantly conceded.

"And when the sun comes up after a night of being your sex slaves, we'll always be right where you found us, completely healthy and unscathed," I fortunately remembered to stipulate.

Ares took some time to consider this, then once again consented.

"Also, I want to be the one who gets to deflower Xena," I then demanded, already trembling with anticipation as I pictured myself pounding my big Amazon prick into my lover's tight pussy and claiming her cherry.

Ares grumbled at this for a while, but when I kept insisting he finally relented. "Fine! But no more conditions, bard, except for one of my own: which is that you'll both enthusiastically carry out whatever kind of sex act I come up with, and throw in plenty of dirty talk."

"Yeah, alright," I sighed. And Xena also hummed her agreement, making my cock twitch in her mouth.

"So... do we have a deal, bard?" Ares whispered in my ear while toying expertly with my titties. He also rubbed his pre-cum drooling dickhead up and down the cleft of my buttocks again, making me shudder. That veined purple mushroom-shaped tip was as big as my fist, if not bigger! And it didn't take a genius to figure out where that bastard planned to stick it.

Also, I felt that Ares gave into my demands a bit too easily, making me suspect that the devious deity still had some nasty surprises in store.

Part of me therefore screamed to resist this cursed temptation. I KNEW that would be the sensible and smart thing to do, but... I just wanted that ring so fucking badly! Oh, to be the hero who finally returned Artemis' FutanaRing to the Amazons, thusly ensuring that my reign as their Queen would forever be revered.

Yet even that paled in comparison to the more obvious boon that ownership of the FutanaRing grants me: this nice, big boner! With which I can fuck Xena's newly cherry cunt & asshole, as well as her great big titties-and enjoy it a lot more than I ever would with a strap-on. And if I felt like it, Xena could wear the ring and do the same to me. Holy Hades!! We could even impregnate each other!

Panting with excitement, I looked down at my beloved warrior princess blissfully sucking my dick. Perhaps it was my lust-filled mind playing tricks on me, but it seemed like she was nodding her head and giving me an enthusiastic "Go for it, Gabrielle!" look. Real or not, that was all I needed to make up my mind.

"YESSS!! We have a deal!" I stridently confirmed, moaning loudly as Xena sucked the final few inches of my prick inside her mouth.

Just moments later, I climaxed and shot what felt like a bucket full of girl cum down her throat. While behind me, the War God laughed triumphantly.

To be continued in Chapter 7 - The dangers of dealing with a depraved deity - Part 2


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